Chapter 20: Third Episode: Chapter 2
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No one could give a definite answer as to when did Brooklyn and Oscar started dating. In Damorga, no one was bold enough to mention that name in front of the big brother. Yes, even if little Brooklyn was only an ordinary child prostitute, her name would make O’Neil Andrew Morissette lose his sanity.

Ever since their first meeting, the little fatty frequented the prostitute’s small cabin. The mysterious girl knew how to satisfy the young man’s mental and physical needs. A girl like her was able to arouse the boy’s sexual desires and evoke his early memories of love.

Brooklyn did not have any untold secrets. Her profession made her a cheap object of pleasure for men, and to be honest she was not in any way particularly seductive or attractive. Oscar had no fantasy towards the young girl. He could only blame the God of Light for their fate, for making the young fatty warm up to her at once.

Would anyone ever fall for a child prostitute? To be fair there was nothing for a prostitute to complain about as they could consider themselves fortunate if they were sent to work in the Damorga prison. Most of the prisoners and guards would not deliberately make things difficult for these poor and frail women. They all had their own bitter past, but no one cared about that because in Damorga, what was more important was to keep themselves alive.

Oscar learned that young Brooklyn especially loved to eat salted cheesecake, so he would always bring some with him during his visits. The privileges the young man had earned up to that time was far more than just the authority to move around freely in the prison, he could also do whatever he wished as long as it was not too extreme or off limits. His requests for the warden were often only to get some printed cotton materials to make skirts for the ladies or some nutritious delicious snacks.

One could say that the times Oscar spent with Brooklyn were his happiest moments in the Damorga prison. The evil forces looked at this opportunity as their best chance to take advantage of young Oscar. It might sound cliche, but the simplest and fastest way to break someone was to kill them in an instant, was it not? One could save themselves the trouble of having to plan for a long, complicated and thorough revenge plan. How tiresome.

But wait! Someone mentioned the presence of evil forces in Damorga prison? Oh God! That was crazy! Inside the empire’s darkest prison lived the most vicious devils. Each and every one of them were undoubtedly evil forces.

Those who held this view were either the aristocrats or the free folks. The Ministry of Justice had too many affairs on their hands, they could not be bothered to investigate these upper class citizens. Instead, they put their attention and effort on spying on the people at the bottom of the social hierarchy. Although they could not gain as much profit from these people by underhanded means, there was the sense of excitement when they flaunt their power and harass these poor people. The officials of the Ministry of Justice enjoyed torturing the people from the lower classes out of fun. It was a means for them to unleash their power and air their vengeance.

The violent death of young Brooklyn happened mainly because of her naivety, she was still too inexperienced to have the intellect to understand how things worked in the adult’s world. Although her tragic death could not be separated from the violent O’Neil Andrew Morisette, no one could have the heart to blame it all on the young man’s impulsiveness.

In short, O’Neil Andrew Morisette had the opportunity to learn loads of different skills from many masters, hence he was equipped with the ability to protect himself even at a young age. Secondly, one third of the mafias in Titan had connections with the Andrew Family and they swore to protect the safety of the young master. Moreover, the competitive young man was becoming more and more puffed up by pride and arrogance after he successfully took the lives of a couple of infamous killers, and he was often seen in places where he should not have been. His enemies did not forget all the hatred, but they were just too occupied with the political life that they could not find time to deal with the little rascal in Damorga. Lastly, the spies of Ministry of Justice were not delighted to see the existence of such an aloof young man in prison. They needed to eradicate this increasing influence which could threaten their authority power among the prisoners. Therefore, this perfect opportunity gave rise to the wicked scheme targeting the young man.

Young Brooklyn totally had no idea of the scheme or the whole situation. She believed the right thing to do was to partner with the remarkable spies. In order to keep herself alive in Damorga, she had to go with the majority, and that convinced her to participate in the murder plan. Just like usual, she brought the boy for a walk after "work". The little boy was socially awkward and did not have much to talk, not to mention sweet words. That was exactly what the young Brooklyn liked -- simplicity and ordinariness. Hence, when the boy showed up at their usual meeting time the girl was devastated and conscience-stricken. A variety of negative emotions instantly filled her youthful but broken soul. Unfortunately, these feelings faded as quickly as they came.

The mountain blocked the warm breeze coming from the sea, which was why winter in Damorga prison always felt longer compared to the other places. Although the cold northerly wind whistled strongly, it failed to blow away the boy’s excitement in meeting the girl. The little fatty was not rich in romantic sentiments, he only knew to bring his dates to watch the beautiful sunset of Damorel, or to enjoy the sense of freedom while chilling by the edge of the prison.

But this date turned out to be a little different from his usual ones. The girl had familiarised herself with the boy’s ideal route to take to his favourite dating spot. Just a stone throw’s away from their destination, at an abandoned storehouse near the edge of the prison, the Ministry of Justice had installed a troop of Special Forces Unit at the best position for ambush.

The young man was not gifted with prediction abilities. So even though he felt suspicious of the sets of footprints imprinted on the thick layer of snow he did not give any extra thought to it. To be fair he was still not regarded as a qualified warrior. Hence, as usual, the boy ordered the guards to leave the young couple alone, and walked right into the ambush while holding the girl’s cold little hands. Despite the fact that the boy did not understand romance, he was always inadvertently showing his gentleness through small gestures. He raised the back of the young prostitute’s cold hands to his lips and gave them a soft kiss, he then blew some warm air onto them to stop them from shaking.

The wind and snow could block one’s line of vision, but similarly they could also be the efficient messenger that conveys loads of messages, for instance the sharp hissing sound of a thin double-edged sword.

The young man pulled the girl into his own embrace to protect her from the attacks, but unfortunately the sword slid into himself. There were four people who assassinated him. To be exact, they were four professional and experienced special secret agents, which was why the young fatty could not avoid their assaults coming from the dark as he was at a disadvantage. The snowy wind was still whistling hard when the little fat guy shoved the girl down to the ground. His eyes were filled with disbelief as he saw the dagger the girl had inserted into his waist. Only then did Oscar figure out the situation.

Anger, despair, and feelings of betrayal led the young man into hysterics. The blood oozing from his body and the throbbing pain triggered his violent self and he began attacking every person who came near to him like a mad dog. He was thrown to the ground, but he could still see the tip of a thin sword approaching his eyes slowly with a steady rhythm. The more he struggled the weaker he got. He let out a roar of rage and frustration that resembled the struggle of carnivorous beasts. He felt himself gradually losing energy. The young Oscar could feel the sharp sword sliding into his eye. With all the energy he had left in his body, he pulled out the dagger buried deep inside his waist and used the weapon that had injured himself to save his own life.

The boy could not remember exactly in details how he solved the sudden crisis. Everything was so chaotic, so frantic. The snow ground was a huge mess. The boy's self-esteem demanded him not to lie there still like a dead dog, and so with all his strength he stood up in a staggering manner.

The young Brooklyn was completely remorseful of what she did. Even if the body staggered towards her, she did not think there was still life inside the little boy. Fresh red blood oozed from his eyeball like a small fountain. Brooklyn thought that the devil had taken the poor boy’s body.

The death of the little girl was so miserable that the boy did not want to think about it even after he grew up. However, someone heard from His Imperial Highness Prince O’Neil Andrew Morisette himself that he never regretted what he had did. In fact, it was because of his decisiveness and cruelty in dealing with this matter that he managed to establish his reputation in the shortest possible time among the prisoners of Damorga. Hence, some things indeed could not be explained by the common logical way of thinking. The young man’s crazy revenge plan lasted for about one month long. During that time he was seen blindfolded, holding his machete and dragged his feet, wandering around the prison in search of his enemies. That amazing scene was still now being talked about and relished among the the older generation of prisoners in Damorga.

His Imperial Highness Prince once again thought of little Brooklyn. He felt a little strange as to why the person with such importance who had affected his life greatly was not being written into his memoir. The young prince took a small sip of the tea. He realized the reason was because little Brooklyn could only remain hidden in a place somewhere deep in his heart. He did not know where and how to begin writing about her, and he had no idea how he should describe the child prostitute. That was the first time ever that he had opened his heart to another person, but the God of Light had not blessed that first experience to be as sweet and pure as a first love. Ever since her death, everything related to young Brooklyn had become O’Neil Andrew Morisette’s bottom line. Being betrayed was indeed a cruel experience, but what was harder to face was the truth that reality brought with it after.

How could one describe the feeling of truth that comes after betrayal? His Imperial Highness Prince placed the porcelain cup down onto the table and it became clear to him suddenly. The kind of truth was just like this Oriental drink - tea, incomparably bitter, but a taste that would never be forgotten.

His Imperial Highness Prince O’Neil Andrew Morisette obtained all the information needed from the letter written to him by Captain Vick. He had a good impression about the captain, and the prince knew that after all this was over the captain would hit the big time and become reputable. That Captain of the Guards has the wisdom and courage unlike others, he has the potential of becoming a confidential secretary. The prince came here for the famous tea, but the tea was so bitter that it gave his chest an unpleasant feeling that he could not explain. Young Oscar realized that he had been doing too much of thinking.

"It’s late now, Sasha, go to sleep. Antonia, and dear Miss Fenrar, please go and fetch for Percy and Baron Thomas Aulet respectively."

The prince’s order had a firm and unquestionable tone. Sasha looked behind the closed door, not knowing what to do.

She finally discovered the distance between her brother and herself. She thought that her brother was becoming more and more like their mighty father who was always busy with his army. Even though she and her beloved brother were only been obstructed by a wooden door, but their minds were thousands of miles apart. She had no idea what would become of them if this situation continues.

"Please enter, my dear friends!" Marquis Almodovar Godzilla was greeting several of his closest friends in his huge meeting room. Although the party had ended, several of the more important guests stayed behind without prior arrangement.

The well-dressed gentlemen entered the living room one after another. It was clear that they were quite familiar with the area as they each found their seats and sat down accordingly out of old habits.

The interior of the living room was extravagantly luxurious. The Engels-produced corner sofa was wrapped in cosy animal skin, the blue-against-white marble fireplace displayed the owner’s unique taste in furniture, and the crystal chandeliers with golden lamp brackets evenly spread the warm light of the candles across the spacious room. The lords were also served with fresh seasonal fruits and high quality Iceland wine the colour of amber. In general, there was no shortage of luxury and the room was decorated with imposing grandeur.

Although the big fat Godzilla was committed to the prince’s promise, he still had his own set of ideas. Obviously, the little fatty encountered an intractable problem. This would be the perfect timing to reconsider the reliability of the allies, but the little fatty’s incomparable confidence gave the shrewd finance minister some doubts. The sea creature has been in charge of the imperial’s finance more than three decades, and his keen political sense could trace a crisis rising in the midst of peaceful Dulin.

"Gentlemen, alright, gentlemen! Would you all listen to me?" Marquis Godzilla shouted loudly to cease the uproarious gentlemen.

As the brains and minds of the finance minister, these gentlemen were naturally not useless friends who were only fit for guzzling and boozing. Although to be honest they would sell their own souls for Golden Tis without a moment of hesitation but they all knew their places and were aware of their own astute.

"Gentlemen! You should all know of the situation that is happening right now. Although the exact details are still uncertain but there is one thing to be sure, and that is the lord of the Secretary of State has already been pre-emptive and took his move. So now what should we do?"

"Marquis Godzilla!" A eccentric looking guy took the lead in expressing his opinion. "I think all things have been made very obvious. No matter what kind of the situation it is, by virtue of our good relations with the Secretary of State over the years, we should be unified with them and make sure both parties speak along the same lines. Even though the prince and his family are not someone to be trifled with, if we allow him to penetrate his influence here in Dulin I am afraid that will cause change to the whole power structure of the empire."

The lord had in fact voiced out the widespread concern of the Dulin’s aristocrats. His Imperial Highness Prince O’Neil Andrew Morisette rose to power in such a short period of time. Although his status as a member of the Imperial family was not to be censured, the aristocrats were still used to regarding him as just a member of the Andrew Family. People have been discussing the rise of status for Andrew family once the bestowment of title took place, and it was a topic that worried everyone. Because of historical events, the aristocrats and the upper reaches of the Dulin capital naturally had fear towards high provincial governor families just like the Andrew Family.

Three other lords presented in the living room also supported the gentleman’s opinion. However, Count Levis Sakya from Toules Province had a completely different view on the same matter.

"Dear lords, I assumed everyone here is aware that I have had an informal meeting with the young prince before. Based on my experience I strongly disagree with the notion that we should be in the opposing side of His Imperial Highness Prince." As soon as they heard this the people in the living room fell into dispute. It seemed that the young prince appeared to be incompetent in the eyes of most people.

"Please listen to me, dear gentlemen! If you would let me finish my sentence?" Levis waited a few seconds until the gentlemen regained their composure and then he continued his persuasion.

"In my opinion, the forces behind the young prince are not only the Andrew family. Even though the East Border is widely known as the territory of our empire, but even the governmental decree of His Majesty the Emperor would be worth nothing more than the Pope’s words of prayer in that area. Nonetheless I’m afraid that you gentlemen have ignored one important point, that is, the Andrew family never intervenes with the emperor's decision."

"So if they are not intervening, and also not implementing any actions, what difference does it make?" One gentleman asked.

"No, it’s not the same," Count Sakya shook his head before clearing the gentleman’s confusion, "When they do not interfere, it means that even if they are led by the empire’s central government, they have the authority to selectively implement the central government’s decrees. It shows that the Andrew family is very political minded. The empire’s program could not work at all in the East Border, hence it does not matter if the Andrew family cares about the program or not. Their agreement already addresses the problem, which is that the Andrew family will not participate in centralized ruling. This is also the basic foundation of the friendly relationship between the Andrew family and the Imperial family for almost four centuries. They will always be the powerful armed force that is ready to sacrifice for the imperial. Besides, I have good enough reasons to believe that this situation will not change in the coming future."

"The second issue is regarding the young prince himself. For the Andrew family, his bestowment is nothing more than just another honour to the family. What we really need to consider is the real intention behind His Majesty the Emperor’s decision on the bestowment. His Majesty is not the reckless kind, he must have thought clearly and thoroughly before making any decision. So no matter what we might think of the young prince now, I suggest that we stay with our initial standpoint and keep following His Imperial Highness. I believe that is the key to winning the final war."

"Finally, gentlemen, I do not know if you have noticed, the law and order in Dulin city has shown significant improvement recently, and His Majesty has openly praised the lord from Ministry of Justice in front of the public, but do you know why?"

All the lords shook their heads in unison. They have never encountered robbery, assault, or fraud, of course they were ignorant about the situation of the lower classes.

"Ha ha, you will not believe this. Someone has been reorganising the internal structure of the underground forces and gangs of the capital lately. You all must understand better than me how complex these organisations are. Can anyone guess who has so much financial support and control that they can successfully calm down the dark forces?"

A gentleman’s voice stuck out in the sea of murmuring discussion, "Sir Count, I have heard that the young prince owns a special badge representing the Rights from his times in the so-called ‘Underworld’ organisation, can you verify if this rumour is indeed true?"

Count Sakya gave out a half-hearted laugh. He knew that these gentlemen have only heard about the local rampant gangs from rumours. "No sir, to correct you, the Underworld is not some ‘so-called organisation’. It does exist and it is indeed a system, or more accurately it is a state of existence for a groups of people. They have their own family, their own organisation, their own principles, and their own set of laws. And the Imperial Highness Prince that we are talking about right now, according to my own understanding, he is the representative of the whole Underworld of Titan. I am not sure if it’s an appropriate way to label him this way, but do believe me, His Imperial Highness Prince already has his own large network of third party forces in Dulin, one of which is completely independent from the control of government and the Ministry of Justice. Therefore the main reason I chose to cooperate with him is because of his control over the Underworld dark forces, they would in fact become a practical strong ally."

The standpoint of Count Sakya was absolutely true, but the capital nobles were still somewhat reluctant to be convinced. Each piece of gold in the whole wide world was in some ways connected to the Underworld as the two were inextricably linked. The nobles had more or less heard of the relevant rumours, and some of the noble family with wide connections have even received warnings from the Underworld individuals themselves. Some of the men beneath the finance minister were responsible for enforcing good relations with the powerful "criminals" in the Titan empire, because those who wanted to make a great fortune have long since identified a truth - that the works not allowed in the Codes of Titan were the ones hidden with huge business opportunities. If they did not have the approval or assistance from the Underworld, they risked the chance of being kidnapped or assaulted the moment they stepped out of their own house. These cautious lords did not fully express their viewpoints at this meeting mainly because they were reluctant to expose those illegal businesses to the others.

The finance minister had enough of the discussion. His friends and colleagues were still arguing about something trivial and of no importance. As for himself, he had long recognised the opinion of Count Sakya.

The young man only showed a tiny part of his ability and the finance minister was already terrified. What was his intimidating ability? Simple. The young man somehow found out that the finance minister maintained a private armed force in the Croude province. In fact, this already showed how powerful and how connected the young prince was because this was an extremely well-hidden information. What was the other thing that the young prince said to him the other day? Oh yes, ‘the water from far away can not quench your thirst’. It was a proverb from the Eastern that meant he should take whatever help is on hand, even from strangers. Ha ha, the Easterners were indeed more poetic. It was considered a threat to the minister, as the young prince also mentioned that he would lend the finance minister a hand in critical moments without hesitation. That young man was really cautious in each of his move.

Marquis Godzilla knew that it was no longer necessary to analyse the pros and cons of cooperating with the young prince because it would definitely be a profitable move for them. He stood up from his seat and stretched his monstrous body. One could see all the fat hanging out from his belly.

The other lords shut their mouth almost instantaneously. They all were clear that when the Marquis stood up to make his speech it must be something of utmost importance.

"Gentlemen, let’s change the topic and not talk about the young prince for a second. I am honoured to announce the handwritten letter by that old man, and when everyone here has a macro and more objective view of the young prince, then we can continue our discussion about him."

Baron Thomas Aulet hurried to 31 Penelope Road. He has not been idle for the past couple of days after His Imperial Highness Prince appointed him an onerous task. However, he was pleased to see the current situation, where he and his team have successfully eliminated all Dulin’s lower classes chieftains who challenged the authority of Brother ‘Balance’. Now, he held in his hands almost seventy percent of all illegal income of all the Underworld.

O'Neil Andrew Morisette extended his hand to Baron Thomas Aulet, and the latter kissed it like a devout believer.

Oscar has high expectations towards the baron. He did a small evaluation on the baron during his time in Damorga and he decided that the gentleman was definitely a talented person with extraordinary abilities to organise. Besides, the baron had profound respect towards young Oscar and Andrew family. After Oscar’s arrival at the capital he passed the various criminals collected from all over the place to the baron. The latter did not let his little master down, in just a short period of time he managed to take control over the situation of the Underworld.

Oscar motioned Baron Thomas Aulet to sit opposite him then asked poison doctor Percy to take the seat nearer to the fireplace. The little guy positioned himself comfortably into the velvet chair. For a second he felt that he was back in Damorga again.

They exchanged greetings but that did not ease out the dull atmosphere lingering in the room. Oscar demanded the maid to serve some hot tea and bring in light snacks for the two gentlemen.

"Gentlemen, the situation has worsened," both Thomas and the poison doctor raised their head, simultaneously, but they couldn’t not sense any anxiety or tension on the young man’s face.

"First of all I want to admit my mistake," Oscar gingerly swirl the tea in his mouth to savour every taste of the tea. "I was wrong to underestimate the determination of my enemy, the old guy who was at all times planning to take my life into his hand. Fortunately, one loyal and brave friend of ours helped us through the crisis."

Thomas was still puzzled by the order that he just received. He was told to deploy a large number of manpower to keep all the bureaus and administrative houses of the Ministry of Justice under surveillance, at the same time sending out spies to control the various thoroughfares of the city.

At the thought of this Thomas could not help but ask: "Can I know what exactly is this severe crisis that we need to expose the forces we have just established?"

Oscar could not help it but laughed out involuntarily. He did not know if he was extremely down on luck or his enemy was too lucky. The people from the Ministry of Justice and Secretary of State managed to reveal the falsified Imperial Army warrant when they carried out an investigation in Damorga prison. Only the God of Light would know what was the beloved Lieutenant General Moranzo Hanning thinking when he decided to not destroy that document that could take down countless lives and kept it in the official document files so recklessly.

Without realising, Baron Thomas shook his head at the Lieutenant General’s foolishness. The former warden was certainly bold and resolute in his work.

Fortunately, the more sensitive Captain Vick discovered the spies’ action and risked his own life to destroy the piece of evidence in the nick of time. However, because of this he was also under the arrest by the Ministry of Justice.

Thomas realized how tricky the situation had become, as just a few moments ago his subordinates reported to him that since the Ministry of Justice had captured a felon, the security of the nearby neighbourhood would be kept under stricter vigilance. The baron immediately reported the matter to his young master.

Oscar stroked the porcelain cup lightly while his mind moved at incredibly high speed. If Vick has already been arrested, then there might a chance that the criminal experts of the Ministry of justice could force the captain into confessing. However, even under arrest he managed to find someone to deliver the message to the young prince, which indicated that he was still thinking of a way out and had not yet surrendered to the enemy. After all, Vick had participated in the outrageous escape too. Would the young prince want to keep Vick’s mouth shut for ever? On second thought he dismissed that idea as he did not want to lose such a loyal and brave friend. Being forced under this exceptionally passive pressure, the only solution was to fight hard against his enemies, the Ministry of Justice and Secretary of State.

The determined young Oscar pushed his cup aside and his eyes could be seen to be filled with delight. Poison doctor Percy was familiar with this expression of the young master’s, lights appeared to be shining in his eyes every time he was ready for a conspiratorial action.

"Gentlemen, this is what I am thinking. Regarding Captain Vick, Thomas I want you to try your best to sneak Vick out before the Ministry of Justice can obtain more concrete evidence. Use as many manpower as needed. It might seem an impossible task, but I believe with the help from our friends in the Ministry of Justice this plan should work out with minimum possibility of failure."

"Next up, Percy, you shall begin a journey far away from home. The Minister of Secretary of State seemed impatient, hence we should execute our plan as quickly as possible. Also, send my regards to my friends in the faraway lands."

Percy received his order and retreated himself out of the room immediately, there was only Oscar and Thomas left in the study. The young man refilled his subordinate’s empty cup and the baron humbly received the cup from his superior.

"Don’t constrain yourself. Tell me what you think about this," even though the young prince was confident about his plan he noticed that Thomas seemed to have some disagreement.

"Uh…how should I start! My only concern is that once we expose our cards to the enemies, the Imperial family might be alerted and increase their vigilance at the capital. Don’t you think our plan is rather brazen this time?"

"No Baron. I am still comfortably sitting here in my velvet chair, which means the Ministry of Justice has not yet obtain any evidence that could point fingers at me, so if we could rescue the witness as soon as possible they can’t direct any charges at me anymore."

"But that minister from Secretary of State will not let the matter drop lightly, he will definitely investigate the case further."

"Indeed he will, but my dear friend, his political career would end way earlier before he manages to reveal the truth."

Thomas was so shocked that he swallowed the tea leaves. He did not really appreciate the bitterness tea, and he was not completely convinced by the young prince’s thinking either. It was definitely not an easy task to eliminate the ministry of Secretary of State who has served many years for His Majesty the Emperor.

"Why are you so sure, Your Imperial Highness. You should know how difficult it is to charge and accuse this minister?"

"Ha ha, I’m glad you think this way. Generally, lords of high positions and statuses are indeed hard to be defeated, but what if this lord was involved in a severe economic crime? What if this minister had participated in an economic crime by partnering with Titan’s most hated enemy?"


"Then he would be killed in an instant my dear friend. That’s right, he would be killed for sure! Even the God of Light could not save him from this. According to the Codes of Titan, traitors of the empire would be imposed stern sanctions. As long as we accuse the Secretary of State of this crime he will not have the opportunity to rise again."


"Oh la! My dear friend, let’s call it a day! There will be no more buts. These high-status lords mostly do not have any financial problems, and if we play our cards properly, we can even accuse him of incest."

"Alright then! I will retreat myself now if there are no any more orders from Your Imperial Highness?"

"Oh la! There is an old man inhabiting the porter’s lodge. He’s a brave one, that one. It was him who helped Vick to deliver the message to us. If possible, find him a better job in the capital, and see if there’s anything else that we can help him with."

"Okay, rest assured Your Imperial Highness. You are a really good man."

Oscar did not expect the baron to describe him as a good man, "Ha ha, my friend, one has to know when to be a lion, when to be a fox, and when to be a lamb, so please do not describe me as a good man. Oh God! I feel disgusted hearing that."

"Ha ha ha, alright Your Imperial Highness! If you say so. Worry not, you will meet our friend Captain Vick very soon."

"Yes, I hope so. May the force be with you."

"Thank you, Your Imperial Highness Prince."

O’Neil Andrew Morisette sent Baron Thomas Aulet out to the gate of the small villa. Although the young fatty made a clear judgment on the direction of the matter, some things were simply unpredictable. From the political point of view, His Imperial Highness Prince was actually quite naive and innocent, he did not even consider the consequences of his conspiratorial scheme towards the minister. No matter what, the time for the young prince to fight with the opposing forces has come. Otherwise, it would be the end of the little guy’s life!



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