Chapter 64: Seventh Episode: Chapter 9
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Shalian Hill, a small corner located within the east border of Narcissus County, was 110 kilometers away from the base camp of Traisen Front and 310 kilometers away from Andrew Haila. It was not clear how far away it was from the capital of the Titan Empire, Dulin. There should not be anyone who has calculated this since even the Narcissus Knights would not take note of this small hill.

Shalian Hill was just a small land protruding from the wilderness. We already knew that it was of no importance. We even doubted that the land existed on the military map used by the Narcissus Knights. But unfortunately, on the afternoon of Light Year 791, the sixth day of the eighth month in the Holy Titan Empire, the Narcissus and the Persians, this pair of natural enemies who have despised each other for hundreds of years, were interested in this highland that was located at the front left of the battlefield.

It has already been an hour! The assault teams of the two infantry units were barely stopped by the Persians with arrows and machete! There was greenish Alfalfa grass all over Shalian Hill. When the whole army rushed up while screaming the slogan ‘Andrew Haila’, the tall grass rolled to one side as if it was blown by typhoon. When the people and the horses retreated, a thick scent of blood was left on the grass.

"Thank o God of Light! If the temperature is even lower than this, then we won’t be counted as too unlucky!" Figg said as he jumped off his horse. He went in front to hug Staphnade, the Group Leader of the First Knights Group of the First Brigade, who just came back from the front of the battle line. Even this sort of action was not in accordance with the rules, but to these old soldiers who followed the general carve a path back from Baghdad West, Figg was seen as one of the brothers in the family.

"General, my men can still fight!" Colonel Staphnade pulled a slick of hair back that was stuck on the helmet. The atmosphere was extremely heavy. He knew his body was emitting an unbearable sweaty smell in the armour.

"I know you can fight, but your mission now is more important than anything else." Figg rejected the request of the top warrior under him. "Your man must protect the battlefield as much as possible and send our injured soldiers back to us."

"I understand, General!" Colonel Staphnade saluted to the General. He knew he has received a good job – to rescue their comrades. Even though this was the responsibility of a soldier, when those people you saved returned to the battlefield all anew, they would use ten times of their passion to repay you.

"We are gradually losing advantage!" Chyat took glances at the faraway battle, deep in thought. "If we are able to take control of the Shalian Highland before the main knight force of the Persian hits, then it is still alright. But..."

"There’s no but!" Figg Andrew Tibotty interrupted his assistant with a definite tone. This guy once advanced his troop to the capital of the Persians. He would definitely not be tipped over by an uplifted soil. Moreover, even the most meticulous person has his impatient moments.

"Chyat, there is no but. But what you said isn’t wrong. Mogadishu’s main Knights Army Unit must have some sort of reason for not leaving. But no matter what they want, if we can’t take control of that hill once and for all, then they will sooner or later initiate an attack! Damn it! At this moment, if only I have one more…. Even a division will be nice!" Figg’s words were equivalent to his apology about his rudeness towards his second-in-command just now.

"Yes!" Chyat also felt the difficulty due to their military strength currently. The Third Army just lost. Their remaining two divisions were giving their all to hold the Persian knights of the right wing; all of the Knights of the Infantry Brigades were maintaining the communication and the rescue duty of the whole battle, two infantry units were attacking the highland. Urgh... From the looks of it, they were about to initiate their third attack; the Second Knights Group of the First Brigade was right behind the commander of the two Fronts. As the main reserve unit, they must not move unless at the most critical moment; the Second Knights successfully disguised as a Brigade and eliminated the mobility of all the mechanical power of the Persians at the left wing. But their duty now was even more difficult. They were monitoring Mogadishu’s Main Knights Army Units at the south side of Shalian Hill. They were going to prevent this group of knights that consisted more than ten thousand of capable knights to launch an attack.

"The Persians are still very smart. They may have already arranges the most excellent infantry unit at Shalian Hill. This has definitely delayed their time for the final attack, but why won’t this guy leave? Could it be that their Great King had a diarrhea and had to stay in the toilet?" Figg whispered softly in his heart, but he made a decision in a blink of an eye.

"Division Leader of the Reserve Unit, Third Division, Brigadier Brulette!"

Upon hearing the call of the commander, Brigadier Brulette Lempton of the Reserve Unit, Third Division quickly rushed forward with his horse.

"Sir General, at your service!"

Figg raised the whip and pointed to the battlefield in front that was filled with the noise of killing. "Tell Major General Clark in the First Infantry Brigade over there and also your own division. If he can’t force the Persians out of the place in an hour, then I will set up a tombstone for him before the enemy retreats."

"I understand, General! Your worry will not come true. I believe Clark can complete his duty beautifully." Brigadier Brulette immediately saluted to the commander immediately.

"I hope nothing goes wrong." Figg returned the salutation. He sent Brulette off on his horse towards his own unit. After a while, he saw the flagman in the Reserve Unit, Third Division change the flag to the battle flag that meant attack.


At the abandoned land below the Shalian Hill, if you opened your eyes, you would see the Persian warriors who were in a strict formation. They lost all of their knights, but this Brigade has an Infantry Unit that resembled the formation of a Division. At this moment, they formed a clearly-defined defense formation. The ones with shields stood in front. They only showed their head while the ones with knives and chain hooks stood right behind them. The archers unit should be hiding at a certain spot on the hill. It was impossible to see these deadly people from below. Moreover, these guys shot from different angles every time they fired shots at once. But after experiencing three hits, the five rows of soldiers with knives and axes in front completely changed. The shields made from hardwood that had the logo of the Mogadishu Tribe carved on them have already sustained serious damage.

They should not be underestimated! These warriors were the strongest Mogadishu’s warriors. They gave up their afternoon prayers for this battle. This was already unforgivable. To receive pardon from the True God when they saw Him, they must kill their enemy as many as possible and bring them here.

Their natural enemy Andrew dispatched a whole division again. Even the strongest Mogadishu warriors knitted their eyebrows. They were exhausted at this stage. Numerous corpses lied on the very frontline and more injured ones screamed in a loud voice at the bottom of the hill not far away. The fresh blood formed a dark brown mud as it permeated into the soil. The base of their boots that was made with horse leather became extremely soft from being soaked in too much blood.

"Why won’t the strong Main Knight’s Army support us?" The warriors who were far from their homes exchanged their opinions in a low voice. The True God did not allow them to curse their ruler. Their Great King was a spokesperson for the True God. Any doubt and betrayal towards him were disrespectful acts towards the True God, but no one would care about this thing when they were between life and death. The voices of the warriors spread, but they did not dare to let the high officers of nobles who wandered behind them hear of this. That would give them a whip. The taste of whip was even harder to bear than a slash of sword.

Retrieving a hateful glance from the top of the hills, Major General Clark Joseph spitted hard on the floor. He was standing very close to the shooting range of the Persian archers. He just brushed off an arrow of challenge shot by a guy with incredible strength in his arm.

"My jerks! You little shit, come and meet the Division Leader of the Reserve Unit, Third Division!" Clark pulled Brulette who stood beside him.

"Brigadier Brulette is here to support us!" Clark spit again on the floor. He almost spit on Brulette. Without waiting for Brulette to greet the knights in the First Brigade, the commander of this Hero Brigade put the Brigadier aside. Brulette, who was pushed and pulled in all directions, could only smile bitterly. He did not plan to complain about this Brigade Leader. Clark was extremely pissed off at the moment. It was not a good time to infuriate him more.

"Do you know of this? You little shit! You were all hit badly by the Persian mixed breed up there. I even heard some of you were so terrified that you screamed the names of a certain girl. Is that a mother? I suspect that she is a prostitute! If not how can she give birth to such dependent shit like yourselves!"

The warriors did not show any disgusted expression when they faced the vicious scolding by their Brigade Leader. In contrary, they carefully listened to him. The cuss words coming from Brigade Leader Clark kept developing as usual. The soldiers hope that there would be more interesting words in his scolding.

"It’s good now! You have received the kindness of General Figg. The Reserve Unit, Third Division is here to save your assess! Go kiss their balls! That fishy smell suits you guys the most! But before you begin communicating with the people from the Third Division, we have more important thing to do!" Clark paused for a moment here. He turned around and pointed towards the group of Persian’s infantry.

"Do you know of this? I already blew three retreat signals there! I already lost the dumbest bunch of monkeys amongst you guys! I am sick of this! Moreover... General Figg sent his message to us through Brigadier Brulette. He said when the mixed breed Persian left this place, he would set up a tombstone for me on that hill!"

The soldiers’ eyes flared up. They loved the bad mouth of Clark. They definitely did not want to lose this commander.

"But... Even if the tombstone is set up, I hope that my epitaph will be written by you guys!"


"No General!"

"General! We do not allow this!"

The warriors of the First Infantry Brigade no longer stayed quiet. Even though the Persians on the hill left them in great shock, this loss could still be born. After all, the enemy was extremely strong. But the First brigade never allow others to embarrass them. For example, writing an epitaph for their Brigade Leader. It was better to ask them to commit a group suicide!

"Then what are you waiting for?" Clark shouted. He showed a hint of smile slightly. What this guy wanted was to excite these cute little shits under his order!

The Brigade Leader of the First Brigade removed his sword. When the long knight’s sword was removed from its sheath, there were small drips of blood! Obviously, numerous bodies of the enemy have fallen under the sword of their Brigade Leader.

Clark turned his body around. Under the gaze of 4000 pairs of eyes, he used his white long sword with a tint of red and hit the armor on his butt. That banging sound even attracted the attention of the Persians on the hill.

"This is my butt! Followed behind him just like the women stare at him! Do not get lost!" Clark turned around again and his long sword slashed in a powerful strike. Its tip pointed straight at the battlefield. "Andrew Haila!"

The butt of the Brigade Leader moved! The warriors used up all the energy in their body and pulled out their sword. Along with the sudden blast of lightning at the far away sky, the yell of "Andrew Haila!" filled every nook and cranny under this piece of heavens immediately!

Soon! The field was covered with a thick curtain of rain. The rainwater falling from the embrace of the God of Light depicted a slow and calming, yet terrifying painting between heaven and earth. The rainwater bent the tall grass and happily washed the earth that was tainted with blood. From the grass, the dead body of the knights could be seen. These knights who have completed their duty let the infuriated nature wash the deadly wounds on their bodiee until they were pale and even swollen!

Figg Andrew Tibotty stared intently at this terrifying curtain of rain. He carefully identified the sounds coming from within. His knights were changing formation. This indicated that their attack once again experienced difficulty. The yells of the Persians were coarse and sounded like a group of female beast in the mating season. Right at this moment, Figg, who was already in rage, brushed off the big umbrella prepared by the Orderly. This Orderly excused himself in embarrassment. The military officers of the Front who stood behind of Figg sent mocking gazes his way. This upset the Orderly very much!

"Hold on, shield!" Right after he slashed open a wooden shield, Clark used the opportunity when his opponent fell to yell to his front and back in a loud voice.

The knights used all their energy to pressure the shield. They even put their backs against the shield as they used their legs and kicked continuously on the muddy hill. The chained hook came crashing from behind of the shield. An arm went up flying in a parabolic curve! The knight behind of the shield took advantage of this timing. His long sword slashed through the Persian soldier.

The rainstorm and crazy wind reduced the accuracy of the arrows. Some of the Persian archers threw away their arrows. They finished all of their arrows. Some over-confident archer aimed from above. They were able to eliminate a considerable amount of knights. But the smart guys amongst the Narcissus Knights soon found the sniper in the chaos. The cast guns were sent flying at their direction, then the Persians fell just like ripped wheat.

Clark’s yell came from the hill again. "Shitty spear unit! Follow me!"

The order of the Brigade Leader was relayed one by one from the knights surrounding the hill. But obviously, the spear unit cannot carry out their orders immediately because the shield unit completely blocked the frontline. The first row of soldiers was pushing forward at all cost. The second row of soldiers stared at the possible space that might show up. The third to the ninth rows of the soldiers put the shield over their head. The dense shield blocked the shower of arrows sent by the enemies on the hill.

"The spear can’t reach!" The reply from the bottom of hill was sent back very quickly!

Clark’s shoulder was just injured by an axe. He was pulled back under the shield by a few knights desperately.

"Sent them up! Send the spears up!" The Brigade Leader tried his best to let his voice overcome all sorts of sounds in the battle field.

The spears were sent up one by one. The knights brought the spear of 3 meters to the frontline! Clark, who was just injured, became energetic again! He went under the shield of his knights easily just like a groundhog. At the muddy utmost front that was full of danger, he actually assembled a spear and shield formation.

There was no need for the order of the Brigade Leader after this. The ones with axes at the second formation further away from the front swung their axes in the air. The Persians, whose hardwood shield could no longer hold, heard a series of yelling and moaning of pain from behind them. The large area that was suddenly emptied at the back of their formation was not even refilled in time. The fallen warriors blocked the path of the unit from the back. The warriors at the front immediately felt the loss of support at their backs. They subconsciously wanted to retreat. The clear distinction between two forces was finally clear from the glued front.

"Go now, spear!"

Almost at the same time the yell of the Brigade Leader ended, countless sharp thorns appeared from the Narcissus flower made from shield. The spears crazily slashed through the curtain of rain and the logo of the Mogadishu.

The spears went through human bodies with great force. The screams as they were close to death could be heard. Their faces became ferocious while blood gathered in their heads. The Narcissus Knights used all kinds of yells and curses to cheer themselves up. In the meantime, the enemy in front of them used all sorts of weapons to deflect the attack.

The rain washed over every single person at the battlefield. The rainwater dropped on the killer, but when it fell to the ground, it became blood water! The spears were retrieved. Some have intestines hanging on the tip of them. The nobles military officers of the Persian crazily whipped to rush the warriors to the battlefield like a pack of horses. The empty spaces were refilled. They only gave one chance to the Narcissus Knights to send out their spears.

The front assault unit rushed forward as they were pushed by the warriors from behind. Two units started to compete in strength, but the Narcissus Knights already attained the active position. This was because the soldiers with shields at the frontline were mostly unconscious at this moment. They simply hung on the spears of the knights, dangling as if they loved the feeling of being pierced by metals.

Another injury appeared on the Brigade Leader Clark’s left shoulder! There was no choice. He had an extremely strong guy as opponent. That Persian guy who had a small beard had his eyes widened as he pulled out the flying axe that caused his injury. This guy gave a blow to Clark without looking at him! Clark, who lost too much blood, seemed like he would fell immediately, but a strong pair of arms held him up. Then numerous hands reached out to him. Clark struggled. He wanted to get back at the small beard! Even if he died, he wanted to die at the frontline.

Clark’s wish did not go well. His little shit saved him again! And there was one who was even meaner! A knight gave his Brigade Leader a kick. This kick sent Clark back to the safe area.

Clark cursed crazily. Almost every cuss word that he could think of were all out! That small beard! And that shit who kicked his butt! These must all be paid back!

Many infamous, strong men were in Traisen Front! But Major General Clark Joseph was definitely not in that category. By using the words of the old soldiers in the First Brigade, this was a fucking beast! When he took a breath at the second formation, Clark was reenergized like a bull. His eyes bulged and his spit was everywhere. He kicked and tossed every knight who stopped him until he was back at the frontline.

"Kid! I can recognize your armor!" Clark held the armor of a knight from the back. This Brigade Leader spat He found this little mixed breed who collided with his comrades like a roly-poly in one glance from the crowded frontline!

"Even though you saved my life! You should not have touched my butt!" Without any more reason, Clark held this little mixed breed up and gave him a kick. This unfortunate knight who did not receive a good ending from doing good deeds rolled and fell back to second formation!

"Now it’s the time for that small beard!" Clark agilely dodged a machete. He searched for his prey on the chaotic hill just like an eagle.


"Report, General!"

"Spit it out!" From the thick curtain of rain, Figg Andrew Tibotty used a considerable amount of energt to recognize that this muddy guy was his Military Investigation Group Leader.

"General, one of the group leader of my investigation sub-unit found out a rather suspicious matter. Please allow him to report to you!"

"Of course." Figg turned to the knight beside Investigation Group Leader who seemed very well-built.

"Report, General. Just now, my investigation sub-unit found five Persians at the outer area at the south of the battlefield, but... Please forgive us. Our investigation sub-unit of 18 people was not able to capture them."

"Give me more details! What is with those guys?" Figg’s tone was extremely serious. He was full of anticipation for this matter.

"Strong! Unbelievably strong! Even our arrows were not able to come close to them! I can even see that they were guarding a young lady. I fought with that woman for a while. As a result, the remaining four went crazy and rid me of her! We chased after them until we entered the shooting area of the Mogadishu’s Main Knights Army Unit. Only then, we retreated."

"You said they gathered with the main force?" Figg suddenly felt a hint of uneasiness.

"This should be it! But the rain was too heavy! I cannot see clearly!"

Figg’s expression became dark. The military officers around him began to guess respectively. Chyat remained silent. He simply looked at his commander in worry.

"Chyat! Ten Golden Ti! Let’s wage on whether Mogadishu that old wolf would attack or retreat."

"Now?" Chyat was a little confused.

"Yes! Right now. I have enough reasons to believe that the Great King Mogadishu has already gotten what he wanted, so he will definitely move at the first instant!"

"Then I bet he will attack!" Chyat knitted his eyebrow. The rainwater already made him look as pale as white paper, now it seemed even worse.

Figg gave a bitter smile. "This is the worst possible scenario! It seems like the God of Light does not favor us. If they take advantage of the rain and attack Shalian Hill, at least half of our First Brigade will fall."

Figg knew the moment to determine the outcome had come!

"Well I can only bet they will retreat!" The commander of the Front raised his head towards the messenger officer beside him. The low-pitched horn quickly spread from the group of military officers towards all direction. Almost at the same time, every unit who was in the battle unit showed their battle flag. The military officers rode their horses and quickly returned to their respective units.

The sound of thunder broke the humming of the horns. The purple thunder pierced the sky that was pitch black. The jot of thunder in the sky came and passed in a flash, but the flashing white on the ground was there for a long time. This rare light lit up the armors of numerous Narcissus Knights. In a flash of silvery light, the knights rode on their horses crazily! They gathered at the last attack spot.


"The horns of overall attack!" Clark, troubled, kicked the body under his feet. He stabbed at a troublesome place. The blade was stuck between the bones of the enemy. Only by using his whole strength could he pull the sword out. This was extremely dangerous in a confused battlefield. The Brigade Leader was now the same as he would be without any weapon.

As expected, a tricky machete took hold of the defenseless Clark. It came for the soft underbelly of the Brigade Leader at a simple and short angle. If it hit him, Clark believed that his heart would fall off from the big injury at his rib.

Without having the time to think why his commander would launch an attack earlier than planned, Clark kicked a shield at his feet at full force. The shield deflected that deadly strike. Clark who would always take an eye for an eye had his sword in his hand and simply stroked at his opponent.

It missed! Unfortunately, the always-accurate strike of the Brigade Leader missed!

Another thunder pierced through the sky above the battlefield. The scene in front of the killer was suddenly as bright as daylight! The twisted looks of each other’s faces would forever be in each other’s mind. The fresh blood and broken arms and limbs all over the place were covered with a stinging white flash!

The Clark, who was still amazed by the agility of his opponent, suddenly remembered that small beard who almost took his life! Small beard also carefully held his blade while protecting his chest. The hand he was holding the blade was obviously shaking. This guy’s brute strength was truly incredible!

Two fierce beasts stared down at each other. The yells sounded beside them without end. The enemy beside them fell and the space was occupied by their comrade. But in a blink, the comrade fell and it was the enemy again. The time had frozen. The flash of thunder still did not disappear. The knights and warriors were battling themselves out around them. With perfect coordination, they all avoided the duel of these two beasts!

Clark was a beast. He no longer wanted the small beard to stand there quietly! The knight’s sword aimed towards him like a wave. At the same time, the machete of the small beard reached forward without any hesitation. The strong collision between the blades ignited sparks. Clark held his sword in both hands and slashed from above. The small beard jumped sideways and the machete came gliding towards the throat of the Major General.

The God of Light had its moment of feeling sleepy! Clark’s dodge was not that smooth. He tripped over a dead body. The huge knight fell, sitting on the ground. The small beard did not expect to see this so his machete did not take advantage of this. But this sneaky guy took advantage of this moment to use the hilt to knock on Clark’s head.

Clark fell on the ground completely! His eyes were spinning and his mind was humming! Blood even dripped from his ears! But he was a beast. The fierce, animal-like natural instinct stimulated him and caused him to regain consciousness at the life-and-death situation. He slashed his long sword at great force. Just before the enemy’s machete hit his skull, the sharp long knife slashed his natural enemy’s leg without obstruction.

Along with a helpless moan in pain, the Persian warrior fell on the ground heavily, but his whole half of his leg was still standing. Clark stared at him intently. He found that the direction this guy fell towards extremely interesting. They actually faced each other! Things were just miraculous. Two fierce beasts were at last both injured. And now they stared into each other’s eyes, but this time there was no enmity in their gaze. The shine in their eyes seemed to be called confusion.

The Persians warriors around them suddenly screamed in a loud voice. They all surrounded Clark. Clark was extremely tired! He had a hunch of the small beard’s identity. He was probably the highest officers at the left Brigade of the Persians.

Clark watched calmly at all sorts of weapons in their hands that were soon to be used on him. He did not want to die, but he could not even move a finger now. Just when Clark was about to close his eyes, he found that his body was covered by a shield. Following that, a series of crazy killing transpired above the shield.

Clark saw the knight who first rushed towards the bunch of Persians, but from his angle, he had no chance of seeing the face of that knight. He only saw that there was a big footprint full of dirt and blood on this mixed breed’s butt.

"This is a good kid!" Clark stared at the butt that kept moving forward like a woman. He barely saw up and saw the mixed breed forced the Persians away with his comrades. He saw that the mixed breed beheaded the small beard and snatched a spear from a soldier. The head of the small beard was hung highly while the little mixed breed yelled in a loud and happy voice as if he was participating in a carnival!

"Your leader is dead!" "Your leader is dead!"

"This is definitely a good kid!" Clark complimented once again. "Maybe after some years, I will be able to be rest assured to leave the Brigade to such a mixed breed!" The Major General leaned against the leg of some knight while he happily considered this.


"The First Brigade successfully reached the top. The enemy is mostly dead or heavily injured. Only a small amount of them were dispersed."

Figg happily raised his eyebrow. Even though it was slightly late, but even for a little, Clark did not disappoint him.

"Report... report!"

Figg frowned again!

"The enemy’s Main Knights Army Unit has moved! They are mostly retreating, but they sent out a troop of knights towards the right wing!"

"The Third Corps?" Figg held the reins tightly all of a sudden. There was a single moment that he was completely overwhelmed with anger! "Fuck! This old wolf not only wanted to run away, he even wants to bite a piece of meat off me!"

The Chief Commander of Traisen Front Figg Andrew Tibotty’s curse was certainly reasonable. The Persians completely gave up on the left wing. Most of their force retreated calmly as they left a considerable force to support a Brigade on the right wing. This way, they would certainly regain their advantage when they faced the exhausted Third Corps. It was possible for them to eliminate another Division of the Third Corps!

Figg’s fist tightened. He did not like to be made a fool of. Since the Persians had the guts to play this strategy, then he would not mind spending his assets!

"I order! The Second Brigade with a mix of infantry and knight units and all knights in the Reserve Unit charge forward immediately. Leave the battlefield now and chase after the main force that is running away until they come together with the Second Corps. The First Brigade with a mix of infantry and knight units immediately support the Third Corps on the right wing with the primary aim of getting rid of the enemy’s assault from the Third Corps."

After Figg made some arrangements, he could not help but sigh. He was already a man with family! How was this different than before? The bridegroom shook his head, depressed. No! The difference was that he was distracted now!

"You are right!" Chyat was a little upset. "If only there is one more division, we can definitely let the useless ones who assaulted the Third Corps stay here forever."

Figg nodded in a daze. He felt that he had missed a very important thing. But due to the small distraction he had just now, he could no longer remember it no matter what!

"Stand there!" A knight of the Homebased Unit at the main base camp of the Front stopped a black shadow that kept approaching the commanding system.

The black shadows entered the sight of this knight. Through the thick curtain of rain, its silhouette became clear and well-defined! The Guard Knight slowly lowered his arrows. Even though this guy did not speak the keyword, but at least he was not Persian. Moreover, this guy was carrying a fiery red battle flag that he was familiar with but could not remember where he could have seen it!

"Almighty God of Light! At the final moment! You finally show your miracle to the most loyal bunch of believers before his knew!" Figg nagged as he ran towards his little brother.

"Little Oscar! Little Oscar! My dear little Oscar!" Figg went forward and pulled the huge horse. He gave a passionate hug to his brother without hesitation. "My little brother! When I am still in a daze, quickly state your request! At this moment whatever that you wanted I promise to give it to you!"

Oscar seemed as if he was full of things to worry about. "Brother, maybe if you knew about the news of Lieutenant Colonel de Barry’s sacrifice, you would not let me request anything of you already!"

The rain dripped loudly. The young lad was just like a chicken who was sick from the rain.

"Oh..." Figg stared blankly for three seconds, but at the fourth second he already accepted this fact.

"He only reached out his spear for once..."

"Alright!" Figg interrupted his brother. "I know, he must have reached out his spear to decide the outcome of the battle right?"

"Yes!" Oscar held the battle flag in his hand tightly.

"That is enough. He is a good one. As for you, don’t you have anything that you want to do for me?" Figg would never waste his feelings on a dead person. Soldier was not naturally born, but this guy had always been like this.

"The Red Tiger was at the south side of the battlefield. Murat said that we can launch an assault anytime."

"That is great!" Figg excitedly rubbed his hands. "Send a messenger to tell him that I, in the name of the chief commander of Traisen Front, instruct the Red Tiger Assault Division of the Neruda Front. Division Leader Murat, please launch the assault as soon as you receive this order."

Oscar held the battle flag, then he set off with his horse. He wanted to go back to his Division, but he was immediately pulled back by his second brother.

"No! No! Little Oscar, what are you doing? You can just watch from here, like me."


At the right wing of the battlefield, the clustered killing of the knights was still going on. The rain reduced the eye sight of both sides to the minimum. The rangers did not dare to use arrows because it was possible that they might shoot their own people; the heavy cavalry did not dare to move too fast because it was possible for them to get lost in the camp of the enemy. Everyone was treating their enemy with extra caution, all giving and taking in a neat formation just like playing chess.

A loud sound of horn was blown. The knights who were fighting with their enemy listened carefully. They didn’t heard it wrong, did they? This was the retreat signal. It was meant to let them clear the frontline.

After confirming the meaning of the sound of the horn, most knights did not even have enough time to act. A rhythmic vibration suddenly appeared amongst the curtain of rain in the sky. The Traisen’s knights stayed on both sides unwillingly as they saw a team of knights whose whole bodies were bloody red rush into the battlefield at high speed.

The heavy cavalry was at the front, while the combat knights were at the left and right wings of them. Meanwhile, the rangers were at the sides of the assault unit in a scattered formation. Persians stared in confusion as their enemy suddenly dispersed like the tide in front of them, but they quickly came back to their senses. This was because almost at the same instant, a giant hand already tear their team apart.

"Did you see that? " Figg ordered the Orderly to open the umbrella for him and his brother. "It’s over!"

"I can’t see too clearly, but... the Red Tiger was still going at it from the left and right. Does this count as over?" Oscar was a little confused.

"My silly brother, the battlefield is large. Don’t just focus your sight at a small part. Look, the battle at the highland already finished. Our infantry unit is approaching the right wing and they will again reduce the battle range of the Persians. Thus, encircling them is only a matter of time. Therefore, the battle is already over at this point."

"It’s over..." Oscar repeated in a daze.


"You son of bitches! What? Did you get kicked in the balls? Get up quickly!" Clark did not follow suit and participate in the chasing battle. The two Group Leaders under his command could deal with that. Now he had to quickly save those injured soldiers.

The rain did not seem to weaken. It has been almost two and a half hours, making many gullies in the battlefield. The knights who carried the stretcherz carefully avoided these mud holes. The gathering spot of the dead and injured was not far away, but nobody wanted to go there because that place was the true hell.

Upon seeing that the energetic comrade beside him suddenly lose his leg, seeing the officers who treat you like true brothers cut open in the stomach, seeing team upon team of knights losing combat ability, what kind of feelings were these? Maybe God of Light would know because it was Him who made the gathering point of the dead and injured hell.

The doctor of the Front worked crazily. Their outer coats have already been stained with a thick layer of blood. The tongs in their hands used to stop bleeding were even bent. The knights grieved. They were crying! But no one would blame them. They were in hell. At this place, they could express their vulnerability and fear as much as they wanted to.

"This won’t do!" The doctor patted his assistant. Old Gordon quickly took a green label that represented death from his pocket. The Rangers Middle Group that old Gordon was in lost half of its people after carrying out the mission of confusing the enemy. And none of the knights who live did not sustain injury, so old Gordon simply remained at the gathering place of the dead and injured to help out with things.

The green label that represented death had to be tied to the hands of the knight. This label would write the words like ‘on a certain day in a certain month and year, he was sacrificed in a certain battle’. Old Gordon suddenly stopped. He has seen the face of this sacrificed knight before. It was a young face, and he was familiar with it. Old Gordon could even remember the questions that this kid asked not too long ago.

"This is a good kid!" Old Gordon sat beside a knight. He saw this guy get rid of the encirclement of seven to eight enemies like a hero with his own eyes. It was as if it was as easy as playing war on horses and slashing the battle flag of the enemy.

Clark suddenly shut his mouth. He felt as if something was stuck in his throat. He knew he was trembling, but this was fine. He must make sure the thing he saw just now.

A knight lied on the ground with his long sword right beside his hands. He seemed to still hold on to it without giving up. Clark confirmed that this was the butt he was familiar with. On this butt was a black footprint.

The Brigade Leader held the mixed breed in his embrace. It was fine with this hug, but the intestine of this young knight fell out of his body through the injury opening. Clark did not say anything. He pushed all the organs back into the young man’s body as if he had gone crazy. This guy who did not even bat an eye when he killed a person suddenly sobbed. Also, he kept mumbling to himself. "This is a good kid! This is a good kid!"

Andrew’s Military recorded that on Light Year 791 sixth day of the eighth month, the Traisen Front fought with Mogadishu’s tribe on Shalian Hill. In this war, 4012 died, 1911 were held hostage, two military flags were received and materials received were not counted. Traisen Front lost 2977 of its soldiers and 1781 were injured. None went missing or were held hostage. The loss of materials was not counted.

Hehe. This was all over. When we or His Royal Highness Prince reminisced about this war again, I believe the thing we could remember was only these few words on the war notes.



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