Chapter 730: Assassination
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Within a moment, five Religious Leaders arrived at the fanged Religious Leader's location.

"Dong Bo Xue Ying has appeared." The fanged Religious Leader announced coldly, "He is currently within the territory of the Temporal Island. Thus, our attack must be quick. If we are any slower, the Temporal Island Lord could possibly arrive! If we are talking about time-space travel, the Temporal Island Lord is the most formidable. At the same time, even though Black Gourd attack of Dong Bo Xue Ying might be crude, but its power is immense. The moment he reacts, he could delay for time using the Black Gourd."

"Thus, we must make haste."

"Before the moment he reacts, we must kill him." The fanged Religious Leader said.

"Relax. With the five of us Religious Leaders working together, even if he has his so-called Mirage World or the Myriad Devil True Body, he'll definitely lose his life." A black-armored female Religious Leader coldly said.

"We have long planned for this."

"He'll die in an instant."

The five Religious Leaders were filled with confidence.

With their strength, they could fight evenly against Bloodshed God-Emperor when they worked together. Even though Xue Ying"s survival capabilities were formidable–he could survive even when going up against Rulers–with the five of them working together, they had 100% confidence of killing Xue Ying, based on their analysis of the intelligence provided by Bloody Ruler Nile.

"Let's move out." The fanged Religious Leader said.



The five Religious Leaders disappeared.


Within the time-space tunnel, Xue Ying was currently flying along at a high speed. Even though he had cultivated the "Walker"s Hidden Secret", allowing his body to be compatible with the Primal Chaos Void and thus be suitable in traveling through the void, that style of travel was too fast, and he would arrive in the Black Fog Sea within moments. If he were to reveal this speed to the world, it would cause shock amongst the Rulers and Religious Leaders.

It was not the right time for him to reveal his ability. He should save all his formidable moves during the crucial moments.

"Mn?" Xue Ying suddenly frowned slightly.


The surrounding time-space tunnel began to warp.


A terrifying and undetectable sneak attack came from an exceedingly sublime location. It came from a region beyond his senses.

The attack was insanely quick. Even though Xue Ying"s current life aura was especially powerful, and that the offensive strength of the attack had weakened due to the influence of his life aura, it still penetrated the Xue Ying's True Deity Heart. His True Deity Heart was like colored glass, and contained the complete "Walker"s Hidden Secret". The "Walker"s Hidden Secret" was an outstanding inheritance. Having completely fused with Xue Ying's soul, it was able to provide much protection for his soul.

Previously, when he had suffered the backlash from utilizing the Black Gourd, just the first level of "Walker"s Hidden Secret" was sufficient to dissipate all the black fog in his Deity Heart!

And now, it was the complete "Walker's Hidden Secret" shrouding his Deity Heart. One could say that assassinating a Voidwalker by targeting his soul was practically impossible.


His True Deity Heart merely quivered slightly before dispersing the unseen attack.

Xue Ying looked with shock as the time-space tunnel ahead of him was being completely warped. A sharp saber appeared from within the void, shooting right towards him at a breakneck speed! Furthermore, this saber had green lightning surging across its surface. The lightning contained a genuinely terrifying destructive force that far surpassed the Destructive Lightning that the Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master had used. Simultaneously, a strange green fog emerged from the space around him.

The attack came at him too quickly!

According to the original plan, Xue Ying should have lost consciousness after suffering from the "Curse" and should have been completely unable to offer any resistance. However, he was currently fully awake!

Even so, he did not have enough time to bring out the Black Gourd and unplug the cork. The weapon had arrived right before him, and he did not even have time to contemplate on his next action, completely relying on his instincts to survive.


His body suddenly disappeared.

He had entered the Mirage World! Despite entering the Mirage World, his body had become slightly more attuned to the void. This was due to the exquisite control a "Voidwalker" had over the void.

"What? I can"t employ the Void Evasive Maneuver?" Xue Ying was slightly startled. He had originally planned on teleporting a short distance away. But now, he discovered he could not escape through the void.

This was the result of the Ancestor Mother Religion's Religious Leaders suppressing and locking down the surrounding space, to prevent the Temporal Island Lord and the Bloodshed God-Emperor from arriving. Only the Temporal Island Lord", who had grasped the Dao of Time-Space, could possibly teleport into this region. Other Rulers would not be able to do so, even the Bloodshed God-Emperor who had reached eternity with his "Dao of Shadow".

Xue Ying"s Void Evasion originated from the "Primal Chaos Void". Despite being an exceedingly outstanding technique, Xue Ying had only reached the first level of cultivation! His control of the void was still lacking.


The sharp saber imbued with green lightning hacked into the Mirage World. Despite losing some of its power, the attack still landed on Xue Ying's body!

"Hong long long~" The terrifying power fully impacted against his body. The green fog had also permeated into the Mirage World, completely enshrouding Xue Ying. However, the void-attuned body actually shaved off most of the incoming impact. Those without sufficient power would not be able to harm someone with a Voidwalker body.

Receiving the strike, Xue Ying flew backward at high speed. The black armor on his body was smashed to smithereens, and a vast injury had appeared on his chest. He spurted out a mouthful of fresh blood.

"What!" "What!" "What!"

The five Religious Leaders were stunned.

They had worked together for this attack.

Yet it had merely resulted in a flesh wound?

"Teacher, I am being assassinated by the Ancestor Mother Religion! There should be several Religious Leaders." Xue Ying immediately sent a transmission to his teacher. Before this, it was not that he did not want to send a transmission, but rather, the attack had arrived too quickly. Even now, he did not know how many enemies were present. Flipping his hand, the Black Gourd appeared and he unplugged the cork with indignance.

"Teaming up against me?"

"A group of Religious Leaders is trying to kill me?"

"Die for me!"

Xue Ying grabbed hold of the Black Gourd. "Hong~" The opening of the Black Gourd released many black ripples.

Under Xue Ying's control, the ripples spread in all directions with Xue Ying at the center! Having acknowledged its owner, Xue Ying had an easier time controlling the Black Gourd.

Countless black ripples engulfed a region 50 million kilometers around him.

"Be careful."

"Not good."

The Religious Leaders felt frustrated at this moment. According to their understanding, the Black Gourd's attack was crude and could only be directed in a single direction. Yet at this moment, the ripples were spreading in all directions.

"Quick, quick."

With the help of a Religious Leader who specialized in controlling space, he brought his allies to evade the incoming ripples. Their bodies were stronger than the Holy Protectors, yet they were injured by the black ripples. They did not dare to charge against the black ripples, as the closer they got to the opening of the Black Gourd, the higher the density and the destructive capability of the black ripples!

Conversely, the further they got, the more separated the black ripples became. Consequently, the force of the ripples became weaker.

"What is going on?" The five Religious Leaders were only lightly injured. They could believe their current situation and were at a loss. How could this assassination attempt end up like this?

Had the curse failed?

They merely injured Xue Ying after teaming up together for an attack? Unless this Xue Ying had attained a survival capability comparable to Monarch Hex Cricket?

"Hurry and leave! The Rulers will definitely reach here soon." The five Religious Leaders did not dare to tarry.


Xue Ying carried the Black Gourd. The black ripple was fanning out in all directions, causing the surrounding void to disintegrate into particles.

Everything was being destroyed. Nothing could obstruct the power of the ripples.

"Xue Ying."

A voice transmitted over.

"I'll pursue after them first! Those Religious Leaders are truly daring." Bloodshed God-Emperor"s voice contained unbridled fury as it transmitted over to Xue Ying. He did not appear. Instead, he was chasing after the five escaping Religious Leaders.



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