Chapter 43: Fifth Episode: Chapter 7
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Flying across the cliffs and the dense jungle, the condor watched as the scenery disappeared rapidly behind itself while the small forest animals scattered under the blanket of its massive shadow. The beast was proud of itself, for even though it had visited the territory numerous times, it's presence still had the same effect over the tiny creatures down below. It claimed itself to be the most powerful bird of prey of the Alps, the best hunter in the sky above everything else in the world.

The condor stretched its wing out to nearly two meters long. Once again it arrived at its hunting land, but today it was shocked to witness the scene happening in the jungle below. Numerous creatures slashed at each other, and golden rays of sunlight were reflected on the sharp edges held by those creatures. The condor circled in the air. It sized up the creatures on the battlefield again, and this time it did not hate these creatures for invading its territory, but rather it greatly appreciated these powerful creatures. As a dominant being itself, these creatures upon the land had earned its respect.

It did not matter when the corner of the shield was shattered into pieces, as it provided the perfect gap for the thrust of a spear. Shot by an arrow? You won't die. Pull it out and shoot it back at the enemy. One strike did not kill your opponent? No problem, a comrade would rush forward to add another stab. You're losing too much blood? When you fall, make sure you chop off the leg of the man who steps over your body.

"Guards! Forward!" the paladin's face was covered with blood. His face contorted as he shouted.

"Guards! Forward!" countless knights responded to their new captain's command. They were not what the Narcissus Knights had thought they were, they were the Imperial Guards who had fought against the Deiss for a long time at the frontier. The timing was perfect! The bandits in the mountains had not only killed their captain, but also killed innumerable comrades of theirs, and it was time for them to repay this debt!

The first line of defense continued to fall, but almost immediately knights rushed forward to fill in the gap. Some fought with knives and spears, some with swords, some pushed and carried wheels of their carriages to the front. A few knights had no weapons left, so they fought courageously against the enemy using their own bodies as shields.

The Imperials Guards advanced each step forward with extreme difficulty. They had to sacrifice a few more lives for each step forward, but they had the upper hand as the number of enemies that had fallen was greater than theirs. Attack! Attack! They could not retreat at this moment, or else they would be ridiculed and criticized as cowards by their comrades behind them. Attack!

The Narcissus Knights were in trouble. They were faced with an exceptionally cunning opponent. These guys constantly pounded against their shields, but at the same time carefully avoided the attacks of spears and continued to strike at the knights with hammers and hooks.

Narcissus Knights were exceedingly enraged, but they did not lose their calm demeanor. If their opponents were cunning, then let them have more trauma. Aim well through the gaps, spears must penetrate vital parts; draw your bowstring, an arrow has to shoot through two people; hold your sword tightly, bring down one bastard's head with each swing of your sword.

On top of the carriage, batches of archers exchanged their positions routinely. Although they might bring more casualties to the enemy at a high position, concurrently it exposed their own vulnerability to enemy snipers.

Push through their walls of defense with shields, knock them down with hammers, unshot arrows can be thrust into enemy eyes, fill the gaps in the attack formation with your own bodies as shields if needed.

Oscar held a black machete in his hand. The oval blade radiated a dazzling light, but there was no blood on it because His Royal Highness Prince had not found an opponent yet. The young man puffed and panted like a bull who had been infuriated by a fighter, but he did not know what to do at the chaotic scene. Everyone was fighting, everyone was screaming.

For the first time ever, His Royal Highness Prince felt he was not as powerful as he imagined, at least not in this situation. He could not find an opponent not because he had a machete that cut even iron, but it was that all the blood and miserable howls were too much for his young spirit to withstand.

A tall and strong knight was smashed to the ground by a giant hammer. Although his comrades behind him desperately raised their shields, the heavy hammer still smashed its way through, knocking down the shields together with the knights behind them. At this moment Oscar saw the first enemy that rushed toward him. He was a horrible beast with heavy greasepaint on his face!

"Oscar!" Celia's voice did not bring back the prince's consciousness, and Oscar subconsciously raised up his machete intending to defend himself against the hammer that kept getting bigger in front of him.

A lithe, built figure leaped up from Oscar's side, and a bright arc of light brought down a massive head. The prince's coachman landed silently back on the ground. With an amused look, he turned his head back to look at the young prince that had been covered in blood.

"Ah ... ah ... ah!" Oscar breathed rapidly. He slowly averted his gaze from the horrible wound on the dead body, and finally, his eyes met with those of General Wozakad Elladan, who was a formal general of the powerful military of the Persian Empire.

In the middle of the brutal battlefield where they were surrounded by enemies, the most powerful Persian machete warrior looked into the eyes of his young student with all sincerity. Out of the blue, he raised his machete up to the sky. The curved metal reflected the bright sunlight like a crescent moon. "In the name of the True God!" The General brandished his machete fiercely and pointed its sharp blade right at the flood of enemy soldiers gushing through the gap, like water.

"Ahhhhh ...!" the loud screech of a condor was heard coming from the vast blue sky.

"Kill!" O'Neil Andrew Morisette let loose a hoarse roar. He charged forwards following the general's shadow while waving his black machete in between his appalling howls.

Young Oscar had not fought freely with his machete for a long time now. Pierce! Split! Poke! Slash! Although the air of the battlefield gave his lungs an extremely uncomfortable burning sensation, this did not stop his machete from harvesting more enemy lives. Their enemies gradually fell to both sides like grass in the field as both the tall and small figures cut through the battlefield with their machetes, killing enemies and spilling blood like rainfall along their way. The cold glints of their swords and the prince's determined expression paralyzed their oncoming enemies!

The Young Lady held aloft the Narcissus' Fierce Tiger flag, she knew clearly of its significance. She had already lost count of the number of knights guarding in front of herself. Although the flag-bearers were usually the first to be sacrificed in battles, the Narcissus Knights were not the same. Their banner colors and ancestral tablet were the world's most noble symbols! If there was only one Narcissus warrior left on the battlefield, then that warrior must be the flag-bearer.

A sharp arrow flew towards Sasha's direction, and the Young Lady quietly stared at it with a calm expression. Just a few moments before it hit her, a tall knight suddenly came in front of her, and soon enough his body slowly fell to the ground. Sasha clenched her fingers around the handles of the flag even tighter. She had tried not to let herself cry out loud, but when she saw another knight fill in the gap in front of her again, she finally succumbed and let her tears roll down her cheeks.

A Narcissus archer on the carriage eventually found the archer's position by following the path of the enemy's arrow. Without any hesitation, a vengeful arrow departed from his bow, and he was satisfied to see that an enemy had fallen because of his efforts. Almost simultaneously, a throwing ax came towards his direction and ended his life. The archer did not fall, but he slumped his body onto a comrade to use as cover. He thought perhaps he could block some attacks heading his comrades' way. He was sure that they would kill all the enemies and nail them on trees on his behalf.

The young lady's attention was attracted by the horrendous howls coming from the back of the troops. Sasha panicked when she saw a large number of enemies swarming towards their direction. She saw executioners, under the leadership of a knight, rushing into the battlefield from behind herself frantically slaughtering the armed attendants. However, the attendants were not warriors, and they quickly disappeared into the sea of enemies.

"Mother! Mother!" Sasha called for Lady Celia anxiously! Both the Narcissus Knights and the Imperial Guards were fighting against the enemies scrambling down the hill, and no one was left to defend the rear of the troops! She knew the time to really decide their fate had come.

Lady Celia also noticed that the cunning enemies had launched their attack on their most vulnerable part, but she could not delegate any more men. Although the Narcissus Knights still had the upper hand in the battle for the time being, Lady Celia understood that separating and rearranging the knights now would only bring about complete destruction. According to Kamille's prior plans, if they got surrounded, the deadliest figures would have to stand up to defeat the deadliest assault of the enemy. With the perfect poise of a Lady Duchess, Celia turned back elegantly. There was nothing to worry about; to be killed in action was not terrible, what was more horrible was having to suffer defeat!

Governor Second Lady of the East Border of the Titan Empire Celia Andrew Nedgabel decisively drew her battle sword. She took off the scratched bugle horn that had been hanging on her waist belt and placed it at her mouth. Memories of her youth came flooding through her mind. She used to be her husband's military bugler when they both fought alongside each other from north to south. Although she had not used it for many years, as a member of the Andrew family she always knew that there would come a day where her bugle horn would be put to use again. She felt the familiar tone once again in her mouth.

"Woo...woowoo... woo!" the dull signal sounded across the sky. In the midst of the "Andrew Haila" roar, the knights split their enemies into halves with all their strength. They all took a firm step forward upon hearing the sound of the horn, the dance of their swords and bloodshed became even more intense!

Makario stormed his horse into the rear of the Narcissus Knights. After he knocked down a few servant-lookalikes, he discovered that there were no other obstacles between himself and the not-so-far-away important figures! Without thinking straight, the overly-excited Makario charged forward, for the head of an immediate member of the Andrew family was worth 10,000 golden Tis! However, he did not see any of those golden Tis, but saw an archer, dressed like a butler, who darted out from behind a carriage.

The sharp arrow embedded deep in his shield. Makario did not have enough time to think about his surprise at the strength of the arrow, for he felt a sudden pain in his own throat as a rapier came piercing into his horse's neck. He scrambled to pull out the sword in his throat, but it was not the end of it just yet. His final impression was a shadow falling from the sky, and then he felt his consciousness slip away from him, little by little.

A massive ax with a handle as thick as an arm split the charging hatchet man into two halves, and the two halved parts fell down to both sides like a rag. A wretched-looking little old man holding a bright shining saber rushed into the crowd brazenly, and with a turn of his body behind his shield, two hatchet men's heads rolled down to the ground. Almost simultaneously, three arrows shot towards the crowd, and bright red blood spurted out of the necks of three hatchet men. A heavy, bucket-sized hammer whirled in a short circle amongst the crowd, and it sent the bodies of four hatchet men across the blue sky as if they were hit by a rhino. A man with a Paladin Medal casted four strikes into the crowd one after the other, and five hatchet men were stabbed through. A dark shadow appeared lighting fast in and out of the crowd for three times, and six other hatchet men were cut at their throats, their eyes still wide open.

The advancing progression was forced to stop. The dense gang of bandits did not even dare to breathe loudly in the tense atmosphere, for beneath their feet were the bodies of twenty-one comrades. Everything seemed to have happened within only five seconds!

The gang of bandits at the frontier hid tightly behind their shields. They summoned all their courage to look in front at their enemies standing before them. There weren't many people, only two massive giants! An archer dressed like a butler! A Paladin with rapiers hung around his waist! And also, a wretched, cunning little old man!

No, there was another presence! That dark shadow! The hatchet men remembered that shadow, for everywhere the shadow passed through, people died inexplicably! They searched around furiously yet did not find anything suspicious. The people at the back of their troops got impatient, and they charged forwards by pushing through the crowd. When they found out that the bandits on the mountain were gradually beginning to retreat, their thirst for victory and money was triggered!

"Axes! Feed them to death!" A loud command came out of nowhere, and a cloud of throwing axes flew into the thin line of defense which seemed to have suddenly disappeared. As the hatchet men noticed that their axes reaped no rewards, they raised their heads to look at the rapidly approaching shadow in the sky.

Two small hills crashed fiercely into the heap of hatchet men and bandits. No one had the time to care about the miserable screams of their companions. The only one who knew what happened was already unconscious. He saw the ax-wielding giant break a small tree when he leveraged the tree to make his jump.

The crowd was scattered around like sparrows, no one could describe the destructive power of these few men. The two giants were like two bronze God of War statues, no weapons seemed to have any effect at all on them, their massive ax and heavy hammer created a fog of blood each time they were swung. That insidious old man seemed to be the source of all evil, his saber not only harvested heads, the groins seemed to be also the target of his curved blade. There was also the fastest archer that the hatchet men had ever seen in their entire lives, who would shoot perfectly at their esophagus whenever they managed to find a gap in their enemy's defense. And who was that hedgehog-like man, whose rapiers could pierce through shields, armors, and basically anything that came in his way. Hold up! Hold up! Gold is right in front! Despite the continuous falling of their comrades around them, but the vision of thousands of golden Tis motivated people to keep fighting and charging.

O'Neil Andrew Morisette was extremely tired as his fat body could not keep up with such vigorous exercise. However, his machete continued to attack his opponents. Despite having many unfamiliar faces fall in front of himself, but this boring form of never-ending attacks that kept coming towards himself seemed to have drained him of his energy. Oscar was finally tired; his physical strength had not the ability to swing his blade anymore. His right rib had just been slit open by an ax, the young man could feel warm blood oozing out of his own body, but his anger was enough to bring down the man who had injured him. A heavy sword appeared right above his head. The young man raised his machete with a sigh, and the friction between metals produced an ear-splitting ringing. The young man fell heavily to the ground from this intense blow, gasping heavily for air like every breath was his last.

The Narcissus Knights immediately filled in the gap left by the prince, but they had no time to take into account the wellbeing of His Highness. They could only silently pray that the young prince was alright.

"Your Highness!" two Imperial Guards suddenly appeared on both sides and helped the prince to his feet. However, the young man was instantly alert, as he had no impression of this guy on his right-hand side. He felt goosebumps rise all over his body, he seemed to have returned to the days of Damorga, where he had faced many assassins alone before.

A green, glittering dagger suddenly pierced its way through his left rib. Oscar felt the immense pain as the knife cut deeper into his flesh. He struggled to get free but the two knights grabbed his arm tightly.

The young man roared loudly. A roar of unwillingness, his helplessness, and the most frightening of all was his rage!

"Ahhhhhh!" The young man mustered all his strength in his left elbow and hit the assassin firmly right in his face! That guy's face sunk inwards, but at the same time, the dagger embedded in the prince's body also cut a bigger wound.

The assassin on the left attacked at the moment Oscar launched his counterattack. Although he was one second slower than the young man, he managed to hit Oscar's machete-wielding wrist. At the sudden jolt of pain, Oscar instinctively released the machete. The knee strike that followed struck the prince's chest like a thunderbolt, which sent him sprawling down to the ground, spraying blood.

"Oh God, why can't I hear any sound? Is it over for me now?" The young man looked at the increasingly white sky. As he fell after being kneed heavily by the assassin, his past memories came flooding through his mind like scenes from a movie. He fell heavily to the ground and suddenly thought of his second brother, who had kicked him to the ground in a similar fashion.

"Hey! Little Oscar! Look at you, you are nothing like an Andrew boy! Get up! Are you out of strength already?" Oscar bled from his nose and his mouth. Panicked, he turned over suddenly, but the sun in front was blocked by a nasty looking boy.

"Are you okay? Don't you play dead! Do you not remember what I taught you? Look around your surroundings before you fight, the ground, your body, the water, the grass. If you do not want to be defeated, you must find a handy weapon to help you out as soon as possible!"

"Clang!" Second brother's dagger made a loud, sharp sound. Oscar stared at the falling dagger and again glanced around the open, empty space around himself.

"Die!" The dagger came down.

The young man's pupils contracted suddenly. All sound was back in his ears; the intense clangs of spears meeting with blades, the cries of the knights, the longhorn blows of Mam Celia.


Sasha! Oscar instantly turned over, and the angry assassin became even more aggravated when his dagger stabbed into blank air.

The young man pulled out an arrow from the side of a dead knight's body, and then made another quick roll over. "The one to die should be you!" He screamed loudly and pierced the arrow into the assassin's ankle deeply. The Imperial Guard screamed in pain before falling to the ground. Oscar struggled to stand up, he looked around the battlefield, and was pleased to see his knights chasing those annoying maggots.

His Royal Highness Prince stood there feeling wobbly, even he didn't know if he would fall down the next second. He was now trying to find a suitable guy for the task.

The assassin that had his ankle stabbed with the arrow now waved his dirk in alarm, trying to stop the young man from approaching himself. The immense pain did not make him lose his mind, and he noticed that the intimidating young man was dragging a heavy tomahawk behind himself.

Oscar was in a good mood, although he could taste the blood in his mouth that spurted from his lungs. Out of the blue, he whistled a short note, accompanied by the background noises of battle, screaming and yelling.

The young man moved to the assassin's side, and the poor assassin shouted hoarsely. Oscar tried to recall and mimic the way Godot maneuvered this big guy.

First, he spat on his left palm, then he spat on his right palm, and he grasped the massive ax with his right hand above and the left hand below. He bent down to gather the strength of his arms and bodyweight to bring the Tomahawk across the air in a moving arc!

"Poof!" Blood spattered and splashed! The young man's face and head was sticky with the unpleasant smelling liquid. "Ola!" finally he ended the task with his favorite catchphrase.

Her Royal Highness Princess Alanis was much calmer after having taken shelter inside the "bullet-proof" carriage. However, she was ashamed of herself. Her servant girl had taken a deadly arrow for herself, but all she did was nothing but tremble like a quail.

Countess Emory was seriously wounded. Every time the princess looked at that dark hole of blood she could not help but feel nauseous, however, she forced herself to suppress this feeling. Although the violent killing outside the carriage kept her on her toes all the time, she realized she should not behave like this! She was the princess of the empire, and she should not lose her royal dignity in dealing with anything.

While Mr. Percy got to the stage of stitching up the wound, the princess decided that she had to do something for her servant that had taken the attack for her. She held the end of the thread, and watched the wound gradually come together under the doctor's hand.

Suddenly the noise of the killing amplified several times louder! The princess frowned, she knew that the assailants had been coming nearer.

The door was opened abruptly! The stench of blood and the real roars of the battlefield poured into the carriage, and a knight that was dressed like an Imperial Guard appeared at the door. Before the princess opened her mouth to denounce his rashness, the young girl noticed a crossbow being pointed at her forehead.

No one dared to breathe. The Poison Doctor, Annie, and Emory who had slowly regained consciousness, were all shocked by this incomprehensible scene. Only the sensitive princess was aware of what was happening, but it did not matter to her. She had already lost her dignity during the initial attack, and so she should at least leave a small, proud achievement on earth before departing to see the God of Light.

Her Royal Highness returned her gaze back to the wounded girl, and tightly held the thread that was halfway through stitching up her female attendant. "Hurry! We have to complete the treatment!" Percy looked at the princess incredulously.

The arrow would soon be out of the crossbow, yet the assassin's face changed into a rare solemn expression. He felt sorry for the girl who was about to die, but almost immediately he realized his consciousness stopped right at this moment!

Everyone inside the carriage looked behind the assassin, and noticed a little fatty covered with blood and dirt. In his hands were an exaggeratingly huge tomahawk, even taller than himself. The heavy tomahawk was embedded deeply into the back of the assassin's brain, and with one swift move, he split the assassin's spine entirely into two!

"Dear Alanis! Dear Annie, Dear Emory, I am honored to meet you!" The young man's face bloomed with an innocent smile.

"You ... Why do you not greet me?" The Poison Doctor who had just experienced a frightening incident said sadly to His Royal Highness Prince.

"Because if you can't heal me completely I'll have to bring you down to hell with me!" Oscar replied with a smile before his eyes rolled back and he collapsed to the ground.

"Oscar!" A lady and a young girl pushed their way past the doctor and rushed toward the sun in their hearts.

The whistling arrows flew high into the air once again! The bandits suddenly took to their heels to escape from the knights who had effectively killed all their motivation. Although the arrows kept chasing after their backs, nothing could stop them from retreating, just as they did when they launched the attack. Within seconds, any men with a pair of still functioning legs had run off and vacated the battlefield.

"Andrew Haila!" "Andrew Haila!" "Andrew Haila!" The victory came too suddenly! The Narcissus Knights were still in a daze. After what seemed like forever they finally shouted and chanted their loud victory roars into the sky. They had won! They defeated the enemy in an absolutely reactive situation!

When the last enemy disappeared into the woods, the Narcissus Knights' chants gradually weakened, and some knights even directly laid down on the ground. The woods now had been completely changed of its appearance; trees were burning, carriages and wagons were shot full of arrows, broken shields and human bodies spread across the open field.

Celia was supported by her concerned daughter, and she felt waves of dizziness attacking her conscious mind. The knights assisted their severely wounded comrades to their feet, some were busy collecting the undamaged weapons on the ground. They had won! But they were not completely happy, as this victory was exchanged with the lives of half their brothers.

Kamille fainted as the Imperial Guards threw him high up in the air to celebrate their victory. He had always disliked this celebratory method of the Imperial Knights.

The peace and quiet of the jungle was restored, but the miserable moans were even more frightening than the uproarious fighting noises. The Narcissus Knights began to clean up the mess of the battlefield. Apart from the Lady Duchess' carriage, most of the carriages had been destroyed. The knights' supply of arrows had also been depleted, they had to collect as many as they could from the dead bodies of their enemies and comrades to obtain extra supplies.

The Lady Duchess sent out another team of scouts again. She assigned them with two tasks; the knights were to clean up all the enemies that had fallen in the mountains and find as many of the missing horses as they could.

The foul smell of oxidized blood on the knights only became more intense as the bodies were being moved. The wounded were gathered in one corner awaiting medical treatment. As a matter of fact, most of the knights were badly injured, injuries like torn muscles and dislocated bones were considered minor problems.

The young lady still held aloft their battle colors. The sacrificed knights were lined up in a long row in front of her, as her mother had assigned her the task of collecting the statistics of casualties. However, she did not dare to go to the bodies as she feared she would cry like a small baby. The knights were still carrying more dead bodies. Sasha wiped away the tears on her face while she said a silent prayer for them: Knights from afar, remember your hometown, remember your merits, and in the temple of God, may you rest in peace.

"Stop it! Stop treating me like a lady!" Kamille resumed his handsome appearance after a knight splashed a bucket of cold spring water at him to solve their captain's battle dazed condition.

"Can you guys go away?" the paladin shouted at the kind-hearted knights who tried to help him up to his feet. Although he managed to lead a successful defense, he knew that a big number of warriors who had followed him for many years had left him forever.

The paladin reported himself to the master's mother and the Lady Duchess hugged and kissed him on the cheek. The Paladin dashed to the princess and was greeted with an extremely grateful smile. Eventually, he located his young master again, and despite the horrible wounds Oscar experienced, the Poison Doctor assured that His Royal Highness Prince had passed the critical condition.

Colonel Kamille Rayen knelt on one knee before the prince. Although he had won the war, it was his fault that the prince was wounded. That could not be justifiable, and he needed the prince to impose judgment on him.

His Royal Highness Prince O'Neil Andrew Morisette sat on a broken horse-drawn carriage with a covering, and behind him were the bodies of several teenage girls. He found this place after he came to from the surgery, but he began to cry when he saw the horrible scene inside the carriage. The prince had no tears, and the damn Poison Doctor was to blame for this disability. But it was also thanks to the damn Poison Doctor that no one knew what the young man was doing, sitting there alone in the carriage with no emotions. No one knew that this strong and stubborn young man had been crying.

The understanding Kamille stood up, he vaguely guessed what was on the prince's mind. The young girls were the prince's servants, they were all innocent girls that had been living with the young man since his time in Damorga. Now their bodies were pierced full of arrows, many pairs of innocent eyes that had lost their light still showed their panic and fear.

"Ka ... Kamille! Is that you?"

Kamille did a proper military salute to His Royal Highness. He was not only a strong boy, but he was definitely also a brave soldier.

"Yes, Your Highness. Colonel Commander of the Second Squadron of the Fifth Regiment of the Fourteenth Cavalry of the Narcissus Knights, Colonel Kamille Rayen, reporting to you! Your Highness!"

"We won?" Oscar's eyes glazed over.

"Yes, Your Royal Highness! We have repulsed twice as many numbers of enemies than our men and successfully killed more than 500 men of our enemy."

"Do you know those girls behind me?" Oscar looked at his knight.

"Yes, Your Royal Highness! I do know them, Your Highness!" Kamille could not bear to look at the poor girls. He wanted to comfort the young man, but he did not know what words to say. At this time, he could only be as firm as a cavalry soldier while answering the prince's questions. He hoped the young man could gain some courage from his firm words.

"No! You do not know them! You all do not know them!" Oscar suddenly shouted like a beast. The voice of his roar echoed across the whole mountain. Everyone turned to look at the enraged prince.

"You do not know what kind of hell they endured in Damorga. You do not know what their names are because they did not have names at all. All they had were serial numbers representing themselves, like prisoners. Did you know that? It was me who gave them their names." Oscar suddenly jumped up into the carriage and started turning the bodies over one by one.

"This is Kisha! This is Dominica! This is Issa! This is Fanny! Damn ... oh damn! The bastards kidnapped Berlanda and Daisy!" Oscar trembled with anger, "They ... I saw ... I saw ... they were kidnapped... my God ... but I could not do anything... oh my God!"

The paladin stood there, motionless. He maintained his position at attention. He hoped the Royal Highness Prince would quickly restore his determination like a soldier. The other knights heard everything. While they continued to engage in their work at hand, they thought of their sacrificed comrades, and reprimanded themselves for not fully fulfilling their responsibilities. The mountain was surrounded with a repressive atmosphere, and only the condor soared around the thick clouds. It called out a long and sorrowful mourn, but after that, the mountain went back to its peace and quiet once again.

Percy heard Oscar's hysterical cry. He was the only one who knew that the young man was crying, and was crying particularly sadly. The Poison Doctor was silent for a moment, and turned to one of the knights around him. "Hey, he won't make it anymore. I'll go check on the next one." The doctor put away his medicine chest, lying on the ground around him were about 100 wounded people. The Poison Doctor could not help but exhale a deep sigh.

Two knights carried a deceased comrade to an open space. They washed his wounds and his whole blood-soaked body using spring water. He was only a young man. A knight pushed the young man's hair to the side before putting a helmet on his head, and then finally folded his hands on his chest and placed a bloody knight's sword in his hands.

The scouts had come back with many of the lost horses. However, as a matter of fact, Narcissus warhorses never get lost. They were clever enough to know when to move away from the battlefield to gather in a secluded hillside. When the knights reunited with them, these little guys snorted excitedly. Nonetheless, they were disappointed when they returned to the troops, as their masters no longer welcomed them as warmly as before. Even if they approached them, their masters did not respond as expected. The warhorses were disappointed and kept their heads low, even the fresh green grass could not arouse their interest.

"Kamille! You guess… how will those guys treat my servants?" Oscar was tired, specifically, he was exhausted due to the tragic amount of blood lost. The young man fell flat to the ground, by his side laid the bodies of the poor girls.

"Listen to me, young fella! Our main problem now is finding a way to deal with the enemy captives and the wounded." The King of Sins finally spoke up, he did not want this young fella to keep being devastated like this. "As for Berlanda and Daisy, believe me, I will take on the responsibility of bringing them back to you in one piece! I swear! I will ..."

"Bullshit!" Oscar sprang up from his position. "Bullshit! Do you remember what those crazy psychopaths and lunatic perverts did with the girls that fell into their hands? You are the King of Sins! You clearly know these things! "Oscar screamed again.

The weakened young man wheezed again. Doramy Basinger stared at the knife in the man's hand and wondered if he should fight back if the teenager wanted to kill him.

"You know, I promised them, that I will take them to seek real happiness? I also promised to take them to the most brilliant city in the world! I also promised to take them back to my hometown to see the beautiful fields of narcissus! I still..."

"Oscar!" Ricky grabbed the young man by his shoulders and shook him lightly. He thought it was time he controlled this crazy young man!

"Oscar! Listen to me! You will! You will!"

The young man pushed Ricky away forcefully. At this time, he did not need comfort, he only needed blood. Suddenly, the young man's head looked up. He realized he had been ignoring a problem all this while.

"Enemy captives and wounded, you said?" Young man's eyes radiated with a peculiar light, which sent sudden chills into Kamille.

"Hey! Hahaha! We still have some of them alive?" Oscar released his machete and jumped down from the carriage. The irritated wound gushed with blood, and the paladin used both his hands and feet to wrap a new bandage for his master.

"Kamille! Hey! Listen to me Kamille! I only need ten! Do you understand what I mean? Pick those who have some status! I repeat, I only need ten!"

"What about the rest?" the Paladin asked carefully.

Oscar laughed slyly again. He stretched out his arms so that to make it more convenient for the paladin who was bandaging him. "Ricky, do you remember how Damorga executed those under the death penalty?"

Ricky grabbed a tree for support at the daunting thought. He felt a chill shoot up through his feet.

"Hehe! Turn them upside-down and nail them on the cross, then slit open a hole in their throats. When their blood is finally exhausted, the God of Light will send them to the land of nowhere, devoid of reincarnation. They will turn into immortals forever, cursed and spurned!"



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