Chapter 75: Ninth Episode: Chapter 2
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The sunlight rays streamed down from the sky. Up in the skies, the clouds lingered above the heads of the people. The wind had changed its course, now headed toward northwest rather than southwest. Sometimes the clouds were stationary, other times they shot across the sky towards the opposite horizon with a tremendous speed.

The shift in the temperature and scenery reminded the people that it was time to put on their autumn wear. The gentlemen and ladies had already prepared beforehand. Although fur coats were a little extreme at this time, the delicate waistcoats and the cloaks set with fur were actually pretty good choices. The destitute naturally would not purposefully dress themselves up. They had to wear their autumn wear at least until the first snowfall, they did not mind wearing less, it was good enough for them as long as they didn't freeze to death.

The early autumn was the season for wormwoods. The people of Dulin hurried to and fro, chasing away the grey leaves. However, this situation would take a turn quickly after the wormwood condensed and fermented, causing the whole city to be engulfed in the thick aroma of liquor. Furthermore, as the origin of Absinthe, its desirability that soared in the Red Light Street was as well-known as this cheap beverage it produced.

It was still noon, but men and women had already lined the street. The women used cheap materials to dress themselves up into brightly-colored candies and were unselfconsciously washing their hair by the public pool. The flimsy clothing was already soaked through, and they clung tightly to the bodies that were as fair as albinos.

As for the men, it was a fresh sight. They were also a group lured in by the riches and desires of the Red Light Street. With their faces smeared with lipstick and low-cost cosmetics, it seemed like they did not regard themselves as men. The way they waved their hands at the passersby, one could barely tell them apart from experienced prostitutes.

This was the Red Light Street and although the well-renowned lights have not lit up, the street's point and purposes were already revealed in the broad daylight.

This filthy, narrow road was heaped with all sorts of garbage. Wild dogs scampered in and out among the women's skirts and occasionally their bottoms would receive a kick from the high heels. However, they did not mind as in this was the Red Light Street, suffering humiliation was something expected. Moreover, it was not easy to get by here, if one wanted to earn a living, then they had to strip themselves of their dignity.

The street at noon was somewhat deserted but some of the diligent ladies were already awake. This was a distinctive schedule in the Red Light Street, its splendor only shone in the night, but an air of arrogance still hanged during the day. The women would condemn and compare among each other at the top of their voices. The evening before, one of the sluts received two thousand gold Tis from a generous client; and the evening before yesterday, a lady addicted to marijuana had passed away at the corner of the street; and the day before that, an old fool gave birth to a little rascal, a girl who would one day turn out just like her lowly mother!

All of these were the subject of the women's insults and condemnations, for everything in this world appeared as if they were against them. The street gradually became crowded and the women who have just gotten up hurried out of their brothels. They were busy cleaning their hideous and peculiar faces and searching for topics more suited for their insults.

The facades of the houses were close. These mason houses built of adobe were generally not tall; the three-story ones were already scarce, and most of them were two-story with a rooftop. On the rooftops was a wide assortment of signboards and lights of different sizes. The women who rose early would dry their clothes there, and at first glance, it would appear as an indistinct painting of scenery. A cold breeze would cause the fishy smell in the back alley to waft into one's nostrils while the scenery would turn into one resembling dancing rags. The women's sharp cries caused the whole street to become unbearable.

The Dog Biting Club was one of the few three-story buildings in the street. Its appearance was like a tiny, half-sealed building. The rooftop was connected to the reddish-brown brick wall, and to one side of the beams stood a low-rise attic.

At 11 in the morning, a man with a massive build would open the huge doors of the Dog Biting Club right on time. A few of the ladies would come forward and offered a cordial greeting to this huge man, yet he would only respond with grunts. This was a mute, also, the manager of the thugs in Red the light Street.

"Fat dog! Give me a hand!" Someone shouted the huge man's name.

The fat dog glanced towards the door and rolled up his sleeves. Inside stood a few young girls. They were undeniably still young as one could tell from their voices. However, the gaudy makeup had completely masked their young faces, making it difficult to distinguish their age.

He carried out a long table and the girls arranged some huge, wooden pots filled with bread, soup, and spicy spinach atop the table to be sold. On the opposite side of the table, more and more women from the streets had gathered. They were no longer making a racket and were gripping the plates tightly in their hands. If there were any order in the Red light Street, it would undoubtedly be during the meal distribution at Dog Biting Club.

"Thank you, Madam!"

"Thank you, Madam!" All the women would offer up these words once their plates were brimming with food.

In their eyes, although these words held little concrete meaning, at least it could ease their minds a little; the Red Light Street still had Zoera, and her presence meant that they would not starve to death.

"Hold on!" One of the girls in Dog Biting Club snatched back the bread that was just handed out.

"You haven't paid your security fees for half a month already! And it seems like you didn't pay up your fees for your well being too! On what grounds do you have the audacity show up here?" The girl shot a glare at the woman.

"Lady Mirandez, oh… Forgive me just this once. I was ill, so…"

"So you can violate the rules that the Madame has set?" Lady Mirandez of the Dog Biting Club questioned while weighing the bread in her hands.

"Oh no! How would I dare? My dear Mirandez, please explain to the Madame on my behalf, that …"

"Get lost okay? Stop hindering our sisters!" Mirandez had lost her patience and flung the bread into a muddy puddle. "You must at least send some over latest by this hour tomorrow. It's not that I'm being unreasonable, but there is really nothing much that can be said about these matters. Rules! Rules, my dear ladies, no soul can defy the rules of the street!"

Mirandez watched the woman pick up the bread from the mud and turned her head away in disgust, "Next!"

It was a girl with delicate features and a face shining with radiance! Mirandez of the Dog Biting Club eyed this fresh blood with jealousy. She dared bet two silver Tis that this was definitely a fresh blood! The girl standing before her appeared as if she did not even understand what men were.

"I have never seen you!" Mirandez once again weighed the bread in her hands and looked on with satisfaction as the girl gulped with difficulty.

"I… I only arrived in Dulin five days ago… I… They said… that there is a relief here!" The girl stuttered; she was aware that the people here harbored malicious intentions towards her.

"Hahahahahahahahaha!" Mirandez laughed in exaggeration, so much so that she was already out of breath, "Oh goodness! A relief… Have you guys… Have you guys ever heard of this?"

The women who surrounded the long table followed and broke into laughter. They already realized that this girl was definitely deceived into coming here. It was not that Red Light Street had no relief, but the fact that to earn a living here, one had to blend in.

"Oh god!" MIrandez beat her chest, still laughing, "Oh… Goodness, gracious! Who was the one who told you that? I would like to reward him a Golden Ti on behalf of the Madame! I have already forgotten how long it has been since I last encountered a situation like this! Oh, god! How can there be anyone in this world who still doesn't know what kind of a place the Red Light Street is?"

The girl eyed the bread, then looked at the senseless woman and decided that it was better to be a little more honest.

"It's the owner of Ruhr pub. I… I have spent all that I have in his shop and he suggested that I come here..."

"Haha! So it's that old chap!" Mirandez laughter finally ceased. She did a quick glimpse out of the girl of tall stature and long, light golden hair. "The finest quality!" Before long, Mirandez had already drawn a conclusion. She was already looking forward to the girl being made up to look like a dog-girl.

"So… Does anyone know her? Or has any Madame taken her in?" MIrandez called out to the women in front of the table for she did not intend to take possession of another's source of income.

The women's mumbling was indiscernible; a few of them offered to say that they had seen the girl walking from the direction of the city earlier in the morning.

"Very well then!" Mirandez shoved two pieces of bread and a bowl of thick wheat soup into the girl's arms, smiling. She stretched out her hand and tugged at Fat Dog's ear, "Hey! Go check and see if the Madame has time. Tell her that I have a very rare breed of a little female dog that just arrived."


"Old friend! Cheer up!" Oscar withdrew his gaze that was looking out of the carriage window and turned to look at the sea creature by his side, who was like a debilitated pulp and could not help but feel a little sympathy.

"Cheer up? How can I cheer up?" The Sea Creature lifted his eyelids, bewildered. "Of course it doesn't matter to you! But what about me? Those lowly peasants will destroy my few abundant mines in the southern mountains! What is more irritating is that they have cut off the trading route that led to Faran and Italia! My investment and goods have all probably been looted! Please tell me, how can I cheer up? I am now just itching to resign from the government office and joining the army. That way, I can send off all those lowly pigs into hell."

Oscar shrugged his shoulders indifferently, "Suit yourself, it is said that the army in charge of quelling the rebellion has already set off from several military regions close to the South."

"Ah… I understand that you are trying to console me, but the effort is futile. The rebellion this time around is far different from that in history," The Sea Creature suddenly adopted an expression full of remorse.

Oscar perked up his head without any countenance, "Oh? Could you explain it to me?"

The Sea Creature did not utter a word; the only sound heard in the carriage was the rumble of the carriage on the surface of the road.

"Young lad," After a protracted silence, the Sea Creature suddenly let out a sigh. "I am already very wealthy. Moreover, my position before the Emperor is unshakeable. However, why do I still scheme and seek for even more wealth by all every possible means?"

Oscar nodded his head earnestly, he was utterly curious.

"It is the fear of tomorrow!" The Finance Minister of Titan Empire, Sir Marquis Almodovar Godzilla took on a look of deep-rooted hatred.

The Prince felt a sudden chill and wanted to sit further away. This man sitting opposite of him was not just a fatty who indulged in the pleasures of life and accumulated wealth; he was a Sea Creature! He was the most terrifying, ferocious creature of the abyss. Although he was the laughingstock of the entirety of Dulin, those who had the courage to truly mock this Finance Minister had all descended into hell.

"You have not answered my question," The Prince ducked his head away; he did not enjoy facing the swollen and warty face of the Sea Creature.

"The merchants of the South! They have deserted the trust of Alfa III and I, you know? Those merchants actually participated in the ranks of the insurgents and they even possess their own army and flags."

"I do not have much knowledge of the Southern merchants, I know they are extremely wealthy." Oscar gazed at the Finance Minister and could not help but find it a little amusing; Alfa III was unlikely to mind that much about the merchants, the one who was truly betrayed was this monster in front of him.

"Well Godzilla, why were you looking for me? I am aware that now is not the time to visit the club. However, since it was you who invited me, I came!" Oscar felt that it was now time to play his cards; he knocked lightly on the window of the carriage, "You have received the amount of gold agreed upon and my father has also received your remuneration, indicating that our business has ended. I got onto your carriage as a friend, I think…"

"No, My Imperial Highness!" The Sea Creature stared at the youngster with scorn, "you are being opinionated; I received news that His Majesty had already permitted the secret service to conduct a series of arresting operations. Even the list is out!"

"What does that have to do with me?" Oscar stared back unrelentingly, yet he was still far more comfortable than the Sea Creature.

"Hmph, hmph!" Godzilla snickered. He knew that the lad was not as bright as the external rumors claimed. "Do you still remember Count Levis Sakya who operates the gold mines in the southern mountain area?"

Oscar nodded his head, "Yes, I remember. He is your business partner."

"Unfortunately, this Count Sakya and his family are being investigated."

"What is the problem with that?"

"Of course there's a problem!" The Sea Creature was already losing his patience with the youngster's unperturbed manner, "How can it not be a problem? He made a duplicate of the letter you wrote to the Crelini Family of Cecil Island, that is the problem! Do you need me to elaborate? That is a special investigation personally put together by His Majesty Alfa III, and no one will be able to help the Crelini family! If, at this moment, they were to reveal the letter, then I believe both you and I would be sent to the Ministry of Justice's secret service for interrogation!"

Oscar was momentarily stunned. He recalled that he indeed had written a letter to the Crelini family for the purpose of smuggling gold and stamped on the letter was the coat of arms of the Titan's King of the Underworld. At that time, he had handed the letter over to Count Levis Sakya; this way, he could carry out trades with the pirates that were under the Crelini family's control.

"So that is to say… you are in trouble?"

"No!" Godzilla leered at the youngster with resentment, "Your Imperial Highness, WE are in trouble! Remember, both of us!"

"Your distinguished Finance Minister, let me remind you, it is indeed you who are in trouble!" Oscar no longer had on the look of indifference, "I have never seen the letter, and moreover, I am completely clueless about its contents. What's more, it is merely a printed duplicate; don't tell me that fabricated lies of this standard will be admissible by the secret service department?"

"You…" Godzilla was suddenly rendered speechless; this lad actually did not fear his threats.

"Let it go, my finance minister!" Oscar broke into a carefree laugh; "Don't tell me you actually take me for a fool! Don't tell me you actually think that after being released from Damorga, I will again return. However, it is just a vessel of gold, nothing too big; I believe that you and your companions can handle it."

"Your Imperial Highness" Godzilla realized that he had made a bad decision, but did not expect the prince to be this shameless. "Everyone is clear about what you have done; I have to remind you, if you really avoid the actual blame you should receive, then you will lose a group of your most loyal allies."

"Most loyal allies?" Oscar simply scoffed, "Count Sakya was also a loyal ally, but what about now? My distinguished Finance Minister, aren't you just itching to swallow his flesh into your belly? Are you expecting me to believe in things such as allies? You can really forget about it!"

The little Prince did not have any misgivings in expressing his disdain towards these so-called allies. However, indeed he did not have to worry, based on the current situation. Unless Alfa III had another one of his mental spells, otherwise, no threat against him existed in Dulin.

Godzilla's expression suddenly softened; it seemed that no one was that foolish!

"I say, young friend, you should still at least think for my body of fat!"

Oscar debated momentarily; he had no interest at all in the finance minister's fat.

"My dear Godzilla, what else do you expect from me? Do you want me to get off the carriage?"

The Sea Creature stared blankly for quite a while; he had the mind to kick this little one out of the carriage.

"Very well, you win! Let us speak in another manner, okay? You little rascal, even when speaking with elders, you refuse to exercise a little humility. You really are too arrogant!"

"Godzilla, now this is the proper way of conversing!" Oscar gave a mischievous laugh. He would not compromise easily, but meeting this highly connected fatty who also had a sense of propriety, he actually did not mind lending a helping hand during a crucial hour. After all, if that letter was really revealed, then regardless, the Emperor would start pondering.

"So do you suggest that we destroy the letter… or destroy Sakya?"

Now, it was the Finance Minister who was at a loss on how to react, "Are you suggesting…"

"I mean, let us go by the old practice, you provide the funding, and I the manpower. Let us join hands once more! However, Godzilla, it seems that we should both increase our vigilance, the secret service department had been on edge due to the armed rebellion in the south." Oscar suddenly gave the stout man a pat on the shoulder.

"I say… Have we already arrived?" The youngster gazed at the world outside the carriage window in bewilderment; the sight that met his eyes evidently startled him.


"This is nothing to be suspicious about!" Ricky the Liar swung his legs up onto Thomas Aulet's desk.

"Of course this is suspicious! The Lair's growth speaks for itself, and at this juncture, Brother Balance suddenly informed me that he is quitting! What do I make of this?" The Baron was at his wits' end.

"I've told you, this is not suspicious at all, and the address of Brother Balance has already become something in the past. Now, people are used to calling him His Imperial Highness Prince O'Neil. This indicates that he can only carry out matters in keeping up with his status. Don't tell me you still expect to let him have dealings with all sorts of criminals? Putting it this way, I believe you understand now?" The Liar said this while picking up some tiny objects on the Baron's desk. Although all these decorations were very tiny, their values were not something to be joked about.

"Thomas, do you still want this little box to place tobacco leaves?" Ricky held up a glistening, tiny object and swayed it before the Baron's eyes.

"Tch! The entire opera house is mine, take anything as you please; but, I am not finished yet! His Imperial Highness The Prince has his own career. This, I understand! However, he can't just leave the Lair just like that! Moreover, not to mention you, Ricky! And also the King of Assassins, King of sins, that stinky hedgehog, Poison Doctor who is by His Imperial Highness' side; all of you are criminals!"

"Thomas!" Ricky interrupted the Baron, "Look at me, I am now the manager of the family affairs of the prince; as for the King of Assassins, he is the personal bodyguard of His Imperial Highness, and he would bring him along when he comes and goes from the Imperial Palace. Also, the secretary of the prison warden is about to be conferred with the title of Baron, just like you! In other words, around His Imperial Highness Prince, we are playing fitting roles; this is for our own need and also His Imperial Highness The Prince's needs. Do not let him once again be the big shot of the underworld that stirs up trouble; his identity and status have already changed, and we should adapt to this change. Rather than hold on to these dangerous thoughts, it is better for you to ponder more about your role!"

"My role?"

"That's right!" Ricky nodded his head and picked up another small object. "Manager of the Lair, the spokesperson of His Imperial Highness The Prince in the underworld. Am I not making myself clear, or is there something that you are dissatisfied with?"

"So in other words, His Imperial Highness has handed over all the affairs within the Lair to me?"

"Thank heavens!" Ricky assumed an exaggerated posture of praying to the gods, "My dear Thomas, your train of thought has finally caught up with mine! However… What you have deduced is not everything!"

Thomas was momentarily distracted. He was immersed in an ineffable bliss; running the Lair and Titan's Underworld were great temptations to him. He already knew the significance the position represented. Not to mention, when the Prince was away from Dulin, the benefits that the position could bring would be his.

"Hey! Look at me!" Thomas turned the Baron's head, "Do you know why it is I who is telling you these things?"

"Why?" Thomas also found it odd. He felt that His Imperial Highness The Prince should personally instruct him instead.

"Because there are some words which His Imperial Highness The Prince is unable to express. For example, one day when baron Thomas Aulet who is in charge of a portion of the skies of the underworld suddenly feels that he would like to get rid of his master, so what should we do at this moment?"

The Baron's blood had turned cold; he knew that Ricky enjoyed deceiving others, but did not enjoy joking.

"Then please pass on to His Imperial Highness The Prince, if such a day arrives, I shall strangle that Baron who betrays him with my own hands, then serve his blood and flesh onto a plate and offer it to our Imperial Highness."

Ricky nodded; he should leave, as matters awaited him at the Kenshin Palace and Swan Hill.

"Hold on!" The Baron suddenly grabbed hold of the liar's sleeves, "You should hone your art of stealing something on the sly another seven to eight years! Hurry, place that brooch down."

The liar's expression changed, "Thomas, you're a little too much! This opera house is yours, the Lair is all yours, all I did was merely just took this single brooch."

"Are you kidding me? If you like, I will give the opera house to you, if you are interested in the liar, then you are welcome to manage it for a while; but this brooch absolutely won't do! This was given to me by Zoera!" The Baron said these while recklessly fishing through the liar's pockets.

"Oh god! Zoera again! The God of Light praises romance. Your distinguished Baron, you have to admit that you have fallen into it!"

"Whatever you say… But damn you! Where did you hide my brooch?"

Ricky gave it some thought, "Ohh… If you didn't mention it, I would have forgotten to bring it up; our Imperial Highness The Prince should be visiting Zoera's club as a guest as we speak."

"Really?" Thomas was instantly stumped for words, "Oh god! Why didn't you mention it earlier? I should go and observe it. What if there are some troubles? That would be bad!"


Some low doors, a narrow passageway, a fireplace that was heating Absinthe, a whitewashed wall where a charcoal painting hung; if it weren't for the few human-shaped creatures by his feet, Oscar would have absolutely believed that it was the home of a citizen.

The club had prepared a spacious rented room for the two guests who were paying a visit. In actuality, this club only had these two guests at that time. The Sea Creature was a regular guest and practically all the people and "dogs" from the lodge to the floors above knew this man's identity. Oscar kept his head low for he knew that there were secret investigators of his family hidden here. However, the Sea Creature was being a hindrance to him; now was not the time to connect with them.

The club was exceptionally curious about this extremely young teen. Mirandez, who was in charge of greeting the guests, arranging pleasures and other matters had tried to probe quite a few times, yet the Finance Minister was not one of those useless people who only knew how to guzzle and booze; he did not reveal even a single hint. At this time, the people knew that the person who was amusing himself here was definitely an exceptionally respected little son of nobility. Looking at his pompous manner, perhaps he was a prince, they could not say for sure. Otherwise, the Finance Minister would not be that reverent and respectful.

The girls lifted their heart-shaped bottoms high up. The tiny brassiere made from black leather had ribbons sticking out from the edges of their breasts, connecting it to the underwear. These ribbons had numerous silver rings embedded into them and a metal chain was tied up within one of the silver rings. The girl's neck had a leather set that was inlaid with diamonds and the front of the leather set was a silver medal; written on it was actually her name and place of birth.

Oscar was truly enlightened; he never knew that a pretty girl could be made up into a dog! This child really loved the dog-girls' tails; that was a true dog's tail, it drooped down shaggily from behind their bottoms. When the teen took out a golden Ti or plucked a grape from the silver plate, the dog-girls would stick up their tails and wag at him non-stop. The teen studied them intently, and it turned out that the tail was stuck into one of the hidden caves on the girl's body.

Godzilla had on an extremely spirited look; all his worries about the south had momentarily been tossed into the back of his mind. At that moment, he was attentively handling that curly-haired Pekinese. That was how the Sea Creature addressed her, who was bent down at his crotch.

"Haha! Let us look at this little female dog!" The Sea Creature laughed reprovingly. This pig-like man already had his hand extended towards the dog's bottom. The beautiful girl was trembling violently from head to toe and, her throat let out a whine.

"Come on! Pee! You already cannot hold it in right?" The Sea Creature used a fat palm to slap one of the sides of the dog's bottom with all his might. Very quickly, the snowy, white flesh had a bloody, red handprint left on it. However, this monster was evidently not yet satisfied.

"Come on! Pee onto this plate here! Then share it with the Faran mongrel beside you; don't you all just love these the most?" The Sea Creature's eyes were gleaming and his palm continued to land heavily.

"Ohh… not here!" Oscar knew that he had to protest, he was an ordinary youngster and he was less than impressed by the Sea Creature's method of playing.

"Are you sure?" Clearly, Godzilla was baffled by the teen's request. "We came here precisely for this! The little female dogs of the club also love this, their looks when they share in each other's bodily fluids and dungs are truly…"

"Please, Godzilla!" Oscar massaged his temples, "My breakfast was a fried egg, a smoked fish patty, oh… And a tower of fruits and roasted intestines. Don't tell me that you intend to let me look at this during lunchtime?"

Godzilla laughed gleefully and kicked away a human-formed dog. The kick was soft, but the Sea Creature's weight was evident. The human-dog was kicked towards the corner of the wall, but it seemed to be all right as the female dog only seemed to have grazed her knees. She groaned pitifully, with her tail still wagging incessantly.

"Youngster! You have missed a marvelous item, I can only wish you luck!" The Sea Creature said this and stood up.


"Oh! Are you calling me? Adorable little Godzilla! What is this? Could it be that the little dogs have angered you?" Mirandez lifted up her skirts and sprinted down the stairs.

"Oh… you need not worry about this!" The Sea Creature stuck his mouth that was reeking of bad breath onto Mirandez's face.

"Where is the girl that I just came across on the walkway? Oh god! She is the most beautiful little creature that I have ever laid eyes on! I want her! I want her right now!"

Mirandez furrowed her eyebrows, half of it was due to the man's request, and the other half was because of this brute's reeking breath.

"You see, my dear Sir Marquis, that little girl just arrived this morning, I don't even know her name yet! Madame Zoera is having a chat with her..."

"Hey! I do not wish to listen to all this. You guys actually need four months to train up a human-dog, and by that time, I would have already gone to hell! Damn it, or let me get the job done myself! I guarantee that I will return to Zoera a perfect little beast! Hurry on! Tell her to send that girl to my room!"

Mirandez agreed, trembling. She knew just what kind of human-dogs the monster trained out. It was indeed perfect, so perfect to the extent that they had forgotten how to be human.


The Sea Creature opened another door of a room and ushered the human-dog to crawl into it. He then made a face at the little prince who was beaming while watching all of this and flung the door shut with a "bang". Soon, the sound of a dog barking and Godzilla's jackass laughter came from the room.

Oscar stood up and glanced at the beautiful ‘dog' at the corner of the wall.

"Are you all okay?"

The injured girl was evidently not used to the teen's question. "Woof! Woof!"

Oscar shook his hand; if this was how she was going to answer, then it was better for him to forget about it. He decided to go for a stroll as he had already lost interest in Madam Zoera. The Dog Biting club was indeed the ideal place for the secret agents to hide, but… really, it was still better to forget about it!

Just when he was about to exit, Oscar again saw the girl that he had come across at the compartment of the stairs when he just arrived, a girl who was as pure and innocent as a crystal. The girl was wailing, giving out a shrill roar and she was kicking everything within sight. Oscar looked on at the tall burly man who was wedging the girl beneath his underarm. However, after a brief lock of eyes, the youngster stepped aside. As for the girl on whom a misfortune was about to befall, the youngster felt a twinge of sympathy, but he knew that this was the Dog Biting's business, Zoera's business, and the Sea Creature's business. There was no savior here for the gods would only take note of the backs of darkness, just like Damorga.

The Sea Creature's crisp cheering traveled out and the door was once again closed. The girl's screams had already become a bitter, piteous cry,

Oscar again drooped his head; he suddenly did not want to face everything here.

However, just when he was about to turn around to leave, a glimmering golden object caught his attention. Did the girl drop this? The teen became lost in thought, unsure of whether he should pick it up.

The injured human-dog had already crawled over. She barked and used her voluptuous bosoms to rub against the youngster's leg. She took up the shiny golden object with her mouth and the curly-haired Pekinese offered it to the youngster as if trying to gain his favor.

This was a gold coin; Oscar looked at the tiny object in his hand, but he suddenly stopped short! This gold coin was not exactly a golden Ti; it had the Narcissus Fierce Tiger distinctly carved onto it and behind it, around the figure of a god was a circle of words that read, 9.11.777, in commemoration of the first birthday of Andrew Family's fourth son.

Oh god! Oscar was utterly stunned! The commemorative gold coin of his first birthday appeared here, to his surprise! There were only twelve of these gold coins cast at that time, his father, mother and all the other relatives who possessed this gold coin valued it as if it was a treasure and the one he himself owned was given to… Given to… Duke Cara Siva! His greatly respected teacher back in Damorga! Then, this girl…

"Godzilla! Godzilla! Don't you lay your hands on her! Get out this instant!" Oscar banged on the door of the room like mad, but the door did not seem to budge even a little. The infuriated teen mustered up his strength and with a dull thump, the wooden door smashed heavily into the ground. Oscar did not understand why his rage surged up so violently. Perhaps it was because he was already irritated upon watching the girl being dragged into the room.

"Get up, you! Let me see what have you done to her? What have you done to her?" The Sea Creature, who was startled by Oscar, jerked up from the bed. The youngster spat in disgust, the odor in the room simply drove a person mad.

A dagger was already in the prince's hand and he pressed it up against the Sea Creature's throat. The pathetic Godzilla, who was initially on the top of the world, read the message of menace in the teen's eyes. Wasn't he playing around?

"Oh god! Oh god! Oh god…" The Finance Minister rambled on unceasingly.

Oscar had completely lost his patience; he saw that the girl's skirt was already torn to shreds and staggering stains of blood were even visible on the shredded pieces of her skirt! Although he was already infuriated beyond measure, the whole reminisce of the gold coin still flashed through his mind. He gave that to his teacher before he left Damorga. His teacher's health was failing and he said that if he truly received the favor of the gods, then his only granddaughter would bring that gold coin and come searching for his student.

Oscar recalled everything! This was the only request of his respected teacher, Cara Siva! But now? He actually just personally witnessed his teacher's only relative left in the world being pushed into a living hell and yet still being indifferent! The youngster detested the Sea Creature that was like a pulp, but he detested himself even more. He detested his cold-heartedness, his negligence!

"Damn you! Damn you! Damn you…" Rage and self-blame had plunged the teen into a state of hysteria and confusion. His dagger was already digging into the Sea Creature's throat.

The sudden noise that came from behind him made the teen subconsciously turned around to parry. As it turned out, a crowd had gathered outside the door, all of them with the similar appearance of a thug. All sorts of metal weapons were in their hands and they were eyeing the youngster with a vicious glare.

"Please leave; perhaps your status is high beyond reach, but you are harming the Titan's Finance Minister! This is not a responsibility that the club can handle, so… Please leave!" Mirandez was the manager of the club; she stood behind the thugs and said these words to the teen who was clueless about the situation.

The stinging pain on his shoulder made Oscar came to a realization and he shoved the Sea Creature who was frightened to a degree of unconsciousness and wetting his pants, away. The youngster strode towards the corner of the wall and carried the girl who had fainted.

"I apologize, sir. You cannot take her!" Mirandez did not want trouble; although this youngster definitely had a renowned status, he nevertheless could not break the rules of the Red Light Street. This rule applied to all the nobles; if they wished to take away anything belonging to the Red Light Street, then they offer out an equivalent price for it.

"Who did this?" Oscar peered at the streak of blood stains on his shoulder. Just in that second, he actually didn't dodge it and this made him feel extremely pissed.

Fat Dog took a step forward. That wound was his masterpiece, and it could deter the little lad from moving his arm for a while. He retained his blank expression; he was mute and his moves were as silent as himself. Before he was recruited by Zoera into the club, he had another name, "Ghost Dog", the master assassin who was securely seated second in the Westland's underworld!

Oscar sized up the fierce-looking thug coldly. He was aware that a thug who could inflict such precise injury on him was definitely no ordinary thug.

"If there is any noble dog here of pure bloodline, then please pass on to her on my behalf, O'Neil Andrew Morisette is a person of very short temper; not only does he want to take this girl away but he will also look into the liability of this bloody incident."

"O'Neil Andrew Morisette? A noble dog of pure bloodline?"

Mirandez continued to repeat those words in her heart with dread. Oh, goodness gracious! She understood the meaning of these two phrases clearer than anyone else. Oh, god! Who could come and save her? Didn't she already suspect as much when she first saw this youngster? However, she still committed an unforgivable mistake!



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