Chapter 19: Third Episode: Chapter 1
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In the Holy Titan Empire, the most direct way of transferring power and wealth was through inheritance. The sons would take everything from their fathers that were used in prodigal habits and to show off. Although we would not curse the God of Light for his injustice, but when you have seen for yourself the meaning of true extravagance and luxury, you would still be in awe.

The Godzilla family is undoubtedly Titan’s wealthiest family among all the others. Being the head of the family, although Marquis Almodovar Godzilla’s appearance might frighten people, but his tricks in accumulating wealth caused others to have great respect for him.

Even from the outside, the Empire’s Finance Minister, Marquis Almodovar Godzilla’s official residence was not very remarkable. It was situated in the back of Penelope Avenue’s North Street. This building was built as a personal gift from the previous century’s Majesty to the Godzilla family. Although by the rules, the exterior was in accordance with the specifications deemed fit for nobles, but the adults of the Godzilla family chose to highlight the interior.

The whole official residence was a prime example of a manor that all nobles loved. The main house within the huge gates was just as they had asked for and if it was compared with the Empire’s other Marquis’s residences, it was indistinguishable. It was simple, yet did not lack grandeur. The Godzilla family’s family crest was on both sides of the fence of the huge gates. Due to the limitations of the tiny North Street, most of the time the place seemed somewhat deserted.

The enormously plump man led Prince O’Neil Andrew Morisette by the hand, into the official residence. It was brightly lit inside the house. The youngster did not know how he ended up in this huge living room and he also did not know that his appearance made the nobles attending the wine reception fluster. This little chubby boy focused all his attention on the "palace".

Truthfully, the Marquis Godzilla’s residence could totally be described as a palace. His interior designer used to be a frequent visitor of the court of the Riel Kingdom and the Faran Kingdom.

Usually, before we enter the main entrance of the main house, we would see a spacious patio. However, in the Marquis Godzilla’s official residence, you would realize that what greets you is a peculiarly designed fountain. The theme of the fountain’s sculpture was the Godzilla family’s proud history of The Rise. Their family’s first elder was kneeling on the ground while passing a long sword with both hands to the first Emperor of the Morisette dynasty who was sitting upright on a horse, preparing to go into battle. Have no doubts, the big fatty’s ancestors started off as the Emperor’s sword attendant.

All the guests visiting this place would salute in respect towards the statue of His Majesty. Although the Godzilla family members understood that the people were not expressing their respect towards the lump of fat by the Emperor’s feet, but they already felt good enough at all the attention given to the fountain.

The little prince did not want himself to appear like a country bumpkin, so he tried hard to act very calmly. However, when he saw a glass roof above the fountain, he still shouted "Ola"! The price of glass was already an astronomical amount. Those who could use that special type of solid glass to build a roof, could only be described with one word - insane.

The crescent moon shined brightly in the backdrop of a sky full of stars, high above the fountain. The soft moonlight shone through the hall’s specially decorated lights and fell onto the body of the statue. All this draped a layer of grandeur and mystery onto His Great Majesty. Of course, all these also gave a spectacular view to the visitors.

Little Oscar had just recovered from the shock of seeing the entrance hall, but following the opening of the great living room doors, all the youngster’s senses were stimulated once again.

Music, perfume, noise, garb! Oscar felt that what hit his senses was not just a kind of atmosphere; rather it was the life of this era, which belonged in its own.

"Beloved brother, brother!"

The sweet voice of a girl brought the little prince who was lost in thought, back into reality.

"Ola! My apologies! Was I being disrespectful? I even forgot about your presence, my dear little Sasha."

"No, I am happy, brother. The people here are quite friendly."

"Ola, yes, but I think it is the Marquis Godzilla who has shielded us well. Or perhaps he had taken care of these guests for us in advance. Did you not notice? No one has come to harass us."

"Yes, there were a few eager men that kept staring at us, but they dared not come near our sofa."

"Ola, ignore them. Let us see what there is for us to have fun with."

The large living room had seventy over guests scattered about. Their ages included all the three generations of the old, the middle-aged, and the young. Their status practically consisted of all levels of nobility. Of course, no matter how respected they were, before the little prince, they were still beneath him by a certain gap. So, when the little prince passed by, whether they were willing to or not, they had to maintain the etiquette for the imperial household members towards the prince.

Sasha E. Nedgabel Andrew was nicknamed as "Andrew’s Narcissus Corolla". And during certain times, she definitely was! Just as now, while she sat at her brother’s side, lightly waving the feathered fan in her hand. Another hand was on the sofa’s armrest, and lightly tapping to the rhythm of the music. All the while, the little young miss’ face had a small smile plastered on it that appeared to be mocking. Those who had seen her like this would affirm that, after several years, this cold yet somewhat unruly little girl would grow up and become an extraordinarily beautiful woman.

The vigilant little prince quickly realized the subtle relationships between these nobles. The youths would naturally group together. Some of them were dancing, while others got together and chattered away excitedly. As compared to the youths’ loud and extensive discussions, the middle-aged and the elderly white-haired people appeared more dignified. In their hands were glasses of all kinds of excellent wine. In small groups, they talked in low voices, discussing about who-knows-what. However, Oscar realized that the gazes of these people would casually drift towards the base of the young girls’ skirts when people were not aware; and most of the targets of these guys’ attentions were those stunning youths.

The little prince finally experienced the upper class’ wine reception and Salon. Compared to the one organized by the warden a while ago, Oscar could not help but shake his head when he thought about it. The last time, aside from the beautiful ... uhhh ... What was the servant girl of Moranzo’s house called? Who cared! Aside from discovering a beautiful young lady, there were no good points to it at all.

The Empire’s Finance Minister, Marquis Almodovar Godzilla, led a group of attendants and hurried back. The Sir Marquis walked while using a handkerchief to wipe away the sweat on his forehead that was continuously dripping down. After he saw the little prince, he was obviously relieved. Although he had already given instructions beforehand, but he was still worried that there might be some agitated and impulsive fools who might bring trouble to His Respected Imperial Highness the Prince; after all, Dulin currently already had many men who were openly expressing their discontent towards the prince. This was because, all in all, this little chubby fellow wanted to pick from among them, the most valuable flower in their hearts.

"Haha! I’m afraid I’ve been a poor host! I truly apologize! You see, my Imperial Highness the Prince, I really could not allow you to go select your food at the long table like all those ordinary people. So, take a look here. The food might not be that sumptuous, but I think you and the noble little young miss should be able to find some that are to your liking."

The attendants arranged each and every one of the delicate trays in front of the prince. The flattered expression on Oscar’s face confirmed the Finance Minister’s guess. However, he would not have thought that at that moment, Prince O’Neil had already developed an inexplicable strange enmity towards him. The little prince knew that someone in his official residence must have been giving out information. Although the Finance Minister’s actions were just a good gesture from his side, but to look at it in another way, this fellow had already grasped his eating habits. In which case, this Almodovar was already dangerous enough.

"For goodness sake, you are the Empire’s Finance Minister. What right do I have to have you personally do these things? Oh good gracious! You make me feel embarrassed." Oscar exaggeratedly made a big fuss.

"Yes! Beloved Uncle Almodovar! Your actions will cause father to reprimand us for being impolite." The shrewd Sasha jumped in to help her brother.

"Haha! Hahaha! Ha!" The Empire’s most "substantial" big man laughed breathlessly. "The sons and daughters of the house of Andrew had always been the cream of the crop, but Your Imperial Highness Prince and the little young miss are the most outstanding among the youths I’ve seen."

"Yes, that’s right. I wholeheartedly agree with your opinion."

It was not known when the group of middle-aged men appeared behind the Marquis, and the one who spoke was one among them. Oscar got up to greet them. He already noticed these few men earlier on, whom after Almodovar’s arrival, started to assemble towards him.

Marquis Almodovar Godzilla slapped his forehead abruptly. "Look at me! Look at me! I have messed up everything. I’ve actually abandoned His Imperial Highness the Prince all alone over here. Your Imperial Highness, I hope that you can forgive my mistake. Let me introduce you to these respected men."

Little Oscar’s smile was very rigid. This was totally understandable. He really could not understand how these chaps in front of him could meticulously maintain their smiles for so long. The prince was not familiar with this kind of high-standard social interaction, but he quickly grasped the gist of it: Smile. Smiling could make you appear baffling and inexplicable, and it could also make you appear highly mysterious.

So, when the Marquis Almodovar, pleased, led these men – the main pillars of the Empire, and left, they were praising the little prince’s steadiness and generosity. We all know that the little prince did not need these praises. In that brightly lit hall, he felt extremely uneasy. The people’s gaze held a lot of things, and he did not want to find out just what they were.

Sasha E. Nedgabel Andrew was urged away by her brother from his side. His reason was that he did not want her, a youngster, to be bored together with him. The little young miss scratched her own head. She was very annoyed with her brother’s attitude of acting like an adult, but she knew that her brother Oscar had not really blended into his social age group. So when they were interacting, he required time to adjust.

After His Imperial Highness the Prince greeted the big stout man, he then went into the garden alone. Marquis Godzilla sent seven attendants to follow him from far behind.

The lush thicket, the thriving flowers, the sweet scent and shadows surrounded O’Neil Andrew Morisette. The youngster was finally in high spirits. He knew that there were at least two groups of people shadowing him, but they were not important. He had a dagger and six throwing knives, hidden on his body, and these were enough to cause ten people to die a terrifying death.

"Your Imperial Highness the Prince!" Oscar heard a voice calling him and turned around.

"Finance Minister, hehe, dear Marquis Godzilla, you should really control your consumption. You look like an elephant when you walk."

"Haha, thank you for your concern my prince. However, considering the current circumstances, there are many issues that are far more important than my weight."

The little prince was not astonished. He knew that this sea creature’s arrangement to meet him was definitely not as simple as it seemed. "Oh? What matters are you referring to?"

The stout man instead expressed astonishment. This was because he was really a little puzzled about the recent things that he observed. "You probably have an idea that there are some new faces in Dulin, and according to a trusted friend of mine, they are not people to be trifled with."

O’Neil Andrew Morisette gave a laugh. He did not want to bring any difficulties to himself or this ally of his. So as for the people who were not to be trifled with that were crowding into the capital, it was better to speak less about them. "My dear Finance Minister, I do not know these people, but I can guarantee, they do not have anything against anyone."

The big fatty forced a dazzling smile. "Haha! Really? It seems like I have been worried about nothing then. However, my beloved Imperial Highness the Prince, did you know? Just a moment ago, the Ministry of Justice had mobilized all their spies."

The youngster raised his eyebrows. A matter that could cause a general mobilization of the Ministry of Justice was definitely an extremely intractable problem. "Why aren’t you continuing on?"

"Hehe, do not be anxious, Your Imperial Highness. Let us go and sit over there! Take a look at me, I cannot keep up with you young people, looking for you just now has already exhausted me."


"Let us rest a while up ahead! Chief! It is already late into the night, the horses cannot take much anymore!" Sergeant Al Kairi breathlessly voiced out a suggestion to his Chief.

"No, Kairi. Look at those torches ahead and behind us. All the search parties are still busy, we too can’t stop yet, hurry up."

The Sergeant’s complaint was not given much attention by the Chief, but he did not feel resentful. He knew that he could never compete with these officers who had a nobility title. He straightened his uniform and whipped his horse with all his strength. The old horse whined and set out again.

First Lieutenant Domikai was already considered a good officer. He cherished the soldiers in his squadron very much. However, this time it was different. Before they set out the Head of the Ministry of Justice personally lectured them, that if this guy was not caught, the whole Empire would suffer a tremendous loss. So they could not bother about these trivial matters. They must find that criminal. If their luck was good enough, they might even be able to get promoted through this operation.

Night had already completely shrouded Dulin. Be it the city or the narrow country roads, the moonlight generously offered a layer of pure white radiance over the land. This was the best time to search, but after the prosecutors of the Ministry of Justice had busied themselves for four hours, they still ended up empty-handed. The criminal was not only good at fleeing but he was a master of concealment.


"Did something happen?"

"Yes, Chief. Sergeant Al Kairi’s first squadron has intercepted a cart up in front. "

"Oh, really? Let’s go and see."

Al Kairi was in a horrible mood. His old horse had smacked its leg and the whole hoof was deformed. He really wanted to kick this old horse a good few times, but he did not have the heart to do so. So he vented out his anger on a passing cart.

The owner of the cart had never had a good impression of these soldiers. In reality, the people of Titan had always looked down on them. Only the uneducated or those who had a criminal charge would join the army! The uncle who was driving the cart looked on coldly as the soldier dismounted his horse. He did not resist, but in his heart he had already cursed these people countless times.

"I say, Kairi, what are you doing?"

"Ah! It’s you, First Lieutenant. This chap is very suspicious! Would you like to question him?"

"Kairi! You are the subordinate that I rely on the most! But damn it! You are evidently still unclear about the situation. The person we are trying to capture is a criminal who is threatening the safety of the Empire, and not... not a farmer who does not even recognize letters!"

"Yes, Chief. Would you like me to release him?"

"For goodness sake, Kairi. Otherwise, what else do you plan to do? Arrest him? To arrest him with the criminal charge of transporting tangerines on Titan’s roads?"

The First Lieutenant’s words amused the nearby soldiers. Everyone started to make fun of Kairi, but Kairi was not distressed over being mocked by his own co-workers. He placed his saddle equipment on an unfortunate man’s horse. Before he left, he did not forget to give the horse that had gotten him scolded a whip. "Hey! You brat! Next time remember to transport some illegal goods. Don’t tell me you aren’t worried about being bloated to death by the tangerines! You damned pig!"

The person driving the cart spit quietly. The Ministry of Justice’s master soldiers cannot be reasoned with. He could only blame himself for being unlucky. However, the weird thing was that he did not tidy up the cart, which was in a mess, but hurried in the direction of Dulin while still under the cover of darkness.


"Your Imperial Highness Prince, take a look over here."

"My respected Finance Minister, although I have no idea about landscaping, I can still appreciate the uniqueness of your garden."

"Hehe! Thank you for your praise." The big fatty, Godzilla was a little puzzled. He quite believed that what he had said just now would have made the 15-year-old little chap feel anxious, but he had obviously miscalculated. This little prince was a true expert. When he was interacting with people, he never made a single mistake.

"Okay, okay. I believe that you may be interested to know that the people from the Ministry of Justice had been sent outside the city to the countryside to search."

Oscar was relieved. He did not have much patience left. "Oh, what are they searching for?"

"Hehe, the search operation was launched suddenly. Although my old friend in the Ministry of Justice strictly instructed his subordinates to keep it confidential, but do you know, Your Imperial Highness? This is Dulin, and there is nothing that cannot be looked up. They are on a manhunt, for a person who escaped from Damorga prison."


"Little young miss! May I have the honor of this dance?"

Sasha extended her hand to the brave young noble. She saw that the young guy’s eyes were wild with joy.

There was no specific area allocated as the dance floor in the hall. If you liked, you could embrace your dance partner and waltz through the salon, as long as you did not disturb the others, no one would blame you.

The young lad had successfully invited "Andrew’s Narcissus Corolla" for a dance. This was something worth being proud of in the entire ball. As a matter of fact, the nobles were very prudent in terms of matters like inviting one to dance. This was because in ballroom dancing, there were a lot of intimate movements involved. This would affect to a certain degree, the whole dance’s form and motion. Little Miss Sasha E. Nedgabel Andrew was an expert in dancing, but her true area of expertise was in selecting her dance partner. She had already made up her mind. Tonight she was to only dance one dance. Although it would leave many elite youths with overwhelming regret, but to her current partner who was embracing her and lost in the music, it was undoubtedly an extraordinary honor.

This youth’s noble surname was Artermisrae, and the relationship between the Artemisrae family and Andrew’s house had been maintained for several decades. The many weapons and ammunition of the Andrew family were assembled from various regions of the Empire through the Artermisrae family.

Both the youngsters were exceptionally outstanding. Their dancing was skilled and elegant. Their lighthearted manner was as if two fishes were swimming together in tropical water.

Little miss Sasha E. Nedgabel Andrew did not place her whole attention on the dance. She looked as if she was really focused on dancing and chatting, but what you should be paying attention to, were her eyes. Her eyes had already searched many times. Her brother did not appear again after he left the hall.


Although O’Neil Andrew Morisette was not flustered by the sudden event, but his current circumstances were indeed nothing much. The Finance Minister had a somewhat mocking expression, waiting for him by the side to see him make a fool of himself. And aside from being able to verify that there was confusion in Damorga, he did not understand anything else.

"Ola! So, it’s like this eh? Why did you tell me these things? You should know, I do not wish to bring up anything related to Damorga."

"Then I can only apologize for my presumptions. However, Your Imperial Highness Prince, I think that I should warn you to take some preventive measures, as to my understanding, not all the important people in Dulin welcome you."

"Thank you for your warning. I suddenly have the mood to chat with you now, you know? My beloved Finance Minister, despite you having a hired army in the Croude Province, but in the Eastern lands, there is a proverb that summarizes it very clearly – The distant waters cannot quench one’s thirst. You will never know what kind of danger awaits you, so at this time, you can only depend on the strength on hand, relatives, friends, allies. You are my ally. I will engrave your kindness towards me in my heart. Similarly, when you need help, I will lend a helping hand without the slightest hesitation."

"Hahahaha! My respected Imperial Highness Prince, you are indeed a shrewd young man. Don’t worry, I do not have any intention to blackmail you. I am only warning you as a friend. I have received your promise, but it seems that now, you might be busy for some time."

"Hehe! Yes! The guy that escaped from Damorga will naturally not be easy to handle, but I think ought not to have anything much to do with me. However, for the people that you said had infiltrated Dulin, let me make it clear again; they have purposes of a different matter, a very interesting matter. If you are curious, I could find an opportunity to allow you to be a part of it."

"Oh! So this is an invitation?"

"Yes! Respected Marquis Godzilla, this is an official invite. If this matter had your involvement, it would definitely be more interesting."

Oscar knew that this big stout man was lightly calculating him. Now he had become the side that required help. The big fatty could adopt a manner of having the upper hand when talking to him. However, the little fatty’s mind and calculations did not fall short to others. When the big fatty realized it, he was already unable to withdraw himself. Oscar saw that the big fatty who was somewhat pleased with himself just now, express a disdainful smile. If he were the Emperor of Titan, he would have this man, who was corrupted and abused the law, to experience torture and then left to die slowly.


"Have you found him?" First Lieutenant Domikai rushed towards the soldiers under him, waving his horsewhip.

"I’m sorry chief, it was those country folks from the Fourteenth Criminal Investigation Team who found him."

"Ahh... Really? It seems like those country folks are more useful in places such as this."

"Domikai, you big-mouthed rascal. Who are you calling country folks?"

Both the investigation teams met in the middle of the road. The person leading the other group was the head of the Fourteenth Criminal Investigation Team. He was extremely unpleased with Domikai’s ridicule.

"Hey! You! Show a little of the Knight’s spirit will you? Too much cold sarcasm can also cause you to catch a cold. Your mates need help, come quickly!"

In his heart, Domikai had already roughly guessed that those in the Fourteenth squadron must have ran into some trouble, otherwise, they would not have stupidly allowed him to have an opportunity to share their glory. He led his troops to forge ahead. Through the light of the kerosene lamp, he saw the criminal that they were after. Domikai’s pulse quickened, it was indeed quite some trouble. The guy’s body was covered all over in cuts and bruises, and it seemed as if the God of Light might call him anytime.

"No hope?" First Lieutenant Domikai did not want such a huge glory to be snatched away by the God of Light.

"Aside from your foul mouth, is there nothing else that you are good at? Come and help, bandage him up or apply some powder to stop the bleeding or something."

"Okay! Okay! I know! Don’t worry, he will not die before we arrive in the department!"

"How would you know?"

"Both my parents are doctors."

"But what has that got to do with you?"

"For goodness sake! Why are you so troublesome? Let me deal with him for a while and we can be on our way. As long as he does not die in our hands, then everything will be fine!"


As O’Neil Andrew Morisette sat on his carriage, the ruffians and rogues of the whole Dulin city set out. They were spread out in every corner. They watched every person who might cause trouble. Of course, the Ministry of Justice’s building was also one the key points of their watch. It was obviously different from before there as two men were posted at the gates and the investigation officials who usually got off work earlier were still bustling in and out of the building non-stop.

The hour was already close to ten in the evening. Dulin was starting to fall quiet. However, His Imperial Highness the Prince’s mind was agitated for no reason. The youth felt that he might be infringed upon, but he did not know the reason why. As long as Domingo was overseeing Damorga prison, then no huge disorder would arise. Could it be that one of the big shots that refused to be left alone had committed an offense? The little prince let out a sigh. This presumption may very well be possible. Those chaps were nothing good. The imprisoned years absolutely couldn’t smooth out their edges. And now, he had taught these previous big shot criminals to collaborate in committing a crime. In that case... It may be better not to think about these things!

Sasha E. Nedgabel Andrew sat beside her brother. Her silence did not mean that she did not know how to reflect. At one time, she had complained to her brother because when he ran into certain problems, he would obviously avoid her. However, when she secretly flipped through her brother’s memoir diary, she decided to never again ask about things that he did not wish to tell her.

"Sasha, have you heard me mention about little Brooklyn?"

"No, brother. Is she a girl?"

"Yes! A pure and adorable girl."

"Oh? Really? What about her?"

"She died!"

"How did she die?"

"She was split into half by a person with a machete. In the end, she was cut up into meat paste and thrown to starving wild dogs."

The little young miss’ face became white. It was difficult for her to imagine such a gruesome scene. "Who... Who did it? Good gracious! The God of Light will not forgive him!"

"It was me."

Sasha stared at her brother with wide eyes. She did not understand why her brother could say these things so calmly.

"She betrayed me, she sold me out to the wild dogs, so she had to die. I have no regrets; I have never regretted my decision at that time. This is how the world is, Sasha, my beloved. When you realize that even the corner of the sheeps’ mouths has bloodstains, then you will remain quite vigilant even when you’re dealing with ants."



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