Chapter 624: Death of Bamboo Saint
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Within that wooden courtyard of Bloodshed God Palace.

There were currently two figures seated opposite of each other. They were both drinking and chatting happily. One was the Bloodshed God Emperor who had a black bird on his shoulder, and the other was a muscular man who was wearing a loose robe and a face full of beard stubble. Even as he sat there, this muscular man was vaguely giving off the strange feeling that caused the surrounding world to collapse; it felt like every single action of his could easily tear apart this world.

"Are you convinced?" Bloodshed God Emperor laughed, "It isn't baseless for the Primal Master to rank me first."

"I thought that I could defeat you this time, but I still lack by a bit. Bloodshed, you have cultivated so much later than me, yet why do you know so much?" That muscular man with beard stubble continued drinking in depression as he said. He was quite unhappy.

This muscular man seemed honest and straightforward.

But he was the top powerful existence in the entire Dark Abyss, and was termed as the 'Abyss Primogenitor'. His combat power was deep and unfathomable, and even Primal Master who was confident and arrogant had ranked him second on the Cosmos Deity-Demon List. The Primal Master himself was ranked third.

Though he was called the Abyss Primogenitor, he wasn't that brutal and ruthless. Instead, he was the most amicable Ruler out of the three from Dark Abyss.

"Your path of cultivation is different from mine." Bloodshed God Emperor carried his wine cup and chuckled, "You relied on Ancestor Devil to discover another system of cultivation from another cosmos. It is indeed most apt for you to train this. However, it is likely that you are the most lonely one in our cosmos since only you could follow down this system of cultivation!"

"There's another." Abyss Primogenitor said, "Bitter Cultivator; that brat is also moving along this path."

"But he is a Paragon, and his realm is not up to your standard so he can't help you at all." Bloodshed God Emperor added, "I am different. I comprehend the laws of profound mysteries, transforming my internal world and is also the conventional cultivation system of our cosmos. I can discuss with other Rulers, and can also gain some experiences from the records left behind by other seniors in the previous few cosmos epochs. Naturally, I'll grow faster."

"Don't quibble on that." Abyss Primogenitor frowned as he lowered his voice, "The Temporal Island Lord, Primal Master, and Nile are all cultivating using the conventional system, yet why aren't they your match? Saying that, it's just you who is too talented."

"Hahaha…" Bloodshed God Emperor laughed, "Many thanks for your praise. Your flattery is making me truly delightful."

The second-ranked in the entire cosmos praising him. Even if he was Bloodshed God Emperor, this flattery was making him truly satisfied and invigorating.

"Mn? This disciple of yours is quite formidable." The Abyss Primogenitor suddenly said with amazement.

Bloodshed God Emperor also received the information at the same time.

The two who were ranked topmost of this cosmos had obtained information at the very first moment and knew of the matter regarding Xue Ying and Bamboo Saint.

"This brat has cultivated to a stage that is comparable with that Leaf Saint." Bloodshed God Emperor lightly nodded, "It seems that other than the True God weapon, his comprehension of the realm has accumulated enough foundation. Doing a simple calculation, he should have cultivated for more than a million years and will be likely to transcend soon."

"Judging from his cultivation momentum, it should not be hard for him to become a Paragon." Abyss Primogenitor said, "As for becoming a Ruler? It'll have to depend on his fortune, his disciple and his comprehension ability and other aspects."

Bloodshed God Emperor nodded too.

Was Monarch Green's comprehension ability high? He had trained in three different Daos to a bottleneck, yet he could still not breakthrough to become a Ruler.

"Haha, Ruler? Don't think too far. He should be walking step by a step, and transcend first before speaking about that." Bloodshed God Emperor chuckled. He was delighted with his disciples.


Black Fog Sea, in the underground palace.

Xue Ying was currently inspecting through the massive number of precious belongings which Bamboo Saint left behind. There was a commotion going on in the outer world, and even powerful existences were talking about it. Deep in Xue Ying's heart, he was feeling elated, though he was very clear that external combative strength wasn't real power. It was still his realm that mattered more! It was more critical for him to transcend earlier.

'This Bamboo Saint has collected quite a few treasures.' Xue Ying was tongue-tied, 'The reward from this time is huge.'

The entire accumulation of existences close to Paragon realm would naturally frighten others!

'The precious treasures he collected are much more than I expected.'

'There are many precious materials too.'

Xue Ying felt slightly astonished. All sorts of weird and rare precious materials were not easy to collect. Previously, for the sake of getting 12 precious materials to purify the Sun Star Nucleus Stone, he had spent so much effort to collect them, yet this Bamboo Saint had rarer materials with him.

Placing the precious material aside, Xue Ying was currently focusing on finding those that would aid him in cultivation.

"Dang dang dang…" He was currently inspecting through three pieces of black metal each filled with a dense amount of golden characters. The record imprinted on it gave Xue Ying a mysterious feeling, 'It's a record of comprehension towards the law of profound mysteries?'

Xue Ying could not help but get absorbed at the moment he had a look.

That record was an analysis regarding the law of profound mysteries from another point of view.

"I'll research it slowly in a while." Xue Ying continued inspecting other treasures. He then took up a small lamp.

It was a bronze lamp.

The bronze had a unique symbol on it. The lamp fire was like a pea, gently swaying as it was burning. The flame was dark green.

"So strange." Xue Ying could vaguely feel that this bronze lamp held some secret. Otherwise, it would just be an ordinary lamp? How could it be!

It's just that his current experience limited him since his realm was not profound enough; for a moment, he could not see through it.

Xue Ying flipped over other treasures.

Piece by piece.

'Either Bamboo Saint took them, or that he obtained from historical remains. They are all some ancient and rare treasures.' Xue Ying slightly nodded, 'No rush. I'll place them by my side and ponder of them slowly. Let's first research that black metallic board.'

Xue Ying took up the black metallic board before immersing himself within.


Deity world.

The courtyard where Bamboo Saint was at, was also the territory of his Elder Brother Leaf Saint. He felt quite safe here.

"Hmph." Bamboo Saint's current mood wasn't well.

Because the news had spread across the external world, and everyone was shocked at the combat power of Xue Ying. And now, he, Bamboo Saint, was treated as a stepping stone.

'If not for his True God weapon, how would it be easy for him to extinguish that body of mine.' Bamboo Saint squinted, 'Let him be delighted for now. Since Religious Leader had mentioned it, he should act as well. By then when he died, everything of his will be taken by the Religious Leader, including the True God weapon. Hmph hmph, by then he would be regretting so much that he will want to cry.'

The more unhappy Bamboo Saint felt, the more he looked forward to the day Xue Ying suffer from a considerable loss.

He was waiting.

'Mn?' Bamboo Saint frowned. He clutched on to his mind, 'Why do I feel that something is amiss?'

He first felt dizziness.

Following which, unbearable nausea came over him. His true deity heart had a feeling of being torn.

'Not good.' Bamboo Saint knew that things were amiss. How could such things happen to powerful existences?

And closely following that…

His true deity heart which was distorted had shattered, and soon dissipated into nothingness.

Bamboo Saint's eyes were wide.

His figure had fallen on the ground unmoving.

Bamboo Saint had died.

How did he die! He died soundlessly and signless. Because the time was too short, he had no time to form another avatar. It was his true body dying! And even if he formed another avatar, the outcome would be the same either way!

And his Elder Brother 'Leaf Saint' soon discovered this shocking scene. He had not seen any other enemy from start to end, nor any other external aura within the place. There were even more signs of battles happening, yet this brother of his, 'Bamboo Saint' had died.


Temporal Island.

Many dispersed little islands were surrounding the main island. Those little islands could be as small as just a few kilometers in range of area and could be as huge as being a few hundreds of thousands of kilometers as if they were planets revolving around the Temporal Island.

On the Temporal Island, there was an extremely grand, dazzling and huge palace. There was a fragrant pervading the palace hall within.

Above the palace hall.

There was a grass mat woven by silvery-white weed. This grass mat was on top of the palace hall, and currently, there was a black-robed black-haired male seated cross-legged on it with his eyes closed as he cultivated. His pair of eyebrows were akin to sharp swords, and his expression was cold. He was none other than the existence who had the best control over time and space across the entire Deity world and Abyss–'Temporal Island Lord'. He was controlling countless lives as they went performing in many death missions.

"Master." A low voice resounded, "There's a matter I'll have to report."

"What's the matter?" Temporal Island Lord opened his eyes. He knew that this low voice was his most loyal subordinate, the treasure spirit, 'Temporal Temple'. The Temporal Temple was always operating, supervising the entire cosmos and all sorts of places within. If there's no vital matter, he would not come and disturb him.

"Bamboo Saint has died. His true body and avatar are dead, yet the way he died is extremely puzzling." The low voice said.



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