"Ah~" The blood-armored four-armed expert let out a painful roar. After the six Dark Bubbles exploded, his four arms were left with only two, and there were many brutal injuries on his body. Half of his head was gone as he stared at the distant Xue Ying. His eye was filled with indignance, though his heart was filled with dismal since he knew he would die in the hands of this white-robed young man.

Xue Ying was traveling through the void in the Mirage. He was doing his best to maintain a distance from the other party.


Xue Ying was startled at how strong the body of the other party was. Nevertheless, he began constructing the Dark Worlds once again–six Dark Worlds descended and wrapped around the enemy.

"Pa pa pa…"

The worlds rapidly shrank, and six Dark Bubbles exploded after that. It might seem fun, but in reality, it contained a frightening power.

'"Dark World"–this absolute art is indeed powerful. The enemy can't get close to me before dying.' Xue Ying sighed inwardly, 'But its flaw is obvious too. The moment an enemy gets close to me, things will become troublesome. Both the first style 'Dark Bubble' and second style 'Sky Punishment Edge' are both specialized in long-range battles.'

'That Dark World Master should likely have died due to his weakness in close combat.' Xue Ying made his guesses.

The Dark World Master definitely wanted to cover up this weakness of his.

He was trying to make his body stronger so that his close combat prowess would be more formidable! But ultimately, if he weren't specialized in certain aspects of cultivation, he would not be even if he cultivated for an extended period in them! Being an 'Ancient Cultivator', the Dark World Master had a heaven-shaking talent in the illusory realm. But he did not specialize in other aspects. Even if he wanted to reach large successes in other systems, it would not be easy for him.

'I've been doing my best to cultivate in both the Dao of Slaughter and Dao of Ripple, I do not lack effort in cultivating the Voidwalker system too.' Xue Ying thought.

Even though his talent in both Dao of Slaughter and Dao of Ripple were weaker than his talent in Dao of Mirage—both had not reached the Unity realm, and he had yet to grasp the Apocalyptic Fourth Sword–it was fine.

He had perceived the Apocalyptic Second Sword at the Ruler realm still!

'I must focus on improving my close combat skills–the Voidwalker system can strengthen me physically and boost my survival skills too. I would then have covered up the greatest weakness of "Dark World".' Xue Ying thought, 'By then, I would have many different techniques which would make me so much stronger than now.'

Even though he was thinking of these, Xue Ying was still continuously unleashing the six Dark Worlds, infuriating the blood-armored enemy. Despite that, the enemy could only remain sullen as he could not touch Xue Ying at all; Xue Ying was attacking him from afar.

The injuries on the blood-armored creature were getting heavier and heavier.

When 60 consecutive Dark Worlds were constructed and exploded on the enemy, Xue Ying was able to finally exterminate him. The remnant blood light soon fused back into the land.

"I've finally won." Xue Ying let out a breath.

The enemy could not reach him at all.

He had squandered the enemy to death using his Dark Bubbles! The enemy had a strong physical body and horrifying speed which would definitely give Xue Ying great pressure if he were to engage in close combat with him.


At the fifth level of Star Pagoda, in the distant region of thunder, a figure suddenly appeared. He was none other than the hunchbacked 'Forefather Tian Yu'.

"Forefather." Xue Ying was still recollecting the previous battle when he saw Forefather Tian Yu appearing from afar. He immediately went over to greet him respectfully.

"Dong Bo Xue Ying." Forefather Tian Yu nodded. Watching the scene of how Xue Ying reacted to the assassination, he long understood that this brat had would certainly be able to get through the fifth level of Star Pagoda.

"It has long been circulating around within the inner section of the Great Void Heaven Temple, that those who got through the fifth level of Star Pagoda will be able to know a huge secret." Forefather Tian Yu laughed.

"Yes." Xue Ying replied, "Whenever I am with the other Inner Hall Elders, they would occasionally mention about this matter, yet they would stop talking about it immediately because of my presence."

"This is the rule. Not just in my Great Void Heaven Temple, the Primogenitor Island or the Jade Light Sacred Territory, as long as it is within the Seven Star Oceanic Sacred World or in the Eastern Unicorn Sacred World—in all six great holy grounds, every expert had to get through the fifth level of Star Pagoda to know this secret." Forefather Tian Yu said.

Xue Ying nodded.

"But prior to mentioning this matter to you..."

"I still have to talk about the primitive Ancient Sacred World first." Forefather Tian Yu's eyes were faintly discernible. He began explaining slowly, "A very long time ago, at that time when the Ancient Sacred World was still one whole, the laws on the primitive Ancient Sacred World were much stronger than that on any of the current sacred worlds. It had a stronger suppression on everyone's combat power. But nevertheless, countless beings were reproducing and cultivating."

Xue Ying sighed. Stronger laws and suppression than the current five great sacred worlds?

"The primitive Ancient Sacred World gave birth to many experts, and many had eventually reached the final realm."

"Usually, Cosmos Gods battling each other will affect a region of over 50 million kilometers, but it wasn't much as compared to the size of the primitive Ancient Sacred World." Forefather Tian Yu said, "That time, the group of Cosmos Gods did not care about this at all. But over time as more and more final realm existences emerged, the current ones became stronger as well, and the affected region of their battles became bigger."

Xue Ying was quietly listening. He knew that there were strong and weak even amongst final realm existences.

The weaker ones included those like Ancestor Bone who was practically cushioning the floor.

And the middle leveled ones included Forefather Tian Yu, Swordmaster and Void Primogenitor. Luo City Lord was also approximately at this level.

The high leveled ones included the unparalleled Sacred Master, Ancestor Mother as well as Ancestor Sorcerer.

"That final battle was too overpowering that even the laws of the primitive Ancient Sacred World could not suppress it. Peng! The primitive Ancient Sacred World shattered as a result." Forefather Tian Yu shook his head, "That was a catastrophe which was unprecedented. That time, the final realm existences who participated in the battle did not know that their battle would cause the primitive Ancient Sacred World to break apart. Thus, they were not prepared for it at all."

"This eventually led to countless living beings dying from the destruction. Only those who were strong could survive."

"That time, I was still at the Primal Chaos realm. I only had the time to save several beings surrounding me. To the countless beings on the primitive Ancient Sacred World, it was like a drop in the ocean." Forefather Tian Yu sighed.

Xue Ying could not help but feel a chill.

Almost all the living beings on the primitive Ancient Sacred World had been exterminated? That was so much more living beings than a single cosmos. This was indeed an unprecedented calamity.

"The shatter of the primitive Ancient Sacred World caused the primal chaos void to expand in all directions. Even now, it is still expanding." Forefather Tian Yu said, "The region of the primal chaos void is becoming bigger at all times."

"Dong Bo Xue Ying, have you wondered what the eventual outcome is if the primal chaos void continuously become bigger and bigger?" Forefather Tian Yu asked.

Xue Ying was stunned.

A bubble would eventually pop if it continuously became bigger.

A cosmos, if it grew bigger and bigger, would also have the same issue.

"We do not know what the outcome would be because we haven't seen it yet." Forefather Tian Yu said, "But we can sense that it isn't something good."


"After the shatter of the primitive Ancient Sacred World, a group of unique living beings has emerged from the boundary of the primal chaos void." Forefather Tian Yu said, "They existed for the sake of destruction. We call them the 'Destruction Devils'."

"They exist for the sake of destruction?" Xue Ying felt puzzled, "They only appeared after the shatter of the primitive Ancient Sacred World?"

Forefather Tian Yu nodded: "Right. Their aura completely overthrows us ordinary living beings. They did not seem to have any other desires than to destroy! To slaughter everything. We even suspect that after the shatter of the primitive Ancient Sacred World, the operating laws have naturally formed this living being which could be there to destroy us, or to reduce the pressure on the operating laws. It could also be there to let the boundless primal chaos void return back to nothingness."

"These are all conjectures."

"Even if the primal chaos void is to return to nothingness and that a new primitive Ancient Sacred World can be formed, this is unrelated to us."

"Hence, we can't be judged to death just like this." Forefather Tian Yu said, "At the end of the void, there are also a few final realm existences protecting the place. There is also a large batch of primal chaos realm existences and Unity realm existences proceeding ahead for the sake of killing these Destruction Devil Race."

"The enemies you meet in the Star Pagoda are of the Destruction Devil Race. Naturally, we have refined them to become puppet beings." Forefather Tian Yu explained, "From the first level to the ninth level, they are all of the Destruction Devil Race. There might even be those of the Destruction Devil Race with power outstripping the ninth level, and also comparable to Cosmos God existences."

Xue Ying was speechless.

There were actually existences comparable to Cosmos Gods. No wonder part of the final realm existences had to be stationed at the boundary! If they did not defend well, then the five great sacred worlds in the primal chaos void could be completely exterminated.

"This is the price."

"The price of the war in the past!" Forefather Tian Yu sneered, "But it's a pity that Sacred Master and Ancestor Mother are too selfish! The two have never been to the boundary of the void to battle before. They aren't even willing to send their subordinates there. In the end, it is only the other three great sacred worlds who are actively resisting the Destruction Devils. The Sacred Master, he has forgotten… that the battle in the past has been started by him!"

Xue Ying was shocked. Sacred Master and Ancestor Mother were not willing to act against the Destruction Devil Race which emerged at the boundary of the void?



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