Chapter 231: Twenty-fifth Episode: Chapter 8-1
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Coming to senses from the mass gospel of the Holy City of Rome and the smell of candles, people would find Dulin was silent, cold and stern. It was probably because the people did not know how power and poverty of the city had come and passed by the journey in life. Dulin city was still calm as usual. Even the passing by of a prison carriage of the patrolling soldiers could not change its air.

Some said, "I would rather live in a wooden house in Dulin city than a large mansion with fifteen rooms in the village." Dulin was the melody of life that was composed with status, power and all bustling illusions in life. At this place, millions of candles brightened the starry sky. The moon in the 8th month was just like a gleaming silver plate hanging by the tall wall. Citizens who wore summer clothes and beautiful hats were going about on the streets. They were just like flies that had jewels embedded in them crashing around the magnificent buildings.

Through the steel window, the prisoner who once roamed the world gazed upon this scene. Almodovar Godzilla's fat hands grasped tightly around the steel bars. The rain last night made him delightful. The rain had brought the steaming heat away from the prison. Just like how he held his hands out now, the Finance Minister cupped a handful of rainwater and washed his face thoroughly. He was just like a traveler who had just returned from the desert.

Through the majestic city, what could the Sea Creature see? Desert! Desert of humanity and desert of power. The desert is full of poisonous snakes, scorpion, color-changing lizards and all sorts of scavengers. There should not be a human in the desert. That was to say, there was no human in Dulin city, just a bunch of walking dead who were stimulated by status and power to the extent of going nuts. Meanwhile, Almodovar Godzilla was no longer the Sea Creature. He was a wild elephant on the verge of dying in the desert. Now, the ants were biting into him, the lions were tearing him apart, the hyenas eating away his meat and those stupid animals that the wild elephant used to ignore like snakes and rats were dashing in and out of his huge body. It seemed that only the eagle did not care about the delicacies in front of it. It was only looking from afar just like O'Neil Andrew Morisette. However, the wild elephant knew that the eagle was waiting for it to decay. When all had lost interest in the dead carcass emitting a bad odor, the eagle would throw itself at him and take everything away with its sharp beak, leaving behind the wild elephant mere bones.

The lawyer was here.

The prison opened wide. The Chief Bureau of Prison of the Ministry of Justice was right behind the lawyer. The Sea Creature did not even need to look at these two people to know what sort of role they were playing in this matter. That lawyer must have already received something from Prince O'Neil and that Chief Bureau must have received a hint from the Army Division.

The Sea Creature knew that they were trying desperately to make him succumb. In Dulin city, at least half of the noble's circle or even the whole circle wanted him to go to hell. Almodovar understood this well. He was clearer than anyone else of this point. What did the living things in the desert afraid of? Plague! The wild elephant with the virus was the plague. Everything that he had touched was deadly.

The Sea Creature would not let these people do what they wanted! When the discussions and the evidence of the Secret Service Department vaguely pointed towards the upper level of Army Division, he already knew that he was only a knife of O'Neil Andrew Morisette. This knife could stab a lot of people to death. So, let O'Neil Andrew Morisette have his dream! The Sea Creature would not do what others wished him to. The Sea Creature would not cooperate! He only spat a word toward the statement on the testimony - "No!"

"You can't carry this on!" The lawyer was pale. He felt that he was on the verge of breaking down.

Almodovar sniggered coldly. His thick fats replenished the exhaustion of his body and mind. He knew that he was in danger in every single moment. Also, he was clear that there was not much chance to bargain for a prisoner locked up in the Ministry of Justice. It was O'Neil Andrew Morisette who caused him this dire situation. It was also O'Neil Andrew Morisette who had let him live until this moment. If it was not for the people involved in the corruption whom O'Neil Andrew Morisette needed were still not captured, the Sea Creature knew that he had died countless times.

"You don't understand, I don't think those accusations are true."

The lawyer took away his scrolls, defeated. He could not understand the determination of the Finance Minister. Wasn't the condition extremely clear? If the Sea Creature was able to point out those in the Army Division and the nobles who were involved in money laundering with him, then the judgment on him would be dragged out forever with no end. This was because there were too many people involved and it was essential to judge all these people before the Ministry of Justice dealt with the perpetrator.

"I can't see which is more attractive – life imprisonment or guillotine!" Almodovar spread his hands toward the steel door of the prison. He signaled for them to leave.

The lawyer shook his head. He stood up from his seat and consoled his client with a relief tone, "Well, you don't need to be so worried. This case is still positive. After all, the witness already publicly announced that her testimony no longer stands."

"What did you say?" The Sea Creature was shocked. He grabbed the lawyer by his collar.

The Chief Bureau did not detain the prisoner's dangerous action. He only patted the fatty's shoulder, "This is a good thing. Don't be so worked up. Lady Edamorl Havink has given up the accusation toward you."

"Why did she give up? She shouldn't!" Almodovar Godzilla became furious. He turned the table over and kicked his bed. It was as if the whole world was his enemy except for the woman who betrayed and lied to him.

"What is wrong with you?" The lawyer gave a smile that was laced with ill intention, "The Secret Service Department had lost their strongest witness. Even though this case is still troublesome, at least you won't have to worry about guillotine now."

Almodovar carefully adjusted his breathing. He admitted that he had lost himself for a moment there, but he was not an idiot. What was wrong with Eda? Had she gone crazy? No matter what, since Eda was from the south and the spy sent by O'Neil Andrew Morisette, then she should not give up her accusation. However, she had given up! What did this mean?

The Sea Creature could not understand this. He only knew that his lover was in danger. The danger stemmed from those who controlled and ordered her. Those people would not allow the last trump card to lose its weight during the last moment.

"Let's be honest! What has happened to Eda?"

"Don't worry!" The lawyer took the wooden table back to its place and held the chair up. He sat on it calmly, "Lady Havink is pregnant. Maybe she has found her conscience. Maybe that child in her has given her courage. In the end, she just gave it up."

"Pregnant..." Almodovar was surprised by this word, but he soon realized that he was going to be a father! A small sea creature! Oh no! A small Godzilla!

The baby made the father very excited. Hadn't he wanted to have a child with a woman he loved? Even though he was always confused by Eda's contraceptive measure, he did not need to worry about such things now. His Eda served the enemy but now went against the enemy's will for his child.

After realizing this, the Sea Creature sat down as well. He was still proud and cunning as before, but he would not disappoint Eda and his child.

"Tell me...what is O'Neil Andrew Morisette's condition?"

The lawyer and the Chief Bureau exchanged a glance. It was done! The latter went out of the prison without a word and locked the door tightly from the outside. Along with an order, the guards at the corridor had all retreated to a distance away.

The lawyer listened to the sound outside the door. After a while, he took a list out of his pocket, "You are a smart one! Then you should know what these names represent."

The Sea Creature looked at the list and his face became stiff. There were indeed a few names in the list who were involved in corruption, but more than half of the names had no relation to this case at all. In terms of cruelty, malice and conspiracy, it was nothing less expected of O'Neil Andrew Morisette who graduated from Damorga with distinction! Maybe, the Sea Creature still needed to continue some study in Damorga at this age.

"Phetrick Natriz, Chief Bureau of Transportation of Army Division...I remember this guy would usually collect one-tenth of the transportation fee when he collects it from the Ministry of Finance. Out of this portion, some will be left for me and another portion will be left for his higher-ups."

"Good!" The lawyer clapped his hands. He knew if the Sea Creature still loved that woman, then he would definitely compromise.


The Sea Creature saw the next name, "Lieutenant General Alexis Bront, the Chief Architect of Combat Department of Army Division. This is a rather outrageous one! He even dares to take the construction fee of the Guards for their army base. I have helped him with the account twice."

"The next one..." The lawyer's eyes were gleaming. He could not wait to eliminate these worms from the country as if he was also the holy disciple of Prince O'Neil Andrew Morisette.

"Well, this..." The Sea Creature thought for a moment. His face was full of mock, "Lieutenant General Albert Traison. He manages the Planning Bureau of Army Division well. His integrity is well-known and has not even touched a pen in the Army Division. Towards such a just soldier, I can't say much. Moreover, if Marshal Alan knew that I lied about his people, there won't be any good days for us in the future!"

"I must remind you!" The lawyer suddenly glared at him, "At this time, it should be enough worrying about yourself and that child of yours!"

The Finance Minister nodded, "I have a condition!"

The lawyer spread his hands, "I must get this point over clearly. Prince O'Neil Andrew Morisette will not reply to you. He is not related to this matter at all. He has not even seen your woman."

"Of course, I believe that!" The Sea Creature laughed. Why would Oscar appear at this place?

"Tell that person who keeps his promise! During the period when I am in prison, he must ensure the safety of Lady Edamorl Havink and that child!"

The lawyer nodded, "Of course! This is the most basic thing. Also, I don't mind telling you this. I have already arranged for Lady Havink's visit here tomorrow. At that time, you will be able to make sure she is safe."

The Sea Creature chuckled. His gaze was set on that list again, "Lieutenant General Albert Traison's character is doubtless. Just that, his son is a spendthrift. It's not the first time that greedy kid uses his father's name to do whatever he wants. The Military Intelligence Bureau should know how to deal with that."

The lawyer pointed to the list in satisfaction, "What about the next one?"

Almodovar stretched a bit, "How about we call it a day here? I need a shower, shaving, new clothes and a double beef steak set. I won't make it difficult for you for the wine. Limorka White Wine of Year 680 will do."

The lawyer stood up and bowed like a polite servant, "Please give me a moment. I promise that your request will be satisfied within the next half an hour!" It seemed that Almodovar would no longer be the prisoner. He had once again become the powerful Finance Minister.

When night arrived, the sky changed. At first, it was the wind, then thick clouds moved from the northwest direction. In a short span of 15 minutes, the whole Dulin city was shrouded with clouds. A sound of thunder shook those who were asleep, and soldiers dashed out of their camp. They were busy running about under the national flag. They did not know who was the one who tied the rope tightly the night before.

The Golden Lion Flag shook violently under the outrageous wind before the storm. The clothes flapped loudly. At last, the wind stopped and the soldiers by the flag post had already taken the national flag off. The Golden Lion sighed helplessly as it longed to be at its own post. At that position, it was capable of gazing upon the heaven and earth and this great empire of long history.

"Please give it to me!"

A crisp female voice made the soldiers on-site looked around in confusion.

Alanis repeated herself, "Please give it to me!"

"Your Majesty--" A soldier suddenly recognized the voice and was the first to salute Her Majesty the Empress. The soldiers around him clumsily moved around. Not long after, they had become stiff statues like their officer.

Her Majesty the Empress Alanis I of Titan Empire roamed at Victory Square at midnight. The people who saw this were extremely surprised. Didn't the rumors say that Her Majesty only liked the opera and artist's tricks in the palace? Why would their ruler talk to a bunch of lowly soldiers in the middle of the night?

The soldiers saw the face of Alanis. The Empress came out of a team of glorious-looking palace knights. She took the flag that represented the Empire, or herself. The Golden Lion had bathed in a storm. It was not as beautiful and glorious as before. Alanis kissed the flag lightly. Then, rain fell as if they were tears, soaking the flag wet. The Golden Lion seemed even weaker now.

"Your Majesty..." The head of the Secret Service Department groaned. He knew what this Empress was thinking.

Wasn't that official letter from Italia Kingdom's Manuel Royal Family clear enough? Her husband was getting married again! From a man's view, O'Neil Andrew Morisette was truly a lucky one. Even though his surname had given such rights to him, it was enough to drive all the men in the world crazy with envy.

Alanis was the Empress of Titan Empire. Other than that? She was no different than any woman in this world. She liked beautiful dresses and accessories, beautiful men being nice to her, compliments about her appearance and people who would enjoy her humor and attitude. Tracing its source, she liked O'Neil Andrew Morisette. She doubted it, denied it, compromised with this knowledge, and even worried for her husband! But what had she gotten in return? The crown on her head, the endless documents to deal with, endless corruption cases, threats from the Westland Kingdom Alliance and the coming war.

She was a woman. She needed a man to console and motivate her at this time. She needed a shoulder for her to lean on. This did not mean that she was not strong and determined enough. She was simply a normal woman. Everyone thought that she was the Empress and she was not normal. She could not possibly tell everyone that they were wrong, could she? She was indeed an Empress, so she could not say it. She could not do the things that showed that she was a normal woman. When Italia sent the official document to her, she told the messenger to congratulate Italia's Royal Family and her husband's new wife. When the pressure at three defense lines intensified, she told the soldiers of the Empire that the Empress would win this war without fail. When her husband turned the Capital around thousands of miles away from here, the Titan Empress told him that...

What could Alanis tell him? He had reached his aim, but what of her? Did he care about her wish, her emotion and her helplessness?

The rain became heavier. At first, it was a few drops just like tears, then it became a cacophony of noise. Raindrops fell from the sky to the ground hurriedly. Along with the thunderous sound and the sharp lightning at the edge of the sky, Dulin city brightened and darkened accordingly. Amongst the pale light, a weak madam could be seen standing at the Victory Square. Beside her, or to be more specific, around her ten meters in radius, the soldiers of Guards and palace knights filled the place. The place was crowded under the rain.

Standing in the rain with the ruler of the Empire. This was a pride that could not be gained in a few lifetimes of the soldiers!

But what was wrong with Her Majesty? What was she doing?

Alanis was crying. Only by standing in the rain that she was able to cry to her heart's content. She no longer wanted to care what Oscar was after because the answer was already clear. Maybe he was not doing this intentionally but he was destroying her. She did not want to care what was wrong with Morisette Dynasty because the answer was already clear. The Second Anti-Titan Alliance was not the same as that at any time in history. If the enemy before only wished to stand against Titan, then they planned to destroy this country this time.

So, she cried to her heart's content!



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