Chapter 620: Just dream on!
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Leaf Saint held onto the bamboo branch leaf, lightly hurling it.

"Hua~" The bamboo branch leaves rapidly extended outwards, causing Xue Ying's expression to change slightly. The many bamboo leaves had surrounded the world! The bamboo leaves had formed a prison with a diameter of a few hundred billion kilometers, trapping Xue Ying entirely within.

'Not good.' Xue Ying was inwardly startled, 'My world energy has been entirely isolated.'

By isolating the world energy, he would not be able to switch positions with his world bodies.

'Let him receive a blade by me then.' Xue Ying rapidly pulled out the flying knife by his waist. The flying knife seemed ordinary, but during the moment he held onto the handle and activated the internal power, Xue Ying could sense the 'Mirage World'. That was the 'Mirage World' that surpassed the law of the world. Borrowing upon the Mirage World, he naturally could sense Leaf Saint who had been outside of the encirclement by the many bamboo branch leaves.

Fixing on the position of Leaf Saint!

'Go.' Xue Ying hurled out the flying knife in his hand with all his strength. The combination of luminous sun force and Extreme Annihilation Mysterious Body strength in his body had entirely been transmitted into the flying knife, causing the flying knife to travel at a terrifying penetrative speed in the Mirage World.

But in reality, it could not be seen.


"Just give up and be captured." Leaf Saint operated the large prison which had been formed by the many bamboo branch leaves using his True God weapon, causing it to turn smaller and smaller. Any Paragons could not be belittled even if they were ordinary ones! After all, they had opened a Dao, and dealing with those powerful existences close to the Paragon realm was quite easy for them.

For an ordinary True God or stage four World Deity to fight against them, they had to be strong enough and own a True God weapon! That's because the True God weapon had an effect of surpassing the law of the world.

Having a robust combat power… in addition to borrowing the power of the True God weapon would allow one to threaten a Paragon.

"Chi chi chi~" Countless bamboo branch leaves were rapidly becoming smaller.

"Hong hong hong~" Within the prison, the nine world bodies were displaying their spear techniques, using a heaven-shattering power to bombard against those bamboo branch leaves, causing the speed of prison shrinking to be slightly slower.

'He has such a huge strength. I must be faster!.' Leaf Saint was sensing the position of Paragon Huo Cheng all the while, and using all his strength to reduce the size of the prison.


Leaf Saint's expression changed.

He could vaguely sense a savage and terrifying power coming from another location towards him.

"True God weapon!" Leaf Saint immediately understood that.

The Dao of Mirage was similar to Bloodshed God Emperor's 'Dao of Shadow'–both were good for assassination.

It's just that Xue Ying had yet to open the Dao of Mirage, and thus, he could only rely on the True God weapon to create such an effect. Thus, when attacking, he could not entirely conceal his method, and Leaf Saint was able to sense it during the last moment! If he had grasped the entire Dao of Mirage, the flying knife would most likely land on him before he could discover it.

But just sensing it a little earlier had a limited aid for him either way since the Flying Knife had come too suddenly from the Mirage!

'Not good.' Leaf Saint was rapidly moving. At the same time, he waved his left palm, causing many leaves to form around him.


The flying knife suddenly appeared in the real world from the Mirage. Even though Leaf Saint had rapidly moved, the appearance of the Flying Knife was already just one meter away to his left! Even though Leaf Saint tried to wave his palm, but at such an ultra close distance… and the usage of Xue Ying's entire strength, alongside the activation of the 'Dao of Slaughter', the flying knife had already pierced into his body after just a slight movement of Leaf Saint's palm.

"Peng!" His entire body exploded. The body of Paragons was not always stronger than the body of True Gods.

"Success." Xue Ying revealed a grin.

The moment Leaf Saint's body exploded, the True God weapon lost its controller, thus, causing many bamboo-branch leaves to dissipate and reveal that single bamboo branch.

But soon, this True God weapon disappeared.

At the same time, seven figures appeared.

These seven figures were all Leaf Saints as they looked at Xue Ying with an ugly expression.

"Leaf Saint, just a little bit more." Xue Ying chuckled. At this moment, tearing through the time-space tunnel from another side of the starry sky, a mad figure bathed in flames came walking out. He had messy red hair, red brows, and red skin. His entire body was currently emitting a terrifying burning aura. His eyes landed on the body of Leaf Saint, saying with a grand voice, "Leaf Saint, you are truly daring."

The seven Leaf Saints turned back into one.

Leaf Saint looked at Xue Ying. He was a Paragon, yet even with his full strength, he was unable to capture Xue Ying and had his body assaulted by that flying knife of his.

'Such a sinister True God weapon.' Leaf Saint thought, 'A True God weapon containing two sorts of Dao?'

He had personally tasted it. That's why he was clear how terrifying that Flying Knife was.

If it merely had the Dao of Mirage within, then the Flying Knife would only be unpredictable at the most, and its offensive power would not reach such exaggerated stage. But adding the 'Dao of Slaughter' along with Xue Ying's terrifying strength, that was genuinely sinister and savage.


The Flying Knife returned to the sheath soundlessly. Xue Ying was delighted. He had not thought of genuinely killing the other party since Leaf Saint was known for his ability to survive. Even Paragon Huo Cheng would have a hard time trying to kill him, and for Xue Ying to destroy his body once was already very unusual. Also if he could not suppress his body, the Flying Knife alone was enough to delay for a period.

"Admirable, admirable." Leaf Saint laughed as he stood in the starry sky, "Monarch Dong Bo's combat power is indeed amazing. 700,000 years ago, Monarch was just ranked 52nd on the Cosmos Deity-Demon List with a power equivalent to that of my brother. Who would have thought that you could easily destroy my brother's body located in his territory, and even easily survive in front of me."

"My Brother Dong Bo is amazing, and there's no need for you to flatter about it." Paragon Huo Cheng coldly stated.

Leaf Saint's eyelids were twitching.


He was a Paragon and was there a need to flatter about a stage four World Deity? Was it not because of the madness Paragon Huo Cheng was currently in that he tried to smoothen the current atmosphere?

"I just said for you to stop! You remained unforgiving. Fortunately, Brother Dong Bo's combat power is formidable enough. Otherwise, he would have been captured by you. By then, you will be acting differently in front of me." Paragon Huo Cheng was furious. Actually, he belittled this Leaf Saint. He was only strong regarding his survival capabilities and was considered the padding amongst Paragons in terms of true slaughter combat capabilities.

But precisely because he could not be killed quickly, that's why Leaf Saint dared to challenge him!

"Hahaha, Being unable to capture Monarch Dong Bo meant that my combat power is lacking. Such a shame." Leaf Saint did not feel angry at all, "Since both sides can't deal with each other, then how about we negotiate and end this matter, how about it?"

"End this matter? How are you planning on ending this matter?" Paragon Huo Cheng coldly said.

Xue Ying was looking by the side of Paragon Huo Cheng.

Leaf Saint said, "My brother Bamboo Saint has accumulated quite a few precious treasures after a long period, and it isn't easy for him. Some were important for him, and it might not be that useful for Monarch Dong Bo. Thus, I hope for those treasures of his to be returned! Naturally… that piece of Sun Star Nucleus Stone will be returned to Monarch Dong Bo too."

"Dream on!" Xue Ying could not help but shout back.

Leaf Saint was startled as he turned at Xue Ying.

He actually…

He actually dared to…

Xue Ying looked at Leaf Saint coldly. He honestly did not place this Paragon who was only good at survival in his eyes. In front of direct combat, Xue Ying did not fear him! Even under the attack by the bamboo leaves prison, he had merely used the nine world bodies previously to deal with them. Xue Ying had not used his true body to resist, and more importantly, he had yet to use the five great secret skills and other techniques of his.

With such weak offensive capabilities, and Leaf Saint could not even suppress him with strength, so why would Xue Ying be afraid of him?

"Monarch Dong Bo, what do you mean?" Leaf saint said in a low voice.

"You can forget about taking back Bamboo Saint's treasures." Xue Ying coldly retorted, "As for the Sun Star Nucleus Stone, you better return both of them, and we will end this matter here! Otherwise… forget about resolving this!"



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