Chapter 743: End of Battle
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The surroundings were filled with a bone-chilling frost. Some of the arrays had frozen and shattered, and many locations on the planet had even started experiencing snowfall. As the eldest prince "Jiao Yun Teng", Cha Yun Nong, and the other protectors watched on from a distance, they were fortunate that Red Devil God-Emperor controlled the frost to avoid them. They were just slightly affected but remained shivering in the cold.

The main target, Xue Ying, had instead revealed a grin. Seeing Red Devil God-Emperor going berserk in rage, "Maybe, it will be me sending you to death!"



Laughing in rage, Red Devil God-Emperor was garbed in a white armor and wielded a huge saber as he leaped towards Xue Ying.

Xue Ying just stood there, a blood wave rolling around him. In the end, this was just an imitation and not the authentic 'Slaughter Domain', and was formed by combining the Dao of Slaughter and the Dao of Ripple. Furthermore, Xue Ying had not reached eternity in either Dao; the Slaughter Domain was suppressed by the endless frost.


Xue Ying remained standing there with his silver spear. He was chuckling as Red Devil God-Emperor charged over.

The huge saber slashed down like a bolt of lightning, with an even greater force than before.

"Hua." Xue Ying revolved the spear in his hand. He parried against the blade with a profound move. With how strong his physique was, he did not even take a step back from the attack. Instead, it was Red Devil God-Emperor who was forced a few steps back.

"My speed has decreased?" Xue Ying frowned. The surrounding space was filled with an endless frost that could suppress the Slaughter Domain, and could similarly hinder Xue Ying's every action.

"I admit that you are very powerful. But you are still inadequate to challenge a Ruler!" Red Devil God-Emperor's voice boomed and reverberated. At the same time, his figure became unpredictable as he launched assaults on Xue Ying from all directions. With the God-Emperor unleashing his absolute move, his strength and speed were both significantly boosted. Xue Ying remained affected by the God-Emperor's move, and at this moment, was disadvantaged in terms of speed.

But relying on his spear, his defense remained air-tight.

'His body isn't affected by my move at all?' Red Devil God-Emperor might be attacking Xue Ying in a frenzy, but he felt anxiety in his heart. Based on his past experience, an ordinary Ruler would usually be heavily injured upon coming into contact with this frost. Furthermore, their rate of recovery would be significantly reduced under the frost energy. If they were exposed to it for an extended period, it was possible for them to die after expending their life force.

But Xue Ying stood there, unmoving. Even though his speed had decreased, his body did not seem to have any wounds at all!

Red Devil God-Emperor was unaware that having the Dao of Mirage, together with the 'Voidwalker lineage', Xue Ying's survival capabilities was not inferior to Monarch Hex Cricket. Even though he was a Paragon, his survival capabilities could make Rulers who were not as good at surviving to be extremely envious!

"Hu." When Red Devil God-Emperor continued to send attacks at him, Xue Ying suddenly vanished.

"He disappeared?" Red Devil God-Emperor's expression changed. He looked around him as his eye continued to release an endless frost into his surroundings, yet no matter how he tried, he could not sense Xue Ying at all. "I can't even determine his location?"

A faint light was released around Red Devil God-Emperor's figure. It was his law domain.

The law domain only covered a small region, yet his sensory abilities in this region were tremendously powerful.

"There he is!" Red Devil God-Emperor's expression spontaneously changed.

He had discovered Xue Ying, but at that instant, with the speed at which Xue Ying had struck out with his spear, the spear had already reached him.

"Pu." The spearhead contained many circular ripples. Those ripples were like a destructive force that wanted to tear everything apart. Red Devil God-Emperor did not have time to parry against it before the spearhead arrived at his chest.


His white armor was damaged slightly, but the spearhead could not penetrate it.

Xue Ying immediately retracted his spear before disappearing once again.

"Where did he go now?" Red Devil God-Emperor searched in all directions. He was both anxious and shocked. This Paragon was too exceptional at hiding. Other than using his law domain to discover the enemy, he had no other methods which could detect Xue Ying! Nonetheless, the region of his law domain covered was too small–it was limited to an area 1,000 meters around him. This distance was too short for experts on their level.


The Third Highness Jiao Yun Liu, the Eldest Prince Jiao Yun Teng, and their subordinates were watching on nervously.

They would never have thought the battle would have unfolded like this.

Red Devil God-Emperor had unleashed his secret move, which they had never seen before–the terrifying frost had enshrouded all directions. It could both assault the enemy and suppress the enemy. Furthermore, Red Devil God-Emperor's personal strength surged rapidly, and his defense had become very outstanding, thanks to the white armor he wore.

But that mysterious Protector Dong Bo could actually completely disappeared... sending sneak attacks time after time!

"Even Rulers can't discover him at all. If he wanted to sneak up on us, could we still survive?" The spectating protectors were muttering to themselves.

"Sneak attacks? We're so much weaker than him, do you think needs sneak attacks to wipe us out?"

These protectors were utterly stunned. They even held admiration and worship for Xue Ying.


In the Mirage World, Xue Ying frowned slightly. He had utilized two evasive maneuvers at the same time–one was the Mirage World, and the other was the Void Evasive Maneuver! His speed of traveling within the Mirage World was much higher, as it was a world he had personally created. Using the Void Concealment within the Mirage World... significantly improved his concealment.

One was a law-related concealing technique, and the other was a concealing technique that the Voidwalker system specialized in. The two techniques worked perfectly together.

It caused a Ruler, the 'Red Devil God-Emperor', to have to rely on his law domain just to detect Xue Ying.

'Just an average Ruler! He is even a Ruler who has become a protector under the eldest prince. This Ruler... is actually so tough to defeat.' Xue Ying inwardly disapproved. 'I'll try utilizing the Termination Energy. If that can't break apart his defense, then it will be impossible for me to win.'

Termination Energy.

That was one of the Voidwalkers" three great techniques. The three techniques were none other than the Voidwalker body, the Void Evasive Maneuver, and Termination Energy.

Termination Energy was obtained from the purification of the incredibly destructive leftover energy that the body could not process when absorbing Primal Chaos Void Energy. This purified energy would eventually condense into a unique energy that held great offensive strength. It was thus called–Termination Energy!

"Termination Energy." Xue Ying grabbed his silver spear. From his palm, a black light film formed, spreading down the shaft of the spear. Soon after, the spear was entirely covered in the black light, and even the spearhead was covered. The black light film was continuously undulating, and it seemed to be continually cutting everything around it.


Spinning the spear, it was like a Flood Dragon had jumped out of the sea. It brought with it a frighteningly murderous aura right from the Mirage World into the ordinary world, penetrating through the law domain and piercing right towards Red Devil God-Emperor.

The spear moved too quickly.

Xue Ying, who was hiding in the Mirage World, wasn't as much influenced by the frost energy. Thus, the influence on his speed was negligible.


Red Devil God-Emperor turned around, only to see the spear and its afterimages arriving in front of him, only that this time, it was slightly strange. Other than the many bloody ripples on the spearhead, it was actually covered by a layer of black light. Even the entire spear was covered by that black light.



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