Chapter 679: Chong-Shi World Clan
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Chong-Shi World Clan. There were vestiges of time left on the walls of the residence. By the entrance, a bronze-armored guard was there keeping a lookout.

Xue Ying arrived at the front door to the Chong-Shi World Clan.

All eyes of the guards landed on Xue Ying's figure at that moment. These World Deity guards generated an unseen pressure on the recipient. Naturally, it felt like some passing breeze blowing on Xue Ying.

"I am here to join the Chong-Shi World Clan." Xue Ying said with a smile.

"The Chong-Shi World Clan will only be accepting guards and guests 36,000 years later. You can come again during that time." One of the bronze-armored guards responded.

"No, I am here to recommend myself as a Guest Elder." Xue Ying chuckled, "And I hope for you to report upwards."

"Guest Elder?"

These bronze-armored protectors were startled.

The foundation of Chong-Shi World Clan was tremendous. Thus, some of the cultivators who knew of this desired to join the clan so that they could acquire more resources and better guidance. Most would join the clan as guards or guests! The guards would be subjected to greater supervision, whereas the guests would have more freedom, but would merely be similar to hired thugs! As for the 'Guest Elder', it was a much higher position. The Chong-Shi World Clan would not force the Guest Elder since every single one of them was a massive force in itself for the clan.

"Senior, please wait a moment. I'll be reporting your arrival at this moment." The chief guard stated before leaving for the residence.


"Guest Elder?"

An old man from the Chong-Shi World Clan who had white beard and hair was seated cross-legged as he looked at the bronze-armored guard in front of him.

"Reporting to Second Elder, the visitor has indeed stated that he is here to become a Guest Elder." The bronze-armored guard answered.

"Then we'll have a look at his combat power." The white-haired old man stood up, "Pass down my orders–wake nine Demonic Gods."

"Yes." The guard immediately acknowledged.

At that moment, news began spreading across this ancient world clan. A powerful existence was planning to join the clan as a Guest Elder. There were very few 'Guest Elder' within the Chong-Shi World Clan. Usually, only stage four World Deities were qualified to be one! Naturally, some who had absolute arts and could rival a stage four World Deity would have hopes of becoming a 'Guest Elder' too.


Xue Ying entered the Chong-Shi Clan residence under the guidance of that guard. Soon, he saw the white-haired old man.

"Greetings, Second Elder." Xue Ying greeted. At the same time, he felt astonished. This white-haired old man was a powerful existence who had transcended.

"You are?" Second Elder frowned. According to the intelligence gathered by the Chong-Shi Clan, there was no such formidable black-robed teenager recorded within, and he did not recognize him either.

Xue Ying chuckled, "This one is called Flying Snow."

When he was young, his weapon had been the Flying Snow God Spear. Thus, he casually gave himself a name, 'Flying Snow', to prevent any accidents from happening since there might be methods of 'spying' on the outside worlds which were owned by the apex organizations in this world. As such, he had to alter his appearances to one that was colder.

"My Chong-Shi World Clan has not had any new Guest Elder for a few hundred million years already. We only have a total of six currently." The white-haired old man mentioned, "Reaching the realm of stage four World Deity, most would prefer to remain free. Thus, there aren't too many willing to join my Chong-Shi World Clan."

"I have always been cultivating in secret. After stepping into the stage four World Deity realm, I have yet to break through after a long time. Hearing that the Chong-Shi World Clan has three formidable absolute arts, and one is called the "Six Sever Sword Styles". I use the sword and have come specially to recommend myself as a Guest Elder to learn this absolute art." Xue Ying said. He felt rueful as he said that.

This world had a huge difference from their Deity world and Abyss, primarily since it was much easier to learn any cultivation techniques or absolute arts!

Almost every single person had the chance to learn a cultivation technique. As for 'absolute arts', one had to know that even powerful existences sought for a complete absolute art in the Deity world and Abyss! But in this world, Xue Ying had learned from the dead Black Sky Palace Master that a single Chong-Shi Clan had three absolute arts–they were also their clan's absolute arts which could be imparted anytime.

How did Chong-Shi World Clan attract many of the experts over to become Guest Elders? It's because of their treasures and absolute arts.

Those three absolute arts were "Celestial Water Illusory Body", "Thunder Dao", and "Six Sever Sword Styles". According to the information he heard from Black Sky Palace Master, the "Celestial Water Illusory Body" should be related to 'Water', the "Thunder Dao" related to thunder, and the "Six Sever Sword Styles" should be a frightening sword technique that was meant for killing. Xue Ying could deduce... that it should be an absolute art on the 'Dao of Slaughter'.

One had to know that ever since he opened the Dao of Mirage and Dao of Slaughter, he had always been seeking for an appropriate absolute art for himself.

Otherwise, it would be like "Luminous Sun" and "Extreme Annihilation Mysterious Body" for which he could only cultivate to the fifth volume grand perfection before stopping there. Otherwise, it would not be compatible with the 'Dao' he opened.

In the Deity world and Abyss, he had never heard of any absolute arts which were appropriate for the Dao of Mirage. Even though there were some which were appropriate for the 'Dao of Slaughter', it wasn't that easy to learn them in the Deity world and Abyss. That time, he had gotten the lower half of Blood Demon Scripture using the upper half of it.

'Who would have thought that I'll discover an absolute art for the Dao of Slaughter in this world.' Xue Ying entered the Chong-Shi World Clan firstly because he wanted to get this absolute art and secondly so that he could mix himself in to search for the real identity of the entire world.

He did not wish to force his way through!

After all, his illusory realm could deal with stage four World Deities, but the effects would not be as effective when dealing with powerful existences. Ordinary powerful existences had extraordinary heart realm, and their realms were high too.

Adding up to his unfamiliarity with this world, he might lose his life if he were to force his way through.

Thus, it was more advisable to mix in the crowd, spend a little more time before spreading his investigation silently.

'It is worth it to enter this world since I get to learned his Dao of Slaughter absolute art.' Xue Ying's mood was excellent.

"Absolute art?" The white-haired old man, Second Elder, laughed after hearing it. Most Guest Elders came for the sake of those three absolute arts, "My Chong-Shi World Clan will not present the three clan absolute arts that easily. You will naturally be able to learn it after contributing greatly to the clan."

"That's natural." Xue Ying nodded.

"Even though I can sense your aura that it is of the stage four World Deity realm, you must undergo a trial still." The second Elder told him, "Come with me."

Xue Ying nodded.

His aura had been disguised using the Bloodshed Tavern Master robe. One had to know that after cultivating in the Myriad Devil True Body and having opened the Dao, his aura from both his true deity heart and body had become very strong–much stronger than the average Paragons. The aura of the Myriad Devil True Body could easily jolt a stage four World Deity to death, so he naturally had to conceal it! Killing his way after entering an unfamiliar world was foolish.

Just judging by the absolute arts which the Chong-Shi Clan had, Xue Ying understood this world was not ordinary! Because absolute arts would not be produced from nothing; there must be some experts who created them. Hence, it was better to stay low-key and discover the real face of this world.


"The clan will be getting a new Guest Elder."

"They are going to start with the Guest Elder trial soon."

"Quick quick quick."

Some of the clan disciples within the Chong-Shi World Clan were excitedly heading to watch the battle. Even some of the higher ranking guards who could move freely had rushed over since the 'Guest Elder trial' was not ordinary!

"Seventh Highness, Seventh Highness, please be careful!" Two maidservants followed behind a child.

This child was dashing, "Where's the Guest Elder trial? Hurry up! I want to have a look! I've never seen that before."

The two maidservants were stage one World Deity. They were both carefully serving this child because he was the seventh son of that forefather who had the highest status in the entire world clan. Previously, Sixth Highness had died without becoming a World Deity, whereas the other five highnesses had all stepped into the World Deity realm.

Very soon, Seventh Highness, other disciples, the guards, and even two Guest Elders appeared.

"World Deity Flying Snow. Have a look." The Second Elder pointed forward. Nine puppets were 3.3 meters tall standing in the empty field ahead. All of them were emitting quite a vigorous aura. They were currently staring at Xue Ying with their pair of red eyes.

"The nine Demonic Gods are approximately as strong as peak stage three World Deities. You will pass the trial when you defeat them, becoming a Guest Elder of my Chong-Shi World Clan." The second Elder chuckled.


Xue Ying directly pulled out a sword from behind his back.

He had always been carrying the sword on his back; it was a peak grade World Deity ranked weapon. Because there were similarities between 'sword' and 'spear'–a sword was just like a short spear, and the basic sword moves were to pierce, hack, jab, horizontal slash, etc. Since he was concealing his identity, he would use this weapon to strength his disguise further! With his attainments in the Dao of Slaughter, crafting a set of sword techniques casually with his Dao of Slaughter was simple. This set of sword techniques was naturally within the boundaries of the world laws.

But it was the standard of a peak powerful existence already. Among stage four World Deities, it was an extremely formidable technique.

"He's here."

"They are going to battle."

The audiences including three elders and two Guest Elders, Seventh Highness and many other disciples were looking forward to this 'Guest Elder Trial'.



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