Chapter 60: Seventh Episode: Chapter 5
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It was the 30th of the 7th month in the Morning of Light’s Calendar.

Royal Highness The Prince O’Neil and his direct division were spotted at a hillock about 170 kilometers away from the border of the Narcissus County. This was the prince’s first experience on a real battlefield. Although it might seem rather late for an Andrew to have their first war at this age, it was not too big of a deal, especially in the distinct case of this young prince.

The division had to take a short break before they continued their journey. The prolonged march from the previous night had gravely exhausted everyone in the division. During their brief pause, several soldiers were seen resting against the back of their horses. Oscar panted like a thirsty dog as he had never experienced such an arduous march before. He could not even muster the strength to get off his horse!

"Are you alright?" Snowstorm asked his young master out of concern.

"What do you think?" Oscar answered half-heartedly, munching on some dried meat.

"You look terrible." The servant said, handing a towel to his young master.

"It is not surprising. Our Royal Highness The Prince has not yet adapted to the army life." Former paladin Sarlat Drosha said, casually riding beside the Prince. Even though he had been imprisoned in Damorga for an unimaginably long period of time, he was still very familiar with everything related to the operation of armed forces.

"Yes, yes, I admit that I am weak." Oscar knew better than to flaunt his superiority at this moment. Now that he was no longer alone, he had to be responsible for his entire team. Even though he knew clearly that he was merely patting himself on the back by thinking like this, he nevertheless knew that due to his lack of contribution to the team, the least he could do was to try not to fall behind.

The rays of the golden morning pierced through the dense shrubs and fell on the soft soil. Some timid but curious squirrels were hiding behind the branches, examining the Narcissus knights, and occasionally an audacious adult squirrel would rummage through the Knights’ baggage, searching for delicious hazelnuts. The Narcissus Knights did not disturb these tiny creatures. To them, every life in the Narcissus County was precious, save for those of the Persians.

A pot of spring water and a packet of wheat flour were enough for the Narcissus Knights to recover their expended energy. They had never demanded anything more, as they were not materialistic, but occasionally, freshly fermented pale ale would make a great incentive, too.

Oscar’s fatigue was recovered with a pot of fresh, warm ale. He straightened his back and sat tall on the horseback. He utilized this brief break to get acquainted with the Knights, including but not limited to the Second Division Commander, three Regimental Commanders, the Head of Investigation Team, and the Battalion Commander of Emergency Unit who was in charge of the heavy armor. Oscar had a hard time distinguishing these officers as he felt that all of them resembled one another, not only in terms of appearance and body shape but their manner and pattern of speech as well! The young man was perplexed; even though he had gotten a little better by now, he would still have them mixed up every now and then.

"Your Highness, we are still about 20 kilometers away from the supreme headquarters of Traisen Front. Should we get our fighting armors ready?" Major General Murat reminded his direct chief.

"Oh? Will we be fighting later?" Oscar was getting excited.

"Maybe, but seeing that we are already getting closer to the battlefront, the Persians could come attacking us at any given time, even right here as we speak." It was untrue to say that Murat looked down on the ability of Traisen Front, the Persians were not be underestimated as well. It was impossible for the Narcissus Knights to guard the whole line of defense because the border was simply too vast for them to do so.

Even the Lieutenant Colonel de Barry from the Traisen Front, who was very familiar with the area, agreed with Murat’s advice. The Persians were the most frequent visitors at the Traisen Front!

"Your Highness, Major General Murat is right. You are now already within the war zone, anything could happen, and we should be ready at all times."

Oscar glanced over at his soldiers that were scattered across the woods and decided to take the advice of his two officers. After all, the two of them were more experienced than him on the battlefield. "My knights must be worn out, I want them to have some time to rest and recuperate, then we will move on after that. I do not want to miss this fight."

Murat and Lieutenant Colonel de Barry smiled at each other. "Your Highness, I guarantee you will experience this battle first-hand. Our old friends are not easily defeated." Murat said half-jokingly.


"You are definitely right about that, they are as strong and as stubborn as bulls." Figg Andrew Tibotty said, yawning. He had been guarding his authorized position the entire time.

"Yes, General." Major Griffith was worn out too. He had been planning and discussing with his comrades throughout the night, yet they had yet to come up with any good plans.

"General, please forgive us for our incapability. This attack was simply too suspicious, we could not figure out their ulterior motive."

Figg waved his hands in front of him. In fact, he did not intend to figure out the motives of the Persians. To him, all that needed to be done would be to locate and defeat them, and the problem would be solved. There was no need to for them to crack their heads like this.

"How is the situation at Third Army Corps?"

Major Griffith shook his head. "The reorganized cavalry division was completely wiped out before they even had the time to withdraw from the battlefield. This is the statistical result taken by General Leo. The principal force of Mogadishu Cavalry Corps is indeed difficult to handle. If General Leo had not extended the battle line the moment he realized something was wrong, I believe the entire Third Army Corps would have been crushed by these old wolves."

"Yes," Figg nodded, "Those religious fanatics fight as though we had abducted their wives and daughters or something."

"General, what should we do for now?" Griffith was rather puzzled. It had been a long night, yet the infamous, devil-like General commander had only mobilized one reserve squadron.

"For now?" Figg knocked his fingers loudly on the table. "Do you think one reserve squadron is not enough?"

Even though Griffith knew that the general must have had a justifiable reason for his decision, he was not afraid to voice out his opinion. He knew that this was what the general admired about him.

"Yes, general," Griffith nodded slightly before continuing, "Our defensive line has been breached. I think we should launch an attack before the Persians enter our territory."

Figg laughed at his naivety. This young man was still quite innocent when it came to planning war tactics and strategies.

"My little staff officer, can you tell me how we could possibly attack them without having to reposition our defensive force? Do you think our exhausted Third Army Corps and all of our reserved squadrons are enough?"

Griffith thought carefully. "General, if I’m not mistaken, our Second Army Corps had successfully crushed our enemy in the front line. We could call back General Hyman that is currently pursuing the enemy, we could ask him to attack the enemy from the back by traveling around the river."

"No! No! That is not doable!" Figg shook his head vigorously. "Young Griffith, remember this, the first ever rule on the battlefield is to never abandon your own advantageous position in the hopes of diminishing the enemy! Since General Hyman of the Second Army Troop had taken down the enemy, we must let him extend his success. If the Persians destroyed one of Leo’s division, perhaps Hyman could take down two of the enemy’s. Why should we wait for the Persians to return to rescue their attacked division? If we were to call Hyman back to the defense now, all his previous efforts would be wasted!"

Griffith came to understand the reason behind the general’s decision immediately. Right now, the biggest problem encountered by the Front was that the defensive line of the Third Army Corps had been broken. On the other hand, the Persians were restlessly defending their two divisions that were being attacked by Hyman and his Second Army Corps. Their two divisions were in danger of being annihilated at any time!

"That is to say, you are waiting for the Persians to abandon the battlefield advantage they have already achieved?"

"No, have you forgotten? The Persians never give up. When did they ever care about sacrificing themselves?" Figg showed an inscrutable smile.

"Now I really don’t understand!" Griffith was getting confused by his general’s remarks. "Although the reserve squadrons can intercept the enemy’s reinforcements that have broken through the Neliger Valley, I believe there must be more enemies hidden in other places. Besides, the biggest suspicion lies in the location and timing chosen by the Persians for this offense. The strategic location of Neliger Valley region has diluted its significance due to the fortifications built on our southern route, why do they still want to break through with their main cavalry division?"

"That is because up until now, all the actions executed by the Persians to all four of our Fronts at the border were only carried out to cover up a real, devastating attack!" Figg said without hesitation. He had long figured out the enemy’s strategy. He was too familiar with his old pagan friends that he did not even need to think for more than a second before he could figure out their next move. They never improved!

"Now I am only waiting for that real attack! You are not a Persian, so you do not know how hard it is to fight in the enemy's territory. I remember during my time in the Persian Empire, their children would even fling rocks at me! The long fighting time, the wide frontline, the unfamiliar terrain and the crises lurking around you… these are all unfavorable factors you face when fighting in the enemy’s territory. Therefore, we can be rest assured that the first one to be exhausted would be the Persians, then once they fully exposed their strategic plans and ulterior motive, we would be more than ready to react at the perfect timing!"

The worried Griffith looked at the red arrows planted everywhere on the strategic map. "Is that really so?" For the first time ever, the young combatant staff officer questioned his commander-in-chief.


"Come on, my knights! Dress light! We have entered the war zone now!" Murat led his own messengers through the woods and ordered his soldier loudly as the horses galloped.

The 3,000 soldiers of the Red Tiger division quickly acted under the orders of the commanding officer. The knights left behind their tents and all kinds of camping gears that were previously kept on their horseback. They armed themselves with all sorts of armors and equipment. The heavy armor brigades inspected each other’s armor and revealed the lances that were previously being wrapped in canvas. Those heavy lances would have to be handed to them by their comrades only after they got on the horse. They were all equipped with two sets of arrows each; wrapped around their fingers were thick bandages to prevent their fingers from hurting when shooting arrows.

His Royal Highness was safely protected by the battle corps. Murat’s men were armed with sturdy and formidable-looking armor, emitting an intimidating aura.

The battle corps of the Red Tiger did not have unified pieces of armor or equipment. Some of them utilized wide-blade swords, some used sabers as well as hand crossbows, some were more confident with giant tomahawks, and others preferred of heavy sniper bow. With their unique arsenal, these knights even resembled the devils from hell. When they appeared out of the shadows in the woods, it terrified young man from Damorga into trembles.

In merely fifteen minutes, the noisy woods regained its peace once again, the only noise heard was the heavy breathing of the horses. Andrew family’s Fourth Independent Cavalry Division finally completed the combat garrison, and the forest could be seen planted with numerous Narcissus Knights. The Red Tiger Division deployed the rangers in the forefront, the battle cavalry and His Royal Highness The Prince sandwiched in the middle, while at the end of the line was the heavy armor cavalry in charge of supplies and gears.

Murat came up from the back of the line and did a final check over his warriors. They were finally going on the battlefield! Although the general himself had gone through this situation many times, he still felt rather unsettled. However, that was totally understandable. Not a single war within the Narcissus County was predictable, even the marshal of Andrew would not know for sure if he could return safely each time he left home to fight on the battlefield.

Major General Murat gestured to the young man riding the massive stallion, and young Oscar immediately felt the atmosphere becoming solemn and serious. Even though the knights had maintained their military presence while they marched, their presentation changed after they went into combat garrison. Oscar could feel the difference, but he could point out exactly what had changed. Maybe it was their spirits, it was like a strong, formidable force that entwined between the heaven and the earth. This kind of atmosphere was so oppressive that birds and animals in the forest scurried away. On the other hand, this kind of presence calmed down the nervous young man who was about to participate in his first real war! The young man could now declare for sure that he really belonged as an Andrew!

"Move out!" young Oscar lifted the Red Tiger’s flag aloft and was immediately followed by the sudden sound of commands from both the front and the back of the line. The Red Tiger, a battle group consisted of three thousand knights, started to move in combat formation. The Rangers were the first to exit the woods, and they were greeted with magnificent sunshine and a vast piece of quiet, green land. The army formation in which Oscar was positioned also charged forward. He was surrounded by many knights, and he could not really see his surroundings. The only thing that caught his eyes was the light reflected by the cold, steel weapons, but the young man was able to sense the rhythm and enthusiasm of the troop. He felt that it was drumming along to the pace of his own pulse beneath the veins.

"Halt!" The deafening cry of the messenger echoed in the valley.

"Hold your charge..."

The sudden command did not cause confusion among the Red Tiger. Quite the contrary, the knights naturally rode their horses to the side so that the messenger could gallop at high speed to the direction of the commander officer.

"What’s the matter?" Murat and Oscar simultaneously went to receive the messenger.

"Your Highness! Division Commander!" the messenger saluted the two officers. "A message came from reconnoiter, saying that they discovered something bad in the valley."

"Something bad?" Oscar was confused by the vague explanation.

Murat frowned at the news. This valley was the west entrance to Werksan from Traisen Front, and it was only less than eight kilometers before they arrived at the destination. Could it be the Persians were already attacking Werksan? It was highly unlikely! They launched their attack in the afternoon of the previous day, it seemed impossible for them to arrive at Werksan in just a span of one day.

"Your Highness, we should go check it out. If my estimation is right, this might be the beginning of your first real battle."

Oscar nodded calmly, yet his anxious heart was pumping so fast as if it was going to burst through his skin. The memory of his previous fight in the deep woods still lingered in his mind. He almost lost his life during that ambush attack, and he didn't even want to imagine what would happen in an actual battle this time.

In the inner part of the valley, the small woods were tightly enclosed by the knights. This action was not necessary for normal battles; but this time, the identity of their commanding officer was more than just an officer. The Knights of the Red Tiger had to always prioritize the life of their Royal Highness The Prince at all times.

"Is this the place?" Oscar said while covering his nose with his hand. The whole woods stank of a pungent smell that only rotten bodies could have.

"Your Highness, Division Commander, take a look over there. They are the group of informants from the Traisen Front." A leader of the reconnoiter team reported to them while pointing toward the direction of a deep pit they had just dug. "There was a total of eight of them, the whole team is all here."

Oscar squatted down by the pit. He had seen too many dead bodies in his life that this did not stir any nauseous feeling in his stomach.

"The fatal injuries were made by arrows and machetes," the young man knew much about the marks left behind by all sort of weapons, especially if they were made by machete. "Also, these soldiers died without any signs of struggling. Look at this, the shocked expression of this knight says it all. It is highly believed that the attack happened in a sudden, and their lives were also taken away in just seconds."

Most of the knights agreed with the young man’s observation. They were all experienced warriors, they knew that a dead man’s words were the loudest.

"Yes, in just seconds." Murat turned more worried. He felt that it was not some usual Persians warriors that had conducted this attack. "Your Highness, we might have been encountered with a Persian’s assassin unit."

"Assassin unit?" Oscar frowned upon the remark, and he subconsciously glanced toward Snowstorm. "Why do you think so?"

Murat dragged a dead body out of the pit and pointed at the wound that sliced through the sacrifice’s throat. "This kind of machete does not appear on the battlefield often, but every time, one of our high-ranked officers would be targeted. Because of this, the United Army has always suspected that the Persians, the Mirzai, or the Mogadishu has deployed an assassin unit for the sole reason of killing the high-ranking officers of their enemy troops."

Oscar took a thorough look at the injury again. "I apologize, but I really could not differentiate this from the any usual machete’s mark."

"I have not seen it either, to be honest, and it was also just a mere estimation even for the supreme headquarters. However, this kind of machete does exist. It has a long chain which allows the user to manipulate its length according to their estimation of how far should it be stretched out."

Murat moved nearer to the body and looked closer into his wound, and noticed his large artery had been slit in a straight line. "Look, Your Highness. This is definitely not caused by a normal machete. It is shallow and thin, which means that the damage was done with minimal effort, I’m positive the weapon used was the kind of throwing chain knife that I mentioned just now."

"Are you sure?" Oscar continued staring at the wound.

"I think so. All these evidence point towards the conclusion that this was performed by a group of experienced assassins."

"Alright then. We will root them out of their hiding places, and completely destruct them mentally and physically."

Murat smiled. This was the first time he discovered this facet of the serious young prince.

"Yes, Your Highness. I have to admit that great minds think alike!"


"NO!" Figg Andrew Tibotty shouted loudly, in a room cramped with several front officers. "No! No! My comrades! My brothers! We are essentially falling into the trap set by our enemy if we do so. I am strongly against this idea!"

Major General Griffith and Colonel Riley exchanged glances, they both knew how stubborn their general could be once he had his mind fixed.

Eventually, Colonel Riley stood up against his superior. "General, the news sent back at noon informed that reserve squadron is already fully engaged in combat. It is almost 5 o'clock now, and later when the Persians’ evening prayer is over, we will have to face even more forceful assaults. I think what is more crucial now is to note that if we do not send any team to support the battle taking place there, our men would definitely be wiped out!"

Figg waved his hands impatiently in front of him, "Then send a messenger to the reserves and the Third Army, tell them that if they cannot defeat the enemy in front, they should all go to hell!"

"But if we keep this fight going on like this it would eventually exhaust our men, and later, the defense capability at the fortresses would also be greatly weakened." Major General Griffith again blurted out his opinion.

"No! Oh my God! How should I explain to make you all understand!" Figg pressed his hands to his temple to ease down his headache, did any of his men even understand the main purpose behind this Persian’s attack?

"Listen, the attacks conducted by the Persians up until now are only a feint!" Figg laid out a strategic map. "Look, the other three field armies have not encountered any threatening offenses, while Mirzai and Mogadishu are both putting their focus on us. Although their initial offense was bitingly cold, even causing us many casualties, they did not intend to go further as they had chosen the Neliger Valley. This is an insignificant place to attack, meaning that the Persians are using this place to hold us up. They are still trying to hide their real intention."

"I think we should not argue anymore!" General Ziyad spoke up to ease the conflicting parties. "What about this, withdraw the First Mixed Brigade that is defending the eastern outskirts of the city defense, and I would personally lead them to support the reserves and the Third Army Corps. The defense preparation in the eastern outskirts of Werksan is comparable to those in Andrew Haila, so it is only a matter of time before we dispatch this adept army troop."

"Can you guarantee that everything will go perfectly as planned in the city defense of Werksan?" Figg was getting agitated. He did not like uncertainty and unpredictability at all. "Can you ensure that the elite corps of Persian will not successfully penetrate into our defenses? Do not forget, although the reserved forces have stopped the main cavalry in Mogadishu from breaking the Third Army Corps, they still do not know for sure whether it was the entire team that fought against them!"

All of the military officers began their discussion loudly again. Some of them agreed with General Figg, but others were eager to deploy the fortification defenses, and a few even thought of seeking help from Andrew Haila. However, Figg immediately stopped the man who advocated seeking help from the capital army.

"Job, what did you just say?"

The officer named Job quickly stood to attention. "General, what I mean is, we should brief Andrew Haila about our situation here and request reinforcement from the McCarran Front!"

"Thank you for the suggestion, but I want you to understand that your idea is seriously annoying me!" Figg said strictly. "My Front has not arrived at the point of requesting reinforcements! Moreover, the fight had just begun, the Persians are only getting warmed up."


In order to defend themselves from the supposed Persian assassin unit, Snowstorm made some adjustments to the prince's guard formation. A man which had the figure similar to Oscar was arranged to be in the center of the division, while Oscar, on the other hand, abandoned his Raytheon and concealed himself at the back of the queue. In the meantime, the Knights searched the entire valley but failed to find any traces left by the enemy. However, it could be said that this situation was entirely within their prediction, as the Persian troop that was able to bypass all the barriers in the front defense point and sneaked through the weakened defense point of the west Werksan region would definitely not leave behind any traces. Still, the knights of Red Tiger meticulously searched through everything that they ever came across, sparing not even the grasses grazed by the horses.

Oscar and Murat had already discussed about the situation and came to the consensus that reporting to the Werksan was an unrealistic move. The Persians had definitely arranged several different, small attack groups around the area, the death of their own men earlier was enough to prove that.

"What should we do then?" Oscar was clueless once again. He felt that he had become useless once he arrived at the war zone.

"There is nothing much we can do at the moment. The sky is getting dark, and it would greatly limit the capability of our division. I believe that it would put our enemies at an advantage as they are used to moving around in the dark. We can only continue our search efforts, and by now I have already extended our territory to ten miles further, and at these points, reconnoiters were assigned…"

Just when the young man was feeling extremely helpless, a loud, whistling arrow in the distance caught his attention.

Murat smiled at the interruption and patted the young man’s shoulder. "Your Highness, it seems that the Lady Luck has smiled on us."

A heavily concealed knight appeared before the young prince and commanding officer of the Red Tiger Division. The knight had, on his body layers and layers of leaves. He did not forget to rub some of the black paint off his face after performing his salute.

"Your Highness, Division Commander, we have got some news! Our team has discovered a small attack team in the north-east direction. They were very well concealed, had they not shot down a hawk eagle that came for us from Werksan, I don’t think we could actually locate them as quickly."

"Is that so? Could we possibly go nearer to them?" Murat asked the knight to sit down and explain the situation more thoroughly.

The knight drew out a fairly simplified map on the sand. "Our team is now located at the ridge of the mountain, and the enemy troop has built themselves a hiding hut at the gentle sloop near the foot of the mountain, but their exact number still unknown. We have also discovered three other similar hiding places here, here, and here." The knight said, marking three other spots with circles.

"If that’s the case…" Murat entered into a deep thought. According to the knight’s explanation, it would not be possible for his massive division to find a way to approach the enemy, but what if he was to send out a small team for that task? Hmm maybe not, there were four teams of the enemy, and their capabilities are still unknown, a reckless move would only plunge the Red Tiger Division into great danger."

"Your Highness," Murat noticed the young prince had also frowned. "It appears that we can only make a decision after we figure out the location of their principal force. Their small teams would have had to shift by that time, and we could launch our attack there and then."

Oscar nodded half-heartedly. In fact, he did not fully comprehend why Major General Murat made this decision. In his opinion, they should have just terminated the enemy as soon as they located them. Although he understood the importance of staying put before figuring out the enemy’s principal force, he also assumed that things would not have gone that well as Murat hoped, especially when they were to face an assassin unit.


In the night of 30th day of the 7th month, the hot summer night had finally turned a little cooler. The nocturnal animals shuffled through the bushes throughout the hills, and numerous unknown insects sang in harmony. Gentle moonlight shone brightly over the earth, plating everything with an appearance of a fine, silver layer.

In the jumbled yet quiet summer night, a young man was seen gently brushing his stallion along the stream. He washed away its body grease and sweat with cold water, while the horse stood proudly as if he was the king of the world.

The Knights took the opportunity to rejuvenate themselves while the servants hid comfortably inside the tents. On the other hand, a responsible division commander was keeping an eye out on their surrounding in front of the observation post. Although the young man had only had four hours of sleep that day, he felt extremely restless, trapped within his train of thoughts. Any attempts at taking a nap were to no avail.

"Speak to me, my beautiful Raytheon, if I fall in a corner of the battlefield just like any other knights, would that be…be a great humiliation to the family?"

The Raytheon nudged its head toward its young master.

"You have no idea as well? Haha!" the young man laughed for the first time throughout the whole day. "My ribs still hurt a little and I know nothing about fighting on a real battlefield, and I have yet to fully familiarize myself with my family members and the men who fight for me. Do you think I can be the chosen one? Do you think I can be a real warrior chosen by the God of Light?"

The Raytheon made a sneezing sound in reply.

"Are you sure about that?"

The Raytheon unexpectedly nodded his long head.

"Thank you! Even though you look like a little pervert, but you are still a good fella at heart." He said, kissing the stallion on its cheek. Suddenly he realized his buddy’s senses had changed and became alert; its muscles tighten, its eyes looking around, and its panting became shorter and faster.

The young man petted lightly on the horse to calm him down, but his own hand had subconsciously moved to the handle of his machete. The knight’s sword that Grandfather Logiartes gifted him was left behind in the campsite, he somehow felt more comfortable using the weapon of the enemy instead.

Where was it? Where was it? The young man asked himself again and again under his breath. The feeling of being spied on came to him only a second after the beast.

There! He noticed a big rock positioned at the field opposite the stream. The moonlight had reflected clearly all the fine lines on that huge rock, but the young man suddenly realized he had not seen the rock there moments ago when he arrived at the stream.

He smelled something fishy. He grasped tightly on the machete and even though he could not figure out how the rock would suddenly appear there itself, he was sure there must be someone hiding behind that huge rock. He patted the Raytheon’s head again and whispered to him, "It’s your show time." Out of the blue, the Raytheon felt his butt being whipped so hard that it reflected him to rushed forward uncontrollably, which was where the rock was positioned.

A black silhouette flashed passed his own eyes like a lighting! Even though it was just for a split second, the young man managed to catch a glimpse and realized what had been hiding before of the rock all this while.

"Great concealment!" by the time he finished these words his machete had already clanged against the opponent’s weapon for about five times.

A string of pleasant sounding words floated out of the mouth of the covered, tiny figure like a beautiful melody. Oscar's knowledge of Persian language was limited to only the prayer that his coachman had chanted before, but almost immediately he discerned that the figure was speaking to him in the Persian language.

"A girl?" the young man was a little puzzled, he did not know that there were female soldiers in the Persian army. According to his coachman, the Persian women were not allowed to show up in public places, even if they do go out, they had to cover their faces with colored gauze.

The Persian girl was obviously very confused too. This fatty was undoubtedly a local Narcissus, daffodil, perhaps even a knight, otherwise, he would not have owned a war horse of such a rare species. She did not want to do trouble the young man, in fact, she only wanted to get hold of that beautiful horse.

The young girl used only use a small machete. When the moonlight flowed through the blade, Oscar could even hear it produce faint sounds!

If the language barrier was the main obstacle for both parties, then the girl’s action was enough to let the young man hear her loud and clear.

"Is it a challenge?" Oscar almost forgot that one could almost express everything with a machete. The young man faced his machete blade backward, waved his hand and placed the blade closed on the chest.

Gleams of the soft moonlight shone gently on the young man and woman, and the murmuring streams beside them made a harmonious melody as if it was singing for them. They focused intensely, examining each other. However, at this moment the girl completely had no idea that he was a member of Andrew, the Prince of Titan Empire; and the boy, on the other hand, was also clueless about the fact that she was the princess of the most tyrannical noble of the entire Persian Empire.<script>chaptererror();</script>



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