Chapter 790: The Battle During the Journey
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After the Great Commander died, a large number of items dropped out from him. It floated in the surrounding. Xue Ying did not have the time to keep the items when a black figure suddenly shot out from one of the Eden treasures before starting to flee. He was the Second Commander that appeared previously, the 'black scale-armored monster'.

"Fleeing?" The white-robed Xue Ying took a step before pursuing after him using the void maneuver. He sent out just a single spear from with a 'pu'. Regardless of the capabilities in traveling through the void or the profoundness of the spear technique, Xue Ying far transcended these devour class void creatures.

"No, no..." The black scale-armored monster let out an unwilling howl. Nevertheless, he still suffered from direct destruction. That savage expression of his also disappeared as he disintegrated and turned into powder. He left behind some treasures too.

The white-robed Xue Ying coldly snorted. He did not even have the slightest of pity towards these void creatures who treated cultivators as food! Actually, from deep within his inner heart, he had quite a good impression towards the void creatures when he first left his hometown because of the Voidwalker primogenitor who was an extraordinary one. Nevertheless, regardless of whether it was the 'Voidwalker Primogenitor' or Xue Ying, they would never be merciful towards creatures like the Great Commander who wantonly devoured others.

Flipping his hand, he kept those treasures. He then refined several of the Eden treasures and storage treasures before looking through them.

'Indeed, all the treasures are carried by them.' Xue Ying thought. Previously when he examined the place, he had once let the Black Gourd treasure spirit probe through the chain of palaces. Nonetheless, he did not discover any outstanding treasures. Clearly, these three commanders did not trust their servants and had always brought with them the important ones.

'Communication treasure?' Xue Ying flipped his hand before bringing out a unique golden talisman. He frowned slightly, 'It is tough to transmit a message through the primal chaos void. The further it is, the more difficult it will be. He should only be able to transmit messages to some of the nearby primal chaos lands. I wonder if I have been exposed or not.'

'My harvest isn't small this time. Look at how many unique treasures there are!.' Xue Ying revealed a joyous look. Strictly speaking, he was slightly 'poorer'. The precious treasures he had with him were all obtained because of his identity as a golden-robed disciple and as a Voidwalker. They were essential, and could not be traded.

Leaving his hometown, he had given almost all that he accumulated in the past to Jing Qiu, Yu'er, and Qing Yao. This time, he earned a big deal after killing the three Void Gods. All sorts of strange playthings, weapons, precious materials, and puppets were obtained. It's a pity that he was unlike his teacher Bloodshed God-Emperor who studied the myriad existences. Thus, these materials could only be used for trading for other items.

'Regardless, the more treasures there are, the better it'll be since I can trade them for materials to help Jing Qiu and the others.' Xue Ying had a smile on his face.


After the time taken to brew a cup of tea passed.

In midair, a large number of cultivators from Chen Tu Great Land gathered. The leading ones were the five Rulers who had been released. There were also a group of Paragons, ordinary powerful existences and a large number of World Deities. They were currently looking with gratitude at the savior of their primal chaos land.

"Senior has saved countless living beings of our entire great land, and yet we do not know how senior is called?" The leading person was a thin black-robed Ruler. He said respectfully and with gratitude.

"I am Dong Bo." Xue Ying chuckled.

"Senior Dong Bo."

These Rulers, Paragons, powerful existences and World Deities all shouted out in a chorus. All of them were respectfully saluting. They did this firstly because of Xue Ying's combat power and secondly, from gratitude.

Xue Ying continued, "It is not the time to relax now. You should all understand that other than killing this batch of void monsters, there are still many others located on other primal chaos lands. If the news here hasn't been leaked, then the Chen Tu Great Land will be quite safe for a period. But the moment it is leaked, you could all possibly encounter danger. I'll protect all of you in the dark for 100,000 years. If no enemies come within 100,000 years, I'll be leaving."

"Many thanks, senior. "These cultivators were all incredibly grateful.

This Senior Dong Bo had saved them not because of friendship since they did not know each other beforehand. For him to be willing to protect the rest for 100,000 years was considered amazing.

"What I can do is only this. In the future, your destiny depends on yourselves." Xue Ying said. Saying that, he took a step before tunneling through the void to reach the highest position of the primal chaos land. He then directly broke apart the obstacle and entered the vast primal chaos void.

Sending Xue Ying off with their eyes, this scene made the original natives feel complex in their hearts.

Before Xue Ying came... they had been living in darkness without seeing any hope at all. All of a sudden, this outstanding Senior Dong Bo who was still a Ruler came from the primal chaos void and killed all including the three Void God void creatures.

"Everyone, we must remember with reverence the huge favor granted by Senior Dong Bo to our Chen Tu Great Land." The thin and wasted away black-robed Ruler said.

"We will always remember."

These cultivators were never able to forget this day.

The legend of Senior Dong Bo had even spread across the entire Chen Tu Great Land. It was to the extent that in the far future, there was an ultra-strong expert who emerged from this Chen Tu Great Land and thus visited Xue Ying as a result. But that was a story for a long time into the future.

Outside the primal chaos great land, Xue Ying sat cross-legged in the primal chaos void. He relied on his senses towards the void to envelop the surrounding primal chaos land.

'According to the location of the void map, it should take about 30,000 years to get from the closest batch of primal chaos land to here.' Xue Ying thought. If there was anyone who rushed over, a protection period of 100,000 years sufficed. After all was said and done, he could not protect this place forever.

He would act according to his heart.

As he maintained alertness on sensing the void, Xue Ying was also cultivating with his eyes closed.

According to the guidance left behind by Forefather Tian Yu, the cultivation of the laws and profound mysteries required comprehending stronger and stronger absolute arts before creating one ultra-strong absolute art! To continuously seeking the pinnacle, one would deepen his understanding of the laws and profound mysteries. Once the cultivator accumulated enough, he would naturally break through.

He had succeeded in cultivating the first sword of "13 Apocalyptic Swords". It had indeed broadened the perspective of Xue Ying, allowing him to reach a deeper stage with his usage of the laws and profound mysteries. Even as he looked at the 21st level array diagram of the "Walker's Hidden Secret", in the past, he could not understand it at all. But now, he could at least understand some points within.

This was actually a gradual upgrade of his realm.

'I understand my limits. I do not dare to create an absolute art using the Dao of Slaughter that is stronger than the apocalyptic first sword.' Xue Ying thought, 'But I can definitely supplement the apocalyptic first sword using the profound mysteries of Dao of Ripple.'

'Mn, let's begin.'

The "Wind Ripple Path" was Xue Ying's self-created absolute art that merged both Dao of Slaughter together with the Dao of Ripple.

The apocalyptic first sword was too profound!

Something perfected could no longer be changed! But using the Dao of Ripple, he could supplement and 'add flowers on the brocade'. Xue Ying felt that this was something he could attempt. But just supplementing it was complicated since a slight error on his part would turn the supplement into 'ruining the effect by adding something superfluous'. Still, Xue Ying was an expert who created the Wind Ripple Path himself. He was experienced in this, and that was why he felt confident to attempt it.


In the blink of an eye, 100,000 years passed.

The white-robed Xue Ying who was staying outside the primal chaos great land protecting the place opened his eyes. He did not discover any invaders at all.

"It is time for me to leave." Xue Ying looked at this enormous primal chaos land behind him before using the void maneuver to leave the place.

He continued traveling for an extended period using the void maneuver.

After about 6,000 years or so, Xue Ying saw another primal chaos great land.

'This should be occupied by the void creatures too.' Xue Ying's eyes were cold, 'These void creatures who devoured and slaughtered countless living beings should all die. Fighting with them is also considered tempering for me.'

"Sou, sou, sou."

At that moment, three black-robed Xue Yings' appeared. Each had a strand of Termination Energy as they leaped towards this primal chaos great land at the same time.

Xue Ying was not foolish. Without having inside information of the enemies, he would only dispatch his incarnations over. If there were some ultra-strong terrifying existence within, he would swiftly escape with his true body that was located in the primal chaos land. Still, according to his guesses, meeting an existence at the level of 'Void God Unity realm' was slightly less probable.



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