Chapter 94: Eleventh Episode: Chapter 3
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"Such a cute broom!" Sasha E. exclaimed delightfully.

"Yeah!" Oscar shrugged without any choice. His sister’s reaction was not an exaggeration.

"Hmm... Sasha, you know... This is definitely not used to sweep the floor or.... Or...." Oscar scratched his head. He couldn’t directly tell his sister that this thing was the most terrible weapon in this world, could he?

"It’s this way!" Oscar snatched the broom back before the little miss could accidentally pull the trigger. "To make it simple, this is a launching device. If you are in some sort of danger, just point the side of the peacock feather at the person threatening you. Then you simply touch this trigger here lightly...."

Another oil painting on the wall became the victim!

Sasha could not believe what she just saw! In fact, not any normal Western person could understand this. The broom, the weapon! No one would relate these two things together. Moreover, what was the working principle of this thing? How could it shoot continuously in a single instant? Why was it so light? What materials was it made of? How were the small and thin steel needles made? Oscar could not think of an answer. And Sasha did not even dare to think about it.

"You.... Are you sure that... this is my birthday present?"

Oscar nodded. "Yes! You should learn how to protect yourself."

Sasha nodded. She did not forget her kidnapping.

"But... Do I really have to point this thing at people?" Sasha said as she directed it at the damaged oil painting hanging on the wall. She could imagine that the victim of this weapon would suffer a terrible death.

"That’s right!" Oscar nodded again. "It is called Peacock Feathers. You can hide it in your pocket, only showing the feather to others. People would think that it is simply an accessory. When you need it, just pull the trigger! Of course, you can’t use it to point at yourself. Nor at me!" The Prince said as he diverted the small broom that was pointing at him.

Sasha looked as if she still could not believe this was real.

"And there’s one more thing! My sister! You must promise me! Oh now! You must swear! You must bring Peacock Feathers with you wherever you go. The time and location do not matter. In addition to that, you must not tell the correct method to use it to anyone else. Do you understand?"

"Yes! I swear!"

"Such a good kid!" Oscar kissed his sister, but he immediately was terrified from the strange itch on his neck! "Oh god! And one more thing, never use this to tickle others! This would kill the other person!"

Sasha let out her tongue. "I swear. I will never do it again!"

"Ola!’ Oscar wiped the cold sweat off. "Then... Happy birthday! My little miss, you are finally an adult! You are finally a big girl!"

"No brother!" Sasha replied to her brother’s kiss. "I was waiting for you to grow up!"

Maybe Sasha was not wrong at all! The one that people truly looked forward to his growth was Oscar! In a morning, when he was planning to put on the summer outfit in front of the mirror, he found that the clothes were not small by a bit. It was short by a bit. Could it be that he became fatter? It could not be! His Imperial Highness Prince might not mind in the past, but it was not the same now. He has grown up. He cared more and more about his own image. He knew that his body shape has problems, so he specially hired a nutritionist to arrange a good meal plan and suitable diet for him.

Every morning, he would made sure that he went jogging. Even though the Red Tiger Knights no longer wanted to train with this little beast, the Prince would always catch some unfortunate ones from the base. Then he would beat them to a pulp in the early morning.

Maybe there was another thing that indicated that the little Prince has truly grown up. He began to miss home. He missed his father, mother, brothers, those grandfathers who stared at him with kind glances and those serious knights who would kneel whenever they saw him. He started to write letters home frequently. Even though the content of this letter mostly included the weather, life and great food, but the words obviously had a strong color of emotions. The few Madames of Duke Andrew would be so touched that they burst into tears every time they read the letters from their youngest son. At last, the Duke had no choice but to reply in his letter, telling Oscar to stop giving trouble to the household!

The last series of thing was that we knew O’Neil Andrew Morisette has truly grown up. Maybe it was because of the mocking of Marshal Robin. Maybe it was because Deiss gave him pressure that he never had before. This young Prince began to study in depth. He looked into books desperately to absorb any knowledge related to battle. He joined the infamous Youth Guards Forum and participated in the debate of Shalon Organization on time. He had even knew some youth army officers who were full of passion. They drank, studied, discussed, scolded the Army Division and cursed Titan’s enemy together.

The people beside the Prince were all glad to see the change in this young man. Especially Murat, as the direct Knights Division Leader under the Prince, he naturally hoped for his higher up to learn something real. If that was not the case, the Red Tiger would surely die with this reckless who would do anything when he was emotional. So, to let the Prince put what he learned into practice as soon as possible, Murat would often organize some big-scale practice. In fact, Murat’s drills did not include defense tactic towards all sorts of troops. It was just starting from the most basic knowledge of operating an army. He would teach Oscar how to take advantage of the geography, how to pick a campsite, how to secure a water source and how to store food.

Oscar learned with all his heart. He knew the knights did these boring things all for his sake. But he also had his moments of retaliation. When Murat planned to prepare long-range raid drills at the countryside for a month in the Ninth Month for him, he naturally chose to hide in his cool mansion.

Murat already foresaw Oscar would make this move. When he brought his Knights Chief Commander and three Group Leader to drag the little Prince out of his room, Lobble Alfa Morisette appeared just in time at the Prince’s mansion.

It looked like Murat’s drill plan was about to go in vain!

"My friend! You came just in time!" Oscar gave an extremely strong hug to Lobb.

"Thank you! How is our hotel?"

Oscar scratched his head. "Don’t you have anything more important than this to say? Such as how is Oscar’s health? How did Oscar do in this year? Or did Oscar..."

"Stop it! Damn it!" Lobb waved his hands impatiently. "Do you think I can’t see that you’ve had a relaxed and soothing year? Unlike me! Every day I have to face those Paladins. My actions have been limited to a little flower garden. It’s like all citizens in Titan want to take my life!"

Oscar patted his friend’s shoulder. "You have to look at this problem from a different perspective! That is a bunch of terrorists. If something truly happened to you, the ones who will be sad are your friends and family. So enduring some pain now is worth it. Moreover, isn’t it over now? You are still the manager of the hotel, still that Lobb who loves men!"

"Enough about that!" Lobb again showed a dissatisfied expression. "I am about to bid my previous life farewell completely! You know what? My mother chose a marriage partner for me. We will get married during spring next year."

"Tell me this isn’t true!" Oscar looked at Lobb in surprise.

"Yes! I wish this isn’t true as well!" Lobb put out his hands, hopeless.

"Ola! I must admit. You are definitely unfortunate!"

"Yep! That is true!" Lobb nodded. "The most unfortunate thing of all is that I agreed to this marriage. My partner is a Princess from Faran Kingdom."

"You agreed to it?" Oscar’s eyes went wide open. "Did you take a wrong medication?"

Lobb shook his head without hope. "I had no choice. I am already twenty-nine years old this year! I have rejected countless marriage proposals before, I can’t reject this time already! You know that my friend? Angering my father and mother is terrifying! I really had no choice!"

Oscar blinked his eyes. He really did not know what to say to that.

"But... This is not necessarily a bad idea." The Prince suddenly draped his arms across the First Prince’s neck. "You are about to get married! Then make a small Lobb with that Faran Princess. This way, your father will immediately make you the Crown Prince. Then... Wait for ten or twenty years, you will be the Emperor!"

"Why are you saying this? I am not particularly interested!"

Oscar suddenly said in a loud voice excitedly. "My friend, why can’t you understand? After you are crowned, you will be the ruler of this Empire! You can do whatever that you want to do. For example... divorce that Princess then poison Rolyn Kate that old witch. Then..."

"Wait! Wait..." Lobb made him stop just in time. "Little Oscar, you are not serious?"

"Do I seem so?"

"Hahahahahahaha..." The two Princes looked at each other and laughed.

"Let’s go!" Oscar pulled Lobble up from his seat. "Let’s drink at our big hotel! I assure you that you never want to leave that place again!"

At last, when Oscar and his friend went out of the door with their arms dangling around their shoulder, Major General Murat who already utilized all of the Red Tiger Assault Division could only sigh.


The Youth Guards Forum was an academic organization that was formed by a bunch of young military officers who were full of avenging spirits and imagination. The aim of this organization was to defeat their enemy via hypothetical views and debate. Maybe no one would understand if it was put in this way. But in these 100 years of peace in Titan, the only way for the Guards to defeat those enemies was through their mouth because no one would dare to invade Titan. At the same time, Titan would not easily start a war as well.

As an academic society, we would say that the Youth Guards Forum was full of dangerous people who loved to wage war. But there was another type of people who were the most dangerous of all. They sometimes fought for the "occupational change of the Guards", and sometimes argued about "defeating Deiss Kingdom in three months". But... Those who always loved to fight, and were always afraid of the sky falling down on them and always argued about expansion and invasion were just a part of the group! The normal Youth Military Officer still loved to analyzed and debated about the movements of the Army Division. Of course, the war history and examples were all good excuses for the military officers to argue about. If there was still time after arguing, it was not a bad option to discuss about all sorts of tactic and strategy to use against different kinds of army.

So overall, even though the Youth Guards Forum did not exclude those who loved fame and status, most of the military officers still had a bit of knowledge. When they faced a problem, they would truly think with their head and work towards the correct direction. Take for example, when Colonel Tantalus Piche published a strategy plan "Sudden Attack against Slovenja, to Take Over an Harbor for Titan", the military officers who were good at thinking immediately caught onto something extremely abnormal. Some of them pointed out that this plan was pure invasion. Some blamed that this was another imaginary adventure of the "Mad Tatan", but only a small part of people who had the strongest reaction to this pointed out clearly that if Titan was to fight this way, then this would be another cause that touched off the new round of World War.

Even though this huge strategic plan that took "Mad Tatan" over one year to complete was scorned by his colleagues, but His Imperial Highness Prince O’Neil Andrew Morisette still kept a copy of it.


"Hehe! Only I kept it. It seems that the paper price in the University Town was still too high."

"Your Highness, it can’t be that you called me to this golden and shining hotel just to mock me, right?" Colonel Tantalus turned his head away, troubled.

"You have misunderstood!" Oscar waved his hands. He went up to the Colonel and poured him a whole cup of white wine. "A reputable old soldier once told me this. He said that along with the political and economic advancement of the Westland, a new round of World War seems unavoidable. A few Kingdoms were intending to invade and expand their countries. But they all paused at the stage where they observed each other’s movement. So... our colleagues have not understood completely the true value of your strategic plan."

Tantalus nodded, looking as if he was shocked to receive such words. But he immediately began to think.

"Your Highness... Can you tell me the name of that old soldier you were talking about?"

"The Empire’s Military Affairs Chancellor Marshal Alan. Now will you believe me?"

"As expected!" Tantalus’s eyes suddenly flashed a strong light. "As expected! No less from the Silverfox. This old thing can see it clearly than anyone else can. I still have doubts about the World War, but this old thing has already began his preparations for this!"

"You... You seem to not respect Marshal Alan a lot...."

"I apologize, Your Highness." Tantalus slightly bowed to little Oscar. "Just as you have said, a few Kingdoms are trying to expand their countries. Don’t think as if our Titan is simply defending. Marshal Alan observed and spied on the other countries better and more accurate than anyone else can do. But.... From my point of view, the Silverfox is too careful. Let’s say the harbor that Titan wanted for so long, can you believe it, Your Highness? There were so many plans prepared by the strategic department in the Imperial Army Division, but none received the approval of Alan."

"You think your plan can be acknowledged?" Oscar shook the manuscript in his hands.

"Of course... it is impossible!" Tantalus glared at the plan in his hands, frustrated.

Oscar shrugged. "Do you know why I am interested in it? Your strategic plan is huge. Let me calculate this. According to your logic, the South Army Group have to disembark fifteen corps, and the Narcissus Knights... Ola! I forgot to tell you this. This is my most favorite part of all! The Narcissus Knights need to disembark four Fronts. And that is to say, in the war against Slovenian Empire, you will need a large army group made of two hundred seventy thousand people.

"Yes!" Tantalus nodded with determination. "This number was the conclusion I came to after estimating the enemy and our strength. Also, did you not notice? What I stated there was simply the army that is in the battling group. Meanwhile, the reserve, the heavy-weighted army group, the securing food and security army group...."

"Alright alright!" Oscar quickly stopped him with his hands. "One word, how many people do we need to take over Slovenja and secure a Harbor for Titan?

"Five hundred thousand!"

Oscar finally confirmed his own guess. "This was almost the same as what I had hypothesized! It was half of the military strength in the Empire!"

"Alright alright! Oscar suddenly felt impatient for no reason. "Let’s not talk about this. Change the topic! Change the topic! For example... Why is it Slovenja and not Italia? According to someone, the Slovenja Kingdom is a country that is a pain in the ass. Not only are they poor, the social hierarchy is very complex. According to the doctors, the bloodline of Slovenja even has Persian blood, it is legal to believe in the Persians’ True God at that place."

"That is correct, Your Highness. What you have just said is the truth."

After thinking about it, Oscar continued speaking. "Then it can’t be compared to Italia! Titan and Italian are not only from the same root, just from the harbour, Italia’s shipping and offshore business are much advanced than Solvenja."

"Your Highness, I know this is habitual thinking. But people always look to the wealthy and advanced lands. However, if we begin a Merger War towards Italia, I believe that will truly be the main cause that touches off the World War. No matter on what basis the Westland Kingdom Alliance wages war against Titan, almost half of our benefits will become the bargaining chip at that time. But it is different for the Slovenja Kingdom. The political strategy to encourage freedom of beliefs has caused this Kingdom to stand in the way of the Roman Vatican. So, we can utilize the flag of a Holy War and even receive permission from the Pope His Grand Eminence. This way, our Merger War will be much more reasonable. Of course, we can’t ignore the probability that the Westland Kingdom Alliance will take advantage of this situation. But look at the map of Slovenja. Its north and northeast are surrounded by the Narcissus County. The south and the east are the sea. Italia is on the west of it. Italia will never dare to fight for food with the giants, but if other countries want to join in the war, they must take the sea route. This is why I utilize the Narcissus Knights. Only Narcissus Knights’ mobility can take hold of all harbors as soon as possible. Firstly, this can prevent the Slovenja Royal Family from running away via the sea route. Secondly, this can stop the intervening force from the Westland countries from going to land."

Oscar was a little stunned. "If things are really as you have analyzed, I must say this is a successful war."

"Thank you Your Highness!" Tantalus bowed to him politely. "But... you must foresee that attaining victory will be a long term process! It’s not hard to realize when you look through the history of Slovenja Kingdom. Even though the racial dispute has always been intense, they have a tradition to hold down the fort when they face enemies. They once fought with Italia. They fought with the Persian. But the most important of all, they have never once lost these wars!"

"It can’t be that... Slovenja has never fought with our country before?" Oscar gazed at Tantalus in confusion.

"Your Highness, this is also the reason I chose this country as our breakthrough point. For our huge country Titan, Slovenian is indeed a small corner that is very easily forgotten!"

Oscar suddenly showed a bitter smile. "Hey! My mad Chief of Staff, have you realized this? After discussing about this strategy, it seems like it is about to happen."

"Hehe!" Tantalus smiled without any choice. "That is right! I understand the Army Division more than you do. That place is an old folks’ homes, but also a kindergarten. To use up half of the military strength of the whole Empire, it is better off not mentioning to them. Or else, those old men will have heart attacks and the children there will go mad."

"Hahahahahaha!" Oscar laughed in a presumptuous way. "To be honest! Dear Tatan, your analogy is the best!"

But almost immediately, His Imperial Highness Prince who had a crazy laughing fit just now took a few deep breaths before swallowing all back in. An excellent strategy plan was doomed to be ignored. This would not be good to anybody. But as a Lieutenant General, Oscar had no way of changing the strategic decisions that the Army Division have inherited for few hundred years.

"Your Highness, you are the only person who think this strategy is good. I hope.... I hope that you can set a code for it. This way, I can have a closure even though this plan can never be applied in real life."

Oscar nodded with heavy emotions. "Many sailing novels have mentioned this. When the sailors see the lighthouse at the harbor, they would cheer, cry and celebrate as if it is to welcome Holy Day of God. For those sailors, the lighthouse symbolizes return! Symbolizes a new life! I think when our Empire welcomes return and new life, there must be someone who will notice you strategy! So, let’s call it Lighthouse!"

"Lighthouse Strategy!" Tantalus nodded as he said it. "Thank you, Your Highness! If that day truly comes, I must invite you to become the Chief Commander of the Advance Unit."

Oscar spread his palms open. "It’s easy to be said. But who will be my Chief of Staff then?"

At this golden guest room at Lobb Oscar Hotel, both of the gloomy soldiers could not help but laugh after staring at each other for a while. Their friendship and trust began from "Lighthouse".

Then in a blink of an eye! It was already the eleventh month of Year 793. Oscar spoke to himself as he looked at the mirror. Time has gone too fast! From his experience in the fourth month, this Prince already bought winter clothes very early. He could not wear any of the clothes he used to wear before. Even though this fatty kid has a small belly, but his height, arms, and broadness of his shoulder have had a significant improvements.

Why didn’t his diet plan have much effect? Oscar has always been troubled by this. He consulted a few extremely famous nutrition specialists, then he went to visit a few food specialists. After that, he even went to have a full body check at the medical school. But the people told him there was nothing wrong with his body mechanism. And that was fat! If he needed someone to blame this for, blame the God of Light!

But Oscar did not think so. He thought something must be wrong. Finally, when he met a sport athlete, the answer appeared!

"Not enough exercise?" Oscar could not accept it. "I have to run more than ten kilometers every day and beat up some strong guys. I also need to ride on the horse! You actually said I did not exercise enough?"

"No, Your Highness!" The sports athlete quickly explained himself. "Even though running is a kind of exercise, but it cannot fully utilize all the muscles on your body, especially your brain. It’s the same for fighting and riding horse. What I want to convey is that you need a true sport! You can train and rearrange yourself completely in the aspect of physical and mental strength."

"You have a point there!" Oscar nodded as if he understood everything. "Can you give me an example? Do you have any recommendation?"

The sports athlete pointed towards the training ground. "Polo! This can not only help you train, it is also suitable for a noble person such as yourself."

Thus, His Imperial Highness Prince O’Neil Andrew Morisette joined the Polo team at Imperial Military Academy that had a long history. He was tasked to be the left guard on the backcourt, but most of the time, he was not qualified to compete in match. This Prince was just like a frustrated fly who rushed here and there in the field, but he respected the arrangement of the Polo Team. The members were not selfish to give him some additional help as well.

Generally, Oscar felt that his life was rather fulfilling. In the morning, he still made sure he went to the Red Tiger base to take a look at them before going back to his mansion to have breakfast. He sent the little miss, Aeolia and Fenrar to school. Until his class started, he would discuss heatedly with Marshal Robin. And after his class, this guy would carefully study the thought and strategy of the Marshal. The training time for the Polo Team was in the afternoon.

Even though the basic training was extremely boring, but Oscar still trained very seriously. Then he would have some specific theory classes every week. Monday was "Self-cultivation of Military Officer in the Guards". Wednesday was "Introduction to War Strategy" whereas Friday was Astronomy Study.

The weather was slightly warmer this Friday. Sparjoxin’s initial cold flow had passed. Oscar thought this was a good opportunity to ask questions, so he prepared for a bit and visited the most famous heresy in University Town, his tutor who taught him Astronomy Study, the old Marquis Palberto Sarife.

"Dear Professor Sarife." Oscar opened up a map of Slovenja Kingdom for the old man. "Your student has something he doesn’t understand. Why wasn’t this country destroyed after implementing such government policy that supported freedom of religion? The teachings of the God of Light said that the happening of the Holy War was due to the chaos in the God’s realm! But...."

"Wait a minute!" The old Professor suddenly waved his hands. "Your Highness, how well do you understand about that government policy in Slovenja Kingdom?"

Oscar touched his nose. "To be honest, I know nothing at all. And I am still in doubt. Everyone has received the cleansing and blessings of the God when they were born into this world. Then how can religion be free? How can people realize such freedom?"

"Alright, Your Highness! Let’s put this question aside for now. Let me ask you a few questions."

The old Marquis sat straight in difficulty. "During the mythical age, that is the age when humans lived together with all the Gods. Do you think anyone heard of the God of Light?"

Oscar shook his head. "That should not be possible. At that time, the God of Light has not been born yet."

"Then when was the God of Light born?"

Oscar took a glance at the old Professor in question. Was this even a question? "Of course it is on the Holy Day of God in the first year of Church Calendar!"

"Wrong!" Palberto shook his head. "Remember this! This answer is completely wrong! The God of Light was born at the end of the Holy Roman Empire when it was separated. At that time, the Westland was full of suffering. The Kings fought throughout the year just for a land as large as your palm. The hungry and cold people could kill their newborn baby to survive. At that time, life was a sin. Living was suffering. Now do you understand how the God of Light was born?"

Even though he was still a little in doubt, but Oscar nodded. "What you mean is that along with the separation of the Holy Roman Empire, a mythical system that has over a thousand year history was destroyed. The suffering people needed a new God to protect them. Then the God of Light was born!"

"That’s correct!" Palberto happily looked at his student. "Even though I am an astronomer, but for the sake of fighting, I am not any less knowledgeable about the study of religion than anyone else. Maybe saying this is unacceptable for a believer like you, but I still have to convey my opinion as a scientist. Religion is simply a general belief created by a certain group of people at a certain time period in history! This general belief included a whole set of theological theory and rules. A part of it is to serve the benefits of the people at the ruling level. Another part is to control the thoughts of the people. And there is another part that reduced the influence of science and blinded their lives. This cannot be blamed on the priest. Nor did the God of Light overdo things. This is a necessity for religion to develop in the Empire."

"Wait a minute!" Oscar suddenly interrupted him. "You mean to say that God is created by a certain... group of humans?"

"That is right! A group of liars who cheated their way to get food around Westland. They realized that acting under the flag of God can bring them a good life. So their way of cheating for food attracted more people to gather around them. At last, they decided to continue this lie to receive bigger benefits. Hehe! Oh my! They were actually successful!"

Oscar had his eyes wide open unbelievably. "Religion... Was it this kind of thing?"

"Oh I am sorry, Your Highness!" Palberto cheerfully patted the young lad’s shoulder. He could say this to the little Prince because he could see that this kid was not that strong of a believer.

"Maybe my way of saying it has shocked you, but you must understand this. The birth of a religion is extremely complicated, but it is also very simple at the same time. After all, it was simply the people trying to feel at ease for the sake of continuing to live. It was their way of finding a way to save them from this sufferings. You also need to understand that religion’s nature will change. When the priests became acquainted with a King, both of them saw the value in each other. So the God of Light made it this far until now. His servants became the way it is now as well."

Oscar shook his head. He was in fact not a strong believer. He already forgot how long he has not stepped into the Church, but in his mind, at least... The God of Light has never done anything wrong!

"Fire stake! Your Highness!" The old Marquis was a little impatient. "The way to sacrifice to this God! You know how many innocent people have died on that stake? Do you know where their souls have gone to? Do you know how hopeless it is for a person who believe in science and truth to bow his head towards stupidity and ignorance? If the stake is the only way of discussion of the God of Light, then I must say that it’s better not to have Him anyway!"

Oscar subconsciously took a step back. Andrew was the God-chosen warrior! Only when he spoke of these words the Prince would faithfully sing of the God, but... If the God was only a statue, only a concept created by group of people reaping benefits off it... He must stop thinking about it! Stop! Oscar warned himself in madness. He must not speak of this in front of the people! He was unusually awake. If there were people who knew that he heard this kind of thinking before, without thinking about the reaction of the family and the Imperial Family, there would be unknown danger right by his side. It seemed as if the matter was easily understood.

The God of Light, the Church, the Kings, the nobles. There seemed to be a giant, abstract net that was unable to break free of in this matter.

"Now, can you explain the government policy of Sloveja Kingdom about freedom of religion now?"

The old Professor thought a while. He was looking for a reasonable solution. "In actuality! Slovenja Kingdom’s government policy, and that is freedom of religion, is just as you have said just now. Each ethnic group has a traditional belief of their own. A child is blessed by the God when they were born. They cannot possibly be free to choose their own religion. So, such a policy of the Slovenja Kingdom is simply a product of the friction between the people and the rulers. They set the rules that the people have the freedom of choosing their religion and the freedom of believing in another religion. Of course, not believing in anything is another option. So, the Slovenja Kingdom has always stood in the way of the Church because a lot of heresy lives there."

"From what you have said, Slovenja is a country that promotes freedom." Oscar was a little in doubt. "Then why don’t you live there?"

"That is true, but don’t underestimate the power of the Church. Only one out of ten people is successful in running to Slovenja. Do you think I have a high chance of doing so?"

Oscar could only show a bitter smile. "But... If the Church’s power is so great, why would they stand the presence of Slovenja?"

The old Professor sighed in a low voice. "With the Pope as the leader, the Church is full of people who are afraid of strong power! Just because half of the Slovenian Royal Kingdom is from the bloodline of the Persian Royal Family, the Church does not dare to cause trouble to them easily."

Oscar finally understood. "Then... are you supposed to rest now?"

Even though he said this, but Oscar really wanted to admit that the one who was exhausted was himself. He has never been so exhausted as today! Talking to the old Professor almost made him exhausted!

"Oh... It is truly the time!" Marquis Sarife took a glance of the clock.

"Then, Your Highness, we will end it here today! Let us meet next Friday!"

"Yes! Sir Marquis!" Oscar bowed to his tutor who lied on his bed as he exited the house. He thought that the old Professor was truly respectable. No matter what, Marquis Sarife did not lose hold of the will of a scientist and the determination of an atheist.

"My old father! What are you doing? Didn’t you notice the depressed look of the Prince? You must admit that you overdid things today!" Small Sarife began shouting after he sent the Prince off in his carriage by the window.

Old Marquis Sarife shrugged. "He spoke of this himself. I only discussed the matter with him. Accepting this fact or not is his own problem. Moreover, I am starting to like this smart little guy who knows how to think!"

"But... Don’t forget about the matter asked by Duke Kachev!"

The old man glared at his own son furiously.

"Remember this! First of all, I am a scientist. Then I am old Kachev’s friend! Don’t use your dirty political way of thinking to influence me!"



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