Chapter 56: Seventh Episode: Chapter 1
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"Do you know what sort of place is outside there?" His Royal Highness Prince O’Neil Andrew Morisette gritted his teeth. "Put your ears on and listen to me carefully! I don’t wish to see you disappearing after I turn my head away! If I find even one of you missing, then you better not come back to see me ever again!"

Ricky the Liar was counting his fingers; The King of Sins was counting the clouds on the sky; Snowstorm was counting the ants on the floor; Hedgehog Sarlat was counting the swords on him; Huge Godot was counting the axes on him; Poison Doctor was counting the medicinal bottles; While the carriage driver was counting the narcissus flowers engraved on the carriage. The faces of these people were full of bruises. Obviously, they have suffered in the hands of the military sheriffs.

"Do you hear me? Answer me!"

"En!" "Ah!" "Yeah!" "I heard you!" "Absolutely right!"

"Then put some strength into this! You are my followers, not prisoners in the prison!" Oscar told himself not to think about yesterday’s incident! But when he saw these guys, his anger simply flared. But the young lad realized that his way of saying this was actually wrong. These few guys were originally prisoners. There were not many prisoners in the whole Westland worthy of this label more than them!

"Well then! Follow me and don’t speak!" Oscar ordered in the end.

On the Holy Titan Light Year 791 29th day of 7th month, the Narcissus Knights of the Narcissus County welcomed the 435th anniversary day of the formation of the army. The day 435 years ago, twenty-three thousand seven hundred sixty-eight knights swore under the same military flag. "In the name of the God of Light, in the spirit of the Narcissus, in the event of fearless sacrifice, we shall protect Titan, protect our home!"

The Shanvelor Training Ground was situated in the forest behind the main camp. This gigantic round-shaped competition ground has a three-century history. It was developed from the original 10,000 square meters to the 60,000 square meters today. If it was to say that the Persians yearned for destruction, then the Narcissus were the genius in architecture. The Shanvelor Training Ground was burned down by the Persian army who invaded their home three times, but each time they rebuilt it, the place grew bigger.

At 6 am, the people in Narcissus were already rushing into the competition ground. If you looked from the stage at all directions, there were people everywhere. Some brought their whole family, young and old. They even brought food and drinks that were enough for a whole day. The passionate people held small baskets in their hands. These baskets were filled with fresh narcissus plucked moments ago.

There were also many people gathered at both sides of the road leading to the competition ground. Right after 6am, the knights closed off the venue. These unlucky people could only enjoy the sight of the knights, who were waiting to join the parade outside the grounds.

When the light shone on the huge rocks that told the time and signaled that it was seven, the brass band of the Narcissus Knights blew the horn to welcome the guests. With the cheers from the people, numerous narcissus flower petals were thrown into the air. It was as if a snowstorm hit the competition grounds.

The knight staying on guard by the entrance of the competition ground suddenly saluted at the pitch black door. Surrounded by the cheers of thousands of people, Duke Andrew raised his arms and waved to the crazy crowd. Behind him were his three Duchess. The surprising thing was that the three Madames were wearing the same outfit.

Princess Alanis and Prince O’Neil followed the Duke and Duchess closely. The Princess wore the armor given to her by Madame Pauline. This set of armor suited the beautiful Princess very well. Under the armor was an iron skirt with silver chains. This set of armor was really heavy, but the Princess did not complain at all.

The Prince was the only one without an armor in the Andrew family. He simply wore a set of black Narcissus military suit. There was not even a military title on his shoulder. When Madame Celia saw her youngest son dressed poorly, she almost burst out in rage. But there was not enough time for the blur child to change his clothes.

The members of the Andrew family walked a circle around the venue like previous years. The people closer to the edge of the place on the stand fought to reach out their hands. They hoped to touch their leaders, even just a bit of his clothes would be fine.

The Prince watched this scenario extremely calmly. He did not understand this. What were the people celebrating for? Celebrating that a year has passed in the midst of suffering and grief?

The young lad could not understand this. What was wrong with the Narcissus? They possessed numerous good qualities. But were they really willing to be content at this moment as they are covered by the shadow of the war?

The members of the Andrew family finally finished their show. When they safely sat on the stand for the parade, the knights who were responsible to protect this place could finally breathe a sigh of relief! These knights wore a dark yet bright military suit. As the secret force in the Military Investigation Bureau, they knew that there were numerous ‘Dark Ghosts’ in their territory! The spies who were placed in Andrew by the western kingdom, the spies of the Persian and the few criminals who could easily take a person’s life with a few gold coins! Who knows what sort of guys were hiding on the platform? They carefully scanned their surroundings. They believed that there were definitely people with bad intentions in the crowd.

Duke Andrew thanked the crowd from the stage. And as it was in previous years, the Duke announced the first activity for the Day of Formation of Army after he expressed his gratitude. It was the flag-lifting ceremony.

The gigantic carriage waiting outside of the competition ground finally began to move! The strong man with the axe cut off the rope tied around the carriage. Four strong men lifted the thirty-meter flag pole. The rope tied to the flag pole was slashed again. The infamous Fierce Lion Flag of Narcissus throughout the Westland spread out towards the ground just like a waterfall in the grand sunlight.

Under the rare summer breeze, the flag of Narcissus flew high over the Day of Formation of the Army. The world seemed to be filled with a strong festive cheer.

It has been four hundred years! The Narcissus Knights have always moved towards this huge flag. Today would not be an exception. Following the cheers of thousands of people, the parade began! The marching band at one side of the stand hit a crisp and dense beat without the order of the Duke. The 100-year tradition has told thousands of Narcissus that the Day of Formation of Army would go into the first exciting event of the day - the parade.

The parading team, formed by the most excellent ‘singles’ from fifteen arms under the Narcissus Knights, began to move! Under the neat command of the leader of the marching team, they began to move from their gathering place towards the competition ground.

The battle horses under the Knights stepped uniformly. These brave little guys were thoroughly repackaged. They have their sunscreen on; the brown fur was trimmed by their masters; they even have heavy armors on them. Row after rows of knights advanced towards their destination under the high-pitched screams of the girls. When the first team entered the venue, the hosting officers on the parade stand screamed in a loud voice!

"Look at that! The first to enter the venue is the Birboehm Field Army! The young guys in the Birboehm Field Army are all wearing an orange cape, with an iron heavy-weight sword on their waists and a steel spear in their hands. The horses have the heavyweight armor as well. Ahhhhhh! That is the Birboehm’s heavy-armored knights that terrify the Persian! The ladies on the stand, please take note of this! The Madame should take note of this as well! The guys in Birboehm are men who are worthy to take care of your whole life..."

"Look!" Another officer shouted. The crowds by the stands also let out a scream, so he wished he could get his head into the huge speaker made by bronze for the purpose of magnifying his sound!

"People, have a look! Let the guys from Birboehm go! The ones entering the venue now are the warriors of Abbaniya Field Army! They don’t have capes, no heavy swords, no spears. Oh god! They don’t even have a shield! What are they doing here? Do not fret, young ladies! No worries for the Madame as well! This is the architecture army of Abbaniya. The most excellent technician, architects, masons, carpenters, bricklayers, digging workers and shipbuilders are all here! Without them, we will probably still sleep in camps! Madame! Ladies! Don’t you want to spend a wonderful night with a knight who is delicate with this hands?"

"If it is tonight, then forget it! The men who are worth your whole lifetime has finally appeared! The first officer once again covered the voice of his subordinate.

"Look at this! Look at this! Beautiful ladies! Honorable Madame! These are the strongest warriors in the dessert! Rangers First Army from Buchwald Field Army! They are the strongest bunch of men amongst the knights. Their will to live was just like the cactus in the dessert! Their ability to fight is like the rattlesnakes in the dessert! Look at their hands that hold the heavy crossbow. Then look at the muscles on their arms. You don’t need more explanations right? Ladies! Madame! How strong their hug could be!"

"Oh my god! What is this bullshit?" Oscar went limp on his own seat. The ones who came to join the parade ceremony were all the famous units in the Narcissus Knights. But, it seems that they are described as pitiful worms who have never seen a woman before by these two useless commentary officers.

Oscar looked at the Princess who was feeling odd as well by his side. He suddenly felt ashamed. What in the world is this parade? It was a fucking bullshit ceremony!

"Where did those two guys who are spitting at the crowds come from?" Oscar asked his second oldest brother.

"Those two loud voices? They are from the Military Publicity Department. If it isn’t that Lieutenant General Laura did not want to let go of them, I would’ve taken them under my command!"

Oscar showed an unbelievable expression! "What use do you need them for? To bullshit your own knights?"

Figg looked disapprovingly at his little brother. "What do you know? You have not seen true battle. Do you know how much volume a fight that involves thousands of people will build up? If I don’t have any underlings with loud voices, how can I convey my command to my unit during confusion?"

"Oh! Yes! You seem to have a point!" Oscar nodded. "But must they promote the glorious knights of our family this way?"

"What should they do otherwise?" Figg was more disapproving! "Take the Rangers First Army for example, do you know what sort of conditions they fight under? An endless desert! Not to mention woman, they could not even see female animals! They are warriors, but also men. They have fought many years for the family! Shouldn’t the family build a warm family for them at their back? A wife can not only show kindness physically and emotionally to the man, but also the determination and beliefs that sustain the men in the last moment of the battle under extremely difficult conditions."

Oscar still did not want to give up! "But... But there is no need to involve the Madame right?"

Figg felt hopeless! "My dear dear little brother! I beg of you! Do not expose your ignorance towards the matters of the family completely in front of the people! Let me tell you. In Narcissus County, the number of women is more than the double of men! Moreover, look at those Madames on the stand. At least half of them are widows!"

"Then what you mean is... This parade... Presenting the team is the second priority, arranging marriages is the first priority?"

Figg showed a look to his brother that said he finally understood this!

"Oh god! It is truly this way!" Oscar groaned with his energy drained. This was undoubtedly the largest arranged marriage activity he has ever seen!

"My little brother, stop groaning! Oh god! Quick, quick! Be more energetic! It is my Traisen Field Army!" The second oldest brother finally saw his knights entering. He pulled his younger brother up quickly.

The knights urged the battle horses to move towards the stand neatly. As they entered the venue, they reorganized their formation. As they marched, the formation of the knights became a formation of twenty-five people in a row. When they passed the main stand, the neat sound of swords covered all sounds in the venue!

"Salute to the General!" The roar of the knights was magnificent.

"Salute to the warriors of Traisen Field Army!" Duke Andrew led all generals on the stand to return the greetings.

At this time, the commentary officer’s voice sounded once again!

"Ah! It has been a long time. The Traisen Field Army! We haven’t seen the Knight-Infantry Unit for a long time! They let their horses drink by the Ufalarre River in Persian. They have pissed at the Baghdad West City, the Capital of Persian! Now they are back in Andrew Haila! Let everyone have a guess! They have encountered a major trouble!"

"What trouble?" The other commentary officer of the parade suddenly became cooperative.

"You would not believe it! General Figg Andrew Tibotty has made an official Military Order! If his knights cannot win five champions in the upcoming training competition, he will go to the Military Court to receive his punishment! Ladies! Madame! Another ten whips! On the butt of General Figg!"

"Hahahahahaha..." Bursts of laughter exploded in the crowds! The Figg Andrew Tibotty was already in the mode ready to fight with the commentary officer, but he was stopped by his younger brother the Prince!

"Who can prove this?" The commentary officer still fearlessly added oil to the fire.

They saw a few generals of the other field army on the stand raise their hands. They looked at the enraged Figg and smiled with bad intentions.

The place became even livelier! The training competition of the Narcissus Knights gathered the strongest people in all army units. Not to mention five champions, even a champion for a section is difficult enough! It seemed that this time they are in luck. The ladies and Madame were in a crazy uproar. How happy they could be to see the butt of the hero Figg with their own eyes!

Figg’s expression could no longer be described as bad! This young man cursed in a low voice! "Fuck this! This time I am truly trapped by this calculative, short-lived dudes!"

The second oldest brother looked at his father, confused. The commentary was all approved by this Marshal!

"Say, father! Who wrote this commentary?"

Duke Andrew took a glance at this never-growing second son. He felt that this kid did not deserve any sort of pity.

"Tracey! Who else could it be?" The Duke answered in a helpless tone.

The expression of the second oldest brother immediately broke. Yes! Who else could it be? "I knew it must be her!" Figg thought that he should marry Tracey as soon as possible. He did not know what other things this beautiful lady would bring to him again!

After this small interruption, the parade carried on. Ceres Field Army, Seist Field Army, Coran Field Army, Liszt Field Army, McCarran Field Army, Libero Field army, Mistral Field Army, Neruda Field Army, Albine Field Army, Raytheon Field Army and Nedgabel Field Army. These fifteen Field Army parade team entered the competition ground. After circling the venue once, they all stopped at their designated places.

The last two parade teams who entered the venue were the Guards of Andrew Haila Military Unit and the student team who came for the ‘Riding to War’ championships

When these children entered the venue, the people cheered for the future leaders of Andrew, whether it was the audience at the stand or the knights lining up in the venue. The children were like heroes as they rode their horses into the venue. They used the most formal courtesy of knights to salute to the highest Marshal on the stand.

"Hey! Where are we going? Aren’t we watching the competition?" Oscar flung his brother’s hand away.

"Competition? Fuck that! Should I wait there to get my whipping on the butt? I am not crazy to do that!" Figg Andrew Tibotty said this in fury.

"Yes! I know you are not crazy yet! But why are you involving me too?" Oscar was totally cautious against this second older brother of his. He advised himself not to get caught up in this guy’s trap.

"Hehe! You’ll know when you reach!" Figg tried to be secretive, but his little brother obviously did not plan to go along with that.

"No! You tell me now! Or else don’t expect me to go anywhere with you!"

"Dear little Oscar, you actually are cautious against me as if I am some sort of thief! Good! I won’t mind telling you. I am going to bring you to the family’s armory. There are a lot of armors and weapons left behind by our ancestors. I am going to pick out the best ones for you! As a member of the Andrew family, you don’t even have a set of armor. That is disgraceful. If this goes to the public, people are going to laugh at you so badly!"

"Really?" Oscar was suddenly looking forward to this.

"If you doubt me once more, I will get angry!"

"Hehe, alright brother! Don’t be angry. I apologize to you sincerely." Oscar went to the front and put his hands around his brother’s shoulder. He realized that even though his brother was a total asshole, he was truly delicate. And the way he treated people could barely be said as sincere.


"Fuck!" "Oh god!"

The sudden sound frightened the two who were walking!

"Hey, I have warned you so many times! Don’t appear behind me so suddenly. Have you forgotten that? I almost took your life the last time! Do you think the number of assassinations I have experienced is not enough?" Figg shouted at a loud voice. He hated the third brother’s action the most!

"Dear brother! Are you following us?" Oscar kindly asked Cody who was drenched in sweat.


"Oh god! There it is again! Cody, we don’t have yoghurt! Where is your caretaker? Where is that dude Glanz?"

The third brother saw that the second brother could not give him what he wanted, so he turned to his little brother.


"Ah... My brother! You should go and look for First Lieutenant Glanz!" Oscar was a little out of patience as well.

"No yoghurt?" The third brother was very disappointed.

"No!" The second and the fourth said it at the same time.

"Jerk!" The third gave them a disapproving last look.


Looking at the third who ignored them and went away, the second and fourth sons of the Andrew family were extremely helpless. Who could tell them now? What was the relationship between not having yoghurt and being a jerk?

Today was the day of formation of the army. There were only a few small soldiers who were responsible to clean the place left in the main camp except for the officers on duty. Oscar followed his second oldest brother through twists and turns and empty hallways. When the little Prince almost puked his breakfast out, Figg finally brought him to a halt in front of a huge door made of fir.

This huge wooden door led them straight to the roof of the palace. Oscar could see the rust on the iron coating of the wooden door. The door seems to have quite a history already!

Figg hit the copper ring on the door. Just when Oscar was getting impatient from waiting, a deep rumbling sound finally came from within the door.

The sound of a latch dropping echoed in the palace. The door was opened. Different from the scorching midsummer heat, a chilling cold wind blew from within the door all of a sudden!

"What do you want?" A small old man whose body seemed to have dried up watched the two young lads darkly.

"Hehe! Grandfather Logiartes, you don’t remember me? I am little Figg. You even hugged me when I was little! Look at this. You even picked this armor out for me." Figg bowed to this old man in an extremely flattering way.

"Little Figg...Now I remember!" A wave passed through the clouded eyes of the old man. "I have always regretted not letting you fall to your death when I hugged you!"

"Haha...Ha!" Figg knew the strange character of this old man really well. Even though he did not get angry, he was still rendered speechless by the words of this old man.

"Who is this fucking fatty??" The old man turned to little Oscar who was staring at him.

Figg showed a happy smile. "Hehehe! Grandfather Logiartes, this is your youngest grandchild! He is almost coming of age. Please can you help him to take a look whether there is any weapon or armor that suits him in the family?"

"I have never heard of this!" The old man scanned the young lad from top to bottom. He did not think that people in Andrew could ‘train’ to have this size. "Where are you from, wild kid?"

Oscar was suddenly furious. Calling him fatty did not matter because he truly was one. But calling him a ‘wild kid’ was too much! The young lad held the hilt of his machete tightly.

Figg realized his little brother’s emotion was veering to the dangerous side. He quickly went up front to stop the young lad. "Urgh... I’m sorry! Grandfather Logiartes, I didn’t say it clearly just now. He is called O’Neil Andrew Morisette. He..."

"Hey! Old man!"

Figg’s expression changed. Old Logiartes’s expression changed too! Figg turned back to see that his little brother already retreated three meters away. Also his whole body was filled with a strong aura. No! An extremely offensive and terrifying aura!

"What are you doing? Come here! Listen to your brother! Apologize to Grandfather Logiartes! What do you think you are doing?"

Figg was really scared now. This kid would get himself killed! He regretted a little of wanting to see his brother embarrassed just now.

"I say, old man! Can you still fight?" Oscar said this without a care of the others. The he now could no longer hear what his second oldest brother was shouting about. He was only trying his best to control his breathing and the point at which his arm held the hilt.

"What did you say?" Old Logiartes actually smiled! Figg knew that things were going bad

"I mean, if you can still fight, then please remember my name. My name is O’Neil... Andrew... Morisette!"

Figg’s mouth was agape. He saw his younger brother turn into a bright black shine! Oh god! How could a black shine be so bright? Figg did not even have the time to think about this problem. An intense sound of clashing metals pierced his eardrum.

It was machete! That was the only thing the old man knew when the shine lit up. He has faced countless number of Persian warriors who used machetes. All of these warriors died before his sword. But today! The exception has appeared!

Even light from the sword could hurt? The old man, confused, glared at the chilly shine that was about to penetrate his bone. Breathe in! Sword out! Just like those countless battles! No one could describe the speed of the old man pulling his sword out. When the humming of the sword awoke the palace in deep slumber, the old man’s sword already stopped the dark shine that came for him!

"Damn it!" The old man shouted in surprise! He could not feel any sort of force from the sword. The shine was simple, a false impression created by that fatty using the light and shadow in the palace. But what was it about the cold aura contained in this shine? The old man had no time to think about it. His knight’s sword stopped a piece of void. Such incredible technique! Such incredible time difference! Just when the force on the old man’s sword almost disappeared, the machete of that fatty finally came slashing in a flash.

The swords truly collided. To be specific, it was a strong hit of a machete with full force against a long sword which power has almost disappeared. The result was predictable. The old man swallowed the urge to cough up blood. His knight’s sword changed its angle by a little at the final moment it collided with the machete. Just a little was enough!

The change in angle of the stopped the sword from breaking and the loss of his life. Old Logiartes was really pissed off now. He realized from the hit just now that this fatty truly wanted his life!

The old man calmly turned the angle of his long sword! The long sword followed the special curve of the blade of machete and slashed forward at a fast speed. The spark created from the high speed friction between the two god-like weapons was just like the light in the night sky that shone for a fraction of second then disappeared!

The tip of the knight’s sword shone glittering sparks. Was it the chest or the throat? Oscar actually could not see the direction the long sword was going to!

Abandon the machete! That was the only choice of the young lad! Oscar’s arm cleverly shook. He gave up the weapon that he relied on to win a battle, but the old man was also surprised by the sudden light of blade that jumped in front of his eyes!

Oscar’s force caused the machete to rotate about the knight’s sword. The machete drew circles cutting towards the chest and abdominal area of old Logiartes! The old man retreated immediately. His reaction was still top-notch! Even though the pitch black blade of the machete confused his eyes to a certain degree, his many years of battle experiences helped the old man to dodge the impossible hit! The attack of the knight’s sword seemed to be destroyed by the sudden move of the young lad. It was the old man’s first time feeling terrified in a battle. That fatty did not seem ready to let him go just yet.

The young lad turned. At the moment he gave up his blade, he rotated his body. He dodged the long sword and even went over to the old man who embarrassed him. The young lad reached behind him. Nothing fancy. The hilt of the machete was once again in his hands. Everything was within his calculation.

The old man stared as the young lad once again held that terrifying weapon. A pitch black light of blade shone in front of his eyes again! The knight’s sword barely made it. The machete was just like a meteor dissipating into the light of blade that came at a quick speed.

The young lad sighed lightly and put his machete back into its sheath.

A part of blade fell on the floor of the palace. The crisp sound was heard for a moment, then everything was silent. The old man put the long sword that he possessed for many years in front of his eyes. Hehe! The old companion actually broke. The fractured part was so smooth just like a newborn baby!

He looked at himself. The armor he has for many years was also finished. From the right shoulder to the left abdominal, this steel armor with silver plates on it was cut in half! Logiartes took a deep breath. Okay! At least he was not injured. The result of the attack of the machete was only the cuts on his long sword and armor. The old man turned his gaze to the machete of that young lad.

"Can you let me have a look at your blade?"

"Do you recognize me as a part of Andrew family now?" Oscar stared at the eyes of the old man.


He put the machete in the hands of the old man.

The old man lost, but he had no intention to back down. "But I will not apologize to you because what I had said was the truth. None of the people in Andrew has a size like you, so you are a fucking fatty; you intentionally waved your blade at an old man who is half dead, so you are a rude wild kid!"

Oscar was going to get angry, but the old man already shut the wooden door tightly!

"Hey! Old man! What is this? You can’t take this? Hey!" Oscar kicked at the heavy wooden door


"Okay! Enough! Oh god! Do you want to scare me to death?" Figg held his ears that were injured by the sound waves. Why would he be so unlucky? The two in battle were not injured, only he did! What was this?

"Brother, are you alright? Your ears are bleeding!" Oscar kindly asked his brother.

"Enough! Oscar, you know what you look like just now?"


"Like a mentally-ill patient who was provoked badly! Please I beg of you. Can you inform me first before you get your sword out?"

"I already did!" Oscar felt that he was innocent.

"When?" Figg glared at him.

"I already put my hand on the hilt! Don’t you know what that means?"

"Oh god! Does putting your hand on the hilt means you’re pulling your blade?"

"Of course. What else could it mean?"

"Threaten! I thought you were trying to scare that old man!"

"Brother, you must be kidding! I have never threaten anyone before."

"I don’t believe it!"

"I swear! The people who I need to threaten have already gone to hell!"


The door opened! The old man appeared again. Oscar wanted to hold the old man by his neck, but the old man used the machete to fend the fatty’s hand off.

The young lad no longer thought of how he could avenge himself. He was attracted by the machete along with the sheath in front of his eyes! That was right. This was his machete. The clothes on the hilt of the machete was tied by himself, but why has the feeling of it changed? If the machete was a brutal beast before, the machete now was a black dragon that watched over the world!

It was the sheath! Oscar finally realized what was different! The old man changed a pure black sheath for his machete. No, this was not some normal sheath. Oscar rubbed his eyes. He finally saw it. There were numerous rhombic black diamond on this pitch black sheath! So many black diamonds! Oh god! They were just like the dragon’s scale, glimmering a dark shine. The sheath and the machete blended together perfectly. The young lad suddenly realized that they should be a pair originally!

Oscar looked at the old man in confusion.

"I can’t believe I have the chance of seeing this blade in my life! Kid, do you know the name and history of this blade?"

Oscar shook his head. It was too astounding! A machete changed its character and it has a sheath that has rare diamonds on it.

"The Persians call it ‘Anti Dragon Scale’. Four hundred years ago, the Emperor of the Persian Elladan Hari used it to lead hundreds and thousands of armies to destroy Titan."

Oscar knew his mouth must be gaping wide open. This blade was simple a small thing he bought from an underground auction for fun. The young lad immediately thought of the strange expression of General Wozakad the first time he saw this blade.

"This is the arrangement of the God of Light! Hahahahahaha!" The old man suddenly laughed.

"Do you know this, kid? Elladan Hari lost this blade when he lost the battle. At his deathbed, he once predicted that this blade could create a new era for the Persians. At the same time, it may bring the Persians into abyss with no turning back! Hahahahahaha! Now this blade actually turned up in the hands of an Andrew! Which of these two predictions do you guys think will come true first? Hahahahahahah! O God of Light! Andrew has been waiting for this day for so long!"

"Hahahahaha..." The laughter of that old man resonated in Shanvelor Palace!



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