Chapter 173: Twentieth Episode : Chapter 1
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According to historical records, the very first castle had already been built in Lavensino six centuries before the Church's years came into existence. At that time, constructions of a fortress had still been following the conventions of simple Roman defensive structures, while Lavensino lay in the Eastern borders of the great Holy Roman Empire.
Around the third Church's century or even earlier, the first batch of castles built by the Ancient Roman warriors had been destroyed by the Persians. Nevertheless, these remnants of the destruction had still attracted countless squatters to identify the location as their new home.
In the middle of the ancient ages, there would naturally be business development and population boom wherever there were fortresses and militaries. The huge inflow of immigrants into Lavensino had in fact solidified the foundations of Lavensino's development, while the trends of expansion had continued until the end of the Church's sixth century.
As the primary defensive fortress on the borders of Narcissus County and the sole trading center which was opened to the Persians, the Andrews had long had their eyes on the small town resided by the Persians in the late fourth century. During that time, the Narcissus Knights had managed to reclaim the strategic base from the hands of their enemies only after paying a deadly price in the battle of Lavensino.
Lady Sasha E. Nedgabel Andrew loved Lavensino, which had been built along the mountains. More precisely, it was her land of birth, and was her real hometown. At the same time, it was also the border territories of her father, as well as the sorrowful place that reminded her of her deceased parents.
Regardless, The Young Lady had decided on Lavensino as the first stop of her honeymoon. Her brother looked at the map, and said to her, "My God, Sasha! The first stop is already hundreds of kilometers away from the Andrews!"
Sasha said, "I want my wedding ceremony to be held in Saint Quiplomony Church in Lavensino! I still recall how much mother wanted to see how I look in a wedding gown right before she had passed away!"
Oscar shrugged nonchalantly, "If that's the case … since I'll be heading to the war zones in Persia anyway, let's have the ceremony in Saint Quiplo … what's the name of the monastery again?"
"It's Saint Quiplomony Monastery!" The fort of the God of Light!" Sasha knocked on her brother's head mockingly, and kissed his forehead. "Every single monk over there is donned in armor, making it the most marvelous scene in the world of religion."
The Young Lady was right! Saint Quiplomony Monastery was known by many as the fort of the God of Light, the monks there did not study religion, but learnt swordsmanship and the ways of killing instead. With the name of Saint which symbolized light and glory, it was painfully obvious that the monastery and church was the shelter for their religious followers.
Saint Quiplomony Monastery had indeed sacrificed numerous warriors. Around the Church's year of 510, the Persians had advanced with overwhelming numbers, and the Mistral Front had no choice but to retreat in the face of the formidable forces.
While the troops were retreating, the Master of Saint Quiplomony had refused to leave his monastery. His fellow followers and the town's religious people all picked up their weapons, and used stones and fire to welcome the large number of Persians up front. Yet, the advancement of the invaders had not been delayed even a second. The pagans had pierced the followers of God onto the fortress' flags, attracting numerous crows circling above the town. However, the reason was unknown as to why the crows had not dared to attack the corpses of the religious men.
When the Andrew knights chased away the enemies once again, the first icy rain in the century had descended from the skies. The smiles of the deceased followers had been preserved in perfect condition, and it had been perceived as a miracle by the returning soldiers.
The brave actions of the Master of Saint Quiplomony had spread across the entire religious world in just one year. The religious followers from Roman Vatican and the Westland had crowded the town. Many people had been marveled by its atmosphere, and had proceeded to permanently stay in the town, protected by the religious followers, despite the Persian threat.
It might be God's intention. After the followers in Saint Quiplomony had started worshipping, the Persian King at the borders had aged tremendously within a short time span, and the lands of Lavensino welcomed the century-long peace and harmony! The monasteries, castles, fortresses, Andrews' palace museum, markets, trading centers, and the vast resource lands of wine and sugar; everything had piled onto each other like a layer cake.
The development of the ancient town was at its peak during the visit of Prince O'Neil Andrew Morisette. Even though he and Sasha had already arrived at the destination of their wedding, they were not in a rush. The Andrews' fifteenth family head and his fiancée did not alert the local armies or the Military Personnel Bureau, they only moved into Abelho Palace along with Paul and The Black Devil.
If the city was too popular, people would tend to overlook some matters. Lavensino was situated in the most spacious location within the Nero Mountain Range, and the buildings and the fortresses of the city continued their way up to the mountain peak from the hillside.
In the day, the young Andrew couple would disguise themselves as tourists. They walked hand in hand from the Andrews' palace on the peak down to the market at the foot of the hill, and Sasha acted like one who cared deeply about her money and negotiated with the business owners like an Italian businesswoman, and spoke with a loud voice just like the local ladies. During these times, Oscar would always timidly get The Young Lady away from the scene.
There was no lack of long flights of stone stairs, and the long connected hallways in the ancient town. Initially, Sasha had still been in the mood to play hide-and-seek with her brother, but soon she had begun to lose her way. Even she herself did not know where she was, let alone her brother. Thus, Oscar had an agreement with her to meet at the nearest tower whenever she was lost. Sasha stuck out her tongue, and her brother would always hold her hand tight, making it difficult for them to be separated from each other.
At noon, the young couple made it to the wedding of another couple. They had put in some money to present the newlyweds with a carpet as a gift, resulting in the passionate newlyweds to invite them to be seated in the ceremony.
Oscar drank much, and swayed around like a lost bird on the streets of the town. On the other hand, his sister ran after him with naked feet while holding leftovers of beef. The scene looked just like one of sheep grazing.
Attracted by the smells of the huge bone in Sasha's hands, the stray dogs on the street chased after her while panting. However, Sasha had noticed the situation only after a large dog bit onto the bone. Sasha was so shocked that she screamed. Instantly, her brother transformed into a furious tiger! With few steps forward, Oscar kicked the huge dog with the bone up into the air. The dog did not even manage to yelp before it was flung into the windows of the residents on the second floor.
The crowd of citizens cheered loudly. However, the remaining dogs continued their pursuit after the bone up to the second floor. Heart-wrenching screams were heard from the residents above!
"Which bastard is kidding around?" a bald guy stuck his head out of the window of the second floor, his home filled with the noises of dog fights.
Upon realizing their disadvantage, Sasha immediately pulled his brother and fled the scene! The Young Lady took the boots which were tied around her brother's neck by the shoelaces, and wore it while running. On the other hand, Oscar kept looking back at the people. One could imagine how miserable the two looked. Furthermore, the ignorant citizens were shouting at them!
"Youngsters … are you two eloping? Saint Quiplomony Monastery is on the East!"
"That's right!" Oscar carried his sister on his shoulders. "We are aiming to get married before we will be captured by our family!"
"Hurry! Hurry!" the passionate citizens all applauded for the young man who was carrying the lady on his shoulder. In addition, another nosy fellow had even blocked the paths behind them.
"Bless you!" while the people were gradually leaving the place, they were still shouting.
Oscar was panting like a bull and placed Sasha on the ground. The Young Lady grinned while tidying up her messy hair and clothes, whereas her brother knocked on the metal gates of Saint Quiplomony Monastery. What the h*ll! What monastery would close its gates?
The follower on duty opened up a small window of the gate, "Youngsters, what do you want?"
Oscar wiped away the beads of sweat, "We want to get married!"
"I'm sorry! You can come again tomorrow! It's Saturday today, and the monastery needs to rest."
Oscar blinked, "But I'm the Imperial Prince, Andrew's fifteen family head!"
The guard sized up the young man, "Brat! Even if you're the God of Light, you have to follow the rules."
Staring at the metal window which was closed once again, Oscar scratched his head, "Have you heard of that? That even the God of Light needs his weekend?"
Sasha said nothing. She just chuckled, and kissed her brother like how all the intimate couples do. However, her brother was still grumbling, "Even the God of Light … has to rest?"
When night had fallen, the illumination of the lights and the laughter of the citizens filled the entire town. At the town square, there were some external troupes performing. The youngsters who loved the atmosphere were dancing and singing around the lady dancers, while some were even making moves toward the girls.
In the center of the town square, a band of musicians was playing a Narcissus song for the most beautiful lady among the crowd! The Andrew princess held onto the corners of her dress, showing a pair of fair legs, and begun to dance merrily along with the wonderful music. More crowd gathered as the music turned more heated. Men widened their eyes and kept on applauding and shouting, while women furrowed their eyebrows and sized up the dancing elf with envy and alertness!
After she had finished her dance, Sasha threw herself into her brother's embrace. Oscar quickly brought her away from the scene as he did not like the lingering looks of the people on her.
Along the narrow zig-zagged path heading uphill, it was unknown how many couples had concealed themselves in the dark wall corners and the silent bushes, only that Oscar and Sasha was only one the many pairs.
They were squeezed in between two buildings, the man placed with the woman's thigh on his arm, her tongue in hers. Their saliva and scent intertwined; the woman hungered for more, so overwhelmed with pleasure she did not know where to place her hands, only managing to blindly grope and caress the front and back of the man's body.
As their intimate gestures and probing had progressed to its climax, Oscar's fiancée suddenly called for a stop, halting the overwhelming desire from her brother's hands. Oscar pulled back his hands from her sister's bra, but he could not stop planting kisses on his sister's ears and neck.
Sasha said to him, "This is the happiest day of my life."
Oscar turned her head to face him, and exchanged looks with her, "No! There's no such thing as 'happiest', only 'happier'!"
Sasha pondered for a while, and then proceeded to respond to her brother's promises with an even more heated kiss.
It was the Church's year 800, the 3rd day of the 3rd month, Sunday. Early in the morning, the clerk in charge of registration and the guards wobbled into the main hall of Saint Quiplomony Monastery. The master of the monastery stared at his colleagues in shock, "Could it be that … the Persians have invaded again?"
"No! That's not it!" the clerk wiped off the beads of sweat on the forehead. "A wedding! You must host the wedding ceremony for this couple!"
"But I'm not on duty today! This pair … this pair …"
The master looked at the names registered on the wedding reception book, "The male is O'Neil Andrew Morisette … and the female is Sasha E. Nedgabel Andrew … what of this pair?"
Right after the master had finished his words, the implications of the name dawned upon him, "Oh God of Light … it's the Andrews' family head and our Narcissus Corolla … it's the Andrews' family head and our Narcissus Corolla!"
After this, Saint Quiplomony Monastery sounded the festive copper bell, and its rings reverberated across the entire town. As the people were unaware of what had happened, they all made their way to the grassy plains outside of the monastery. Men were glaring at the direction of the border in alert, while women and children were looking around frantically.
Similar to the past festivals, the monks in the church had all put on their armor, engraved with the drawings of God's symbol and Narcissus' Fierce Tiger insignia.
"Where're the enemies?" someone grabbed onto one of the monks
"No! It's the wedding ceremony of our family head with Andrew's Narcissus Corolla! Today is a festive day for Lavensino!"
Finally, the people were relieved of their worries. Instantly, they turned active and energetic. The wedding of Andrew's family head with Narcissus Corolla? In their very own town? Regardless of what has been said – this was absolutely a day for Lavensino to celebrate!
'Where are they? Can't we spectate?" the crowd questioned again.
"They're at the cemetery!"
Yes! They were at the cemetery! The wedding of O'Neil Andrew Morisette and Lady Sasha E. Nedgabel Andrew will be held at the graveyard of Saint Quiplomomy Monastery. The Young Lady's mother was Oscar's aunt, and her tomb was near to those of the religious followers and right beside the tomb of Sasha's father.
The Master of Saint Quiplomony Monastery wore some old armor. He held an Ancestral tablet in one hand, and a book of wedding guidelines in another.
"O'Neil Andrew Morisette, his Highness Imperial Prince and Andrew's family head, will you take Lady Sasha E. Nedgabel Andrew as your wife? Even in the face of internal strife within the palace, in the face of the innumerable memories war will bring on you."
"I will!" Oscar looked at his sister. He could not describe how much pain and hope were encompassed in these simple, brief words.
"Lady Sasha E. Nedgabel Andrew. Will you take this man before you as your husband? Even ina future of war, of illnesses, of sacrifice and separation."
"Yes, I will!"
The Master nodded softly. He immersed his finger into some holy water, and wiped the stains on the newlyweds' foreheads, "Witnessed by the God of Light, and with the name of religion, I now pronounce you … husband and wife!"
Oscar let out a sigh in satisfaction, and proceeded to unveil his sister. The white wedding gown was decorated with Narcissuses made with laces and numerous sparkling diamonds. Nevertheless, the dazzle was no match for the waves of emotions apparent in Sasha's eyes. Oscar felt as if he was now in the realm of endless blue lake water. The water was silently waiting for tolerance, and nurturing the relationship.
"You may kiss the bride!"
Upon approval by the master, Oscar mustered his courage. He knew that all four limbs of his were numb, and his head was burning hot. Nevertheless, none of that bothered him, and his lips leant in to take his bride. He was afraid that his heat would accidentally scorch his sister, thus his lips only touched his wife's in the gentlest of touches. However, he could no longer move his lips away once they had come into contact.
The spring's Narcissus was waiting to bloom, the nameless floras scattered on the cemetery amid the town. Birds were dancing around in the trees, and the pleasant singing sounded from the faraway chapel.
How long could this kiss last? How many words can it tolerate? When their lips separated, Sasha saw Oscar's gaze and had almost drowned in the overflowing affections encompassed in his looks.
"Ugh … um … sorry!" the master suddenly cut off the newlyweds awkwardly, "I'm to be blamed! It's all my fault! There's still another important section of the wedding ceremony!"
Paul laughed aloud, he had seen through the nervousness of the master. The King of Assassins handed the golden tray over, and the master immediately said, "Both of you haven't exchange your rings! Oh my goodness … how can I commit such a mistake?"
Oscar and Sasha also chuckled along and took the two golden rings from the tray. The inner side of the rings were carved with their respective names and surnames. Oscar put on one of the rings for Sasha, while she did the same for her brother as well, signifying the agreement for endless loyalty to each other.
"Alright …" the master wiped off the beads of sweat from his forehead. He could only pray that his absurd mistake would not be known to the public. "I'll repeat again! O'Neil Andrew Morisette and Sasha E. Nedgabel Andrew, you are now officially husband and wife!"
Next would be … the celebrations of the people of Narcissus! With word of mouth from one to ten, and from ten to a hundred, the news had become common knowledge of the whole Lavensino by Sunday noon. The farmers from the nearby villages had brought along some alcohol and Narcissus, while the Narcissus Knights of the Mistral Front had also changed into dazzling suits. The walkways surround by the high walls of Saint Quiplomony Monastery were extremely crowded. When the gates of the monastery had opened, the cheers and rain of flower petals spilled from hillside.
Oscar held his wife close as they made their way through the long path formed by the knights with their shield and armor. He and his wife were being showered with Narcissuses and were drowned in the sea of happiness.
"Everyone, come be my guests!!" Oscar said aloud merrily, and the people responded the family head, a God-chosen warrior, with their passionate applauses and cheers.
The people's celebration, which had begun at noon, continued on till late night, when the Commander in-chief of the Mistral Front led his troops to arrive at Abelho Palace at the mountain top. The primary palace of the border had transformed into a colorful sea of flowers as the people had all transported the Narcissuses in their gardens to the palace, and had paved every single hallway and road within the compounds of the palace. As a result, the knights who were supposed to be protecting the family head had nowhere to go.
The Commander in-chief could not help but rant to his family head, and complained that they should have been informed beforehand so that they could have the craziest celebration in history. In response to that. Oscar simply extended his arms and said that he was very satisfied with the current situation.
It was already late midnight when the passionate people were still celebrating around. In Lavensino Town, the clashing sounds of beer mugs and the melodies of love could still be heard.
The young family head opened the door to his wife's room. He stood by the door frame like a shy teenager, contemplating if he should go and hug his wife.
Sasha was still donned in her wedding gown, the white dress sweeping across the floor as she went, all the way to the bed. The bride pressed her hands onto her chest, and her alluring body line was heaving up and down. Her face was completely flushed, and her breathing was not smooth at all. She too, was hesitating : hesitating if she should act first, or to wait for the groom to undo her clothes.
Eventually, Oscar lost his patience. He put his arm around his sister's waist, and probed his wife with his lips while inhaling her fragrance. To this, his wife reacted promptly by moving her fingers past his hair and stopped on the man's neck.
Just like wildfire, their passion ignited instantly, and spread uncontrollably. While there were no words, there was only pure desire to discover each other further. Oscar barbarically got rid of the restricting clothes of the bride, while Sasha maniacally tore open the groom's shirt. After they had successfully eliminated the limitations imposed by their clothes, they clung tight onto each other with their naked bodies.
Oscar put his bride on the bed. His palms ran through mountains and hills, dangerous shores and valleys, and had eventually landed on a damp spot of grassland. The alluring scent occupied his senses, and almost every pore on his body had expanded for the female body underneath him.
Bearing the weight of the groom, Sasha arched her hips and took in the pleasuring sensations of love. When the motions of penetrations had become more climatic, the pants of the man more rushed and the moans of the woman sharper, the passion had melted down. All that was left on the white bed sheets was sweat, and blood.
The bed sheet was stained with horrifying blood. Soon enough, the blood has transformed into dry, stinking liquid.
Percy washed his hands in the basin, and the water immediately turned a dirty red. The Poison Doctor sighed softly. He turned his head back, and sized up the woman on the bed. Her eyes were lifeless, and her face was shockingly pale, as if she had just lost her life.
Alanis did not understand, why was she still alive? The excruciating pain and the loneliness on her heart should have been able to take away her life! She could not help but despise her strength. Why was she still persevering? Why had she not given up on everything during those times of endless sufferings?
The room fell into an utter silence. All the servants did not dare to look directly at the Crown Princess' bed, which was completely drenched in fresh blood. The blood had even flooded the woman's thighs.
Percy wiped off the sweat on the princess' forehead with a clean towel. Alanis's hair was stuck together, and she looked just like someone who had died from drowning.
"I'm sorry …" Poison Doctor Percy apologized with guilt. He could not do anything just now.
The heat from towel surprised the weak princess, but Alanis had lost even her strength to shiver.
"What about my child?" the princess moved her eyes slightly. Even though it was such a simple action, the princess was utterly exhausted.
Percy spared a few glances at the princess' legs, still drenched in stinking blood. To answer the princess' question, he could only respond, "I apologize…"
Alanis did not know why the doctor was apologizing to her, "Is my child a boy … or a girl?"
Percy gradually looked away. The servants were cleaning the lower body of the future Empress.
"Your Highness … it's a miscarriage!" the Poison Doctor spoke with great difficulty.
"Miscarriage …" Alanis lowered her head slowly. She wanted somewhere for her face to be buried into, but she still lacked the energy to move her body.
"… Huuuhuuu…huuhuuhuuu…" The young mother cried softly. She was in pain, especially her empty uterus and her vulnerable heart. She was not as strong as she imagined herself to be. Otherwise, she would never have the intention to end her life.
"Was it a boy … or a girl?" Alanis started to whine stubbornly, she wanted to know the answer so badly. After all, she was the mother of the child.
Percy kneaded his forehead, and he could only say, "You will have a son! A healthy young boy!"
"Get out … everyone, get out …"
Percy did not give much attention to the mother in despair. Instead, he forced the medicine which was mixed with tranquilizer down the throats of the ruler of the empire. Alanis plopped back onto the bed, allowing the servants to wipe off the traces of the blood and life. What was a miscarriage? She did not know. She was only aware that the pain in her lower abdomen and the feelings of emptiness were too much that she was going insane! At this moment, her husband came to her mind. The man who had been addressed as the people's hero, where was he? What was he doing? Why did he not come and hug her? Even with a single glance of his, she would calm down entirely.
When Alanis shut her eyes, a thought entered her mind! She was only 'one of the many women' that man that man had. It was legal for her husband to have four wives. She used to call themselves as A, B, C, D! If her husband came to visit A, then B, C and D would be drowned in the pits of loneliness and fear; if her husband were to sleep with B, then A, C and D would stay up through the entire night, staring blankly at the cold walls of their rooms.
Although she was gradually losing the abilities to think due to the overwhelming exhaustion, Alanis still remembered. She had added a new partner to her husband's bed! But … how could the God of Light not pity her! Who would understand her feelings when she had witnessed her husband entangled with the other ladies? She felt helpless! She was furious! Her hatred and curses toward those ladies were a hundred times more terrifying than the horrifying rumors of the mainland! No! A thousand times more! Or even, ten thousand times more!
What were those women? They did not have the rights to be sharing her belongings. In her sleep, Alanis pulled on her enemies' despicable faces, and used the cruelest punishments she had ever known to torture the lowly, undignified, cheap sluts! She will beat all of them into the depths of hell!
According to the stories written by the Eastern people, they were all happy love stories of numerous young ladies. What bullshit! What were the impressions of a woman to the Eastern people? A maniac? Maternal beast? A hen laying eggs? A horny pig? Anyway, it would not be a woman! A real woman would object to sharing her possessions; a real lady would consider her romance and lover as her patent.
Where was Oscar? What was he doing at the moment? Alanis was torturing herself in her deep consciousness.
She wanted to tell her husband that the bastard Percy had actually used the word 'miscariiage' to disregard her! She was the mother of her child, and she reserved the rights to know if it was a boy or a girl!
Oscar oh Oscar, if Percy happened to be chased out, he would definitely cause trouble to the world! Alanis had continued to urge her husband that Sasha was yet another annoying person! A lady like her, who was an ignorant individual who had been living in her own dreams, would fit the Eastern people just fine, but not you! Oh, that's right! And that Persian princess! The most damned person. She is a sinful pagan! She could not imagine how her genitals looked like! They might eat you up.
Oscar oh Oscar, I haven't even yet mentioned the filthiest bitch! Alanis lashed out, and it was uncertain where her saliva would fall on. That Elizabeth! Hehe, she's a bitch, it's rumored that the old man whom you've sent to prison would stick his tail into her butt, and then she'll cry out in ecstasy! Really! I'm not lying!
And Trinity! How should I describe this fellow? She seems glamorous and all on the outside, but what is the truth?
The truth is that her thoughts could match those of the lowliest sluts!
Oscar oh Oscar, do you want to know how your Trinity have so much knowledge about the various sexual techniques? Allow me to enlighten you, it's because this brat often talked to Elizabeth secretly, and they're most probably discussing about how to please you! And then … hehe, Trinity will tell me about the stories of how that old man had tortured Elizabeth, and will end the sentence with – poor Elizabeth! Look at this fellow's face! Do you feel disgusted now?
After this … I've heard that the woman who manufactured guns and cannon fires have given birth to a baby boy for you? Is this true? Is this true? If the answer is yes, this woman will be slightly smarter, and not as dim-witted as your sister! But her family is doomed! Do you need me to push her further? She has a baby boy, but Percy said that mine had been miscarried, how is this fair?
Now … it seems that all that was left was Antonia and Aeolia! Oscar oh Oscar, I must tell you that Antonia and Aeolia are no women! They forcefully repressed their internal desires and thought that they could satisfy everyone by casually agreeing with the words of others or simply avoiding the topics. To be frank, any lady with these mentalities would always have mild psychological imbalances! She don't know what love is, and think that love is merely selfless contributions, limitless efforts, and endless waiting! But … love, it'll no longer be love if the other half don't have equal efforts and contributions. All that'll be left are the shameful and irresponsible insincerities of the man toward the woman.
I'll give you an example!
You have four choices of A, B, C, D! Assuming that A, B, C and D love you deeply, while you … similarly love A, B, C and D! This may sound absurd, but I'm only raising an example. Then … with the name of love, A can sacrifice anything for you, including her own life! What about you? You only have one take on life, and it is the same for love as well. What sacrifices can you make to return A, are you going to give away your life too? Oscar oh Oscar! I'm not mocking you! It's just that it'll be a joke if you're to sacrifice your life for some woman! I'll die of laughter!
You're insincere! You're selfish! Your understanding of females is as shallow and ignorant as your sister's understanding of men! What you've hurt is not my body, but my dignity! In other words … the dignity of a woman who's deeply in love with you!
Oscar oh Oscar! This is the final time! I want to ask you, do you love me? Or … have you ever loved me? I'm your wife, but as my husband, you're bound to be shared among four women! I hate this kind of situation! I also despise all the hypocrisy and selfishness taught to you by your family.
Oscar oh Oscar! This is really the last time! I have one last question for you, I've miscarried! Are you sad? I'm guessing that … you will hold your forehead, release a breath, as it implies that your family no longer have to deal with a troublesome heir, you should be delighted! You will give some kind of response, and say to me, Alanis oh Alanis! Let us create a child again. …
Disgusting … so disgusting!
Alanis had woken up with shock! She had been surprised by her own shame and embarrassment!
The XXXX surveyed her surroundings. The servants had cleaned her up, and the bed sheet and blanket were brand new. However, Alanis felt as if she was naked, and that her entire being was filled with filthy mud.
The princess moved her arms with great difficulty, and rang the bell at the bed front. The huge door of the room instantly opened. The person who entered next was not a servant, but an alarmed Rudolf Hoss.
"Oh my God of Light! You've slept for three days and three nights!"
Alanis … and smiled, "If you men were to bleed so much, you won't ever wake up anymore!"
Rudolf Hoss sat down beside his female master, and sized up her features, "Your Highness, it's wonderful news that you still can joke around! But I … I shouldn't be raising this matter to you at this moment …"
"Speak!" Alanis struggled to straighten her body, but she could not feel her legs.
The Head of Secret Service lowered his voice, "Yesterday, which was the sixth day of the third month, Faran, Deiss, Hoilland, Leblese and even Engels … had retracted their ambassadors in our empire!"
Alanis's eyebrows shivered momentarily. She was much calmer than she expected, "Which means … that the negotiations have broken down?"
"Yes …" Rudolf Hoss nodded, "They've never intended to negotiate in the first place!"
Alanis suddenly grabbed onto the Head of Secret Service's arms, "Rudolf! They want my life! They're even aiming for my empire!"
The Head of Secret Service shook his head, "Your Highness! Nobody can snatch away what belongs to you! You must keep this in mind! Nobody can ever do this! I'll never allow it, the people of the empire will never allow it, and more so the soldiers of the empire!"
Alanis laughed weakly, "But what if they've taken my husband?"
"Hehe!" Rudolf Hoss chuckled all of a sudden. "Well then, I'll help you to annihilate anyone with these intentions, and then get his Imperial Highness Prince O'Neil Andrew Morisette back for you!"+
Alanis waved her hands, and felt as if her arms did not belong to her, "Leave! Let me be alone for a while!"
The Head of Secret Service stood up and kissed the back of his master's palm.
Alanis turned toward the Poison Doctor Percy who was standing at the door blankly. The annoying fellow looked simply despicable and unfortunate.
'Percy! Come, look at my condition! I can't feel any strength in me."
Percy opened the door for the Head of Secret Service, and then stepped toward the princess' bed.
"You've bled too much. As long as you rest for some time and consume some herbal medicine to replenish your blood, you'll be fine!"
Alanis nodded weakly, "Now, you should tell me! What does … miscarriage mean?"
Percy whined helplessly, "I … I can only say that … you've lost the baby you've been bearing!"
"Have you seen it?" the princess directed her gaze to the nearby window sills. The sunlight penetrated through the gaps of the blinds. "What I meant was … was it a boy or a girl?"
Percy paused, he did not understand why her Highness Princess was reluctant to give up.
"I wish to have a tomb for my child …" Alanis sat up in a haste. Funny, where had she gotten her strength from?
"Percy, do you know? I've come up with the names for my child since long ago. The boy will be called Sterlin, while the girl will …"
"Your Highness …" Percy kneeled down on one knee. He prayed hard for the princes to stop this kind of interrogation. However, he could only stay silent. He prayed to the God of Light to spare the pitiful girl from her sufferings.
"Those are fine names! I've also thought for long …" Alanis was getting distracted, her line of thoughts went to childhood memories of her playing with kids.
It was the Church's year 800, ninth day of the third month, and the weather was pleasant. The warm water of the early spring poured downward from the icy streams of the highlands, the grand waterfall brought life and energy to the lakes and rivers. The waters were the blood of the magnificent Titan. In the South, the streams transformed into Don River, supporting the diligent ships which were the essence of transportation of the empire; in the plains in the center of Dulin, the Shawob River brushed across the capital, and its elegance and serenity enabled the brewing of vintage wine and provided the old fortresses on the shore with motherly warmth; in the North, the grand Botan River flowed from outside the borders, and the people directed this stream into their irrigation system to nurture the land; in the East! The vast River Marne embraced the civilians of Andrew, nurtured the warriors with its fine waters, and cleansed the bloodied armors with its tolerance of pain.
"That's funny! I've been to the three great streams which are far apart each other, but I've never been to Shawob River which flows through the nearby lands of Dulin!" O'Neil Andrew Morisette gestured to his wife.
"You will have the chance to see it one fine day!" the Commander in-chief of the Shipping Group of Narcissus Knights suddenly interfered with their conversation, "The most essential military shores and fortresses defending the capital of the Morisette ruling are all concentrated on the two shores of Shawob River."
"Is that so?" Oscar rummaged through his historical knowledge, but he failed to recall any records of Shawob River.
"Look!" Sasha E. suddenly pointed toward the waters in excitement. A flat-nosed dolphin appeared from the water surface, and used its loud cries to capture the attention of the people.
The Commander in-chief of the Shipping Group of Narcissus Knights spared a glance at the flat-nosed dolphin, "Hehe! This is worth celebrating! It's giving birth!"
"Really?" Oscar's eyes widened, and observed the entrancing living being, which was active in the water, in detail.
"Really!" the commander of the ships commented in delight, "Look! The swallows are chasing each other, the dolphins are swimming about in the waters, and the little animals on the land are maniacally making love in the fields! Hahaha, spring is indeed the season of mothers!"
Sasha E. hid herself in her husband's embrace shyly. Nevertheless, she was full of anticipation toward the motherly season.
The massive yacht bearing the Fierce Tiger Flag of Narcissus flowed along the cool spring wind, and it carried the Andrew's family head and the Narcissus Corolla to their final destination of their honeymoon.
Compared to the warmth on the yacht, the temperature of Hamilton Palace was near to zero. The royalties and the soldiers were waiting anxiously in the main hall, until the door to the palace's room creaked open slowly.
The Crown Princess Alanis Alfa Morisette sat on a wooden wheelchair, and her lower body was covered in a thick towel. The ruler of Titan swept her dark gaze across the adults in the hall, and extended her hand from beneath the towel. In her hand was a letter with a waxed seal.
It was the ninth day of the third month, one o'clock at noon. A Communications Official of the Imperial Secretariat rushed out from Hamilton Palace. He traversed across the magnificent Route of the Kings, climbed up the giant Tower of Heroes. The Communication Official sounded the copper bell on the stone door, and a towering Paladin showed himself.
"The Crown Princess, the highest ruler of Titan, Her Imperial Highness Princess Alanis Alfa Morisette has orders!"
"Ignite the torch …"



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