Chapter 162: Eighteenth Episode: Chapter 8
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The moonlight in the night of the 20th day of the 5th month was a silvery white. There was a breeze whistling around the mountain; the plains and the pine trees in the forest were swaying in the wind. Under the quiet sky, the Boudesdorf Highland seemed to be in deep slumber. However, if one listened closely, one could still hear the tromping of military boots on the ground.

The stink of the dead bodies was carried along with the mountain wind. That sort of nauseating smell was the hypnotic solution of the Guards' warriors. The deadly aura that was in the air made them sleepy as if closing their eyes could allow them to reach heaven. But the people who fought in the Boudesdorf Highlands all knew that this place was actually hell!

Thank God of Light! The moonlight in the night of the 20th day of the 5th month was white. This was extremely important to O'Neil Andrew Morisette. With the aid of the unerring brightness cast from the sky towards the ground, the Marshal of Guards could observe the whole battlefield.

His battlefield was only a highland with an area that was around four kilometers squared. The five divisions he controlled were still holding on to their resistance. The resistance had withheld from mid-day until evening. The regretful thing to note was that there seemed to be no progress at all other than the wounded count had increased to 1500 people.

"It's 2077 people! 1209 wounded, 20 missing in action. This is the latest report!"

"Yeah..." Bagheeda Narov blinked his red, strained eyes. He looked terrible. Only the cigar he held in his mouth was still glowing brightly.

"2077 people!" the leader of Titan's Liberty Activists glanced at the warriors who were gathered at the control center. Many of the familiar faces were not around anymore, and the people all had their heads lowered.

"After one whole afternoon, we have lost one-sixth of our forces. And the enemy's base still stood there, unmoved! What does this show?"

No one spoke.

The army that was put into the Boudesdorf Highlands Battle was the last resistance force in the Five Southern Provinces. After hearing of the Coyttshag's news, they had hidden within Faran's border and entered the battle area under the secret cover of the Faran Kingdom Army. But... Now that it seemed like maybe Boudesdorf would be the birth of another tragedy.

"Look at you guys! You don't even dare to answer my question!" Bagheeda scanned the commanding base which was filled with sorrow. "Our injury count is more than one fifth. This can only mean that our enemies are stronger than expected. And our attacks are not as strong and fierce as we imagined!"

The map had already been changed to a new one. The red arrows that surrounded the Center highland had already disappeared. Bagheeda looked at that small, narrow area with disapproval.

"Latest by tomorrow morning, the First and Second Corps of the nearby Eighth Region will reach the battlefield. Why are we taking the risk of having our whole army eliminated to start a war here? It is because O'Neil Andrew Morisette and his Special Combat Brigade is our strongest enemy! If we win against him, that shows that we can still carry on our resistance! If we just let him be, one day this Prince will send us and our family to the guillotine, just as he'd done to the liberty warriors in Coyttshag!"

The people within the control center raised their heads eventually. Family, liberty, comrades. These were the reasons they kept fighting and O'Neil Andrew Morisette was the sole person who could ruin it all.

"Do you understand? Being pessimistic is useless! Fear is extra! We have fought for seven years. What sort of attack have we not been through in these 7 years? What sort of sacrifice have we not been through? Sure, O'Neil Andrew Morisette and his Special Combat Brigade are strong! But he can't stop us. His cannons are not comparable to our anger, nor his determination against our beliefs. His weapons are not stronger than our bones!"

The mountain warriors raised their heads with pride. A beautiful light had finally returned to their eyes. They gripped the weapons in their hands tightly.

"I don't want to say anything more!" Bagheeda folded the map. There was not much use with this thing. "With Company as our units, when the God of Light pulls the moonlight to the back of the mountain; when the highlands fall into a total darkness... All members, attack!"

O'Neil Andrew Morisette opened his eyes in a sudden movement. He looked to his left and right in terror. Thank goodness... They were all familiar shadows beside him. If it was a stranger, the nervous Marshal of Guards would have given him a slash.

"What time is it now?"

First Lieutenant Kirk gave a water bag to the Marshal. All units no longer had water. In the water bag was some unknown liquid that had been mixed with alcohol. Oscar took one sip with care. He had a small cut on his mouth, and both his dry mouth and burning throat stung under the shock of the alcohol.

"A quarter past midnight. You have only slept for half a quarter."

"You should have woke me!" Oscar complained at the Orderly. He tidied up his outfit before walking out of the tent with Messier, who had his head lowered. Paul and Shaw Curlink were the first to come up to him. They stayed on both sides of the Prince. Then, there were the military officials of the Special Combat Brigade. These fierce and strong generals greeted the Marshal passionately as if they had not seen him in a while.

Oscar looked at the forest at his left. Something fishy was going on! Surrounding the Center Highland, the forest to his left had a string of light that was made of numerous fire torches. The wind made the fire sway violently as if they were wisps that kept appearing.

"They are lighting the route for the attack units and telling us that they are coming!" Brigadier General Luke Citel mocked while he looked at the torches in the forest. "Those criminals surely did not learn their lessons. They still need to light up the road in the night even though they are so familiar with this place."

"No!" Oscar shook his head. "I'd discussed this with the head of Military Intelligence Bureau. The criminals that participated in the Boudesdorf Highland Battle surely are not the only unit in the nearby mountain. Messier thinks that the larger portion of the resistance forces in Southern Five Provinces are gathered here. I believe this as well."

Brigade Commander Citel nodded, "It seems to be so. They are the combination of many armed criminal groups. No wonder the enemy's commander seems so conserved whenever he launches an attack."

Oscar shook his head again, "I believe it won't be like that any longer! The battle in the afternoon had them retreat with 2000 casualties. After that..." the Marshal looked at the moonlit ground. "Wait for the shadow of the mountain to be cast on the highlands. When we can't see anything anymore, you will find yourself surrounded by criminals."

Devil Sandy twitched his mouth, "I have already prepared the tunnels on the highlands."

Oscar smiled, "That is not the problem. I am saying... the Criminals will utilize the darkness to launch their attack."

Brigadier General Citel nodded with difficulty. "Yes... But we still lack people here. Especially in the riverbed."

"No! No..." Oscar moaned. "The criminals won't go near the riverbed again. It was painful enough for them this afternoon. They know that the riverbed is our main defense point. So... this time it will be the right wing mountain; At the same time, the carriage formation will also face a strong attack."

Everyone could not help but look at Big Worm Blasky's bade.

The mountain on their right was pitch black. The long line of fire torches extended from the back to the waist of the mountain. The base of the Guards seemed extremely lonely. From the tall grass or hiding between the rocks and the forest, the rebel warriors could clearly see the light reflected from the armor of their enemy.

In the mountain 1.7 kilometers away from the defensive line of the commando, the moon shone its white light stingily onto the ground of the dense forest. Their armor was reflecting light as well. This light shone upon the battlefield that was littered with bodies. This was the place where the Third Battalion of the Commando had been eliminated. Those numerous young and quiet faces were once the fiercest and strongest fighters. It was just that... They had not been born at the right time, or to say in another way… They were forsaken by the God.

The stink of the dead bodies filled his nostrils as Acshin carefully pushed the bodies that covered him away. He looked around him. The criminals seemed to have avoided this horrifying place. Their torches burned in the deep part of the forest. Sometimes, there would be the flickering of human shadows. Sometimes, there would be voices talking to each other.

There was no one around him. The messenger immediately pushed the bodies away. His gains in this battle were not many, just a shortsword and a few iron arrowheads from a crossbow.

The young messenger was just like a flexible monkey. He jumped around and kept concealing his figure in the pine forest while moving forward. After a series of complicated mountain routes, Acshin easily reached the back of the mountain. There was a slope that was surrounded by weird rocks at that place. All warriors of the Third Battalion of the Commando were hiding at the center of the slope.

After exchanging a series of signals, Platoon Head Massimi signaled the alerted warriors. The two warriors immediately relaxed their crossbows. A figure jumped out from among the huge rocks and two soldiers immediately held this comrade.

"Acshin, d*mn kid! You are finally back!"

"Quiet down!" the young messenger said in a low voice. He did not care about his passionate comrades. He simply took off his shirt in front of the platoon head. The little warrior took out the war equipment of those who had been sacrificed. At last, he sighed in frustration.

"D*mn it! Those people who treat others so cruelly and ruthlessly also took almost everything out of our people. The few things that were left were some broken weapons."

Massimi shrugged. This movement immediately pulled at his wound and the platoon head, who survived, was in so much pain that he almost pissed himself.

"Sh*t! We will get it back sooner or later!" the platoon head said as he distributed the precious war resources to the soldiers.

What could eleven people do? After they had successfully retreated from the criminals' attack, Massimi had been thinking about this question. He was a smart commander. He did not return to the foot of the mountain but instead chose to go towards the direction of the enemy's base at the back of the mountain.

"The enemy's base?" Massimi carefully stuck his head out. From the weird rock, he could clearly see the area that the torches formed a ring around.

"This is seeking our own deaths!" the platoon head turned back. He glanced at his own warriors once again. Eleven people. This was all he had left. Could he lead them into the commanding center of the enemy?

"No! No! No!" Massimi shook his head at last. "I must let the warriors survive! This is what the Marshal had said!"

"We should take a look!" a warrior approached the Second Lieutenant.

"Yes! We've already come all this way. We have to take a closer look!" another warrior joined in.

"Just looking?" the messenger Acshin looked at his comrades who gave the suggestion doubtfully.

"Of course we're just looking! What else do you want to do?" his comrade glared at him mockingly. Anyone could see how frustrated he was. Since he had joined the Special Combat Brigade, he had never been defeated to such an extent before.

Acshin smiled mysteriously. He took a leather bag that was stained with dried blood out. Massimi immediately widened his eyes. On that leather bag was printed the number of the Guards' First Cannon Division and the bloody red Titan's word – Dangerous.

"Where did you get this from?" the Second Lieutenant snatched the precious resource away.

"Hehe! I heard that a platoon head in the Third Company stole some fire powder from the Cannon Division, so I tried my luck. As a result, I found this!"

Massimi could only smile bitterly. A platoon head in the Third Battalion who liked this sort of thing could only be Nelly! Massimi was Nelly's best friend, but he did not want to know that Acshin had found this thing in Nelly's stomach.

"Tough guy!" the messenger exclaimed. "Head Nelly must have been afraid that the criminals would find this, so he hid it in the injury on his stomach."

"Hehe!" Massimi suddenly laughed. "This way, Nelly actually died of overeating!"

All eleven warriors could not help but laugh, but their laughter soon died down. In its stead, it was anger fueled by endless thoughts of revenge.

"Head! Give your order! Or are we supposed to hide here until the war is finished? In that case, our sacrificed comrades will use their spit to drown us."

"Yeah! Head! We have fire powder! We can blow that place up!" a warrior said as he pointed to the area at which the fire was most densely gathered.

Massimi slowly shook his head. The spirit of the warriors quickly dropped, but the Second Lieutenant suddenly smiled. "You dumb kid. How can a bag of fire powder compare to a continuous bombing?"

The platoon leader Second Lieutenant held the young messenger. "Return to the base, Acshin. Be smart! Tell our gunner brothers to aim at the middle section of the mountain. Once they see the explosion, then fire the cannon that way! I will be waiting for the sounding arrow here. Once the Center Highland starts to move, we will move out!"

Acshin's smile was as bright as the sunlight of summer, but this smart kid immediately thought of another problem.

"Head, fire at the explosion area? But at that time... you will all be there!"

Massimi smiled. He turned to the ten warriors by his side. This commander glanced at each and every one of their faces. He was satisfied to not see any fear and terror in their eyes.

He only saw the happiness that accompanied well-deserved justice.

"Be quick! Others don't have such privilege! Is there anything to tell Acshin?"

A warrior moved his dry lips, "My home is in Bornska. If you have time, then tell Barya to stop waiting for me. There are two extremely tall Banyan trees in front of her house. They're very obvious."

"My mother has eye problems..." another warrior muttered. "Tell her to not sew clothes anymore in the night..."

"I have some coins here... This is our salary for half a year!" a warrior took a bag out of his clothes. "If you have the time, pass this to the lady boss of the Hotel Xontour in Horan town. She is raising a son for me, but I have not done anything for both of them!"

"This can't do!" Second Lieutenant Massimi snatched the bag full of coins over. "Acshin will be heard if he carries this!"

Acshin did not think so. He took his military boots off and poured the coins from the bag into the boots. "It's good this way!"

The warrior laughed. "Remember to wash them. Your feet stink too much!"

"Is that all?" Finally, Acshin was moving out.

The warriors shook their heads, and only Head Massimi came forward. "Tell Marshal that I am sorry for not completing my duty. And... Section 27.8 in the Military Law of the Guards! The battle order as given by your upper head must be conveyed. This is the same as the brother's exhortations! Or else you, kid, will be getting a whipping!"

Acshin gave a military salutation to his Head and comrades. He went over the rocks reluctantly. Careful... Acshin! The wind sent the comrades' exhortations with him. The scenery in front of the young warrior was blurred by his tears.

01:59 on the 21st day of 5th month, a warrior who was nodding off was almost pricked by his own weapon in the jaw. He opened his eyes in terror, while the forest on the other side of the frontline attracted his attention.

"Head! There's action on the mountain!"

The warriors of the Commando quickly ran towards the iron fence. They carefully scanned the forest in front of them from behind of the defense fence.

Along with a terrible shriek, a ragged warrior ran out of the forest. He ran towards the base without caring about the arrows landing behind him.

This shriek broke the silence which had lasted since the night had begun. All of the soldiers of the Guards looked to the open land in front of the mountain on the right.

"It's Acshin! Acshin!" a warrior finally recognized the messenger of the Third Battalion who was running for his life thanks to the light of the torches. An official pulled this warrior away in a sudden movement. Blansky looked at the young warrior who was unbelievably approaching the base.

Icy arrows glittered in the light of a thousand stars. The young warrior was running in the open while the arrows that brushed his limbs thudded into the ground.

"What are you all doing, staring blankly? Fight back! Fight back!" Blansky finally shouted loudly. His warriors finally came back to their senses from the shock and fire arrows immediately lit up the night sky and the forest.

"Twenty meters... Ten meters..." Acshin's chest was about to explode. He could already see the faces of his comrades. He could already see the smile of his Division commander, but he could not hear the deafening cheers.

No one saw the iron arrow arching perfectly, heading straight for the chest of a frantic, panting runner.

Numerous warriors reached their hands out towards the messenger who had just jumped over the defense fence. Everyone had a smile on their faces as if they were celebrating Holy Day of God. Acshin, who was mid-air, was also smiling as he reached out his arm towards his comrades. The scenery at that moment was so slow that the warriors could hear the sound of the arrow piercing through flesh.

Acshin fell onto the numerous outstretched arms of the warriors.

The base of the Guards became panicky. Everyone was shouting the name of the messenger while clutching at their weapons.

"Marshal... Marshal..." Acshin slowly opened his eyes with a bright smile on his face.

"Am... Am I home?"

"Hold on, buddy!" Oscar put the young warrior who had returned to them like a miracle on the ground. "Percy... Percy! D*mn it! Where the f*ck are you?"

Acshin suddenly held the Marshal's arm. "The Third... Third Battalion Commander... Second Lieutenant Massimi requests for cannon's aid!"

Torry immediately came forward. "Little guy! Say it clearer!"

Acshin swallowed the bloody fluid in his throat with difficulty. "With a sounding arrow as the signal, take aim... Mountain... Middle section... Cannon shot... Cannon shot at the fire!"

Torry scratched his head. He looked at Oscar who was as confused as him. Doctor Percy finally came. He applied pressure to the messenger's injury and used the iron clamp to break the arrow that had pierced through his body. "Kid, if you don't want to die, shut up!" the doctor told the warrior who was still muttering.

"Staff Sergeant Luiqi's home is at... Bornska... Tell Barya... Don't wait for him!"

"What are you saying? Shut up, stupid kid!" Percy was impatient. But Oscar howled at the messenger beside him. "Take all of these down!"

Acshin spat the blood out. He was taking deep breaths quickly. "Staff Sergeant Jacque's mother has eye problems... Jacque... Jacque doesn't want... His mother to sew at night... And... And boots! The coins in the boots are for Staff Sergeant Nattening's wife..."

The voice of the warrior was weakening rapidly. He tried his best to hold onto Oscar's hands tightly. "Marshal... Don't complain about our head. He did not complete his duty... But... we... did our best!"

Oscar kept nodding. His throat was coarse and he could not say a word.

Acshin looked at the stars above in the sky. Since some time earlier, the moon had hidden at the back of the mountain. Oscar came closer to the moving lips of the messenger.

"The Military Law of the Guards... Section 27… 8! Battle order... Same as brother's words... Must... Must be conveyed..."

Percy suddenly pushed the stunned Prince away and pumped at the young lad's heart with great force until the Marshal of the Guards pulled at his arms.

Oscar stood up. He glanced at the peaceful sleeping face of the messenger and turned towards the soldiers surrounding them.

"The Third Battalion must have found something extremely important!" Torry stared at the dark mountain.

Oscar nodded lightly. He suddenly held the body of the messenger up and climbed onto the cannon tower that was built temporarily. The soldiers of the Special Combat Brigade all surrounded it. They were staring at the Marshal.

"My brothers! You come from all over this country. For one aim, you gather under my command. I did not promise you an unrealistic medal. Nor did I bring you immeasurable wealth. The soldiers usually care about these things, but I know you are not like that!"

"You worked together under the flag of the Special Combat Brigade. Sacrificed your lives for my order and fought with your life on the line for the brothers who were beside you and the family who was behind you! I can't speak of all of your names, but I remember all of your faces. I can only thank what you did today. You used reality to prove that the First Special Combat Brigade of the Military Intelligence Bureau is the best in the world!"

"But now the problem is here, that mountain in front of us! I now name it Acshin Peak! Surely, not long after this, everyone in this world will know of such a peak that was named after a hero. At the same time, your work here will be talked about in all lands occupied by humans. But as you have seen, the criminals have taken over Acshin Peak. I want to lead you to take it back from the criminals! Is there a problem?"

"No..." Numerous voices replied to the Marshal's question.

Oscar placed the still warm body of the messenger by the cannon and let Acshin's widened eyes stared straight at the mountain.

"I order! Leave all weights! Everyone, dress lightly! With only weapons for close combat!" Oscar scanned the warriors around him. "Our target – Attack Acshin Peak! Mission – Maintain the arrangement of the army and the formation of the launch of Field Army! Guards... Move out!"

The soldiers all moved. They were like a bunch of wild animals that were waiting for blood as they returned to their respective posts.

Holding on to the arm reached out by the Commander of the Special Combat Brigade, Oscar jumped from the cannon base. He stared at Luke Citel who did not say a word.

"Why? Are you surprised? Giving up our strong base and launching an unpredictable attack."

Luke Citel shook his head. He saluted to the Marshal. "Sometimes... A war does not have to be complicated. Instead of waiting for our deaths here, why not start the fight altogether! Marshal! Your choice is correct!"

Oscar sighed. He thought of that Second Lieutenant Massimi whom he had whipped terribly once. He really could not imagine the fate of this commander in this war.

In Church Calendar Year 799, the 21st day of the 5th month, 02:48, the First Brigade of Military Intelligence Bureau was prepared to fight the last war almost at the same time as the rebels of Titan Liberty Front in the mountain. O'Neil Andrew Morisette placed his attacking forces, the four units, focused on the right-side mountain. Bagheeda Narov, who had realized this, also gave up the strategy of surrounding the enemy from three directions.

Surrounding the dark mountain, both side were waiting for the deciding moment until a sounding arrow was suddenly released from the base of the Guards! The sounding arrow pierced through the night sky just like a meteor, quickly reaching the top of the sky.

Second Lieutenant Massimi smiled. He first rushed out of their hiding place near the weird rocks. Ten warriors followed their head's figure. They sped through the forest like ghost apparitions that lurked in the shadows of the mountain and woods.

The place that was surrounded by firelight was the war observation deck of the Titan Liberty Front Commanders. The forest on the left was covered with defending mountain warriors. Massimi gritted his teeth at the enemy before him. His longsword slashed at his opponent's throat in a fluid movement. The Head passed back the body as he continued to slash at the stunned enemies with his sword.

Ten warriors stood at both sides of the Second Lieutenant. They perfectly demonstrated their excellent abilities!

There was no sound of footsteps, nor were there the shadows of their swords! Only the forest and wind whistled a monotonous melody in the light.

The fighting in the shadows finally exploded and screeching sirens rang out finally at the observation deck which was surrounded by soldiers. The Liberty warriors around the area quickly gathered at the place of incident and liberally used up their arrows to protect their Commanders. The Second Lieutenant lost sight of his ten warriors; it was as if he was alone in the plains in front of the observation deck.

There were already fire sparks in Massimi's embrace. That was the burning of the line of fire powder. He slashed at an enemy at his left and kicked at the enemy from his right. After a roll on the ground, he advanced another step. Then, he was forced backward by his enemy's weapons! Massimi shouted loudly the slogan 'Advance, Guards' as his longsword was hacked into pieces. His helmet was also in pieces, but he finally saw the few heads of the criminals that commanded their actions.

The Second Lieutenant took out his fire powder packet. He was laughing in ecstasy. But right at this moment! A heavy hammer slammed on his shoulder from behind. Massimi knelt down in despair. Time seemed to have stopped at this moment. He could only see countless criminals going for the fire powder packet without the ability to resist.

While this Second Lieutenant of the Special Brigade who had lost his strength was going down, he was still staring at the fire powder packet that was not far away from him. He tried to reach out his hands for it, but the injury on his shoulder had made him fall into a daze.

Just when Massimi was about to close his eyes, he saw a pair of military boots running forward. The owner of the boots seemed to have used a weapon to get rid of the enemies around it, then he took the fire powder packet and ran straight towards the commanders of the enemy.

An extreme explosion could be heard on the mountain! Thick smoke rose into the air! Amidst the cheers of the Guards, the commander of the Titan's First Cannons Division gave the correct order.

After a series of nervous checking, the first cannon was shot! Then, the second, the third, the fourth... The mountain under the night looked as if numerous fresh flowers had just bloomed on it. Its petals flew in the air and the scenery made of smoke and fire became the beautiful fairies painted on the Eastern murals.

The strong explosion covered the whole mountain in an instant. The First Cannon Division of the Guards carried out a fire attack to their fullest potential at the speed of 6.9 seconds per shot, which would be recorded in the history of Westland.

The Liberty warriors hiding at the plains near the right defense line could not wait any longer. He knew the mountain where the cannons were aiming at was the location of the command center. He did not know if there would still be effective order from the mountain. This Chief Commander of the attack stood slightly straight. The warriors of the Guards were waiting for them behind the defensive line. The Liberty warriors finally made their decision. He immediately blew the whistle to signal the start of the battle.

At this moment. A military official of the Guards who was alerted jumped on the defensive line that was made of wood. The Liberty warriors widened their eyes at the iron arrowheads. The Ghost Archer Mitchen's shooting speed even overcame the transmitting speed of sound. The short whistle then stopped. Instead, it was replaced with a furious howl exploding from the base of the Guards.

O'Neil Andrew Morisette held the battle flag of the Special Combat Brigade up high. He was the first to leap out from the defensive line.

Behind him, numerous warriors rushed forward.

"Guards... Forward!" along with the yell of the Marshal, the warriors followed suit in pride. They were a group of simple, fierce animals who only fought for their kind, for the killing, and for the group.

The attack formation turned into a flood of weapons. This flood flowed from the Boudesdorf Highlands and headed straight towards the tall mountain with a strong force that went against the laws of nature.

The mountain warriors ran out of their hiding places in panic. The night only provided cover for them, but also caused their discipline to fall into total confusion when facing the flood-like Special Combat Brigade of the Guards. Units upon units of mountain warriors were drowned in it. Their fighting was of no sound. In an instant, the units were completely eliminated. They were defeated with no apparent reason in a single round.

Oscar held up his flag. He did not even care about the enemy that kept trickling out of the forest. His war flag pointed straight forward and his warriors followed right behind him. No one was left behind, and no one was scared. They were all following the silhouette of their Marshal and the flag. The Guards kept climbing and taking the enemies' lives.

The enemies of the mountain seemed endless. There would always be soldiers hiding behind each tall tree and deadly arrows would be shot from every shadow. Oscar ordered for the army to maintain their current advancing speed. With the help of the starlight, he controlled the advancing direction, and with the analysis of the density of enemy, he pinpointed the location to attack.

Finally, the rumbling of the cannons disappeared! Torry glared at his precious entities with gritted teeth. The barrels of the cannons were already gleaming red. The air at the highlands smelled of a gas that was about to explode.

"These things are useless!" the Brigadier General of the Cannon kept cursing, but complaining was the only thing he could do now.

Without the messenger from the commander, the enveloping unit at the side of the riverbed only joined in the battle at this moment. They followed the riverbed that was chock full of corpses and climbed towards the highlands. Those defenseless cannon warriors were standing right there, alone.

The Liberty warriors let out a terrifying shout and rushed towards these fire-spewing demons. The cannon warriors seemed to not care about these enemies that had enveloped them. They were still busy preparing for the next stage of cannon firing.

The sound of horse hooves sounded at this time! From the center of the base suddenly came a fierce cavalry unit. As the only cavalry force that protected the highlands, the warriors of the Investigation Division advanced towards the enemy courageously. The enemy's resistance crumbled immediately under the shock of horse hooves and weapons.

The Investigation Division of the First Special Combat Brigade once again forced the enemy into the riverbed from the highlands. The knights advanced onto the enemy from the higher end of the slope on their horses. Smoke and darkness immediately surrounded the whole riverbed. The light glimmering off weapons blinked here and there, and the sound of rampant killing was high and low at times.

The hooves of the horses once again trampled on the riverbed that was soaked in fresh blood. Countless human bodies rolled around in the soft and bloody mud. The knights that kept coming from the highlands slowly eliminated the armed forces of the criminals. Fire Eyes Arthur blew the horn right at this time. The Investigation Division immediately divided into smaller divisions. With Platoon as the unit, they pursued the Liberty warriors on the plains from the opposite sides of the riverbed.

Within the night, light from the fire sometimes illuminated the riverbed, while weapons reflected these beautiful lights. The knights were brandishing their weapons from their horses and using all possible ways to finish off the moving human bodies on the ground. Looking from afar, the silhouette of soldiers slashing at the people looked as easy as a farmer reaping wheat.

Oscar's war flag finally experienced some strong resistance. A unit of armed criminals that were determined and experienced was arranged in a row defense formation in front of the Marshal of the Guards.

The warriors of the Special Combat Brigade clashed into the criminals. They pushed at each other with their shields and threw rocks each other. They used their honed blades to greet one another.

The archer division at the back of the unit immediately began their attacks. Even though the dense forest reduced the impact of their shots, a number of criminals still fell to this round of attack.

O'Neil Andrew Morisette had the flag in one hand as he finally unsheathed his machete. This Marshal rode his horse at every corner of the offense line. His medal and golden Marshal's ribbon were gleaming under the light of the fire arrows.

Stepping on the bodies of the enemy, the Marshal brought his warriors to climb up the mountain with difficulty. Every step here was deadly, and every footstep indicated the loss of a life. Oscar then met a warrior who was similar to Godot. The warrior knocked the machete out of his hand. A warrior dodged in front of the Marshal and Oscar saw his comrade slashed in two by the opponent's ax! Without caring about the blood that spurted his way, the Marshal of Guards took aim at his opponent's forehead with his mini hand cannon. After a heavy rumbling and beautiful sparks, Oscar was satisfied to see his opponent toppling to the ground.

The Marshal's happiness only lasted for half a second. At his side, the flash of a sword suddenly glittered. Paul was not able to get rid of his opponent, Black Devil was also trapped at his position by a stubborn opponent, little Kirk barely had time to retrieve his sword from his fallen opponent's corpse while Citel's war knife had been knocked away.

The people stared at the longsword that approached the Marshal in terror. The longsword was aiming straight at the Marshal's heart. Oscar's mind was still blank. Subconsciously, he turned his hand cannon at the enemy. Even though he already knew that there were no more bullets in this hand cannon, but he still pulled the trigger anyway. Maybe... God would create a miracle for his chosen warrior.

The miracle truly happened! The hand cannon only let out a crisp sound, but a strong black cloud rose in front of the Marshal.

Oscar was pushed to the ground by the strong explosion, and it seemed as though there were numerous flies in his ears. Everything on the battlefield became extremely slow in his eyes. He could only see countless figures covering his body. From the gap between the figures, Oscar suddenly smiled. His hand cannon was so powerful! Fire kept breaking out in the base of the criminals. The mountain rock debris and flying human pieces made the whole mountain a living hell.

The cannon once against sent a sounding arrow towards the front of the unit. The earthshaking rumbling then moved towards the target of the arrow, following the route of the sounding arrow.

Oscar was still solidly covered on the ground by a few warriors. He could not hear anything. He could only enjoy the shower of sparks from the cannons on the mountain with a smile. This was his first time observing the cannon attack at such a close proximity. The fire on the mountain was just like the fireworks during Holy Day of God. The running human figures became the fire rain, then the fire rain dropped onto the ground just like ice haul.

Oscar was helped up. He carefully observed the mouth of Luke Citel until his ears finally reconnected to his brain.

"Marshal! Marshal! How are you?"

Oscar laughed after he let out a weak 'Ola!'; his hearing was still a little muffled. He howled at the Commander of the Special Combat Brigade, "I am as happy as when I saw the birth of my son!"

The trembling Prince was brought to one side by Paul and Black Devil. Anyone could see that the Marshal had a terrible concussion!

Luke Citel took the war flag that had fallen to the ground. He recollected himself and organized the warriors to continue the climb.

At 04:00 on the 21st day of the 5th month… Actually, maybe a few minutes more to that. However, the battle had already carried on to a point that no one would care about that problem.

The tunnel at the mountain was filled with injured Liberty warriors. They were letting out dying screams, and some even killed themselves off. A messenger quickly ran through the tunnel. His comrades were calling out his name to beg him to finish off their unmovable lives. The messenger batted his comrades' hands away with tears in his eyes.

Going through the familiar underground walkway, the messenger finally reached the empty command center.

Bagheeda Narov lay with a weak breath on the bed. His body was filled with countless debris. That bowl of thick bloody water displayed the extent of his wounds. Fresh blood soaked into the simple bed and blood kept dripping onto the ground from the corner of the blanket.

"Guards... The Guards have overcome all of our defense lines. We... We have nothing more – not a single soldier to stand against the enemy!"

Bagheeda Narov screamed in agony. It seemed that his doctor had removed yet another piece of debris from his flesh.

The leader of the Liberty movement looked at the injured messenger with pity. "I... know this war is full of uncertainty. But I never thought that... we will be defeated to this extent!"

"No!" the messenger wiped the tears from his face. "We have not lost! We are Liberty warriors that are undefeatable!"

Bagheeda could only smile bitterly. Undefeatable Liberty warriors? He had once thought that as well. But what were the results? His army which had twenty thousand people was left in this sorry state. He suddenly wanted to meet O'Neil Andrew Morisette. He wanted to know why this Marshal had always been able to overcome strong enemies and attain perfect victory.

"Retreat. Retreat. We must get out of our country! There is no place for us here anymore," Bagheeda sighed in a low voice.

05:27, in Church Calendar Year 799, the 21st day of the 5th month, this time was accurate. The First Special Combat Brigade of Titan Empire's Military Intelligence Bureau had successfully reached the mountain ridge of 'Acshin Peak'. The ecstatic soldiers kept waving their war flag at their gunner brothers at the highlands.

Amidst the cheers of 'All hail Marshal', O'Neil Andrew Morisette, who had a concussion from to shock of the cannon slowly fell into a deep slumber.



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