A mark glowing with green light surfaced on the soul of black-robed cow-headed expert present within his body. This caused a knot to surface within Xue Ying's heart: 'Follower of the Ancestor Mother? The first person I inspected after coming to the Nine Cloud Great Land is actually a follower of the Ancestor Mother Religion?' According to the information he collected previously, the natives of the Nine Cloud Great Land were the stronger power present here, while the two great religions and three great sacred worlds had merely influenced a small section of the place. After all, the experts they sent over were too few.


In the eyes of the surrounding people, after Xue Ying bombarded the black-robed cow-headed expert with his sword, he had followed suit with sending out arc after arc of sword lights. They flew through the sky, enveloping black-robed cow-headed expert before directly turning him into pieces, causing him to die right there and then!


"He indeed is extremely powerful." The three peak masters, two elders, and other disciples from the Sky Sword Mountain watched in excitement as emotions filled their hearts. The one who died was the vice-master of Blaze Valley, who was the Blazing Valley's second strongest person. Despite that, he had been instantly suppressed and killed.

"Many thanks, senior for saving us."

"Many thanks, senior."

All of them were filled with gratitude as they thanked Xue Ying Their despair had abruptly been reversed, causing them to feel extremely grateful to Xue Ying. What's more, they could discern that this mysterious expert was standing on their side.

Xue Ying nodded, before waving his hand to collect the treasures left behind by the black-robed cow-headed expert. He thought: 'This is the one ranked second in terms of strength within Blaze Valley, and is even a follower of the Ancestor Mother Religion. If that's the case, then their strongest person, their Valley Master might very well be one too.'

According to his understanding, there were two types of situations as to how religions spread their beliefs.

The first was when they had the absolute superiority in strength in an area they occupy. They would preach religion without any restraint, with even the weaker Transcendents being forced to believe in the Sacred Master (or Ancestor Mother).

The second scenario would be when the religion did not hold superiority in strength and thus did not dare to act in such an open fashion. Otherwise, it would be easy for the followers of the religion ranking from the weaker Transcendents to the stronger Void Gods of a sect to be revealed. The moment they were revealed, the three great sacred worlds would certainly send experts over to exterminate the entire sect. Thus, during the circumstance when they did not hold absolute superiority in power… they would generally be careful in concealing their traces. For instance, they would let the higher-up of a certain sect become a follower! Although there would be fewer higher-ups, they would have the greatest influence.

The vice-valley master was a follower!

The valley master would possibly be one too!

"Senior, my Sky Sword Mountain is suffering from a huge calamity, while our Sect Master being in a perilous state. Would it be possible for senior could help our sect master out?" One of the peak masters requested towards Xue Ying for help, with the others following suit. As someone who could defeat the Blaze Valley vice-master with such ease, his strength should likely be on the same level as the sect master and the Blaze Valley Master. Even if he were weaker than the Valley Master, it would not be by much.

Although the vice-valley master was killed, the Blaze Valley Master was still the strongest. If he did not die, the Sky Sword Mountain possibly exterminated in the future.

"Blaze Valley Valley Master? I've heard that he is very strong." Xue Ying revealed a hesitant look before saying, "Go, let us have a look first."


"Quick quick quick."

Those present did not dare to hold any hopes for this mysterious expert would accept their requests. It was already pretty good for him to take a look.

Very quickly.

Xue Ying and the others traveled through the sky, arriving at the area of Sky Sword Mountain where the most intense battle was taking place. In the distant sky, Sky Sword Mountain Sect Master was currently engaged in a life and death battle with Blaze Valley Master.

Even though they flew over, Xue Ying was, in fact, using his Mirage illusory techniques to casually deal with the two Unity experts from the Blaze Valley closest to him. During the moment the other parties fell into the illusory realm, Xue Ying began permeating through their souls using the secret technique.

'They aren't followers.' only after affirming that the other parties were not followers did he let them exit their illusory realm, allowing those two Unity realm experts to feel panic upon releasing m j.

"Not good."

"The sect master is in danger." During the moment when Xue Ying was secretly inspecting the other two parties stealthily, the three peak masters beside him were anxiously watching the battle happening afar. They could determine that their sect master was in a dire situation!

"Uncle Teacher has died?" The Blaze Valley Master who was engaged in battle had the appearance of red-haired big and tall young man, with his body entire body clad in flames. He swept his gaze across Xue Ying, "Is it this silver-masked male who killed Uncle Teacher? Nonetheless, there is no need for me to provoke this mysterious expert. At this moment, should focus my entire strength to get rid of Old Ghost Sky Sword first!"

"Hong~ Hong~" clad in flames, theBlaze Valley Master appeared just like a miniature Sun Star, his every action brimming with terrifying power.

Sky Sword Mountain Sect Master was a black-robed middle-aged male. With much more experience in combat under his belt, he would not care about Blaze Valley Master in normal circumstances. However, …

"Ah." Sky Sword Mountain Sect Master could sense a few silvery silk strands tunneling into his soul. Those strands were continuously 'tunneling' in, causing his soul to feel intense pain. Furthermore, he would have several fainting spells from time to time, preventing the sect master from being able to fight with his full strength, as he would require a considerable amount of focus when using his most profound moves.

He had become completely defensive, and would only occasionally launch an attack.

The situation was still alright at the beginning. However, after fighting for a while… the 'Silver Silk Soul-Leading Poison' was permeating deeper and deeper into his soul, causing the frequency of fainting spells to increase.

"Sect master, there is a silver-masked white-haired white-robed expert that has appeared. He has defeated that fool of a cow from the Blaze Valley with a single move, before proceeding to kill him." The Sky Sword Mountain Sect Master was extremely excited when he received this piece of news. Due to the continuously intensifying poison, he felt that it was hard for him to escape this time, with the possibility of the entire Sky Sword Mountain Sect being completely exterminated.

However, hope has appeared.

"It's him?" Sky Sword Mountain Sect Master noticed a white-robed white-haired male standing in mid-air far away with three of his own sect peak masters.

"Ask him to take action. You all must hurry and ask him for help, regardless of the price." Sky Sword Mountain Sect Master sent a voice transmission over.


Xue Ying stood there, listening three peak masters urging him for help. He frowned before shaking his head: "This Blaze Valley Master is quite powerful. Furthermore, watch him fight will enable me to better understand his techniques ."

"We can't wait any longer. Our sect master is unable to hold on any further." The three peak masters were very anxious. They knew of the idiom 'know thy enemies and you would win a hundred wars'. By observing the techniques of the Blaze Valley Master, the mysterious expert would have a greater chance of triumphing over the other party. However, no one would be able to guarantee that their sect master would survive until then!

The Sky Sword Mountain Sect Master in the distant was also extremely anxious.

He could not help but feel dizzy time after time, with him struggling to release sword lights from his body to parry against the claws from the Blaze Valley Master! That claw caused many sword lights to dissipate, while Sky Sword Mountain Sect Master felt his chest being torn off. Nonetheless, he was still able to keep his life.

"I'm simply unable to suppress this soul poison while fighting with my full strength." Sky Sword Mountain Sect Master felt the silver silk tunneling in deeper within his soul.

"Father, father, I've heard that a white-robed white-haired expert with a silver mask had killed the Blaze Valley Vice-Master? This expert is the one who saved me previously. I feel that the only thing we can do is to bring out treasures if we want his help! He has a weakness… and that is he is slightly greedy. Previously, he dealt with the three elders of the Blaze Valley and let them off, yet he snatched away the treasures from the three of them, even their robes and weapons." His daughter Yi Zi transmitted over.

This made Sky Sword Mountain Sect Master feel a chill down his spine.


That was good! He was only afraid the other party was not greedy!

"This friend, so it was you had previously saved my daughter and even saved these peak masters. Today, my Sky Sword Mountain is facing a calamity and I still request for you to help. When the matter ends, I am willing to give you treasures as thanks. The worth of the treasures is not any less than 80 Origin World Rocks." Sky Sword Mountain Sect Master announced loudly.

In the distant, Xue Ying who was originally hesitating immediately replied: "If that's the case then, I'll risk my life!"



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