Chapter 776: Dissipate
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The Monarch Dong Bo residence occupied an extensive area. Dong Bo Lie, Mo Yang Yu, Qing Shi, Zong Ling, Tong San and the rest were currently living here. After all, they had already become Deities for more than 10,000 years and could no longer return to the Xia Clan world. There was a small region demarcated in the Monarch residence for them to live in next to each other.

"Hu hu", Xue Ying and Jing Qiu came out from the void. They arrived at where his parents were.

"Brother, sister-in-law, we are just waiting for you all." Qing Shi stood at the entrance waiting. His eyes brightened after seeing the arrival of them and shouted out.

"Qing Shi." Xue Ying chuckled.

Both he and his little brother had already lived for far too long. Nevertheless, the memories he had when they were still children were etched in the mind of Xue Ying. That spoilt little child who always let his saliva dribble down from his mouth while lying in his embrace in a deep sleep. When they were in their adolescence, memories of how both he and his little brother relied on each other for survival were remembered clearly, and he could never forget those memories.

"Go." Xue Ying walked over and embraced his little brother, "Today, you must accompany me and drink to our fill."

"Definitely." Qing Shi laughed. He was laughing exceptionally bright.

Both brothers walked shoulder by shoulder into the house. Jing Qiu followed closely behind. She smiled at seeing this scene because she understood what this day meant for her husband.

There were no other servants around!

If the servants were to see a Ruler walking shoulder to shoulder with another person, they would likely be shocked.


Within the house.

The muscular lion-headed man, 'Uncle Tong San', the six-armed snake man with a snake tail, 'Zong Ling', a violet-robed Mo Yang Yu who was as beautiful as ever were chatting together with Dong Bo Lie who was guffawing greatly. They were exceptionally delightful as they talked to each other. After a moment, they felt something in their senses, causing them to turn out and see as Xue Ying and Qing Shi walked in together.

"Haha, Xue Ying is here." Uncle Tong laughed. His voice was loud.

"We are waiting for you now." Zong Ling was chuckling too.

"Come come come, we can fit in more people." Dong Bo Lie beckoned them over. Mo Yang Yu went over to bring more chairs.

Xue Ying gave the place a glance. The arrangement of the furniture within the house was similar to that in the Snowrock Castle. That dining table was a long table, and the group of people was seated around it. Over time as Xue Ying became stronger and stronger, he had no longer ate and drank while surrounding a table.

"Everyone, let's get seated." Dong Bo Lie shouted out.

"Xue Ying, Jing Qiu, the two of you should sit here." Mo Yang Yu also arranged for where they would sit.

Very soon, the group of people was seated.

Xue Ying and Jing Qiu were next to each other. To his left, they were Uncle Zong and Uncle Tong. In front of Uncle Zong and Uncle Tong were Dong Bo Lie and Mo Yang Yu.

Opposite of Xue Ying was his little brother Qing Shi.

Nobody was seated in the head position!

According to the previous tradition, it was usually his father Dong Bo Lie who would sit at the head position. However, this time, his father wanted to sit together with his mother, leaning against each other!

"Today, everything you eat on this table is made by me and Ah Yu (Mo Yang Yu). Let us have a toast first." Dong Bo Lie chuckled and raised his cup.

"It has been a really long time since I last ate food made by father and mother." Xue Ying raised his cup too.

All of them toasted and drank.

After Zong Ling finished drinking, he placed the cup down and sighed, "Drinking here reminds me of Snowrock Castle. That time, Tong San and I accompanied Xue Ying and Qing Shi. Qing Shi was still young and only knew how to act willfully. At that time, Xue Ying had been training in spear techniques day in and day out... and every time after he finished his training, he would bathe in a medicinal pool."

"What do you mean that I only know how to act willfully?" Qing Shi muttered.

"Isn't that the case?" Tong San pursed his lips from the side, "Your brother has been tiring himself, yet at night when you were going to sleep, you had to have your brother accompany you. Fortunately, Xue Ying's temper is good. If it were us from the lion man race, we would just throw you to one side."

Qing Shi himself laughed too.

"I truly did not dare to think about it. That time, I felt that it was amazing for Xue Ying to become a Transcendent, yet who would have thought that things would far transcend my imaginations." Zong Ling added, "That time, the Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God descended into our Xia Clan World, causing us to lose our lives. But now, Xue Ying is currently one of the peak existences in the entire Deity world and Abyss, becoming one of the Rulers."

The others nodded.

Prior to their deaths, they could not help but recall this life of theirs. In the past, they thought they were dazzling existences, but now, it seemed they were not worth a mention. The Great Demonic God had long been eliminated. Even the material realm territory lord 'Sorcerer God' had cultivated to become a stage two World Deity. After Xue Ying became a Ruler, he had easily killed him via karma!

"If we say that cultivation is difficult, then it is indeed difficult." Dong Bo Lie said, "That time when Xue Ying guided me into the Crimson Rock Mountain World, only after I obtained the best guidance did I finally become a Transcendent. After that, I underwent plenty of rebirths with many of treasures being used on myself before I could barely step into the boundary of Deities. Ever since then... I have no hopes of becoming a World Deity anymore. Cultivating is truly difficult."

"If not for Xue Ying, you can't even become a Transcendent." Mo Yang Yu added, "In the Crimson Rock Mountain world, you have even shouted your son for help when you fell into despair. Thinking about it, it is truly such a disgrace."

"What disgrace is that? Am I wrong to shout for Xue Ying's help when I am in despair?" Dong Bo Lie glared back.

"Come come come, Xue Ying, let us drink." Uncle Tong San had instead brought up the wine flask and drank with Xue Ying. He shook his lion head in delight, "You were able to make me live again for more than 100 million years. Haha, just by saving me alone, I have actually created the entire lion man race!"

Xue Ying chuckled too, "It is indeed you, Uncle Tong, who is formidable for you to have so many children and grandchildren."

The lion man race had excellent fertility rates. Because of Tong San alone... the entire lion man race had become stronger! It was a huge race and had spanned across several planets in the Deity world.


Everyone was chatting. Xue Ying and Jing Qiu were instead listening and occasionally spoke a few sentences.

They ate for a long time on this table. Xue Ying had also drunk quite a lot of wine. There were many huge wine jars placed on the floor by the side of the table.

"It has been a long time since I drank to my delight. Furthermore, it is drinking with my good brothers, with my good sister, Xue Ying, Qing Shi and Jing Qiu." Zong Ling's face was brimming red as he laughed out, "This life of I, Zong Ling, is fulfilling. Very fulfilling! Old brother... I can't hold on any longer. I'll be the first to leave now." Accompanying his laughter, Zong Ling's body began dissipating. Every Deity energy on his body began crumbling apart. "Hua~" He then disappeared altogether.

"Wait for me." Tong San shouted out too.

"It is time for us to leave." Mo Yang Yu placed down her wine cup too.

"Ah Yu." Dong Bo Lie looked towards his wife by his side, "I am very fortunate to have you accompany me in my life."

"Me too." Mo Yang Yu giggled. Her eyes were filled with love.

Qing Shi sat there laughing too, "Father, mother, Uncle Tong, let us leave together. The road will also be a fun and crowded one. Big brother, we will leave first. Don't be so sad. We are all genuinely happy."

"Hua hua hua~"

Tong San's intoxicated body began dissipating. Dong Bo Lie and Mo Yang Yu were holding each other's hands. They were looking at each other. Qing Shi was also smiling at Xue Ying.

They could no longer suppress the collapse of their soul any longer. Every single part of their Deity energy was crumbling apart, and soon, they dissipated amidst the void.

Xue Ying watched silently while holding on to his wine cup...

Little stone head...

Father, mother...

Uncle Zong, Uncle Tong...

They were leaving! They were truly leaving!

Xue Ying could feel tears glistening in his eyes. He sat there silently without saying anything.

The originally crowded house became exceptionally quiet. The long table which was surrounded by a crowd of people only had two left at this moment–Xue Ying and Jing Qiu. They sat side by side.

Jing Qiu wanted to say something, yet she did not. She only sat silently by the side to accompany Xue Ying.

It was quiet.

Xue Ying sat there quietly for a very long time. He did not know what he was thinking. It felt as if his mind became blank.

Suddenly, a wave of pain engulfed his entire body and his soul. This made Xue Ying feel aching in his heart. But as he experienced this, a hand by the side grabbed his hands tightly. Xue Ying turned around, seeing his wife Jing Qiu looking at him with concern.

"You still have us." Jing Qiu looked at him.



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