Chapter 40: Fifth Episode: Chapter 4
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The Holy Titan Empire Light’s Year 791, 11th day of the 6th month, Her Royal Highness Princess of Titan Alanis Alfa Morisette visited Music City along with His Royal Highness Prince O’Neil Andrew Morisette.

On this night, the whole of Vielonna was celebrating the visit of the princess. The people used their own way to celebrate this event by the street. They felt extremely honored because the Royal Morisette Family has not visited this historically infamous city for a long time.

The towering Serevan Palace was the highest building in the "Road of Music". Even though this palace was the private property of the Titan Royal Family, it has always been used as the place to tend to the royal family members and the upper-class nobles from many countries in Westland. At this moment, a cavalry troop of the Empire’s Military District Five surrounded this palace tightly. They have received orders from the higher ups that only officials were allowed to get close to Serevan Palace.

The citizens of Vielonna have never seen so many soldiers in a long time. They were not afraid of the fully armored knights. In fact, it could be their son or nephew among the soldiers. Numerous poets and local artists gathered at the palace square. They were performing their talents for the crowds. The people gathered around these artists and happily sang and danced. Vielonna was drowned in a festive mood as the Princess came.

The guards of Military District Five have divided Serevan Palace into three parts. The first one was the meeting area that accumulated the largest force of guards; the second part was the activity space for the nobles, all guys from near and far who came to join the fun were all gathered at this place; the third one was the resting area of the Princess and Prince with his family, everyone was restricted to enter this place. General Vangol sent all the best fighters in the Military District Five to the third floor of the palace that was categorized as the resting area in the palace.

Until six late in the evening, the sun was still emitting scorching hot rays. The Alps that was high up in the sky at the southwest side completely blocked off the wet air from the sea by Burton that was at the bottom of the Alps. Thus, even though the music in Vielonna was amazing, its scorching heat was as famous as the former! But the people in the palace at this moment did not feel the heat. This was all thanks to the air-conditioning system in Serevan Palace that was famous throughout the whole Westland.

The working principles of this air-conditioning system was extremely simple, but the steps to build it was extremely complicated. The artisans of the previous dynasty used almost a century to expand the uses of this system throughout the whole palace.

Firstly, the architects created a huge space at the underground of the Serevan Palace. Following that, the artisans from the faraway northern kingdom created an ice plant in the basement. The source of water for this ice plant came from one hundred meters deep from the ground. After turning the underground water into ice, the artisans put the ice into a special room. This room has a huge blower that was driven by the force of the underground water.

The people were able to identify many interconnecting steel pipes in every room and at every corner of the Serevan Palace. The opening of the steel pipes was put in the room that had the ice. When the blower worked, it would blow the cold air that was produced when the ice melted into the steel pipes. And these steel pipes that were able to effectively transmit heat supplied the air to every corner of the palace.

Every palace in the Westland had similar projects going on, but these projects were not able to achieve the same effect as that of the Serevan Palace. It could be said that Serevan Palace was the only palace architecture in this world that was able to provide air conditioning in the hot summer.

The cold air in the meeting room slightly calmed Alanis down. This Princess did not know if she was a little embarrassed when she cried on the street just now, but she thought that the matter was not that serious. The local nobles at this place did not look down on her.

The polite words on both sides more or less let the Prince, a young lad, feel a little bored. He observed the masters of Vielonna. These people were all middle-aged men who have beards and hairs on their temples. Only a few of these people were young men and old men.

Oscar took a glance at the few young men who were excited. He knew that to attend this meeting with their elders or just by themselves, they must at least be a count, then these few young men must come from some powerful big family. There was only one soldier who was ranked a Colonel in the army among the young men. He sat behind of General Vangol. Oscar noticed that he was obviously different from the few young men. Those few men did not care to hide their interest towards the Princess at all while this Colonel’s gaze stopped at the little sister of the Prince.

Oscar squinted his eyes at Sasha E. As a result, this little miss was confused, not knowing what was happening.

"Ola!" The Prince, who felt bored, suddenly interrupted the conversation between the Princess and the nobles. "I apologize. When you all introduced yourself to the Princess, I was not paying attention. I would love to know which of you is from the Gru Goolean Family."

Just as the Prince finished speaking, four of people stood up from their seats. Among these people, there was even one Madame who looked extremely young.

"Oh? You are….." The young lad left his seat and walked towards them. He understood a little bit more now. It seemed that the achievement of the Gru Goolean Family was not simply in music.

The leading officer spoke. "Your Honourable Prince, I am Tadros Gru Goolean. I have the title of a Count and I am responsible for the financial aspect of the city. This is my youngest son Dofney Gru Goolean and my younger brother Raphael Gru Goolean. This Madame is the wife of my second younger brother. You may call her Lady Countess Philip."

The Prince took a glance at Lady Countess Philip. If he was not mistaken, this Madame was the wife of the confidential secretary of the Emperor.

"Count Tadros, the Gru Goolean Family who has a long history seemed to have attained higher achievement in your generation."

"Your highness, what you said flattered me. The Gru Goolean Family was able to achieve all of this thanks to the empathy of the Emperor."

"Do not be too quick to explain. The truth is obvious to anyone’s eyes. The confidential secretary of the Emperor Duke Philip Goolean is your brother, I presume?"

"Yes, Your Highness."

"Haha. Then it is correct. How is the Music Godfather? When I heard Philip mention the elder, I was so surprised. I never thought that there would be people from the Gru Goolean Family to take up a government role at that moment. I have always thought that the most influential family in music in Vielonna would all be artists. Sir Count, please don’t be offended by my words. At Dulin, your younger brother is one of my few friends. Thus I tend to speak my mind when it comes to you!"

Tadros Gru Goolean bowed slightly to the Prince, "Your Highness, I am truly honored on behalf of my family in establishing friendship with you."

Oscar waved his hands. He was already immune to the courteous words of these nobles. "Then when do you think I should give your father, the Godfather of the Music City old Count Gru Goolean a visit?

The one who answered the young lad was Lady Countess Philip. "Your Highness, our father’s health condition has been very bad. He has not met with any guests for many years!"

The Prince stepped forward and kissed the back of the hands of the Lady Countess. He suddenly felt a little odd. The confidential secretary has no reason to leave his young and beautiful wife alone at Vielonna. The young lad smiled. "Hehe. If that is the case, I will like to trouble Madame to extend Andrew Family’s and my greetings to the old Count."

Lady Countess Philip lightly held her skirt up a little and performed a full courteous bow to the Prince. The young lad gladly accepted it. This little fatty even took the chance to scan the huge boobs of Lady Duchess during this process.

"Then what shall we do next?" Oscar turned around and asked Her Royal Highness Princess. He knew that he was not the main character in everyone’s hearts.

Alanis gave a questioning gaze at the officers by her left side.

"Oh! It is this way!" General Vangol stood up. "Dear Princess, we have prepared a concert for you and the Prince. It was right at the back hall. There are a few large rooms over there. We can have our meals as we enjoy the performance of the artists."

Oscar stepped forward and took the Princess’ hand. "Ola. Then what are we waiting for? General Vangol is a soldier and soldiers keep a strict schedule every day. The time is getting late now, General Vangol must be feeling hungry. We must not disturb the meal schedule of the main master."

The nobles gradually stood up. Only General Vangol had a bitter smile on his face. He recalled that he did not offend this little Prince in any way!

The door of the meeting room opened. The nobles in the corridor noisily surrounded the place. A few high officers surrounded the Prince and the Princess. The whole group travelled noisily through the long corridor and the hall at the back of the palace.

Right opposite of the hall was a huge room. After seeing the officers walk towards them, the two servants by the door opened the huge door of the room.

Oscar and Alanis were the first to enter. Before them, a scene that resembled the street appeared before them. The band began their performance right after seeing the nobles, while the servants in the hall immediately led these two members of the royal family into their respective seats.

This hall was at least four hundred square feet. Its decoration was extremely luxurious. The statue and decoration on the wall had gold embroidered in them. The huge circular ceiling had six murals. The murals depicted the most ancient myths in Titan.

At the center of the circular ceiling was a bronze mirror that was gold in color and had a diameter of six meters. Below the bronze mirror hung a gigantic chandelier. This chandelier could be divided into six levels. Every level was made of metal frames that were of different diameters. These frames had beautiful sculptures carved on them. All the sculptures and metal decorations had gold in them. Every level of the chandelier had forty candles. The bright flames were reflected by the bronze mirror to every part of the hall.

A band of fifty people was seated at the left hand side of the hall. The musicians performed a lyrical dining music under the lead of the conductor. Long dining tables were placed at the left side of the hall as well. On the dining tables were many different dishes that not even the Prince has seen before. Oscar excitedly wanted to start eating, but the Princess who was watching him closely pressed him hard onto the sofa.

Of course, there were servants who delivered food right to the Prince and the Princess not long after. Oscar gave the Princess a bow in an exaggerated way, then began to enjoy the delicious meals without a care for anything.

The Princess stared at the Prince who was gobbling up the food and shook her head. Even though she has a good appetite, the food in a banquet were usually just for show. The aim of nobles participating in the banquet has never been to eat even though this did not mean that they were not allowed to touch the food at all. However, as an honorable Princess, Alanis would never allow herself to swallow food in front of so many people.

"Alanis, aren’t you going to eat?" Oscar noticed the absent-minded Princess.

"No, thank you!" The Princess flipped open an exquisite folding fan that covered her expression just nice.

"Then you would not mind, would you?" Oscar took the dishes in front of the Princess to his side.

Alanis could not help but laugh until her chest was rising and falling rapidly. "Most respectable Your Highness Prince, you have already taken my dishes, yet you still asked for my permission. Have you noticed? Everyone is staring at you."

Oscar put down the fork and knife in his hands. That was correct, everyone was staring at him, but he did not know what he had done wrong.

Alanis knocked the folding fan on Oscar’s leg. She said to the young lad in a low voice. "Do you know this, little guy? The servants were simply providing convenience to you. Only after the master has spoken his or her words that the guests are allowed to enjoy the food. Not only did you begin to have your meal, you even took my portion. Do you know how the nobles are going to look at you now?"

Oscar used the napkin to wipe his mouth. "How?"

"Hehe! They would think that you are from the countryside!"

"Pfft!" Little Miss Sasha E. who was sitting right beside of Oscar painfully held her stomach. Since the moment the Princess spoke, she continuously told herself not to laugh out loud. But she really could not hold it in. She promised the Princess that they must let this damn little fatty suffer for a bit if the chance presented itself.

Oscar began to understand a little. These two young ladies have reached some sort of agreement since don’t-know-when. "Ola! My dear sister, is it appropriate to celebrate the fact that I am seen as a countryman? Hehe, I am afraid that both of you will be disappointed! Look at me!"

After the young lad finished speaking, he stood up. He raised the wine glass high above his head.

"Every gentlemen, ladies and Madame of the Music City!" The young lad’s loud voice immediately silenced the whole scene. The band also paused their performance at this moment. When Oscar felt that everyone was focusing on him, he steadily strode out of his seat.

"Everyone, today was the first time Her Royal Highness Princess, my family members and myself have visited this city. I believe that they had an unforgettable impression of this beautiful and passionate city just as myself. When I entered the city, I experienced the passion of the citizens of Vielonna; when I entered this palace, I experienced the pride and loyalty of the nobles in Vielonna; Just now at that moment, I experienced the delicacies of Vielonna. Is there anything more that I have not experienced yet?"

The nobles in the hall raised their chest. In their eyes, the words of the Prince were completely complementing the nobles in Vielonna. They all wanted to know what other things the Prince has found out.

"Gentlemen, and that is if you are truly courageous. That is if you are truly as romantic as this Vielonna City, the Music City."

The nobles looked among themselves. They had no idea how to showcase their romantic and courageous sides. Romantic and courageous seemed to only describe this Prince. They all knew that this little guy eliminated the nephew of the Emperor for the Princess in Dulin.

"Sitting beside me are two most honorable young ladies in this Empire. Her Royal Highness Princess Alanis and Lady Sasha E. Andrew! Have you not noticed? They are in need of a dance partner!"

Alanis and Sasha E. both exchanged a glance in alert. They finally got to know the true colors of the little Prince in rage. This damn fatty actually sold them out because of a joke! Alanis glared at the cheerful Prince. She already knew what would happen after this guy said something like that. There were already not many people here who were qualified to dance with her, but the Prince already sent out an invitation on her behalf! Damn it!

Oscar smiled cheekily as he looked at Alanis clenching her fist.

"Well then dear gentlemen. Now you know what you should do! Vielonna is the most glorious arts palace in the Westland, then the people of Vielonna should be the most romantic and courageous! Am I right?"

The nobles around the Prince raised their wine glasses.

"Yes! Your Highness, you are definitely correct!"

"That is true! We will not let Princess and little miss down!" All men fought to react to the Prince’s statement.

"Then cheers! For the brightest Pearl of Titan, and for the Andrew’s Narcissus Corolla!"

"Cheers!" The people agreed to this in a loud voice. The band continued to play music under the instruction of the Prince. The people seemed to have forgotten about the mistakes the Prince did just now. Regardless of adults or children, their gaze were focused on the Princess and Lady Andrew at this moment. Two misses pinched Oscar’s leg from both sides. They pinched his leg so hard.

"Hehe! Heheheheh!" Oscar made a face to his mother. After the Princess and Sasha E., Lady Duchess Andrew Celia were also dragged onto the dance floor by General Vangol.

The Prince turned his head away and a servant immediately appeared by his side.

"Your Highness. At your service."

"What delicacies do you have for tonight? I am not sure what the food I had just now was called."

"Your Highness, I am terrible sorry. I am unsure of this as well. But what I know was that the palace prepared one hundred and eight dishes that included the mains, sides, cold dish, bread, dessert and cold drinks," The servants replied cautiously.

"Oh! That is great!" The Prince stood up. "Give me one of each"

Oscar walked into the crowd, leaving the dumbfounded servant there.

"Dear beautiful Madame, may I have a dance with you?"

Lady Countess Antonia Horman, frightened, stared at the young man who suddenly appeared in front of her. She was absent-minded all this time. The appearance of this young man shocked her. She thought that she was already hiding in a corner. Annie never would have thought that there was still someone who could find her.

"No, this Madame does not suit you, Sir. You should try to invite Her Royal Highness Princess or my sister." Oscar magically appeared in front of Annie.

"Oh! Yes, Your Highness. I am trying now." The young man bowed to the Prince courteously and retreated.

"Wish you good luck!" After saying this, Oscar turned to Annie. His tone was extremely cheeky. "Do you know? Where does that wild guy come from?"

Antonia stretched her palms. "I don’t know, but I know that if you behave like this any longer, I will never be able to get married."

Oscar touched his nose. He no longer wanted to discuss this matter with Annie. He already said what he should say.

"Annie, have a dance with me."

"Your invitation lacks sincerity. It is as if I am so pitiful!"

Oscar immediately knelt on one knee. "Dear Lady Countess Antonia Horman, you are the angel sent by God of Light to this world. In the name of God, please have a dance with me! So that my soul will be saved."

Antonia quickly pulled the little Prince up. She felt that her face must be burning. "Oh god! What are you doing? When did you become such an unreasonable person?"

Oscar took Annie to the dance floor. When he held the Lady Countess’ waist, he lightly bit her ear. "I am sorry, Annie. I have always been unreasonable."

The hall was filled with amazing music and the laughter of the noble ladies and gentlemen. The conductor of the band sweated to conduct graceful melodies. The servants who were walking amongst the crowds were staring intently at the plates and wine glasses of the guests. Once the cutleries made of silver emptied, they must immediately refill them for the people.

The men and women on the dance floor were spinning like gyro. The gentlemen held their partners tightly while the ladies used their tossing skirts and beautiful hair of different colors to show off their beauty.

The people were exchanging partners very often. The encouragement of the Prince seemed to have influenced everyone present in the hall, even old couples joined the dance.

Oscar’s current partner was Lady Countess Philip. Even though the young lad did not like the perfume on this Madame, the little Prince had to admit that this Madame was undoubtedly the most beautiful woman in the hall. Even though Alanis and Sasha E.’s beauty were also remarkable, Lady Countess Philip’s was not the young girl sort of beauty. Oscar had no idea how to describe this. He only thought that this Madame could always remind people of the dark and hidden small living rooms at the right side of the hall. That was completely a mature and obvious charm!

"You don’t look like you’re from Dulin?" Oscar just complained that this Madame had taken Annie’s position, but he realized that this was not too bad.

"Your Highness, I never mentioned that I am from Dulin." Lady Countess Philip stared at the young lad who was holding her tight now. She realized that this little guy was not as tall. She was actually on eye-level with him.

"Oh? Is that so? Then how did you get to know Philip?"

"I have known him since we were young. Or it could be said that I am born to become his wife."

Oscar was a little surprised. "Was it the so-called ‘Handkerchief Marriage’?"

Lady Countess Philip found the surprised look of the young lad funny. "Yes! Handkerchief Marriage. Such an appropriate description. Two families embroidered their child’s name on the corner of the handkerchief even before their child was born. Then after the children have grown up, they unfold the handkerchief. Hehe. Yeah, that is the case."

"The reason Philip left you here is because he did not... Emm! I am sorry! What I mean is..."

"No! Your Highness, you don’t need to apologize. I know what you are thinking. Even though it was a handkerchief marriage, but this does not mean that Philip does not love me. On the contrary, he loves me so much!"

"Then what was the reason he left you alone here?" Oscar did not plan to give up.

"Shouldn’t I be hidden from the crowd?" Lady Countess Philip went into the embrace of the Prince in a turning movement.

Oscar felt that his dance moves were a little sloppy. He was once again attracted to the two moving humps in front of the chest of this Madame. Those were two perfect spheres. The young lad could even see the sparks as he rubbed against them.

"Yes... You are right! If I could own you, I will also hide you in a place where there is no one at all."

"Ha!" Lady Countess Philip raised her head and laughed dissolutely. "You sirs only have this kind of thought."

Oscar pondered about it. He seemed to be getting some hints. Suddenly, he understood. The face of the most high-ranked person in Titan appeared in the young lad’s mind. "Ola! Let me guess. Was it because Alfa III His Majesty did something that unsettled your husband? That was why you stay away from Dulin," The little Prince felt that his inference should be correct. The Emperor who loved women would never let this beautiful thing off his arms.

The dance piece suddenly broke off. According to the habit of Vielonna, every four pieces is counted as one part. After every part, they would have a short resting time.

Lady Countess Philip broke off from the embrace of the Prince. She did not answer the young lad’s question. "You can guess all you like, but please call me Monique. Don’t you think the title of Lady Duchess Philip is a little boring?"

The new dance had begun, but the Prince already went back to his mother’s side. The young lad thought that this trip to Vielonna was definitely worth it. A young and seductive Lady Countess rubbed her boobs against him for one whole dance. Wasn’t it enough?

A handsome young man delicately hugged Her Royal Highness Princess Alanis. He was extremely careful. After all, the one in his arms was not some daughter of a knight. If his hands were a little out of bound at this moment, then his family and he would soon receive their punishment.

Alanis gracefully did a turn following the dance piece. She gave a look to Sasha who was not far away. The little miss brought her dance partner and got close to the Princess. They began chatting with each other as they turned in their steps, but we could see from the content of their conversation that these two ladies who were adored by many people were not pleased at this moment.

"Who is that woman?" Alanis asked the little miss.

"Which woman?" Sasha was not sure.

"The one who was sticking close to that damn fatty just now."

"Which damn fatty?" Sasha showed a hint of smile.

As expected, Alanis glared at Sasha in rage. "Your brother!" The dance steps pulled their distance apart, but soon they got closer again. "Oscar!"

"I don’t know... Maybe it was Annie!"

"Stop playing dumb!" The Princess was brought to another direction by her partner. This young lady was so infuriated. That dude quickly brought the Princess back. "Sasha, I know Annie. That was not her!"

"Then it must be some lowly person. But I have no idea who she is!"

"That is Lady Countess Philip of the Gru Goolean Family." The unfortunate dance partner of the Princess could not hold it in anymore. He kindly reminded this greatly adored lady.

"Thank you!" Alanis showed an extremely sweet smile to her dance partner, but her facial expression became extremely scary in a blink of an eye. "BUT I DID NOT ASK YOU!" These words and the gruesome expression of the Princess as if she would eat a person completely silenced the unfortunate young man.

"It seems that you have lost a wonderful dance partner." Lady Duchess Andrew smiled as she wiped the stains off her youngest son’s mouth.

"You are saying that person... Wait... This prawn ball...Er... Let me swallow this!" Oscar clumsily swallowed a mouthful of food.

"Oh my god! Don’t act like you have never seen these before. You are a Prince!" Celia originally did not plan to correct her youngest son, but this little guy’s way of eating was truly indescribable.

"Ah! This is great Mam! You are completely right. I am a Prince, but I truly have not seen this sort of things that are of new styles and amazing tastes."

Celia wanted to say something more, but she suddenly realized she had said something wrong. This little guy has been in prison since he was young. He has never gotten into contact with the things that other children have seen, eaten and played before. Lady Duchess Andrew’s eyes were a little moist. She always thought that her child was finally able to live some good days! Even though it was the truth, but as a mother, she forgot to care for her child’s heart. Oscar has suffered way much more than other children in the nobles’ family after all.

"Yeah. I do not know what I should say, but.... But, please forgive me. It is my fault as a mother.... I..."

Oscar noticed Celia’s change. He immediately realized he misspoke something. He did not mean it that way.

"Ola! Dear Mam Celia, you know what? Never be sad. My life was not what you imagined. I am an overlord in Damorga! Just like the sun emitting light and heat, everyone likes me. They always bring me things from all over Titan."

Celia was a little curious. "That is prison. It couldn’t be that those criminals were travelling all over the place?"

Oscar touched his nose. He knew that his analogy was a little overboard, but he immediately found an explanation to that. "Mam! My name could be said to be famous and known by everyone. Even though Damorga does not allow people to go out, but there are always people entering it. Those people usually prepare all sorts of present in order to pay respect to me!"

The mother could not help but smile after hearing her son’s words. After a while, she said to her son in a light voice. "Thank you."

Oscar looked at Mam Celia who was having a hard time recovering from her overwhelming reactions. He thought of another question instead. "Ola! Mam, tell me about that little Vangol of the ‘Hercules’ Hagrid Family. I feel like there is something between both of you.... Just like... Just like..."

Celia quickly poked at her son’s head. "You little. Don’t think otherwise. Pulling you mother’s leg is to be punished."

"Then you have to tell me about it!" Oscar did not give up.

Lady Duchess sighed. "Nothing. Just that when I was young, he and your father pursued me before."

"Oh..." Oscar showed an understanding expression.

"Hehe, ‘Oh’ for what! Who has not been young before? At that time Vangol was sent by his family to serve his time in the Narcissus Knights. He rivalled your father. Every time they met, it would definitely end in a duel, but they did not use a paper to dismiss each other like you!"

"Hehe, then what was it like with them?"

"Like two bears hitting each other until they were covered in blood!"

"Hahahahahaha!" Oscar laughed loudly in front of his mother without a care, but he regained his coolness very quickly. "Mam, you must favor General Vangol more, right? I meant at that time."

Celia did not answer this question. "My surname is Nedgabel. I was born to be a woman of Andrew family."

Oscar did not continue the conversation. He saw General Vangol approaching them.

"Madame! Your Highness!" The commander of Empire’s Military District Five respectfully performed an army greeting to them.

"Uncle Vangol, you can call me little Oscar just like my Mam."

General Vangol and Madame Celia were a little surprised at this child’s change.

"Sit! Do you need me to go away?" Oscar pretended to stand up, but he was immediately pressed back onto his chair by Mam Celia. He noticed that Celia was blushing.

"Ehem!" Vangol awkwardly coughed. "No, there is no need for that. I should still call you Your Highness. Moreover, I actually came for you."

It was Oscar’s round to be surprised. "Oh! I am sorry. I was only speaking of you with my mother. Feel free to tell me anything."

Vangol took a glance at Celia who behaved rather unnaturally, but this army officer instantly put on a face that was appropriate for his identity as a General.

"Your Highness, I am sure you understand more or less about everything that has happened in the Capital?"

Oscar kept his playful attitude at this moment. "Yes, General. But I am not sure which aspect you specifically mean."

"Ha! Robinson lost his power; Gajeel Family has been banished; the old Marquis in the Stewart Family was sent to the guillotine yesterday. Speaking of this, there was one that you eliminated yourself. The nephew of His Majesty the Emperor and the so-called elite youth leader of the Kirchhoff Family, Borghese," Vangol was extremely calm as he spoke of these matters.

The young Prince squinted his eyes. This was a habitual move when he sensed danger.

"Except for the ex-Secretary of State and Borghese, I have not even heard of these families that you have just mentioned. But I can explain this. All these results were brought upon by the ex-Secretary of State himself. As for that elite youth leader in Dulin, to be honest, by using the words of His Majesty the Emperor, he is a little bastard that cannot even be compared to a stray dog. I am not close to him. I don’t even know if this description fits him or not."

"That is to say everything was manipulated by the Emperor?"

"Or you thought it was me?" Oscar wanted to ridicule General Vangol, but he felt that it was extremely inappropriate doing it in front of his mother.

"Hehe. I believe it must not relate to you in any way, but you know what? There seems to be people spreading rumors about you in the nobles circle. I already heard of the message in the rumors. They said everything was planned by you due to revenge."

Oscar’s gaze became extremely cold. "Is that so?"

"Yes, but please be rest assured about one thing. Wise people would definitely not believe this saying. But do you know this? This rumor will make people stay away from you. You will find that every gaze upon you is full of doubts and alarm."

"Yes, I believe it is some guy with bad intentions ruining my name on purpose. But just as you said, wise people will only observe calmly outside of this matter. I can imagine what it is like in Dulin right now. All sorts of rumors spreading in the air. You won’t know which is true and which isn’t."

"Then what do you plan to do?"

Oscar was a little impatient. He stared coldly at this General.

"General, mind your own business! Robinson of the State Council already moved into Damorga! The Stewart Family of the Tax Bureau is finished! The Kirchhoff Family’s case at the Ministry of Finance has already ended. Then who do you think the next will be? I hope no one wants to oppose you in the Army."

After saying this, the Prince stood up and left. He did not even care about his mother who was calling after him.

"Hehe, your son is definitely a hard one to control. But his character is truly terrible!" General Vangol said to Madame Celia as he looked at the back of the Prince.

"Yes! Please forgive him. He still can’t understand your kindness. But he... You know, he came back from Damorga. That is a gathering place for criminals with heavy offenses," Madame Celia said it faintly. If the God of Light allowed, this mother would exchange the ten years of life in Prison of her youngest son at all costs.

Oscar did not go far. A servant put a pink cocktail in this Prince’s hand.

The young lad opened up the small note under the wine glass at the shadow of a side in the hall.

"Appreciation is a technique, but more an art. And those who know appreciation, have a kind of irresistible charm. At the third side hall on your left in the entrance hall, there is a rare jewel awaiting for you to appreciate it."

Oscar turned this note. There was no name on it, but he has a fresh impression of the perfume on this paper.

The young lad scanned the crowd in the hall. After making sure that no one was noticing him, he went out to the entrance hall. There was no servant in this entrance hall. The lamp stand on the wall emitted a dim and brimming light. His Royal Highness Prince whistled. He looked forward to the incredible spark burning in his chest once again.



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