Chapter 781: Void Corridor
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As a Voidwalker, Xue Ying had an easy time traveling in the primal chaos void. He could easily avoid most trouble he met with his acute senses. But his journey was a lonely one; he rarely met any other living beings.

He could perceive some life forms from the distant, but most were 'void creatures'.

Void creatures were beings born from the primal chaos void. There were all kinds of such creatures, with some being the rarely seen humanoid void creatures. Since these void creatures were born in such a hostile environment, it gave rise to the testament of their great inborn strength! Most would reach the 'True God Ruler' power once they were adults. Furthermore, their bodies were exceptionally suited for living in the primal chaos void.

But because they were innately powerful, it was harder for them to become stronger. After all, they depended on their talent to become strong. The majority of them did not know how to cultivate. Even after attaining cultivation techniques, it was still difficult for them to break through.

Like the 'Hundred Leading Howls' which he once fought within the Starting Ground, its original form was that of a void creature. The creator of the Voidwalker system, the 'Voidwalker Primogenitor' who created the "Walker's Hidden Secret" had been a lifeform who was born in the primal chaos void too. But his innate talent was much more heaven-shaking, and currently, he was one of the three Cosmos Gods within the 'Eastern Unicorn Sacred World'. Comparing power and statuses, he was higher as compared to Forefather Tian Yu.


As Xue Ying persisted on his journey using the Void Evasive Maneuver, most of his concentration was spent studying the "13 Apocalyptic Swords".

He had left the cosmos immediately after acquiring this Temple Protection Absolute Art. That was why he had only genuinely begun comprehending it at the start of his journey. Initially, he thought that with his experience–he had cultivated for a billion years after becoming a Ruler, accumulating much experience and wisdom, coupled with the comprehension ability of which he felt confident of, learning the first sword wasn't something complicated.

But in reality...

"I haven't comprehended it after studying it for about 50 million years." Xue Ying shook his head in helplessness, "Even though I've comprehended the majority half, there are still many perplexities which I could not get through. If only there were an opponent for me to fight with, it might give me greater inspiration and faster comprehension of the profound mysteries in the sword techniques which I discovered."

Even though it was a sword technique, the inherent Dao could be used across different arts! After grasping the first sword, it would be much simpler to adapt it into a spear technique.

"But it is beneficial to my comprehension of the Dao of Slaughter." Xue Ying still liked it a lot. Even though he had not fully comprehended the first sword of the "13 Apocalyptic Swords", it had deepened his understanding of the Dao of Slaughter, making it more incisive and firming his foundation of it.


Just as Xue Ying was traveling and studying the Temple Protection absolute art, suddenly, there was a distortion in the primal chaos void ahead.

"Not good." Xue Ying's expression changed considerably. He tried his best to use the Void Evasive Maneuver to escape, but the surrounding void energy had utterly distorted, preventing him from controlling it at all. At this moment, he was just like a tiny ant amidst the colossal maelstrom. No matter how he struggled, it was futile.

As for flying? The surrounding void energy was being warped, making movement difficult as well.

"It seems that I have met some trouble." Xue Ying was not panicking. Just like how the ocean had tides and whirlpools, the primal chaos void would usually have some unique occurrences. Still, most Voidwalkers were able to survive with their great survival capabilities. Only rarely would they fall into some unforeseen plights.

For instance, being swallowed into a specific sealed void region? That was possible as well.

The surrounding region of primal chaos void which covered the area occupied by a hundred cosmoses was being warped. Everything headed towards the point of collapse–the center. At the core, there was a halo of rainbow light.

"That is?" Xue Ying was also moving with the collapse of the primal chaos void. He was being swept along towards the core.

The closer he got, the clearer his vision became.

At the center...

There were many layers of colorful spatial folds. They seemed to be coming from a different space and had layered upon this location.

"Void Corridor?" Xue Ying could recognize it.

The Void Corridor was formed from different regions in the primal chaos void resonating with each other. It would cause the void to start collapsing and interconnecting with each other. It might even be a wormhole that led to a different far away region.

Some of the stronger cultivators could display a similar resonating technique to a distant location by folding space, traveling to another area just by penetrating through the corridor! They could instantaneously arrive at another sacred world from one sacred world despite the considerable distance in between.

But to achieve this, there were demanding requirements on the combat power and cultivation systems. Even the laws and profound mysteries system or the Ancestor Mother Religion system could not achieve this at the final stages of cultivation!

Every system had their specialties. Only some of the unique cultivation systems could accomplish this at the final stages of cultivation. And it was this scene which appeared in the current primal chaos void.

"I would rather hope for it not to appear." Xue Ying might be stunned, but he felt helpless and uneasy at the same time.

The Void Corridor would bring him directly to the boundary of a sacred world. But at the same time, he might find himself in some predicament! The Void Corridor could even directly send him into a horrifying place.

Everything depended on his luck.

"I hope that my luck isn't that bad." Xue Ying held onto a piece of talisman. Being a golden-robed disciple, he had three pieces of survival talisman. The Great Void Heaven Temple attached great importance to the safety of its golden-robed disciples. When they met certain situations which they could not face, the survival talismans would greatly increase their chances of survival.


The warped and collapsing void swept along the immensely small Xue Ying into the Void Corridor that had rainbow light streaming. Xue Ying only felt the surrounding space being squeezed and pulled continuously. The time flow was also changing randomly. He could see different colors around him, and Xue Ying felt himself being swept along the corridor. He was praying inside: 'I should not be that unlucky. In most cases, I should arrive at some random location. The chances of falling into a predicament should be meager.' He was consoling himself.


Finally, the journey through the distorting and unstable Void Corridor ended.

Xue Ying who was stuck in one of the regions had also regained his bearings within one of the openings in the void folds. The surrounding void gradually recovered its usual appearance, and the originally distorting primal chaos void was slowly regaining its peace and calm.

Xue Ying looked around him with aghast.

It seemed vast and obscure.

The cosmos which he could barely see in one of the directions was no longer there.

"It seems that I am at a different location from before." Xue Ying did not find it puzzling. If the Void Corridor did not bring him away from his original position, that would be a wonder!

"The crucial moment now is to get a sensing of where I am currently!" Xue Ying was contemplating it. Even though he could still deduce the direction where the 'Ancient Sacred World' was, knowing just a single direction was pointless. He had to find a cross reference point, "Fortunately, my teacher Gu Qi left behind an extremely complete 'Void map'. All the different landmarks around the five sacred worlds were marked thoroughly."

"Let's begin."

Xue Ying casually chose a direction. He then proceeded on with his Void Evasive Maneuver.

He had long made his plans when he left his hometown. After all, there the journey would be filled with twists and turns. Everything was fine as long as he survived.


Very soon, Xue Ying discovered that there was a huge land in the distant primal chaos void. His eyes brightened unknowingly: "Primal chaos land?"

The most primitive and oldest Ancient Sacred World had exploded because of a great war. Of its many remnant pieces, some turned into cosmos, and some of the smaller ones turned into primal chaos lands! Naturally, existences at the 'Void Primal Chaos realm' had the power to create a primal chaos land themselves. The primal chaos land sufficed to let living beings reproduce and live within, but its protection towards the beings living inside was much weaker.

The cosmos barred everything beyond the level of Void Gods from entering.

But the primal chaos land did not forbid this.

Most of those who travel around the primal chaos void were Void Gods at least, and it was rarer to see those like Xue Ying or Gu Qian Luo with his Primal Chaos Flying Ship. Void Gods could not enter the cosmos... and thus in the vast primal chaos void, since most could not discern the difference between cosmoses, the cosmos would not have a name made for them.

Instead, the primal chaos land being a place where everyone could enter would usually have a name given for it.

"Let's go and have a look to see what this primal chaos land is called. Once I know its name, I should be able to find where I am and can decide where I will be going next." Xue Ying rapidly descended onto the land. But being vigilant, he had displayed the "3000 Incarnations" technique, forming an incarnation that would move ahead... as for his real body, it was waiting in the dark.



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