Chapter 26: Third Episode: Chapter 8
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Oscar faced the only door in the room. This was the best position that he had won over in the fierce fight a moment ago. Two throwing knives flew towards the wide-open door simultaneously. One of the assassins met the oncoming throwing knife when he burst into the room. His reactions were undeniably that of a killer, but after he struck down one of the throwing knives with his sword, the second throwing knife was already coming right at his face.

The force of the throwing knife lifted the unlucky assassin into a backward somersault. When the other assassin passed his own comrade and barged into the room, he suddenly realized that he had already lost sight of the target.

The assassin turned around and glanced at his fallen comrade on the ground. There was a throwing knife stuck in between the guy's eyebrows. Even the handle of the throwing knife was embedded as well. The assassin grasped the sword in his hand tightly. He vigilantly surveyed his surroundings. This fellow was a little self-conscious now. From the strength and precision at which he threw the throwing knife, the youngster was indeed a professional, to be exact; he should be a killer such as himself. In the Westland, there was no warrior who would carry a throwing knife of such standard and it was more unlikely for a knight to do so. So the only answer was, this youngster was also a killer.

The assassin was a little nervous. His rapier had already pierced through every position that could possibly hide a person in the room, but the youngster was not in any of them.

The scenario was somewhat ridiculous. The killer had now become the prey. The assassin tried to lighten his footsteps. He carefully approached the other door in the room. This door should lead into the room next door.

The assassin gently turned the knob of the door. That guy must be inside.

The door was violently kicked open. The assassin fell on the ground and flipped into the room, but he was once again disappointed. The furnishings of this room were very simple, but there was absolutely not even a single silhouette inside. However, just as the assassin breathed a little sigh of relief, a noose unexpectedly dangled silently down from the ceiling.

This assassin was undoubtedly also a qualified killer. The countless life and death ordeals he had been through allowed him to accurately sense that the real danger was approaching from behind. The assassin swiftly turned around. However, just when the assassin was turning around, his eyes were filled with utter despair.

The noose was suddenly around the assassin's neck. Even though the assassin immediately grabbed the noose, but the owner of the noose evidently did not allow him the opportunity to live. The assassin's body was suspended upwards. He flailed in midair for not more than three seconds. Following the gruesome sound of a crunch from the neck, the assassin finally relaxed. His rapier slid out from his hand, and a helpless groan reverberated from the marble floor below him.

Oscar had stationed himself on the ceiling, close to the entrance using his two legs and a hand. "Two!" The youngster jumped down onto the ground. A heavy body subsequently fell after him. Oscar adjusted his breathing. It was obvious that the series of killings was not effortless.

The youngster picked up the rapier the assassin left behind. Oscar carefully examined the vein lines of the rapier closely. Aside from knowing that this was a good blade, he could not find any clues. Oscar shook his head. His actions were undoubtedly unnecessary. No matter how one looked at it, these people were some extremely professional assassins. There was absolutely nothing of value that could be obtained from them, but Oscar really could not think of anyone who would so badly want him dead.


Those who could use a crossbow weighing 4.2kg, if not an expert archer, would be a really strong man. As the Inferno Assassination group's sniper, Bonnard could proudly claim that his attack had never failed; but it was obvious that this record was already something of the past.

Just a moment ago, the arrow that he thought would clinch his success was to his surprise, deflected by that guy's dagger. Bonnard knew that there was no mending the task this time. His opponent's bodyguard was obviously not a mere disgraced country knight. This was because there was no explanation for a country knight to be able to deflect his powerful arrow.

Bonnard suddenly felt a little silly. Why would a Prince use a disgraced country knight to serve as his bodyguard? Thinking about this, the leader of the assassins finally admitted that he had made a serious mistake. He should not have launched his attack before he had even made a proper judgment of the target's capabilities. However, the situation was not that dire yet, perhaps that little prince had already been taken care of by his subordinates.

At that moment, Bonnard was lying in wait with two other assassins of the group in a huge room. This room was located in the middle section of the palace's second floor. Moreover, Bonnard had opened the doors of the huge room widely. He knew that, that bodyguard would definitely tag along behind. In that case, there was no reason that his crossbow was to fail again.


Snowstorm did not know what the leader of the Assassin's group was thinking. He was at that moment at the entrance of the room, his body was pressed up against the wall. Paul's face still had that annoying smile. He was not that foolish. He had met many snipers who used a crossbow. Although that previous guy indeed possessed the ability to frighten others, but Paul felt, it was merely to frighten people.

The King of Assassins looked at the door of the room that was just within his reach. There was no need for him whatsoever, to take the risk and charge in. Moreover, he did not know what the layout was like inside. However, it seemed like the people inside were reluctant to leave. In that case, there were several methods for entering a room and Paul believed that the most reasonable one was to knock.


Being a horseman, the former Persian general, the highest order of the machete samurai, Mr. Wozakad Mohamed was undeniably very competent. The four beast-like Raytheon stallions he handled were already cleaned to splendor. When he brought them to appear in the capital's main street, no matter whoever it was, they would do the courtesy of fixing their attention on these perfect "ferocious beasts". During those times, Wozakad would be very proud. He already treated these four little fellows as his own sons and daughters.

His Imperial Highness the Prince's carriage stopped on the sidewalk of the public square in front of Kenshin Palace. At this moment, Wozakad was looking at this majestic, solemn palace, lost in thought. Through the reflection of the sunlight, he saw shadows flit by inside one of the palace's windows. The experienced and knowledgeable general was naturally clear what those shadows signified.

The horseman gave off a sigh. He initially hoped that he could remain silent, but those guys seemed to have ignored his presence. Until today, no one was willing to greet him. Wozakad Mohammed mounted his seat on the carriage. Inside a secret compartment just beneath his seat, there was an exceptionally sharp machete. This was a gift given to him by the little prince's father after he was released from prison.

Wozakad Mohamed took out the machete, raised the handle of the blade up high and swiftly slashed an arc in the air. The Persian general usually used this gesture to announce to the gods in the people's hearts – the war was about to begin.


Snowstorm hid at the entrance of the room. He cautiously extended his hand and lightly knocked the door twice. "Is anyone in?"

Bonnard, the head of the assassins suddenly felt a shred of frustration, should he even answer?

"Hey! If there's no one, I'm leaving." Snowstorm knocked the door another time to get someone's attention.

At that moment, Bonnard felt very uneasy. To him, it was simply a kind of contempt. So he subconsciously made a response. The arrow left the bowstring. His target was the only exposed hand of the King of Assassins.

During the split second as the bowstring vibrated, Snowstorm had already determined the position of the guy that was using the sniper bow. It did not seem as if Paul made any movement with his hand, but when the King of Assassins gently flipped his wrist, a delicate, sharp arrow that was glinting in the cold light was within his grasp.

When Bonnard launched his attack, the other two assassins in the room had already started moving towards the door. When they looked in astonishment at the hand holding the arrow, it was already too late.

Being the most excellent killer in the Westland, aside from 13, Snowstorm knew practically all the methods of using all weapons. With regards to the sniper crossbow, Snowstorm knew that the most skilled archer could reload his arrow within half a second. And just a moment ago, when Snowstorm caught the sharp arrow, half a second had already passed.

As a matter of fact, everything happened too quickly. You practically could not find the words to describe the swift movements of the King of Assassins. The arrow was in his hand, and his person was already inside the room.

It was almost as Snowstorm expected; there were two men in hiding behind the doors. The phantom-like apparition brought on a sense of foreboding when the opponents were still in a startled state. Snowstorm pierced the arrow sent by the killer into the throat of his comrade. A rain of blood spurted out from the wound.

One second! The second sharp arrow arrived on schedule, and it transmitted an angry breath. At that moment, Snowstorm's body was already completely exposed within the killer's sight. The arrow that was sure to kill arrived before his eyes.

Snowstorm let off a muffled sigh. The other killer who was lying in wait beside the door was at quite a distance from him, and this killer did not show any emotions in the face of his comrade's death. Snowstorm admitted that he had met a few troublesome guys. Of course, Snowstorm did not really mind about these matters. Moreover, time did not allow him to do much reflection because the opponent's sword was already arriving between his eyebrows.

Fortunately, the one who was attacked was Paul. He already had experience dealing with bladed weapons of more than ten types simultaneously. As for the current situation he was facing, it could be said that even the trials could not measure up.

The assassin remained behind the corpse that was still spurting out blood; undoubtedly it was the best shield. Snowstorm only used a part of the corpse and managed to block the arrow. The sound of the arrow piercing into a person's body was not something pleasant to hear. Just after that depressing sound that made one shudder, the room erupted with the sound of copper and metal clashing that was more ear piercing.

Snowstorm used his dagger to strike the sword away from its attacking position. Just when the opponent was still within the sword's attacking inertia, The King of Assassins' dagger was already pressed up against the rapier's inclined plane and sliding towards the opponent's throat.

The killer wanted to dodge this terrifying attack. In reality, he indeed dodged it, but when he saw the sparks produced by the friction between the dagger and the rapier, he had already lost his life. When his body followed the command of his brain to retreat backwards quickly, he saw the blood that spurted out from his throat spray onto the whole wall.

One second! The third sharp arrow had already lost its patience. Snowstorm used the corpse as a shield and moved about the room at high speed. When he boosted himself using the corpse, stepped onto the wall and soared up into the air, the unfortunate killer already had five rapiers embedded into his body.

Abandon the bow, unsheathe the sword! Bonnard's movements were done practically all at once. Snowstorm, who fell from above, was about to suffer a vicious counter-attack, but instead, Bonnard apparently welcomed the most unfortunate moment in his whole assassin career. Snowstorm did not fall to the ground. He seemed to have gone against the laws of movement. His body glided past the top of Bonnard's head.

At that moment, Bonnard finally understood just how formidable his opponent was. When this "Disgraced Country Knight" slipped past the top of his head, he knew that his career as an assassin was over. The reason was very simple, he was already incapable of turning around. The long sword in his hand still had to deal with Snowstorm's dagger that who knows when would be thrown at him.

The long sword sent the dagger flying away. With a "Tut", the dagger pierced into the opposite wall. Bonnard did not dare move. He sensed a body behind him that radiated superior capabilities. At that moment, there was a point of an icy-cold blade against his throat.

Until then only did Bonnard realize how his opponent could glide through the air like a bird. There were extremely fine steel wires that dangled down from the chandelier on the ceiling and those were attached to the man behind him.

Snowstorm unmasked Bonnard. Piqued, the King of Assassins sized up this man of the same trade.

"Hey, friend! Do you know what is the highest order of hunting?"

"No." Bonnard did not perceive that he was being confronted by death at that moment, instead, he felt strangely at ease.

"It is to be hunted by your prey." Paul was filled with emotion. Each time victory and defeat were distinguished with his adversary, he could not bear it. This was because he did not know when the fate of his adversary would befall himself.

"Oh? That's right! You are very right." Bonnard nodded his head. He felt that the iciness of the blade had alleviated a little.

"I am Snowstorm. Snowstorm never kills a nobody." Paul's voice was approaching freezing point.

"Snowstorm?" Upon hearing the name, Bonnard was naturally truly astounded. After all, there was a huge gap between the King of Assassins and a country knight. "I... I am very honored. We are the Inferno Assassination group and I am their leader, Bonnard. Uh... Bonnard the Paladin." Bonnard, who was about to die under the King of Assassin's blade, was ashamed to mention his name. He felt that if he added the title of Paladin to his name, it could make him feel slightly better.

"Good gracious! Really? You're a Paladin?" Snowstorm was bewildered.

Bonnard was a little indignant despite being able to tell that the King of Assassins did not carry any scorn in his words. "Of course! Just like how I respect you, no assassin would use a matter like this to joke about."

"Very well! Very well! My friend, I do not mean it that way. Just that you are about to become the tenth paladin that I have killed. Haha! My reactions were a little excessive, but it is something worth celebrating about."

Bonnard did not know whether he should cry or laugh. He grudgingly replied Snowstorm, "Then congratulations to you. You ARE the King of Assassins!"

"Then let us not talk about this, okay!" Snowstorm could tell that Bonnard was unhappy. "Last question, my friend, who sent you?"

Bonnard rejoiced a little. He could finally look at the King of Assassins behind him with contempt. "If it were your distinguished self in my place, would you answer a question such as that?"

Snowstorm rubbed his nose embarrassedly and subsequently brandished his hand that was wielding the sword.

Bonnard fell and his blood immediately pooled on the ground. Snowstorm steadily reeled in the hook of the steel wire that had been shot onto the chandelier. Before he left, he stopped to explain to Bonnard's corpse, "I only was merely casually asking."


Oscar held the rapier he had seized and restlessly strolled along the wide corridor. He walked steadily without the slightest hint of fear that he was about to be attacked by assassins.

"Hey! Young man!" Snowstorm's voice traveled down from one of the windows to the corridor. "How are your spoils?"

"Not much." Oscar shook his head. In reality, Oscar had already lost this match from the start. Even if he really strived hard, he could only perhaps scare Snowstorm. For when it came to killing, Oscar's experience could not compare to that of the King of Assassins.

"Do not be discouraged, there are still quite a few of them we haven't met yet right?" Snowstorm happily consoled the little prince.

"Yes, but I fear they may not be on this level, I think..." As if in response to Oscar's words, suddenly on one of the floors of the Palace came a blood-curdling shriek.

"Ahhh...!" The wails of one on the verge of death reverberated through the spacious and empty Palace.

When everything had died down, Snowstorm and the little prince could not help but look at each other and laugh. Then the two freaks, one big, one small, slowly strolled down the stairs. Perhaps there was nothing left in this world that could alarm them.

"Whew..." Snowstorm let off a soft whistle. It seemed as if a war had just struck Kenshin palace! Six bodies were strewn across the corridor and each of them had a wound; some had abdominal penetrations, some were pierced through the chest, some were cut at the throat, and some were beheaded.

Oscar looked at the brutal scene along the corridor and shook his head. "Would you believe it? If mother knew what our home had become, she would certainly beat me up severely."

"Mmm, if it were me, I would beat you up too. However, your mother has passed away. Oh, forgive me for saying this, but she indeed cannot beat you anymore! Young chap, you have avoided a vicious beating, count yourself lucky." Snowstorm said.

"Yes, my young master, you should indeed." Wozakad Mohamed appeared.

"Oh, my dear general, could you explain to me what just happened here?" Oscar smiled and asked his Horseman.

"You know I have a limited vocabulary. So... Uhhh... More or less, I walked in, they attacked me and I killed them. After that, I rescued those servants! That's about it." Wozakad Mohamed already tried his best to rack his brain for those measly few Titan words.

The general just finished speaking and the corridor erupted with Snowstorm's applause. "Very well said! I worship you!"

Oscar also broke into a smile. Based on the tragic severity of the scene, he knew this description was simplified by more than ten thousand times as compared to what he had just done. "Hehe, Snowstorm, you're still able to rejoice in your defeat. Did you not realize that both of us have lost this match?"

Snowstorm's applause faded away. His expression seemed as depressed as if he had just swallowed a rat. "Oh! For heaven's sake! Oh god...

Kenshin Palace's pitiful chamberlains were saved. However, the situation did not take a turn for the better. They cowed in a corner of the corridor and watched with horror as the three madmen joked together cheerfully among the pile of bodies and pools of blood.


It was evident that Hamilton palace was welcoming important guests today. Fresh flowers, the symbol of Titan's Imperial Household and the flags of Titan's twenty-one provinces were everywhere. Clothed freshly and neatly, the Imperial guard's flag bearing procession were lined up from Victory Square all the way to the palace steps. According to the ancient custom of welcoming guests, the other group of knights in white attire and armor had arranged themselves in a "T" formation. They assembled at the foot of the Tower of Heroes in the distance and guarded their own flags.

These knights had already revealed the status of the important guest that was visiting Dulin. Only his Grand Eminence the Pope could have the power to mobilize the Templar Knights. The white-armored Templar Knights occupied half of the public square. Although they dared not express any displeasure at His Grand Eminence the pope's arrangement, but they could still curse at the sun in the sky.

There were many luxurious rooms in Hamilton Palace. The simplest and cleanest room was arranged for His Grand Eminence Pope Radriere VI. Being the saint in the hearts of the Disciples of Light of the Westland, the elder's life was extremely simple and disciplined. The Doctrine of the Religion of Light was about understanding self-control and the elder totally was a role model in this aspect.

At the moment, this elderly man was performing his daily religious service. Although according to his status he should perform these duties in Dulin's Scott Cathedral or at the Titan Gate of Light, but he was already an old man of seventy-years-old! An elderly man of this age was not willing to bustle back and forth, so the formalism did not have any effect on His Grand Eminence.

Just a few minutes ago, Alfa III who was accompanying him, suddenly left the room with a meager excuse. Radriere was not offended. Although he could not hear just what the senior court officer said to His Majesty, but he could still judge from the way Alfa's face paled upon hearing those words that it was obviously a huge and exceptionally thorny matter that required him to intervene. So, being a guest, he should naturally not interfere when the host had matters to solve.

The senior court officer led Alfa III into a secret chamber. It seemed as if His Majesty had eaten some wrong medicine perhaps, for his lips kept muttering indiscernible words. The senior court officer suspected that there was something wrong with his ears because he seemed to have caught His Majesty muttering exceptionally filthy words. However, he could understand, being betrayed by a person he trusted must not be a nice feeling.

Upon seeing His Majesty's arrival, all the minsters within the secret chamber stood up in greeting. Alfa III did not intend to acknowledge them and this made the ministers feel somewhat awkward. They were indecisive whether they should take their seats following His Majesty or not. However, if His Majesty did not acknowledge them, these important men who were like rabbits dared not place their bottoms on their chairs.

Alfa III took the seat at the end of the long table. His face was gloomy and the sound that came from his throat was similar to a ferocious tiger. The whole secret chamber was enveloped in this immense pressure and the rabbits tried their best to keep their breathing in check. They were all clear about what had happened.

"Very well, my obedient darlings. Don't look as if you have just lost your parents. Since you all dared report this matter to me, then I presume you have managed to seize definitive evidence right?"

"Yes, my Majesty. The proof is authentic. The stolen documents were obtained." Replied Count Rudolf Hoss, the person in charge of the Secret Service under the Ministry of Justice.

"Hoss, I trust that you must know my approach towards this matter. Can you bear the consequences?" Alfa III's words sounded like a threat.

Rudolf Hoss' sinister and cunning face was brimming with joy. In fact, had been overjoyed since his subordinate's discovery. After all, apprehending the Secretary of State was not something that happened every day.

"Your Majesty, by my family's honor, I guarantee you that after all the details of this matter have been made clear, the secretary of state, Duke Robinson Brickfield will kneel at your feet in remorse."

Alfa III reclined heavily in his chair. He knew that despite the fact that the Ministry of Justice had made a lot of absurd mistakes, but at least regarding the Secretary of State's matter they would not dare speak blindly even if they had the guts of a polar bear.

His Majesty felt exhausted. The excitement he felt when chatting with the Pope about the affairs of the nation was gone. "Sighh... tell me, choose the important points."

"Your Majesty, please have a look." The High Official of the Ministry of Justice, Marquis Roment Huga Andeses placed a thick file before the Emperor. Alfa III took a quick look at it. The file was one of those frequently used by the Ministry of Justice for criminal records and its cover listed all the various information about the criminal clearly.

"Robinson Brickfield, with the position of Secretary of State of the Empire, is suspected to have intelligence dealings with the Deiss Kingdom."

"Your Majesty," Roment called for the Emperor's attention. "Your Majesty, it's like this, since the previous financing incident, the secret service's investigating officials started monitoring the State of Secretary, Duke Robinson Brickfield and his immediate family members."

"According to the testimony of our confidential secretary, Duke Robinson Brickfield's access to the secret archives had evidently started to increase since last month. It included the list of secret agents of Gilcook province with the excuse of wanting to cross match with the characteristics of a missing person. Also, the investigation report on the Vendetta of the Religion of Weissdon. Your Majesty, you should know that that was actually an incident set up by the secret service. However, if His Majesty who just visited recently were to find out about it, it would be exceptionally troublesome. The most recent time was the construction plan of Valencia Fortress, which not only specified its construction structure but also briefly reveals the force of the army in the whole fortress."

"Both my colleagues and I have decided to temporarily overlook the first two times, so let us only talk about this time. Today at eleven in the morning, Duke Robinson Brickfield took out the file, subsequently he had lunch at the State Council and our secret agents confirmed that the file never left his side and was not shown to anyone. After that, he rode in the State Council's carriage and returned to the manor."

"In reality, the situation took a turn from there on. The Secretary of State's carriage broke down halfway and his driver immediately called for a repairman from a nearby garage. Please take note Your Majesty, the location the carriage broke down at was exceptionally close to that garage. If you were there, you would also not have believed that it was a coincidence."

"The axle had broken apart. Your Majesty, the reason the carriage broke down was because the axle had broken apart! I understand that Marquis Almodovar Godzilla's carriage frequently experienced this problem, but what about the Secretary of State? The carriage he rode in had only been on the road for a mere few months. Furthermore, the condition of the roads in the capital is quite acceptable. What's more is that the Sir Duke's body weight is not yet an excessive degree. So, it is highly strange that the carriage would break down."

"The carriage with the broken axle was then towed back by the garage hands, and Robinson rode in one of the garage's carriages and returned to the manor. At that time, our secret agents did not find it out of the ordinary, for it was indeed common for carriages to encounter minor problems. However, when they did a routine background check on this so-called "Lille brothers" garage, they discovered a major problem, which was, the "Lille brothers" were experts of perjury within the country. After receiving this news, only then did we start to consider the possibility that the secret archives may have been used illegitimately or duplicated."

"Your Majesty, the outcome of the search of the "Lille brothers" garage is in the last page of the file. As you can see, they were caught red-handed. When the secret agents ransacked the secret room in the garage, those men were caught processing duplicates of the file."

"Therefore, Your Majesty, our concern now is that if we were to proceed with the next step, according to those criminals, the carriage and the copies of the file were to be sent to the Secretary of State's official residence, latest by tonight."

Alfa III wore a permanent frown on his face, and remained silent for a long time. His Supreme's face would light up or become gloomy suddenly and no one knew what he was pondering about. He sat in his chair restlessly.

The Titan Emperor was experiencing a fierce mental struggle. He knew that no matter what the truth was, the Secretary of State could not escape his imminent miserable fate. His Majesty had already cast the suspicious Secretary of State to the back of his mind. Being the Emperor, he only cared about his own benefits; as to what those under him did, it had nothing much to do with him.

It seemed like His Majesty had completely given up on the Secretary of State. He was now debating how he could minimize the damage of this matter as much as possible. This would include the thorough investigation of the Brickfield family, the thorough investigation of the associates of the Brickfield family, the restructuring of the daily duties of the Empire State Council, and also the tracking down of the Secretary of State's henchmen. After all, it was impossible that an information leak only involved a minister. It would require cooperation from the high officials of the region and also the connivance of the supervisory institution of the Council of State.

The Emperor closed the file. He was a very shrewd man. The things he had to do next did not require much thinking. He scrutinized each and every one of the ministers in the secret chamber until those who felt uncomfortable finally spoke up.

"Roment, since I have given you full authority to settle this matter, so do what you must. Let me repeat myself, I do not care by whatever means, I only want to know how our nation's secret archives were leaked out after being copied, and how the Secretary of State came to play the role of a disgraceful traitor. Let me remind you, my Justice Minister, motive and evidence. If you lack either of these, I will charge you with the crime of defamation.

"So, my ministers, although it is difficult to predict, I believe that everyone knows the outcome of this incident, and I really hope it does not end in disaster. As for Robinson Brickfield and the whole Brickfield family, I am not just disappointed, but this feeling is more of anguish; I do not know how I am going to face this man who was once a friend and a comrade-in-arms. Everyone here is well versed in matters of law. Once this case is put into effect, remember to go by the regulations, do not be swayed by personal feelings, and even more so, do not shield him."

Alfa III let out a heavy sigh. Although his words were vague, but to Robinson Brickfield and his family, his verdict was done.

The Emperor felt an unexplainable annoyance towards the bunny-like ministers. All he hoped now was that everyone who caused trouble would just die already. "Why are you all standing around? Is there anything else?" His Majesty asked in an unfriendly tone.


"Yes! Of course it matters! How could you think that this is insignificant? Damn you! Yes, you're like a coward who swatted all the flies dead. You have prevented the love of a pair of elks and you actually treat it as if it was nothing and go on to offer sacrifices to the gods? "

Oscar shrugged his shoulders at Wozakad Mohamed who was listening attentively to Snowstorm's scolding. He knew that this man of a different race would not be able to follow Snowstorm's pace, but he was reluctant to explain. He felt that Snowstorm was indeed too adorable. It might be interesting to let him take some verbal insults.

"Enough Paul. Would you like to bet? Wozakad has absolutely no idea what you are talking about." Oscar tried to help out the confused man of a different race.

"No, I will go on until he understands. He cannot be forgiven so easily." Snowstorm was very persistent.

Oscar shook his head. He had a rough guess of the mastermind that was giving orders to the assassins. He was extremely clear about the price of this assassins' group and only a handful of people could mobilize them.

"Paul, let me put it in another way, I'm running out of time. Just in case you still feel that educating Wozakad is of utmost importance."

The youngster indeed did not have much time left. He had to pay a visit to His Grand Eminence the Pope and Alfa III in court, followed by traveling to Dulin Scott Cathedral to run through the rehearsal of his coronation ceremony, and lastly he had to hurry back to the imperial household's secretariat. There, a tailor would be waiting for him to prepare an outfit that befits one of the imperial household's status. Finally, he had agreed to have dinner with Her Imperial Highness Princess Alanis.

What kind of life was this? The little fatty did not enjoy this kind of lifestyle. He loved adventure, challenges, scheming, and anything that had to do with the stench of blood and evil. However, Oscar was about to leave all these things behind in his life. He was well aware that the moment he became the prince, there was nothing in this world that would ever be a threat to him ever again.

Oh, that's right, there were still the assassins; Oscar was reminded by the strong stench of blood. Oscar did not want his young life to end in the hands of assassins. He racked his brain and felt that he would have achieved greater things had he be the one to use this unfortunate assassination group. If that happened, his plan would be all the more perfect.

"Gentlemen, we should really end this. Wozakad please prepare the carriage. As for you Snowstorm, would you mind if you help me with some matters?"

The King of Assassins made a filthy gesture to the silhouette of the man of a different race. Oscar was at a loss for words after watching that. The King of Assassins? Oscar made up his mind to only hire the knights of noble birth as his bodyguards in future.

"Ah! What? What was that?" Snowstorm just recovered form his extreme disdain for the horseman.

"It's like this, guard this place well. Let the servants make a report to the Ministry of Justice, then arrange to meet Thomas the Baron in my place and request him to find a painter to sketch the faces of these assassins. I want to know just who are they connected with in Dulin."

"I dread this may be difficult." Paul voiced out his concerns. He knew that a true assassin would not leave behind a trail that could be followed up on.

"No, those who work in the shadows would definitely hang around in the shadows. I trust that the Baron will find a way." The little prince flashed a cunning smile.

"After that? I mean what should I do then?" Snowstorm felt a little bored.

"You could go see whether Annie is free."

"If Annie isn't free, then what?"

Oscar narrowed his eyes and shot a glare at the King of Assassins. He did not know that this fellow was that difficult to handle. "Then just wait until you die trying to hold in your pee."



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