Chapter 619: Full of Confidence
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The first time when he killed Forefather Scarlet Flame and snatched away the Sun Star Nucleus Stone, Forefather Scarlet Flame was angry but not in despair. The second time he did it again, Forefather Scarlet Flame had become deranged. He was feeling guilty at the same time– guilt towards Xue Ying.

And now.

Bamboo Saint was experiencing that humiliating feeling for the first time of being called 'who asked you to be weak'.

But even if it was humiliating, his true body could not die for it had many treasures which must not land in the hands of Xue Ying.

'Amongst which, there is even a treasure related to the religious leader. Maybe Dong Bo Xue Ying might not recognize it, but the moment he did…' Bamboo Saint felt anxious, 'I'll be revealed, and that's doom's day for me.'

He could not reveal any traces related to the Religious Leader.

"Dong Bo Xue Ying, Monarch Dong Bo." Bamboo Saint felt that the True God Energy in his true body was diminishing. The voice of the illusory incarnation screeched, "Spare me please, let us talk things through!"

"Is that so?" Xue Ying glanced at him.

"Right right right, everything can be discussed further. Anything can solved with words." Bamboo Saint anxiously turned towards the nine world bodies afar, "Why aren't you stopping?"


Xue Ying was sneering in his heart.

Bamboo Saint had acted twice against Forefather Scarlet Flame, and he wasn't even killing both the true body and avatars of Bamboo Saint unless he had even to spare this body of his?

On another aspect.

The true body which stayed in the territory should most likely carry some important treasures. Now that Bamboo Saint was earnestly begging for forgiveness, Xue Ying was all the more assured, 'There must be some essential treasures with him. Otherwise, he should not be so reluctant to die as an avatar since he could always form another easily.'

'Kill him, and take away the treasures. By then, only will I have the qualifications to negotiate further!'

'If I spare him, the moment his Elder Brother Leaf Saint comes and save him, he would most likely betray me.' Xue Ying was very clear about this point.

Thus, the nine world bodies did not stop at all.

Xue Ying could sense the speed which 'Leaf Saint' was rushing here using karma.

'He'll likely take five breaths of time before reaching.' Xue Ying looked towards the finely powdered form of the many ink bamboo. Those fine powder were trying to fuse together, and the life energy was intense, 'He can't withstand a breath of time.'

"Stop, quickly stop." Bamboo Saint shouted. His eyes were red, "You truly want to get into a conflict with me? Dong Bo Xue Ying, you have children too!"

"My children are both stage two World Deities now." Xue Ying indifferently answered.

Even still, Dong Bo Yu, Qing Yao, and Jing Qiu all had an avatar in the Xia clan world.

"Then what about your countless grandchildren?" Bamboo Saint was turning mad.

"Just destroying a body of yours and you are turning crazy?" Xue Ying sneered, "Then do so. If you dare kill my descendants, I, Dong Bo Xue Ying, swear that I'll extinguish both your true body and avatar! After that, I'll reincarnate those grandchildren of mine from the River of Time."

Bamboo Saint was stunned.

This Xue Ying had a good relationship with many apex Paragons. His teacher was also the Bloodshed God Emperor. Furthermore, he was strong too. That declaration of his had been filled with confidence.

"You, you…" Bamboo Saint was turning crazy. This Xue Ying wasn't afraid of threats, and neither was he fearful of entering conflict because he was thinking of taking back the treasures too.

"Can you stop first and let us talk?" Bamboo Saint's voice was becoming softer and softer, yet anxiety of disbelief was still within his eyes.

Xue Ying glanced at him, "Have you forgotten how you treated I and Scarlet Flame?"

The moment he finished speaking.

Bamboo Saint looked towards those fine powder in despair. Those fine powder had finally dissipated powerlessly, turning into nothingness and leaving behind only the Cultivation Eden, the storage treasures, and the weapons.

"Hu." Xue Ying took a step before arriving there. Waving his hand, he kept all of them.

'It's in his hands. The handle is in his hands.' Bamboo Saint felt his heart trembling.


Leaf Saint who was currently rushing through the time-space tunnel, turned stunned.

'Dead?' Bamboo Saint frowned.

"Big Brother, you must kill Dong Bo Xue Ying. After killing you, take back all my treasures. The treasure which I accumulated for many years has been taken away by him. Big Brother, you must help me." Bamboo Saint transmitted a message over.

"But Paragon Huo Cheng has set off. His speed of travel is much faster than me." Leaf Saint transmitted back.


Paragon Huo Cheng was currently rushing over.

"Big brother, you must take it back with all your strength." Bamboo Saint was anxious.


During the negotiation, would Xue Ying thoroughly inspect every single treasure? If it was revealed, nobody could protect him at all!

Thus, the best method was to let his big brother Leaf Saint kill Xue Ying before taking back the treasure.

"I'll try my best." Leaf Saint transmitted back. He was only worried about the lack of time, yet he was confident of dealing with Xue Ying.

Leaf Saint's intelligence was ultimately lacking by a bit.

He had not heard of the Destruction Legion, and neither did he know that Xue Ying was part of the Destruction Legion. He thought he had the certainty of dealing with Xue Ying despite being a Paragon.


Xue Ying was above the Ink Bamboo Great Land.

He could sense Leaf Saint and Paragon Huo Cheng both getting closer.

"Big brother, I'll have to trouble you for this." Xue Ying transmitted over.

"Why did you not inform me earlier?" Paragon Huo Cheng answered, "And you still treat me as your brother?"

Xue Ying transmitted back, "If not for Leaf Saint coming out, there's naturally no need to trouble big brother. Who would have thought that this Bamboo Saint has just lost a body, yet he asked Leaf Saint to act? But… I'm not afraid of this Leaf Saint since he only has the power of an ordinary Paragon. Naturally, with big brother helping me to suppress him, I'll be even more confident."

He then took a step.


Xue Ying then tore through a time-space tunnel before flying towards Paragon Huo Cheng. The most important task he had was to take back the Sun Star Nucleus Stone. He temporarily did not have the idea of fighting with Leaf Saint.

'Escape?' Leaf Saint who was currently rushing over felt his headache.

If Xue Ying remained at his original position, he naturally could reach as soon as possible with enough time for dealing with Xue Ying.

But now, Xue Ying was moving towards Paragon Huo Cheng to meet him.

'I must reach him in time.' Leaf Saint was hurrying his way. Time was too tight, and the speed of Paragon Huo Cheng was faster than his by six times. But still, Paragon Huo Cheng had come from another side of the Deity world, so the journey was far.




Leaf Saint, for the sake of his clan brother, was traveling with all his might.

Xue Ying was also doing his best to meet with Paragon Huo Cheng.

"Leaf Saint, stop." Paragon Huo Cheng transmitted over via karma, "Why, are you seeking death?"

"A little more." Leaf Saint did not care.

If Monarch Green said that, he would immediately surrender obediently.

But Paragon Huo Cheng? He specialized in the Dao of flame, and Leaf Saint specialized in survival. Thus, he was still confident of surviving in front of him.

'I've reached him.'

Within the colorful streaming time-space tunnel, Leaf Saint saw Xue Ying who was in front of him.

"Die." A unique-looking branch trident appeared in the hands of Leaf Saint. The branch trident had many leaves too–a total of seven such leaves. It was a piece of True God weapon, and that time, he had opened his Dao path via this True God weapon. At this moment, he was exerting his full strength the moment he acted, displaying the offensive power of the True God weapon.

"Hmph." Xue Ying knew he could not escape. He stopped. The surrounding world was booming as it transformed. Boundless luminous sun force directly formed a desolate world. This desolate world was currently crumbling apart, and a grayish fog pervaded through the place, enveloping Leaf Saint.

Nine world bodies appeared at the same time.

Xue Ying had even waved the Scarlet Cloud Spear in his hand.


The Scarlet Cloud Spear and the other nine spears came out at the same time to directly suppress Leaf Saint.

Leaf Saint had lightly waved a section of the leaves on the branch trident, lashing against the Scarlet Cloud Spear. The Scarlet Cloud Spear's terrifying strength was reducing continuously at the same time. Still, it was able to change the expression of Leaf Saint as he could not help but take three steps back on the void. At this moment, the two had already left the time-space tunnel, arriving in the real world. The battle had caused some of the remote planets surrounding them to turn into nothingness.

"Such formidable strength." Leaf Saint was startled.

Xue Ying might be strong, but when that branch trident leaf lashed out against the Scarlet Cloud Spear, there was a strange power transmitting over which the weapon could not dissipate away.

But as it reached the surface of the black armor, the Extreme Annihilation Mysterious body armor had rapidly obstructed this mystical force. Finally, it left only a slight strand which could not threaten the tyrannical body of Xue Ying.

"What?" Leaf Saint had been watching all movements of Xue Ying from afar. He was clear about his move. Despite specializing in survival, he had still opened a Dao path, and towards those beneath Paragon realm, he should have an easy time dealing against them.

'Why is there no movement at all? It has been withstood just like that?' Leaf Saint was startled, 'His body is so resistant?'

How would he know?

That amongst the apex Paragons, White Sovereign King who was known for his slaughter, could only damage this armor with a single hit. If he knew of this point, he would not be shocked at all.

'Paragon Huo Cheng is reaching. I don't have time. Since I can't kill him directly, I'll imprison him and keep him in my Cultivation Eden.' Leaf Saint immediately changed his style of battle.



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