Chapter 166: Nineteenth Episode: Chapter 3
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Lights were lit up in Tacheles Fortress. The smell of kerosene disrupted the peacefulness of the atmosphere. Two paladin companies were occupying the Emperor's immense bedroom. These stern looking professional knights had all sorts of weapons on them and they stood as still as statues in every corner of the castle.

In the public square outside the gates of the palace, a great number of carriages with classes of nobility titles were left there. The drivers were huddled by the fire altar close to the public square for warmth. Their masters were waiting in their respective carriages for the summons from the palace.

The nobles' eyes would flit towards it every so often, but they were destined to leave in disappointment. There wasn't the slightest sound coming from Tacheles Fortress. There wasn't even a doorman within the gates to help notify the fortress, but only the simple fortification and barricade that the paladins had built.

"How long are we to wait?" a prominent noble started to grumble.

"Yes, if His Majesty III is to leave us then please make it quick..."

"That's right! This weather is freezing!"

Ignoring the noise nearby, His Imperial Highness Prince O'Neil Andrew Morisette abandoned his carriage at the intersection and crossed the public square on foot. Quite a number of nobles noticed the marshal. Some quickly ducked into their carriages and pulled their curtains securely shut; others immediately went forward to greet him and offered gracious and splendid wishes to the young prince.

"May our Majesty Emperor recover soon."

Oscar nodded at the respected man, "Yes, we've been praying for this all the while."

He calmly left the nobles, a sneer by lips. Osli Alfa Morisette's time has arrived. Perhaps it was tonight; perhaps it was the next morning.

Anyway, when the Emperor could speak, his doctor instead said, "Hand over the matters!"

It seemed that… the entire Empire was looking forward to this moment. The great bureaucrats and nobles were in their respective Shalons all day, probing into the Imperial Household's decision and gossiping about the various ugly things about the successor of the Emperor. They would only bring up the current Emperor when they were utterly bored. Furthermore, they used light tones and mostly talked about His Majesty's entanglement with women.

Compared to the civil servants who had nothing to do, the soldiers of the Empire undoubtedly have the conventional character of being conscientious and meticulous. The lights in the General Staff Headquarters burned through the night. The tactical staff officer with black circles beneath his eyes listed the various military units and troop deployments on the map and recorded all the possible existing movements of the enemies. The Combat Department's Staff Officer Team's work was more focused. They tried to figure out the intent of the enemy's military strategy from the secret information reported by the Military Intelligence Bureau. After that, they would simulate the Guard's dynamic offensive and formulate a war deployment plan accordingly.

It went without saying that there were often two incompatible war strategies from the general staff and the Combat Command Center. Thus, intense disputes would often erupt between the two sides. The commissioned officer of the general staff would at this time block the entrance of the Combat Command Center with the soldiers crossing their legs and hands on their hips. Then they would spit at their co-workers like a teapot.

The Combat Department wouldn't show signs of weakness. They would clear the doorway well. They regarded their coworkers of the general staff as army orderlies. After that, they used the same antiques to get back at them until someone stepped in to put a stop to such senseless fighting.

Usually Marshal Robin Sparse would always aptly show up when both sides were worn out. Time was ingenious. The long-term dispute and sticking to each own opinions have caused the minute flaws in the strategies of both sides to be exposed. Robin handled it quite impartially. He didn't have any biases or subjective opinions. He would get the general staff to admit their mistakes and apologize to the Combat Department and also get the Combat Department to bow to the superior plan of the general staff. In short, the Chief of staff of the Guards received respect from both sides and the Marshal still maintained the prestige and practice of the Imperial Military Academy.

At last, the busiest group of people in the capital circle finally arrived. Rudolf Hoss hasn't shown his face since announcing the news of His Majesty III's critical illness. This more or less made people find it difficult to believe. The Secret Service Department wasn't that secretive as compared to the Military Intelligence Bureau, but recently, indeed no one had any idea what the Head of the Secret Service was busy with. Some even suspected that Rudolf simply wasn't in the capital.

Actually, Rudolf reported daily to Tacheles Fortress. Although the Emperor was barely conscious, the Head of the Secret Service still liked to prattle away about certain things to His Majesty. If at this moment an outsider were present, then he would definitely be dumbfounded by the internal matters the Head of the Secret Service rattled on about.

"Indeed, who would have thought? If not for my investigators' usual habit of digging to the root of a matter, I believe no one would have known about this all the while!"

The Emperor nodded feebly to the Head of the Secret Service. His eyes were sunken, his face sickly, his lips pale. The only thing that seemed to prove that he was still alive was the rays that shone in his eyes.

"Is… everything set?"

"Yes, don't worry! The human testimony and material evidence are all accounted for. Everything will be exposed in broad daylight."

Alfa III beamed and nodded and opened his arms towards the close minister who has followed him for many years. Rudolf Hoss hurriedly stepped into it and held the Emperor's emaciated form tightly. He pondered; His Majesty III hasn't done anything like this in many years.

The Emperor patted the Head of the Secret Service on the shoulder, hinting to him that he could let go of him. Thus, Rudolf carefully helped Osli Alfa Morisette to the pillow. The ruler and the minister looked each other up and down and at last, the Emperor suddenly laughed.

"Hoss, how do you keep your looks? How many years has it been? Why do you always have this grim look?"

The Head of the Secret Service only gave a bitter laugh, "My liege, if it wasn't for my grim look, then we would all be in trouble."

"Hehe! This is indeed true!" the Emperor's smile suddenly turned stiff. He scrunched his whole face up. Osli took his hand out from under the bedding with difficulty and put it around his liver, the pain causing him to take gasping breaths.

"Should I call the doctor?" Rudolf pressed down heavily on the Emperor's arm. He was heartbroken; Osli was his master.

"No… those useless people already can't do anything more! Hand me the smoke pipe!"

"Sire…" Rudolf took the hookah hesitantly, "This thing has absolutely no benefit to you."

"I know… thank you!" Alfa III snatched the hookah that was emitting steam. He took in a few mouthfuls fiercely. Then, he leaned contentedly back against his sickbed.

"Go on now Rudolf! There's nothing to worry about… thank you for all that you've done for me." The Emperor flashed a hideous smile to the Head of Secret Service. After a glimpse, Rudolf immediately averted his gaze.

"Oh gosh! What has the illness tormented you into!"

"This is considered pretty good! I've lived an extra year. If it wasn't for Oscar rescuing me that time, I fear that I would have long since joined the gods for tea..."

"Hehe, at least you still can joke around," Rudolf patted the Emperor's hand. He himself found it strange, as he had never done this before as well. "Won't you let me accompany you a bit more?"

Alfa III shook his head, "Accompany me to hell? Just stay back and look after Dulin well. Go on Rudolf, that rascal outside really can't wait any longer!"

Rudolf Hoss took in the still living Emperor one last time, despite that he was drawing closer and closer to death's door. How should he view this matter? Rudolf Hoss wasn't exactly sure. His father was His Majesty Alfa II's Secret Service Division Head. When it reached Alfa III, it became him. He has served his whole life in the Imperial Household and come to really think about it, he really didn't hope for anything from them. Thinking about this, Rudolf inadvertently lifted his head and puffed out his chest. He strolled out of the Emperor's bedroom with light footsteps, as he could definitely be considered as the number one loyal servant of the Morisette Dynasty.


Oscar almost collided with the Head of the Secret Service as he entered the entrance hall of the castle. Without giving it any thought, he pulled Rudolf Hoss to a secluded end of the hallway.

"Hey old friend, you indeed are my old friend!"

The Head of the Secret Service gave a bitter smile for he really didn't have that good fortune. "My Lord, just come right out. There will be a price to pay for associating with you; this I know."

The Marshal of the Guards rolled his eyes and his voice fell to a whisper, "Is it tomorrow? Or the day after?"

Rudolf looked around him. There were only a few paladins close by who wouldn't spill a word even if pressured. "The doctor says… it's very difficult to endure until tomorrow!"

"So soon?" Oscar's face instantly fell.

"What else can I do? This has arrived at a point where only the God of Light is capable of making a decision! Those physicians don't have any countermeasures."

"Now who is in His Majesty's bedroom?" Oscar asked anxiously.

"It's Rolyn Kate!" the Head of the Secret Service couldn't conceal the disgust in his voice.

Rolyn Kate was still her old self. More than half a year of a life in the convent, cut off from the world, it didn't make her appear too frail. She has the habit of washing her face with pearl powder, drawing her eyeliners with whale oil from the Northern Ocean, and dabbing her wig with seal oil and great lion flower perfume. Her wigs were known far and wide. As an Empress, there was bound to be something that the people praised. So, one thing that must be mentioned in chitchats was Rolyn Kate's three thousand over styles of wigs. In order to set its style, the Empress' attendants smeared a lot of gel onto it. Once it dried, it would emit a smell similar to that of urine.


The anesthetic effect of opium has started to take effect on Osli Alfa Morisette's mental state. His eyes were out of focus, but his sense of hearing and smell were extraordinary. This was the magical effect of opium.

The Emperor gaped at his wife and gave her a once over. He suspected that Rolyn Kate had a chamber pot on her hand, otherwise why else would she stink so badly! Having thought about this, a scene inadvertently appeared in the Emperor's mind. He and a group of nobles were at the dining table, laughing to their heart's content and kept downing wine. After that, they went to relieve themselves together. They released urine onto the Empress' hair and she actually smiled at them happily.

Rolyn Kate was indeed beaming happily. She noticed the Emperor of the Empire had already completely lost all sense of reason to the extent that he couldn't hear her calls and couldn't see the hand that she was waving before his eyes.

"So sorry Osli! How did you become like this?" the Empress drew closer to the Emperor's ear. "Let me find you a woman with huge bottoms! Though you're unable to do anything to her. However, she will appear more pleasing than me. What do you say?"

The Emperor indeed didn't have any response. He was still immersed in the hallucination and thrill that the opium brought to him.

Rolyn Kate was impatient. She found it a little hard to believe that this senile, hideous man was actually her husband. She actually spent half her life with him.

"So it has finally come to an end…" the Empress let out a gentle sigh, "But may the God of Light have mercy on you. I don't wish for you to report to hell."

Rolyn Kate stood up. She wanted to leave this house that made one feel sick and this man who others would find amusing if they saw him. However, she seemed to have thought about something and stooped down by the Emperor's ear.

"Hey, old man! Compared to those women of yours, I have had my fair share of men! Moreover, all of them are better compared to you!"

The Empress evaluated the Emperor's eyes until she was certain that the lifeless Osli Alfa Morisette still didn't have any response, she chuckled and left her husband.


Alanis received the same treatment as the cabinet ministers who were keeping watch outside the bedroom. She had a cup of coffee and a few lumps of sugar but those remained untouched. She sized up everyone with a meaningful look. Marshal Robin, who was in his old age, was beside her. The old Marshal's shriveled hand was placed on his glistening sword, assuming the look of an escort. Kachev Drakas Ferdinand and a few cabinet members were huddled in a corner, discussing something in low voices and shooting glances at the princess now and then.

Cadro Budisette, the spokesman of the House of Lords, has already drunk quite a few cups of coffee. He and Archbishop Karl Arnold also requested the palace chief for light refreshments.

Regarding her eldest uncle, Alanis didn't quite understand Archbishop Karl Arnold's actions, but she has heard some of the rumors of Dulin. The capital nobles looked upon Titan's religious leader with disdain because this rascal has sullied the virtue of many girls.

As for the two of her brothers… Alanis covered her forehead! She was fantasizing that a tremendous earthquake should break out in Dulin. Then the people would realize that there would only be two victims. One was the drunk Lobble and another was Lobmus, who was riding on one of the women.

Empress Rolyn Kate came out. Her expression wasn't as frivolous as it had been back in the room. The mother welcomed her young daughter's embrace and her eyes were even red from tears.

"My Niz, hurry in to see your poor father!" having said that, Rolyn Kate collapsed onto the ground as if her strength couldn't hold up anymore, causing Alanis to summon for the doctor at the top of her lungs. The aristocrats in the huge guest room hurried forwards. They fought to outdo each other and helped Her Majesty Empress to the sofa. Some fanned her, some poured a glass of water and a bold rascal from who knows where even pinched the Empress' bottom. Rolyn Kate furrowed her brows; she seemed to recognize those hands that took advantage of ladies.

Alanis gazed through the huge doors that were wide open and strode in without a backward glance. Her father was still in the same state. He was still lying paralyzed on his sickbed, his eyes distant, as if having some beautiful dream.

"Come here!" Alfa III suddenly gestured towards his daughter. Alanis glanced around in disbelief and ascertained that she was the only person in the bedroom. However, her father's tone… was as if he were speaking to those women waiting to be knocked up.

Alanis carefully approached the bed. She didn't want to be attacked by her father.

"Silly child, what are you worried about? I'm fully sober!" the Emperor finally lost his patience.

Alanis suddenly broke into laughter, "You scared me!"

"Hehe!" the Emperor couldn't help but open his arms. "Get over here you little rascal!"

The Princess threw herself into her father's embrace. It wasn't difficult for her to imagine her father's feelings; nothing was more important than this moment. This was rare because it was the first time Alanis was aware that age has taken its toll on her father and to an elderly, the past was everything. Osli searched for the young version of his daughter in the depths of his memories. He recounted things of the past with zest to his daughter. The warmth of the former times touched Alanis. When her father brought up about her being bullied badly by the young Oscar, she finally burst into tears. She didn't usually cry like this. She wept with tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Okay, okay!" Alfa III patted his daughter's back gently, "Le roi est mort, vive le roi1!" Alanis immediately stopped crying and gazed at her father incredulously. "Le roi est mort, vive le roi!" This was the most famous quote used by Engel's renowned writer in the most popular play, which meant that "The old King has passed, long live the new King!"

The superficial meaning of this phrase in the Engel language wasn't this, but behind the theater stage, "The old King has passed, long live the new King!" was a mysterious and subtle derivative, signifying a change in the Emperor position.

"You're saying…"

"Yes, Alanis!" Osli nodded his head at his daughter firmly. "If there were any regrets of Emperor Alfa III of the Morisette Dynasty, that will be being unable to see his daughter's crowning ceremony!"

"No! Don't go!" Tears again welled up in Alanis' eyes; sorrow surged up from the bottom of her heart.

"You've seen it, foolish girl! The gods are saying that I must go!" the Emperor seemed to want to verify his words. A string of violently coughing caught hold of him suddenly. He grabbed frantically at the air until his hands closed around the hookah.

"Let me off! Let me off!" the Emperor lamented softly. He continued to take in and puff out gulps of the thick smoke that had the fragrance of opium.

"But… before then!" after the smoke had circulated through his system, Alfa III again perked up. "My daughter, to be an Emperor, you must be clear of those around you. Who are the ones who sincerely serve you and who are the ones who harbor ill intentions towards you."

"Just like Kachev?" Alanis was also driven.

"No!" His Majesty III shook his head, "All the evidence indicates that he is merely a pitiful creature. Rudolf will teach you how to deal with him."

"Then… will my brother inherit the throne?"

"Of course, he's the crown prince!" Alfa III nodded in exasperation. "But he will not live to see the day of his coronation because someone will tear down his platform. Do you know who that is?"

"Isn't it Kachev?" the Princess was utterly perplexed.

"Kachev can't play any more tricks. His every move is within our control. If he does anything rash, I will drag him to the grave with me. So don't worry about Kachev, he knows what choices he should make."

"Then who is it? There isn't anyone else left in Dulin City who can sway to the crown prince!"

"There is!" Osli Alfa Morisette pointed towards the heavens, "The God of Light! The will of the gods is sufficient to waiver the orthodox position of the crown prince."

"I don't understand…" Alanis shook her head.

"You don't have to understand because I myself am not too sure as well. What I can do is to pave for you the road that leads to Hamilton Palace. I know you aren't fond of that place, but that is the final home! Otherwise, my daughter, you will die!"

"My husband can absolutely protect me. He won't let me suffer any harm."

The Emperor suddenly muttered to himself irresolutely. "Oscar… I still have to test him another time; the final test! If I've ascertained that he is worth your trust, then you will definitely know and if I've failed to do so, you will also know the result."

Alanis frowned, "Do you need me to call him in? He's been waiting outside for ages!"

"No! No!" the Emperor clung to his daughter's hand. "Let me look at you once more, my girl. How I wish to see how you will look like an Empress…"


His Imperial Highness Prince O'Neil Andrew Morisette sat at the most conspicuous position in the huge guest room, overcame with boredom. A while ago his wife was sitting there, and now it was him. Marshal Robin kept muttering to him unintentionally or otherwise, but the young prince didn't utter a word all the while.

The crisp crackling sound of firewood burning in the fireplace, combined with the steady chant of the Archbishop and added on by the fragrance of lavender in the Faran incense burner, made everyone feel drowsy. The prominent nobles of Dulin City were only those few whom we are familiar with. More and more people came together in the huge guest room. They gathered in twos and threes, quietly engaging in bland discussion, enjoying the torment of time.

Church's year 799, the 23rd day of the 12th month, it was almost eleven o'clock. Oscar shot a glance at the desk clock; his wife has already gone in for an hour. If His Majesty III could chat on for so long, he was unlikely to leave the world immediately and may be able to hold out for another few days! Just when the young prince's imagination was running wild, his wife threw open the huge doors of the bedroom.

Oscar immediately went forward or one should say everyone in the guest room surged forward. The Princess shook her head and everyone retreated even more disappointedly. "He just had his nap. He's now awake and calling for you to enter!"

The Prince of the Empire adjusted his clothes and then shot a look that said "Everything's going to be fine" to his wife and strode into the Emperor's bedroom. We believe that he has no idea of the situation he was in.

"Le roi est mort, vive le roi!"

As soon as the huge doors banged shut, the prince heard the Emperor call out, "Apologies, I have only a smattering of the Engel language (Level 6 standard), if it were the Deiss language, I will be a little better off!"

"Haha! You should learn this language, there will surely come a time you will need it!" Alfa III said while beckoning with his hand towards his son-in-law. "You know? The plays of the Engels are very meaningful, especially their literature language and sonnets."

Oscar shrugged, "I've brought you coffee and tea. I don't know what you need."

The Emperor waved his hand slightly, "I only need a chunk of a boulder that is shaped into a coffin and then lie down peacefully in it. After that have people to cover the slate for me outside. Written on the slate will be, 'here lies a blunderer in eternal rest!'"

"Hahahahaha!" the Prince of the Empire burst into uncontrolled laughter. "Why do I feel like your condition is in tip-top shape? A blunderer will not joke around like this."

The Emperor sized up the youngster. He had married his daughter over to him and given him an exalted position and immense authority, but… what will he use the things within his control for?

"Do you remember the things that I emphasized to you before?"

Oscar nodded, "Yes Sir, I've been reminding myself at all times. Whoever is against Lobble, that person is the true enemy of the Morisettes! You've already warned me twice!"

"Very good!" the Emperor settled back into the pillow relieved. He raised his eyebrows slightly and his forehead was immediately piled with numerous scar-like wrinkles. This simple action probably consumed a lot of his energy. "Le roi est mort, vive le roi! It means that the old King has passed; long live the new King! This was the most famous quote of that play. The plot was roughly about… a King that was murdered and then… some dispute between the prince and the cabinet ministers.

"What were they debating about?"

Alfa III took in a deep breath, "All the people are debating… who is the culprit!"


The Emperor fixed his eyes on his nephew. A powerful minister he has brought up single-handedly. "Be wary of Rolyn Kate and her Archbishop brother. They are up to some mysterious shady business! I can't guess they're up to or how they're going to carry it out specifically, but they are certainly plotting up a conspiracy!"

"What about Kachev?"

"Hehe… everyone is worried about Kachev, but Kachev will definitely stand by the new Emperor; I know him only too well. Just name that illegitimate son as the prince of the Empire and Kachev will readily do just about anything without complaint, including going to hell."

"Rolyn Kate can similarly make a pledge like this!"

The Emperor smiled derisively, "Rolyn Kate? What can she use to pledge to others? That filthy body of hers? An old fox like Kachev can definitely see through her clearly. He knows where he should stand so just relax!"

"Then… is there anything else that is bothering you?" Oscar finally touched on the issue.

"Of course!" Alfa III exclaimed feebly. "The Imperial Household of Morisette's succeeding monarchs must learn a bare lesson before the coronation. You know this!"

The young prince could only give a bitter smile, "I've heard of it… about how to treat the Andrews."

"How do you view this?" The light I the Emperor's eyes were gradually fading. His diseased body was about to fall apart, but he persevered on to clarify this matter.

"If you're asking me, who shall I ask?" Oscar chose to evade it. "I am a member of Andrew and am merely standing in for the position of one of the prominent Imperial Household members. In the end, you still won't trust me as you trust Marshal Alan. Even though you married off your daughter to me, which is merely a certain strategy where there are gains and losses, it is not your choice or should I say, not your decision to make!"

Alfa III patted him lightly and then realized that his whole body couldn't move anymore. He didn't even have an ounce of strength.

"Thank the God of Light! My young Oscar hasn't let the power he wields and the continuous victories get into his head!" the Emperor exclaimed happily. He was aware that he had to hurry up. His body couldn't respond at all, but his consciousness was exceptionally heightened, an omen that he was about to breathe his last.

"Listen to me Oscar, you are an Imperial Household member because you certainly are! So when you control the Andrews, you must take note of two points, bloodline, and tradition!"

"Bloodline and tradition; got it!" Oscar pulled the quilt snugly around the Emperor. "Oh gosh, by the God of Light, you should rest. Your complexion is unsightly!"

Alfa III waved his hand incessantly. He was a little dubious as to whether that waving arm was his because he couldn't feel a single thing.

"No need! It isn't necessary! I only wish to verify one matter. When you learn that the gift I prepared for your father, who is also the elder of the Andrews and the commander-in-chief of the Narcissus Knights for the Holy day of God is a coffin, what will you do?"

Oscar was completely dumbfounded. What was the Emperor saying?

"Haven't you been to Damorga?" Alfa III grabbed onto the young prince's clothes tightly. He forced his eyes to open widely; he couldn't miss a single detail.

"Your assassin friend has been blindfolded and has been loaded onto a sealed carriage. He won't know where he has arrived at, only that if he eliminates that target, he will obtain freedom! Do you know how much he yearns for freedom?"

It finally dawned on Oscar just what happened. In the twinkling of an eye, his rage shattered his pillar of reason. "You… you wish to murder my father!"

"Yes!" Osli Alfa Morisette locked eyes with his son-in-law without the slightest fear. He wasn't afraid, just that he could read an implacable hatred within the other's eyes. Osli immediately understood that… his test has been successful and the outcome verified that he was horribly wrong. "Why?" Oscar was skeptical as to whether that feeble sound as if he were drowning was really his own.

"Because Dortmund is the only obstacle!" Oscar suddenly leaned close to the Emperor and grabbed the Emperor's pillow. "You must have heard before that no one can get away without paying the price after violating the Andrews."

"If you really think that way then you are gravely mistaken!" the Emperor persisted. "Everything I do is for the Imperial Household. You could even say that… it is for you! You can completely control the Andrew's…"

Oscar already had no interest in listening on to the sickly voice of the assassin blathering on. He pulled the Emperor's pillow out from the bed and then pressed the soft lump of an object forcefully against the Emperor's face.

Alfa III struggled and seemed to be crying for help, but the murderer who intended to kill him pressed his whole weight against the pillow. He couldn't breathe. His sick form had no way of contending against the murderer! After what seemed to be a century long, the ruler of Titan Empire still had no indication of being able to break free of the pillow. His struggles gradually ceased, his limbs twitched and finally, he gave up!

However, Oscar didn't! Oscar was as the first time he murdered, excitedly mumbling to himself. Hatred caused his heart, mind and his whole consciousness to be bounce like crazy. He used his thigh to repress the convulsing Emperor and used his upper body strength to lean onto the pillow. He forgot himself and used brute force until the sound of a pendulum reached his ears until the whole world came to a halt.

"What… have actually happened?" Oscar was stunned for a long time. It was unbelievable, wasn't it? He murdered a sickly old man destined to be called by the gods. To be more precise, he murdered the monarch of Titan.

It seemed that… Oscar didn't believe that he had murdered the Emperor. He gently moved the pillow away and Osli Alfa Morisette's face gave him a fright. The Emperor's features were already twisted. His tongue was hanging outside with a long trail of saliva on it.

"Really… how can he meet anyone like this?" the murderer eyed the deceased mockingly. He felt for the deceased's pulse while saying, "You are Emperor Alfa III of the Morisette Dynasty! You shouldn't look like this. You will give the God of Light a scare!"

After saying that, Oscar tidied up the Emperor's hair and then smoothed out the creases on the pillow and placed it back to its original position. Lastly, which was the most crucial point, resisting his disgust, the perpetrator gave the deceased mouth to mouth; he wanted to clear up the deceased's respiratory tract. He then gently massaged the deceased's body. First it was the face, followed by the chest, and lastly the muscles on his thigh.

When he was done doing all these, the serene appearing Osli Alfa Morisette seemed as if he was dreaming!

As the murderer who had killed the Empire's Emperor, O'Neil Andrew Morisette leaned quietly against the bedside. He took in Osli's face and then shot a glance at the bedroom door. He didn't know what awaited him outside and he had no idea the way in which he should explain this matter. Perhaps astute forensic investigators were assembled outside, perhaps a flood of all sorts of questions awaited outside, perhaps… a fully armed paladin group was waiting outside, he couldn't say for sure.

"I can take on… five! No, no! Perhaps seven!" Oscar suddenly laughed at himself. What for was he thinking these? His eyes flicked to the desk clock; the ruler of the Empire left the world for more than half an hour.

The prince straightened out his Marshal uniform. The Emperor's struggles almost caused a tear in his clothing.

When O'Neil Andrew Morisette was certain that the outside world couldn't determine the incident that had taken place here, he left the bed without hesitation and then threw open the tightly closed palace door violently.

Everyone clearly saw His Highness Prince's pale, helpless look. The cabinet ministers and the relatives of the Imperial Household flocked around him. Even the group of expert physicians had a very bad feeling surge within them.

"Go and verify it!" Oscar stepped aside from the palace door for the senior doctor. "His Majesty Alfa III has already left us!" Not knowing who was the one using force, all the people swarmed in. They bumped against the prince, causing him to lose his balance until his wife supported him. Oscar returned a kind smile to his wife, "I thought he had fallen asleep. After waiting for a long time… who knew…"

Alanis covered her husband's lips and flung herself fiercely into the man's arms, "He… he was still well a while ago…"

"Yes…" Oscar moaned softly, "He was still well a while ago…"

"My Lady!" the doctor's voice suddenly traveled out, "We have verified that His Majesty III has died due to a weakened heart!"

Rolyn Kate wailed aptly. Her delicate frame fell onto the Emperor's corpse and those who saw ached for her. Practically all the cabinet ministers were consoling the Empress and comforting her. Even old Kachev joined in.

Oscar heaved a sigh of relief. He continued to stroke his wife's back but was mostly consoling himself. Everything has ended, hasn't it? No one suspected the incident that had taken place in the bedroom at all and no one else would ever know that the elder who was beyond cure didn't die of illness but due to an innocent pillow.

The crowd helped the Empress out of the palace. The cabinet ministers flanked around the widow of Emperor III like stars revolving around the moon. Rolyn Kate's weeping was sufficient to awe those who scorned her. This was because all the people knew that the woman has been looking forward to this day since twenty years ago. Perhaps she was even crying out of joy, one couldn't say for sure!

The people escorted the Empress to leave the huge guest room like this. Just a moment ago they were loyally guarding their monarch, but at this moment, they abandoned their monarch in the icy cold, open bedroom that was filled with the essence of death. Oscar and Alanis took all these in, "Le roi est mort, vive le roi!" This was such an insightful truth!


Mashal Alan finally came forward. He wielded the Marshal sword in his hand and knelt down with one knee. The old man took the Princess' hand and kissed it sincerely.

"My condolences. If there is anything… please instruct me!"

The Princess nodded her head lightly and suddenly swiveled around to face the palace's Captain of the Guards standing guard by the door.

"Basil, wield your sword and guard the door! I wish to be alone with my father a while.

Paladin Colonel Basil Kenny immediately raised his sword and saluted. He then resumed his stiff expression.

"Don't force yourself!" Oscar supported his wife by her arm.

"No, you all go busy yourselves! There must be tons of matters waiting for you!" Alanis knitted her eyebrows stubbornly. She didn't wish for her father to depart this mortal world this lonely.

Oscar had no choice but to release his wife. His eyes bored into hers. He was uncertain whether he was doing the right thing. He only knew that… a chasm that couldn't be crossed has risen up between him and Alanis. The normal units for distance couldn't measure the chasm, and so the term abyss would more fitting.

The Princess of the Empire leaned against the Emperor's bedside, just like the way she did a moment ago. Her father was resting peacefully as if he was still awake. This was because the Princess kept thinking that her father's eyelashes were trembling slightly.

Alanis thought about a lot of things, especially about things when her father was still alive. She didn't understand why she hated him so much. She hated his disloyalty, his hypocrisy, and his stud-like habits.

But in the end, he died! He passed away silently without taking with him anything.

Alanis scanned the entire room and her eyes lastly fell upon her father. So what if he was an Emperor? In the end, he was only left with a daughter to pay him respect. His wife was putting on a ridiculous show before the people. His eldest son was slumped in the arms of a pimp, completely drunk. His second son must be having a merry celebration in a Shalon. His subjects were very possibly carrying out all sort of selfish ideas.

Lastly, the daughter leaned in towards her father's corpse and said to him, "I actually love you, just that I hate some of the way you handle things!"

Alfa III must have been very aggravated during his passing because he only released his tightly balled fists at that moment. Alanis was stunned. She had no idea why a corpse could move, but the shiny golden object in the deceased's hand immediately captured her attention.

The Princess of the Empire picked it up, frightened. She finally burst into tears!

"Father, you wish to tell me about this? Answer me, father!"

The seal of the Guards was engraved onto the golden button. That was an identity emblem that would only be found on the Marshal's uniform.


Church's year 799, the 24th day of the 12th month, 1.27am early in the morning. The knell of Dulin Scott Cathedral sounded. Not long after, all the other churches in Dulin followed suit. This frigid winter night was destined to go down into the annals.

The cavalry was galloping down the streets. They set up numerous sentry posts according to that stated in the martial law announced. The infantry troops controlled the traffic of the capital, the shield soldiers and ax bearers were equipped and ready. They occupied various important government courtyards. Aside from that, last minute military camps were set up in all the Imperial Household courtyards. These stern-looking soldiers did not stop the people of the capital from flooding the streets. The nobles and ordinary people blended together. The black-clothed crowd was gathered on both sides of the Road of Kings. They lighted bright candle flames.

Lastly, when the golden lion flag on the roof of Hamilton Palace was lowered to a half, the Tower of Heroes that has been silent for some time again burned, but this time it wasn't responded by fire beacons everywhere. The gigantic pillar of smoke slowly billowed into the night sky and was finally carried away by the wind, just like His Majesty III's spirit.

Under the watch of the Princess of the Empire, the special staff of the Imperial Secretariat in charge of the burial sorted out the Emperor's body.

At this moment, there were still a few days before Church's year 800. We know that Osli Alfa Morisette and everything he stood for has already left this noisy mundane world.

A new century was about to arrive and it came just like a dream.<script>chaptererror();</script>



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