Chapter 108: Twelfth Episode: Chapter 8
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The snow plains stretched toward the eastern horizon. Occasionally, some tall poplar trees could be seen gathering at a certain lonely corner of the big plains. Snow had accumulated between the branches, reflecting the bright sunlight.

The forest remained dark and without boundary. The sky felt low as if it was pressing on the tall crown of the trees. There were people moving about in the forest. Even though those who were out of the forest could not see it, the horde of birds that flew in surprise from the forest could more or less indicate some problems. However, no one seemed to care about this. The people in and out of the forest knew about it: when they saw each other, it was the moment to use their life to fight destiny.

An eagle flew over the sky of Saijo Mountain, its silhouette made the small animals on land scatter. The eagle looked at the ground in surprise, feeling extremely confused, why would the small highland before suddenly change its appearance? Countless people were running about, screaming and busily building infrastructure nervously.

The eagle did not know what 'fortification' meant. It only knew that the sharpened fence at the border of the highland would hurt its wings. It barely held back its urge to fly downwards as if the Gods were reminding it to leave the place as soon as possible.

To be specific, Saijo Mountain was a highland that was more specialized in the defense but not so much so in the offense. The widest part of the peak was nearly two to three hundred meters wide. The slopes on the south and north direction were very steep while the slopes were smoother on the east and west. The east and west directions were the frontline battle, facing the plain outside of the opening of the forest. This plain was 4 kilometers straight apart from Saijo Mountain. Looking from afar, other than the sprinting Narcissus Knights, the plains seemed to be just a quiet, barren snow land.

Neighboring the lookout spot was still under construction. Titan’s defense troops set up their commander division on this empty land. A rectangular table that was temporarily set up on the snowy ground. The military officers with the rankings of Captain or above all gathered at this place.

As the chief commander of battle as appointed by His Imperial Highness The Prince O’Neil Andrew Morisette, Lieutenant General of the Guards, Baron Gondol Abassia’s ugly face was already almost stuck on the table. The military officers around him were waiting for the instructions by this battle hero. The people here all heard of the name of this general. The Doncaster Defense War ten years ago still had not completely ended. This general used a whole fleet of Infantry Division to successfully stop the enemy’s main cavalry corps. This classic war example had a lasting impression in the hearts of these generals. Even though the opponent had four corps while we only had one, the people were still optimistic about this situation considering the war achievement of General Gondol Abassia.

The one-armed Chief Commander pointed to the rocks on the table, "This is our Saijo Mountain. We are about to fight a never-before-experienced resistance war here."

After taking note of the expression of the generals, General Abassia nodded in satisfaction. Everyone was in a good condition.

"Now, we can see it from here!" The Chief Commander pointed at the busy people working below the mountain peak, "The defense fortification by the First Independent Brigade has entered its final stage. They have built two sturdy defense fences as well as dug holes used for hidden and communication purposes. I think the Deiss were also taking note of our moves. So, these traps at the outer parts of the plain should not have much effect."

Major Murat, who was standing beside Abassia, nodded. He pointed at his two Division leader, "The Red Tiger's main forces are at the back of the Saijo Mountain. Everyone can see it from here. If there is any situation that may prove disadvantageous to us, my heavy-guarded cavalry division will launch an attack from the right side of Saijo Mountain while the rangers division from the left. This is to interfere with the rear of the attack unit of Deiss."

Abassia’s scar on his face quivered a little lightly. He looked at the little Prince who had not uttered a single word.

"According to the arrangement of the Prince, the Red Tiger’s Battle Group will hide at the left side of the forest in the central base. We are still uncertain about the army forces that the Deiss have here, so it is necessary to place a defense force at the left side of the forest. If Deiss has three to four corps, only idiots will fight us head-on at the frontline. They will definitely assign an attack team on out back. When that moment comes… we will depend on our Paladin!"

Upon seeing this, General Abassia looked at the expressionless face of the Battle Group Leader of the Red Tiger.

Expressionlessly, Kamille Rayen took a small knife out of his pocket and cut his palm. This Battle Group Leader then put his palm on beside the piles of rock on the table. Fresh blood was left on it. The bloodstain landed in the hiding spot of the Battle Group.

"Even if I were to drip my last drop of blood here, I would not let a Deiss appear at the back of Saijo Mountain."

Looking at the bloodstain on the table, the military officers present all had their chest straight up.

"Alright! Let us look to our left and right wings!" General Abassia hinted for Colonel Krapitch Drake of the Guards to speak up. This commoner military officer did a formal salutation to the few high-ranked officers.

"I shall divide my infantry unit into two. In my opinion, the north and south directions have a steep slope. The Deiss will definitely not focus too much on our two wings. Even if they did, my long range crossbow and the two arrow divisions that are armed just for this will not let them get close to the central battlefield easily. Secondly, I place the cavalry division at this location."

Krapitch said as he pointed to a location at the right wing of the highland, "That is a corner at the border of the highland, but the raised mountain from both sides of the highland completely blocked the sight of the Deiss. That is a natural soldiers’ hole. If they are able to abandon the central battle to attack the right wing that seems under-equipped for defensive purposes, I will make sure they experience an unforgettable surprise."

Finally! Oscar nodded. He walked up to the table. The military officers all gave way to this Prince.

"What I am most worried about is still the front!" Oscar put another rock on the central battlefield that is close to the mountain, except that this rock was even larger than the ‘Saijo Mountain’ on the table!

"Obviously the Deiss will have an absolute advantage in armed forces. They must evaluate our defense strategy as well, but what sort of army unit which they will place here are still unknown to us! So… I think the First Independent Brigade should extend the fortification to the mountain to prevent the deployment of soldiers against us in an alarmingly disadvantageous number. Those wooden fences could stop cavalry unit, but it is not effective against cavalry. They will rush in like a group of bees right to the top."

Lieutenant General Endorph nodded, "Yes, Your Highness! I will set it up right away! Actually, I am also worried about this. The Deiss will definitely choose to end this quickly. That is to say, their initial test assaults will come in extremely strong and indomitable, this is because they are fighting alone in our land. In order to prevent the fate of being eliminated completely, they will definitely try to end the battle as quickly as possible."

Oscar sighed lowly. Since Deiss had the courage to send out a unit to infiltrate Titan, then this unit must be the strongest ones in the Kingdom! What would happen if they used the force of a Corp to defend against three to four Corps of the enemy? Oscar searched the relevant war examples. He could not find an answer. This young Lieutenant General of the Guards realized in terror right before the war that wars were not as easily described as they were in the books!

"Everyone… Did you forget about me?"

Oscar got a grip on himself. He looked with all smiles at Torry. "How is it? My cannon unit commander. Is your work going well?"

Torry scratched his head, "Luckily, spring is just around the corner. The soil on the mountain was still not that solid. My civil engineers had already gathered a few members to dig more than ten cannon holes. They had also dug up the tunnel used to transport ammunition. The only less satisfying point is that two of the cannon bases are damaged during the process of transporting. I can only bring carriage of Cannons 6 and 10 directly into the cannon hole! Your Highness, this difficult duty took me a whole hour."

Oscar smiled as he nodded. He had a feeling that there seemed to be nothing that could defeat this jerk.

"My Sir Cannon Unit Commander, once the battle begins, do you know what you are supposed to do?"

"Of course!" Torry raised his chest proudly. Even though he was extremely nervous, but this guy still used the short amount of time to planned a strategy to utilize the cannon to close off the whole battlefield.

"Everyone, look at this!" Major Sukhoi laid a scroll of parchment open only to see confusing lines and symbols drawn on it.

"This is our central base. My cannons are on these ten points. There are eight cannons pointing at the plains in front of the opening. The rest control the left and right wings. With Saijo Mountain as the center, I divided the plains into eight fan-like regions. Each region has its own representing number. I also used a different color to further categorize each distance within the region. For example, if I wanted to fire at the Green 4 area, then all cannons will adjust their firing angle according to this position. If it is Red 1, then the cannons will adjust immediately to this direction!"

The first, extremely-scientific cannon-firing simulation in the world really resembled a spider crawling out of it, didn't it? The Titan generals present all had their eyes widened. Only Torry was going on and on about it excitedly!



"Report, Sir Marshal. It is sharp at 1:30 p.m.!"

Marshal Veron Blundindt nodded lightly. He took back the single-hole telescope. In order to fight with the Titans, this Marshal slept a nice long nap before war for the first time. Even though this nap increased the number of white hair of this old Marshal, we could see that this old soldier, who has fought for the Deiss Kingdom for half a century, was not worried about the upcoming war.

"Such a weird combination!" The Top Level War Consultant of the Kingdom’s Highest Commander Board Colonel Opal came forward, "Sir Marshal, you must feel as odd as I am. Titan Empire’s Guards and the local top three military family’s armed force all gathered at the small Saijo Mountain. Such a situation must be rare."

Veron Blundindt nodded helplessly, "For us, this war happens for no reason. The people of Titan there must have their aims and intentions, yet I believe it is definitely not to stop us. For them, this is a defensive war. As the soldier of the Titan Empire, even though their ability is only one-tenth of us, they need to defend their base."

"But… their central base seems to be managing well!" Colonel Opal gazed at the faraway battlefield through the thick forest. "It can be seen that the opponent is a veteran with actual war experience. Even though we are able to eliminate them, our losses will be more than what we estimated before the war."

A Kingdom general with the ranking of Lieutenant General on his shoulder came forward, "Sir Marshal, do you want to greet our enemy’s highest commanding officer?"

"Of course!" Veron Blundindt nodded, "This is courtesy! We have already rudely infiltrated Titan. Since they have already noticed us, then this courtesy must be done correctly."

The group of limitary officers laughed lightly. As expected of the Yaran people who loved war. These people who intended to start a war on other country’s land did not feel a single hint of guilt when they talked about an invasion.

Marshal Veron looked at his messenger, "Are the speed troops that are responsible for sudden attack and attack on right wings ready?"

"Report, Marshal. The cavalry division of two colonels is already at the determined position. They are waiting for your order."

Veron gave his telescope to Colonel Opal who was by his side. "Look at this. Those black things that are pulled into the tunnel in the mountain by the Titan. What are they?"

Opal used the telescope to observe for a while, but at last, he shook his head, "I don’t know. It’s too far. The sight here is not the best, either. But… Since there’s also Sukhoi family’s war flag on the Titan’s base, then those black things must be some new things made by this arms dealer. It may be a heavy crossbow. It may be a catapult. But..... I really can’t tell!"

Marshal Veron smiled lightly, "Young kid, when we are up there on the mountain, it’s all going to be clear to us, isn’t it?"

Colonel Opal smiled with the Marshal, but he had some doubts. Around those black things, the Titan were standing in a line of a dense guarding formation. This sort of formation was obviously extremely important for long range weapon.

"Alright! We said we will launch an attack at 1:30 pm, but we have not entered the battlefield yet," Marshal Veron withdrew his Marshal’s sword and pointed to the front! "The warriors of the Kingdom! Let us fight!"

The flagman at the Deiss base raised the three-colored eagle flag of the Roulexberg Dynasty, the war flag of Teutonic Knight, the military flag of the Kingdom’s First and Fourth Corps.

Behind the Marshal, countless warriors that wore armors with spear or knives in their hands began to advance. They were arranged in a scattered formation as they walked out of the pitch black forest.

"What are you doing?" Veron looked at Colonel Opal beside him.

"I am looking for the war list of the Narcissus Knights!" Colonel Opal said as he turned the pages of a thick parchment.

"The opponent’s war flag has a Red Tiger on it… Here it is! I found it!" Colonel Opal excitedly pointed on a paragraph of description on the parchment, "Narcissus knight’s Neruda Front, the Red Tiger Assault Division! This is a hero unit that has numerous legends. The current commander is Major General Murat Bedoya and… This is the direct knights’ division of a Titan Prince. The name of the Prince is… It’s O’Neil Andrew Morisette!"

Colonel Opal excitedly closed the parchment. "If I am not mistaken with my estimation, the people of Titan opposite of us are commanded by a Prince. If we win against O’Neil Andrew Morisette, we will more or less recover from the failure of the sudden attack..."

"Hahaha! Alright!" Marshal Veron interrupted the words of the colonel. "No matter who it is there, we will acquire victory. This… Let’s look at the birthday present Uncle Veron give to Her Royal Highness Princess!"

Colonel Opal smiled, "Thank you! Uncle Veron, I wish that you are the first one to go to the top and break our enemy’s war flag!"

The afternoon sunlight slowly emitted a warm aura. The snowy ground appeared even shiny under the sunlight. Titan’s warrior squinted their eyes and they coldly registered the enemy that approached under the sunlight. They were gathering, formation after formation, a knight’s base, and then there was yet another Army Group.

Deiss’ three colored eagle flag was flying high in the air. This Kingdom’s strongest warrior stood in attack formation under the flag as if they had repeated this for thousands of times. They were all experienced fighters. Even though these days of journeying made them exhausted, even though the hot meals and afternoon rest did not resume their stamina enough, their spirits were nevertheless still high. They still had their courage and ability. They would show with the weapons in their hands to the Titan that the strong stood at the top in this world!

For the warriors of Titan, those eagle flags were their biggest embarrassment. Seeing this flag that signified invasion and destruction before Saijo Mountain was definitely unacceptable. When would these imbeciles finish making their formation? When would these golden-haired ghosts that were like animals send their neck to the frontline? The densely-arranged Titan’s warriors stood behind of the hidden hole and hardwood fence. Their stares at the enemy were full of hatred and disdain.

"Teutonic Knight, the First Infantry Corps, the Fourth Infantry Corps!" Lieutenant General Endorph looked at the enemy’s war flag as he mumbled nervously, "They are all the elite units in the Deiss Kingdom! It’s more than we can handle!"

Oscar smiled as he looked at the general of Steinberger family. The pre-war preparation of the First Independent Brigade had already shown the ability of this unit.

"I have a question!"

Endorph sighed. He knew what this Prince was going to say!

"Once they walked out of the forest, the Deiss in front of us believe will soon be found out. Considering such a long distance, why would they have come here? I noticed on the map that, except for the ninth army base, there is nothing worthy enough to be considered a military-related matter in the area around Saijo Mountain. I believe you know that very well."

The Lieutenant General nodded, "Yes Your Highness. Your guess is very accurate. I only know that the ninth army base is guarding a secret region, but... I really don’t know what there is in that place!"

"Which place?" Oscar frowned.

"Area 21!"

It was 2:09 pm in the afternoon, on the 31st day of the third month in the Church Calendar Year. On the land of Steinberger family in Haussen Province of Titan Empire, the border of Blackwood and nearby area of Saijo Mountain. The Great Northwest that had been calm for more than a century finally had a large-scale war! We already knew well enough about the identity of the parties at war and the comparison of power. However, we believed that both parties were having odd feelings as they joined the battle. It was just that the Deiss believed that they would attain victory while the Titan believed they would not let the invader went pass Saijo.

"Murat! This is my last time asking you this question. You must reply me seriously!" Oscar was riding together with his direct Division Leader at the battlefield far from the central base.

"Alright!" Murat held the war flag in his hands tightly, this thing was damn heavy.

"Why don’t you get married?" Oscar noticed the reaction of the Major General. He quickly added a few more words, "Don’t be impatient. I am very serious! After seeing your reaction in front of Corporal Kirk, I must suspect that you are not interested in all women in this world!"

Murat listened to the Prince’s words strangely. After a while, his face completely darkened.

"I am sorry! I disappointed you! I am not interested in men. I just didn’t found the woman suitable for me!"

Oscar looked at the two Deiss generals who were waiting not far away. He shrugged without any care.

"Ola! Then just pretend I hadn't said anything!"

Murat turned his head away furiously. He really did not want to fight with this damn little Prince at this moment.

"You must be the honorable Prince O’Neil Andrew Morisette!" Marshal Veron spoke a fluent Titan language. He took off his army hat and bowed to this imperial family member of Titan Empire.

"Get up!" Oscar put his hands on the saddle. He looked from up to down at this old Marshal that had numerous medals on him for a while. "It is my first time on the battlefield and my first time in such a large-scale war. If I did anything rude, please forgive me!"

Veron could not help to exchange glances with Colonel Opal. They were both surprised by the young age and… The honesty of this Titan Prince!

"Your Highness, as Deiss warrior that has a long history and proud tradition, I swear to you that my army will fight according to the spirit of knights and principles of war. We will treat the hostages well and leave this area as soon as the war is over. This is to give convenience for the transfer of your remaining troops and you."

Oscar wanted to laugh, but he held it in, "Dear Sir Marshal, I am not sure about whether Deiss warrior’s long history and proud traditions included this, but I am sure that we are not on the same page! But, I will not be selfish to remind you that the furious Titan ground will throw your soldiers into the air. Thus, when you launch your attack, ensure that your Teutonic knights run slowly so that they won’t fall on the ground, half dead."

Marshal Veron smiled. "It does seem that we are not on the same page! Then… Let’s begin!"

Oscar nodded, "Yes! Begin!"

Looking at the two Deiss generals who walked away from them, Oscar regretted a little. He should have pulled out a firegun and finished the old man off when he was not noticing. However, this Prince shook his head in a violent manner. Why should he do something so embarrassing? He would have all the chance he needed later on the battlefield.

At the side of Saijo Mountain that faced the central battlefield, the first cannon unit in the history of Titan Empire was already in place. Ten fortress cannons were set up in deep holes. These cannon holes were arranged loosely yet orderly. It could be seen that the distance between each cannon was carefully calculated before by the cannon technicians. Arranging too closely would cause the power to be too converged, preventing the desirable effect to cover the whole battlefield; Arranging too loosely would divert the power and this way could not bring about the most effective destructive power.

Torry was running in the tunnel. Once the battle began, he could not care much about the condition of the cannons. He must be quick. He must let his gunner achieve their aim.

According to the prediction of this temporary cannon unit commander, even if the cannons were able to let the enemy’s army sustain a large damage, but due to the restriction of the separation between the firing times, the enemy’s cavalry unit or infantry army group would definitely come until the front of the base. When the fight began, it was the time for this cannon unit commander to be relieved of his duty. Torry ordered his gunners to be prepared to halt the battle at any moment. It was not that this little jerk wanted to be a deserter, but rather, it was simply because he did not give the precious war resources to the Deiss for free.

Torry was not like the other commanders who were full of confidence when waging war against their enemy. He was accustomed to thinking of the worst case scenario when he faced a problem. Once they were surrounded by the enemy or that the enemy had broken the defensive line, sacrificing him and the gunners were the trivial thing. Getting his precious technicians and cannons snatched away was the most unacceptable thing.

"Wait!" Torry grabbed the person who was right in front of him in a sudden movement. The Major Gunner took one glance at him and recognized this guy whose face was painted black, "Hey! My Sir Technical Director! Why are you still here? Didn’t I order for your member to retreat? Why aren’t you together with the retreating unit?"

This Cannon Technical Director wiped his face that was covered with fire powder, "Sir Viscount, what if your cannons have problems during the war? How can it be allowed if there’s not even one technician to help you out? Just treat me as a volunteer! I will never leave you and the cannons behind!"

Torry grabbed this Technical Director who was about to run away again, but this time he only gave this volunteer a standard army salutation.

Kirk Dexton the swordsman sat up on the army bed in difficulty. This was an extremely normal action, yet the Corporal was already sweating a lot because of this. Little Kirk did not forget the warrior that was pinned to death on the tree bark by countless weapons. He took the sword that was by his bed and used the tip of his sword to get his army suit that was full of blood.

Walking out of the tent in a stagger, Kirk was shocked by the scenery in front of him! At the border of the forest, numerous enemy were bustling around like ants. They formed a huge attack formation. But, most terrifying of all, more enemy seemed to be walking out of the forest. That Blackwood that was covered in the blood of his comrades was just like a devil spurting venom. It was quietly preparing for death to come.

Kirk stopped a running soldier who was carrying a whole bunch of arrows that had been soaked in gasoline. He noticed the still-bleeding injury of the Corporal with a disbelief expression.

"Brother, you should rest!"

"No! Brother, I want to know where the Battle Group is preparing for battle!"

Oscar and Murat finally went back to their base. The warriors at the frontline all kneeled on one knee when the Commander walked past them. Oscar stopped in the middle of the frontline. He turned his horse around and faced the enemy’s base.

"You don’t have to be so nervous. Even though this is the first war that you are commanding in, please believe in me. We will win!" Murat did not mind consoling this young man who was trembling slightly.

"Who said I am nervous?" Oscar looked at Murat strangely.

"Your hands are shaking!" Murat said as if Oscar was pretending to be strong.

Oscar looked at his hands that were holding tightly to the rein. "Ola! You got it wrong. My stomach is hurting again. I want to go take a poo, but I can’t take off my pants here, so… I am taking it in!"

Murat finally laughed. At last, even Oscar laughed out loud. Even though they were facing a battle that was about to break out, but this young man, just like any Andrew’s disciple, faced the enemy’s huge base with a laugh. There was no fear!

Oscar turned Rayshure around. He faced the 5000 warriors that guarded the central base.

"As your highest commanding officer, as usual, I am about to say some words that elevate your spirit and encourage the fighting will!" Oscar yelled using the strength in his whole body. He watched in satisfaction the 5000 pairs of ears stood up in attention.

"But! The enemy is right in front of us. I don’t even want to describe their army! I believe you must ask this one question in your hearts: Can we stop the invasion by the enemy?"

"Warriors! I do not want to use such things like money and status to confuse your vision and affect your fighting will. I just want you to imagine. When the survival amongst you tell your son and grandson about the tragic war story of the defensive war at Saijo Mountain in the future, you can be proud and look into your children’s eyes. You can tell them with pride that as the father that you are, you once defeated the strongest invader in the Empire. You once prevented your home from being destroyed by the enemy! Then… If that is the case, even for me, I will welcome the enemy’s fight with the highest of spirits. Even if I were to die in a foreign land, I would be able to close my eyes in harmony!"

The warriors raised their weapons respectively. They placed the icy blade close to their chests.

"How is it?" Oscar asked in a small voice to Murat by his side.

The Major General wiped his eyes that were puffed red due to the excitement, "Your Highness, it’s excellent! But, your warriors are still waiting. You still need to say one more sentence!"

Oscar smiled. He withdrew the machete that reflected the bright sunlight and snow in a sudden movement.

"All hail Titan!"

"All hail Titan!" Countless blades pointed towards the sky. Amidst the deafening cheers, Saijo Mountain became the iron forest made by weaponry.

The sound of horns that signified attack was heard from the Deiss base, but the loud sound was reflected back by the more passionate yell in front of Saijo Mountain.

The enemy was advancing. Out of the expectations of the Titan generals, the Deiss who was aiming to finish the war as quickly as possible did not send out their most elite Teutonic knights. Instead, they arranged into four infantry formations and headed on into the battlefield.

There were clouds in the sky. The clouds were moving from the west to east, with the northwest wind suddenly becoming strong. The army flag was flapping around while the war horses were shivering. The cheers on Saijo Mountain stopped. Instead, orders for the soldiers with respect to Deiss were heard. The First Independent Brigade pulled back the fighting units from the frontline. At the shout of the flagman, the archers arranged themselves on the frontline.

Deiss walked calmly toward the battlefield, causing a tidy sound of footsteps on the snowy ground. The pace of the invaders was strangely calm. The people of Titan looked in despise at these green-eyed people with light golden hair. They must have done the sort of thing like fooling around in their neighbor’s home for a lot of times. Until now, they had already forgotten the feeling of embarrassment!

Finally, the orders from both sides stopped. Saijo Mountain had finished its final arrangement against the enemy. The Deiss also appeared at the best attack position on the battlefield. The wind seemed to have weakened at this moment. It was a piece of silence between the sky and earth.

Torry stood on the tall lookout. This little jerk kept sniggering at the enemy that came closer and closer to Saijo Mountain. Just now, the first thousand men unit of the Deiss had already entered the effective range of the fortress cannons. Torry thought in his heart: These green-eyed bastards must wonder what the use of these black rocks on the snowy ground was for.

"Your Highness! That is the volcanic ash from Pinehill Peak. It is the item necessary for measuring the firing range in snowy ground. Luckily I brought them from home."

At this moment, Oscar was also on the lookout at the peak. He looked at the excited old fellow strangely.

"Hey! Aren’t you over excited? The enemy’s nine infantry formation have already come into range. Don’t you think you should do something now?"

Torry shook his head. "Wait for a bit! Wait! I set the first synchronized firing point at the place 1000 meters away from the frontline. That is behind those rocks. Your Highness, just wait for a bit, alright? At this distance, if we are lucky, we can let the Deiss’ Corps stay here forever!"

1000 meters! The mesmerizing and hopeful 1000 meters!

When the last thousand man unit of Deiss passed the 1000 meters range while the Titan warriors at the front raised their bows and shields habitually, a fierce howl was heard coming from one of the cannon holes on Saijo Mountain. Many soldiers in the First Independent Brigade had not seen the power of cannons before. They turned in fright, looking at the mountain, only to see that a bright spark accompanied by snow fog flew from the mountain.

The invaders who were closest to the Titan stared in confusion at the light mist rising from the mountain. Suddenly, the sound of whistling of the wind was heard from above their heads, accompanied by a loud rumbling. Titan’s ground shook aggressively under the feet of the invaders! The people from the back screamed terribly. Numerous destroyed limbs were flying toward the air along with the deafening explosions. Soon, the flesh and blood heavily slammed towards the people that were overwhelmed with fear.

This was something that could not be understood by the Deiss warriors. Without even starting the fight, the team had already sustained a horrifying attack. The soldiers stuck together in fear. They were exchanging words and looking all around! What was this all about? Could it be that Titan requested for a god that could control thunder and fire?

The military officers who had not received any orders from the back tried their best to yell their slogans and control the formation. They were the strongest warriors of the Kingdom. Once they received the orders to attack, then nothing could stop them from advancing! The rumbling stopped. The people of Deiss were advancing in panic. Maybe… Maybe this was a way for the Titan to scare them!

Torry nodded. He was very satisfied by the first fire. This round of firing did not only send a whole fleet of Deiss home but also proved his firing simulation.

"Then… Fire!"

Looking at the smoke and snow fog that were continuously rising from the mountain, the Deiss warriors who had an experience before fearfully stuck in a group and raised their shield. However, the rumbling of the explosion once again destroyed their hope to live! The four thousand-man unit near the Titan frontline experienced the first cannon attacks in the military history in Westland. The ammunition flew all over the place, and so did flesh and blood. The bloody red smoke and shaking human bodies, like a kite, were shot into the air.

"What is this? What is this?!" Marshal Veron Blundindt crazily tore his shirt apart. "Who saw it? What sort of weapon is the Titan using? This must be a weapon!"

The military officers on his left shook his head. They did not want to admit this. When the terrible rumbling rang, they were taking steps back.

"It should be… Sukhoi’s family secret weapon!" Colonel Opal was extremely pale. It had only been two hours and he had seen too many inexplicable things. "Marshal, I am sorry! DeKTer’s information is blank on this. I… I do not know what that thing is!"

The Deiss Infantry Army Group was still moving forward on the battlefield. The Titan warriors had relaxed their bow and put down their weapons. Between the firing of cannons, they could clearly see the terrible situation of the enemy. Actually, they could no longer be called as the enemy. They were simply pitiful people who were in a panic.

A Deiss Colonel was moving in between the formation. Just now, he had already become the highest commanding officer of the Kingdom’s First Infantry Corps. By his side, the Corps leader’s skull was cut in half by a weapon which trajectory could not be identified at all, shot from the direction of the Titans. His brain fluid and blood spurted on the Colonel. This Colonel stared in disbelief at the Corps leader who lied on the ground. The Corps leader was a Paladin that was capable of killing off a whole unit by himself. But…

"Retreat! Retreat…" The Colonel began to yell desperately.

Deiss warriors searched for the source of sound. They knew this was not the voice of the Corps leader. If they followed this voice and left the battlefield, then it was highly probable for them to be punished strictly by the army’s law.

"1 minute and 21 seconds!" Torry yelled after he counted until number ‘81’ in his heart. "Cannon 4, good job! You have a new record there!"

The gunner at Cannon 4 waved hands at the commanding officers on the lookout. Following that, the cannons that had been properly loaded just now once again roared arrogantly!

This ammunition accurately hit the Colonel’s body. Just like a fully expanded bag, the Colonel’s body exploded in a sudden movement before spreading toward all direction. Among the miserable scream, along with this Corps leader that was newly appointed, another warrior fell.

"Stop the firing!" Torry yelled out the order without hesitation. Even though his cannons had not reached the cooling requirement, he must obey the order of the Chief Commander of the Battle General Gondol Abassia.

"Arrows, prepare!" A Titan military officer yelled at the unit arranging at the frontline in a loud voice. "At 45 degrees, to the front! Release arrows!"

At the border of Saijo Mountain behind the hardwood fences and hidden holes, the trembling sounds of bows were heard. Titan’s archers even were not able to look at the enemy. Deiss’s invaders did not have any formation now. They were just like bed bugs moving their bodies that were overwhelmed with fear and shock.

Numerous arrows made a thick dark cloud in the sunny winter noon. The clouds stopped for a while at the limit of the sky and then formed a dense rain due to gravity. The rain fell on the panicking people. When coming close to the target, the water droplet suddenly turned into whistling iron weapons.

Deiss’ First Infantry Army Group’s sufferings were endless. Only a small majority of people saw the clouds hovering above their heads. They raised their shield and slowly moved forward from the falling of the rain!

"Arrows, ten degrees! From left and right! Shoot!"

Along with the order of the officer, a thicker cloud was released from the Titan's frontline base, but this synchronized shooting had an aim. There was a choice. The rain of arrows falling from left and right successfully forced the Deiss Infantry into the middle.

"It seems… That Marshal had completely given up his First Infantry Army Group!" Abassia said lightly to General Endorph beside him.

"Now? Fire the cannons? Ignite the isolating trench! Cut off their backing route completely?" General Endorph frowned. Giving a Corp up. How much courage and power of will was needed to do that?

"No!" Abassia shook his head. He looked at Viscount Sukhoi who was standing like a big hero on the lookout, "No worries. Our cannon unit commander is a smart one!"

"Hahahahah! Your Highness! Did you see that? Those guys actually gathered again. Cannons 2 until 8! Fire!"

Smoke and fire rose again from Saijo Mountain!


"Hum… Hum!"

The retreating horn! This was the sound of the horn that signaled a retreat! The soldiers who could not face this anymore finally caught a string of life. They threw anything that could affect their movements, such as weapons, armors and war flags. That was seen as life as those fierce Yaran warriors!

"How many… How many have returned?" Marshal Veron pursed his lips. He actually did not want to hear about that data.

Colonel Opal took a glance at the First Infantry Corps that quickly returned. "Three divisions or four divisions? I am not sure! I don’t want to face this!"

"I give my orders!"

The Marshal’s messenger immediately came forward.

"The units responsible to round over and attack must set out now. The Teutonic Knights give up the central battlefield. Divide yourselves into two and get close to the Titan’s frontline from the left and right wings of Saijo Mountain."

After getting the orders of the Marshal, the messenger quickly left the forest.

"Scared?’ Veron turned to the military officers standing by his left. They were the main generals of the Fourth Corps of the Kingdom.

"Yes! Scared to the point of shivering! Scared to the point of death!" The Corps leader of the Fourth Corps replied honestly, but anyone could see that a fire of will was burning in the eyes of this General.

"But, Sir Marshal, the First Corp’s defeat is worth it. He made the enemy reveal their deadly weaknesses. I already calculated the firing interval and effective damage range of those weapons. If I am ordered to set out, I will return the fear that was implied on our comrades back to them in tenfold or twentyfold!"

"How do you plan to attack?" Veron looked at this brave and intelligent general in satisfaction.

"With the mobility of the Teutonic Knights as cover, we will quickly pass through the battlefield. Even if the enemy’s weapon is able to bring large damage to us, my warriors will still be able to tear their base apart."

The Marshal nodded, but he knew that the Teutonic Knight’s advancing speed would leave the Infantry Army Group behind. Coordination between the cavalry and infantry was not easy!

"Good luck!" The Marshal saluted to the Corps leader of the Kingdom’s Fourth Infantry Corps.


"Did you realize the problem?" Oscar turned to his old friend.

"Yeah!" Torry came back to his senses after his initial excitement. He was not able to cause the enemy’s whole corps to stay at the base frontline. Instead, he let one-third of them go. "The reaction speed of the gunners cannot keep up with the changes in the battlefield. Adjusting the angle of firing of cannons takes energy. This way, the enemy has enough time to go out of my firing range."

Oscar nodded. This was a problem that could not be solved. The weight of fortress cannons and its base made this highly offensive weapon unable to move easily. Without taking the interval between firing, this was the most serious problem faced by the cannon unit on a battlefield.

"Will we win?" Colonel Opal moved his body uneasily on his warhorse. He already figured out that the First Infantry Army Group would encounter a strong resistance, yet the Titan did not suffer any damage at all in the first attack. They simply used that fire spewing weapon that was loud to easily attain victory.

‘Cannon… Cannons?" The knowledgeable Colonel Opal heard of this weapon that the Engel and Hoillanders were studying together before. But… No information showed that the Titan were also developing such terrifying weapon that was highly offensive.

"Cannons?" Marshal Veron repeated this unfamiliar word, but he laughed lightly, "Your Highness! We will win! If the Titan continue to take the form of defense and rely on that weapon, victory will surely be ours!"

At 2:59 p.m., the 31st day of third month Church Calendar Year 797. The sunlight slowly deviated to the western sky. The Deiss was preparing for their second round of attack. Meanwhile, the Titan was replenishing the weight-carrying carriage, food supply carriage and so on to the frontline. They replenished everything that could be used to stop cavalry unit.

The battlefield at Saijo Mountain resumed its silence. It seemed that… Only the ammunition hole that had black soil and the terrifying corpses on the snowy ground told calmly of a hot-blooded legend to the people.<script>chaptererror();</script>



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