Chapter 704: No Path of Retreat
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There was a slight worry in the eyes of the huge fanged-hunk: "It isn't us who wants to start the war! It is Bloodshed God-Emperor! The Cultivator Cosmos is the one who wants the war to begin! They are forcing us, and now, the Bloodshed God-Emperor is utilizing his void array to scan through every single area. That array is truly powerful, and if he were to continue searching for us, he'd discover our base and that passage to our cosmos."

"This cosmos passage is our lifeline! We must protect it without heeding the price."

"The moment they discovered… we will be forced to start the war." The huge fanged-hunk said.

Ruler Nile was silent.

That's right.

Bloodshed God-Emperor was searching for them continuously. He was doing a carpet search and would find them eventually.

Ruler Nile transmitted, "It is not the right time to start the war now. Our understanding of the Cultivator Cosmos' cultivation system isn't excellent yet. We aren't getting powerful enough. Furthermore, we haven't collected enough precious resources, and there aren't enough Religious Leaders."

"Borrowing on those precious materials from the Cultivator Cosmos, we have acquired three new Religious Leaders." The huge fanged-hunk frowned, "We need to collect more precious resources, but that Bloodshed God-Emperor and the rest are on alert. If we were to do so wantonly, we would reveal ourselves."

"Mn, the Bloodshed God-Emperor has already collected many materials wantonly. It is getting hard for us to collect them now." Ruler Nile said.

"Bloodshed God-Emperor!"

The eyes of that huge fanged-hunk were filled with killing intent.

Being the strongest Religious Leader of the Ancestor Mother Religion, he felt wary towards that Bloodshed God-Emperor still.

"Niko, our hometown cosmos has entered the final stage of the apocalypse. Our clansmen are struggling on while at death's door. They even lack the resources to cultivate. We could have nine more protectors breaking through yet the lack of resources prevented them from reaching the realm of Religious Leader." The huge fanged-hunk shook his head, "Now, they can still rely on the half-collapsed cosmos to survive. But the moment it fully collapses, all lives will go extinct."

"Our Ancestor Mother Religion has not taken that final step."


"We must conquer this Cultivator Cosmos!"

"Our clansmen could reproduce after entering this cosmos, forming the next generation as part of this cosmos. This cosmos will protect them and aid them in cultivation. As for us who already transcended, we could stay here and obtain the protection of the cosmos." The huge fanged-hunk said.

It was safest within the cosmos.

Outside the cosmos was a terrifying place! It was not appropriate for living, or so at least with their strength.

"This is the passage that we can maintain stable." The huge fanged-hunk said, "And also the last lifeline the Ancestor Mother Religion has given up."

"The lives of our clan and us transcenders will require a new cosmos."

"We have already comprehended their cultivation system, allowing us to improve our understanding of the laws and profound mysteries. We can utilize their resources too to form more Religious Leaders. Over time, we will become stronger and stronger." The huge fanged-hunk said, "But Bloodshed God-Emperor is not allowing us to do so. The cultivators will no longer tolerate us to continue here."

"They are cornering us."

"We have no path of retreat."

"We have to conquer this cosmos, and construct the Ancestor Mother Altar so that this cosmos will turn into one suitable for our cultivation system." The eyes of that huge fanged-hunk were filled with cold killing intent, "We are indeed the invaders, but our hometown is undergoing annihilation. For the sake of survival, we have to conquer their home!"

"I understand." The bloody Ruler Nile transmitted, "That time, I knew the possibility of death was huge, yet I still decided to reincarnate without caring about anything. That is for the continuation of our clan."

"Religious Leader Niko, your sacrifice for this clan is huge." The huge fanged-hunk said, "And now, the Bloodshed God-Emperor is still inspecting the places with his void array. We do not have much time anymore. It is inevitable for us to get on with the final war to determine the victors. But since Monarch Green has become a Ruler, there are no more heaven-shattering existences among their Paragons. Our plans can change. After a while, all Religious Leaders will convene to make the amendment, and we will inform you of it."

"Alright." Bloody Ruler Nile acknowledged.


At the peak of the starry mountain, the ten Rulers from the Cultivator Cosmos were all gathered. They were drinking wine and laughing as they chatted. Their mood was good.

Amongst the ten Rulers, Bloody Ruler Nile was drinking. On the surface, he was smiling, but his feelings were complicated.

He was initially a protector from the Ancestor Mother Religion cosmos. After entering this cosmos, he decided to reincarnate along with a group of others in spite of the risk of death. He sealed his memories, leaving behind only a little spirit before reincarnating himself in the laws of this cosmos… some of his clanmates had died without being able to regain their consciousness. It was easy to deduce this judging from the chances of those stage four World Deities surviving after reincarnating.

Some had succeeded though!

They regained their memories completely!

But after reincarnating, they had become lives acknowledged by the laws of this cosmos. They had karma too and could cultivate ordinarily. Even though Ruler Nile was a Paragon previously, he had become a Ruler now!

'I wonder how many of my comrades from the past had survived.' Nile thought.

Some had survived. If they did not contact the Ancestor Mother Religion, then the Ancestor Mother Religion would be ignorant of it.

Because they were considered the lives of this Cultivator Cosmos after they reincarnated successfully, and even the aura form their souls were different! Nobody could discern between them! They could give up their responsibilities: "Since I could cultivate normally, why risk my life for the Ancestor Mother Religion? If I do not say, none will know my identity."

It ultimately depended on how loyal they were!

None would know if they reincarnated as an outsider! That was why some had not revealed their identities. It was natural since the chances of success after reincarnation were low. Many were extremely cunning and would not make such juvenile mistakes. As for those like 'Bamboo Saint', they were originally experts from the Cultivator Cosmos. For the sake of getting stronger, they decided to rely on the Ancestor Mother Religion.

Bamboo Saint and the others did not even know what exactly was the Ancestor Mother Religion seeking for!


The banquet was still proceeding.

Bloodshed God-Emperor was discussing with Primal Master.

"The Void Twin Extreme Array is constantly investigating every single area of the starry sky. The Ancestor Mother Religion will be forced out." Bloodshed God-Emperor transmitted, "There are only two outcomes. Either they wage war with us, or they give up and leave our cosmos. What do you think they will do?"

"No matter what they chose, we will proceed according to your previous plan. We will play the consumption game, and let them die from squandering." Primal Master felt confident of himself. Their cosmos held a great advantage. If their avatars died, they could always recreate one!

Bloodshed God-Emperor remained vigilant, "But they have a huge advantage too. They are in the dark and have long understood our cultivation system. Furthermore, they are studying our system behind our backs. If they succeeded in cultivating both systems, they will not only have a powerful physique; they could grasp hold of the laws and profound mysteries too. With the two together, their threat will be extremely great. Thus, we must not waste any time. That is why I thought of ways to use the Void Twin Extreme Array to force them."

"Mn." Primal Master nodded and laughed, "The good news is Monarch Green has broken through before the war begins. We have another Ruler now."

"Right." Bloodshed God-Emperor stared at the distant Monarch Green too.

His eldest disciple brother had become a Ruler, delighting him greatly.

"The war will begin soon after this banquet." Bloodshed God-Emperor looked below, "The ordinary powerful existences and Paragons do not have to participate in the war since it is pointless. Ultimately, there are only ten of us."

"That's right. A huge war. The biggest one ever since the start of this epoch. If they were to leave obediently, it'd be better." Primal Master laughed.

"We can't depend on luck." Bloodshed God-Emperor's eyes were deep and unfathomable.


Suddenly, a voice transmitted quietly over.

Bloodshed God-Emperor was stunned. This voice came precisely from that disciple of his–Xue Ying.

"Xue Ying, is there any matter?" Bloodshed God-Emperor asked.

"Disciple has something significant to report to you." Xue Ying transmitted.



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