Within Cang Lang Mountain Range inside the hidden palace where Monarch Qi Hu lived.

Many of the servants were gradually regaining their consciousness. Some of them were lying on the ground, and some were leaning against the walls. When they woke up, they were so frightened that they got up immediately! Because the rules within the palace were strict, and they were actually lying on the ground sleeping. According to the rules of the palace, such acts were punishable by death. They were all feeling horrified and uneasy.

"The palace arrays are gone!"

"All the arrays are gone."

The attendants and servants soon discovered the changes.

The powerful arrays which were originally present across the palace had suddenly disappeared. Even the protective array located in the outer perimeter of the palace disappeared too.

"What is happening? Why did all the arrays disappear? I am responsible for controlling the monitoring array, but the array plate has disappeared." Many servants felt weird. They were even discussing between themselves softly.

"Previously, I suddenly fell into deep sleep. When I wake up, I saw quite a few others were sleeping too."

"You slept too? I did as well."

As they continued conversing through voice transmissions, they discovered startingly that not too long ago, all of them had actually entered into a deep sleep. It was primarily because their realms were too low that they could not recall what happened after entering the illusory realm.

Suddenly, a voice reverberated across the entire palace.

"The master of this palace 'Monarch Qi Hu' has died. You are all free from now on." A cold voice echoed across the hall, causing the servants to first stare blankly before turning into joy. They were clear that if their master was still alive, it was impossible for him to not react to this mysterious, powerful voice reverberating across the entire palace.

"We are free?"

The guards located at the outer perimeters started trying to fly further from the palace. In the past, they could not escape due to the presence of the arrays.

But now, they were not hindered at all as they flew out.


"We are free to leave. We can leave now!"

"Finally, we are finally free."

All the servants and attendants within the palace were feeling the incomparable excitement. Some had even knelt down and bawled out loud. Because ever since they were captured here, the past few million years were a nightmare to them! Ever since they were caught over, they had to serve Monarch Qi Hu cautiously and solemnly. Monarch Qi Hu had always been living in seclusion and did not go out to kill and devour others. Thus, the moment he could not endure the itchiness of his mouth, he would simply swallow a servant!

Their days were spent in darkness. They could not see any hope–they only saw as their comrades were occasionally devoured…

Monarch Qi Hu's horrifying strength deterred these servants from having any thoughts of rebelling. They could only endure in agony, hoping that the next unlucky person to be eaten would not be him. After all, Monarch Qi Hu required a large batch of subordinates serving him, and it was impossible for him to devour everyone.

"Many thanks, senior."

"Many thanks, senior for saving us."

Many of the servants could not help but shout out.

"This favor is something I will remember for eternity." Some had even resolved to escape as far as possible. They were afraid of being captured once again.


Above the cloud layer in the distance.

Xue Ying glanced at that palace. He saw how many servants and attendants were flying away in all directions and could not help but chuckle. The feeling of saving others was quite lovely.

My Heart as the World…

Many ancient and powerful cultivators had reached this heart realm. They called it 'My Heart as the World' too, though they comprehended different kinds of heart realm.

For instance, the 'Sacred Master', My Heart as the World. He treated all lives as dogs. Many beings were subservient to him and were willing to die for him. His gaze… was considered as the greatest glory to these subordinates. Even Primal Chaos giants and Cosmos Gods had to be subservient to him–a subservience from the core of their souls!

Or 'Ancestor Sorcerer', My Heart as the World. His world heart transcended everything, and he controlled the operation of the primitive Ancient Sacred World and the operation of the primal chaos void. He sought to exceed the myriad existences, and on this path of his, everything was his tool. That was why he dissected and researched the myriad existences. Everything he could use would be used, and in the end, he stepped on a Dao path belonging to him alone.

As for Forefather Tian Yu, Jade Light Master, Void Primogenitor, and others, their hearts were compassionate. The Voidwalker lineage system that Void Primogenitor imparted down had an even harsher requirement on the cultivator's personality.

Xue Ying was similar!

Strictly speaking, of the five great sacred worlds, the Ancient Sacred World and Ancestor Mother World belonged to the two great religions. The Sacred Master and Ancestor Mother were quite similar. Only Sacred Master was much stronger. The Myriad Ancient Sacred World's World Ancestor and Ancestor Sorcerer were quite similar–they only cared about themselves. They would passively look on as others die. And the Seven Star Oceanic Sacred World and Eastern Unicorn Sacred World paid attention to the lives of countless weaker beings. They would try their best to protect the weak and feeble, allowing them to grow. Those who dared to slaughter wantonly would be killed by their experts!

Thus, Luo City Lord also stood on the side of these two sacred worlds. He painstakingly refined six Star Pagodas and gave them to the six great holy grounds.

Naturally, 'Ancestor Bone' did not have this compassionate heart.

The heart personality of Ancestor Bone was slightly more special in the Seven Star Oceanic Sacred World and Eastern Unicorn Sacred World. Naturally, he suffered from ostracization. Ancestor Bone was not really too willing to rely on the Eastern Unicorn Sacred World, but it's a pity that he was too weak. He was even ranked at the bottom amongst the third level of final realm existences. World Ancestor and Ancestor Sorcerer from the Myriad Ancient Sacred World truly disdained him. It was only Luo City Lord who was willing to accept him as a form of respect to 'Yuan', allowing him to stay within the Eastern Unicorn Sacred World.


On the beach, Xue Ying was seated cross-legged there. He was currently holding on to a stone mirror.

'This stone mirror is actually so mysterious.'

Xue Ying had not thought that he would be able to reap such a massive harvest after eliminating Monarch Qi Hu. This seemed to be a piece of mirror ground from ancient stone. Furthermore, the reflection of human on it was very fuzzy. Nevertheless, its mysteriousness had frightened Xue Ying the moment he held it. He had even left Cang Lang Mountain Range to a beach far away to start inspecting this item thoroughly.

On the stone mirror, many dense, colorful patterns appeared. To the left, the designs had formed the shape of a bright flower. To the right, the designs had formed a war flag. Closely following that, both these pictures gradually intermixed at the center of the stone mirror surface… forming a wicked black flower.

'This is truly mysterious.'

Xue Ying lowered his head. The more he scrutinized the object, the more he got engrossed into it.

That colorful flower… after being evolved by many times according to his current realm of "Vermillion Nightmare Inheritance" eventually formed a composition that was entirely at the profound level of Primal Chaos realm.

That war flag… when it was evolved according to his understanding of the "Imperial Dragon inheritance" had similarly reached the Primal Chaos level. This process of deduction was actually a gradual one. It enabled him to have a better understanding.

And at the center when the two intermixed…

It was the fusion of two ancient cultivation inheritances, fusing two different inheritances into one entity that was stronger!

'I've cultivated these two ancient cultivation inheritances. It was able to guide me along cultivating these two inheritances and to fuse them perfectly as well?' Xue Ying felt startled and stunned, 'If Black Emperor cultivated the four inheritances of his, wouldn't it be that this mirror could deduce all four inheritances and aid in the fusion of them?'

'But it seems to only guide ancient cultivation techniques.'

Xue Ying discovered that.

He had currently cultivated three huge systems! The laws and profound mysteries system, the Voidwalker system and the ancient cultivation system. And this mysterious stone mirror only guided and deduced techniques in the ancient cultivation system.

'Fortunately, I chose two ancient cultivation inheritances that are currently targeted at the Dao of Mirage and Dao of Slaughter. My gradual understanding of these two ancient cultivation techniques would also support in my understanding of both Daos.' Xue Ying was an expert close to the seventh level Star Pagoda strength, and he already had a slightly clear knowledge of what the Primal Chaos realm encompassed.

Currently, with the stone mirror gradually guiding him deeper…

It was like a street lamp lighting up the path.

'With this huge support, my journey towards the Primal Chaos realm will be much simpler.' Xue Ying revealed a grin. Naturally, it was only on the Dao of Mirage. He had not even touched the boundary of Primal Chaos realm on the Dao of Slaughter. Even if he saw how the stone mirror guided him, Xue Ying would still have to spend a long time studying it.

The stone mirror might be mysterious, but it was only guiding the cultivator. If the cultivator did not have a broad foundation, it was impossible for him to breakthrough too.

'Even guiding me is a miraculous effect already.'

'There are even some incomplete ancient cultivation techniques that I deduce using the guidance from the stone mirror, allowing me to create entirely new techniques.' Xue Ying thought, 'Why did I never hear before such a mysterious treasure? And why is it not as famous?'



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