Chapter 9: First Episode: Chapter 9
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When Oscar excused himself from His Majesty the Emperor, it was already dark outside. The night fog had completely taken over Dulin. The few lights added a mysterious aura to this large city. Alfa III His Majesty was really talkative. It was as if he had never-ending things to talk about to his little nephew. Oscar eventually got used to his new identity during the chat with the Emperor.

Oscar's mind was a little overwhelmed now. The Emperor talked to him about a lot of things: his mother, his father, the events during his childhood and at last even the important matters of the country. Even though Oscar's views on these matters were still tinged with immaturity, he knew that His Majesty the Emperor was rather pleased with him. Especially! Oscar noticed that the Emperor paid close attention to him when he talked about his father.

The Emperor was truly pleased with this child! He hated himself for not noticing this earlier. During his conversation with this nephew, he recognized the many strengths of this young man. The young man was sensitive and calm. He even had his own view on some specific issues. Alfa III His Majesty thought that this child was undoubtedly the most excellent of all the young men he has seen. His future was immeasurable. However, upon coming to this thought, the Emperor became a little doubtful whether bestowing such a high status to this child was a correct decision.

But the Emperor immediately thought of the other identity of this child. He was his blood-related nephew. At the same time, he was the fourth son of the Andrew family! If the Emperor was able to make him the heir to the Princess, then why couldn't he make him the official heir to the Andrew family? The Emperor was taken aback by his random thought.

Yes! Letting a member of the Imperial family with the status of a Prince to control the Andrew family would be the same as making Andrew part of the branch of the Imperial family. No! He had to think about this clearly! The Emperor advised himself in his heart. During the chat with this young man, he found a crucial problem and it was that this child did not have a strong attachment to his father and the family he belonged in. He left home when he was five, then he was sent to prison in Damorga by the Emperor! In these ten years that he was imprisoned, his father almost did not care about his wellbeing at all. The request that the child asked him reflected his inner thoughts. O'Neil Andrew Morisette was more attached to the Imperial family in his heart.

But why would the Duke behave this way towards his own youngest son? The Emperor immediately thought of the answer he wanted. He figured that to a large extent, it was due to the fact that O'Neil Andrew Morisette was a member of the Imperial family. The Duke might not even want to accept such a son. If the Emperor had thought of using the young man to control the Andrew family, then surely the Duke would have some precaution to prevent this from happening since the day this child was born. Yes! The Duke was an intelligent person. No father would allow their son to be sentenced to a life of imprisonment. Now that he thought of this, the fight the Duke put up that year must have been a show. The General actually wanted to exclude his youngest son from becoming the heir of the family. Why didn't the Emperor thought of that at that time? He almost did a great favor for the Duke!

Alfa III His Majesty was a little proud of himself. He thought that he was a genius! It was as if he had solved the difficult question that had clouded the heart of Titan Imperial family for more than four hundred years. Letting O'Neil Andrew Morisette become the Prince of the Empire was simply giving him a little compensation in the form of honor, but everything was different now! Everything was not too late. It was not too late at all! After doing all these things, he would let this young man who has a strong connection to the Imperial family to become the official heir of the Andrew family. Then after that, or to be exact after a few generations, the Andrew family would eventually have a change in their bloodline and thinking! The Narcissus Knights at that time might as well be the private guards of the Imperial family!

Alfa III His majesty was sure of this. His long-term plan seemed impeccable. He decided that in his remaining life, he must assist O'Neil Andrew Morisette even if he could not control the Andrew family. This is because his father, the Duke would never agree to this. Then at least the Emperor must let him attain a part of the forces in the Andrew family that was loyal to him. This way, the Imperial family could forever be a part of the Andrew family. This way, the Andrew family would not cause much of a trouble then.

The Emperor was absorbed in his 100-year plan and could not get out of it. From controlling the family from the inside or dividing the Andrew family, this method was much more effective than the strategy of invading the family from the outside that was proposed by the Emperor who used to think he was smart. Alfa III His Majesty thought that he would become the most infamous Emperor of the Morisette Dynasty. His wisdom would be sung upon by his future generations.

Even though the Emperor's thoughts were reasonable, but they were simply his thoughts! It would not be hard to realize from the history that the number of Morisette Princesses marrying into the Andrew family was numerous. Almost every ruler in the Morisette Dynasty had thought of the method this Alfa III His Majesty was thinking. But they had all failed! The reason of this was that they did not truly understand the Andrew family.

There was only one strategy from a certain Titan Emperor that was proven successful in history. But as this Emperor limited the power of Andrew family, he had also strengthened his ability and development. Of course, there were things in this world that were out of the expectations of the people!

The Persians, who evolved from the nomads, believe in a True God, and their rulers used their devout belief to form a strong religious country. This country was aggressive in expanding its territories. When they were invading towards the west, they met the Titans who had the same exceptional devoutness towards religion. But the difference in race also meant that their culture would be different as well. The difference in beliefs, however, was even more apparent. Once engaged in war, these two countries fell into a state of madness. In the end, the Persian Empire, who had absolute advantage at the beginning, was crashed by the Narcissus and finally exiled out of the Titan.

The hooves of the Persian's army of cavalry once joyfully trampled the enemy's land, so being defeated by the weak believers of other religions was unacceptable for the Persians. Their cultural dignity and devout religion were damaged. They retaliated continuously, attempting to follow the footsteps of their ancestors. But their sworn enemy was as determined as they were and more stubborn than they were. The Andrew family never once let the Persians move a step forward from the border.

The nature of the war changed as time passed! Massive bloodshed bred unforgettable hatred. The war that lasted for a few hundred years robbed a few hundred and thousands of innocent souls. The Persians slowly forgot about their religion and culture. Now they were simply unable to forget the hatred. It was the hatred that drove the perpetual attacks by the Persians. As the attacks were continuously stopped by their enemy, they suffered a great blow. The damage intensified and the hatred became even more apparent. As time passed, the hatred continued and the loop of killing was formed.

The founding Emperor had attained his aim. Andrew had no energy and time to care for other things. He had to utilize the whole strength of the family to face the continuous attacks by the Persians, who had half the number of troops they had. It was that way for a few hundred years. After these hundreds of years of blood and fire, the Andrew family evolved into a strong and purely military-based group. The members of Andrew family were born to command thousands of soldiers! It was as if they were given a military title once they were born into this world.

The youngsters in the Andrew family only loved to use their energy on their troops and on the defence line. In their eyes, politics was something for the head of the family and the seniors to play with. They were soldiers. So, they had a natural distaste towards politics.

Many ancestors of the Andrew family have led troops to invade the Persian, but they have not receive any form of support from the Empire. Those high officials at the top rank in the Empire were complacent with their stable life. They utilized the so-called "political factor" to suppress the Andrews. They did not even allow Andrew to actively attack the Persians. These high officials understood the true meaning of politics was actually balance. If the Andrews had lost, the Persians would surely eliminate them. However, if the Persians were significantly weakened, then the Andrews, would be able to deal with them. Only with the maintenance of the balance, would they be able to have a few more good days in the Capital, which was far away from the front line.

In history, the sixth time Andrew family expanded their army sparked an extreme fear of the Titan Emperor at that time. This Emperor thought that he should not let the Andrew family expand any further. Through methods such as arranged marriages, intentional division of its people and bribery, the Emperor found that there was not much result from influencing from within the Andrew family. So he could only chose to limit and suppress the Andrews from the outside. This Emperor spent his entire life nurturing another military power at the East Border. That was the Nedgabel family. The Emperor bestowed one of the provinces of the Andrews to the Nedgabel family. In accordance with the will of the Emperor, the Nedgabel family continued to cause trouble for the Andrews. They kept pulling the Andrew family back. Even though the Andrews were furious about this, they still had to face their true enemy.

During this dangerous time between these two families, the Nedgabel family finally committed some serious mistakes. During one of the military collaborations between the two families, the commanding officer of the Nedgabel family slowed down the advance of the troops due to the usual policy of the family. He knew that the army of the Andrew family was waiting to meet with them and stand on guard at the defense line together. He simply wanted to let the lads of the Andrew family to suffer a bit more.

When his army reached the border, he was stunned! The whole army of the Narcissus Knights and Narcissus Fighters were eliminated! From the remnants of the war, they were surrounded and eliminated by the enemy troops who had an advantage. Now that the enemy was gone, they disappeared deep into the forests of the West.

The Persians were very smart. They took a detour off the lands of the Andrews. Their whole troop appeared at the border of the Nedgabel. In their eyes, the army of Nedgabel family was just like a baby. They madly slashed at the soldiers. The killing intent that was suppressed by the Narcissus Knights for over hundreds of years exploded just like a volcano. They used the fastest speed to raid through this province and trapped the Nedgabel family's main city in the province. The Nedgabel had no choice but to request for aid from the Andrews. The foundation they built up was about to be destroyed.

The warriors of the Andrew family arrived. They did not hate the Nedgabel family who have caused a major damage to them. The cruelty of war has let the Andrews understand the importance of unity more than anyone else. Their troops fixed the defense line that was broken through as always. Then, they closed up the door and devoured the invading cavalry troop of the Persians.

After the war, the Nedgabel family had a major change of mind. The population in their lands was decreased by 30% in only a month of the war. Those beautiful cities became ruins in one night. The army of the family basically amounted to nothing other than the name that it still held. They suffered a significant damage. All those left of the war would not even dare to go out of their house. The cursing of the people drowned them. Nedgabel finally understood what kind of enemy the Andrews was fighting against now. Without the Andrews, the whole Empire would become just like their land in only a month.

The Andrew family also suffered a significant damage despite the victory. There was still a considerable amount of Persian knights running out and about within the border. Outside of the border was the enemy that consisted of an army of more than twenty hundred thousand soldiers who have been continuously attacking the defense line by the borders. The number of warriors who were sacrificed in this half a month was the total of that in the previous ten years. It was at that time winter came early. The Persians, who experienced strong resistance by the Andrews and its huge consumption of resources, finally decided to take a rest from the war.

The commanding officer who caused all of these events was sent to the Andrews by the family. The Narcissus Knights peeled his skin and threw him into the wine barrel. This person died of extreme pain. And the head of the Nedgabel family committed suicide soon afterwards right in front of the Duke of Andrew family. This head of the family said his last words before he ended his life.

He said, "Don't even care about the words of His Majesty the Emperor. If the future generations of the family still hope to keep these lands, then respect the Andrews and learn from the Andrews. Without the Andrews, we could never survive at the East Border."

The matter ended here. It was called the "Red October Incident" in history. But the effect of this incident was extremely far-reaching. First, the attitude of the Andrew family towards the Titan Imperial family completely changed. The loyalty before was simply spoken of in front of others. Now, the Andrews edited their first Ancestral Rule. The long sworn words to protect their family and land were replaced by a few simple words: that was "Beware of what's behind you"! It was precise and concise. Other than that, the most important point of all was that Andrews had won an overall development.

The Nedgabel family dutifully executed the last words of the head of family who had committed suicide after the "Red October Incident". They secretly swore loyalty to the Andrew family and then they arranged marriages with the Andrew family. Marriages were arranged to the point of 'madness'! In the first few generations, the ladies of the Nedgabel family did not marry into any other family. They searched for a husband madly in the Narcissus County. If this person was named Andrew, then marry him without further thoughts! Bear a child for him! Put the label of Nedgabel on the name of this son.

The inter-marriages between the two families continued for about two hundred years. Until this day four years ago, the Andrew family and the Nedgabel family arranged the grandest marriage ceremony for their two young people. Even though this pair of couples did not have a high status in each of their family, but this marriage had won the honor of being called "The Marriage of the Century" at that time! All the members of these two families participated in this ceremony. These two young people had the thinnest blood relation with the family within these four generations. Along with their union, the Andrew and the Nedgabel were in nature one family. The marriage ceremony signified the official union of the two largest families at the land of the East Border of the Titan Empire. The union included the union of the two families' lands, armies, status and wealth.

When that Emperor's strategy became the greatest laughing stock in the history of Titan, it could be said that he indirectly created a stronger Andrew family that occupied the whole east side of the Empire.

Actually, the people of the Andrew family could not care less about these things. The thing they most looked down upon was the cowards of the Morisette family. At the same time, they kept their guard up against the Emperor who only knew how to execute nasty schemes and those politicians that followed his orders. But on the aspect of the main race, it did not matter whether your surname was Morisette or Nedgabel. At the East Border of the Empire, the sole responsibility of a member of the Andrew family was to lead the soldiers and protect the lands of the family. Most of the members of the family have never left the family territory before in their whole life.

It was the education that began since they were young: the examples of the numerous heroes, the glorious history of the family, the protection of the Narcissus citizen generation upon generation and the life-or-death war where immeasurable blood was shed. The unique mentality of the Andrew family was eventually formed in this kind of environment. This mentality held every member of the Andrew family together. They were patient; they were loyal; they were brave; they had an affinity to war, and they honored blood and sacrifice.

The historian once described the spirit of the Andrew family as "the catalyst to invasion". The reality truly fitted this description. When O'Neil Andrew Morisette successfully defeated the Persian Empire and caused the division of it, the Narcissus Knights, who were used to blood and fighting had no more war to fight! They had seized most of the lands of the ex-Persian Empire. Their leader –and that is O'Neil Andrew Morisette's wild ambition expanded at an incredible speed. The family spirit at that time also quietly changed. In order to expand the living space for Andrew, in order for the head of the family to unify the whole Westland, the Narcissus Knights cheered and once again embarked on their journey. They possessed a stronger combative ability than the fated enemy, the knights of the Persian; they possessed a more complete multi-army group war strategy than that in any other country. The whole Westland must surrender before their absolute power.

Andrews' desire to invade was much more determined and strong than that of the Persians before. Towards the north, the Andrews were at war until the foot of the iceberg; towards the west, the Andrews were at war until the edge of the ocean; towards the east, the Andrews only stopped their footsteps when they saw the huge beacon of the East Empire.

Even though these were all that happened in the future, but it was a fact that no one could truly understand the mentality of the Andrew family. At least, at Light Calendar Year 791 in Titan, no one could truly know what exactly the spirit of the leader of the Andrew family with his two hundred thousand army force was. Thus, Alfa III His Majesty of the Titan Dynasty's trick would never bear any effect at all. The "Spirit of Andrews" would let anyone who was in contact with the person assimilate with him in a short amount of time. O'Neil Andrew Morisette would soon experience this magical power.

Oscar did not know of the thoughts inside His Majesty the Emperor's mind now. He was surrounded by the crowd. When he left the guest room of the Emperor, he was surprised to see that the hallway was packed with nobles. When they saw Oscar, the nobles quickly surrounded him. They all fought to kiss the back of the hand of Oscar. A few old men who had high reputations were also in the crowd. Their thinking was simple. The youngest Prince of Titan has just been born in the history of Titan! This Prince was not only the blood-related nephew of the Alfa III His Majesty but also the youngest son of the governor of the East Border. His identity as the member of the Imperial family would definitely aid the military power of the Andrew family. This young man would have an immeasurable amount of success in the future! It was definitely necessary to show respect to him now.

Surrounded by the nobles, O'Neil Andrew Morisette slowly walked out of Hamilton Palace. When he came in, he was still a "prisoner who was waiting for his judgment". And now as he walked out, the guards were giving him the courteous greetings just as they would when they saw the Emperor. Oscar was a little doubtful. What kind of world was this? His Imperial Highness Prince envied the sublime imperial power for the first time. He truly wanted to know the feeling of being able to control every living thing in this world.

News traveled fast in the Palace. All nobles, regardless of high or low status, gathered at the gateway of the Hamilton Palace. They finally found the carriage of His Imperial Highness Prince O'Neil. They could not see the situation in the carriage, but they humbly lowered their backs. They were curious about O'Neil Andrew Morisette. They had no idea as to how this young prince was able to change his fate.

Little Oscar was perplexed. He wanted to organize his thoughts, but he had no idea how to. The young man had always wanted to control his own fate, and now he did it. However, he had no clue what he should do next. Everything fell into place so suddenly! He initially thought that it was enough for His Majesty the Emperor to release him. But this is all different now. This matter was definitely not as easy as it seemed on the surface.

This young man who had just been bestowed the title of a Prince had a foreboding feeling, but he still could not imagine the things that might happen after this would affect him in any bad way or not.

The Penelope Road of the Hamilton Palace was bright. All the nobles had lighted all the fire in their homes. They usually did this during some major events or during the birthday of His Majesty the Emperor, but this time it was different. They wanted to welcome the freshly-announced His Imperial Highness Prince. They all saw Oscar's carriage going into the Road this morning. Even though they respected the Andrew family, they did not dare to act welcoming at all. Now it was different. It was all different. At the Hamilton Palace, His Majesty the Emperor openly admitted his that his attitude was inappropriate when he was dealing with the problem with the Andrew family. That was to say that it was a reconciliation between the Andrews and the Imperial family. His Imperial Highness Prince was the best proof for all of these now.

The nobles who lived here at Penelope Road were all noble families who have experienced over a hundred year of generations. As sharp as they were, they immediately noticed the change of this matter. And today would be the day for them to perform.

Oscar saw that the members of the noble families – regardless of young or old, woman or man- were all out on the Road, queuing neatly by their respective doors. The guards held the flag with their family emblem was embroidered on it high and stood quietly by the side. When Oscar's carriage passed by them, they respectfully bowed. Oscar listened to the greetings and compliments aimed towards His Imperial Highness Prince for his whole journey.

The doorstep of 31 Penelope Road was a little different to that in the morning. The passionate citizens this morning had put the fresh flowers they plucked in the Duke's mansion. The messy outcome was rather uncomfortable to see. And now, it was a sea bed of flower in front of Oscar. Those huge and exquisite flower baskets had filled the empty land in front of the door of the Duke's mansion. Embroidered on the ribbon on the flower basket was the family emblem of the nobles. Oscar did not want to count. It was about two hundred or three hundred of flower baskets.

Under the orders of Madame Andrew, all members in the Duke's mansion have been dispatched! The servants and maids changed into new outfits while Celia carefully wore the dress with the embroidery of the family emblem that she had not worn for many years. The most interesting thing to note was the Narcissus Knights. They polished their antiqued armor which has been inherited for few generations to a glistening shine. Then, they carefully ground their sword and spear. Fifty top-class Narcissus Knights were arranged in an attack formation in front of the mansion. They used this sort of greeting to welcome their hero.

The Duchess was overflowed with excitement and happiness! Having heard the news of Oscar being bestowed the title of Prince this afternoon, Celia was the first one to rush out! She went to confirm the validity of this news. Before she went, she kicked Ferry for a few times. That guy was too huge and he was blocking the door.

Soon, Celia knew of the content of the conversation in the Palace without missing a word. Her mind was blank at that moment. Every worry and fear that she had disappeared at that single moment! Oh god! There was a Prince in her family. She once thought her husband's status and honor had already reached the peak of them all, but their youngest son had attained an even greater honor.

The Duchess wore a splendid attire as she led all members of the mansion to wait in front of the door. In the past, she welcomed her husband who came back winning a war with her other sisters. Now, her youngest son has grown up too! Soon in the future, he would definitely surpass his father. She heard the cheer that came from afar.

Oscar already knew what would happen when he walked out of the carriage, but seeing it was still shocking. The leader of the Narcissus Knights, Paladin-to-be Kamille Rayen blew the horn that was meant as the signal to attack! Do not doubt of this! If this happened in the war, when the sound of the horn was heard, there would be countless Narcissus knights appearing from behind of the person blowing the horn. But now, they were all using the attack formation to welcome the hero! Yes! His Imperial Highness Prince O'Neil Andrew Morisette had always been the hero in their eyes. He defended the honor of the family, the dignity of the Narcissus. When he was young, he was cruelly imprisoned by the people in power. Now the hero has attained the honor he should have before. He has come back as a winner!

The horses screeched unwillingly! They did not understand why their masters were holding the ropes so tightly. In a usual circumstance, they would sprint forward when they heard the loud sound.

The knights used all their strength to hold down the horses. These dudes who were accustomed to war would become extremely excited when they heard the sound of the horn. The Narcissus Knights held their shields in front of them and the spears in their hands up high. Then, they smashed the spears right at the shield hard. Every hit grew stronger and more determined.

Oscar strode slowly accompanied by the rumbling of the collision of the shield and the spears. Oscar felt as if that sound was resonated right into the deepest parts of his heart and soul. It was as if his chubby figure would explode horrendously in the next moment! He did not like the vulgarity and seriousness of these knights, but at this moment it was these soldiers that awakened the blood of Andrews in him. The boys of the Andrew family were born to be a warrior!

Oscar stopped his footstep in the center of the small triangle formation that was formed by fifty knights. He did not know why he stopped. He simply saw the Fierce Lion Flag of the Narcissus enlarging continuously in front of his eyes.

Oscar could not hold it any longer. He tightened his fist and threw his arms up to the air and screamed the attacking phrase instinctively with all his strength: "Andrew Haila!"

The knights became even crazier after this shout! They used an even louder voice and follow his shout. "Andrew Haila!" "Andrew Haila!" "Andrew Haila!" Their horses immediately stood upright! Their spears were pointed at the skyline!

Andrew Haila was the capital of the Narcissus County and also the "East Capital" of the Titan Empire. "Haila" meant "Hooray" in the context of Ancient Titanic Language! For four hundred years, the spirit of Narcissus had assimilated into the souls of the Narcissus Knights and Andrew Haila represented their spirit. A simple "Andrew Haila" could send the knights into the battle field in insanity. At the same time, it could make the knights to calmly face death.

The roars of fifty knights were rumbling even the sky. The whole sound resonated for a long time in the whole Penelope Road. It was those nobles' first time truly experiencing the presence of the Narcissus Knights of the Andrew family. It was their first time witnessing the hundred-year pride of the Andrew family.

Every single member of the Andrew family cried regardless if it was the Duchess or those servants and maid. Their young master had won an immeasurable honor for the family at the capital thousands of miles away from home. He let the warriors of the family resonated in the night sky that only the Emperor was able to enjoy with the chanting of "Andrew Haila". What was more touching than this scene? The tears blurred the vision of every single person present at the scene.

O'Neil Andrew Morisette was also crying, but since his tear glands were broken, he could only tremble. He swore to the Light of God far in the heaven that one day he would bring thousands of soldiers and horses to roar as passionately as he did today!

The night of the victory was mesmerizing. On this rare occasion, the Duchess was actually drunk. She lifted the edge of her skirt and danced the "Dance of the Narcissus" in the largest living room in the mansion. The dance of the Narcissus County was performed by the young girls for the returning hero. It was infamous for its passion. Some stiff Priest of Light even criticized it for its lewd. The knights did not dare to dance with her because of her identity as the Madame. They simply roared loudly around her and the Madame's dance became even more aggressive.

It was the scene of a carnival in the living room.

The main subject of the day, O'Neil Andrew Morisette did not join the Madame's party. He was now the Prince. He still does not know the status and power brought upon by this title. He still has not seen any real advantage.

The history of Prince O'Neil was really problematic. No one knew what happened in those days he was in Damorga. But the criminals of the Westland knew clearly that there was a young boss inherited the King's Heraldry that represented the ruler of the Underworld in the scariest prison in this world.

Oscar did not think of himself as a good man ever. He was young, but he already has a stable work and income. His companions managed businesses such as smuggling, drug-selling, piracy, robbing, human-selling and so on. Oscar received a commission from all these huge 'trades'. This laundered money was all banked into the official account of the Narcissus County through an extremely secretive method. And the Duke who was directly in charge of the income of his youngest son was deeply impressed with the number he saw.

Oscar was having dinner at the small living room that was connected to his bedroom. He had a good appetite. The fresh seafood can hardly found in Dulin, which was far away from the sea. The Duchess ordered her butler to skim through the whole city to get this fresh prawns and crabs in her hands. Oscar loved the special fresh saltiness of the seafood the most.

Delicious food did not affect him from thinking. His relationship with his father confused him. He knew that his father was not against his criminal behavior.

There should be no normal father in this world who would encourage his own son to become a criminal. Even though the Duke did not show obvious encouragement, he had given his utmost support in the aspect of human power and materials during Oscar's huge project. Oscar believed that he would definitely not be freed without his father's help.

Even though Oscar held the King's Heraldry of the Underworld in his hands, he needed an absolute proof to attain the acknowledgements of those big shots. No one would doubt the true strength of the Andrew family, so the person those bigshots truly cared about was actually his father. The Duke was not as uncaring towards his son as the media said it to be. He had protected him every single moment. If that was not the case, this child would be tortured in Damorga until there was nothing left of him.

Oscar did not know why his father had done that. In his impression, his father was a person who distinguished love and hate very clearly. The Duke had always avoided the people and things that he did not like. Maybe his father cared for him deeply. Oscar could not help but shake his head at this thought. This thought did not seem to be valid. The Duke had never shown any love towards his mother and him before.

The knocking on the door broke Oscar's thoughts. It was his sister who came to visit him. Sasha E. Nedgabel Andrew gave a passionate hug to her brother as she entered the door.

After letting go of his sister, Oscar patted her head habitually. It was a habit he has had since he was young, but Oscar found the feeling of the past immediately after he met this little miss this afternoon. Sasha was really cooperative. Under the touch of her brother, she became as tame as a kitten.

"Welcome! My little princess! Your presence has brought light into my heart and soul." Oscar said.

"Thank you, my knight. Your presence has shone light upon my life as well." Sasha's mouth quirked into a mesmerizing smile.<script>chaptererror();</script>



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