"All right."
Luo Feng said no more. He transformed into a beam of light as he continued flying at high speed; then, after taking a bend, he stopped before a huge, exquisite door. The colors on the door were an intertwining mix of gold and cyan. Its entirety annotated royalty. Thus, countless living souls would have considered it to be in a superior position far removed from the masses. They were full of apprehension and did not dare enter.
Luo Feng and Deer Bug Master's willpower were extremely determined, as they pushed the door open almost at the same time.
Hong! Long!
The big door opened.
"Control room!"
Upon pushing open the door, they set foot inside a towering and spacious hall that was very beautiful. Within the hall, there were various decorative items on display; there were also some ornaments hung on the walls.
The moment Luo Feng entered, he did not hesitate to release a large amount of godly power from his body. He charged about crazily in a random and haphazard manner and scoured all corners of the vast hall with his eyes flashing traces of insanity. It was as though he was thinking, I Luo Feng may not recognize which is the core control, but it is safe within the Boat of Mausoleum, and there are no traces of destruction from the external environment, so I could try to brand the treasures I found with my life imprints and get everything instantly verified once!
"I don't even need to know which the core control is because I will try to get all of the items here to recognize their master."
Luo Feng looked towards Deer Bug Master, who was a short distance away.
The moment Deer Bug Master entered the hall, he went around looking for the core control. When he saw how Luo Feng suddenly scattered his godly power without inhibitions, he could not help exclaiming, "Milky Way Horde Leader, what are you doing scattering your godly power in such an unrestrained manner?"
"What do you think I am doing?" Luo Feng laughed and asked. "I am not as experienced as you, Deer Bug Master, so I can only use such a silly method."
"This is Boat of Mausoleum we are talking about; do you think branding it with life imprints is the way to get it to recognize its master? You think it is so simple?" Deer Bug Master teased and laughed. "Haha! I did not tell you before: To get it to recognize its master, its core control is the real method!"
Luo Feng's face changed slightly.
Yes, that's it.
The way of getting supreme true treasures to recognize their masters was complicated, which meant that getting the core control of Boat of Mausoleum to recognize its master would also be quite complicated.
"Do you know why I rallied you?" Deer Bug Master teased. "Other than the two reasons I mentioned previously, the third one would be… those guys from the first reincarnation era have seen more and were more experienced. Maybe among them, there will be someone who knows the way to get the core control to recognize its master. They are my greatest enemies! Come on, if you have the capability to find the way to get the core control to recognize its master, I will not interfere at all."
While he spoke, Deer Bug Master was, on the other hand, probing around as quickly as he could.
"Indeed, you have a hidden hand," Luo Feng whispered to himself. Everything was as he had expected. "Since it is so difficult to find, then..."
Luo Feng made a swift decision. The majority of his attention was placed on Deer Bug Master, carefully observing his various reactions like his expressions to help Luo Feng decide on his target.
Deer Bug Master's expression was one of jest as he searched around for that core control in a leisure manner. Very soon, everything within that control room of the vast hall was searched. This caused Deer Bug Master's expression to change slightly. Again, he searched through every object in that entire hall—more meticulously this time—and his expression changed drastically.
"How is this possible?" he said. "How can there be nothing at all? The core control, how can it not be in the control room? No way!"
Deer Bug Master glowered with rage. It seemed as though the various plans that he had made had all fallen through, and he found it unbearable.
After all, the worth of the Boat of Mausoleum was close to that of a supreme true treasure.
Solely the fact that it was indestructible had made it second only to a palace supreme true treasure. Plus, it could enter the tomb. Even Deer Bug Master only had one treasure that was more superior than the Boat of Mausoleum after countless years: his Deer Bug Godly Armor. Seeing how close he was to seizing the Boat of Mausoleum, only to see it slip through his fingers… How can he take it lying down?
"Deer Bug Master, I'm afraid you may have miscalculated." Luo Feng laughed, then said gently, "This core control may not be in the control room."
"What do you know?" Deer Bug Master grunted coldly. "The control room is where the master of the Boat of Mausoleum resides; that great ancient civilization was strict with respect to its hierarchical system, with the control room being where its master resided. The master was of incomparable nobility, and no other great beings would dare intrude. From the door you saw earlier to the core control, both have always been placed here at the control room. This is the usual practice!"
"Usual practice? How many Boats of Mausoleum have you encountered so far?" Luo Feng shook his head and laughed.
"Huh?" Luo Feng's expression changed slightly, and he turned to look behind him at the doorway that was a distance away from him.
Deer Bug Master also turned around to look.
Hong! Hong! Hong! Hong!
Four streaks of light charged through the door almost simultaneously.
"Humph." Deer Bug Master's expression changed.
"Hahaha, Deer Bug Master, are you trying to stop us?" Jittery Sea Master of Skeleton clan laughed, and his laughter was filled with mockery. "But this is a gigantic vessel, after all. There are many ways to get about, and also, more than one route leading to the control room."
"And by the looks of it, Deer Bug Master has yet to obtain the core control," Sorcerer Sprite Master said.
"Hurry up and look for it," Shadow Dust Master said.
Liu Jiu Master did not make a single utterance. He moved quickly and started to search for the core control.
"Humph," Sorcerer Sprite Master grunted, and with a sudden wave of his arm, an immeasurable amount of golden blood splashed out in midair and divided into countless golden drops before falling over every single item in the hall.
"Divine Eye clan… indeed worthy of the Divine Eye clan, to be aware of such a verification method." Deer Bug Master snorted.
"You think only you who are from the holy land universe would understand?" Sorcerer Sprite Master laughed coldly. Then, with a change of expression, he asked, "How come there isn't anything here?"
Divine Eye Clan was known to be the top power of the third reincarnation era. When compared to the two holy land universes, they were an extremely close match. On the level of universe masters, the Divine Eye clan was weaker. But on the level of universe supreme masters, the Divine Eye clan was, on the contrary, more powerful than the two holy land universes. For close to three reincarnation eras, the amount of information that Divine Eye Clan has gathered was quite plentiful. Therefore, the clan was very well-informed.
This scattering of blood droplets was a way of verifying the core control. Once verified, the next step would be to get the core control to recognize its master, which was more complicated.
"Not here! There is no core control!" Shadow Dust Master looked shocked. "How is that possible?"
"Could it be that Deer Bug Master has already seized it?" Jittery Sea Master of Skeleton clan said with eyes that were burning with wild flames.
"If I had it, would I still be standing here like a fool?" Deer Bug Master jeered.
"How can there be no core control?"
There were six great beings scattered around in that spacious hall, and at that moment, all were in a state of utter confusion.
An intangible force suddenly befell them.
Deer Bug Master, Luo Feng, Shadow Dust Master, Sorcerer Sprite Master, Jittery Sea Master, and Liu Jiu Master all turned to look forward at the hall above the one containing the control room. There was an ancient throne, and at that moment, the intangible force was gathered on that throne to gradually give rise to a vague figure. Finally, the figure came into clear view.
The figure looked no different from any ordinary human form man. Two eyes, one nose, and one mouth. Two arms, two legs, black eyes, and yellow skin. Its hair was completely cyan.
"Just like a human."
"He resembles an ordinary clansman from Purple Moon Holy Land, too."
"Not a trace of oppression…"
Luo Feng and company all looked at that vague figure in shock. The cyan-haired human man seated high up on the throne was wearing simple armor that had streaks of floral patterns. At first glance, the armor was like an endless, rolling river with surging waves. He looked down with eyes staring coldly, then he introduced himself.
"My name is… Duan Dong River Wu!"
This sent shudders coursing through Luo Feng and the other five great beings.
Shadow Dust Master looked very solemn. "Wu? Wu is an extremely respectable title in that ancient civilization. If a name carries a Wu character after it, that person must be someone extraordinary."
Deer Bug Master jested as he threw a look at Shadow Dust Master. "You do know some stuff, but with that little bit of knowledge, I think it is better you keep your peace. If great beings from that ancient civilization come to know of it, I think you will become the joke of the town."
"Humph!" Shadow Dust Master gave Deer Bug Master a cold look.
The cyan-haired human man high on his throne did not seem to be aware of the situation below as he continued to say with indifference, "Descendants from endless reincarnation eras later, when you all finally meet me, I would have been annihilated for an unknown number of reincarnation eras. Previously, when I embarked on this final adventure with my general, I already knew that chances of survival were slim."
"Indeed… This path was the most difficult one. Even for the greatest ship, or the bravest and strongest great beings, whatever or whoever is treading upon it would be bound to fail. Now that I know I am expected to fail, I do not wish to put an end to my inheritance. I, Duan Dong River Wu, am the 192nd Master of Duan Dong River! And the sole heir… Generations of ancestors, dying one after another in battles. When it was my turn, the inheritances had accumulated for so long that I lost count. If I die… the inheritance will be cut off with me. I have let the generations of ancestors down. I have remodeled this Boat of Mausoleum. It is different from the others. Within it… there are more dangerous lands, and lands of inheritances."
"I can die," he continued. "But generations of inheritances of Duan Dong River, cannot die off! If you all are feeling afraid now, you may leave. Otherwise, the moment you set foot upon this path, the dangers in your way will only intensify! Especially toward the end… when you come into contact with the one true inheritance from my Duan Dong River. Only the one receiving the inheritance may survive, or if none of you were able to receive the inheritance, then all of you shall be annihilated!
"The earlier you leave, the safer you are; the later you leave—especially when you come into contact with just a mere bit of inheritance—non-descendants from the generations of Duan Dong River who try to covet after our line of inheritance must die! Quick. Make your choice, descendants."
The voice dispersed, and the figure on the throne vanished.
At one point in time, there was an oppressive energy over the entire hall. All six pairs of eyes contained craziness or excitement or worry. There was a wide array of emotions.
Inheritance! The true inheritance!
Why were the seven true masters of Divine Eye clan so powerful? Because the Divine Eye clan once found a complete series of inheritance among monuments, allowing the seven great true masters to be able to unleash an unbelievably strong power the moment they joined forces. That was why, among the Universe Ocean, the most precious inheritance would be a complete series where cultivation could start from a low to a high level!
But this inheritance… It was an inheritance from a pulse on Duan Dong River? From the sound of it, this pulse on the Duan Dong River was probably one that ran rampant—one from the great ancient civilization that was extremely strong and dominating.
Every pulse only had one heir. With a name that contained the Wu character, to remodel an entire Boat of Mausoleum, given his speaking tone and manner, and even to have followed his general out on a venture… This so-called general must have been a general from the Universe Boat. His status had to be extremely high.
Obviously, this inheritance from the pulse on the Duan Dong River was very precious. Even if this Duan Dong River wanted to die alone, the inheritance must be left behind! An endless and long-standing ancient inheritance… Earlier generations were probably much stronger than the current generation of Duan Dong River, which meant that this inheritance should not be judged based on the capability of Duan Dong River Wu. There was probably something more profound about it; the current generation of Duan Dong River had yet to reach that level of cultivation.
Regardless, the conclusion boiled down to one point: The inheritance of that pulse on Duan Dong River was a most precious inheritance.
However, the moment one was to tread upon this path, the result might be frightening. Once one touched an inch of that inheritance…



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