Chapter 169: Nineteenth Episode: Chapter 6
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A strong wind blew in Dulin from the night on the 12th. This wind hit the huge city, as a reminder to the people that winter was upon them.

The huge oak trees by the sides of the road had icicles hanging off them. The climbing plants on the fences and bricks were also frozen to a color of greenish purple, but yet, the cold wind l stood out less than the arrogant political air. The nobles in Dulin City wore all sorts of leather clothing and still walked about with determination.

Today was the 13th day of the 1st month in Church Calendar Year 800, the day the highest judge of the God of Light judged the scandal of Titan Imperial Family openly. In the early morning, the official and Madame of Capital's noble circle, as well as all sorts of spectators gathered at the small square in front of Dulin Scott Church. Even though the public court sounded very democratic, they were all blocked and kept at a distance by the soldiers of the Guards that were staying on guard by the Church.

As a pregnant woman, Princess Alanis Alfa Morisette was ordered to stay in Kenshin Palace by her first loyal hound. The Princess gathered a group of madams that always kept her company. These noble ladies were mainly married, only a few of them were still single.

Alanis then invited Lieutenant General Murat of the Red Tiger Cavalry Corps into her room in the palace. She let Murat choose one of the single ladies.

Murat said that this was not something that could be decided just like that, but the single ladies seemed not to care about that. They kept approaching the handsome Narcissus general like a pack of female wolves in heat. They even played guess with him.

However, the guess was difficult. Murat gave up before he even thought about it. This was because the guess was mainly about 'Guess what I wore under my dress today' sort of questions! Who knows about that! Who would know about that unless they looked under it?

Alanis was ecstatic. She held her huge tummy and laid against the sling chair. Maybe it was not just because today was the day to determine the win or loss, but also the joy her friends brought her. The ladies and madams were playing with a general. This general was not a quiet person, but everything changed after the Saijo Mountain war.

Alanis took hold of Murat's hands, "It was not your fault. Nor is my husband's. You are living now. That's a good thing. Think more about yourself! Isn't it strange if someone your age is still single?"

Murat thought about it. No matter what, he must pay attention to the care the Princess showed to him. Thus, he found the lady that was really bad at talking to people and asked for the person's name and family with impeccable courtesy.

This shocked lady said that her name was Ainiennie.

Murat widened his eyes, "Have I heard it wrongly? That is the name of the Goddess of Victory!"

Lady Einny's face was as red as an apple. She only replied, "Just call me Ainie!"

"Ainie...." Murat repeated this name, then did not speak any further.

Today was the day the verdict was to be decided. This was not related to the blind date of the Commander of Red Tiger Cavalry Corps.

We should be taking note of the situation at Dulin Scott Church. Just when the Princess left her companion and went to the toilet because she felt like throwing up, her husband's confidential secretary First Lieutenant Muktha Singh came to report. The public court was about to start!

The bell on the tower at Dulin Scott Church rang again. The nobles, who had suffered for a few hours in the cold wind, finally had what they wanted. They gave the invitations sent by the Imperial Secretariat to the Captain of Palace Guards that were guarding the door. Then, after careful searches, they were allowed to go pass the guards.

The Emperor's body in the Church had disappeared. Just this afternoon, the high priest from the Holy City of Rome carried out the last ceremony for Alfa III His Majesty. The late Emperor was buried and his people could not wait to call for a new ruler.

Just like how a regular court was, there were two tables, one for the persecutors and the other for the defendants. The Guards created a simple fence and divided the two apart, but there were some unsatisfactory parts about this job, that being the careless soldiers who did not put down an obvious indication as to which side was for the prosecutors and defendants. The nobles only came into the Church and stood idly by, not daring to sit just anywhere because it would take their lives if they were on the wrong team at this time.

"The Second Prince is here!" Someone shouted in the crowd. The nobles parted to make way for him. After they saw the confident Lobmus Alfa Morisette sitting at the seat at the left-side table, they followed suit. Just when the nobles were planning to ask for some inside news from the Second Prince, the servants in the Church suddenly shouted for everyone to stand. The Crown Prince came slowly. He brought his thin wife, who held the small Princess in her hands.

The nobles stood up, unsatisfied. They stared at the couple as they sat in the seats at the right side. They even sent them disdainful glances. Some even spat on the floor.

"You are late!" Bishop Karl Arnold approached them with ill intention.

Lobble glanced at the cunning Sir Bishop with disdain, "I needed to change my daughter's diaper. Do you have a problem with that?"

Karl Arnold could only retreat respectfully, but he glared cruelly at the Faran Princess Ashfin Kristen as he turned around. The Princess immediately shuddered in shock.

Lobb patted his wife's hands. He had never done this before.

"Don't be afraid. They were all clowns! You and my daughter are innocent! Remember! You and Phrenby are innocent!"

Ashfin gazed strangely at her husband. She did not understand why he became manlier at times like this. If Lobb cared more for her, she believed she would not have been seduced by his father.

Were all women like this? They would always look for a logical explanation for their cheating and illogical matters, but those explanations were usually useless.

In many people's eyes, the First Prince and Second Prince were no different in nature. They were both losers. One loved the kitchen and men, the other looked just like a psychopathic harasser. But their mother did not seem to look at the problem this way. Rolyn Kate loved her second son the most. A few days before the public court, she even publicly expressed that if the accusations affected the status of the First Prince, she would support the Second Prince for the throne!

At this moment, the people were guessing why Rolyn Kate's second son would let his mother look differently at him.

This was certainly a good question! When the nobles realized that there were a few more officials sitting by the defendant's side, they finally understood that things might not be as smooth as it seemed.

The Cabinet Chancellor Duke Kachev Drakas Ferdinand, Chief of Staff of the Guards Marshal Robin Sparse and Head of Secret Service Department Count Rudolf Hoss all sat at the seats beside the First Prince and his wife. This made the nobles sent unbelievable gazes across.

"Things were obvious!" Lobble suddenly spoke before the judge that chaired the public court even announced the start of the debate.

"Whether my wife is innocent or not, I have already lost the right to ascend to the throne because my honor is stained. This is the reality!"

"What do you want to say?" The judge from the highest Religious Court was an old Bishop. He still respected the member of Titan Imperial Family.

"I give up my duty and right as the Crown Prince!" Lobble appeared almost happy as he answered.

"What?" The judge glared at him in disbelief. What did he hear? Someone actually gave up the chance to rule Titan?

"You... Are you drinking again?" Bishop Karl Arnold had a casual expression. He just wanted to confirm, but anyone could note that his northern accent was trembling. The people believed that the three officials beside the Prince made him nervous.

"I've stopped drinking!" Lobb was a little impatient. He took an official letter from his pocket, "This is a public letter I wrote to the Imperial Secretariat, Cabinet and the House of Lords. My private stamp is on it. No matter what your result of this discussion is, I am no longer the Crown Prince of Titan."

The nobles suddenly let out a cheer of victory. If the three officials beside the First Prince sent calm glances to then, they would probably be throwing the dancing Lobmus into the air already.

"Everyone! Everyone!" The judge shouted loudly all of a sudden, "Even if the First Prince gives up the right to ascend the throne, we still need to discuss the issues clearly! Don't forget why we are here!"

The nobles all nodded. They slowly quietened down, but they did not feel the need to discuss the matter any longer! The scandal of Princess Ashfin Kristen was simply the brick that broke the surface of the lake, and caused huge waves. Now the brick had already sank to the bottom. No matter what remaining waves went, the issue was over. Her Majesty the Queen and Second Prince Lobmus had attained the victory! Because after the First Prince gave up the right to ascend, only the second in line could take over this Empire.

"But..." The highest judge from Roman Court pulled at the words, "Yesterday night, my colleagues and I received a secret letter. It was an investigation report from Titan Empire's Secret Service Department."

Bishop Karl Arnold suddenly frowned. He touched his companion's arm subconsciously, but the servant of God from the Holy City pretended he did not feel it.

"In the world of God of Light, the God does not allow even the littlest of stains! Those that create, begin and execute conspiracy must pay the price for truth and receive just judgements!" The judge turned to the Second prince Lobmus, who had a peculiar feeling in his heart. "I forgot to tell you that your seat is the defendant's seat for today! Due to the seriousness of the matter, my colleagues and I think that we must publicly discuss the birth of the member of Titan Empire Imperial Family, and Second Son of the past Alfa III His Majesty Lobmus Alfa Morisette!"

Right after the judge finished his words, the nobles who were by the Second Prince's side was thrown into uproar. They scolded the rude and illogical remarks of the judge, and even requested the warriors of Guards who were on duty to chase this old guy out of Dulin Scott. They even said that the holy church must not allow such trouble-causing dog to pass by easily.

The warriors of the Guards moved, but only because the Chief of Staff Marshal Robin blew a whistle!

With the screeching whistling, fully armed soldiers came out from all doors of the church. They quickly took over the walkway and corridor, causing the wide church to be immediately crowded.

The nobles shut their mouth in terror. Now, they could finally hear the sound of Prince Lobble consoling his wife.

"That's why I said... There is nothing to worry about!"

Meanwhile, the Cabinet Chancellor Duke Kachev Drakas Ferdinand muttered under his breath to the Head of Secret Service Department.

He used a low voice and said to Rudolf Hoss, "How did you make that old guy change his mind?"

Rudolf glanced at the judge on the high table with disdain, "If he did not do as I say... He can't take that box of gold coins and will not leave Dulin alive! If it was you, what will you choose?"

Kachev shrugged, "I will work with you!"

"Hehehe!" The Head of Secret Service Department laughed, but it was the extremely cold sort of laugh.

"Objection! Objection! I represent the Titan area to object to the highest judge!" Bishop Karl Arnold shouted crazily. He signaled to his companion as he pulled at the painting of God on his chest, "Can you swear? That you are not threatened to do this? Not influenced by others? Not..."

"Karl Arnold!" The judge touched his beard, relaxed. He did not care about the Bishop in the Titan area at all, "You should calm down! You are an important witness to the actual birth of Lobmus Alfa Morisette. Except for your testimony, whatever that you say does not have any legal rights or power of our religion. My colleagues and I will not accept your objection!"

The Bishop of Titan looked at the row of juries. Almost every one avoided his gaze.

Right at this time, the soldiers by the door of the Church suddenly opened a path. Sunlight pierced into the room from the door, revealing the elegant Queen Rolyn Kate, in dark mourning attire. Her long dark swan dress stretched a few meters behind her, adding to that crape that covered her whole body. It was as if she was the witch that was covered in darkness!

"I've just heard the most ridiculous joke in history! You are actually discussing about the birth of my son?"

Facing the Queen's question, the judge simply bowed slightly just as the nobles seated down there.

"Your Majesty!" The old judge straightened his back with difficulty, "How should I put it? It can't be that... You don't want to know the truth? The one in front of you is not your son!"

"Shut up! Shut up!" Rolyn rushed to the high table, as if in a fit of rage. Just when everyone thought the past Queen was about to slap the judge's mouth, the weak woman suddenly stopped. She fell into a coughing fit. It was Marshal Robin and Palace Chief Colonel Basil Kenny that helped her to the seat.

"I hereby announce… the debate is in session!" The judge shouted loudly without caring about others, but his excitement was only returned with the anger of the Titan nobles.

The present nobles all requested to leave the venue. They surrounded the heir of the Empire to the door of the Church. Almost immediately! The soldiers by the door formed a neat defense formation. The shield bearers were in front while spearmen were at the back. The anger of the noble finally reached a boiling point. They punched and spat at the soldiers in an attempt to rile them up. Some even took off their heavy boots and threw it into the formation.

"Arm!" Along with the order of the Chief of Staff, the warriors immediately let out a roar. In one neat movement, their spears rose, poised to attack. The sharp blades glinted an eerie light. The formation immediately became the frontline. Some cowardly nobles already fell flat on the ground in terror.

"What are you doing?" Rolyn Kate glared furiously at Marshal Robin. She flung the person's arm away.

"Your Majesty! My soldiers and the citizens do not wish to be the victims of lies and filthy conspiracies. They only wanted to know the truth!" Marshal Robin had a determined look in his eyes. His determined gaze made the scared Queen subconsciously avoid him.

"By the representative of the prosecutors, Highest Official of Titan Empire Secret Service Department, Count Rudolf Hoss will explain the accusations!" The judge signaled the Head of Agent with a smile.

Rudolf Hoss left his seat and glanced at the Queen. It was finally time to finish her off!

"Firstly...." Rudolf opened up the document he had prepared a long time ago, "The Secret Service Department accuse that Bishop Karl Arnold has committed the crime of lying to the Emperor!"

Karl Arnold turned pale, but he still jumped from his seat, "Rubbish! Ridiculous! On what basis you charge that of me? I am the religious leader of the Titan area. You have no rights..."

"Please take a seat, Sir Bishop!" The judge suddenly interrupted, "You are the leader of Titan area. This is the truth! We all know of this. There is no need for you to emphasize on that! Now you must accept the questioning of the highest Religious Court! That is, again, the reality..."

"You have no such rights!" Karl Arnold glared at the unmoved judge through gritted teeth. This guy took no less advantage from him before, "I request to stop the meeting immediately. I am going to Holy City of Rome and will tell the Pope of everything that happened here!"

"You indeed have that tight..." The judge nodded lightly, "But not today. Today you must explain the crime of lying to the Emperor to the Imperial Secret Service Department! You can look at the authorization document given by the Pope to me. I can request for you to do that!"

"I will definitely not!" Karl Arnold turned his head away in anger. But the judge was getting impatient. He noted to Count Rudolf Hoss, "No matter what, let us hear about how the religious leader of Titan area lied to the Emperor!"

The Head of Agent shook the document in his hands. He looked at the furious Sir Bishop subconsciously. That guy's expression was as if he wanted to swallow Rudolf in whole, but Rudolf did not care at all.

"In Church Calender Year 770, the 6th day of the 8th month! Queen Rolyn Kate gave birth to a weak boy at Westberg Fort. The Emperor Alfa III His Majesty welcomed his second son! The Emperor named him Lobmus Alfa Morisette!"

"In Church Calender Year 770, the 13th day of the 8th month, Lobmus Alfa Morisette received baptism at Dulin Scott Cathedral and officially became a member of the Imperial family. The baptism ceremony was done personally by Bishop Karl Arnold who was the caretaker of the cathedral then!"

"In the night of the 13th, a rare rainstorm hit Dulin City! Second Prince Lobmus was diagnosed with having serious irregular heart not long after he was born. This matter already seems like a legend now! Because... On the night of the 13th, the doctor who made this diagnosis unfortunately died of an accident while he was out taking care of patients. After all these years, the Secret Service Department found in investigation that the medical record in which when Second Prince Lobmus was born is gone too!"

Rudolf looked at Queen Rolyn Kate who was confused. Just as he predicted before, he thought that the Queen was not aware of this incident.

"On the same 13th night! The difficult ceremony of baptism and the increasing fever made the young Prince Lobmus fall sick. Your Majesty... Maybe you still remember that scene? You invited many famous pediatricians to Dulin Scott Cathedral then!"

Rolyn Kate nodded subconsciously. She did not know what went wrong. She only knew that Rudolf Hos would not do this without a reason. He would use a joke like this to remediate the atmosphere.

"Then we shall call upon our first witness! That year, you invited him. He was the fourth and the last doctor that came save Prince Lobmus!"

The soldiers of the Guards guarded a slow-walking old man into the room. The old man first paid respect to the statue of God, then bowed to Her Majesty the Queen!

"You are old Charles!" The Queen shouted in surprise. This pediatrician used to frequent the Westberg Fort because she was always worried about the condition of Lobmus.

"Old Charles! This is not the time to reminisce about the past. Tell Her Majesty the diagnostic result for Second Prince Lobmus who had been born only for a week on that rainy night on the 13th !" Rudolf pushed the doctor to the witness seat quickly.

"I said to Her Majesty that the situation of Second Prince was terrible! But the situation can be controlled. My colleagues and I would do our best!"

"The truth is?" Rudol continued to ask.

"The truth is..." The old doctor fell silent. He glanced at the Queen with unrest gaze, "The truth is I covered up the truth from Her Majesty. This is previously planned by my colleagues and I! Second Prince Lobmus had serious heart problem from birth. Along with heart irregularities, his smooth birth itself was a miracle. He...."

"In short, you and your colleagues lied to Her Majesty. Why?" Rudolf interrupted the old doctor.

"Her Majesty... It is the Queen! His Majesty..." Old Charles suddenly knelt on the floor, "Please forgive me! Please, I ask for your grace! As a doctor, I could not tell you that Second Prince had lost all chance of being saved! My colleagues and I hid the truth from you because we are afraid of His Majesty putting the blame on us in fury..."

"Enough! Enough!" Rolyn Kate stood up, trembling. All the memories came back to her! That stormy night on the 13th day of the 8th month in Church Calendar Year 770! Her son was tortured by the sickness, but didn't Lobmus become well again miraculously? Why was the doctor saying this now? Why was he cursing her baby?

Rudolf helped the old doctor up, "I can understand your feelings when you lied to Her Majesty. What you were facing was the Imperial Family that must not be tainted. If you could not save the life of an Imperial Family member, then someone would definitely come for your life! Were you and your colleagues worried about this?"

"Yes! You are right! There are many records in the history of the Dynasty!" The old man replied, shivering.

"Then following that, how did the miracle happen?"

The old man showed a reminisced expression, "I recall it vividly now, it was indeed a miracle! The fourth medication was at the later night on the same day. Rain and Storm and the candlelight in that small bedroom in the cathedral! Second Prince suddenly became lively. All of his symptoms all disappeared! He was so hungry that he kept wailing. The loud wailing could be heard in all corners of the cathedral!"

Rudolf smiled, "As an experienced doctor, how do you view such an illogical phenomena? The people here all heard that you said Second Prince Lobmus could no longer be saved!"

The old man looked at Bishop Karl Arnold who looked depressed, "It's him! It's the prayer of Bishop Karl Arnold! As doctors, we knew that there was nothing we could do in that situation. We believed that Bishop Karl Arnold's prayer was heard by the God! It's the great God of Light...."

"Enough, enough!" The Head of Secret Service suddenly waved his hands. He turned to the religious leader of Titan, who was sitting at the defendant's side, "The God of Light can bring a dying baby come back to life? Enlighten us, Sir Bishop! How do you manage to do that?1

All eyes in the cathedral were set on Bishop Karl Arnold, but most of them were confused. Only his sister was judging him with complicated gaze.

"Pray! Perpetual praying! Until the great creator presents the miracle!"

Rudolf Hoss shook his head, "That, I am afraid, is not the case. Do you still remember what Doctor Charles had said? The night on the 13th day of the 8th month in the Year 770, the rain, the storm, and the candlelight in the small bedroom in the cathedral! You were holding the candles. After confirming there was no one around you, you took poor Lobmus. Then... It was then that you walked out of the bedroom, and your servant placed a healthy baby, that you had prepared beforehand, on the small bed! This servant poked the sleeping baby with iron needles. The cries of this healthy baby naturally attracted the attention of all the doctors..."

The nobles finally let out exclamations of disbelief. They stood, rooted to the ground, uncomfortably. They even forgot to exchange remarks with each other.

"And you..." The Head of Secret Service pointed to the stunned religious leader, "In the heavy rain and storm, you placed the dying Lobmus in a wooden box. Then you buried the box in the garden at the back of Dulin Scott Cathedral!"

"No!!!!" A terrible shriek broke out in the quiet cathedral. A black figure suddenly rushed toward Bishop Karl Arnold. The Queen of Titan Empire was clawing at her brother's face with an insane rage.

"Is this true? Is this true? Is it?"

Bishop Karl Arnold was shaking his head. Or, he seemed to be shaking his head. His sister had left numerous bloody marks on his face.

Rudolf laughed! He loved this scene and enjoyed the masterpiece that he directed!

"Your Majesty! I am about to call for my second witness!"

Bladys. A low-status priest. He had worked as a night guard in Dulin Scott Cathedral for as long as forty years.

He swore in front of the statue of God, then stated that he saw flickering lights at the garden behind the cathedral over the heavy rain on that very night. He was not blind or deaf. Even though he could not recognize the person, he checked the place after the person left the place hurriedly.

There was a part of the soil that had been newly dug. Fueled by curiosity, Bladys dug the coffin out! He wished the God could punish the sinner! There was a wooden box in that hole and a dying baby in that box!

Without caring about the chaos, Rudolf continued to question, "After that?"

"After that?" Priest Bladys widened his yellowed eyes, "I am a God's servant. I can't do anything that goes against my principles! In the heavy rain, I sent the child to a doctor, but unfortunately... The child passed away before the dawn arrived! But at least I tried to save him! May the God give me mercy!"

"After that?"

"After that?" Priest Bladys pointed to the direction of the garden, "I was scared that culprit would come back and check. So I chose a time when no one was around and buried the dead baby back there!"

"Alright!" The Head of Secret Service patted the witness' shoulder, "You are qualified as one of God's servants. Last question for you; did you see anyone checking on that place?"

"Yes!" Bladys pointed to the stunned Bishop, "It's him. The religious leader of Titan! He stayed around that area where the baby was buried for a long time the second day after the rain had stopped!"

"Shut up!" Bishop Karl Arnold jumped as if he just woke up, "Who would believe the words of a liar? He is a liar! He is the liar that was fired by the Church!"

"Pfft..." Lobble who had been watching this show laughed mockingly, "Since the true Lobmus was buried at the back of the cathedral, we could just go and confirm it!"

'Lobmus', who was near 30 years old, finally got furious. He jumped in front of his 'brother' and took hold of his collar, and greeted his face with a solid fist! Lobble had his eyes swelled due to the sudden assault. They rolled back, as if he were stunned and dazed by the sudden impact. Princess Ashfin Kristen was the first to spring into action frantically pulling at the arm of the Second Prince.

The nobles finally moved. The people quickly pulled the First Prince to safety, while 'Lobmus' was under the control of the soldiers by using swords!

"I am the future Emperor... You can't do this to me... You can't..."

This was probably the last impression the nobles present here had of this Prince. When 'Lobmus' was held into the inner room, his mother, who had been protective of him did not stop this, strangely enough. Rolyn Kate was the same as those nobles. After that, she never saw her 'son' ever again.


"Yes, Your Majesty!" The Head of Secret Service leaned over to the exhausted Queen.

"Don't you want to rest?"

Rudolf had his signature smile again, "Of course, Your Majesty! If this is what you wish, then we shall rest! After all, such things have happened! But... Don't you want to see solid evidence? Your child that was cruelly buried!"

The Queen avoided him as she shivered. She did not say a word, instead trembling non-stop.

Rudolf shrugged, "As you wish, then. Intermission! Leave the work of checking on evidence to this afternoon!"

Rolyn Kate raised her covered face. She did not understand how things would become this way. She looked behind her, at the various seats that told of a person's stance on the matter. There should have been many people there.But now? These people were all clustering at the seat of the prosecutors. They spit and cursed, just like what they did this morning. It was only that their target had changed.

It was mid-afternoon on the 13th day of the 1st month in the Year 800. There were still clouds hovering above Dulin's sky. The soldiers from all of the Empire surrounded the cathedral in a vice grip. The people did not know what had happened in the cathedral, but only gave a disdainful smile towards the strict soldiers.

Queen Rolyn Kate and Second Prince's victory was without question! They did not need the aid of the Guard or the nobles. The sexual jokes made in the market were enough to destroy the adulterous Faran princess. Just when the people thought the Emperor of the Empire would become a lowly rapist, the night guard of Dulin Scott Cathedral already pointed out the exact location of 'Lobmus' for the soldiers and the judge.

Rolyn Kate closed the window of the bedroom and touched the small bed lightly.

"Is this the reason you still keep this bedroom?" The Queen turned to her brother.

"Because you've left my son here forever!"

Bishop Karl Arnold turned his head away in disdain. He was in terror and was afraid, but he was completely awake now. This was the moment that decided the outcome. Even though everything was out of his hands now, he still intended to fight for one last time.

"Rolyn! Now is not the time to say this!" Bishop Karl Arnold opened his sister's veil, "We must find another way out! I believe the most secretive underground tunnel in the cathedral has not been found out by Rudolf Hoss! We should leave Dulin and seek foreign's aid!"

"Leave Dulin? Outsider aid?" Rolyn Kate shook her head lightly, "Where can we go? Alan is in control of the north. The family's situation is decided. Will there be anyone to help us at this moment? We have already lost! When you buried Lobmus, we have already lost!"

Bishop Karl Arnold took his sister's jaw impatiently, "Look at me! Listen to me, we still stand a chance..."

"Please! I beg of you! No more!" Rolyn Kate flung her head away, "What have you done? How will I accept your proposal? Listen to you? You are a devil! A devil!"

Karl Arnold's expression was completely distorted. He flung the Queen to the bed. He raised his hands to slap his sister, but his hands paused in midair.

"I will plan this out! I'm not dying yet!" After saying that, the religious leader of Titan walked out of the narrow bedroom without turning back, though this seemed to have fallen on deaf ears. Rolyn Kate was still caressing her son's bed stubbornly.

The winter sunlight littered on the ground. The light in the forest flickered to and fro, like a breath in the air, stringing the sunlight along the forest floor. Only when it reached the edge of the field did the string disappear.

It was known beforehand, but Dulin's direction was completely different than Narcissus County. The Capital was experiencing the challenge of harsh winter wind, while the Narcissus County at the eastside had warm sunlight, and comfortable light snow.

During mid-afternoon on the 13th day of the 1st month in Church Calendar Year 800, light snow fell in Andrew Haila. The sky was still clear, so the snow seemed to have come from nowhere.

The participants of the funeral of the Andrew family walked more than ten kilometers from the city. His audience was rather peculiar. There was no sound, not even of moving. The Narcissus citizens that came from all directions simply stood quietly in the light snow shower, seemingly listening carefully to the words of the Hall of Heroes. However, except for the cold northern wind, there was only the sound of snow falling in the Narcissus' world.

There was indeed the voice of sorrowful mass from the Hall of Heroes of Andrew family, but the sound diminished as it traveled to the forest on one side of the church.

The Narcissus Knights surrounded the church, forming hundreds of thousands of battle groups. They would never allow any assassin in this world to hurt any Andrew again.

Coincidentally, the melody of mass traveled into the forest or a corner in the field. The warriors who heard it finally gave up the determination to stay properly on guard. They took their armor off and bowed devoutly at the direction of the Hall of Heroes. When the mass diminished along with the wind, the Knights picked their weapons up and returned to their stern and alerted selves.

Oscar was sitting with Figg on the stairs at the back of the church, in boredom. Their father was buried. According to tradition, the family would give flowers to the Fourteenth Duke of Andrew. The people were lining up at the cemetery and waiting to give their final farewell to the Marshal and Head of Family.

"Have you decided?" Figg bit the grass. It was terribly bitter.

"Hmm..... Is there a need to think about it?" Oscar spat, "Arrange the wedding for me!"

Figg poked his brother, "Don't give me that look! Even father will feel satisfied when he sees Sasha wearing a wedding dress for you!"

Oscar moved his mouth, "That is true! Sasha and I should get married now. Once Alanis is crowned the Empress, it's going to be difficult! I have never heard of any Empress that is willing to share their husband with other women!"

Figg nodded, "That is indeed true! The Morisette Imperial Family will never allow such a thing to happen. So... Even if it is during father's funeral, I will still plan for you to arrange the wedding."

"What about the Persian Princess?" Oscar frowned, "I believe the Princes in Westland have never had such experiences before! Marrying a pagan Princess? Oh god! People don't even have this sort of dream!"

"Moreover, the wedding ceremony of our religion is completely different with the ceremony of the Persian's True God!" Oscar was indeed a little worried, "If the Persian Princess and I have our wedding the God of Light manner, that means she and everything she represents will accept the doctrine of our religion; If we have it the Persian's traditional way, that means I accept the doctrine of the True God! Do you think this is possible?"

"This is a problem!" Figg nodded, "It's going to be a big one unless we solve it. The representatives from Holy City of Rome will crash the party if that is the case!"

Oscar hit his brother's shoulder, "Don't say these words. The wedding is your idea!"

Figg blinked, "Isn't it easy? The eastern people's wedding ceremony is fine! The family and friends gather around and dine together. Get someone to acknowledge your unity. Then, you two would be legally married! We can completely avoid the interruption of these two religions!"

"Leave that! It's not possible!" Oscar cursed in disdain, "Isn't the news of the wedding out? The priests gave me weird looks when they looked at me! They must think that the God of Light has conquered the pagans. Do you know how important this sort of victory in spirit is to them? They will definitely host my wedding. Or else, Andrew will not need to guard this land for God any longer! The Pope will consider letting us retire!"

Figg could only say, "I'm thinking! I'm thinking! There must be a way!"

Oscar turned around suddenly impatiently, "Shaw! You have darted in front of me all morning today! Don't you have a headache?"

Black Devil suddenly kneeled down to the Prince, "Your Highness, there is something..."

"Say it!" Oscar said it in a firm tone.

"I found this!" Shaw Curlink quickly handed a skin of tree in which a strange mark was carved on it.

"What is this?" Oscar frowned.

"This is the communication symbol of assassins of Imperial Family. I have been using it when I work for them!"

Oscar did no say a word, but his eyes were filled with coldness, like an eagle's.

"Your Highness. We seem to have not seen Thirteen strike! That is to say... There is something wrong with it!" Shaw Curlink pointed to the marks on the skin, "According to the usual action of Thirteen, he won't leave any mark behind. He won't even use the communication code of the assassins in Imperial Family! So... I think..."

"Isn't this obvious?" Figg snatched the skin and studied it carefully, "You are fooled! Alfa III that old jerk fooled you!"

Oscar was a little confused.

"You don't understand?" Figg glanced at his brother, "Alfa III had a good bet! He understands your character. Even if pretentiously, you won't let the culprit that kill your father get away! Do you think... If you found Thirteen, that you'll possibly win against him?"

Oscar shook his head lightly. Until now, he realized that he had never planned to face the true King of Assassins.

"Therefore! Just as you said! Alfa III realized that you won't pass his test. So, he created a chance for you to duel with the strongest assassin in Westland! Thirteen may be hidden someplace. When the time is right, he will appear before you. At that time, you will be drowned in hatred and lose terribly to him!"

Oscar did not speak, yet he began to believe this, "Why did Alfa III do this? He still needs me to control Andrew!"

"Pfft!" Figg laughed in disdain, "Isn't your wife pregnant? The Imperial Family does not need a dangerous guy like you! As the husband, you have done your part. Once Alanis is crowned as Empress, she will have the chance to place her child to be the Duke of Andrew! Of course,... If it is a girl, then Alfa III placed the wrong bet!"

Oscar shook his head strongly. He did not want to die or think about such matter. However, he still thought that his past tutor and friend would not truly kill him if the person faced him in battle! But... Could he be absolutely sure?

"Alfa III is truly intelligent!" Figg suddenly hugged Black Devil strongly, "He knew his day was coming to an end. He also knew that no one could do anything to Oscar, who did not pass the test. Thus, he took this chance, but out Shaw Curlink saw through it!"

"Coincidence... Coincidence!" Black Devil answered the Narcissus general's hug, slightly embarrassed.

Oscar snatched the skin, "What does this mean?"

Black Devil felt even more uncomfortable, "It means... Target eliminated!"

Oscar immediately flung this burning thing away, then the machete followed his movement and slashed the skin into smithereens! The young Prince breathed heavily. He needed to know where Thirteen was immediately! What was Thirteen doing? He did not like the feelings of being lied to and played into someone else's palm! He was already sick of the depressed sigh!

Then... Where was Thirteen? What was he doing?

Bishop Karl Arnold walked into his secret room. He was tidying up the wealth he accumulated over the years. Lucky! The Paladins that guarded him all mysteriously disappeared!

But... This was the last thing he saw of this world! Next moment, a rope wrapped itself around his neck. He flew up the ceiling like a kite with broken string. A small cracking sound came from his neck, and the struggle of his limbs immediately stopped!

The person who was hiding in the dark finally walked into the light. He tied the rope properly to the handle of the door of the secret room. He then quietly walked into the shadows, as if he were never there.



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