Chapter 674: You will regret in the Future
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With a single thought, Xue Ying easily refined three pieces of black command token which he brought in his Cultivation Eden.

He flipped his hand, passing those three command tokens to a World Deity imperial guard behind him. That imperial guard immediately took over the tokens respectfully.

"The brothers Jia Cheng and Jia Yun, as well as Mo Chong Yun." Xue Ying transmitted his orders.


The World Deity imperial guard immediately understood. He brought the three command tokens with him before retreating.

"You chose three so quickly, and it's still three at once?" Monarch Destruction exclaimed in surprise.

"Xue Ying, after deciding on your disciples, you must teach them properly and should not be too willful." Bloodshed God-Emperor reminded.

Xue Ying replied, "Teacher, rest assure that since I've chosen them, as long as they formally accept me as their teacher, I'll naturally guide them well. But Teacher, those three command tokens have been sent over by me. If they don't choose me, you will not make me accept others right?"

"Hahaha, relax, relax, I'll absolutely not blame you on that, and will not force you to select another disciple." Bloodshed God-Emperor laughed voraciously.

"Let's see who the three are." Ruler Nile chuckled as he paid notice to that World Deity imperial guard who headed towards the outer perimeter.

Not just the Rulers, Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master and Monarch Destruction, even the majority of powerful existences and stage four World Deities were paying close notice to this scene since it the one with the highest status accepting disciples in this Myriad Flower Feast was Xue Ying. The other two ancestors did not receive any disciples, and neither did His Majesty God-Emperor! After all, the chances of him receiving disciples were low. Previously, he took in Xue Ying primarily because firstly, he was dazzling and had attracted many powerful existences who wanted to snatch him away and secondly, the past experiences of Xue Ying had evoked the inner heart of the God-Emperor. That was why he decided to take in Xue Ying as his disciple

And it was a rare scene for the God-Emperor receiving a disciple across many Myriad Flower Feasts, so naturally, it was normal for him not to accept any this time around.


Over at the outer perimeter where the 1,900 Deity experts were gathered with bated breath, even after they received a token, they were still hoping for another! After all, with one more choice, they might be able to select a powerful existence who was more appropriate as a teacher.

Some powerful existences received inner disciples while some took in personal disciples–it was a huge difference too.


"Another World Deity imperial guard."

"Another command token is coming."

"It is heading in our directions."

The Deity experts were all anxiously waiting for it.

This World Deity imperial guard was still moving, walking by many of the young Deity experts. Those Deity experts who saw this World Deity imperial guard getting close to them became even more nervous, yet seeing the World Deity imperial guard walking away made their hearts empty.

"The two of you." The World Deity imperial guard stopped at a particular location. He brought out a black command token in each hand before passing to the two teenagers situated next to each other.

"It's the Jia-Shi brothers."

"That one is called Jia Cheng, and this should be the second token already, right? We do not have even a single piece yet he has two. What a waste."


"The two brothers are ranked top 100 and could become a disciple under powerful existences without requiring any command tokens. How good would it be if the token is given to me instead." Many Deity experts were grumbling over voice transmissions to each other. The majority of them were ranked beyond 100, and they were all hoping for a miracle to appear. That way, with a command token reaching them, they would become a disciple under some powerful existences!

The World Deity imperial guard gave the two brothers a look and smile before heading off in another direction.

"This luck of yours is not bad. You are ranked 99th–almost out of the top 100–but now, you have received a command token as well." The golden-robed teenager, Jia Cheng sat there. He was quite tyrannical, and both eyes of his had a layer of frost. He was ranked 27th in the final God Palace Battle during this Myriad Flower Feast, and more importantly, he had cultivated for just 8,000 years! With such a short period of cultivation and such a rank, he was much stronger than Seventh Mei Yu in the past.

Even though he could not compare with Xue Ying, he was dazzling enough.

"This luck of mine is excellent." 'Jia Yun' laughed happily from the side. He had similarly cultivated for 8,000 years and was ranked 99th in the God Palace Battle this time.

The two of them originated from an ordinary clan with the patriarch being a stage two World Deity.

Jia Cheng was born in the direct line of descent. His talent was high ever since young and had been duly groomed by the clan. Naturally, he was strong.

Jia Yun though was from the side branch of the clan. He originally suffered from discrimination. Even though his talent was discovered, the resources he got was far from Jia Cheng's! Even still, their combat powers were close to each other.

"Mn?" The golden-robed teenager Jia Cheng began checking the command token.

The command token had a message: "I am Dong Bo Xue Ying. Are you willing to become an inner disciple of mine?"

The golden-robed teenager Jia Cheng frowned slightly. He knew who the legendary Monarch Dong Bo was. Since he had participated in the God Palace Battle, he had a great understanding of the many powerful existences within the Bloodshed God Palace: 'It is said that Monarch Dong Bo is very powerful. Even though he is a stage four World Deity, his combat power is close to the three ancestors. There are also rumors that he is the new third ancestor."

Before this Myriad Flower Feast, those talks of Xue Ying being the new third ancestor were indeed just rumors.

'Rumors are ultimately just rumors. But his combat power is indeed great.' The golden-robed teenager, Jia Cheng, thought, 'There are some stage four World Deities who are heaven-shattering in history who could kill powerful existences. Dong Bo Xue Ying is one of them.'

'But regardless what, he is a stage four World Deity!'

'If he did not transcend, who knows if he might just fall within 10 billion years.' Jia Cheng was thinking to himself, 'More importantly, he is just accepting me as an inner disciple?'

'Hmph, Forefather Fierce Tyrant is willing to accept me as his inner disciple, yet he is receiving me as an inner disciple?' Jia Cheng thought to himself while shaking his head, 'Forefather Fierce Tyrant has a close relationship with Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master and is also a brother of the legendary Ruler Pang Yi as part of the Fierce Five of Deity World... The only question is Forefather Fierce Tyrant doesn't seem to be good at teaching disciples.'

He was not too satisfied with Forefather Fierce Tyrant either.

He felt that he had just cultivated for 8,000 years and could rank 27–he should get a better choice.

He was not too satisfied with Xue Ying, feeling that he had never transcended, and was accepting him as an inner disciple.

He was also slightly not satisfied with Forefather Fierce Tyrant, thinking that he was not too good at teaching,


And by the side, the white-robed teenager, 'Jia Yun', was feeling quite a surprise, 'Monarch Dong Bo?'

It was the only command token he got.

If not for the command token, he would only be assigned to a certain powerful existence since he was ranked 99th. That meant he would not be focused upon. Instead, with Xue Ying taking the initiative in giving him a token, he would at least focus on him.

'Monarch Dong Bo has cultivated for just 10 million years, yet he has a combat power close to the three ancestors. Even though he hasn't transcended, his combat power is powerful enough, and it suffices for him to guide me.' Jia Yun was very joyful at that moment.


The two of them came from a stage two World Deity clan. Thus, the information they got was limited; they did not know that Xue Ying had already seated himself in the position of the three ancestors during this Myriad Flower Feast.

'There is still a third command token?' Jia Cheng and Jia Yun both noticed that the World Deity imperial guard who gave them the token was heading towards another Deity expert who had the appearance of a child.

That black-robed child figure was seated cross-legged over there. His temperament was extraordinary.

He was a genius in this Myriad Flower Feast. Having cultivated for 32,000 years, he had grasped hold of the grade one Deity Heart, 'Chaotic Deity Heart'. At this moment, he was ranked third in the God Palace Battle. Even though there were nine, who had grasped hold of grade one Deity Heart during this Myriad Flower Feast, concerning age, he was the youngest.

Thus, he had been invited by many powerful existences this time.

He had already gotten a total of four command tokens.

"Mo Chong Yun." The World Deity imperial guard passed the command token over.

The black-robed cold child received this command token and began extending his senses.

'Monarch Dong Bo?' The black-robed cold child's eyes brightened. He felt ecstasy in his heart at that moment.

"Hahaha, Yun'er, did Monarch Dong Bo accept you as a disciple?" There was a voice transmission the next moment.

"Forefather, it is Monarch Dong Bo." The black-robed cold child was ecstatic in his heart. His background was much better than the two Jia-Shi brothers. He was a disciple of a clan started by 'Shadow Devil Island Master'. Shadow Devil Island Master was ranked 85th on the Cosmos Deity-Demon List. Even though he did not belong to the Bloodshed God Palace, he had come attending the Myriad Flower Feast this time.

"This is your fortune. Monarch Dong Bo is someone who opened his Dao in a million years, and the chances of him becoming a Ruler is huge in the future. His teacher is even the Bloodshed God-Emperor so you should grab hold of this huge opportunity." Shadow Devil Island Master transmitted.

"Yun'er understands." The black-robed cold child was very excited too.

'I never heard that Monarch Dong Bo has any formidable disciple under him. He is so young as well and would adequately train you." Shadow Devil Island Lord was similarly excited.


Very soon, those who wanted to send out the command tokens had done so. Finally, there was a World Deity imperial guard who came over announcing, "Those who got the command tokens, select one and refine it. After refining the token, whoever you select will be your teacher."

At that moment, the majority began refining the token.

Jia Cheng who had received the third command token already had also made his decision, 'Fortunately, there is Left Palace Master at the end. He is much better at teaching disciples than Forefather Fierce Tyrant, and he is willing to receive me as a personal disciple! That Monarch Dong Bo is a stage four World Deity, and it is unknown if he will transcend, yet he is just accepting me as an inner disciple?'

Jia Cheng did not hesitate in selecting the command token of Left Palace Master to refine.

Jia Yun, however, was sincerely refining the command token given by Xue Ying because he had only gotten this piece of token.

"Monarch Dong Bo." The black-robed cold child 'Mo Chong Yun' did not hesitate in refining the command token given by Xue Ying.

"Those who are ranked in the top 100, follow me in." The imperial guard gave his command.

Closely following that, the World Deity ranked guards began arranging for these Deity experts to enter by batch based on the teacher they would accept.

"The four of you belong to Forefather Fierce Tyrant."

"The three of you will be under Monarch Qian Jv."

Everything was being arranged currently.

In a while, they would be formally accepting their teachers.

"The two of you will be under Monarch Dong Bo." Finally, the arrangement reached the black-robed cold child, 'Mo Chong Yun' and 'Jia Yun'.

"Ah." Jia Yun was slightly shocked as he turned towards this black-robed cold child.

He naturally knew of this genius.

He was ranked third and had grasped hold of a grade one Deity Heart. He was said to be the most dazzling in this Myriad Flower Feast, yet he was similar to him. Jia Yun silently thought, 'He should most likely be a personal disciple.'

The black-robed cold child, 'Mo Chong Yun' turned towards Jia Yun by the side. He gave a smile, "You are Jia Yun right? We will be disciple brothers in the future."

"Greetings, senior disciple brother." Jia Yun greeted.

Mo Chong Yun chuckled. He then turned with a look of suspicion towards Jia Cheng who was not far away.

"You did not select Monarch Dong Bo?" The black-robed cold child, Mo Chong Yun, looked over and asked directly.

The golden-robed Jia Cheng heard the voice by his side. He turned over and saw the black-robed cold child who was not far away. He might be tyrannical, yet meeting the most dazzling Mo Chong Yun in this Myriad Flower Feast, he still politely replied, "I did not. I chose Left Palace Master."

"You did not select Monarch Dong Bo. The opportunity is dangling in front of you yet..." The black-robed cold Mo Chong Yun had a slight look of astonishment as he looked at the other party. He then sneered, "You will regret in the future.



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