Chapter 177: Twentieth Episode: Chapter 5
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In Church Calendar Year 800 between the 4th and 5th month, this was probably the first year of Titan's defense war. It was also the very first and most unbearable period of Titan. The Guards who protected the west land of Titan kept retreating. They retreated from city, village and castles, leaving the darkness to the invaders and Titans who lived strongly on this land.

In Year 800, the people said it was the first year of war because no one knew when the war would last. In the darkness of the night, the iron heel and gleaming weapons of the invaders formed a sickly beauty in the eyes of the people. The darkness and the slavery that were about to come made the Titans trembled. They were shaken when their national dignity and pride were at stake. At this moment, the people would say the soldiers had run away, giving their beautiful home to the lowly lives from the west.

The "lowly lives" of the west advanced into the west of Titan by more than 200 kilometers in half a month. Their fire torches shone upon the whole area, igniting fear in the hearts of Titans.

In the town where citizens lived, the holy people who refused to compromise welcomed the intruders in total darkness. Darkness turned the rows of houses into small villages and the unchanging streets into alleys which only allowed people to walk about with proper lighting. Sometimes, under this circumstance, the dullest streets became a series of ghost shadows.

At this time, only the army mailman with a lantern who walked about the place attracted people's attention like a light tower. The mailman held the letter from the units and ran hurriedly on Titan's land.

His horse was quick. The night wind pierced the torch, making the silhouette of this lonely knight floating as if he was a soul searching for heaven. The mailman was covered by starlight as if he was the sole survivor of this hopeless area in the dark.

We could clearly see from the map in Hamilton Palace that there were not many highways heading towards the inner land from the west of the Empire. More specifically, there were only three if the routes connected to towns and villages were excluded. One was from border station of the Thirteenth Region of the Guards. Via Xavish Province, the highway turned at Ludwilin of the Capital towards southwest direction into the special area of the Capital. Another was at the southmost borderline where the West Army Group was guarding. Via Rovenaille Province, the route followed into the Damorga Provine at the northeast direction from the border of Zorangash Wetlands. At last, they could enter the Capital from Damorga.

Finally, thank god! The Western Anti-Titan Alliance's main unit chose the most difficult route. After breaking through the border of Xavish Province, they marched towards the northeast direction. At the beginning of the 5th month, they took control of Xunier City. Xunier was a religious city that had quite a number of monasteries. At the same time, it was also the start point of the last highway in the west. The strong Jeblin Fortress sat in the middle of this highway, but they still needed to pass by the jetty on Shawob River to reach this fortress.

"Don't underestimate this jetty!" a general of high status in Anti Titan Alliance spoke, "Titan soldiers built five castles at the nearby mountainous areas and the highlands there!"

"Vendi, are you worried?" Luth VII opened his sleepy eyes. He wore a smile and scanned the highest commander of his armed units with narrow eyes.

Marshal Lavendi Mulierce was a Hoillander and had a thick yellow beard which was the signature of the Hoilland nobility. However, Marshal Lavendi's expression was not optimistic. His face which was cared for delicately was filled with anxiety.

"Your Majesty! If we only have about 80 divisions and three hundred thousand soldiers, I think it is best that we stop now!"

Luth VII shrugged, "Then please tell me. What do you mean by "best if we stop now"? Until where is the right point to stop?"

The Hoilland Marshal was speechless. His King was correct! The true appropriate time to stop would only happen on the negotiation table. Since the Anti-Titan Alliance had already entered Titan, then there was probably no other way than winning against the strong and stubborn Titan. However, the problem was that they were not certain of their future victory!

But, Marshal Lavendi Muliercce was a famous military strategist in the Western Countries. His writings had always been the teaching materials for the military academy in many countries. Therefore, from the standpoint of this Marshal, such discussion of uncertain victory was probably just a humble official statement. If he was to speak the truth or do something, he would advise his King to go home quickly before Titan retaliates.

However, there were many things in the world that could not be decided by soldiers who were truly participating in the war. Lavendi did not speak the truth to his King, but he chose more acceptable words instead. Like just now, he told his King that the Guards of Titan built five castles near the jetty. His underlying meaning was that the Alliance did not have full confidence to take these important military places down.

"So, we could only spread out the central army group, go around the jetty and build five attack divisions!" General Bodia Gonvalri of Faran's Kingdom Army opened up the war map near the Shawob River.

"If that is the case, won't our army force be too spread out?"

Lavendi looked at the Faran General who had dark eyes and then at his King. At last, he could only sigh, troubled.

"My Lord, judging from the situation, we have no choice."

Luth VII nodded. He waved his hands at the two highest commanding officers of the Alliance, "Gentlemen, even if the Titans manage their west border for about three to four hundred years, in my opinion, their borders still have all sorts of loopholes! For example, the jetty that connects to the Jeblin Fortress, if it was me, I would build Jeblin Fortress at the jetty instead at the downstream area of Shawob River. This only gives more space for the intruding enemy to manage the strength of their army. There's no advantage whatsoever to Titans!"

Lavendi nodded, but he shook his head in his heart. His King was not a military strategist and so was used to looking at the problem with a proud and self-absorbed attitude. Take this jetty for example, if Lavendi was correct in his guess, then the space between the jetty and Jeblin Fortress was probably a huge trap set up by Titan! More specifically, this was a strategy trap that had been managed and perfected for four hundred years.

The five castles near the jetty were the baits that attracted and controlled their enemy. When their enemy was happily eating away at the juicy baits, the Titan Guards at the back of the front line would give Jeblin Fortress more than ten thousand soldiers to aid them. Once the enemy crossed Shawob River, then the plains between the fortress and the jetty were the ideal place to wage war. At that moment, the Alliance Army who had depleted a part of their strength near the jetty would have no way to guard against the retaliation army of Titan. If the war was lost, it was hard to imagine whether the Alliance Army who was at the downstream of Shawob River could make it back to the jetty. The flow of river would be the burying ground of countless foreign soldiers then.

Lavendi thought about it. As a Marshal, he had the obligation to inform the high ruler, but this ruler just had to be Luth VII of Kingdom of Hoilland. Lavendi pretended to be focusing when he glanced at General Bodia Gonvalri. He knew that this man was a smart one, but smart soldier should not have a higher-up who had an unfortunate look. Why wasn't he the subordinate of the Weden King? The Hoilland Marshal actually thought about this. If his ruler was Leoliam I, then he must be more comfortable than he was now.

"The mail is here!" the messenger shouted at the door. The soldiers in the room raised their sleepy heads immediately.

General Bodia, the Chief Commander of the Alliance Army took the report from the messenger. He informed Hoilland King of this red letter, then Luth VII waved his hands. General Bodia then opened the letter.


"Hehe! Our launch division finally saw the lights at the jetty area!" the Faran General smiled to the soldiers in the room.

It seemed that everyone there sighed in relief, but Hoilland Marshal furrowed his eyebrows, "So soon?"

"There's nothing bad about this!" Luth VII took the message over cheerfully, "Our soldiers are sick of waiting! I am happy to hear this!"

Marshal Lavendi did not speak a word. From his standpoint, their great launch was mostly thanks to the Titans. This message only showed that the ones sick of waiting were the Titan's Guards!

This transpired in the midnight of the 17th day of 5th month in Year 800. Only invaders would roam about in Xunier City at midnight. This city sat at a strategic center of a war zone. Even in such nights, the citizens in the city could still see the light in the tower of St. Louis Monastery.

The light of St. Louis Monastery! To be honest, St. Louis Monastery used to have no lights. This was the military infrastructure set up to protect the dark city. The lowly-lives from the west built three bronze plates at the top of the tower, then built fire in the tower.

By using the plates to reflect light, the dim light only shone upon a part of the city. The people were rather intrigued by this when they first saw this because the devout Titan believers thought they saw the mighty devil in the sky. The light formed wings in the dark. At the end of the pillar of light, the stars extended outwards.

The magnificent St. Louis Monastery was used by Hoilland King Luth VII as the command base of the war. This place gathered all officers of the intruders. When the soldiers arranged the plates to shine upon the door of the monastery, a team of knights rushed out. They galloped into the dark city and towards the front line via the highway which was shrouded in darkness.

Surely not long after, the Anti-Titan Alliance command base's order would reach the front line. At that time, the main army group of three hundred thousand men would divide into five advance units at the riverside about 20 kilometers long. Then, the five castles in which the Titans guarded would be in their control.

"Maybe, our castles will be destroyed once and for all in the enemy's attack!" Chief of Staff of Guards Marshal Robin Sparse glanced, unmoved, at Silverfox Alan.

The Marshal of Guards gave a sideways glance at his old friend who only spoke little. He knew Robin would not spit everything clearly.

According to the thought process of Silverfox, Robin would most probably say that sacrificing five strong castles was a great loss even if it was to complete the war arrangement to eliminate the enemy. But, Robin Sparse was that kind of person. He was purely a soldier. The way he thought about problems was relatively simple. Just from this defense war, thinking solely from the military aspect was far from enough. In Alan's opinion, Titan should not keep the enemy off the country. Instead, it should let the invaders enter without going back! So, from this point of view, he planned to sacrifice five military bases around Buzaberg Jetty. This included forty thousand soldiers of Guards protecting the bases.

Facing the question of Chief of Staff, the huge war room fell into an unbearable silence. This house with a circular roof which they used to decide the fate of the Empire was well-lit. The war map and all sorts of documents were scattered about. It seemed the staff still had no intention to arrange them.

"Those were all the defense forces of the Twelfth Region!" Marshal Robin made his tone harsher, "General Bencil Donnis has no more mobile units. According to the order of Army Division, he gathered all his soldiers at the nearby areas of Buzaberg Jetty. If they were encircled and attacked, I believe not even a few of Twelfth Region could safely retreat to the other side."

"Who said they will retreat?" Marshal Vann Hewitt Alan laughed coldly, "They will fight as long as the last one is still standing."

The war room fell into silence again. It seemed that only the heavy breathing of Titan soldiers could be heard. According to what Marshal of Guards was saying, the nearby areas of Buzaberg Jetty would be the bury grounds of forty thousand soldiers of the Twelfth Region. It was afraid that no one would accept such strategy because it involved countless lives.

"I am sorry, Alan! I will not sign this war proposal!" the Chief of Staff stood up impatiently. He sent a disdainful gaze to the hateful Silverfox, "We can employ another strategy to eliminate the enemy completely. I can't accept such sacrifices! Moreover, are you sure the Alliance Army will cross the Shawob River? If they did not do so and chose to go around the jetty and stayed on guard, what will you do then?"

"Hehe!" Alan gave a cold laugh again, "At that time, they will still be encircled! Excluding the Twelfth Region, the remaining eighty thousand soldiers of the Western Army Group and the aid from Valencia Fortress are not some sorts of decorations."

"Then why are you giving up the units of General Bencil?" Marshal Robin placed his hands on the table in fury. He thought Alan was being unreasonable now.

"Because the river connects to a lot of places. The Alliance Army may escape from there," Alan looked at the war map again. He knew his old friend was famous for his war strategy as well as his stubbornness. So, he did not plan to convince the Chief of Staff. He was only explaining the sacrifices he was about to make logically.

"It appeared that we can't come to a single conclusion," the Chief of Staff gazed at his companion in the war strategy division including Alan. He left the seat alone.

Silverfox Alan shook his head. He could not say to be cheerful, but he was slightly excited.

As the Marshal of Titan Empire's army, he felt an unspeakable excitement when the enemy launched a large-scale invasion!

Silverfox's face was red with excitement. His companions and war comrades were observing the expression of the Marshal. Most probably, the people could only see the desire to fight was burning in the heart of the old Marshal.

"Give an order to the Commander of the Twelfth Region, General Bencil Donnis!"

A messenger and a clerk came forward in a hurry.

"Tell him, fight to your death! Never retreat!" Alan gave this war order calmly.

The clerk noted down the words of the Marshal accurately, but he stopped in hesitation in the end.

"Sir Marshal, without the signature of the Chief of Staff Marshal Robin Sparse, this war order..."

"I know, I know!" Alan waved his hands, "Without his signature, this war order is not valid, so, send it to Hamilton Palace. Let our Highest Ruling Party make the judgment!"

"Yes, sir!"

Alan nodded. Even if he was no familiar with Alanis Alfa Morisette, but he knew that the Princess who was about to ascend to the throne was the same kind of person as him. They did not care about sacrifices, only the actual benefits brought by the sacrifices.

Therefore, analyzing the spirit of the giant Titan Empire, Alanis had already accepted Silverfox Alan's idea since the beginning. Even though she felt guilty for making such great sacrifices from the Twelfth Region of the Guards, but it was simply the sorry she felt in her heart.

The Hamilton Palace was in deep slumber as the light flickered. However, the nobles and military officers who walked about were energetic. The young ruler of the Titan Empire enjoyed some supper during dawn. The beautiful Princess invited many officers who held high positions in her palace over.

The imperial dining still kept its high standard. The palace chef prepared a grand meal for the highest ruler who had just recovered from her sickness. Even though the meal that was prepared during dawn was a little overboard, but the Titan nobles who were experiencing hard times now did not care much about it. They were in a war now. War let people lose their senses, except for hunger and fear.

Alanis had a good appetite. She cracked a joke to the palace chef that she could handle a huge goose right now. In the end, the chef actually prepared a grilled goose which was lightly seasoned for her. However, the Princess lost her interest as soon as she saw the goose. She finished her supper quickly and only had a wing off the goose.

The nobles who enjoyed the supper with Her Highness the Princess were mostly the officers in a different department in the government. They were the most elite people in the noble circle in the Capital and such intelligent people would not waste the time to discuss the front line after the meal. It seemed that the Princess was also the same. She once wasted her energy to try and understand the war map sent by the Army Division. But only through the aid of more than ten subordinates that she was able to understand the accurate meaning of those lines and red arrows on the map.

Alanis must admit that she knew nothing of military affairs. The military nouns that she knew were all heard from her conversation with her husband's knights. So, she was used to thinking about problems from a non-military point of view. Alan liked her way of thinking.

When she met the messenger from the Army Division in the Capital, Alanis only noticed a few words in the strategy proposal. It roughly means to completely eliminate the motive of the Western Kingdom Alliance to seek for compromise.

That was to say Alan's tactic could totally solve this problem! Alanis believed in Alan. This was what her father left for her. Alfa III once said that Alan was a loyal soldier, but Alanis still hated the Marshal of Guards a little. This hate came from the investigation report by the Imperial Military Intelligence Bureau and the background analysis about Southern Attack Incident.

Even though her husband Prince O'Neil Andrew Morisette did not mention Alan's name when they talked about that case years ago, Alanis could clearly remember that she doubted Marshal Alan when she was first attacked in Year 791. Even though many incidents made her eliminated this possibility, it was not difficult to understand that she was able to think of Alan now that she thought about it. The Marshal of Guards was the same kind of person as her. They had an unspeakable synergy when it came to these sorts of things.

Like now, there was no signature of the Chief of Staff Marshal Robin Sparse on the war strategy proposal near Shawob River. Alanis immediately understood what had happened in the Army Division. But, she did not lean towards Alan in an obvious manner. Instead, she added a comment on the last page of this proposal.

"Return to command base and reconsider. To come to one conclusion regarding war strategy."

The Princess said that. If Marshal Robin was not dumb, he would surely understand the words of the ruler including its meaning. "To come to one conclusion" was actually another way of letting the Chief of Staff compromise because Robin's point of view was the exact opposite of Alan's choice. Both of them surely could not reach an agreement.

Actually, the way Alanis did it was not considered smart. She simply resolved the clash of opinion of the soldiers on the surface. As the ruler of the Empire, she was already doing a splendid job, both outside and within.

"Where is my husband now?" the Princess asked the head of Military Intelligence Bureau right before she went to bed.

Messier De Quixote counted the days, "His Highness' message from last week said that he had already returned from Anatolia to Narcissus County."

Alanis shrugged. She was a little furious. Originally, she had no intention of showing any one of the expectation in her heart and the well-hidden anxiety, but in the end, she was not able to manage her emotions properly.

"That means, in one month, he can be back in Dulin or the Southern Army Group?"

"Yes, Your Highness!" Messier nodded, "But, the Lord will surely return to Dulin first, then it depends on the war arrangement of the Army Division!"

Alanis did not speak a word. The sensitive head of Intelligence Analysis Division had already noticed that there was a slight relaxed change in the Princess' expression.

Then, Alanis went to bed. It seemed that she would have a great dream. But who knows? She had not met with her husband. We had yet known how much friendship there was between the two of them.

In the morning of the 17th day of 5th month in Church Calendar Year 800, both sides had completed their pre-war arrangement. A light shower had just dawned on Titan. The rain was continuous, only until in the afternoon that the sky became clear.

The sun was bright, and the cloud was beautiful. The Alps which was extending to the faraway and the rising mountains presented themselves before their eyes. The valleys were silent. The farmer's houses scattered within it without forming villages. They were clustered together in twos or threes. If not, the house stood alone in the mountain, hiding in the forest.

The farmers were all very polite. Even if a Prince came, the humble people did not feel anxious at all. After the rain, the friendly people began to go out. They would speak a word or two when they saw each other. It was just simply daily conversations. No talks of war were discussed at all.

It seemed that these humble people did not know a lot about the war. They did not seem to want to know. Their homes were within the Empire and only a short distance away from the land of God-chosen warriors.

With Andrew, the enemy in the east could not reach them. The enemy from the west could not step into this land at all. The people treated the war just like the ground beneath their feet. This land was beautiful all year long but was utmost movingly beautiful this afternoon. This plain was strangely peaceful as compared to any other places in Titan. Even though the southern mountain area just got rid of their war, but this plain was not a left-behind place. It was famous throughout the country for its agriculture.

The fruit farms, wine cultivation field and golden wheat – these beautiful colors showed the flow of time blossomed their spectacular sight in the sunlight and the shadows of the mountain. It was as if the locals had always been living blissfully on this land without anticipating change and fearing death.

This was not the sadness of being separated from the world, but the beauty inherited from the past. It was what a part of pacifist Titans longed for.

Look at the cavalry unit galloping in a hurry from the highway in the mountain. We could only say that a part of the Titan believed in peace! These God-chosen warriors from the Narcissus County brought cold wind to the quiet alley. Even though the people here did not like war, they were grateful towards the warriors who lived through the battle especially when the unit passed by their door.

The people who lived on this land came out of their houses. They bowed respectfully to the warriors who were blessed by the God.

In this afternoon, why would the mountain alley become beautiful than usual? Thinking about it, this could not be separately discussed from the arrival of a beauty. Andrew's Narcissus Corolla and Persian Lily stood on the highland side by side. These two famous beauties were the final pieces to the beauty of the whole mountain alley.

The beauties gazed at everything in front of them. Their gazes set at two different directions. In Sasha E.'s eyes, the mountain seemed to form a wide mansion and garden made from the farmers' houses. Every mountain was led by a small alley filled with flowers right up to the door. In front of Arayna, the farms here were all carefully treated grass even if the 5th month was still a period which showcased the product of spring. Many places had cherry trees, apple trees and pear trees that were planted for years. After the rain, the plains released a fresh scent and showcased the glory of late spring other than the tranquility that was special to the beginning of summer.

After some time, the gazes of these two beauties finally met. They were taking long glances at each other. The Young Lady gave a ten to the person's beauty while Arayna did not show much attention to Narcissus Corolla who had golden hair and blue eyes. She was a Persian Princess who was loved by many. She also had a natural antagonizing emotion towards the natural enemy.

"Here he is!" Arayna suddenly turned to the mountain behind her. Her antagonizing attitude immediately disappeared.

Sasha E. turned to the mountain as well. She saw the horse which was galloping towards them and the knight on the horse.

The Persian warriors on the highland all showed respect to the knight. Usually, they would not do that. They would only obey their used-to-be enemy quietly and the current conqueror. However, when they were here at the land of their conqueror, they truly understood the accurate meaning of yielding. Here, their lives were as cheap as grass. Even the locals who believed in peace sent hateful glances at these pagans who dressed weirdly. Here, they must serve the conqueror just the way they served their True God. In other words, this was another form of recognition of Persian warriors about yielding.

"I think, anywhere in this world at any time will not possibly understand the peace here!" O'Neil Andrew Morisette said as he jumped off his horse, Rayshure. Little Oslu walked alone at one side after its master got off. The grass with water droplets on it attracted Oslu's attention.

"Kiss me!" Arayna expressed her intention loyally.

We should say, towards his wife's passion, O'Neil Andrew Morisette only hesitated for a moment, but he still kissed his foreign wife.

Sasha E. looked at her husband. Her husband was kissing another woman right in front of her. It appeared there were four choices and she was naturally one of them. This acknowledgment made her depressed.

Sunlight shone upon the greeneries of the mountain. Bell chimes could be heard from the small church made of red bricks by the highland. Sasha E.'s sight left her husband and fell on the church.

The bell of the church was like the theme music of peace and the calling of spring by the birds. A newly-wed couple was waiting for the cheer and blessing of the people in front of the church. The humble people did not let them wait for long. Fresh flower petals and flowing ribbons were thrown into the air. The cheerful violin and flute sent blissful notes to the happy couple.

Sasha E. fell into her husband's embrace when she was zoning out. Until this moment, she remembered today was the day she had to bid her husband farewell.

The Young Lady was embraced by the man. She could smell the scent which only belonged to her husband. This scent made her face the reality calmly. Her husband was going back to Dulin to fight a battle for his other wife.

Who was luckier? Sasha E. looked at the blushing Arayna, but she immediately set her gaze back at the lonely church. The luckiest of all was that bride. She married a hardworking and humble man at a mountain far away from war. That must be the person she loved the most, right?

Her whole life would be shared by her lover.

Unlike the Young Lady! She had to face her husband's affection towards other women, or in other words, the special rights given to him by the family.

"I am going, Sasha!" O'Neil Andrew Morisette kissed his wife's forehead.

He did not dare to bring her to Dulin. He did not even dare to imagine how Alanis would look at his newly-married wife.

"Wait for me at Vielonna! And take good care of yourself!"

Sasha E. nodded without saying anything. Fate had taught her how to spend the time of waiting.

"What about you Arayna?" the Prince who was fully equipped turned to the Persian Princess who had just became his wife.

Arayna's eyes were filled with happiness. She covered her belly with both hands, her eyes filled with hope.

"I will give birth to this child in the cabin of the Dragonscale warrior and wait for the warrior to return from afar to give a name to his child!"

Oscar squinted his eyes, "I am calling her Evetyler..."

The Persian Princess frowned without covering up, "I don't like it. That is a girl's name!"

Oscar pulled at his wife's arm as he laughed, "That's right! I have a feeling that my daughter will be called Evetyler!"

"It will be a son," Arayna turned her head away stubbornly. She continued by using a voice that only she could hear, "This is the future Caliph Emperor of Anatolia..."

Oscar would not discuss such matter with his wife at this time. He blew the whistle and the knights who dispersed in the mountain rushed towards him obediently like his Rayshure.

Oscar jumped onto the horse's back. Sasha E. then hopped onto her Catya helplessly. The Young Lady who was already the Mother of Andrew had to go through farewell once again. Except for overthinking, she seemed to not do any other thing. She thought of the name Catya. This was the name left behind by her husband's lover. Who knows how that West Percy Princess had been? Maybe she would already have children. The past was just like the wind in the mountain. It was said to be ever changing but contained an unchanging law.

The fully armed knights passed by the flowery fence of the church. Even the strictest knight could not help but gaze at the blissful couple. Their eyes seemed to be complaining that the great God should not let them see the wonder of human's life right before they stepped into the battlefield. In their impression, they should see the ruined city and never-ending war, not the peace at this place.

The crowd that participated in the wedding quietened down. They recognized the flag of the Narcissus Knights. The Fierce Tiger Narcissus let the people thought of the faraway battle immediately. These people bowed to the God-chosen warriors, even the newly-wed did the same. The units passed by the crowd slowly. The people complained the same with their silence. Why were they reminded of the arrival of war at this blissful moment?

Sasha E. pressed her leg tightly without hesitation. Her pure-bred horse immediately galloped forward quickly. It could be seen that she wanted to get out of this area as soon as possible. Let these people return to their happiness and the peaceful times granted by nature.

Oscar followed his wife, then they rode together. In the end, they had to bid farewell at some point. The man went to the Capital to face his unknown fate, while the woman went to Vielonna to wait for the unknown.

It is believed that everyone had seen such changes. Peace and war. This change came too sudden, but it was not caused by the order of God or the human's will. It is because a small part of people was afraid of facing their kind with honesty. These people held power in their hands and it was enough to make people tremble. This power was just like a compressed spring. Everyone knew that this spring must not be touched easily. However, these powerful people touched it just like the naughty kids who did it even if they knew it was wrong. Because of the mischief, everyone in this world had to suffer with them.

We should see that all of these was said by the Young Lady. Arayna was not impressed by such thoughts. The Persian Princess found an old book about an ancient inscription. On the inscription wrote the message of Julius Caesar. The greatest king of Holy Roman Empire said, "I have come, I have seen, I have conquered!" This was the most ancient words of the humankind.

However, Sasha E. gave a strong blow to the Persian Princess's thoughts. She thought that this was a human's sin created by Caesar.

"Enough!" Arayna closed the book, "There is no God of Light at that time. The original sin is just a statement made up for sufferings for people like you."

Sasha E. was speechless. She was surprised at how familiar Arayna was to history. Arayna was really proud of that. She talked to the Young Lady of Andrew family until late at night, then fell asleep deeply. Maybe it was in a dream. The Persian Princess met her child. She could not identify the gender of this child! This was infuriating enough for her! But more hateful things came later. A bunch of monsters in red capes were pulling her with deadly grasps. These monsters wanted to take her child away.

Arayna woke up from the dream in shock. She saw it was d*mned Sasha E. pulling at her arms. The spoiled Princess wanted to throw a tantrum, but she saw her husband's woman was sobbing.

The woman kept calling the man's name.

Arayna was a little lonely, but she still wiped the poor woman's tears away with her sleeve.

Who knows, when dawn fell, how many people were thinking of the person in their hearts?

In the next morning, just as promised by God of Light, the sun rose as usual. The soft sunlight fell on the quiet valley. This place was far away from the battlefield. The people were not used to discussing war or waking up early.

But there were a few exceptions. When Sasha E. and Arayna were about to go separate ways, they saw a soldier in his uniform bidding his newly-wed wife goodbye at the door of their house. This warrior climbed the mountain with his strong horse and shiny weapon. Other than that, his wife also prepared fried noodles, jerky of last year's winter and this year spring's fruits. The husband who was about to leave for war could not bring so much. He only needed his wife's blessings, but his wife was a stubborn one. After the man had gone up to his horse, she was still filling his backpack with things.

Sasha E. and Arayna hugged each other tightly when the young soldier had gone a distance away.

They kissed each other's forehead and eyes and shared each other's tears.

O'Neil Andrew Morisette paused shortly at a pond. He discussed a lot of things with the Chief of Staff of Narcissus Knights who came to send him away. For example, the new round of Anatolia war that was induced by the Anti-Dragon Scale and the armed group of Arabah Federation that kept expanding its influence at the shore.

But Oscar was not truly worried about these problems. His mind would not forever think about these matters. He was simply a man who left his wife and child now. Every day, he counted the distance between them.

It was rather funny for the young Prince to do this. He kept counting the days and distance of him away. At the same time, he was rushing the journey as if his life was on the line. It was as if he was planning to leave his family and loving wives behind.

But, not to forget, this sort of contradicting feeling was reasonable because another lover was waiting for him at his destination. O'Neil Andrew Morisette always thought that he should thank this war. It was because of this war that he could create a chance to meet with Alanis again. If there was no war, he did not know how to explain all of these to his weak wife. Or maybe, he did not plan to explain at all.

Everything was the necessary destiny that one must go through when humanity was not tamed yet. This unbreakable destiny was as abstract as the slight light in the eyes, but also as clear as the veins on one's palm.



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