Chapter 70: Eighth Episode: Chapter 6
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"Fenrar! My dear Fenrar! You're my doctor-in-training, not my Mam or grandmother." Prince O'Neil complained loudly.

"Your Imperial Highness, this is for your own good." Miss Fenrar was conducting a weekly check-up with the young Prince. She knew the kid's health wasn't the best. His injuries would cause all sort of side effects if not treated well.

"Your Highness, I have to say, if you continue to smoke tobacco and binge on alcohol, you may not heal completely forever."

"Is it?" Oscar stretched a little, but his attention fell on the doctor-in-training's beauty. "Fenrar, do you think you can make this regain its vigor?" The chubby kid pointed at the organ slumped between his legs; he wasn't wearing anything during the check-up.

Fenrar gave it a glance. She's not afraid of a man's lethal weapon, but since it is lethal, she would rather avoid it when she can.

"No, Your Highness, I was going to say this, if you can't stop your… hobbies, believe me, you will never see it regain its vigor."

Oscar was stunned, "Uh… You're kidding."

Fenrar kept her equipments with a tiny smirk. She fiddled with Oscar's penis, "You should trust me, even though I'm just a doctor-in-training."

"Fine then! Looks like I can only verify it with a practical test." The teenager took the snowy, silky arms, "Put that down there, I like the feeling of it."

Fenrar blushed like a cherry tomato; she knew how things are going to turn out.

Oscar pulled the beautiful doctor into his arms. He liked kissing the back of Fenrar's neck, especially behind her earlobes, she would respond with a breathless sigh before pulling Oscar close with her arms and legs.

"Yes! Like that!" Oscar led Fenrar's finger movements while caressing her dark blonde hair.

"We… we should go to the bed…" Fenrar's voice was weak.

"No! We're not going anywhere, it seems." Oscar let go of the woman; he'd heard a short rapping at the door.

Wellington Steinberger was obviously a learned man, even though he had been a viscount after finishing his term in the army, he thought it was not a bad thing to be the Prince's messenger, so he had been carrying out his duty loyally.

The firm door rapping was a specialty of Wellington; he had his ways to compel people not to put him off. Oscar was thinking random thoughts while he threw on a wide robe.

"It's 10 o'clock, Second Lieutenant, do you think you're being promoted too quickly for your taste?" Oscar knew Wellington wasn't the joking type, so he liked to greet his messenger with his own unique way.

Obviously, Wellington, with his unique Northern blush didn't move a muscle. He still appeared composed.

"Your Imperial Highness, compared to your jokes, mine are not, I'm definitely not joking." The Steinberger caught sight of the woman in the bedroom; he wasn't stupid. "I'm sorry, Your Highness, I…"

"Enough!" Oscar turned around to bid goodnight to her and then closed the door, "Go ahead, what is the matter?"

At the exit of the tower, Wellington stuck out his lips in the direction of Midally Palace, "The Southern Army Group's Military Command Center has called for an emergency negotiation meeting. Representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Secret Service Department, and the Imperial Secretariat are all expected to attend. Your highness, General Eugene has also invited you."

Oscar was a little dubious, "Even I need to attend?"

"That's right!" Wellington nodded in affirmation, "But you absolutely cannot dress in such a robe to attend the emergency military affairs meeting."


"What has happened?" Princess Caro Arsia Manuel barged into her brother's bedroom unannounced.

"Take a seat." Prince Teodoro Manuel indicated a high-backed chair beside him without criticizing his sister stepsister for her impertinence. His heart had a soft spot when it came to his sister.

"The pride of the Manuel family, what is it? You can't sleep?" The prince kissed his sister's cheek.

"You are making fun of me, I can tell." Caro Arsia furrowed her eyebrows.

"Very well sister, do you mind preparing a cup of light peppermint tea for your brother?"

With a huff, Caro Arsia hopped down from the chair. She was still fuming because of her brother's respectful manner and the arrogant and bossy people of Titan, but mostly because of her helplessness. She had the instincts of a princess but this only evolved to become deep shame when she realized that she was powerless in everything.

"Here!" The Princess banged the teacup before the crown prince and the tea in the cup splashed onto Teodoro's cuff.

"Hehe, my little Roya, you should change your temper. I really don't want your husband come looking for me in tears all day in future."

"Brother! Please stop speaking of these unrelated things. I want to know just what has happened!" In the end, Caro Arsia still failed to rein in her anger. This princess was definitely the odd one in the Manuel family, the members of this Royal household were well renowned for their elegance and reserved manner, but this princess evidently did not match up to these praises.

"What are you referring to?" Teodoro was still indifferent.

"I am saying, why are we turning deaf and blind; why did the people of Titan double the amount of guards in our official residence; why are the people who notified the news are nowhere to be seen!"

Prince Teodoro came to apprehension, but he immediately remarked, "There's a very good explanation for this."

"Then explain it to me!"

The prince rolled his eyes, he really could not take his sister's impulsive personality; she would be greatly disadvantaged by this personality of hers in future!

"My beloved Roya, before that, do you mind to do one last task for me? Please invite Marquis Liamwell and captain of the guards here."

The Princess breathed a sigh and with another huff she rushed towards the door of the bedroom. However, just when she opened the door, it was as if her personally had magically been replaced.

"My distinguished men, apologies for the long wait, you both may enter now."

The prince was pouring tea for the two guests who had just entered the room. If it were in Titan, the prince's actions would be regarded as a sham, but the Royal Household of Italia was not that hypocritical; they were the most open in terms of their manners to others.

"My two respected men, you both are the only ones who we can talk this over with. What do you think about the unusual behavior of the people of Titan?" Right after the prince took his seat, he guided the conversation into the main topic.

"Your Royal Highness, as the Kingdom's diplomatic officer, it is difficult for me to comment about military issues." Marquis Liamwell spread his hands. "But I can assure you that the people of Titan has definitely encountered a set back, otherwise they would not cut us off from our eyes and ears. It indicates that they fear we may have a clear grasp of the matter's progress."

"What about you, Captain?"

"Your Highness, I have the same views. Moreover... I think that perhaps a problem arose during the invasion of our country, otherwise, they really do not have anything else that they can hide from us."

"Great, our opinions are in line!" The Princess clapped, "But is there a difference from not saying anything at all?"

The prince waved his hand to stop his sister from blathering on; here, only her comments were not the least bit constructive, "So... How are our secret agents? Still unable to reach them?"

"Yes Your Highness," The Kingdom of Italia's Diplomatic Officer nodded, "The last time we were in contact with them was yesterday noon, after that, as you know, our communications with the outside world was completely cut off. The strength of Titan's Secret Service Department is robust and there is a disparity between what we initially expected. For this I have to offer my apologies, I did not predict that such a situation would arise."

Teodoro waved his hand, it was not Marquis Liamwell's fault, "Then we can only depend on ourselves." After saying this, the prince eyed his sister. This princess had clasped her hands in consternation; she had a head of jet-black curly hair, high eyebrows inherited from West Percy's Royal Family. Her eyes were a reddish brown, appearing more or less bizarre, but this helped add to the princess' mysterious and mesmerizing appeal.

"My sister, what do you think about the young prince of Titan?" The prince took a sip of his peppermint tea.

"O'Neil Andrew Morisette?" The Princess curled her lips in disdain, "He is a fake and shallow person; isn't everything caused by him? If it weren't because of his double identity, I believe the Imperial Household of Morisette and the Andrew Family will not have joined hands once again."

"Your opinion is imprecise," Prince Teodoro replaced his teacup, "This prince is different. Despite he took up a lead role in this play together with the cunning Dimitri Lemus, he is very unpredictable. Moreover, he expressed a clear-cut attitude of inadvertently making things difficult for our country's Royal household. So... I think this prince is someone whom we can make acquaintance with. Think about it, currently in Bragg, apart from Princess Alanis Alfa Morisette, the status of this prince is the next most noble; no one can criticize him and no one can order him around. Therefore, he can say those words in the official diplomatic letter and need not heed the consequences."

"Yes, so what if he can?" The Princess fell deep into thought.

"If in this conspiracy matter, the people involved thinks that our country is innocent, then what kind of impact will that bring about to the decisions of Titan's Imperial Household?" Teodoro was slowly guiding the princess.

"I understand, but I fear that it may give rise to a negative result. Brother, do not overlook the relationship between Titan's Imperial household and the House of Andrew; everyone in the whole Westland knows of that. If we were to appear too intimate with a child of Andrew, then won't the Imperial Household of Morisette develop resentment? History has proved that Alfa II is very narrow-minded, he can turn hostile as quickly as turning the pages of a book."

Teodoro indeed adored his sister like this. If Roya could calm down enough like now and properly ponder over an issue, her wisdom did not lack to others.

"Yes Roya, being able to think of this is undoubtedly best. Just like you say, we need to avoid raising speculation from the Imperial Household of Morisette, what more is to say since they hold sufficient excuses to launch an attack. So, our contact with Prince O'Neil should be kept within an unofficial boundary, and the best person for this would naturally be you, my Roya."

"I understand!" Caro Arsia Manuel's fury suddenly erupted, "You want me to fake a smile like you before of the invaders? Earlier it was diamonds, now it's me! Then let me ask you, Your Highness, Crown Prince of Italia, what will be next? Reparations? Territories? What else is there that you won't take out to bargain with?"

"Princess, His Royal Highness Prince's meaning is..."

"Shut up!" Caro Arsia rejected the Marquis' help resolutely.

"Roya..." Teodoro groaned. The crown prince's upbringing was excellent beyond measure for he did not anger even with his sister's close to humiliating words.

"Roya, I think you need to get something straight, which is, I will never betray my country!" Teodoro fixed his gaze on his sister, "But anything apart from the country, I will offer everything else, especially when my country is being threatened."

"You have no shame! You..."

"Enough!" The prince finally raised his voice, "Sister, do not complain that I am cold-hearted and ruthless. If you must, blame yourself for being born as the King of Italia's daughter. Now you only have two options, one is to continue being deaf and blind, allowing others to continue taking advantage of you; second is to dress neatly and adorn yourself beautifully to meet O'Neil Andrew Morisette."

Tears flowed down from Caro Arsia Manuel's eyes; she had never resented her own birth. On the contrary, she took deep pride in it, but this pride was being challenged, was it not? In the face of the invasion from Titan, Italia had no means to retaliate, this was not the military's fault, nor was it the Kingdom's policymaker's. The circumstance surpassed mere humans and the disparity between the power of the nations were evident. As the weaker side, if they refused to withdraw, then they must give up certain things of great value; for example dignity, and the feeling that had been boiling in her all this while, pride.

"I understand these reasoning!" Caro Arsia gathered up her hair and stood up, looking a lot like a prisoner who is about to be ushered to the gallows. "If the country and my family requires that of me, then without a doubt, I do not have any complaints."

Yes Roya, as the successor of the family and the Kingdom, let me reassure you once again, that you need to do that!" Teodoro Manuel hid his face behind the teacup, trying his best to ignore the tears that were rolling down like a stream down his sister's face.

The Princess left the Crown Prince's bedroom. We know that this discussion was not a very happy one, but at least the Royal Household of Italia now had a primary goal.

"Win over the support of that young prince?" Marquis Liamwell did not seem too happy. "According to my knowledge, the young prince of Titan Empire who was recently took up seat is not someone easy to deal with, as can be seen from those rumors in Dulin."

"But at the end of the day, those are still rumors." Prince Teodoro has regained his composure; he did indeed feel sorry for his sister a while ago.

"However, we have definite evidence indicating that His Imperial Highness Prince has close connections to the separatists on Cecil Island."

Teodoro Manuel was a little astonished, "Are you referring to the Mafia or those independent activists?"

"Both!" Marquis Liamwell shrugged.

"This does not signify anything! Rumors pertaining to the prince have spread to a boiling point all over the Western Kingdoms, but there is definitely no substance in these. We should consider the problem from the current situation." Teodoro said with conviction.

"Perhaps... Perhaps Her Highness Princess could not appeal..."

"No, there's nothing to worry about. Perhaps Roya's personality will cause her to mess things up, but I can tell that the young prince has an interest in our Royal Highness Princess. This indicates that their interaction will be smooth." Teodoro glanced at his empty teacup and suddenly felt very jittery, "Hey, I say gentlemen, shouldn't we perhaps have some wine?"


"Don't tell me that everyone here are drunk?" His Imperial Highness Prince O'Neil murmured to the diplomatic officer beside him.

"Your Highness, lower your voice." Marquis Dimitri Lemus reminded the youngster.

Oscar collapsed onto the sofa in disappointment. He was invited to attend the emergency military affairs meeting, but he did not know that the supposed military meeting was actually just a group of senior military officers having a go at each other like madmen; just thinking about it made him feel exasperated!

The whole conference room was in disarray; chairs were strewn everywhere, the bits and pieces of files and papers full of words were scattered all over the place. The main commanders of the Southern Army Group had gathered and criticized, blamed and hurled abuses at each other. Their unrelenting zeal was as if one had snatched the other's daughter.

"These people are all nobles?" Oscar was skeptical.

The Marquis of Titan's Minster of Foreign Affairs opened his blurry eyes and took a quick glance around, "That's right, all nobles. They all come form ancient and noble families."

"Ola!" Oscar gave a cold laugh, "Are the ancient and noble families you are referring to adept at fostering mad dogs with psychiatric illnesses? Just like that big belly fellow!" The prince pointed towards a towering military official who had the most thunderous voice on the scene, "Did you hear what he said? Every sentence was about the other's female relatives and carried common addresses representing all sorts of female reproductive organs. Even the tramps in the marketplace are ashamed of mentioning these terms. Do you still really think they are nobles?"

"Your Highness, a war is commencing up ahead. Moreover, this war concerns the fate of each person here so it can be understood." The old Marquis groaned.

"A war is commencing up ahead?" Oscar said with utter disdain! "That is not called war, but a massacre! If the Italians bring up this matter in the diplomatic letter, how will you explain it to them? Is there nothing that can be done about it?"

The old Marquis gave a cold laugh, "Young lad, how can there be nothing that can be done about it? It's simple, a statement of I don't know would suffice to solve all the problems. Since the military stirred up this trouble, then let them solve it themselves, don't expect me to pick up after them diplomatically."

"Indeed a proven old swindler!" Oscar muttered in his heart.

"What is General Eugene doing? Isn't his authority over the Southern Army Group very formidable? He's allowing his subordinates to continue messing around like this?" The Prince pointed to the Southern Army Group Commander who had not uttered a word.

"You mean Eugene?" The Minster of Foreign Affairs opened his eyes, "Even he is at a loss. Didn't I just tell you? The war concerns the fate of each person here; these people are unable to attain their goals so letting them vent a while is necessary."

"But I have also said," Oscar lowered his voice, "Although I do not oppose the methods of the Commander of the eighth region's second corps, but that is indeed called a massacre, not a war."

"The key point is here." The Minster of Foreign Affairs decided to enlighten the youngster. "That is indeed a massacre, but this sudden incident has already made it clear that there is no way for war to continue on. War can bring to the Southern Regions, honor, land, glory and even a nation. Now that they can't receive those, don't tell me that we should not let them vent a while?"

"Why is war unable to continue on?" Oscar once again glanced at the secret military reports; he did not think that it mentioned the outcome of war in it. "We have to admit that the eighth region's second corps' Brigadier Silvio Barrick is a talented person. You see, he handled the matters following the massacre quite ingeniously! First was sealing off the Horfansted district, then cremating the bodies to destroy evidence, after that was filling up the moat that was piled with heads and finally detaining all the citizens of the mountain in this area and escorting them to Titan's inland." Oscar dusted the paper in his hands, "This chap is definitely a talented one; being a commander has already finished him!"

"I admit," The old Minster of Foreign Affairs nodded, "But there is no wall on Earth is impenetrable to wind; Italia and the Western Kingdom Alliance will sooner or later come to know about the things that took place in Horfansted, so..." The Old Marquis took the secret military report form the prince and without so much as a glance, he tore it into shreds.

"So Your Highness, the Brigadier that you have your eyes on is finished, the God of Light will judge his crimes."

"You are referring to... the Vatican?" Oscar came to a realization.

"That's right, the Vatican! Once the "fine things" that the military did at Horfansted has been exposed, the Vatican will be the first to step out and stop the war. The second one will be the Western Kingdom Alliance headed by Faran and West Percy. However, they will be more direct compared to the Vatican and threats from the military force and the involvement of arms are highly possible. So... I can even be the first to inform you that the war is over!"

Oscar was speechless. Although he could not accept the reason for Titan to wage war, the reason of ending it was beyond his belief.

"You are saying that we should yield to the will of the Vatican and Western Kingdoms?"

"That's right; despite our excuse for waging war practically being perfect, who asked that finished Brigadier Silvio to be such a talented person!" The Old Marquis seemed to regret this ending deeply, but the teen on the other hand could not tell.

"So... tell me honestly, just why did our Empire or His Majesty Alfa III initiate this war?" Oscar was already very bothered.

"Even Your Highness Prince has developed this doubt?" The Old Marquis looked at the youngster teasingly, "Even if I tell you, you wouldn't understand; this is just part of the rules of the game. When we possess sufficient political advantage to stir up a war, then we will ask why not? While if our political advantage is weakened, we will say it is time to end it! So, this is just a method of play, one of which each Monarch nation pursues."

Oscar sat upright on his seat. He really did not understand, the war that he understood was the one that Narcissus Knights carried out, a battle of blood and fire that questioned life and death; while the war initated by the Empire... Honestly speaking, the teen felt that it might as well be a sideshow, perhaps a sideshow would be more appealing.


The next day, which was also the third day that the Titan Empire launched operation code name "Spring Time in Bragg" against the Kingdom of Italia, the Imperial Envoy, His Imperial Highness Prince O'Neil Andrew Morisette accompanied the visiting group of Italia's Royal Household to start off on the journey. Their destination was Dulin. Probably the ruler of Dulin would have an even more ingenious explanation for the preposterous war between those two nations.

On the fourteenth day, which was also Church's year 791, 3rd day of the 10th month, Titan Empire's Southern Army Group's Military Command Center suddenly sent out an order "All mobile units are to stop all hostile activities against the Kingdom of Italia as soon as they receive this order." Thus, just as the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Marquis Dimitri Lemus said, the war ended.

However, regarding the large-scale military operation that was held after close to a hundred years in the Titan Empire, "Spring Time in Bragg" was an explicit success. The Southern Army Group of Titan's Imperial Guards mobilized twenty-four divisions, with a grand total of seventy-two thousand men, to put on offensive. Within a mere forty days, the Imperial guards managed to establish four attack camps within Italia's borders and in fact seized control over one seventh of the territories in the Kingdom of Italia. However, we know that under the circumstance of the battlefield being more centralized, the Field Army's Military Command Center terminated the operation without any forewarning was as senseless as the initial launching of the attack.

Although a majority of the Southern military men had strong feelings about these senseless actions, we know that every political incident had its own complicated reasons behind it.

First of all, the Empire's military harbored a severe difference in opinion regarding the "the use of force". The pro-war factions headed by Marshal Alan proposed a clear-cut and resolute combat plan. However, a few capable individuals in the Staff officer Department and the Combat Department proposed a so-called "Union War" project that used deterrence as the main element. Of course, His Majesty the Emperor who decides everything still went with the Marshal's idea, but the differences really existed. This then ensured that when the attacks were thwarted or any unfavorable events took place in Titan, the resolution to use force would be questioned.

Next, during the assault, an immensely unfavorable event really took place in Titan! "The Great Massacre of Horfansted", was an incident of a sudden vicious battlefield. Despite the Eighth Region's Second Corps that started all of this completely sealing off the scene of the massacre after the incident, the Western Secret Agents who were keeping close tabs on Titan's trend smelled something fishy. And this again validated the Minister of Foreign Affair's words of "No wall on Earth is impenetrable to wind". Literally on the third day Titan launched the attack, the words "Great Massacre" had appeared in the Imperial bulletin of Faran Empire.

Once again, the issue of the massacre was easy to resolve. Although it would cause the political state of Holy Titan to deteriorate greatly, as long as the officer that gave the order was sent to the Roman Vatican to receive judgment, then it was okay. However, what worried the people were the problems that follow. Did Titan still have to continue the attack? Alfa III was fretting over this issue. The massacre had already become a reality, so regardless of whether the Imperial Household of Morisette vented or take revenge, in short, the matter having progressed to such a degree and should come to an end. If the attack was carried on, then it equaled to thoroughly falling out with Italia and the Western Kingdom Alliance backing it. It was believed that not long after, the few sovereign states headed by Faran would bear arms to intervene according to schedule.

Lastly, we should talk about the determinant of an event's nature and the fundamental cause that ultimately led to a huge shift in events.


Church's year 791, 28th day of the 9th month, the Liszt Front of the Narcissus Knights suddenly appeared 15 kilometers north to the capital of Italia, Roman, after nine days and nights of swift raids. Meanwhile, the Narcissus Knight's Krem Front completely sealed off the three remaining routes of the Royal Roman Castle. Overnight, the Manuel dynasty that ruled over Italia for five hundred years was left without any escape routes. Although they had already sent out an order to all the garrisons within the nationwide to assist the capital, the King of Italia was informed that the closest reinforcements to the capital could only arrive after two days. So... would two days be enough for the Narcissus Knights to make a tour around his imperial palace?

29th day of the 9th month, 11.03a.m., noon. The Commander of the Liszt Front, Lieutenant General Virgil Blaze was the first to ride his horse past the Hordon Triumphal Arch in the Roman Royal Castle. These huge gates were the evidence of the ancient Roman warrior's countless victories. However, today, the sound of the invaders' horse hooves arrived for the first time.

Lieutenant General Virgil halted at the exit of the Hordon Triumphal arch. He could not possibly describe his feelings; to his left, the legndary Roman Colosseum stood tall under the vast sunlight and not far in front of it was the symbol of the Roman dynasties... Caesar Palace.

"Lightning war!" This term would forever go down into history because of Lieutenant General Virgil Blaze's victorious march. In fact, we already knew since the initial assault that the fundamental reason for Virgil's choice was to avoid leaving corpses of Narcissus Knights at the Northern Fortress of the Kingdom of Italia. He and his main cavalry corps paraded themselves with grandiose along the main street. Although the speed of the party was beyond the imagination of outsiders, Lieutenant General Virgil never expected the attack to commence that smoothly. Along the journey, his Cavalry corps did not so much as receive a substantial and organized resistance. What baffled the Lieutenant General can hardly believe was the devout disciples of light in Italia actually knelt at the sides of the streets and welcomed the "God Chosen Warriors" with their most enthusiastic applause!

"Could it be that they are unaware that we are the invaders?" Virgil verified with his fellow-colleague, Lieutenant General Michel on more than one occasion.

"They have no idea; they think we are going to Roman to make a pilgrimage." Lieutenant General Michel unexpectedly replied.

However, in the end, Virgil Blaze still did not pass through the Hordon Triumphal arch because the frail Grand Eminence Pope was blocking the at the doorway.

"Knights of Andrew, believers of Narcissus County, God chosen warriors! Have you all come to make a pilgrimage?" His Grand Eminence the Pope inquired when he says Lieutenant Virgil dressed in his martial attire.

"Uhh..." Virgil was addled. The situation was not as he expected; perhaps he really did stir trouble for Duke Andrew. Like now, could it be that he should tell His Grand Eminence the Pope that they were fighting for the young master's justice?

"Messenger of God, Your Grand Eminence Pope Radriere VI, we come from the defensive line set up by the God of Light and with our sincerest hearts, we bow before the temple of the gods."

"As expected, you all are here to make a pilgrimage!" Radriere VI could finally heave a sigh of relief.

However, as compared to the Pope, His Majesty the King of Italia was not that relieved. He did not hope for the Pope's reconciliation; as the God chosen warriors, the gods authorized the wars launched by the Andrews! His Majesty had prepared the very first document of unconditional surrender in the history of the Kingdom in Caeser Palace. To sign this document was an immensely heavy task, for it was a disgrace, a despairing disgrace! The King had ordered the court doctor to prepare poison, for he would not watch his nation fall into the hands of invaders.

As compared to the King of Italia, the monarchs of the Western Kingdom Alliance were even more embarrassed. When the documents requesting for emergency assistance from the capital of Italia appeared on the desks of the rulers, the whole world seemed to have come to a standstill. The day before, they were just condemning the crimes of Titan's military; the day before, they were just discussing the possibility of sending troops to Titan! But now? The long buried memories had awakened! The decisive force that the Holy Titan Empire used to defend the holy lands in the West had gone into battle and within a short span of fourteen days, had forced their way into the capital of Italia. Perhaps on the fifteenth day, they will completely put an end to the dynasty with an long history. So, did they really want to carry out the intervening of military affairs? If their opponents were the Narcissus Knights protected by the God of Light... Or how about this? Share part of the profits from the affluent lands on Italia's conquered land!

Thus, there was a sudden change in public opinion and the country's standpoint. The previous threat of the military force absolutely could not be brought up again. The Western Kingdom Alliance unanimously begged the Imperial Household of Morisette and the Andrew Family at the front lines to try their best to remain calm, to prevent the conflict between the two nations from expanding!

As compared to the rulers of the Western Kingdom Alliance, the instigators who feared that the whole Westland would be in war were at a complete loss! Alfa III was infuriated when reviewing the military reports; what were the Narcissus Knights doing? What was Duke Andrew doing? The Imperial Household of Morisette only wanted the world to know that they are a formidable force; they only wanted the Italians to issue a written apology and offer symbolic reparations. The Imperial Household of Morisette were not unreasonably unforgiving criminals. Moreover, no matter how stupid the Imperial Household of Morisette were, they would not let themselves turn into terminators.

The official imperial bulletin of the Western Kingdom Alliance had arrived, "Prevent the conflict between the two nations from expanding?" Alfa III bellowed, "Go to hell!" The Narcissus Knights had already attacked into the capital of Italia, how much more could the conflict expand?

The Emperor of Titan Empire was completely stunned; the Western Kingdoms mostly harbored unspoken anger towards the Andrew. When they felt that the fate of Italia was about to descend upon them, an unimaginable united army would form. This united army would then invade into Titan's outback through the river basin of Don, and then using two to three month's time, completely conquer the Western part of Titan.

What should I do then? What should the Empire do then? This was an unanswerable question by the Military Affairs Chancellor; a question that the Imperial Household members could not answer! Alfa II was afraid; he was so terrified that he was trembling! Andrew! Andrew would come and save the capital! No! They wouldn't! They controlled the Eastern borders of the Empire; perhaps they would more readily accept Italia's lands; wasn't the lands there far developed and affluent compared to Dulin? The Andrews' offensive stance had revealed their intent; they have already grown so strong to the stage that there was an urgent need to invade and expand, "Why should I provide this great opportunity for the Andrews?"

Alfa III was suddenly struck by an idea! Didn't the Andrews stage that attack in the mountain forest? Taking the whole Empire into view, the Andrews also had the power to accomplish a conspiracy of such level. Moreover, the Andrew's anti-reconnaissance ability was extremely excellent, or why else would the Secret Service Department make no progress?

Put to death the youngster of Imperial bloodline and the Empire's Princess and from there obtain the excuse to use force against Italia. After that using the formidable cavalry to launch a surprise attack on the enemies of the capital and after the dynasty of Manuel had stepped down, use the reputation of a "God Chosen Warrior" to take over sovereignty smoothly. Perhaps the Vatican would also step in to facilitate these happenings because they had always been very close to the Andrews.

Oh god! What if everything had been the Andrew's stratagem?

Alfa III practically gave orders without so much as a thought. He dared not trust his judgment and more so dared not accept the document of unconditional surrender from Italia!

Up until then, it seemed that only the aftermath of "The Spring of Bragg" were left. The Narcissus Knights were stationed outside the city of Roman, which was very close to the Italia Army that had rushed over to provide support. The Imperial guards at the border had also stopped in their tracks; they were handling matters of retreat. And what about Horfansted? The people had already forgotten about the tragedy that took place on those ruins.

Probably everyone could tell that the wise Alfa III actually just explained the whole conspiracy of the prince and Her Highness Princess' encounter with assassins. And apart from the awareness of this ruler, we could see that the whole ruling class of Titan was completely mistaken about the strategy of the Western Kingdom Alliance. Titan feared that the destruction of Italia would lead the West to retaliate while the Western Kingdoms instead hoped that Titan would concede in the distribution of Italia's territories! So looking back at this excerpt of history in future, the people would realize that Titan just gave up the golden opportunity to annex Italia.

However, at this moment, when all contradictory sources pointed towards the Narcissus Knights, what was Andrew doing?


Narcissus County, Andrew Haila, Shanvelor Palace, Church's Year 791, 3rd day of the 10th month.

Duke Andrew received official letters from Alfa III, His Grand Eminence the Pope, the King of Italia, the Western Kingdom Alliance all at the same time. Regarding this incident, this Commander-in-chief of the Narcissus Knights only had one comment.

"I am very sorry, I did not expect the Military Commanders of my two Fronts to actually be pigs!"

"Then what should we do now?" The Chairperson of Andrew Family's Elder's meeting, Vedaan Andrew Nedgabel queried.

"What to do?" Dortmund pointed towards the letters on his desk, "All the Kings of Westland are asking me what should be done! But how would I know? Everyone should ask those two pigs!"

Vedaan was aware that the family's head was in a temper, "But you cant be like that, we still have to have an answer, otherwise..."

"Then how about this!" Dortmund actually had on a mischievous look, "Direct all the questions back at our Majesty. The Andrews will be at the Emperor's disposal from now on; or we could let the Western Kingdom's continue to have dealings with Alfa III!"

"If that's the case.... Will the Emperor fall out with us? This time we indeed have crossed the line."

"Fall out? Whatever! If Alfa III has the guts!" Dortmund snorted teasingly, "Oh, that's right! Let us talk about something cheerful! My confidential secretary, the Madam of my second son, has just requested a maternity leave from me this morning!"

"Maternity leave?" Old Vedaan was stunned, but he quickly got the gist of it, "Figg that lad, he sure is a fast one!"

Dortmund held a cigar in his mouth, "Yes, that's right! I have yet another grandson!"

So... That leaves our main protagonist.


"Just look!" Oscar shouted loudly from a relay station that was on the way to Dulin!

"In the face of this victorious attack, at the huge gates leading to the enemy's palace, before Titan's glorious victory, our Majesty retreated! The knights of Andrew also retreated! I am truly baffled! What is everyone doing? If the one leading the army was I, I will let the horses to drink from the fountain of Caeser Palace, I will carve words onto the monumental pillars of Caeser Palace, I will obliterate everything that Caeser Palace stands for!"

"Your Highness!" A voice suddenly broke off the Prince's shouts. "As your messenger, I have to remind you that the Kingdom of Italia's Royal Highness Princess Caro Arsia is still waiting for you to join her for lunch."

Oscar was stunned, he looked at Second Lieutenant Wellington dubiously, "Did I promise her?"

"Your Highness, it seems like you have never rejected that Princess' wishes."

Oscar nodded his head, upset, "Very well, assume that it is so!"

The Empire's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Marquis Dimitri Lemus could not help but smile in contempt as he watched the youngster tidying up his attire for the date, "Young lad who have yet to even grow a beard, what do you know!"



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