Chapter 13: Second Episode: Chapter 4
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Finance Minister Almodovar Godzilla returned to the living room and realised his friends were expecting him. Clearly, the lords were not settled with their discussion yet.

"Ah! I can finally be my most comfortable self!" Almodovar casually plopped himself onto the sofa with his full weight. Almost immediately, the sofa let out a painful creak.

"Does everyone really think the upstart’s idea is fair and reasonable? I don’t see why we need to distribute ten percent of our share to him. Can’t we resolve that debt among ourselves? There’s no need to put on such a show," the Director of the Financial Secretary of the State Council voiced his doubts about the plan.

The other three lords rolled their eyes simultaneously at the director’s stupid comment. Why was he even a part of their group?

The taxation minister did the honour of explaining the situation to his innocent friend. "My dear Barbara, do you not understand the main reason we are asking a favour from the young prince? The protection from the pirates! That’s equivalent to all the cover and security we’ll ever need for our smuggling business. With them as our shield, the only thing left that could threaten our business is natural disaster. Yes, we could indeed solve this current obstacle by ourselves, but what about the next time when the pirates rob from us again? And the next? I personally think it’s absolutely worth the price to share thirty percent of our gold with them. This young prince is quite an impartial man, he only asked for a small commission."

"Oh God! Are you asking me to believe in those pirates who just robbed us? Don’t forget the young prince was an offender himself! How do we know if we could really trust him?" Marquis Barbara Thea insisted and made clear of his position.

Almodovar had enough of his complaints. He waved it off when the Maquis was about to protest again.

"Barbara, have you become slow-minded after staying by the side of the Secretary of State for a while? Do you remember what His Majesty the Emperor said in the palace yesterday? Pay attention, this will be the final time I warn you, please do not describe Prince O'Neil Andrew Morisette as an offender ever again. He is our Imperial Highness Prince, the blood-related nephew of His Majesty the Emperor, the youngest of Marshal Andrew, and starting a few moments ago, he is also our ally. I honestly wish you will show some respect for him, just like how you would treat any of your friends. If you can’t promise me this, our good relationship with the young prince might be affected because of your discourtesy. When that happens, we would definitely reconsider your position in this whole partnership."

Barbara was stupefied. He had not expected the finance minister to reprimand him so impolitely in front of all the lords.

Count Levis Sakya promptly spoke up to act as a mediator in the dispute. He also felt that the finance minister had spoken too directly without giving any face to the Marquis.

"Sir Marquis, sometimes we have to alter our thinking accordingly to the situation and the corresponding changes. The finance minister has a point. Hmm let’s put it this way and focus mainly on our personal benefits. Except for the pirates, there is left only the regular naval fleet that could protect us from any harm on the sea. If we rely on the protection of the another nation’s fleet, and when our illegal smuggling business is exposed to the army headquarters, imagine what would His Majesty the Emperor think when he is informed that Titan’s merchants were getting security from other countries’ fleet? Trust me, the Emperor would immediately accuse everyone associated with the crime of treason. What the Imperial Highness Prince has suggested is the safest option for us. Think about our bigger business in the future, have you forgotten that our empire’s munitions are worth much more than those gold? We only have to spare thirty percent of our share with His Imperial Highness Prince and his friend, isn’t the price worth more than the benefits we’re going to obtain? Soon enough you will see yourself drowning in the ocean of Golden Tis."

Although Barbara still felt negatively about the young prince, he knew how to do his calculations and math. Indeed, it was going to assist them in getting a bigger fortune in the future.

He finally accepted Count Sakya’s explanation and viewpoint. No one would ever refuse wealth and riches. Barbara was already considering selling the munitions directly to the pirates in order to save the cost of land transport and profit more from within.

"There is one more thing I would like to state," Marquis Almodovar Godzilla sat straight up. His allies were suddenly all intrigued about what the marquis had to say. It would definitely be something of utmost importance if it was worth the sea creature sitting up from his comfortable position to voice it out.

"His Majesty the Emperor has sent out an official correspondence this morning. On behalf of the Titan Imperial family, he has invited the Pope His Grand Eminence to preside over the official ceremony of His Imperial Highness Prince O'Neil Andrew Morisette. And of course seeing the good relationship between the Andrew Family and Radriere VI, there is no reason the pope would refuse the emperor's invitation."

"How does it relate to us? The little fatty is already a prince for sure, that is just nothing more than an official ceremony," Barbara was confused again.

"No, Barbara, in fact this will affect you personally and directly. You should start thinking about your relationship with the Secretary of State. With the support from the Emperor and the Pope, Robinson would not have any chance against the young prince. Although the Duke is still investigating some affairs, the results would not matter anymore but just put an end to his political career. We should be prepared ourselves to betray him when the chance comes. I’ve always disliked that old man."

"But what good would it do to us?" The taxation minister was also perplexed by the suggestion.

"Ha ha, Yael, this is exactly what we must do at the moment. I believe Robinson will not surrender so easily, he would definitely fight against the young prince with all his might. And what we should do is to show our sincere support to the young prince as that’s what good allies do. Moreover, we only need to betray someone who would have already lost his power by then. Regarding how it would benefit us, who else in the imperial court do you think will be qualified for the position of the Secretary of State?"

"Would it be…" the taxation minister asked with excitement.

"Well to be fair it is just a guess as I have no concrete evidence to prove my assumption. Nonetheless I know that old man would definitely keep trying for his target. I think it’s about time," Marquis Almodovar Godzilla laughed at the thought of his old friend.

"I think you have a fair point. When that happens, both the military and political divisions of the empire will sure undergo a huge change in their organisations. That will undoubtedly present us some opportunities along the way." Count Levis Sakya endorsed the finance minister’s idea.

"Hmm, shall we talk about another topic now," Count Barbara Thea was obviously interested in other affairs, "I am extremely curious about that honoured lady guest who managed to get you to bring the young prince to her personally. Who is that lady?"

"Ha ha! You would never believe me even if told you the truth, even I still could not believe it. However it only further encouraged me to foster a better relationship with His Imperial Highness Prince O’Neil. Oh and I apologise that I have to keep her anonymous as the lady had strictly prohibited me to tell anyone about her meeting with the young prince. I cannot defy the order! Do you understand what I mean now?"

The other fatties got the message and were all deep in their own thoughts. Coincidentally the three of them thought about the rumour that had been spreading around like gusts of wind. There must be a reason, just like there could not be smoke without fire. It seemed like they really do have to forge an alliance with the young prince.

The Imperial Highness Princess of Dulin was respected by each and every commoner in the city. They would always remember the empathetic princess had once stood by the streets of Dulin in a simple commoners’ outfit to collect donations for the disaster victims. Besides, her impassioned speech that attacked the corrupted official on the podium of Dulin University had left a lasting impression on the people too. However, more than everything else, the people's’ favourite topic of interest would always be the her future and romantic destiny.

Once, in an implicit and obscure manner, His Majesty the Emperor had asked Princess Alanis Alfa Morisette on her eighteen birthday party about her romantic interests or her plans for the future. Unexpectedly, instead of evading the question like she used to, Her Imperial Highness responded straightforwardly that she would marry a friend of many years.

The status of the fortunate man has never been revealed, and Her Imperial Highness made it explicitly clear that she would not like to expose the identity of the lucky man. Her intention of keeping it a secret did not stop the people from guessing the man’s identity. Conversely, it became the most discussed topic in the spring.

His Majesty the Emperor was in fact thunderstruck by his youngest’s decision as he had never heard her expressing her wish to be married. As a matter of fact, Alfa III did not understand his own daughter very well. But on the other hand he knew certainly that his lovely daughter would definitely be the perfect heir to the throne. Her Imperial Highness Princess had unimaginable power and influence over the aristocrats and the commoners, they would not mind at all to be ruled by an Empress in the future.

Alfa II had never think of himself as being a qualified father. First of all, a competent father would have full respect from his own children, but his precious daughter evidently did not look up to him. Although Her Imperial Highness Princess had never shown him disrespect, subtly the emperor learned a lot from his daughter’s cold eyes.

The princess’s decision has been troubling the emperor. If she did get married, she would completely lose her right to the imperial throne and have the Imperial family name removed from her too. Especially after thinking about what had happened to his loving sister, His Majesty the Emperor was vexed as he would never wish for the same to befall his daughter. He was remarkably proud of his daughter’s outstanding personality and he would like to believe that she was aware of the consequences of her own decision. Still, the emperor was hoping that she would change her mind. Both of his sons were of mediocre ability, he was convinced that after some intense training Alanis would no doubt be the greatest heir to the imperial throne.

Princess Alanis Alfa Morisette entertained herself by looking out at the scenery from the window of the horse carriage. The young lady’s mood surged with excitement. She knew that she was the pride of the Imperial family and she was fully aware of her positive reputation among the aristocrats and commoners. Even though her decision for marriage would bring to her different kind of consequences she believe that it would still be worthwhile. She fought against so many struggles to get to where she was today, to the point where even the emperor has respect for her.

Credit had to be given to that "friend of many years", it was his words that sculpted and motivated her to become who she was today. Otherwise, only God knows if Princess Alanis would turn out to be a stubborn, unreasonable, proud, and superficial person.

Young prince Oscar has always admired the elegant princess. Even though her gorgeous body was hidden underneath her thick cape, her breathtaking appearance was already the most beautiful scenery itself.

Poor young fatty had no idea he was used by the fat lords. In comparison to those old sly foxes who have had multiple years of experience fighting in the fields of economics and politics, young Oscar was indeed naive and innocent.

"You have not answered my question yet. Your Highness?" The young fatty was a little impatient, the princess has not spoken to him since the moment he was invited into the carriage.

The princess’s carriage was nothing extraordinary. One could even spot the coats of dust gathered at the corner if one looked close enough. Oscar realised that this was not the Imperial carriage, which meant that the girl could be sneaking out from the palace. But on second thought that might not be it. Her bodyguards were still around and it was a Paladin that was manning the carriage. Oscar suddenly thought of Snowstorm and wondered if he was doing well with the Paladin-to-be.

"Ah! If you would forgive me. I’m sorry I did not hear you talking to me," the princess turned her body to face the young man who was three years younger than herself.

"Your Highness you are indeed…forget it. It’s alright. I’m just curious why would you do this? I mean, arranging a secret meeting with me."

"Forget about the formal addresses, you are a Imperial highness yourself. You can just call me by my name, my young cousin. Call me Alanis!"

"Oh la! That totally slipped my mind. I am still not used to being a prince, you know, as I’ve only been released from the prison about five days ago."

"I apologise for my late congratulations. Oh, look at me, what have I been doing! I should have arranged for a meeting with you earlier."

"No, Your Highness Prin…uh…Alanis, yes, Alanis, you don’t have to apologise at all. It must have caused you loads of trouble just to get out of the palace. Oh and I would like to express my gratefulness. I am extremely honoured for having the opportunity to meet with you," Oscar honestly felt great that the princess could remember his existence.

"Oh, right, you still have not revealed to me which direction are we heading?" Oscar finally remembered his question.

The princess looked at the window again and smiled, "Since you’re already calling me Alanis, can I address you as Oscar too, is that how father addresses you?

"Of course, it’s my pleasure. But only among ourselves when we’re alone. When we are out there in the public we shall still speak in accord with the etiquette."

The princess wanted to laugh at the young man’s reply. She understood he said that out of concern that the others would speak ill of herself, but didn’t he know that when he implied they both could spend time alone, it would have wounded her chastity already? He was such a child. The princess has already passed the appropriate age to be able to stay in a place alone with any man.

"So Oscar, I want to clarify that I did not sneak out from the palace. I wouldn’t cause you any trouble if that’s your concern. In fact, I got permission from father. Also, we’re reaching our destination soon."

The boss of Sabac manor was used to receiving and treating many important people. His manor was indeed built for these aristocrats. However, these two guests who are visiting his manor appeared rather peculiar. Judging from appearance, the man seemed well off but he was looking around the manor like a bumpkin. On the other hand, the lady was the most elegant lady that he has ever met. He could not even look her straight in the eyes.

He knew straight away that this lady was someone exceptionally eminent. Each of her gesture was so precise it almost seemed like she did every movement after deliberate calculation. Her graceful demeanor was not faked, it was trained since young.

It was not really the man’s fault that he doubted the lady to be prudish. The manor was always used by aristocrats as a secret hiding place to meet with their lovers, as there were numerous secret chambers and darkroom perfect to be exploited as love nests. Many noblemen have demanded the manor to be closed down because of this reason alone. In fact, as long as the guests came in pairs, they would automatically be placed in a quiet and secluded room. Of course, many visitors would book their room in advance before arrival, but it did not really matter anyway. Many people did not visit the manor just to enjoy a small chat over a cup of famous Sabac coffee.

Initially, Oscar thought that he entered some nobleman’s villa. The manor felt overly imposing. There was a small square at the entrance where a number of extravagant carriages decorated with family emblem of aristocrats rested. To be fair, not everyone came here for secret romantic rendezvous. Aristocrats do come to this peaceful manor as it was also equipped with many entertaining leisure activities. They could enjoy some rare and high-quality tea leaves in the tea room, play some cards with their other prosperous friends, or take a nice hot bath at the Persian bath.

The insanely luxurious villa took up most of the land in the manor. On the red brick walls were covered with lush green vines, elegant fountains were situated at each side of the vaulted porch. Oscar noticed the statues in the fountains were drawn from some folk legends. They were all so finely sculpted he assumed they were works of some renowned expert.

The main door of the villa opened to a posh living room where its interior design resembled a fine dining room. The aristocrats were seated in circles around the huge tables. They did not give any particular attention to the two newcomers as they were all in heated discussions. The people were gossiping about the newly appointed Imperial Highness Prince. Rumour has it that the young prince was seen visiting the Fat Lords Club this afternoon and judging from his past infamous bad behaviour, one of them bet that a lady from the club must have already been assaulted by the young prince.

As both of them came nearer, the princess overheard the conversation. She heard vaguely before about the unethical activities that happen in Fat Lords Club, but hearing these noble lords speak ill of the young prince so loudly in the public still made her angry. That was really disrespectful to the Imperial family!

In contrast, the main subject that was being discussed by the public did not have any strong feeling towards it. Instead, he was so devoted to appreciating the layout of the villa as for him it was undoubtedly a beautiful art. The design of the room was modern and was sumptuously furnished. The comfortable and beautiful furniture successfully attracted the prince's attention. As the young man was away from the aristocratic life for ten years, he was full of curiosity about this grand environment.

The waiter directed both the young man and the lady into another spacious living room on the second floor of the villa. The interior of this large room was a little different from the one they had just been in. Oscar figured it could be a unique design style imitated from foreign countries, but he was unsure of what kind of style it was.

The young man did not show too much respect in front of the princess. As the girl had said before, she was only Alanis, and the little fatty was just Oscar.

Oscar comfortably situated himself in the tent covered with a wide carpet and soft cushions. Inside the Persian’s radiator, incense was being burned. The cotton yarn curtain that draped from the roof straight down to the floor completely covered the inside of the tent.

The princess was stunned after entering the room. She hesitated for a minute when she peeked into the almost sealed tent and saw Oscar lying inside pleasantly. She had heard of Sabac’s reputation being a famous rendezvous spot, and she did not know if she should be in the tent as well. Oh God! The spacious room was filled with simply a bed and no chair could be spotted in there. This was completely different from what she had imagined. The princess had planned to have a nice chat with the young man over some coffee in a small and cozy room. But now! That damn boss had arranged for them such a strange room that by the looks of it, the princess would have guessed it was mainly designed for…for…she was also unsure what, but the atmosphere of the room definitely did not suggest something as pure as a high tea chat.

After moments of hesitation Alanis stepped into the tent at last. What other options did she have? Request for a change of room? That would only make it even more embarrassing for her. The moment the princess uncovered the cotton yarn curtain she fell into a kind of illusion. She imagined for a split second that she was a lucky princess being called into the tent where her master was already inside impatiently waiting for her. Instead of making her shy and embarrassed, the idea made Alanis tremble with inexplicable excitement.

Oscar was also exhilarated. He had no idea the manor was such an interesting place. The foreign exotic sensation matched with the company of an extremely attractive lady. Although the lady’s status was absolutely not the kind that could be violated, but to be honest Oscar still had some expectations. He did not know why the princess brought him here, but he knew for sure that for a noble lady like her to enter such a room, a certain amount of courage was needed. The young man began to doubt the princess's motive. He felt that the charming princess was able to lure him into temptation naturally like how a flower exudes its attractive scent. The young man could feel his own desires slowly rising and spreading across his body uncontrollably.

The princess was actually innocent, the boss was the one to blame! Even though Alanis did have a special feeling towards the young prince, she would not just devote her perfectly pure body so easily. The princess chose a most appropriate posture to lightly lean against the carpet, although she had not recovered from the fact that this was only a bed! At the thought of it her face flushed into a bright red again, and almost instantaneously she could feel her limbs tremble slightly.

Oscar and the princess conversed casually and absent-mindedly. Both of them could not focus fully in the conversation as they were both trying hard to suppress their inner feelings of desires.

A sudden knock on the door caught the two people deep in their own thoughts with surprise. They quickly sat up and straighten their tensed bodies.

Instead of a waiter as expected by them, two well-dressed gentlemen entered the room. They hastily uncovered the tent without asking for permission, perhaps hoping to see the two young person performing some "special act". However, disappointment washed over their faces when they found out both the young man and the beautiful lady were still neatly dressed, and the latter also appeared to be very familiar.

"You must be Lord O’Neil Andrew Morisette. I am Viscount Adler, and this is my colleague Baron Cole from the Ministry of Justice. We’ve been sent here by Sir Marquis Roment Huga Andeses to invite you for a cup of coffee over at the Ministry of Justice. Please believe me, our coffee will not be any worse than what they serve here."

Oscar did not give any response. As far as he remembered he did not left any trail of his own whereabouts nor did he tell anyone about it. The Secretary of State was indeed quick with his actions.

Her Imperial Highness Princess Alanis Alfa Morisette was taken back by the man’s rudeness and was truly annoyed about the way he spoke to the young prince. The princess stood up straight and tall, instantly overwhelming the impolite man with her power and influence.

"Your lord Viscount, you should be more aware and conscious about your tone when speaking to His Imperial Highness Prince," the princess tried to hide her anger.

"My honourable lady, I am afraid that only you would think that this gentleman is a prince. He has not been bestowed the title officially yet. Moreover, this young man over here is going to be in deep trouble, that is a severe murder!" The clueless Viscount naively mistaken the princess as some vain girl who thought that they would become a nobleman’s wife someday. He has encountered many of these materialistic girls before, but why did this lady in front of him now look extremely familiar?

Alanis was completely enraged by now! Nobody ever spoke to her like this! The princess’s voice became hoarse.

"You are saying that His Imperial Highness Prince is a criminal, is that right? That is equivalent as saying my father is no longer the ruler of this empire, that my father’s investment in the Imperial Highness Prince title is nothing more than a joke, that also means a mere servant my father hired can freely ridicule His Majesty the Emperor’s decision! Is that so? Your Lord Viscount?"

Look at how wonderful the change of expressions were played out on Viscount Adler’s face! His face became pale like a dead man after hearing the word "Father". Oscar felt sympathetic to this unlucky man.

"His Imperial Highness Prince, would you mind if I accompany you to the Ministry of Justice to taste their coffee?" The princess turned to the young man and asked, "I feel the need to go and determine it for myself, and if the coffee is not as good to drink as promised, then please believe me, someone would absolutely have to pay the price!" Alanis finished her statement and walked over the shaking body of poor Adler which was kneeling on the ground, already scared to his death.

Marquis Roment Huga Andeses of the Ministry of Justice knew that the conversation could no longer be continued. So what if the prince really did murder 65 imperial cabinet ministers? He had no proof nor anything to demonstrate the motive of the young prince. He was incited by the Secretary of State and was agitated with the wish to revenge for his people who died. The damn minister did not seem to have warned him for the consequences of doing so.

Just a few moments before, the emperor's messenger rushed into his office and announced the critical letter in front of the young prince and himself. Roment was ashamed to death! For a second he even doubted that they were really the words coming from that kind Majesty the Emperor. But it was perfectly understandable, His Majesty’s little daughter and nephew were even invited here to his place for coffee. The emperor would absolutely not let this shameful thing go so easily. This would definitely become the laughing stock of the aristocrats! Oh God! What had he done? He should not have sent an idiot for this task!

His Imperial Highness Prince and Her Imperial Highness Princess were walking on the spacious corridor of the Ministry of Justice. The prince was walking on the left while the princess was walking on the right, and almost a distance of two metres was kept between them. They smiled at each other from time to time. The whole incident was really funny. Whenever Oscar looked at the princess he would find her already glancing at himself. When did they start to build this connection? The princess felt that life was never as interesting as it was today! Oscar thought that time passed so quickly when he was with Alanis. For the first time he began to have a good impression towards the princess who was three years older than him.

Oscar sighed with emotions when he saw the familiar surrounding again. Ten years ago he was escorted here, where he was interrogated and tried for the crime. Now he has returned, the guards standing in attendance welcomed him with respectful salutes, and by his side stood the dream of every man in the empire - that honourable and beautiful princess Alanis.

Oscar could not help but laugh again at the thought of the princess. He could still remember that this was where he met the princess formally for the first time. That time when he requested the young princess to be his witness was not considered as a proper meeting.

"Your Imperial Highness Princess, would you be interested to take a look at the cell that you sent me off the last time?"

Alanis could never forget that day. She could not believe that her father actually asked her to apologise to that criminal who had assaulted her seriously. Even though she was clear that she was the root of the whole incident, she was still reluctant to follow her father’s command.

It was in that tiny cell that she carefully examined the little boy for the first time. She was told that half of his blood was the same as her own. At that moment the little boy was not terrifying at all, but they still casted the five-year-old boy with a yoke. The princess was confused by her own observation, was this the little boy with the strength of a monster but heart of a child?

The princess was also surprised that the criminal did not do anything terrifying to her. On the other hand, he was very kind and greeted her with politeness. They were both two little children at that time and soon the princess recovered from her nervousness. She confessed to the criminal of her own guilt, and asked for his forgiveness. The princess did not know why she could behave so naturally with him. Her mood also calmed down after she said her apologise sincerely.

The boy did not make it difficult for the princess, and he knew that the little princess only did what she did out of jealousy. Moreover, the bad person that suggested the evil idea had been punished. The boy comforted the princess with his childish words. He never would have guessed how much influence his kind words eventually brought to the princess.

He said: "My beloved mother was a princess, like you. She is gentle, beautiful, honourable, and she is the person in the whole world who loves me the most. But princess, you and her are not the same. Although you are equally honourable, but you do not know how to earn people’s respect. All the members of my family are very respectful to my mother, not because she is my father's wife, nor is it because she is the princess of the Morisette house, but because she is fair and just when it comes to making decision and she treats people with sincerity. She will not lose temper simply for no reason, and nor does she arbitrarily punish people. That means that people respect her for her good personality. And you, if we will have the opportunity to meet in the future, I honestly hope that you can become a respected and praised princess, just like my mother."

Alanis had forgotten how she felt the time she heard this as it had been too long. But she could not forget the way the little boy spoke, he was full of confidence and his words were so calm.

Ever since then, the princess tried hard to learn all kinds of knowledge and obtain all sorts of skills. She aimed be like a lady that the boy described, she wanted to be a respected princess.

The princess was eager for the day where they would meet again. All the praises that she received for her hard work meant nothing because she only wished to hear them from the little boy. Since that meeting with him, the princess never had another nightmare, and she would always imagined the boy coming to her rescue whenever she was hurt. Even the scratches left on her arm by the little boy, the fear she had of the boy, and the intolerable desire to urinate whenever she thought of the fear had combined and became a huge part of the princess’s childhood memory. The princess never thought she would fall in love with the boy in that bloody scenario, but she knew that she would get hot and her mood agitated whenever she reminisced about those things.

"Alanis, do you remember? It was here. I was confined here for half a month. Ha ha, and now I'm back again."

Alanis looked around at her surrounding but to be honest she could not be sure if this was the same room. However, she remembered again her original intention of meeting with the young man, she hoped to get the boy's approval.

"Yes, it seems like it is here, but please forgive me for I can not remember. But your expectations for me I would never forget. I remember it word by word! Look at me, have I successfully become the princess that you wish I would turned into?"

Oscar was a little embarrassed. He knew that he had seen her here before when they were still both little kids, but he had forgotten completely the things he said to her before. Oscar answered a little uneasily, but he guessed that what the princess wanted to hear was how he thought about her.

"Oh! You…you…yes! There is no doubt, you are absolutely right! Oh right! Just like my mother, you know, that she was a beauty and a honoured princess like yourself! But…ha ha! She is far more gentle than you. Just look at how fierce you were just now while you reprimanded the unlucky man…Hey! That was really wonderful!"

Oh God! Alanis could not help herself but her eyes filled with tears when she heard the words of Oscar. Ten years of waiting! Ten years of hope! She finally became what he expected! What was it that he said? He was wishing that she could be more gentle?

The princess lowered her head and moved towards Oscar. The young man wanted to move back, but he could already feel his fat tummy meet with the princess's abdomen. Just when the young man was hesitating he felt a pair of hot arms around his neck, and soon he lost himself in a passionate warm kiss.

When their lips finally parted Alanis whispered lightly in Oscar’s ear and said: "Am I not gentle enough?"

Oscar’s spirit was still stuck in that warm kiss. He was not proud of himself because he had just kissed the most beautiful lady of the whole Titan Empire, he was just surprised at how this kiss could be so sweet and passionate at the same time! The young man kept asking himself if that was it? Was it over?

The beautiful princess’s sweet almond eyes blinked like bright stars shining across the dark sky. She looked carefully at the young man who had appeared in her dreams countless times in the past ten years. He seemed a little thinner, but that did not matter. She finally got her question answered. The young man finally came to his sense and in one swift move he pulled the princess into his arms and hugged her tight. His kiss was exactly like how the girl had imagined, crazy and powerful with lust. The delicate princess felt her lips being burned by the flames. In between their passionate kisses, Alanis managed to distinguish the boy’s mumbling.

"Not enough! Will never be enough!"



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