Vermillion Nightmare was a mutated beast from the primitive Ancient Sacred World. It was fiery red in color and had the shape of a bird. It ruled the void. With every flap of its wings, it would release an aura that could easily cause those weaker ones to sink into endless dreams. Every time it rested at a particular location, all beings inside a vast region around it would enter the illusory realm. If it were in a good mood, those who fell into the illusory realm would be let out. But those who were unfortunate might have their souls trapped in endless illusory realms without being able to get out of it.

'This inheritance releases an illusory realm that affects a huge region.' Xue Ying thought, 'And similarly, this is also the inheritance that has the greatest nourishment to my soul.'

One's soul must be strong enough for the illusory realm to affect a considerable region!

Xue Ying did not pursue after the degree of the mysteriousness of the illusory realm, and neither did he seek after the augmentation it would bring to his physical body. He was only chasing after a single aspect–to make his soul as strong as possible! The stronger his soul, the more helpful it would be to his cultivation. For instance, Xue Ying could unleash three Sky Punishment Edges currently during battles. If his soul were stronger, he might be able to send more Sky Punishment Edges at the enemies. This would drastically improve his strength.

The weaker ones would seek to improve 'observable' combat strength.

Xue Ying was more mindful of how much support this inheritance could bring to him holistically.


In the following periods, Xue Ying began collecting some helpful resources using the Seven Star Oceanic Pavilion. They were resources required for Xue Ying to cultivate the 'Vermillion Nightmare inheritance' to the Unity realm. He spent a total of 900 Origin World Rocks. It was no wonder ancient cultivators paid huge importance on resources since they without sufficient resources, it was impossible for them to break through despite comprehending the technique.

Within the rear mountain of the Green Peng Sect inside the cultivation room of the Daoist Elder's cavern-dwelling.

Xue Ying was currently cultivating here. It was not appropriate for him to cultivate in his hometown cosmos. Furthermore, if he were to cultivate next to his wife, he would be distracted and overly concerned for her. Why not just remain in the Myriad Ancient Sacred World and wait for news from his wife? His wife had a communication treasure with her that could be used to transmit messages to him–Xue Ying had killed quite a few experts, so he had collected many communication treasures.

A red aura covered the surface of Xue Ying's body.

There was currently a bird that was covered entirely in fiery red feathers appearing faintly behind him. It was presently spreading its wings. This was none other than the totemic image of the 'Vermillion Nightmare'.

'I've reached the True God Ruler level in my ancient cultivation.' Xue Ying opened his eyes in delight. The bird with fiery red feathers behind him fused swiftly into his body, 'My cultivation speed is quite good–I was able to reach True God Ruler in ten years. Things will only be more troublesome from now on.'

The Vermillion Nightmare inheritance might still be at a low level…

But Xue Ying could feel his soul strengthening by 10%. He believed that cultivating in this technique from now on would result in a more visible improvement of his soul.

"Chi chi chi~" Xue Ying relaxed his right hand. A large amount of powder fell from his right hand: 'This is really nourishing my body by consuming rare materials from the world.'

Why would the talents of ancient cultivation become so heaven-shaking as one cultivated further? It was due to the absorption of the precious and rare materials from the outside world.

"Xue Ying, when are you coming back?" Suddenly, a voice message came from the communication talisman.

Xue Ying abruptly quivered: "I'll come back right at this instance!"


In his hometown cosmos, within the Black Fog Sea, Monarch Dong Bo residence.

In the palace hall.

Jing Qiu who was garbed in a dark-blue robe stood up. Even though multiple comprehensions towards the Dao were still appearing with every single thought, she no longer had the mood to continue cultivating. The current Jing Qiu was able to see the most fundamental operating law of the world. She understood what this meant.

'I can transcend now.' Jing Qiu understood this point.


That was too difficult.

Her father Monarch Mo Xue eventually failed and died. For herself, Jing Qiu had experienced a reincarnation before. With the help of her husband, Xue Ying, she was still previously stuck at a bottleneck. In the end, it was because her husband weathered all sorts of danger by entering the primal chaos void to procure extremely precious materials for her that she was able to finally break through. Just as her husband had mentioned, she could cultivate for 300 million years in total under this miraculous state.

Eventually, Jing Qiu had broken through in just eight million years.

"Transcend, eternity." Jing Qiu walked to the front of the hall doors. The hall doors automatically opened by itself.

Jing Qiu looked at the entire monarch residence. She observed the grass before taking out the communication talisman and transmitted: "Xue Ying, when are you coming back?"

It was almost a blink of an eye when the distant starry sky distorted and a figure appeared out of it. It was Xue Ying.

"Jing Qiu." Xue Ying hurriedly walked out. She carefully looked at his wife.

"I've finally grasped the law of the world." Jing Qiu merely said a single sentence before softly embracing Xue Ying. Her head lay on his chest.

She felt herself trembling from her current emotion.

She could not feel calm.

All sorts of emotions began swelling within her… transcending eternity. That was what all cultivators sought because it represented their life! Even Cosmos Gods had sought ways to find treasures that would allow their loved ones and close friends to transcend. Such treasures were usually priceless and were more precious than the life of Primal Chaos giants.

"Father." Jing Qiu muttered.

She cultivated so many times only to face despair all the time.

It was the same as her father. But now, she had finally achieved it, yet her father was no longer around.

Time passed…

The distant Qing Yao and Dong Bo Yu saw the scene of their parents nestled against each other and did not come disturbing them.

Only after a long period did Jing Qiu recover her state of mind. She let go of Xue Ying.

"Still feeling alright?" Xue Ying chuckled as he looked at his wife. At this moment, he felt the color of the world around him becoming more vibrant. Even the starry sky became beautiful.

"Mn." Jing Qiu answered, "I haven't jump out from the River of Time."

Saying that, she looked to the side.


A vast River of Time appeared in the air in front hidden beneath the ordinary world. There were many living beings currently within the River of Time, and even more situated deep within.

Currently, there was a huge female figure amidst the many beings. This was also the most significant being within this section of the River of Time. That was none other than Jing Qiu with an exact same appearance.

"Come out." Jing Qiu thought.

Under the aid of the law of the world, that colossal woman figure flew out. Even though the river water from the River of Time tried pulling her back, it was unable to hold her at all. With a splash, that figure, Jing Qiu, flew out of it and fused into Jing Qiu's actual body.

From now on, she had genuinely transcended beyond the River of Time. It could no longer restrict her. She had transcended and attained eternity.

Xue Ying looked from the side at this scene. There was a grin appearing on his face without him knowing it. This was the scene he had always dreamt of. During the time when his parents, little brother, Uncle Zong and Uncle Tong left the world, he understood that he could not tolerate the scene of his wife and children leaving him forever. What was the meaning of living if that happened? Life was too lonely. His daughter Qing Yao had long transcended. And he had already entered the primal chaos void by then.

But his luck was good. Xue Ying did not lose his life in the primal chaos void. He was able to even reach Great Void Heaven Temple at an early period, cultivating all the way until now, thus allowing him to achieve what he had currently.

At this moment.

Xue Ying felt much more satisfied than ever becoming a Cosmos God. Because no matter what, he would have his true love accompanying him in the future.

"Xue Ying, I haven't asked you before, but what is the value of that Scarlet Cloud Pomegranate Core which I ate?" Jing Qiu turned around and asked. She was quite sure that the price was extraordinary. But now that she had transcended, she wanted to ask him about it.

"You make a guess." Xue Ying chuckled.

"It must definitely be exorbitant."

"Not more than what you are to me."



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