Chapter 222: Twenty-fifth Episode: Chapter 2
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The sky was dark during dawn. It was about eight in the morning. The sun finally showed its greyish white figure in the sky. After a while, thick clouds gathered, and the bright sun disappeared. It was replaced by a few raindrops along a slight south-eastern wind. Maratore that was tortured by fresh blood and heat for one night finally became a little more refreshed.

The fortress was located right at the edge of the mountain. The light of the fire blinked under the dark sky.

The road at the southern wall near the overhang door had already collapsed. There were bodies and arrows at the ruins of walls. Those who approached this place did not even need to look to know how intense the battle was for the whole night. They could smell it in the air.

Chief Commander of Red Tiger Front of the Narcissus Knights General Murat stood on the tallest building in the fortress. Beside him was a flag-holder. The fiery red Fierce Tiger Narcissus Flag flew in the wind under the sky. The general stared into a distance while the Red Tiger Knights formed a dense formation at the left of the fortress. In the fortress, the soldiers of the battle group had given up their horses. They were eliminating the Slovenians who still did not wish to put down their weapons, house by house.

The reason why these defeated people were called Slovenians because the enemy who participated in the fortress war were not all soldiers. There were farmers from nearby and hunters from the plains. There was an incident where one of General Murat's group commander was stabbed to death by a woman, but who really knew what happened at that time?

General Kamille Rayen had always stood at the frontline. He had moved the frontline formation from the fortress overhang door to the fortress gate, then to the fortress wall. At last, the frontline disappeared. The whole fortress was in a war. Every window and door were the frontlines of the paladin! It could be imagined that the Battle Group paid a great price to control the situation. But this price was still acceptable to Kamille thanks to the artillery unit belonged to the Front. If these artillery companions were not there to bring such a great effect to the battle, regardless of whether it was Kamille or his Chief Commander, they would think that bringing Maratore Fortress down could only be done next week.

The rain would not ruin the cannon. The Red Tiger warriors had covered their cannons with raincoats. They were using the newly bought "DL" (Delin-styled) eight-pound cannon and six-pound cannon. Even though it was said to arm the whole unit, only Murat's Red Tiger amongst the Narcissus Knights owned these two types of cannons. And this was everything Andrew had.

According to genius Madam Vijdeline's statement during "Defense Construction Five-Year Program", a modernized army should have Granedier Division and Artillery Company as a basis. The factory under Narcissus Military Personnel Bureau still could not mass-produce the delicate mini hand cannons. After attaining the most advanced cannon blueprints in the world, the Narcissus workers could only ensure that they could produce one cannon weekly. This must also include the number of failed products.

Murat's Red Tiger was not armed with the mini hand cannon, but he knew the Military Personnel Bureau had the supply, but no one in the Narcissus Knights knew where these products had gone to. Murat was only able to fight for the first batch of cannons to arm his units. Even if 108 cannons could only arm two artillery companies, to make it sound more attractive, Murat gave the arrangement to his artillerymen. The truth was that the Chief Commander's narrow-mindedness was actually put to good use. Led by a group, the cooperation between the companies and the effect brought on by the artillerymen during the cooperative strategy had greatly increased.

"What about that side?" Murat pointed. He saw a series of intense cannon fires at one corner of the fortress. Then, the exploded place fell into chaos. The well-trained Red Tiger warriors came together.

A messenger rushed to the top of the floor hurriedly, his face full of happiness.

"Report, Sir. The First Squadron of the Battle Corps had successfully captured the enemy's commander."

Murat nodded plainly. He turned to the Ranger Division Commander who was by his side. "Talk to him. Go and take a look!"

Derula Han stood straight and saluted. Just when he was about to leave, he was called by the Front Commander. After thinking for a while, Murat said to him, "Let him die like a hero..."

The commander of the Maratore Defense Line was hung at the tower of the fortress in the afternoon, but he had already closed his eyes at that time. To show his respect, Derula Han stabbed his sword into this newly-known friend's chest without much torturing. His sword touched the person's heart and was pulled out. Derula believed that this friend did not suffer much pain before leaving the world.

But, the pain of having his country broken was not as easy as stabbing the heart with a sword. After this brave commander lost his life, the resistance at some places in the fortress broke down respectively. The injured Slovenians put down their weapons, but they did not surrender to the invaders.

The captured units left the battlefield under the surveillance of the Narcissus Knights. They held their heads high and stepped forward with pride. Only the injured soldiers helped each other in difficulty as they walked.

Every captured soldier saluted to their commander when they passed by his body. It seemed as if that sacrificed Marshal was still commanding the battle. A silent battle.

In the afternoon, the fortress resumed its silence. There was an only place that was still filled with noisy human voices. The resistance at Maratore's mosque was still ongoing. A group of loyal believers gathered in front of the mosque. These believers were soldiers, businessmen and villagers from the nearby village. When they had finished morning prayer, they sent the final notice to the invaders. The citizens of True God said, "You can conquer our land, but you can never conquer our whole tribe..."

Murat was completely irritated by two in the afternoon. He sent the whole artillery division there. 102 cannons (six were destroyed during the battle) could not spread out properly in the ruin-like fortress. The artillery division commander could only order the soldiers to take the cannon and moved to the leftmost building of the mosque.

Intense cannon fires began from two thirty until three in the afternoon. The loud noise and flying debris had covered the whole fortress in a terrible smog. The Narcissus Knights who was idle sat at the building near the mosque. They enjoyed their late lunch as they watched the white mosque disappeared slowly in the cannon fire.

Until four in the afternoon, the Narcissus Knights cleared out more than sixty bodies from the ruins of the mosque. The soldiers who had participated in the battle came to watch. They could hardly believe the enemies who had fought with them all this while was only this many.

The cleaning work of the fortress only announced its end during the third day the Red Tiger Front had finished preparing themselves. At this time, another news came. This news not only came as a shock, depressing and demotivating but also gave a strict warning to Lieutenant General Murat who just got promoted to the Chief Commander of the Front at the start of the war.

The location was Maratre mosque. To be more specific, it was an underground tunnel of the mosque.

The cannon attack on the 24th day had buried the entrance to the tunnel.

There were 279 people in the tunnel who died of due to suffocation. There was less than 30 percent of soldiers amongst these people. Most of them were women and children who hid from the battle.

Even though this was not intentional Murat strongly blamed himself for the consequences. The generals broke out in fierce arguments due to this tragedy. One side felt that they should go with it and prioritize the advancement of the army. Another side emphasized facing this issue properly to alarm the units and soldiers. This was to prevent similar mistakes in the future.

After careful consideration, the Front Commander accepted the latter view. He ordered all officers with the rank higher than platoon commander to participate in the cleaning work of the bodies. Thus, the Red Tiger Knights did not hurry with their journey but were busy running about instead. More or less they felt terrified when they faced mothers and sons who hugged tightly together as they died out of breath. However, many of them felt confused about this battle and the whole war.

The knights asked, "Why are we doing this?" and "What is wrong with us?"

The God-chosen warriors would not kill the innocent. Slovenians could be seen as innocent in some ways. They had not always been Andrew's enemy. Moreover, the old men in Narcissus County advised the young ones before they went out, "The Slovenians have helped us when Andrew was in trouble. They only chose the wrong path this time. The Head of Family and Marshal Figg only wanted to correct their mistake..."

Yeah! The Slovenians only chose the wrong path! The Narcissus Knights came to this neighboring country to correct their mistake! This sort of saying was soon accepted by all soldiers. Only that they did not understand there was no right or wrong in a war. When one began a war with the other to correct his mistake, history would usually let a third party be another person to correct the mistake. However, the third party would surely point to the person who started the war.


The sound of army boots stepping on the marble tiles was crisp to the ears. The footsteps were neat and full of strength.

Marshal Vann Hewitt Alan of the Titan Empire strode into the glorious walkway of Hamilton Palace. The doors opened before him one by one automatically and the large crowd of army officers was right behind the marshal.

Finally, they reached the final door. When the servants opened the door for the group of soldiers, the laughter of madams and ladies came from within. Empress Alanis was sitting gracefully on her throne and gazing upon these noble ladies who pleased her with mock.

Looking at these gentlemen who looked stunning in their uniform, the ladies burst into giggles. They paid no attention to the expression of these men at all.

"You came just right on time..." Alanis waved her hands at the door. She did not leave her seat, "We were just talking about your grandson..."

Silverfox Alan was not fazed by this. He walked into the Empress' guest room and let Marshal Robin, the Chief of Staff of Guards to have the seat.

Alanis blinked. She had not forgotten her place position, "What happened? Is my husband defeated in the war? Or did he got married again?"

The ladies broke into a laughter again. Marshal Alan straightened his chest that seemed to weaken with time. He only said one word to the wife of the Palace Chief who laughed the most overboard, "Get out..."

Alanis stiffened. She did not want her friends to think that she was afraid of this silver-haired old beast. However, when Marshal Alan looked over with a dark expression, the Empress swallowed the mock she was about to spit from her mouth.

"It was just a joke..." The Empress waved her hands, unfazed. The ladies who were humiliated retreated to the doors of the guest room on two sides. Only Marquise Cameron Wesarcia glared at the old Marshal with hateful eyes before she left. The distaste in her eyes was raw.

"You can tell me now..." Alanis said as she sat properly on her throne, "Combat Department, General Staff Headquarters, Military Intelligence Bureau, Military Equipment Department, Reserve Unit, Communication Department and National Defense Planning Office – the main people-in-charge of the three largest systems in the Empire are here! The combat system, indirect combat system and the reserve system – are we commencing the meeting regarding the expansion of Guards earlier than expected?"

"Your Majesty..." Alan gave a bitter smile, "Since the people-in-charge of the three largest military systems are here, for what other reason will we be here for?"

Alanis suddenly gripped her armrest tightly. Even if she knew nothing of military affairs, she was extremely sensitive to political affairs that would affect the war.

"You are saying that the Westland Kingdom Alliance doesn't plan to watch from the side already?"

"Yes! But this time, it will be worse!" The Marshal of Guards nodded as he looked at the Deputy Chief of the Military Intelligence Bureau.

Lieutenant General Tivoli Hadley walked out from the group of officers. He opened a red army report.

"Your Majesty, the Military Intelligence Bureau based in Deiss has sent a report on the 21st day of the 5th month. It said that the main army group located at the outskirts of the Capital Borensberg is on their way toward the south. At the same time, the Deiss SS Ranked Independent Armed Force is gathering at the border of Riel that is under our country's control from all directions."

"Deiss?" Alanis exclaimed in surprise. Ever since Alan launched the "Winter Attack" or ever since Queen Opareal Roulexberg was crowned, Deiss seemed to have completely quieted down. This Kingdom suddenly gave up their armed forces and changed their focus to deal with international relations with normal diplomatic strategy. "Has this hibernating beast finally woke up?"

"No!" Marshal Robin Sparse shook his head, "It's not waking up. It has been preparing this all along!"

"Yes, Your Majesty!" Lieutenant General Tivoli Hadley took over the topic rather hurriedly, "Such large-scale movement of Deiss' Supreme High Command is not something that can be done just by a sudden thought of Queen Roulexberg! My Analysis Division suspects that their Supreme High Command has been covering up the so-called basic defense construction. It is not meant for defense but for attack instead! From the situation at hand, their actions more or less prove that--"

"Don't be so quick with excuses!" The Empress suddenly waved her hands. She interrupted the Deputy Chief of Military Intelligence Bureau sternly, "This war maniac Deiss is planning to start his mad acts again. This does not concern the Military Intelligence Bureau. Moreover, I won't blame you for an information that cannot be verified."

Count Tivoli Hadley shut his mouth promptly. The Empress had guessed his intention accurately and embarrassed him. The Deputy Chief was probably afraid that someone would use this impossible-to-verify information to create trouble for him and the person behind his back.

"Marshal Alan, what do you think?"

Alan straightened his body, "Your Majesty, since Deiss has moved, then the Empire's soldiers and I will naturally not let you and the enemy down! The Northern Army Group has received the highest order to prepare for war this Friday. The units guarding Riel area have begun their retreat. When Westland Kingdom Alliance and Deiss have come together, the Western Army Group will guard at the traditional defense line without fail. At that time, Marshal Robin will carry on to the war area and oversee their work."

Upon hearing his name, Marshal Robin nodded to the ruler of the Empire. The old man's determined gaze was truly assuring. Alanis once again set her gaze upon the leader of the Guard.

"If a large-scaled war that could not be contained broke out, are you going to the north again?"

"Yes!" Alan nodded, "I am the professional in dealing with Deiss after all."

The soldiers present all smiled. This made the nerve-wracking atmosphere slightly bearable.

Alanis' smile did not seem to be assured. She furrowed her eyebrows, "Could it be that our diplomatic effort is in vain?"

Alan shrugged without much care, "I am sorry, Your Majesty! I am not that familiar with diplomatic affairs. However, before Prince O'Neil Andrew Morisette launched the invasion into Slovenia with the Southern Army Group, the Faran Royal Family had set their stand clear. If Titan starts a war first, then Faran will give up their neutrality for the sake of peace of the whole political situation in Westland! They threatened us by saying that they will interfere with armed soldiers during the second Anti-Titan Alliance anytime they want."

"I know of this..." The Empress groaned helplessly. This was the trouble her husband had caused, "Is the Southern Army Group Headquarters still unfazed by the Faran Kingdom Troops at our border?"

Alan nodded, "Eugene Mir Bradley has not replied the Army Division's question. Instead, the United Government has already planned to expand their reserve units. They have launched the city defense system in the middle of this month for each large city respectively." "What is Oscar thinking..." Alanis held her forehead irritatingly. At this time, she really needed her husband's explanation, but her Oscar was still doing strange things thousands of miles away from her.

"But, Your Majesty!" Silverfox Alan's old face was still brimming with confidence.

"You don't have to worry about the possible southern war! Just by their combat ability, the Southern Army Group used to be the last in ranking among the Guards. However, from their experience in numerous battles in these ten years, it could be said that the current Southern Army Group is the most experienced and capable army group of all. As long as General Eugene brings out his previous spirit in eliminating criminals, Faran's large-scaled invasion will not bring much effect to the south."

The Empress turned to the person-in-charge of the Communication Department, "Why hasn't the Communication Department received any official news? There wasn't even a meeting!"

The general who was responsible for this shook his head awkwardly. He did not want to state that the current situation was so terrible to the point of no return. Even if the possibility of Westland Kingdom Alliance starting a war without declaration is not huge, but the northern Deiss will definitely launch a fierce war without premonition.

"That is to say, regardless of the possible war from three sides, my Empire and I can only choose to endure it silently?"

"Endure it silently?" Alan asked distastefully, "Your Majesty, even those who are not familiar with military affairs know that there has not been any previous example of gaining victory when one was attacked from three sides at once in history. However, as a Titan soldier, I can proudly declare that the Empire has made all preparations to resist the invaders. All you need to do is to give us your blessings!"

The Empress blessed all soldiers who were present. She hopes that the Marshal could convey her blessings to every soldier who fought for the country. Alan indeed had done that. After he returned to his office, he immediately wrote the notice "801 Declaring the 2nd Defending War".

After meeting the soldiers who were either too blur or just too smart of the situation, Alanis could not help but think of these. (Could the three-sided war that has not appear in history before being won? Can our Guards win?) The Titan Empress was not familiar with military affairs but her sensitivity toward political affairs was stronger than that of a hunting hound.

If the three-sided war had been confirmed, then the enemy only needed to destroy one of the defense lines to enter Titan without much interference. They could head straight toward Dulin Plains and the Capital that was located right within it. If that was the case, the remaining two defense lines would be destroyed rapidly. In the end, the Morisette Dynasty might be fine but Empress Alanis Alfa Morisette would be the sinner in history forever. She would be snatched off her throne by the unfriendly Westlanders and be sent to a broken castle to spend her remaining life.


"But, will it really be that way?" Prince O'Neil Andrew Morisette was looking at the same notice but his companions seemed to think more to that.

"Yes, Your Highness! It is highly plausible!" Marquis Glen Alpre flashed a mouthful of white teeth that even a young man would envy.

"You have spent a short time in Deiss before. You should be familiar with the Deiss people and the powerful people in that Kingdom. Do you think my guess has no basis at all?"

Oscar shook his head. According to what Glen Alpre said, if Deiss really wanted to fight with Titan, then the current Northern Army Group would definitely not be able to stand against the Deiss Kingdom Troops who bet their everything on this!

"It shouldn't be that way!" Oscar still could not believe this matter easily, "If it is a few years back, the Northern Army group will definitely not be able to stand against Deiss but the current Northern Army Group has taken in armed troops of the Big Three from before, especially the infamous Heavy Infantry Group in Jebron Family--"

"That was a century ago!" Marquis Alpre interrupted the Prince rudely, "Why did Marsal Alan ignore the actual enemy in front of him and always stand against the Deiss? It is because he knew better than anyone that the Northern Army cannot stop Deiss' attack!"

Oscar was surprised, "It can't be? Knowing what Silverfox is like, if they are meant to lose against Deiss, he would've sent me to the north to direct this war."

The old Marquis shook his head, "Alan won't do that! Everyone knows the weakness of the Northern army. They all know that the northern border of Titan Empire is the weakest defense line. Alan has won all the wars he commanded. It is to tell the whole world that the Marshal of Guards is the person who created a miracle!"

"Why?" Oscar widened his eyes, "Alan is not some narcissistic person. I have never seen him behaving like that before."

"Alan is indeed not narcissistic!" Alpre said as he nodded, "But our Marshal of Guards is a soldier who is prouder than any soldier in this world."

Oscar wanted to say that this did not mean anything. Alan's pride was nothing to be feared of but Sasha E. who was sitting by his side knocked her husband's arm impatiently. Madam Andrew frowned.

She said to her lover frustratingly, "Here comes the bride. Please let my ears be at peace!"

Oscar could only shut her mouth obediently. He stood up with his wife together and applauded toward the direction of the church's door. Sunlight shined into the room as the door was opened wide. The bell rang, and the priest finally indicated for the panicky bridegroom to turn around. The man from Engels hurriedly turned around and was lost in happiness and in the beauty of his fiancé.

The melody of the usual choir mass began to sound from the large organ, but the cheers and the applause of the crowd covered the music completely. Wearing a white silk wedding dress, Elizabeth Kate gave off an aura of an angel from heaven walking into the mortal life.

She wore a veil that had diamonds on it and walked gracefully toward the crowd who welcomed her. Even if the bridegroom's seats were much less than the bride's side, her husband was still pretty considerate. The Engels Prince had not only invited the representatives of the royal family and the ambassadors who stayed in Titan, but also invited the powerful Engels nobles and businessmen.

Covered by a veil, the singer's expression could not be seen. However, as her bridesmaid, Lady Trinity could feel the bride's emotion. Elizabeth was gripping Trinity's hand tightly as if a drowning person was holding on to her last straw. That force almost made Trinity screamed in pain.

After the bride was in position, Oscar stood up. He walked to Elizabeth, gave his adopted daughter's arm to the expectant-looking Prince William. The Oscar whom Elizabeth saw was only a blurred shadow. She opened her mouth, but no one knew what she wanted to say.

The priest conducted the marriage accordingly. When he finally announced that a Princess of Morisette Dynasty and a Prince of Engels were finally married, William lifted his wife's veil. However, Elizabeth blocked her husband's lips hesitantly, and said lightly, "Thank you...thank you..."

The intelligent Engel Prince subconsciously looked aside. He saw O'Neil Andrew Morisette nodding his head at his wife.

The couple finally kissed. Led by young men who admired Elizabeth, the whole Church become heated up. Numerous smiling faces surrounded the couple as they walked out of the door. Just before she went into her husband's carriage, Elizabeth suddenly smiled cunningly at Oscar who was hiding in the crowd. Then, she turned around and threw her hand banquet at her stepfather's direction. O'Neil Andrew Morisette was her first man in a true sense. He was worthy to receive the bride's blessing.

Screaming single ladies all rushed toward the bouquet crazily, but they were stopped by the guards surrounding the Prince. Seeing the bouquet falling right into his hands, Oscar could not help but smile bitterly. (What have I done?)

The Young Lady snatched the flowers from her husband without any change in her expression. She hit Oscar's forehead strongly, "This does not count as a blessing from god!"

General Janin Sherman who was beside the Prince laughed frivolously, "Look! Madam is trying to stop you from getting married!"

Oscar glared at the Chief of Military Intelligence Bureau based in the south who thought he was smart. Janin turned his head away awkwardly.

When the Prince finally got out of the passionate wedding, it was already very late. Earlier, a drunken Prince William jumped on the table and announced loudly to the guests that he was going to be a father.

Whenever Oscar thought about it, he felt useless. Before this, that boy of Opareal would be ignored. If the situation was made clear at that time, that was something that was unacceptable to a Deiss Queen and Titan Prince. (But what about now? What about Elizabeth? What about that child?) Oscar thought.

According to the sayings of Marquis Glen Alpre, to a ruler, the human and things in this world were all the tools of a ruler. It seemed that even the children were included. If that was not the case, why would there be political marriage, hostages or fight between brothers?

The joining together of an Engels Prince and a Titan Princess was a political symbol. The strong country that signified the land and the newly established ruler of the sea had formed an alliance that was not strong but extremely effective. The Farans would be drowned in unease and the Hoillanders would not be able to sleep because of this.

This marriage was undoubtedly very successful! Titan had opened a rather wide opening in the chain of Westland Kingdom Alliance. When the Farans wanted to launch an attack toward the Titans from the north, they would need to be wary of the Engels' ships that might sail straight from Jebrotoh Strait. This might spark the second battlefield of the Kingdom. This way, Faran will be attacked from both sides, not any better than Titan which will be attacked from three sides. The Faran king who had not properly attained the official power would have to sit down with the enemy for negotiation. At that time, that negotiation would be worse than the first time.

As for the Hoillanders, most of them had the same attitude as the West Percians. Before sea trading was popular, the Hoillanders and the West Percians were discovering a trading option. It was them who first confirmed a safe trading route on the sea. Then, the Engels came and snatched it away.

Thus, the Hoillanders were afraid that the Engels who had become increasingly strong would snatch the last piece of meat away from the plate. If that was the case, dealing with Titan was not that important. They should first reach a peace agreement with the Engels. At least, they should make sure the Engels keep their word.

Now, the Engels were trying to divide the Slovenian sea with Titan and West Percy. The Farans would never sit quietly because they would not allow Engels' warships to come and go in front of their houses.

For Hoilland, the ruler of this kingdom had to be Luth VII. He seemed to have not learned his lesson from the terrible end of the First Anti-Titan Alliance. He had not received the trust of the Engels and did not care much about the possible war at sea.

He wanted to return to Titan so badly and to stand up from where he fell. Even though such spirit was praiseworthy, his tendency to emphasize on status and narcissism made others lose their faith in him. Thus, the Faran King left the Hoillander King out of the leaders' group of the Second Anti-Titan Alliance. They only ordered him to provide the essential number of soldiers.

Luth VII was naturally furious with this arrangement. That feeling was as terrible as getting his bottom violated. Thus, the Hoilland King began to pull Faran back. Firstly, he did not provide enough soldiers and did not provide ample financial support to put into the war. Lastly, it was his deteriorating health that failed him. It was until the Farans had divided the combat army group at the west border of Titan into two and left one of it to Luth VII that everything had begun to go smoothly. However, O'Neil Andrew Morisette had attained his first and most important strategic result in Slovenia at that time. Once that captured king had confessed his sin at the Roman Church, the Westland Kingdom Alliance's military interference towards Titan seemed to be unnecessary. Since the king had already confessed his mistake, should others feel unfair for him for no reason?

If Titan did not plan to take the sea route, it would still be a mystery whether the Second Anti-Titan Alliance would appear in history. Upon entering the eighth century in Church Calendar, the westland countries all had set their gaze upon the profitable sea trading business. The most attractive of all was not snatching land from others but to own a large number of unowned lands.

The idea of a colony was first introduced by the Engels. Even though this concept seemed to be more civilized than the West Percian from the previous generation, the nature of it was the same.

Since the land's political map was already profoundly established, then the fight over the overseas colony would come earlier than expected. The hundred-year war between Faran and Engels was only the historical hate between the two countries. In present times, the most fundamental reason that these two sailors fought with each other was places where they could dock their ships. However, these places could be a small port or a land that was equivalent to more than ten Engels.

No matter what, the Westland Kingdom Alliance had reached an agreement on one issue. If the giant Titan had interfered the sea affairs, then how much stronger did this country intend to become?

So, they must first deal with Titan! Destroy the largest armed groups that had the longest history in the world!

During the first season of Year 801 in Church Calendar, when O'Neil Andrew Morisette sent his army to Slovenia without caring about other countries and their clash of interests, the Westland Kingdom Alliance had sent their officials to run about in secret. They gathered forces and discussed steps to bring this giant down.

Here, even O'Neil Andrew Morisette had to admit that his companions and he had underestimated one person. Leoliam I of Weden Kingdom actually agreed wholeheartedly with the Second Anti-Titan Alliance.

Weden seemed to plan to give up the Plantagenet Knights who were discovering Anatolia Plains. They had prepared a huge army group made of one hundred and ninety thousand people for the Anti-Titan Alliance. Leoliam I even publicly announced to provide political protection for Titan Queen Rolyn Kate Karl Arnorld Morisette in the middle of the 5th month.

This surprising news arrived in Dulin two days later than the news of Deiss Front. We could see from the confusing word and comments in the newspaper that the Titans were very upset by this matter! Hadn't the official notice from the Imperial Secretariat said that the Queen was staying in a monastery to serve the God of Light? Then what sort of dream was the Weden King spouting now?

Once the lie had been uncovered, the result that followed was naturally shocking. There were all sorts of rumors in Dulin city. Some said the Empress killed her father and forced her mother away to get the throne and some said the Empress ordered the Queen away to strengthen her position. We would naturally not talk about all the exaggerated rumors in detail. However, the Empress of the Empire knew very clearly that her Empire and that golden chair under her had never been so weak as of now.

Without a doubt, O'Neil Andrew Morisette's comment on Leoliam I was right. This king's mind was as clear as water! He accurately took hold of the trump card to send the Titan Imperial Family into passivity. Once this card was used well and logically, the Westland Kingdom Alliance could easily escalate the Slovenia war into a war to decide the ruling of the Morisette Imperial Family!

Even though it was still war, the previous one did not have much meaning and the stand was not very solid. Meanwhile, the latter should hit right at Alanis' weakness. Once the Empress bore the sins of torturing her mother, killing her brother and getting the throne through illegitimate means, the other two Titan Princesses married to other countries could easily bring their husbands into the Empire. But of course, the army of the Westland Kingdom Alliance should arrive at Titan's Capital before this can happen. Then, they could begin their work for next stage.

Even though O'Neil Andrew Morisette had thought of this possibility, he had not much patience to properly discuss the actual working of this matter. Eight hundred thousand of Guards were not a decoration. Silverfox and the experienced Marshal Robin were not children who would be bullied by others easily. No matter how much effort the Westland Kingdom Alliance had put into, the Titan Prince still thought that the three defense lines would not have much issue.

Take the land under Southern Five Region as an example. If the Farans launched an attack, their main aim must be Burton Province at the northwest of the Alps. Also, the final destination would definitely be the Capital of Southern Five Provinces, Vielonna. According to the final arrangement in Lighthouse Strategy, the defense at Burton Province and Vielonna would be ensured by the whole Southern Army Group.

At the defense route at Vielonna that headed straight towards the border, the Guards had managed ten fortresses and base camp. There was also the defense circle that had Austella at its center right outside of Vielonna. After reducing the defense, the Guards in the Fifth Region would all gather in this pre-war venue with a diameter of twenty-nine kilometers. At that time, the once Southern Hercules would test if the Farans' bones were made of coal.

But, there was something Prince O'Neil was worried about. The fact that the Weden had brought out Queen Rolyn Kate had alarmed him. The fact that he did not think deeply about it did not mean that he had not thought about it at all. The result of "not removing the roots during weeding" had been proven by history before.

After the wedding of the Engels Prince, O'Neil Andrew Morisette sent the Deputy Chief of Southern Military Intelligence Bureau to discuss with Engels' Department of National Ocean Measurement and West Percy's Etha secretly. With the spirit of "removing the roots of all problems", Prince O'Neil requested that the Engels must hand over Titan's previous Secretary of State Kachev Drakas Ferdinand. No matter what, he wanted to see him alive or dead. Meanwhile, the Southern Military Intelligence Bureau would send capable agents to West Percy Etha to carry out a secret mission. It was to assassinate the members of the Hagrid Family that were banished by Alfa III His Majesty. The list of assassination even included the once infamous Boustead family and many people who hid overseas and carried out anti-Titan activities.

As a result, when this list was presented to him, O'Neil Andrew Morisette realized in satisfaction that all that could threaten him were on the list. Therefore, the Titan Prince brought his wife away from Vielonna for a trip as if this world was at peace and blessed.

According to his plan, Oscar planned to meet the captured Slovenian King at Bodega's Capital Palmaria. After reaching an agreement, he would send this King to Roman City. Other than that, Oscar was not assured just yet. His combat units had not finished their mission. He had not attained the gold in which he had promised the Southern government as well. But, he felt that he was missing something. It was this thing that could not be stated clearly that made him nervous and uneasy. Just like how he was during his dangerous incident in Deiss.



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