Chapter 788: Can't find the True Body
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"You are just a little True God Ruler, yet you dare to say such big words?" The hairy humanoid creature with three eyes boomed, "There is a gap between a True God Ruler and that of a Void God which could not be reached. Even if there were a dozen or more than hundred Rulers, I can easily swallow them all."

The black scale-armored monster was also full of disdain. Even as Xue Ying killed the large group of Ruler void creatures one after another, the three commanders did not feel any threat at all.

Because according to their experience, how could a Ruler ever surpass the realm to combat a Void God? What a joke!

Only those from the most apex of superpowers might possibly groom talents, but these geniuses could be counted with one's fingers. Only then could the Rulers transcend realm and kill Void Gods. But how rare were these talents? Furthermore, they had three Void Gods. Not one but three together... and there was the Great Commander who had cultivated for an extended period–his strength was formidable.

"Big brother?" The hairy three-eyed humanoid creature turned to his Great Commander. That black scale-armored creature turned to the Great Commander as well.

The Great Commander squinted at Xue Ying before giving out his orders: "Move out and Kill him."


"Haha, kill."

After obtaining the permission, both the black scale-armored monster and the humanoid three-eyed creature immediately moved.

One could see the black scale-armored monster release many circular black ripples from the surface of his body. The black corrugation of ripples swept out in all directions. As for the humanoid three-eyed lifeform, he had only released unseen an unseen ripple with his third eye. This ripple swept towards the three incarnations of Xue Ying and out in all directions.

The strangest thing was that their law domains did not interfere with each other.

"Hmph." The three incarnations of Xue Ying hid into the Mirage World. This act significantly reduced the power of the black ripples. As for the unseen ripple, it was some sort of unique soul attack, and the three incarnations were being controlled by Xue Ying remotely. They were mere descents of his consciousness and could not resist the soul attacks.

'I killed those Ruler realm void creatures previously, tempering and perfecting my apocalyptic first sword to a more profound stage. Currently, I can restrict it to just 12 holes. The three Void Gods in front are stronger, and fighting them... will definitely be very helpful in tempering and honing my skills. I must definitely make use of this opportunity to comprehend the apocalyptic first sword.' Xue Ying thought to himself.

He was very clear that trying to kill the three Void Gods without comprehending the apocalyptic first sword was a dream.

Thus, he had to hurry and comprehend it out...

What he currently lacked on the apocalyptic first sword was practical combat experience.

"Hong~" In the Mirage World, one of the black-robed Xue Yings' had teleported directly to where the humanoid three-eyed creature was. Closely following that, the spear in his hand had pierced out. The spear body rotated and rolled outwards. It was akin to an unseen law wheel rolling outwards and crushing everything. The stability of spearhead was slightly difficult to control as it jabbed out towards the enemy with a slight tremble.

The humanoid three-eyed lifeform directly extended his hand. That big hairy hand of his grabbed hold of the body of Xue Ying's spear. "Weng~" The spear body was continually turning and rolling, preventing that big hairy hair from actually grabbing it firmly. The spearhead continued in its trajectory towards piercing right into his body; it stabbed through the thick fur and skin layer, piercing slightly into his body.

"You can injure me? Second Brother, did you not mention that his attacks were weak?" The three-eyed humanoid creature roared out with a booming sound.

A total of 11 small holes had formed continuously on the chest scale armor of the black creature as well. These small holes were rapidly recovering. He was also roaring out, "How would I know? It seems the power of his spear technique has greatly increased. He can actually injure me. But this minor injury isn't much. Let's hurry and kill him."

If one said that the two incarnations had some result from their combat with the Second Commander and the Third Commander...

Then the attack sent towards the Great Commander...

The golden wings of the Great Commander folded close and remained there unmoving. That yellow eyes of his swept over the black-robed Xue Ying who leaped over. At that moment, a 'pa' was heard, and green lightning struck right into the Mirage and falling on the body of the black-robed Xue Ying. No matter how formidable Xue Ying's spear techniques were, he could not parry against this strange green lightning, leading to the immediate death of this incarnation.

But it was only the extermination of a single incarnation. In the blink of an eye, another black-robed Xue Ying appeared in the distant void.

He could create an incarnation with a thought merely by relying on the strength of 'Mirage World' and the "3000 Incarnations" absolute art technique. Because he could not control much of the energy, the degree of strength each incarnation had was slightly weaker. It was on a similar level with the ordinary bodies of weaker Rulers and was far lacking as compared to Xue Ying's true body.


Seeing another incarnation appear, the Great Commander squinted his eyes, "Such a formidable True God Ruler. He had never shown his true body right from the start and had only sent incarnations for battles. Furthermore, the technique which was used to condense the incarnation is extremely profound... ordinary condensation of incarnations uses the energy within one's body to condense. But it seems he had relied on external world energy to form them. That is why we cannot find his true body at all."

Like Void Gods, they could utilize the Void God energy in their bodies to condense an incarnation to battle. The moment the incarnation died, they had to pull out more Void God energy from their body again. In that case, the enemy could definitely rely on the disturbances created by the condensation of incarnation to seek the position where the true body was.

But it was different with Xue Ying. He relied on the Mirage World energy to condense the incarnation. That was why the enemies could not discover his true body.

'Being able to form an incarnation with a single thought, his true body must be hiding somewhere nearby.' The Great Commander thought.

If it was a giant at the Primal Chaos realm, he could condense an incarnation from a further distance forcibly. But the current black-robed Xue Ying was merely a True God Ruler, and being able to condense an incarnation with a thought represented the fact that he must be nearby.

In reality, that was the case. Xue Ying's true body was within the region where the 'Mirage World' was! But the enemies could not find him.

"I must find him. Otherwise, killing more incarnations is useless." The Great Commander was also very frustrated.


The Great Commander displayed his law domain. At the same time, countless black thunderbolts in the vast space around. But those black thunderbolts were not as strong as that single 'green lightning'. Nevertheless, they triumphed in terms of being able to strike across a larger area and were currently sweeping across into the Mirage World.

But after sweeping across the entire place, the Great Commander did not discover any movements at all.

'How can I find him? Where exactly is he hiding at? He must be hiding nearby.' The Great Commander became all the more distressed.

He cultivated in a system unlike the 'hex' of the myriad existences, and neither did he cultivated in the laws and profound mysteries system which had extremely mysterious methods. He also did not cultivate some of the more unique systems like the Voidwalker system. Instead, he cultivated the most straightforward and most direct–devour class system. This system was all about continuously devouring and transforming the energy towards becoming stronger. But they were clearly cruder when battling.

Thus, it was too difficult for him to discover where Xue Ying was hiding!

The Mirage World, the void concealment technique and the concealment talisman a golden-robed disciple had were three formidable techniques he used. Even if Bloodshed God-Emperor who had really mysterious methods came, it was impossible for him to find out where his disciple was.


The enemy could not find Xue Ying, and Xue Ying could completely immerse himself towards comprehending the apocalyptic first sword. He spent the past 50 million years comprehending it and had continuously improved his comprehension time after time when battling. Only through battling could he validate his comprehensions! If he continued burying his head in comprehending it, he might have to spend more than 10 million years before he could gradually succeed. Nonetheless, comprehending and undertaking actual battle would increase the efficiency of learning!

"Big brother, this Ruler is becoming stronger." The humanoid three-eyed creature howled with a boom. He had three very obvious huge holes in his body, "You should hurry up and act."

Xue Ying was able to control his spear to gouge out just three holes at this moment. It was clear that he would soon comprehend the first apocalyptic sword.

Since that's the case, he was not disadvantaged now when facing this Second Commander and Third Commander.

"Killing more incarnations is useless if we can't find his true body." The Great Commander coldly shouted out. Saying that his eyes swept out before forming green lightning that rapidly struck at an incarnation. But this time, Xue Ying had actually used his spear technique to parry against the lightning.

The spear revolved and rolled. It contained a unique profoundness as if it could enter a gap when there was no gap. The spearhead held an extremely frightening Dao of Slaughter profound mystery which actually forcibly tore apart the incoming green lightning. Even though a slight remain swept across the incarnation of Xue Ying, it could no longer exterminate his incarnation anymore.

"His combat power has really increased." The Great Commander was also becoming anxious.

Xue Ying's true body was still pondering over the experience of using the spear to split apart lightning: "The Dao of Slaughter has become more profound, and I shouldn't let it be too widespread..." After reflecting over the outcome of the battle, he was able to tweak his spear technique continuously. He was starting to feel that comprehending the first apocalyptic sword was very very close.



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