Chapter 197: Twenty-second Episode: Chapter 7
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"Your Majesty! Your Majesty! I've contributed so much to the empire… I've bled on the battlefield… Your Majesty…"

Fifteen minutes had passed since Oscar Andrew Morisette started waiting outside of Her Majesty the Empress's study. Just as he was getting thoroughly annoyed at the constant pleading and begging, the door of the study was opened widely all of a sudden, as two palace guards dragged the noisy man out of the room.

Oscar watched as the poor man, who brought trouble upon himself, was being dragged forcefully out of the palace. He predicted that the next step for the man would be an adjudication before being sent up to the guillotine.

"I've contributed so much to the empire… I've bled on the battlefield…"

The miserable wailing echoed throughout the palace corridor. Those nosy noblemen, who liked to stick their noses in other people's business, hid behind the closed doors. They knew Her Majesty the Empress was going through a terrible phrase recently, perhaps because of this corruption case, perhaps because of the robbers that had appeared in Dulin out of nowhere… Regardless, one should simply remain silent at this critical moment, never try to be flatter and toady, or to do anything recklessly. The folly earlier was stripped off his rank of nobility and sentenced with penal servitude for having done something stupid.

"Do you want me to cut off his tongue?" Oscar pointed to the ceiling as he entered the study. The annoying pleading noises still lingered around the hall.

Alanis shook her head as she left the throne seat and headed for her husband, "Forget about him. Still, I'm truly sorry to keep you waiting for so long."

Oscar shrugged nonchalantly. He pulled his wife into an embrace and planted a kiss on her forehead.

"I listened to Rudolf Hoss's briefing this morning!" Alanis looked at Oscar with worry. "But I still want to ask... what's going on? Is it Vijdeline Van Sukhoi's enemy? I find it hard to accept the explanation from the Chief of Secret Service who assumes this incident is likely to be the work of Aragon's Intelligence Unit from the Faran Kingdom. I'm slightly skeptical about Faran's Aragon capability, are they this powerful? I mean, Brondy is not that far away from Dulin. Does Faran really have such a power?"

Alanis explained herself further after studying the expression on her husband's face, "Of course, you are the expert in the field of Secret Services. I would like to hear your suggestions."

Oscar helped his wife back to the desk at the throne seat without hurry, "What are you occupied with?"

Alanis looked at her husband again. What was wrong with this man? His son was taken away, and this was all he cared about?

Her Majesty turned her head away sharply as if to hide her embarrassment. She then spread her hands helplessly at the messy pile of documents laid across her desk as she gave out a groan of frustration, "See this? This is the new town construction plan suggested by Adrione's major wine dealers; this is the latest staff work log of the Ministry of Military Affairs; this is a reconstructed blueprint of the Merlin Fort Imperial Manor; this is the… the mess left behind by that fella earlier who had just been exiled to Zaire Wetland!"

Oscar frowned at the mentioning of the Zaire Wetland. That was the most remote area of ​​the north of the Empire. Even the Deiss people, who were fond of invading sites, would not be interested in this wild and uncivilized land.

"What did that guy do?"

Alanis held her forehead in her palm, "That guy was the office clerk of the Bureau of Land Management for nine years! Can you believe it? For nine years! He had been lying about the local tax in several unmanned areas on the Zaire Wetlands to get hundreds of thousands of golden Tis as subsidies each year."

"Ola..." Oscar laughed. "Hundreds of thousands of golden Tis isn't really that much! Not long ago, the cabinet chancellor of the five provinces of the South was discovered to be involved in a bigger corruption scandal. The guy collaborated with unscrupulous traders and lied about the border port coordination tax. Each fake report was reported in millions!"

Alanis sighed deeply at her jubilant husband, "Tell me... Do you think I am useless?"

"Don't say this..." Oscar uttered after what seemed like forever. He walked to his wife and leaned gently against her while caressing her blond hair with affection.

"Everyone knows that you are a good empress!"

Alanis pushed the man away and retorted in a dejected voice, "I know you're only comforting me! I also know that I'm not a good empress! I have no idea what is going on in the minds of those men in the court, and I can't figure out the fault in those reports handed over by Finance Minister Almodovar Godzilla. I don't know why the Minister of Military Affairs and Combat Department never see eye to eye with each other. I… I'm even stupid enough to let the Faran kidnap someone right under my nose…"

"Alanis!" Oscar turned his wife's face around to his own. He had never seen Alanis being frustrated to this extent before. The Alanis he remembered was always so intelligent, so sensitive!

"Take it slowly! Little by little-"

"I know what you mean!" Her Majesty the Empress had gotten impatient again. Frustrated, she picked up the documents on her desk. "But Oscar, you know what? Everyone around keeps reminding me of how urgent and critical these matters are! How can I afford to slow down?"

Oscar had no words to retort against that, and could only watch in silence as his wife threw those documents away angrily across the room.

"My father told me that I would be a good empress! Marshal Alan told me that I would be a good empress! You also told me that I would be a good empress! Everyone keeps reassuring that I would be a good empress! But the point is… no one is teaching me how to be a good empress!"

Oscar pursed his lips and replied only after a short period of silence, "As long as everyone does their job well, then you could be a good empress!"

"And what if they don't?" Alanis's eyes widened.

"You know... my hometown Narcissus County also needs some coolies. In fact, we need a lot of them!"

Alanis laughed at the comment. She believed an empress who only knew to produce coolies was definitely not a good one, "Oh, my God!" Her Majesty jumped a little. "It's all your fault! I wonder how Vij is? She must have been terrified and devastated!"

Oscar left his wife to sit in a high-backed chair opposite the desk, "That's the other reason I came here, by the way."

"I'm listening!" Alanis spread her hand.

Oscar's eyebrows finally knitted together, "After the initial investigation, the Secret Service, as well as my military agents, still could not fully confirm that Faran Intelligence Unit is behind this kidnapping incident. However, these people are certainly part of our country's international hostility forces! The purpose of launching this attack has been made extremely clear, that is to control Lady Vijdeline Van Sukhoi in order to pry into the secrets of our research on firearms."

Alanis nodded and soon revealed a look of fear, "What are you going to do? Do you need me to give you and Rudolf Hoss a deadline to solve the case? This matter has already spread in the capital circle, who else will continue to serve the Empire loyally if this matter cannot be resolved?"

Oscar gazed at his wife. It seemed as if he wanted to discover something from his wife's eyes, but quickly he gave up. Both his rationality and emotions were telling him that Alanis had nothing to do with this incident! However, the instinct of a Chief Secret Service Officer was constantly reminding Oscar that the whole incident was filled with an unusual conspiracy. He had been around Dulin for nearly a decade and that had given him an instinct that picks up hints, much like a sly, cunning fox.

"My secret agents have discovered some clues, but until now we are still unable to determine whether the hostage is safe. So... despite the investigation work still going on, I don't intend to make this an earth-shattering news!"

Alanis looked over, "What kind of clues? Are there any meaningful ones?"

Oscar evaded his wife's gaze without making it obvious. His instinct was stronger because Alanis seemed more anxious than himself, and this made the whole event seem illogical.

"I will inform you when the investigators finally make a conclusion! By now I still can't tell if this clue is worth anything!"

Alanis masked her embarrassment with a smile as she also felt her husband was being rather secretive to her regarding this matter, "You just said that you don't want to attract more attention, but the Faran diplomatic envoy has already informed the capital headquarter this morning that a lot of suspicious armed personnel appeared near the Embassy of Faran!"

Oscar shook his head casually, "I'm sorry! I just came back from the scene and I don't know how to go about it. However, it is highly likely for those to be Sukhoi family's personal soldiers. You know what? If I hadn't demanded a death order on Torry just now, I believe that guy would have targeted all the cannons at Faran Embassy!"

"Thank God you stopped him!" Alanis' face has stiffened, "But Oscar, I have to remind you that this is Dulin, not your battlefield! If you launch an attack on the embassy of another country in the capital of Titan without conclusive evidence, I would have to open up a custom inquiry on you if the Westerners demand an explanation. Because attacking a country's embassy is the same as infringing the sovereignty of other countries. You should know this better than I do!"

"My Niz! Look at you!" Oscar suddenly burst out laughing, "You're not as bad as you described yourself! You're still so intelligent! So thoughtful! So-"

"Are you asking for a fight?" Her Majesty interrupted her husband loudly. She just couldn't understand how communication with Oscar always had to be this tedious.

The Imperial Prince stood up. He held his wife's large desk with both hands and covered his wife's face with the shadow of his body.

"Niz! I'm not looking for an argument, and I believe that's not what you want too! That kid means so much to me, you know that. So... wait for my news! Don't ask anything, and don't say anything. Be patient, focus on being the good empress that you are, and I will go on a massacre spree at the Faran Embassy! That's all I'm going to say!"

"Stand right there, Oscar!" Alanis finally jumped up in exasperation when her husband turned to his back.

Rudolf Hoss opened the door to the study, and he witnessed the sight of the imperial couple who looked like they were in a cockfight... Oh, no! A tit-for-tat struggle!

Oscar moved his body aside to make room for entrance, but the Head of Secret Service did not budge an inch.

Rudolf Hoss leaned his body backward to look at the sign of the study room. He then smiled at both the grumpy young people inside the room, "I'm sorry, I was just looking for the toilet, and… it seems that I've ended up in the wrong place!"

Alanis took a few deep breaths, and she sat back firmly into the emperor's chair inlaid with jewels and wrapped in cherished animal hides.

"That joke disgusted me!" Her Majesty the Empress glanced at the head of secret service with a chilly look.

"I will make my way if there's nothing more!" Oscar took the opportunity to flee, but he stopped by Rudolf when he made his exit, "I wish you both a pleasant conversation..."

The silhouette of His Imperial Highness the Prince disappeared into the palace hallway in the stifled laughter of the head of Secret Service. Rudolf Hoss gestured at the soldiers guarding the study door and that two Paladins immediately pulled out their swords across the chest. Without the approval of Her Majesty, anyone who broke in through the door would not end with a good fate.

Just as the head of Secret Service closed the door behind his back, Alanis, who suddenly appeared right behind, startled him. After seeing the empress's cold, expressionless face, Rudolf immediately put away his cynical behavior and appeared all serious.

"Your Majesty..."

"Don't call me that!" Alanis shouted loudly, and she slammed the head of secret service's chest with the back of her hand. "Have you been regarding me as your Majesty? Is this all you would do for your Majesty?"

Rudolf Hoss tried to make himself look like an honest elementary school student. He stood there and shriveled as if he didn't know what to do. He knew that Her Majesty would like to see him like this.

"I said that the empire's firearms development and production are on the right track, and you told me that it was time to get rid of the ambitious Vijdeline from my husband's side. I reminded you that my husband wouldn't give up on the matter, and you replied that you could set up a foolproof false front with the impatience of Faran. I argued that at least the child is innocent, and you insisted that no one is better suited to be the mother of that child than me! Then, tell me now! What are you going to say back to me when I say you are the stupidest, silliest, and meanest pig in the world!"

Looking at the empress who spoke incoherently, Rudolf Hoss could only nod his head, "Your Majesty, I'm exactly everything that you said I am!"

"What absurdity!" Alanis held her head in both hands as she scurried around in the study hysterically. To be frank, this was the first time in the history of Titan that an Empress had caused harm unto a person. It was also the first time she had been fiddling with the intention to conspire and plot. Not to mention her first time betraying her husband, or even worrying and frightening about for her own vicious heart of a python.

"I shouldn't have done all of this at your instigation!" Alanis jerked her head. "That's not right! That's not right! I've been thinking about it all day, Vijdeline... she... she did not do anything wrong!"

Rudolf Hoss rolled his eyes hard. It would not seem right to consider Alanis to be the innocent little princess who used petty tricks and her wisdom to wander through the world anymore, yet it was not entirely accurate to consider this erratic, indecisive young woman the empress of Titan as well.

At last, the Chief of Secret Service concluded that Her Majesty indeed excelled in some areas. However, she was only as shy as a virgin when it comes to killing people for properties, and activities like swindling and cheating. Both the anticipatory subconsciousness and the conscience toward the aftermath had flooded her mind, making her a much worst component compared to her husband!

This was what worried Rudolf Hoss the most! If Her Majesty was not trained to endure the highest level of stubbornness and fortitude, perhaps the future Titan Empire might be forced to change its name.

O'Neil Andrew Morisette was to blame for all of this! What this man had was enough to change the political landscape of the entire empire. Maybe O'Neil Andrew Morisette still had not realized this, but everything he was doing now was allowing him to walk a path toward danger!

If one day... O'Neil Andrew Morisette suddenly realized that he could rise to the top, then...

The Head of Secret Service shook his head intensely and wondered what he was thinking. This would never happen! Absolutely not! He had reached an agreement with the major Houses that had been loyal to the Morisette Imperial Family for generations. The head of Andrew House, the Marshal of the Empire, the Chief of Military Intelligence Bureau, would no longer have his way as smooth as before! Until the power of Her Majesty's mind had been exercised to a level of perseverance, until Her Majesty suddenly discovered that the person sleeping next to her was gradually turning dangerous from the inside out... He could never tell these things to Her Majesty the Empress, nor could he act in an obvious manner. He needed to steadily guide Alanis and continued to stimulate her at her nerves. He needed Alanis to be like a real Titan empress, rather than this person in front of him… this little woman who only complained and doubted!

However, of course, there was one more possibility. Alanis I Her Majesty the Empress was in love with her Prince of a husband, but this kind of love should resemble the kind between a lion and a lioness. Once the lioness discovered that the presence of the lion would endanger the population, it would make a determined decision to completely eliminate the potential harm! The thing was that no one knew for sure how much the Empress of Titan understood this kind of relationship, or if she understood it at all.

"Your Majesty, you were saying earlier... that Lady Vijdeline Van Sukhoi hadn't done anything wrong?"

Alanis snorted coldly, "Isn't that right? What did she do? Seduce my husband? I wasn't even married to Oscar when she delivered the child!"

Rudolf Hoss shook his head, "Your Majesty, I have to say that the wild ambitions of Lady Vijdeline Van Sukhoi and the extraordinarily dangerous things she has done are enough to threaten the empire."

"For... For example?"

The Chief of Secret Service smirked in his heart. He knew that Her Majesty was only going through the stage of frustration because of her lack of confidence. Deep down in her heart, hatred and the seeds of various storms had long since taken root, and it was now time for these new, eager shoots to be flourished.

"Do you recall the five-year development plan for the war?"

The Empress gave a look of disdain to the head of secret service, "Why do you ask? That is the program I personally approved."

"No!" Rudolf Hoss smiled as he shook his head. "Your Majesty, I mean the five-year development plan for the war that is implemented by the Andrew Military authority!"

"The Andrew's firearm manufacturing industry?" Alanis slammed her mouth shut. She did not know why she was shocked. "I... I have never heard of it! Are you sure?"

The Chief of Secret Service nodded with conviction, "We have confirmed that Andrew Haila Military authority has set up a pilot production base for gunpowder weapons in the area of ​​the Persian people, but it still did not escape my search. Besides, the Andrew House military technicians have been under the guidance of Lady Vijdeline Van Sukhoi. This was confirmed by the informant I planted in Sukhoi House."

Alanis pondered hard at the difficult question! That was indeed a huge obstacle! Her husband was the head of Andrew. In the past, she could have easily followed the tradition of the Morisette Imperial Family and engaged in innocuous tricks, but now... Her damned father entrusted the head of Andrew House rights to anarchy in the capital of the Empire. If the imperial family continue to engage in those small harmless acts like in the past, the sensitive Oscar would definitely roar with laughter at their little tricks.

The head of Secret Service noticed the Empress's look closely and realized this level of stimulation was not enough.

"Your Majesty, there is one more thing! The informant I planted in Sukhoi House once revealed a secret to me. Back to a long time ago, when O'Neil visited Grizzly Fortress, the Sukhoi House had come to an agreement with the Andrew House which was represented by His Imperial Highness the Prince. Although I am not quite clear about the contents of the agreement, it is nonetheless not beneficial for the Empire! So -"

"Shut up!" Rudolf Hoss quickly bit his lip as Alanis scowled.

The young Empress of the Empire thought about that over and over again, but she could always only come up with just one conclusion. Leaving such a wisdom and courageous woman like Vijdeline around her husband... was definitely not a good thing!

"Let's get back to the topic of this kidnapping incident!" Alanis suddenly turned around. The confused look on her face earlier was replaced with a blood-red blush.

"You promised me! That Vijdeline will be killed under the chaos, but now? She is still in my husband's arms. How do you explain yourself?"

Rudolf scratched his eyes and had to admit in slight embarrassment. "Your Majesty! There was a problem... with our informant."

"What's the problem? Speak up! Stop hemming and hawing!"

The head of Secret Service spread his hand, "I didn't disclose the whole plan to the informant, which was why we had some difficulties on... let me just tell you the truth! There should not have been guards beside Lady Vijdeline at the time of the incident, but in reality -"

"I know!" Alanis waved her hands impatiently. She didn't want to blame Rudolf for being cautious, and she also knew that the chief of Secret Service was not as stupid as she called him earlier.

"What about the little boy?" Alanis showed her interest again. If things went as planned, she would be able to secure her rights as the child's guardian at Vijdeline's death.

"The child is totally safe!" Rudolf was anxious to express eagerness so that Her Majesty could feel completely relieved, "I place him in an extremely secretive location, and... I can guarantee that no one but only the God of Light could hurt him!"

Alanis waved her hands impatiently, "No Rudolf! You didn't see my husband's reaction. He was never like this before! If someone offended him or took his possession away, he would spring up few meters tall like a frightened rabbit! But just now… to be honest, I was really scared of his reaction! He must have known something, and he said that he has got some clues!"

"What clues?" The Chief of Secret Service was also feeling a bit nervous now. He was quite familiar with the ability of his colleagues in the Military Intelligence Bureau. Besides, a large number of investigators in there used to be in his Secret Services Department. He had always kept himself updated on his colleagues' actions.

Her Majesty the Empress quickly shook her head again and again, "Oscar did not make it clear, that's exactly why I doubt that he had discovered something!"

Rudolf remained silent as his mind wandered. He had the worst intentions before instigating the plot, and the worst case had to be a complete break with O'Neil Andrew Morisette. Even a savvy officer such as the head of Secret Service could not tell whether this would be a good or a bad thing, therefore he could only take one step at a time. However, he was still constantly reminded by his subconscious things would get really interesting once O'Neil Andrew Morisette got hold of the truth behind this incident!


In the east of Dulin, there was a medium-sized museum called "Gazos" which was located on the north street side of the Ministry of Justice building. Gazos was the most famous traveling poet in Titan's ancient history, and this master of poetry had passed away in this museum. Today, the Gazos Museum displayed the master's manuscripts and some daily necessities. It also included portraits of many well-known masters. Normally, there were not many guests that frequented the museum, and the cost for operating this three-story building was supported barely by the descendants of the master.

Located right next to the museum was a studio gallery that seemed to have no name, and people could only explore it from the display on the window. Tea and drinks were provided upon arrival by the hospitable owner of this gallery. Whenever guests gathered around in the skylight studio of the gallery, the son of the host would serve some aromatic Italia coffee to the table. Only during the afternoon teatime would some precious English black tea be brewed. Of course, these black teas were specially made to entertain those who were willing to pay more. The owner of the gallery would put on an indifferent face when encountered with poor students or visiting painters.

Bitchell was the owner of this gallery while Hugh was the landlord. The two had been good friends for more than decades. They joined the army together, fought together, and finally joined the Secret Service together. However, not many people knew about their last participation. Most people who knew the gallery only knew that both of these guys were neurotic veterans.

Sometime in the morning, as they had done plenty of times, Hugh came to the gallery to ask for coffee and Bitchell served his guest with the best coffee he had. Then the two whispered away for a while and finally...

In fact, at noon, they uncovered the "Open" sign and shut the gallery door.

Almost no one knew the small gallery had a 30-square-foot basement, and the entrance to the basement was behind a mural that could be rolled up. Bitchell and Hugh were assigned to their current position when they first joined the Imperial Secret Service. Their daily work was very simple. They ran calligraphy and painting business like any other businessmen and kept an eye on the prisoners being kept underneath in the basement.

The prisoners in the basement were often replaced and not many had been allowed to stay there for about a month. That was because the Secret Service had their own secret prisons and only the most sensitive and dangerous criminals would have to often shift their positions, for example, take a look at this current guy! Bitchell and Hugh did not know how to describe this man. They had no idea what he was called or what had he done. However, the pharmacist from the Secret Service would inject him with a substance similar between the anesthetic and the hallucinogen every day. This was only enclosed to Hugh by the pharmacist once when he got drunk.

The dimly lit basement was lighted with two kerosene lamps. The lights reflected onto a bed, which was covered with a thick quilt on top of it. The sheets were all ripped apart by the prisoner. This eastern man, who most of the time was under the influence of hallucinations, wrapped a cotton cloth over the iron chains on his neck and ankles. The iron chains bruised his flesh, and he had to change the blood-soaked cotton cloths frequently. Now, the clothes on his neck and ankles began to smell bad again, and the prisoner had no choice but to tear open the last bedding.

Bitchell and Hugh opened the door to the basement. They illuminated the interior with torches, and the prisoner was seen sitting comfortably in the bed entangling the cotton cloth and iron chains carefully.

"You have a new roommate!" Bitchell, the thin figure, shouted into the dark.

Hugh, the other big man, whose face was full of acne, moved away slightly as a small, tiny figure appeared behind him.

Thirteen the assassin murmured something down his mouth, but the two Secret Service guards did not bother much. They pushed the little boy forward. The child did not cry or scream, nor did he speak. He crossed his arm tightly in front of him and remained indifferent to the urging of the two adults.

"Let me see what you are hiding between your arms," Bitchell was impatient. He grabbed the boy by the collar and pulled the boy's arm with the other hand.

The little boy was struggling as he had indeed hidden something in his arms. But he had no intention of letting it go, and as soon as the guard was about to pull off his clothes, Micath took a huge bite on the offensive arm.

Bitchell screamed aloud and threw the child out as if he was a sandbag. He was going forward to kick at the boy when the little one fell heavily on the slate. Fortunately...

His landlord stopped him. Hugh, the big man, helped the child up and smeared the blood from his mouth and nose.

"He's still small! He can't quite figure out why this has happened to him!" The landlord explained to the gallery owner, and Bitchell left after cursing with anger. Big man Hugh examined the eastern prisoner on the bed and soon left with his collaborator.

Micath finally let go of the breath that he had been holding in after confirming that the footsteps were far away from the basement. The four-year-old boy adjusted his clothing and patted the dust on his hands. He looked through the basement with his innocent, childish eyes. Although he was fearful of the stinky man, the only light source in the room nevertheless came from that direction.

The iron chains clinked even if Thirteen moved only the slightest. The little boy stopped his footsteps immediately, and appeared as if he was studying his "roommate". The King of Assassins could not help but sneer. He could not understand why his roommate was always such a little guy. Imagine how nice it would be if they were some blonde hair beauty.

Micath moved slowly and carefully like a big wolf-dog was in front of him. However, Thirteen still behaved as usual. He did not greet his new roommate but instead concentrated on checking on his own body.

His body had a huge kinetic energy, but those damned drugs were constantly inhibiting this kind of kinetic energy that used to surge within his body. They also hindered his normal thinking, and the thought of this always made Thirteen the assassin aggrieved. How perfect it would have been if he had fled Damorga with his little friends many years ago!

After what seemed like a long time, little Micath finally confirmed that his roommate did not have the intention to offend him, and that made him a little relieved. However, he still could not quite figure out the situation. He thought this was just another small game that his mother had arranged for him, but then again it did not feel quite like it.

The young master of Andrew did not care about the King of Assassins who was sitting on the bed. He casually released his arms that he had crossed so tightly in front of him, and the mini hand cannon within his arms immediately fell on the bed. Little Cath seemed to be thinking of something. Later, he skillfully disassembled the wooden handle of the mini hand cannon, and then gently pushed a small button on the handle, and a sharp knife sprung out from within.

The King of Assassins was attracted by the sound of this whistling blade, and as he shifted his attention he noticed the boy was still rummaging through his clothing. The little boy first took a small package of "coffee powder" from the inner pocket of his small camel coat, and then took out a few fingernail-sized lead balls from the outer pocket of the small coat. He placed all of these things on the bed. Finally, he put the pair of small hands on his chin and stared at the scarce pieces of the toy.

Iron pipes with wooden handles, paper bags that smelled of sulfur and nitrite, springy blade, and some solid lead pills. The King of Assassins could not put one and the other together, but he could tell that these were some dangerous toys. Perhaps his curiosity eventually defeated the years of accumulated loneliness, he suddenly asked the little boy, "What do your parents do?"

Little Micath blinked innocently at his roommate. Although he understood the question... what was it that his parents do again? He vaguely remembered his mother told him that his father was a big hero! What kind of career was a hero? Was it different from a chef or a nanny? He only knew that the Flea was not his father, and the man called Os… he could not recall. Anyway, the man who always smelled like gunpowder wanted Micath to call him his father, but the little one never cooperated.

"Orphan?" Thirteen placed his pair of dry and skinny hands above the child's head.

Micath felt somewhat upset. He was extremely sensitive to certain words, one such word is the word "orphan", as it referred to a child without parents. When Flea ignored him and his mother entered the laboratory, his condition would then be similar to the meaning of this word. He did not like this word.

"You... are orphan!"

"Haha!" The King of Assassins let out a delightful laugh, and continued to tousle the boy's hair, "You're right! I'm indeed an orphan."

Micath stared at his roommate. He knew he should apologize to him. He did not like the word orphan, perhaps the other person would not like it too.

"You're so big! But still… orphan?" The little boy tried his best to organize this sentence. He was unsure whether the other person could understand him.

Thirteen widened his eyes as he was confused at what the little boy was saying. The little boy's words were slightly slurred, he sounded like he had just learned to speak.

"You are an adult! But still… an orphan?"

"Hahaha!" King of Assassin's husky laughter echoed throughout the basement, "Little boy, being an orphan have nothing to do with age. Once you're born without parents, you will forever be an orphan."

Micath pondered for a long time, but finally, he understood the man words slightly better.

"Ola... that's it!"

Thirteen stared at the boy for a good long moment. He felt as if he had seen this little guy with a round face and brown braided hair before.

"What's your name?"

The boy revealed a relaxed look. The only time he would not stutter was when he pronounced his name.

"Micath... Andrew..."

"Micath... Andrew?" King of Assassins repeated in disbelief, and he lifted the little boy from the ground to his front, "Your last name is Andrew?"

Micath was shocked by his roommate's reaction, but he still nodded firmly. There was nothing to hesitate about, "Andrew... God's... Andrew!"

Thirteen sized the little boy up and down, but he did not think that such a coincidence would occur in the world. "Oscar! Who is Oscar to you?"

Micath cocked his head as he thought about it. He knew that Oscar was the strange man who smelt like gunpowder, but the man claimed to be his father, and that was somewhat ridiculous.

"Who is Oscar to you? Oscar? He's also an Andrew!"

"Oscar… Andrew?" Micath was very confused. Mother only told him that the strange man was a father and a hero, but she never told him that the man called Oscar was also an Andrew.

"Father? Andrew?" The little boy only intended to ask the adult for confirmation, but his roommate had misunderstood! The King of Assassins held the little boy tightly in his arms, and Micath's face immediately was buried into the other party's unruly hair. This was perhaps the most disgusting stench the little boy had ever smelt in his entire life. Just as the King of Assassins was being overflowed with emotions, the little boy could not help but retch because of the stink.

Was this a miracle or something? Or was Andrew really blessed by the God worshipped by the western people? How could this be possible? Thirteen was overjoyed he almost felt like crying. First, it was a little boy named Oscar, then now it was the son of that little guy!

"Okay! The plan is about to change!" King of Assassins removed the little boy from his embrace, and Micath voraciously gasped for fresh air.

"Do you want to leave this place?" The face of Thirteen was flushed with excitement.

Micath looked around his surroundings. He was extremely disappointed with his mother's arrangements, especially with the man who had caused himself to fall.


"Hehe! Some things never change!" King of Assassins murmured in a language that the little boy couldn't understand, then he kissed the little one again. "You looked exactly the same as your father when he was younger, like father like son!"

"Ola!" Micath's eyes widened with excitement. His roommate could speak foreign words. This was extremely new for him.

Thirteen positioned his little friend's son on the dirty bed and checked the kerosene in the lampstand. The guards would only come in three times a day, two of which were food delivery, and the other time was to accompany the damn doctor who injected those drugs into him. The King of Assassins had been fighting against these drugs with his firm will and near crazy self-mutilation. Although his body had been able to adapt to the illusion effects caused by the drugs, the efficacy of it would usually make him unconscious for some time. The kerosene in the lampstand showed that it would be some time before the next medication. Hence, the King of Assassins picked up the small switchblade that was hidden in the handle of the hand cannon. There should be enough time for him to deal with the yoke on the chain.

Micath had been quiet throughout the time. He was much better than his father when he first saw Thirteen. Oscar, at that time, would chatter nonstop without asking if his roommate would be bothered.

It took Thirteen a long time to open the yoke on the chain with his blade. He shook his hands to loosen the muscles then shook his head again. The King of Assassins of the Westland could finally take his partner for some exciting adventures! Nonetheless, he had no clue at all what this escape would cost the Great Empire! <script>chaptererror();</script>



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