Chapter 765: Has the War Ended?
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Xue Ying, Empress Qian He, Monarch Green, Primal Master, Temporal Island Lord, and other Rulers were also looking towards the distant base of Ancestor Mother Religion–that simple ancient and beautiful spherical castle.

"I do want to see if the Ancestor Mother Religion still has any other hidden moves."

"Currently, they are completely suppressed and sealed by the 12 Primal Pillars, so what can they do? If they have any other dangerous moves, they wouldn't have let us finish constructing all Primal Pillars."

"The power of the 12 Primal Pillars should have reached the Void God level. Only after reaching the boundary of the Void God and relying on the refining techniques taken from the "Myriad Catalog"did Bloodshed succeed in refining the pillars. I do not believe they have any way of breaking it."

The Rulers watched from afar as they chatted idly with one another.

They were waiting for the reaction of the Ancestor Mother Religion!

Second after second ticked by...

Xue Ying and the rest were also very patient. Even if the Ancestor Mother Religion decided to retaliate, they would have to hold an internal discussion that will take some time.

"Mn?" all of a sudden, the Bloodshed God-Emperor exclaimed out in astonishment. Xue Ying and the rest saw it too.

"Hong long long~"

One of the places on the spherical castle had suddenly opened up, forming a cavern hole. Present within was a muscular man with brown skin. Appearing to be barefooted, he only had several pieces of ragged clothes covering his body. His eyes were incomparably calm as if they were a boundless sea. However, due to the void shackles having sealed the castle up completely, that huge fanged hunk wasn't able to move any further from the cavern hole. He said, "Bloodshed God-Emperor, this is only an incarnation of mine. I did not bring any weapons, storage treasures or any other materials. Even the robes have been condensed by energy. Let me out."

His words could not be discerned by Xue Ying and other Rulers. Instead, only Bloodshed God-Emperor who controlled the arrays of all 12 Primal Pillars could hear him clearly.


A ripple permeated through the body of the huge fanged hunk.

Indeed, it was only an incarnation. The robe had been condensed from energy, and he did not have any other materials!

"Come out." Bloodshed God-Emperor gave out a thought, causing an unseen ripple to engulf the incarnation of that fanged hunk and teleporting him out of the castle into the external world.


Xue Ying and the others could not hear what the fanged hunk said. They only saw as that fanged hunk was teleported out. After being brought out, all of them were scouting the other party. Because it was merely an incarnation, he had quickly been inspected by Xue Ying and the rest once through.

"It is only an incarnation."

"No other treasures. No threat to us."

The Rulers were all looking at the huge fanged hunk. The gap between their power was relatively big. They were clear of shackles surrounding the huge fanged hunk. At this moment, only the Bloodshed God-Emperor could arrive in front of the hunk. Xue Ying and the others were guarding the pillars and watching from afar.

Protecting the Primal Pillars was still very important. They could not neglect this.

"All Rulers are here?" The fanged Religious Leader looked around him. Even though he could not see the others, he could guess so and said with a chuckle.

"Say, what are you planning?" Bloodshed God-Emperor appeared in front of him and said with a calm tone.

The fanged Religious Leader looked at this white-robed avatar of Bloodshed God-Emperor. He sighed, "Bloodshed God-Emperor, you are truly vigilant. No matter what it is, you will always act with vigilance. Discovering that you are close to victory, the other Rulers are still protecting the Primal Pillars, and their true bodies should still remain in the Lake Heart Island."

"Yes." Bloodshed God-Emperor nodded.

"Even if the allure is bigger, none of you are taking any gambles." The huge fanged hunk lamented, "Previously, we have created many traps. Even though we killed you all time after time, it's a pity that nothing works in the end."

Bloodshed God-Emperor said, "During the past 100,000 years, we have indeed faced a huge allure time after time from you people. Nevertheless, I'm clear we might win if we were to charge together with our true bodies! However, the risk of having our true bodies and avatars being exterminated together... is too much. If we do not gamble, our true bodies will be safe forever. We can always refine an inexhaustible number of avatars to keep battling and fight a prolonged battle. Let us not chat about other possibilities because by then, the Deity crystals you have prepared should have almost been consumed entirely and we will definitely win."

"Since we will win at the end, why the need to take the risk?" Bloodshed God-Emperor coldly said.

"You are very calm."

The fanged Religious Leader sighed, "However, to many experts, knowing is one thing, while doing is an entirely different matter. Upon seeing that victory is within grasps, it is normal for them to allow blood to rush up their minds. What a pity, what a pity..."

"You came out to say these?" Bloodshed God-Emperor continued. Xue Ying and the other Rulers were watching afar. They were listening.

The fanged Religious Leader shook his head, "I rather admire you. The attainments you've included the array are extremely formidable. Relying on this 'Void Extreme Twin Array', you've managed to sweep across the entire region and force us out. Now, it is this same Primal Pillar array that trapped us too! Everything is due to you! What's more, you have long discovered that Bloody Ruler is a traitor, and have acted ignorant, scheming against our plot and forcing us to suffer much. I still do not understand, how you discovered that Bloody Ruler is a traitor?"

"That is a secret." Bloodshed God-Emperor coldly answered.

He might have some suspicions, but it was after Xue Ying informed him about the matter that made Bloodshed God-Emperor sure that Bloody Ruler Nile was a traitor.

"You really are careful. Even till now, you are still keeping it a secret."

The fanged Religious Leader's expression was slightly chilly. His eyes were haze, "My race has reproduced for a very long time until now, allowing us to reach a very powerful stage! It is just that our cosmos is entering its final stages of decline, and this cosmos passage linked to your cosmos is our only chance... we can only battle. If we had an endless amount of World energy, we would most likely have won this war."

Bloodshed God-Emperor sneered, "Let's not take into account treasures and external power! If we truly fought with our true strength, you all aren't our opponents."

The fanged Religious Leader paused.

That's right.

He had to admit that relying on the avatar techniques, the Rulers of the Cultivator Cosmos each had three bodies! This would overcome their weakness in numbers. If they genuinely started an all-out fight, the cultivators as a whole were stronger than them.

"There's no point in saying those things now. Our protectors have almost been wiped out, and many Religious Leaders have died in battle too. Over the 100,000 years of slaughter, we still lost in the end." The fanged Religious Leader said, "The reason I am here today is that I hope for your Cultivator Cosmos to give us a path of survival."

"A path of survival?" Bloodshed God-Emperor sneered, "And why should we do so? We can imprison you all until the end of our cosmos epoch. By then, you will all be completely wiped! Even if you retreated back to that collapsing cosmos of yours, you all would still die! No matter what, all of you will die!"

"We will indeed die."

The fanged Religious Leader said, "However, we still have enough energy for one last bout. Even if we have no hopes of victory, we will still force you all to pay a huge price. However, if you all give us a path to survival, we could give you many rewards too like the treasures... and lastly, we are doing this for all for the sake of survival."

Bloodshed God-Emperor turned taciturn. He was currently discussing with other Rulers in the dark. Xue Ying and the others were also participating in it swiftly.

"Is he for real? Can they still fight for one last time?"

"They have already been trapped by us, and yet they can still force us to pay the price? Are they deliberately frightening us, or do they truly have a hidden technique still?"

"Hmph, they are thinking of occupying our cosmos, and now, they are begging for mercy?"

"I'll ask him again."


Bloodshed God-Emperor looked at the fanged Religious Leader in front: "You seek a path of survival. What path of survival?"

"Two ways." The huge fanged hunk answered," As for the first path of survival, isn't your relationship with that Gu Qian Luo excellent? He has the Primal Chaos Flying Ship, and thus is able to bring us off in it! The second path of survival will be for you to continue trapping us. When Void God from your Cultivator Cosmos emerges, your Void God can bring those that transcended away before the cosmos epoch ends. You can just bring us along when you plan on leaving."

"This is our final hope."

"We have no hope of winning the war! We are only seeking survival." The huge fanged hunk looked at Bloodshed God-Emperor.


The Ancestor Mother Religion was at the end of the road. They had no other paths and could only lower their heads and beg for survival! The final decision laid in the hands of the cultivators.

It felt great to grasp the fate of the other party. Although Xue Ying, Empress Qian He, Pang Yi, Bloodshed God-Emperor and others were contemplating about this, all of them felt thrilled in their hearts.

"Are we going to win like that? Has the war really come to an end?" Xue Ying felt that everything was too fast. He had just awoken, and the war was ending already after he started fighting?

Naturally, Xue Ying was the only one who felt everything was too quick. The feelings present within the hearts of the other Rulers were entirely different from him.

Bloodshed God-Emperor, Primal Master, Abyss Primogenitor, Purgatory Ruler, Pang Yi, Monarch Green, Temporal Island Lord, Myriad God Palace Head and Empress Qian He felt emotions surging through their hearts. The past 100,000 years had been too tiring for them. They didn't dare to relax and become complacent for the entire time. Facing schemes and life-threatening ordeals for time to time, they had died too many times. Furthermore, they were almost close to victory for many times, only to discover that they were all traps.

Despite being mentally tired and exhausted, hey had to continue battling.


Xue Ying brought luck back with him, allowing the war to reach its final stages! At this moment, all of them were feeling relatively relaxed. Even though they were still maintaining a strand of vigilance, their hearts were brimming with joy and elation.

"Fellow Rulers, say, shall we give them a path of survival?" Bloodshed God-Emperor asked the other Rulers.



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