Chapter 766: Being Controlled on One's Palm
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Standing at the peak of the entire Cultivator Cosmos, the ten Rulers were currently discussing with one another. In reality, deep down within the hearts of Xue Ying and the rest, all of them felt they should just completely exterminate these Religious Leaders from the Ancestor Mother Religion! After all, the effects of the past 100,000 years of war had rippled through the cosmos, where countless locations of the Deity world and Abyss had been completely destroyed, resulting in innumerable lives having perished. Thus, killing intent towards the Ancestor Mother Religion was still present within the hearts of Xue Ying and the others.

Despite that, a clash between the races of two cosmoses could not be decided because of their tempers.

First, the Ancestor Mother Religion might still have certain techniques which could empower them for one last life and death struggle, forcing the cultivators to pay an outrageous price. Secondly, the treasures in the hands of the Ancestor Mother Religion were indeed extremely alluring. Just using them as comprehension aids for the furtherment of the understanding of Dao would be of great help to one's cultivation.

"Alright. Then we'll give them a path of survival."

"We can let them live! However, we must imprison them until the cosmos epoch is about to end. By then, the Void God that appears amongst us would be able to bring them along."

"I agree. We must absolutely not let them enter the Primal Chaos Flying Ship of Gu Qian Luo."

"That Gu Qian Luo... is extremely sinister! Allowing him to bring the Ancestor Mother Religion away? Hmph, I'm afraid something might crop up from this."

The Rulers finally made their decision after discussing it.

Even rabbits would bite when forced into a corner! Since they had reached this stage, then they might as well give the enemies a strand of hope! If they left the enemies with not a single bit of hope, the only thing left for would be for the other party to turn crazy. Leaving them a strand of hope would ensure they wait obediently until the fateful day when they were rescued. If the cultivators were savage enough, it was entirely possible for them to not follow with their promises and leave the Ancestor Mother Religion to die. However, that would make it impossible for them to obtain those treasures from the Ancestor Mother Religion.

"I'll go and negotiate with them." Bloodshed God-Emperor said, "We have been very benevolent to give them a chance of survival at this stage of the war. However everyone should maintain their vigilance. It is not worth fully trusting the Ancestor Mother Religion."

"I understand."

"Rest assured."

"We will always have an avatar defending the Primal Pillars at all times."

In the starry sky, there was at least a single Ruler stationed at every single Primal Pillar to stand guard.


And in another starry sky, within the Primal Chaos Flying ship.

A grin appeared on the face of the enormous sculpture 'Gu Qian Luo', who was emitting a foul and cold aura. At this moment, he was overlooking the green-skinned teenager who had a horn. This green-skinned teenager's eyes were filled with pain and unwillingness, while faint trembles shook through his body.

"Isn't this too overboard?" The green-skinned teenager said with a low tone.

"Tsk tsk tsk, overboard? Not at all! Do you think the cultivators will let your side survive? They might be saying that on their mouths about how they will bring you all away when the cosmos epoch is ending, but they can always just leave you here and let your race be exterminated with the epoch. What can all of you do?" Gu Qian Luo chuckled. His laughter was filled with disdain, "By placing your hopes on the benevolence of those cultivators? That's being too foolish. In the previous 100,000 years of war, all of you have deliberately let the disturbances caused by the war to spread out, killing countless members of their race. It's easy to see how thick the hatred those Rulers have towards all of you."

"I'll agree to be your servant from now on." The green-skinned teenager said with a low tone, "However, the treasures my Ancestor Mother Religion will be given to you in two separate parts. We'll hand over the first batch when you break apart the Primal Pillars to save us out. Only after we constructed the Ancestor Mother Altar and gaining the final victory will we hand over the last batch. That's the best we can offer."

"Either you promise us this..."

"Or our Ancestor Mother Religion rather die than to accept less." The green-skinned teenager looked towards that large sculpture in front of him.

Not long after the war erupted, Gu Qian Luo had taken the initiative to entice one of the Rulers from Ancestor Mother Religion over to his Primal Chaos Flying ship. In the past, he forbade any Rulers from entering because he had entered a deep sleep! Currently, with him being awake, especially while being in Primal Chaos Flying Ship, he did not give a damn about a Ruler.

As the war continued on...

The confidence of the Ancestor Mother Religion became weaker and weaker to the point where they were eventually forced to lower their heads.

'Do you really need to split them into 2 batches?' Gu Qian Luo muttered to himself. He was feeling tremendously delighted in his heart.

Even prouder powerful existences would have to obediently lower their heads in the end.

'Who would have thought that this Ancestor Mother Religion actually have so many treasures. There are even some treasures which would turn the eyes of Void Gods red with envy.' Gu Qian Luo sighed. In the beginning, he did not care about the Ancestor Mother Religion. However, he had proceeded to spy in the dark since the beginning of the war... with the resulting battles causing his eyes to turn red, as he discovered that there were some treasures the Ancestor Mother Religion had which were at the Void God level. Some of them were even of other cultivation systems, being snatched over by the experts of the Ancestor Mother Religion to give to their descendants.

As of now, the strongest expert of Ancestor Mother Religion was only comparable to a Ruler. What's more, his control of the treasures was relatively crude. Thus, many amazing treasures were unable to display much of their true power.

'It'll be a great steal if I'm able to get them into my hands." Gu Qian Luo's eyes were red. He felt thrilled!

In reality, this was due to the collapse of the Ancestor Mother Religion cosmos, allowing many treasures left in the historical remains to propagate to other places. That was also why the Religious Leaders could gather so many treasures. Without having sufficient power, the treasures in the hands were all useless! Instead, it was 'Bloodshed God-Emperor', who was one step into the realm of the Void God, and could fully display the potential of the many arrays after he had gotten the "Myriad Catalog", allowing those arrays to be much more useful than the treasures the Ancestor Mother Religion had, that had prevailed. In reality, most treasures the Ancestor Mother Religion had were beyond the level of the Primal Pillars. However, the stronger it was, the harder it would be to control them!

'Hmph hmph...'

'For the sake of survival, they have to lower their heads.' Gu Qian Luo thought, 'It's also worth it for me to take action for the sake of so many treasures.'

Being the seventh sacred son under the Ancestor Bone Throne, he had a higher view of the cultivation realms. Solely relying on the Primal Chaos Flying Ship already gave him the ability to compete against the Void Gods within the Primal Chaos Void. Compared to them, the Primal Chaos Flying Ship was much stronger in the aspects of survival and the ability to escape! Even if he was heavily injured, the assistance of the 'Primal Chaos Flying Ship' gave him full-fledged confidence in dealing with the group of Rulers!


The green-skinned teenager was very nervous after making all those declarations. He was worried Gu Qian Luo would not accept those terms. Nonetheless, this was the final backing the Ancestor Mother Religion had, as they were afraid that Gu Qian Luo would just take all the treasures and leave after that without caring about their fates.

Therefore, they had to make it into two batches.

What's more, most of the important treasures would be left for the second batch! He had to aid them in constructing the Ancestor Mother Altar and win the war before they would give the second batch to Gu Qian Luo.

"Alright, Religious Leader Sang Dan, let us swear an oath." The moment Gu Qian Luo finished speaking, a spatial ripple suddenly fluctuated in front of the green-skinned teenager. A piece of leaf appeared in front of him. The leaf contained the vague illusion of a short and small creature, with a dense amount of characters that none understood, covering its surface. The characters had also transmitted information over to enlighten the green-skinned teenager what it was.

The green-skinned teenager was a relatively younger Religious Leader from the Ancestor Mother Religion, and also one who entered the Primal Chaos Flying Ship during early stages when the war began.

He extended his hand, giving it a light tap. As a wisp of his soul aura touched, this leaf, it was immediately taken away. The massive sculpture of Gu Qian Luo proceeded to let his soul aura land too on the leaf.


The short and small creature illusion present on the leaf lifted its head up. Looking at Gu Qian Luo and at the green-skinned teenager beside, its mouth started to move, before words reverberated directly inside the minds of Gu Qian Luo and the green-skinned teenager, "The oath has been sworn. Those who break the oath will die!"

The green-skinned teenager felt the formation of an unseen law. This was a very unique oath law that made it certain he would die if he disobeyed it. The strength of the law was relatively significant, or so at least according to his senses, he would not be able to violate it even if he was a hundred or thousand times stronger.

"Master." The Religious Leader Sang Dan respectfully greeted.

"Very good." Gu Qian Luo chuckled as he looked at this servant in front, "When I was traveling in the Primal Chaos Void, I had obtained an array set by coincidence. This array set is extremely formidable, and is easily able to defend you all as you construct the altar."

"We have a total of 6 altars." Religious Leader Sang Dan said, "The six altars will have to be constructed in six areas of the cosmos before the whole construct is set up."

"There are a total of nine arrays in this set. It's a minor issue to lend 6 of them to you." Gu Qian Luo said nonchalantly. He indeed disdained battles of that level. When he was traveling in the Primal Chaos Void, most enemies he had were Void Gods! Being a sacred son pampered by the Ancestor Bone Throne, his personal strength was first class even amongst Rulers. Upon borrowing on some peak external materials, it was natural for him to compete with Void Gods.

"Many thanks, master." Religious Leader Sang Dan delightfully answered.

"In a while, I'll destroy that Primal Pillar array and rescue you all from it. You can then start setting up the altar, and I'll guard you all! The moment six altars form the final Ancestor Mother Altar and transform the entire cosmos, without having endless World energy while suffering from the rejection of the cosmos, the cultivators will definitely lose." Gu Qian Luo casually mentioned.


At this moment, in the starry sky outside the base of Ancestor Mother Religion, the incarnation of the fanged Religious Leader was proceeding with the final stages of negotiation.

"We no longer have any path of retreat. We only hope for you cultivators to abide by your promise." The fanged Religious Leader said with a lowered head.

Bloodshed God-Emperor nodded, "I do wish for you all to stay obediently within your base. Do not form another plot. If you decide to deceive us... we will not give you all another opportunity."

"Please be rest assured." The fanged Religious Leader chuckled.



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