Chapter 73: Eighth Episode: Chapter 9
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The night was becoming darker. The hawkers at the marketplace began to close one after another. Only a few shops that sold desserts were still around by the roadside. The light in Dulin City at the high end street shone like never before. But when it came to the nearby Lair, the light began to dim until passersby realize they have entered a pitch black area.

The changes of the city were rather obvious, except for those landmark buildings that have a long history. Dulin was almost different every day. The mansion of the nobles would not stay in the ancestor’s designs, they have a strong sense of life. The garden would keep being renovated and the exterior walls would be repainted. The shops and all sorts of places that emphasized on name and status needed this growth spurt more than ever. Every year the people who came to Dulin for money would invest all their available resources into these places that were full of deceit and dirty trades. The people wished for fame to the extent of being crazy about it. They searched for wealth to the point of blinding themselves. But for an old man who has a weak body and was done with the world, the so-called new atmosphere in Dulin was simply a devil that seduced people to fall into temptation.

The old man laughed coldly. He saw these men and women on the street clinging to each other. It could be seen that those new faces belonged to those not from Dulin. They came to Dulin to look for a future. They hoped to make a home at this place and wished for the development of this place. But these young people would only understand this once they have reached the age of the old man. The fame in Dulin only belonged to a small group of people. As for the rest, they would simply end their life of searching for vague things in broken apartments and the sick bed in the Church’s hospital.

The old man was satisfied. His grandson walked on his left while his daughter helped him to walk on the right. Behind them was a high class carriage. The passersby sent their gazes this way respectively. They did not know why such an old Duke would choose to walk instead of ride the carriage. The night in Dulin did not belong to old people.

Marquise Erdogan Vas Ferdinand was still beautiful as usual. She wore a silk dress with lines and was golden in color. The whale-shaped dress presented her waist to be even slimmer. The collar area of her low-cut dress could not completely conceal her breast. Two perfect lines of breast made this Madame more confident with herself. Erdogan took her father’s arm. She knew the people staring at her were all looking disdainfully at the old man beside her. They would not have thought this was a father. They would only think that a terribly old guy has taken control of the sexiest thing. The mouth of the Marquise quirked slightly. She actually loved the dirty thoughts of the people.

"Grandfather, we are late." Viscount Minsk Drakas Ferdinand reminded his grandfather carefully. The old Duke’s education was indeed successful. He could look down on his mother, but never could he disregard his grandfather.

"Oh!" Old Kachev answered. "Why? You can’t wait a bit more?"

"No, of course not!" The young man determined gaze towards the old man was a bit guilty. He had to be more honest. "Alright grandfather. Even if I am, I am only looking forward to it. Just a little."

"Hehe. Young man..." The old Duke smiled. "I recall you mentioned that lady of Andrew family for a few times."

"No, grandfather! Everyone in the university is discussing about that lady embarrassing the top scholar of the Mendelssohn family. I am just a little bit curious. You know, the Narcissus County of Andrew Family has always been the place that I’m interested in. Getting to know the Andrew’s Narcissus Corolla is nothing. It’s just that that lady has not gone out that often."

"So you wanted to take this opportunity to be acquainted with her officially?" The old Duke was still smiling.

"Urgh... Yes, grandfather. You mentioned this matter in specific. Should I not do so?" The young man was a little confused.

"The fact that you can think of this indicates that you can still use your brain. Listen to me. Don’t go near that lady tonight," The old Duke suddenly changed his expression. His words were in a threatening tone.

"Why?" The young man of course demanded for an explanation.

"Because this is what was notified by Her Royal Highness Princess Alanis," Erdogan said as she laughed in delight. "The matter of you young people is so interesting, you know that? His Majesty the Emperor will announce the engagement of the Princess tonight and what about this Princess? This immature young girl to the point of hilarity actually secretively notified her friends to not go near that lady tonight. This intent has already spread among the young people in the nobles’ circles."

Minsk’s expression changed. "What is this? The Princess of the Empire only has this level of tolerance? She already has what she truly wants. Why will she do this to that lady? Is it not enough to feel sad? She still wants the lady to spend difficult moments in isolation, being mocked by others?"

"Oh! You are right! That is what the Princess wants!" Erdogan smiled in delight. It seemed that she was enjoying the moment as well.

"You guys... As expected, you guys are cold-blooded." The young man scolded them in rage.

"No!" The old Duke waved his hands. "This is not a matter of cold-bloodedness. It’s a matter of attitude. Between the royal family and Andrew family, we must make a choice. This is Dulin. Everyone knew who to choose."

The young man did not speak. He hated such multiple choice question. He thought that guy who came up with these choices was extremely dirty.

"Do you know why we have to be late?" The old man asked suddenly.

"It’s the same as that lady. Dulin does not welcome us." Minsk said this in a cold tone.

"Hahahaha!" The old Duke laughed cheerfully. "Look at my grandson. How clear he phrased his reply! But... This is only on the surface."

"That’s right!" Erdogan nodded. "Look at this city. It became glorious due to Morisette, but also fell due to Morisette. The intellectuals in the Empire were anticipating that father could stand up and chair the administration of this country. They knew that only Kachev Drakas Ferdinand can lead Titan into the new century."

The old Duke shook his head with regards to his daughter’s compliment. "It is not necessarily so. No matter who chairs the administration, this is still a world dominated by the Emperor. They can only wish their way out will not be buried. Hmph... The people of Dulin. They have kneeled under the feet of the Emperor for far too long. They do not know how to think anymore. They do not even know where they are from. My appearance serves just right to show them a path to climb upwards. Then these guys would say ‘Old Kachev, it’s so great to have you back!’"

The old man pursed his lips. "The matter is as simple as that. Never trust their sincere faces because those are only masks. Behind those masks were rotten meat."

The young man kicked a stone on the roadside. He did not notice the rambling of his grandfather. He has no yearning for Dulin. If he had, he only wanted to be selfish for once and be acquainted to that little miss. When she was hurt, he wanted to do something for her.


The sound of whistles came from among the crowds all of a sudden. The nobles looked at direction where the applause and noise came. They soon parted to two sides of the hall. Her Royal Highness Princess Alanis Alfa Morisette who came in slowly triggered the passion of the people towards her to explode completely. The nobles congratulated the Princess respectively. They have already heard of the news.

Oscar smiled as he took note of the Princess who passed through the crowds. He was very familiar with the young lady, but she was so unfamiliar to him tonight. Her hair accessories were adorned with numerous turquoise green emeralds. The style of the earrings and the necklace were of the same. The delicate earlobe shone with the glimmer of jewels while the clear jewels sat quietly on her white chest. They glimmered with a blue shade as they followed the movements of the young lady.

Alanis wore a bright red court dress. The tight cuff and the collar were adorned with numerous white pearls. The rose pattern was sewed on her white lace long gloves and laced veil of the same style. She gracefully walked towards the tall platform of the antechamber of the venue. The ruler of Titan was waiting for her, for the moment to decide her fate.

Oscar looked at the little miss who was in his arms. He then glanced at the Princess who was looking straight forward. This young lad lightly came close to his sister’s ear.

"Hey! My little angel. If you take some time to prepare yourself, believe me, you will be even prettier than Alanis!"

Sasha E. did not listen to the small talk of her brother. She was extremely flustered. Something seemed to be wrong! The way the people looked at her was full of mockery and the dress of that Princess was rather strange as well. The little miss was extremely familiar with the use of court dresses. She did not think the way the Princess dressed was suitable in situation like a ball. Then what had gone wrong?

"Our problem is here!" Alfa III His Majesty reached out both of his arms to his little daughter. His voice made every noble in the venue quieten down.

"If I order that my little daughter must marry tomorrow, is there any honorable gentleman today who dares to propose to her?"

Alanis went into the embrace of her father. She did not know what she was doing. Neither did she know why her face was burning. Luckily, there was this veil. If not, the nobles in the whole of Dulin would see her face burn up in flames. It seemed it was definitely necessary to prepare this veil for this bride-to-be!

"Your Highness!" The Finance Minister Almodovar Godzilla stood up suddenly from the crowd. "The Wise Your Highness! I have worked in the Finance Ministry for many years and sacrificed my energy for the country. My previous two wives have left me, I..."

"Quiet, Godzilla!" Alfa III His Majesty pretended to be in disdain as he interrupted the words of the Finance Minister. "I have not finished my word! Everyone present in this room, to marry my daughter, your age must be between fifteen and twenty years old. Especially in the aspect of weight, it must be less than 90 kilogram!"

Everyone roared in laughter. They knew the Sea Creature needed everyone’s laughter.

"Little guy!" Godzilla appeared beside the little Prince as he retreated. His tone was extremely anxious. "Do you think I am truly a clown? I am solving the situation for you! I noticed you were staring into the blank! What are you waiting for? Don’t you know no one dares to stand out? You are the main character of tonight!"

Oscar turned his head around immediately. He looked in disbelief at the Finance Minister. On another hand, he felt the little miss’s hand becoming stiff in his hand. When he turned to look at his sister, that pair of hands has already gone out of his grasp.

"Alright! The conditions have been established! Then... Is there a handsome and young gentleman who dares to..."

"Your Highness!" The voice of Prince rang, but when he was speaking, he was looking at his sister’s eyes.

"No one is more suitable than myself!"

"Haha!" Alfa III His Majesty laughed happily. The little guy did not make him wait too long. This Emperor was actually worried he might be embarrassed!

"Dear Prince, why don’t you stand up and let everybody see you?" The Emperor waved at the young lad.

Oscar held his fist tightly. He saw that the people in front of him let out a path for him. Should he walk down this path?

Sasha? Where was my Sasha?

The young lad suddenly turned around. The little miss were already slowly turning to her back.

She stayed silent all this time.

The crowd surrounded the young lad. A dispirited young lady was drowned in the crowd.

"Good! You are here!" Alfa III His Majesty took the young lad by the shoulder. Now more than anytime else, he cared more about this kid whom he sentenced to life imprisonment.

"Then tell me in front of everyone else. Give me a suitable reason and let me understand why letting my daughter marrying you is the best option."

Oscar could not speak a word. Yes! Reason! He walked to the front like a male peacock who longed to mate in front a bunch of audience. For what? Could he say that it was for his future? For the decision of Andrew?

The Princess was staring at him. Even though there was a veil between them, the young lad knew the passion of that gaze. The Emperor was also looking at him. This Emperor seemed to be getting impatient. His gaze was urging him. The nobles were looking at him as well. The gaze of these people was complicated. Some were encouraging him, some were despising him while some were waiting to see him embarrassed.

Why couldn’t I find a reason? Why couldn’t I make the promise?

The young lad searched for one last time. Where is my sister? Sasha E! Where are you?

"This is a fake gentleman!" A noble young man jumped out of the crowd. He took out his sword.

"He can’t speak of anything. His heart is swaying! We do not allow for this sort of man to tarnish Her Royal Highness Princess!"

"Yes! We do not allow this!" Someone stood out again, but these voices soon became one.

Oscar glanced at the angry young man. He slowly descended from the platform. Amidst the scolding, he suddenly turned to face the ruler of Titan.

"Sword and fire!"

"What?" Alfa III His Majesty was confused with the reply of the young man.

"I said sword and fire!" The young lad said this as he walked towards the young man with the sword. Soon, his chest already reached the sharp blade.

"I will use the sword to defend the dignity of the Princess and fire to burn the heart of the Princess," The gaze of the young lad was deep as the clear lake. The noble young man took a step back subconsciously.

Oscar took hold of the sharp sword and twisted in great force suddenly. Along with a breaking sound, fresh blood splashed on the face of the sword-bearer. Among the surprised exclamations, the young man was so terrified that he fell to the floor. The broken sword was thrown far away.

"Today is the day in which Her Royal Highness Princess is engaged with me, so you are in luck. I hope that you will understand the preciousness of life in the future. It is not the same as love. Once lost, there is no chance to do it again." The Prince’s cold words resonated in the hall. He saw the side characters carefully hid in all corners.

"Alanis!" Oscar reached out his hand to the Princess on the platform. That hand was still dripping in blood. "Do you mind?"

Alanis shook her head. "Sword and fire!" If this was the vow, she already accepted it.

The Princess walked to the Prince obediently. She already had the posture of a wife. She gave her hands to him. Soon, she felt the heat of the Prince’s blood. This made her whole body tremble in excitement.

"This is the ring that my mother cared most about. Having it, I have everything in this world. Let me put this on you, please?" Oscar removed the ruby ring that represented heraldic and status.

Alanis did not speak. She simply nodded lightly.

After putting the ring on the Princess, Oscar removed her veil and kissed her bright red lips. He did not dare to stay there for long because he feared that the sensitive Alanis would notice the chill on his lips.

"Then, father!" Oscar changed his appellation. He stared at that Emperor without any emotion. "Shall we begin the music?"

Alfa III His Majesty stared, dumbfounded at the fresh blood that kept dripping on the floor. He was suddenly afraid. He did not know if this decision was correct or not. He suddenly noticed that he was purely planning the future of this young lad, but he has disregarded the thought of this young lad. Would this young lad be what he wished he should be?

The music began. The people did not know what to think as they watched the couple dancing on the dance floor. The Prince was still dripping blood, but the Princess and he did not seem to care. This was not a good sign. For the future Empire, it was truly not a good thing for such two strong characters to come together!

"Lady of the Andrew Family, I am Minsk of Ferdinand Family. I am here to greet you with the sincerest heart."

Sasha E. soulless eyes suddenly brimmed. She looked at the young man standing in front of her thoughtfully. This young man has a pair of light blue eyes. These eyes, truly as he said, brimmed with sincerity! Except for admiration, there were no other elements in his gaze. This realization made Sasha feel much better. She bravely raised her head.

"Bring me away from here, alright?"

"Aren’t you going to greet the Prince?" Viscount Minsk Drakas Ferdinand was a little surprised at the little miss’s suggestion.

Sasha looked at the pair of dancers far away. She suddenly moved her gaze in fright. "No! I only want to leave this place! Moreover, my existence here is simply not needed!"


"Oh I am sorry!" The Prince suddenly tripped. Alanis quickly helped him to stabilise himself.

"Oh my! My head is a little dizzy. It seems I should really get it tended!"

Alanis checked on her fiancé’s injury. "That’s what I said! I thought you have to take this dance. So it was all just pretending to be okay! If it wasn’t for how determined you looked, I would’ve dragged you to the palace doctor a while ago."

Oscar could only smile bitterly. His relationship with the Princess has already changed. This was something that he could not truly accept.

The palace doctor came in a hurry, but they were shrugged away by the Prince. At a side hall of the great hall, the young lad finally showed an indescribable cruel face when there was no one beside him.

"Baron Erbe, I just saw my sister leaving the hall in another man’s arm, then..." Oscar signaled for the Liar Butler to come closer. "Tell Snowstorm. Take close look at them. Don’t let that mixed breed touch her. If he dared to try so, take his limbs back to me!"

"Yes, Your Highness!" Ricky respectfully retreated. He did not even dare to look into the young lad’s eyes. He knew that gaze was crazy and overbearing.

When the scenery was covered in a curtain of night, the citizens of Dulin City opened the windows in their home respectively. The scorching heat of summer did not diminish with the coming of night. There was still a great deal of heat and smoke of the market in the air. At the road behind the Hamilton Palace, even though such depressing aura was not that thick, the whole night sky seemed to push the people down. This was even more depressing.

Behind the palace of the Titan Royal Family were numerous cultural places. The shops on this road were mostly doing the business of books and all kinds of art products. It was already late at night, but the businessman dealing with old books on the road have not stop their jobs. They were arranging for their workers to unload the books from the carriages. These newly-arrived books could only be sold after they have been evaluated. This work would at least continue until early morning tomorrow.

These kind and hardworking businessmen have lived in the place for many years. After experiencing the torture of wind, rain, snow, haze and the scorching sun, they have become the same as the ancient books - full of signs of wisdom and age. Whenever anyone passed by them and their books, an unknown feeling would urge the people to buy one or two books. The price of the books might be a little high. But when there was a cup of tea beside you, they were able to touch the ancient book while they recited a few famous quotes of the previous generations. This should be called as a luxurious life.

"Ah..." The little miss called out in a small voice. A large box of books fell beside her. The books were scattered all over the place. One of them even fell heavily on her feet.

"Oh god!" A middle-aged man who looked like the boss rushed forward. Just as in the case of books, his ability to identify people was exceptional as well. This young lady who was somehow injured was definitely an extremely honorable miss!

"Mi... Miss! Are you alright? Are... Are you alright?" This boss was already talking nonsense.

That careless worker also came rushing towards them. He put his hat in front of his chest, trying to act respectful and innocent.

Sasha E. gave a bitter smile as she shook her head. She looked at the worker. This worker was as polite as a sparrow. Hehe. This was the wisdom of the working citizen. They used the saddening obedience to beg for mercy, but this mercy was rarely given to others especially from a noble!

"What are you doing?" Viscount Minsk Drakas Ferdinand actually yelled at them. Even he did not know why he was so angry. "Do you know who this honorable lady that was hurt by you lots is? You should..."

"Enough!" Sasha turned to look at the gentleman she just acquainted with. Her face suddenly burned in flames. It turned out she was in his arms and in such tight embrace, on top of that.

"Ah... You should let go of me!"

Minsk suddenly realized this as well. He let go of his hands as if he was electric shocked. This young man was also surprised at the distance between the little miss with himself, but he was more reluctant to let her go.

Sasha’s attention was suddenly attracted by a book on the floor. "Songs of God"! This is the work by a religious revolutionary. The Church already banned this book since a long time ago."

The boss took the book from the floor and used his clothes to wipe the dust off the pages.

""Songs of God", the work of Tintin, the representative of Italia’s literature of highest achievement. Even though the servants of the God of Light thought it was ridiculous, but as a reader, we can’t simply categorized its thinking as devilish talk of heresy."

Sasha thought of her brother for no reason. She took "Songs of God" from the hands of the boss. When she opened the first page, she was immediately attracted to the first sentence on the page.

"The other side of heaven is hell. When the people kneel and beg, the God hears, the Devil hears. Whose response are you hoping for? Ask your heart!"

Sasha knew she was a small part of the whole world. Her begging and hoping have already turned into nothingness. Was it the Devil who answered her call? Then what was the God doing? Sasha was stunned. Could it truly be the devilish talk of the heresy? If not, why would only one sentence in the page cast doubt about God in one’s heart?

"Ask your heart!" Sasha suddenly understood. She already knew since before that the end must be this way. Ask you heart. If she knew, why would she still be by his side? If she knew, why wouldn’t she turn around before the boundary?

Keeping the "Songs of God" well, Sasha finally understood. The heart would tell you the answer of God, but also the thought of the Devil. This was simply a choice, a give-and-take.

"How much is this?"

"Oh gosh! What are you saying? This is only a very normal hand copied book. I’ll just give it to you as compensation...."

"No!" Sasha shook her head. She already began to search for her purse, but who would bring such a thing to participate in palace ball? After realizing this, Sasha subconsciously looked at Viscount Ferdinand beside her.

Obviously, the Viscount was extremely awkward. He vowed to do something for this lady, but no matter what, he did not expect to be paying the bills! The young man was from the top class wealthy family. He was not that clear with the exact definition of wealth and money.

Sasha suddenly laughed cheekily. "Paul! Paul!" The little miss called at the street behind her.

The King of Assassins seemed to walk out of pure nothingness. Viscount Ferdinand was frightened by him. He cautiously glared at this tall and skinny man who wore a black tuxedo.

"Little miss, do you need me?"

"Hehe, I’m lucky to have you. Do you have any change? Look, I have a difficulty here!" Sasha looked at the assassin with all smiles. She knew this was not difficult for Paul.

"Oh, of course! Working for you is my pleasure." Paul said as he took out a copper coin. He put this Ti coin in the hands of the book trader.

This unlucky boss smiled bitterly as he took the little profit he received. Who was this guy with black clothes? Could it be that he did not know the worth of a banned book? A Ti coin? In Titan these days, a Ti coin can only be used to buy a few rough papers!

"Hehe! Thank you for the reward of this Sir. Thank you! This was truly embarrassing!" The boss still had to say this.

"Then... Sir Viscount, I will take my leave now! Thank you for walking with me for a while!" The little miss bowed to the young master Minsk of the Ferdinand Family.

"Please know that this is my honor!" Minsk looked back at her. The highest class carriage that represented the Andrew Family has arrived. There were more than ten fully-armed Knights around the carriage.

"Hehe. It seems that brother of yours is not as what it seems on the surface. He still cares a lot about you!" The Viscount waited for the carriage to become stable before opening the carriage door for the little miss.

Sasha wanted to say ‘So what?’ but she did not say it out loud in the end. She simply nodded then entered the carriage.

Snowstorm took over the carriage door and slammed it close. He used a hawk-like gaze to stare at the young Viscount.

The Viscount did not want to back off, but the sudden burst of gleam in his opponent’s eyes stabbed his nerve like a dagger. He could not help but take a step aside.

The carriage slowly moved away. The voice of the young girl rang in the carriage.

"Did you let me be found out on purpose?"

"Yes!" Snowstorm nodded.


"Because of that young man."

"And why is this?" Sasha was a little confused.

Snowstorm sighed. "Little miss... You do not want to know that reason!"

"Why?" Alfa III His Majesty questions the Prince. "Why do you have to make such a fun and festive ball into..."

"Your Majesty!" Oscar rudely interrupted an Emperor! He was truly impatient now! "Your Majesty, I suddenly became your son-in-law. This you should understand. Can you tolerate an unlucky guy to challenge me in front of the whole nobles’ circle?"

"That was all because of you!" The Emperor was a little furious. "Even I can see it. You were indeed hesitating."

Oscar became cautious. He already knew that this Emperor was not that easy to deal with as he looked.

"Your Majesty, should I not consider this carefully? You should know what meaning the engagement of the Princess and me holds. Oh God! I even have not received the permission of the family before I did this. Maybe..."

"There’s no maybe!" Alfa III His Majesty could no longer hold his anger! The sound of the Emperor resonated in the huge living room with only two people.

"Let me say this one more time! There’s no maybe! If your family cannot accept this arrangement, then they shall accept my punishment."

Oscar shivered. He carefully moved towards the Emperor. "I believe all that you have said, but saying this made me uneasy. Is this arranged? This intersection of fate between the Princess and myself. It is the marriage vow that will receive the blessing of the God of Light."

The Emperor stared into the eyes of the young man. He wanted to confirm the sincerity of the young lad. "Could it be... Do you not care at all about the fact that Andrew is about to receive punishment? That is your family. Your home!"

Oscar shrugged without caring. "I don’t believe my father would do something to disobey the royal order, so... I won’t worry about the punishment that you spoke of. I think that won’t happen because my family will definitely agree to this marriage."

"You are very smart!" Alfa III His majesty leaned on the sofa, laid back. "But you should at least ask yourself whether you are as smart as me. Do you think I don’t know the plan of the Andrew? They are using you to receive more power and benefits."

Oscar shook his head. "I am not sure about the things that you have said. The family may have plans to use me, but that assault case at the southern mountain should not be included. I believe my father will not joke about these sort of things. Moreover, an officer in the Secret Service Department once told me himself that the matters in the south is extremely complicated. The case may involve some extremely influential businessmen in the south."

"What?" Alfa III His Majesty straightened his back. "Businessmen? From who did you hear it from? Why didn’t I ever hear of this from the Secret Service Department?"

Oscar smiled luckily. He knew he has successfully distracted the Emperor from Andrews.

"Your Majesty, this is all your fault. The one who talked to me about this was the ex-Secret Service Action Officer based in Rylie Province. You are the one who rid him of his duty. Urgh... I’m sorry! I have forgotten about the name of this Action Officer. I am really not good at remembering names of people, but I have a strong memory of what he said. His original words were: the one who truly rules the southern area of the Empire is not His Majesty the Emperor. It isn’t the local officer as well. Nor is it our army or Secret Service Department. It is a bunch of businessmen. A group of businessmen that are wealthy beyond imagination."

The Emperor looked at the little Prince in surprise. After a while, he said this. "The Secret Service Action Officer based in Rylie Province.... He said this?"

"Yes, Your Majesty!" Oscar nodded determinedly. "We did not talk about this topic any further like now, but Alanis and I once discussed about this. We both thought that when your rage surfaced and the political and military systems at the southern province became unstable, that will be the time for the true conspirator to appear."

"And Andrew," The young lad poured a glass of white wine for the dumbfounded Emperor. "I believe your arrow is pointing at the wrong subject all along because the true aim of the conspirator is at the south of the Empire."

"The south?" Alfa III His Majesty was deep in thought. He was almost persuaded by the Prince. If this Emperor had any impression of the south other than the opera in Vielonna, it would be those businessmen. Those influential Titan businessmen that travelled between Italia and Faran have provided countless strange new playthings and all sorts of luxury goods for their own palace.

Maybe... Maybe something was truly wrong! Alfa III His Majesty thought how one-sided his doubt towards the Andrew was. Wasn’t this case still under investigation? Then it would be best to notify Rudolf Hoss of the Secret Service Department. This head of spies would understand what to do next.

The Emperor took a glance at the young lad. He again thought of another problem. The flash attack of the Narcissus Knights truly made him panic. Then would this sort of ‘forced marriage’ towards the Andrew disturb the cooperation pact that they had just established? Maybe they might waste the effort they have been putting in?

"Then... how would your father think of your doing?" Alfa III His Majesty asked to probe. "Just as you said, you have not receive the permission from the family before deciding this marriage. Will your father distance himself from you and punish you?"

Oscar wanted to show all of his disdain towards the Emperor’s questions, but he decided against it after gritting his teeth! Fuck! This selfish old thing actually thought of this question only at this moment! Didn’t he just want to force the Andrew to be obedient? Didn’t he just want to let the Andrew step back without condition? He now knew Andrew was not as what he had imagined, then every wrong was pushed onto me! Oscar thought about this furiously! According to the way the Emperor phrased his question, the one who was forcing the family to acknowledge this marriage was him.

"Actually.... Actually there was no need to worry about this," Oscar tried his best to let him sound as calm as possible. He was in great rage right now, but he has to console the ultimate reason that created all of these mess at this moment!

"When Alanis visited Andrew with an unofficial identity, my father already prepared to accept my marriage with the royal family. So, your worries are unnecessary."

"Oh... As expected!" Alfa III His Majesty could finally relax, then he made an expression that said he had expected all of this.

"Alright! Little guy! In the near future you will be my son-in-law!" Alfa III His Majesty was very glad. The engagement of his daughter with the Prince was acceptable. If the situation was as little Oscar had said, then it was necessary to observe for a while.

"Yes, Your Highness!" Oscar did not know what to think at this moment. He knew this Emperor could do anything when his brain was not functioning.

"Then... Let us talk about your future further!" Alfa III his Majesty suddenly changed the topic. "Speaking of this, we should look at a document submitted by Marshal Alan representing the Army. Wait for a moment. That document is not here. I must go and take it."

Oscar already understood the content of that document during the seniors meeting in the Family, but he acted like he did not know anything right now.

"Your Highness, what are you doing? It’s fine to just send someone to get it! If you feel uneasy with that, I can do it for you!"

Alfa III His Majesty pushed the young lad who was about to stand back to his seat. He waved his hand. "Little guy! Let me do it. That is a confidential document. It is put in a place only known to me."

Only Oscar was left in the living room. The young lad removed the button on his collar. He laid on the sofa, unmoving. The indescribable exhaustion hit his heart and soul! Changing his expression whenever he met a different person and using different lies to accommodate different lies.

The palace servants came in. They prepared fruits and desserts on gold plates for the Prince. Oscar did not even look at the fresh food. The young lad simply took hold of the wine bottle.

"Get out!"

The servants retreated respectfully. As the door closed, he did not even open his eyes and look at it.

The heat of the strong wine burned the young lad’s stomach. His eyes were a little out of focus. Why did this world need so many lies and pretence? Could this be a must to live? Could this be the only path to the top?

Why was everything so chaotic outside?

The young lad opened the door of the living room. The walkway was stuffed with panicked crowds. The people were rushing to the direction of the palace gate.

The Prince took great effort to reach the gate. There was no place to stand on the tall platform of Hamilton Palace. The scenery in front of him was unbelievable! After going off for a few months, the war beacon on the Tower of Heroes lit up in great flames once again. The smoke rose to the sky, straight into the pitch black sky.

"Has the Emperor announce the Beacon Decree again?"

"No!" A soldier answered this question. He pointed to the few lights at the shadows of the southern mountains.

"It is the beacon from the south. This means that that place is under attack from the enemy!"



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