Chapter 54: Sixth Episode: Chapter 8
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This is family life? The Prince asked himself. He dragged himself out of bed to greet his mothers groggily. The family had breakfast together, his father seemed to be in a good mood, he didn’t even ask what happened after he left. His second elder brother had headed out to the command center of his front before the first ray of sun hit the ground, but the long table still had a large amount of people. Young Lady doesn’t seem like she’s in a good mood, she was a clever girl, she knew the four brothers were up to no good the previous day.

The Prince considered for a bit, he decided not to invite Sasha to visit the grave, she would probably scold him in front of their mother. "To hell with it!" He muttered, it would definitely turn out like that.

Princess Alanis may be the happiest person in the room. Oscar realized the Princess had a special ability, she could recognize people very easily, as shown by how easily she recalled the names of people of House Andrew.

The Princess was happy with House Andrew’s arrangement, she thanked Duke Andrew for letting her stay in the manor with the other family member instead of the royal residence. There’s a big difference between the two. In royal residence, the Princess would be considered an official representative, while in the House manor, the Princess would be their guest, there’s also the added relationship that she’s their extended family. From the outside, it’s easy to see the relationship between the royalty of House Morisette and House Andrew.

Princess Alanis also thanked the third brother of House Andrew, he was an excellent dancing partner. With just one night, Princess Alanis’ Dance of the Narcissus was already pretty good. Speaking of which, if the third young master wasn’t so silly, the Princess may not have the courage to dance such a passionate dance with a stranger.

The third young master told the Princess, "I’m Cody! I am the Yogurt Master!" to which the princess had no response to.

As Oscar expected, Sasha ignored his gaze and left right after she finished her breakfast. Her uncles and aunts thought she was still embarrassed about the kiss with her brother. Only the youths exchanged looks of disdain, seemingly wanting bad luck to fall on Oscar.

The grave of Princess Mica Alfa Morisette, also Duke Andrew the Fifteenth's fourth wife, sat in the flower field behind House Andrew’s Hall of Heroes.

The Hall of Heroes was actually House Andrew’s personal chapel. It wasn’t large in size, and only those who bears the Andrew name could enter. It was located several miles from the Andrew manor, in which one would be able to see the Hall of Heroes’ tower from the west window. At dawn and dusk, the bell of the Hall of Heroes would be rung.

The flower field behind the chapel was designated to be members of House Andrew’s final resting place, an innumerable amount of heroes had been buried there. Narcissus flowers bloomed all over the flower field that was routinely tended to by gardeners. Pure white Narcissus flowers surrounded tombstones erected in the seeming endless field.

Oscar’s finger traced along the inscription on his mother’s tomb.

‘My beloved wife, Mica Alfa Morisette rests here.

Year 757 - Year 780

Her Royal Highness the Princess of the divine Titan Empire, Lady Duchess of House Andrew, a kind wife and mother. May her soul be blessed with peace by the ancestors in heaven.

~Dortmund Andrew Nedgabel’

"This is my mother?" Oscar asked little Sasha.

Sasha was an understanding girl, when her brother got ready to visit his mother’s grave, she was already dressed in her most proper outfit, waiting by the entrance.

"I think so, but it’s in the past, isn’t it? Maybe it’s inappropriate for me to say this, but I have no recollection of your mother, she had already passed when I got here."

"Yes Sasha, you missed out on the most lovable woman in the world. She’s so kind to everyone she has met, hoho, but she was so cruel to herself."

Sasha did not answer, she placed the Narcissus flower in front of the tombstone.

Oscar caressed the stone on his ring, that’s the only thing his mother left him aside from the memories. He inherited her wealth, but what is that? That is junk, that is a body cocooning weakness and fakery.

"I wonder if father would let me change the inscription?"

"What do you plan to change it into?" Sasha swiped her brother’s fringe aside.

"I want to say this: My mother, she was firstly an unsuccessful woman, her pretense of emotion stopped her time after time from pursuing her happiness; Secondly, she’s a successful woman, she endured the pains of parting and fell into the whirlpool of betrayal, and finally, as her heart was ripped beyond healing, she successful took away her life; In the end, she had a pitiful end, she thought she could be relieved of all these, but what she didn’t know was, even if she entered the pearly gates, it was just another corner for her to drown in her regret!"

Oscar was going to leave, but he turned around abruptly. His mother’s tomb looked pale, but he still had things to say to her.

"Yes, mother, I love you more than anyone else in the world do, but you’re also more detestable than anyone else in the world. I hate your hypocrisy and cowardice!"

He finished and looked at the scenery around. Plants thrived, flowers blossomed, the calm sky nestled a warm sun and clouds.

"It’s not bad here, my mother, it suits you. Rest in peace." The teen left in determination.

Sasha stared at Oscar, terrified. Once again she assured herself that this cold-blooded, heavily-chain teenage boy was not her brother.


"Yes! If you still want to be Sasha’s brother, this decision right now is certainly wise."

Duke Andrew lit up a cigar, he didn’t expect his youngest son to look for him on his own, he also didn’t expect this boy who has yet to have his coming-of-age ceremony to discuss the matter of marriage with him.

"I know, my dear father! Can I try that?"

The Duke handed the cigar box to him without a second thought. Like the rumors said, this kid is exceptional.

The father-son pair sat together in silence, their smoke wisping up.

"Do you know, this is not fair to Sasha." Oscar said without warning.

"Of course I do! All these years, she had shown much of her admiration for you, everyone at home thought you would be the perfect pair."

"Then why do you agree to my opinion?" Oscar was a little befuddled. He had proposed a cautiously worded suggestion to refuse a marriage with Sasha. In fact, he had refused it ever since Lady Celia brought it up.

"There’s no ‘why’. Your opinion is correct, because nothing much in this world would be fair."

"Sasha will be heartbroken." Oscar flushed as he muttered the words. He had only thought about himself when he refused Mam Celia’s suggestion, not taking into account Sasha’s possible reaction, but now he felt scared about the whole decision altogether.

"My son! Look at my study. Does it give you any thoughts?"

Oscar scanned around. If he had to describe the study in one word, it would have to be ‘simple’. The study was simple. A big, wide desk, a big, wide couch, a chair for the guest. The desk was decorated with military flags that were long enough to touch the floor, and the walls were practically covered with maps of every sort.

"I’m sorry, father! I do not understand."

The Duke waved his hand, it’s not something any 15-year-old could understand either.

"My child, it’s ‘Simplicity’! Do you know that? No matter how complicated something is, in the end, it can be summarized in a sentence or two. This is the truth, child, once you mastered the patterns of development, it will be easy to sort out the core. No matter what changes were made, no matter how complicated the situation is, remember the core characteristics! It’s what’s most important!"

Oscar was somewhat lost, he didn’t know what that had to do with the study. Subconsciously, he scanned the study again, and finally realized something.

The desk is for paperwork; the couch, to rest, to lean on; the maps, to put clearly the strength of both friend and foe; the flags, to resemble the power the House holds. Other than that? There’s nothing else! The study symbolizes House Andrew, House Andrew is just that simple.

The teen finally understood what his father meant, but he reckoned the word can’t be applied to love, love may be the only thing in the world that’s not substantive.

"Father, I understand what you mean now, but that doesn’t help with the issue with Sasha."

"Heh heh, silly child, what issue do you have with Sasha?"

"Father! Didn’t I already tell you?" Oscar was dissatisfied, his father didn’t give him any valuable suggestions. "Alright, using your concept of simplicity, I shall repeat my question. The issue between Sasha and I was that His Majesty Alfa III will definitely not allow my being one of the royalty to have four wives. So please tell me, Sasha or the Princess?"

Dortmund extinguished his cigar and nodded at his son. "Yes, the problem is here. As a royal you will need to follow the monogamous marriage rule. But as an Andrew, you are also unqualified to have four wives, you know, only the master of house can have for wives."

"Yes, please tell me, what can I do?" Oscar was no longer worried. He knew the clear-headed Marshal would have a plan.

"Do nothing!" Dortmund retrieved a letter from his desk, the seal on it was already broken, obviously the Duke had already read it.

"Hoho, my old friend wasn’t trying to hide his objective. He apologized to me, and said something about facilitating the relationship between House Morisette and House Andrew under the circumstances of stability and peaceful development."

"Son, let me tell you this, the Morisettes had always used a strategy when dealing with the Andrews, it’s called Collaborative Confrontation. It’s been four hundred years, but this principle had never changed,"

"What is that?"

"It basically boils down to the royals of Morisette want House Andrew to put out a synchronized front as an effort to successfully actualize the stability and peaceful development they envisioned. They want to become backup force behind the Andrews; with stability and peaceful development as a precursor, the Morisettes want the Andrews to confront them on every angle, so as to avoid the Andrews becoming the biggest stability factor of the empire that will destroy the inner stability and peaceful development of the empire."

"I… I am utterly lost!" Oscar revealed his thoughts honestly.

"To be truthful, me too. What I want to say is that Alfa III was only using some old tricks, he wishes to use his daughter to affect you, so that you can affect the Andrews. It makes sense, and it is also in sync with the royal tactics."

"Are you saying that I’m going to be excluded from House Andrew?"

"Oh no, my child! Goodness! You still don’t understand, do you? You have to participate in the family affairs, because the royals is basically asking for a collaboration from House Andrew."

"What about the confrontation part?"

"Confrontation? During the years you’ve been locked up, we’ve been confronting them the whole time, but since the Princess is here, the collaboration is pretty much set in stone."

"Okay, okay!" Oscar almost lost his patience. "Dear father! You have to know, you’ve beaten around the bush for so long, but your poor son’s question was still unanswered."

"My son, I have already told you everything! Do nothing! Do you have to force yourself into this dead end choosing between Alanis and Sasha? It’d be much easier if it’s this simple. You are still young, you have time to think about it until you have any real power."

"Father! I don’t have a choice, isn’t it the family who forced me on this track?"

"No it wasn’t! I have already cancelled it!"

"Was it because of my refusal?"

"No! It’s because it’s for your future." Duke Andrew took out another letter from his drawer.

"Father, please don’t tell me about my future, my future is as bleak as a barren land! I don’t have proper systemic education, no proper military training, everyone around me was either bandits or criminals, I don’t know what I can do aside from setting fire to things or swindling people or killing them!"

Duke Andrew shot his hand toward his son across the wide desk, hooking behind his neck and bringing him close until they were forehead to forehead.

"Oscar! Listen carefully! This will be the last time you said this in front of me! Don’t forget this! You are one of House Andrew, even if you cannot read, even if you’re mentally degenerated, you shall not deny the blood of chosen warrior coursing through you!"

The Duke let his son go, "If you don’t let go of that completely absurd, shameful notion, I will not acknowledge you as my son, do you understand!"

"Yes sir! I will never forget that!" Oscar had returned to his senses. His father was terrifying when he’s furious! With just that outburst, Oscar had a sudden urge to relieve himself, it’s been far too long since he had that feeling!

"Your future is here!" Dortmund’s face didn’t let up. This kid had him fuming, it’s good to be aware of one’s own weaknesses, but those who think they are useless are the worst kind of people, those are cowards.

"Marshal Vann Hewitt Alan’s letter. He gave me a suggestion, and it involves your future." The father explained grimly as he saw his son shrank on his chair.

The Duke lost his temper, and slammed his fist against the desk!

"O’Neil Andrew Morisette! Your father is talking to you!"

Oscar’s back shot up straight, he stared at his father unyieldingly. His second elder brother told him, "Whenever father loses his temper, just remember to do that!" Soon, Dortmund relented, he had always liked kids who have eagle-sharp eyes and constantly maintaining a soldier’s stance.

"For the past few days, I had been considering Marshal Alan’s proposal, and I think it is very suitable for you."

"What kind of proposal? Oh right! The History of War theoretical research?" Oscar finally remembered.

"That’s not all. That was only a part of it." The Duke finally calmed down, but he was still brooding over his son’s superficiality. What did he mean he could only set fire to things and kill people? Who would be born knowing these? He learnt it from the inmates in prison! The Duke knew his son only lacked an opportunity to learn and to practice, and now, the opportunity had presented itself!

"People may say that he was a great military strategist, I think that comment is not overreaching!" Duke Andrew took a sip of his coffee before continuing, "The old Marshal knows a lot about war and politics. The modern warfare had steered away from the more crude tribal and religious warfare and evolved into a detail-oriented ones. This includes all the ministries relating to war, as well as the existence of strategies and systems to manage war."

"Marshal Alan’s suggestion was appropriate, and I reckon this is a pioneering concept! He wanted to separate a department of War History Analysis from the Ministry of Military Affairs and create a new Military Intelligence Bureau. Now do you understand?" The Duke knocked on his desk excitedly.

"Military Intelligence Bureau?" Oscar sniffed a sense of oddity from this new name. "Why do I get the sense that this new discipline is the same as the Secret Service Department?"

"That’s right! Your guess is correct!" Duke Andrew looked at his youngest son with approval. "Marshal Alan didn’t mention much about this new department, because it’s still in conception, but once Alfa III approved silver fox’s suggestion, it would be realized in a short time."

Oscar’s voiced his question, "But father! I have a question, if Silver Fox decided to create this Military Intelligence Bureau, it would certainly take up the responsibility of collecting and analyzing military intelligence, I understand that the Ministry of Military Affairs has experts for analysis, but what about the collection? Even if His Majesty agreed to it, Marshal Alan couldn’t possibly have a team of agents working for the army recruited so quickly."

"Hahahahaha!" Duke Andrew suddenly let out a huge laugh. "Son! You had just belittled yourself to the point of uselessness, you monkey! Your analysis is accurate! But you and I had underestimated Silver Fox, hahaha! I didn’t think he would came up with such an idea!"

Oscar was really confused about his father. A few minutes ago, the Duke was reprimanding him, but now the Duke’s implying that his intellect was comparable to the Duke’s own.

"Father, but I still don’t understand."

"Of course! Aside from the people involved, no one would understand how much of a genius Silver Fox is!" The Duke squinted for a bit, he fantasized about sparring with Silver Fox Alan, but immediately dismissed the idea. It shouldn’t happen, it’s too dangerous.

"My son, the Secret Service Department is the oldest secret agency in the Titan Empire’s history. The officers are responsible directly to His Majesty the King, they can be found throughout the whole Westland! The department’s responsibility was so developed, their meeting minutes include every part of a nation, including their military status which took up most of the time…"

"Wait a second, father!" Oscar interrupted his father and laughed shiftily, "I understand now! The Secret Service is like us, House Andrew. While they bring benefit to the royal family, they were also a source of suspicion for them. With a powerful agency like that, when the royal family started using them more and more, they would have to be careful of them."

Oscar’s thought was clear. "Silver Fox is cunning. If I guessed correctly, like you said, the Military Intelligence Bureau would start operation as soon as the King approved them, because Alfa III only need to say the word for the agents to switch to the new bureau, because for them, it’s just a different supervisor and a different source for their income."

"That’s correct. Listen to me for the next part, stop flaunting your wit at me, alright?" The Duke smiled.

"Have you thought about the scenario where His Majesty rejected Marshal Alan’s proposal?"

The question stopped little Oscar, "I think… I think he wouldn’t. Alfa III had no reason to do that."

"No, that’s incorrect! Alfa III had every reason to reject the proposal, because you only saw his proposal shaving the power off of the Secret Services, but did you realize the power that’s been shaved off would completely be transferred into the army? In that case, the Titan royals would need to deal with a completely new department with new people wielding real power."

"However!" The Duke was happy to see his son’s face as the information registered, this little kid was still too immature. "My child! Alfa III would agree to it after the initial protest."

"Oh? Why is that?" Oscar was stunned, would the King do something like that that undermines his authority?

"Hoho, you don’t know, do you? Who was it that claimed Silver Fox to be a cunning old fart? It’s you, isn’t it, my son?"

"Yes, it was." Oscar smiled embarrassedly.

"You’re not wrong, because he had expected all this, including you and me, we were tricked by this cunning old fart!"

"Father! You don’t seem to be very respectful toward Silver Fox! Who was it that claimed Marshal Alan to be a great strategist? It’s you, isn’t it, my father?" Oscar teased Dortmund with the same tone of voice.

"Hmph! All the great strategists in history were cunning old farts, Alan would of course be one of them, do I need to be happy that he tricked me?" Dortmund slid his son a dirty look.

"Did you ask why His Majesty would agree to the old fox’s suggestion? Heheh, it was because of you!"

Oscar was utterly confused. "Me? That’s not possible. I don’t have the power to sway His Majesty."

"Listen to me! Trust me on this, it was because of you! Alfa III would reject Marshal Alan, because he’s worried that the Empire will have another Secret Service, and then Alan will suggest that you take over that bureau. As His Majesty’s nephew, the Empire’s Prince, will anyone be more appropriate than you to take over the bureau? I will also recommend that His Majesty agree to the proposal, because it is beneficial to our House."

"B-but…" Oscar had never thought about how it would relate to him, moreover, it’s a secret agency not so different from Secret Service itself. "But is it even possible? Alfa III wouldn’t let an Andrew to manage such a sensitive department. It wouldn’t make sense! He wouldn’t choose to collaborate on this."

"Hahahaha! You’ve done it again, my son! You’re underestimating your position with regards to Alfa III!" The Duke’s eyes turned into a shade of cruelty, "Have you forgotten? He originally wanted to give you a life sentence, what changed his mind? If I’m correct, you used his relationship with Princess Mica, and successfully convinced him that you related more to royalty! Isn’t that so?"

Oscar was scared a little, if he admitted it, it would be the same as betraying his own House, there’s no easy way to answer the question! But he had been left with no choice, his own father was a fox comparable to Marshal Alan.

"Yes! But that’s a psychological trick, you know that, father. I am an Andrew through and through, you confirmed it yourself yesterday." Oscar knew it wasn’t time to give in.

Time seemed to freeze. It was a while before the Duke finally relaxed his face, "Yes, I believe you! That was a successful trick! That was why Alfa III decided to sculpt you into his own, or else he wouldn’t place that crown on you, and he definitely would not allow you to get close to his precious daughter!"

Oscar was relieved, but his father’s following words riled his anxiety up again.

"That is why Alfa III would agree to the suggestion of setting up a Military Intelligence Bureau, and why I said Alan is a cunning old fox. He had seen through you, me, and Alfa III."

"His Majesty would form the opinion that the foundation of Military Intelligence Bureau would firstly take away the leadership of the Secret Services in espionage work; Secondly, it could make the military management more efficient, making sure the military can respond to a tactical situation as soon as it happens; Thirdly, choosing Prince O’Neil Andrew Morisette as the person in charge would guarantee the royal’s hold onto this new department. Furthermore, the foundation of Military Intelligence Bureau does not affect in any way the interest of House Andrew, the royals also have their eyes on our house. That is why, my son, even if you become the head of this new secret services department, you’re still under the control of the royals."

Oscar breathed loudly, he looked at his father, ‘He had the nerve to call Marshal Alan old cunning fox, he’s probably worse than that, maybe the devil himself!’ Of course, Oscar only dared to think about it.

"Father, last question. How does the founding of the Military Intelligence Bureau benefit Marshal Alan? He wouldn’t have expected me to become the head of the department, would he?"

The Duke picked up the letter from Marshal Alan and read the last line to his son.

"A new international war is inevitable, considering this is a national crisis, please consider my plea for cooperation, the safety of the Empire is of utmost importance!" Duke Dortmund Andrew Nedgabel scoffed and crumpled the letter as he finished reading.

"How noble, that damned old fart!"

"Father…" Oscar was stunned! He had never thought the commander of Narcissus Knights to spew curses like that.

Dortmund ignored his son’s reaction, he was furious! "Did he think he was that good? Hmph! Oscar, he will suggest your appointment as the head, but know this! Anyone who was recruited into the Military Intelligence Bureau must be the old fox’s cronies! He will be able to give out orders without you, don’t think he slept through his twenty-odd years of appointment as the military affairs chancellor. Alfa III will notice this, so we really need to collaborate with His Majesty!"

"I will do whatever you ask for!" What could Oscar say? His fate was already sealed with his father’s decision.

"That’s that then, what do you think?"

The Prince released the breath he hadn’t notice he’d been keeping. It was not easy! He and his father had been in meeting for more than three hours.

"Yes sir! Thank you for your time!"

"Don’t give me that, my son! Don’t you think it’s insincere to say that to your father?"

"Well then! Yes, father! My Duke! My commander! Your youngest son will take his leave now!"

"That’s more like it! Go take a walk with the Princess, don’t frolick around!"

Oscar turned around, he knew his father meant something else with the last part, he mst have found out about Nemes Ritchell Club.

"Yes father, I will take caution. Oh right!" The teen teased playfully, "The lady of the house of Nemes Ritchell Club wanted me to tell you that she’ll be making a visit soon if you don’t swing by!"

Oscar closed the door as soon as he finished, missing out on his father’s interesting facial expression.


The sun released its heat without a care in the summer noon. The Narcissus County was a landlocked area, causing warmth to be locked within the earth. It wasn’t afternoon yet, but the scorching air had already kept people from frequenting the streets, the only thing they want to do was to get into a chilling tub of spring water.

The headquarters of the Narcissus Knights were still busy, officers raced around the buildings with reports and documents in their arms, armored guards held themselves against the sun, their sweat slipping from their faces to their chest like the spring showers.

Prince O’Neil Andrew Morisette felt so much better after leaving his father’s study, as if everything was in control! Even though half of it came from his father’s assurance, it had been awhile since he felt this sense of superiority. The power struggle within the nobility in Dulin, the old Kachev claiming Oscar’s victory, the potential enemy who nearly succeeded in killing him, all these instilled frustration into the teenager, however, all these had past, isn’t it? Just as father said, House Andrew persevered through countless tribulation before they were able to stand here as the chosen warriors, this was what’s important! As long as they live, they would need to constantly fight for their survival.

After figuring out the logic behind, the teenage Prince felt he had nothing to fear! Even though he wasn’t politically smart, he had his quick wits and intelligent brain, he can study to make up for his shortcomings; even though he lacked military knowledge, he had martial arts training and the bloodline of a family based in combat, he trust himself to be able to pick up the military knowledge he needed through the History of War theoretical research.

"I am unbeatable! Yogurt is the greatest!"

"Thank you!" Oscar who had just walked through the gates of the headquarters realized his third elder brother was greeting him enthusiastically. "Brother Cody! You’re such a lovable person!"

"Are you waiting for me here?" Oscar hooked onto his brother’s neck, mimicking his second brother, but since he’s not tall, the chubby Oscar looked slim when compared to his third brother, whose size was comparable to Ferry and Godot.


Worrying that Oscar misunderstood him, Cody added.


"Your Royal Highness! Please listen to me, this was what happened." An officer in gold uniform approached Oscar. Oscar remembered he was Cody’s caregiver.

"Your Royal Highness, Master Cody was following Lieutenant General Racheff Andrew Nedgabel here, but Lieutenant General had a mission to go through, so he asked Master Cody to wait here for you, he meant for you to… play with Master Cody for awhile!"

"Got it!" Oscar didn’t mind, he like spending time with his towering brother. "But excuse me, what was your name again?" Oscar asked his brother’s ‘nanny’.

"Oh, sorry sir, my mistake!" The officer immediately saluted, "I am from the Internal Affairs department of Military Personnel Bureau, I am responsible for Master Cody’s daily life, please call me Lieutenant Glanz."

"Of course, Lieutenant Glanz. I can tell you’re happy in this position!"

Glanz’s face was joyful. "Yes sir, I am happy to be taking care of Master Cody. I may not be worthy of it, but I had always thought of Master Cody as my best friend."

Oscar glanced at his brother. He was happy for his brother. His instinct told him, the lieutenant was telling the truth.

"It’s iced!" Cody said.

The brothers started walking, Oscar promised his brother he would prepare a whole tub of iced yogurt.

"Still, why yogurt?" Oscar still had questions about his brother’s choice. "Hahah, Your Royal Highness, there was a story behind this." Lieutenant Glanz was certainly loquacious, he started talking to the Prince. "Master Cody had this fever when he was young, to the point of almost dying, but as if receiving a guidance from the God of Light, he sneaked into the cellar at night. You wouldn’t believe this, he ate whole nine kilograms of yogurt! What’s more unbelievable was, his illness was gone the next day! Don’t you think it’s a miracle? After that, Master Cody couldn’t stop talking about yogurt, I don’t think he ever will!"

Oscar looked at Glanz suspiciously, "Why don’t I know about this?"

"Of course you don’t! You weren’t born yet!"

"Oh!" Oscar got it, but it was still a little farfetched.

"Your Royal Highness! One more thing, in case you accidentally make him angry. Firstly, any promises you make regarding yogurt must be completed; two, do not give him too much yogurt, his stomach wouldn’t be able to take it, and Eldest Master doesn’t allow it; three, don’t try to take yogurt away from him. Just these three rules. If you can achieve that, you’ll be Master Cody’s real brother!"

Oscar retorted in disbelief, "I am his real brother! Are you kidding?"

"No, sir! I’m certainly not spouting nonsense, you’ll understand soon enough!" Lieutenant Glanz kicked his mount in order to chase after Cody, this boy left him and Oscar alone while he walked ahead.

"Hey Glanz!" Oscar yelled at the ‘nanny’ "Why is that?"

"Because he’s the Yogurt Master!"

Oscar wasn’t surprised by his brother’s nickname, he’s already used to it! The previous night in Nemes Ritchell Club, he was greeted by the sight of his elder brother crossdressing, while his second brother spent his time with a bunch of preteen girls about eleven to twelve years of age.

"None of my siblings are normal!"

The Prince rode his Raytheon stallion after Yogurt Master.



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