Chapter 232: Twenty-fifth Episode: Chapter 8-2
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After crying, it was Her Majesty's closest friend, Madam Cameron Wesarcia who dragged Alanis back to Hamilton Palace. According to a palace servant who witnessed the whole incident, Madam Wesarcia gave a nice slap to the ruler of the Empire. The Empress was stunned and immediately stopped crying.

"What use is there of crying? You are not a cute wife who is bullied!" Cameron was furious. She did not seem to care that the Empress' face was red and swollen. She gazed upon her masterpiece as if she was proud of it.

Alanis touched her cheeks. She smiled bitterly. (Look at how I am doing my duty as a Titan Empress? Getting slapped by a Marquise!) Alanis did not think that it was something punishable but instead she appreciated Cameron's courage. The ruler of the Empire treated it like a nightmare. She stumbled into the huge palace bathroom with a bunch of panic-stricken servants.

The servants helped her change and lit up the expensive musk aroma. They massaged her stiff body due to the rain. At last, Alanis sat in the wide bathtub with only Cameron and a few trusted companions by her side.

"Everyone, speak up. I beg of you..."

Since Her Majesty had requested it, the madams who began the shower at three or four in the morning had to remain awake. They tried desperately not to feel sleepy under the steam and searched for an interesting topic to cheer up the Empress. At first, their topics resolved around Dulin city and the noble's family's entertainment news. Following that, the topic extended to a few men. If one listened closely, she would have realized that all men were useless and took advantage of women. At last, intentional or not, the topic became a little odd around one particular handsome guy.

A madam said that this handsome guy was having an affair with his neighbor who was a wealthy madam. She could make the whole matter sounded noble, but this madam said she was filled with envy when she thought of his guy. Her Majesty smiled and the women followed.

"Do you want to know what happened to that guy?" This was the story-teller trying to attract attention. The Empress would not step into the trap so she calmly waited for the story. That madam continued to say that the guy was probably a secret agent of the Military Intelligence Bureau. He conspired with the woman and became a witness to her husband's corruption issue.

Everyone stopped talking. The bathroom fell into a deadly silence again. Alanis scanned her friends' face on alert. She knew this story was not just a story. Even though she understood this story was to advise her to step into the corruption issue of the Ministry of Finance, but before she did anything, Alanis must confirm one thing. When did these women begin to come together? Who asked them to say these words? Who ordered them to do so? These people were all her closest companions. Alanis knew very clearly that if she listened blindly to them, she would not need Oscar to destroy her. These people were able to send her to her death many times.

After a long while, the Empress did not reply. The madams in the bathroom all seemed disappointed. However, they had obviously come to a conclusion before this. If Her Majesty did not speak of Dulin's chaotic political situation herself, then these women who did not hold any post would never talk about it again.

The Empress went out of her bath. The servants were in a long line in the corridor. They held large stacks of towels and the Empress' new clothes.

After soaking in the rain, Alanis had a terrible headache, but she still returned to her study. Even if everyone requested her to rest as soon as possible, she rejected all of them sternly. She said that there were some things that must be done.

Take the capability of Secret Service Department for example. If they put in enough effort in a corruption case, it was only a matter of time when everything became clear. Moreover, the agents of the Secret Service Department had always been good at catching the seemingly unimportant news and interrogating criminals. If the Empress' decision was conveyed more properly, then the issue was not as troublesome as everyone had thought. The truly troublesome matter was to exclude the original perpetrator. The way they limit the depth of the case and the punishment had to be considered as well.

As Federick Roxes Morisette said, "The situation of Sea Creature is not coincidental. There are two reasons in-depth to this matter."

Alanis naturally had to understand these reasons. It was not like she had never heard of what the Sea Creature had done but she could not believe that the Finance Minister would do to that extent.

"Firstly, the southern people who are on an economic rise are tired of the pressure or even slavery imposed by the Capital nobles in the economic and political aspects. On this point, we have found a large amount of evidence in the scrolls. Secondly, Prince O'Neil Andrew Morisette does not plan to observe any longer. His knife has sternly stabbed into the Capital noble's injury. The strength in this stab is comparable to any massive 'cleaning' of nobles that has happened in history..."

Federick spoke on. He knew Her Majesty was not focusing much on this, but some things had to be made clear. For example, "According to the officers on the list who had been confirmed of their accusations currently, I believe Prince O'Neil has carried out a certain step in his future plan earlier than expected. His blade is pointed at the major people-in-charge of the Army Division of the Empire. Marshal Alan can't leave the northern defense line now, so--"

"This way, no one will be able to chair the judgment for these god-d*mned guys!" The Empress mumbled with gritted teeth, "I don't care what my husband wants. At least, I can't find any mistake in this matter. I won't know without seeing it, but seeing it sends me a shock!"

The Empress said as she slammed the documents of the Secret Service Department on the table, "Soldiers! What are the soldiers of the Empire doing? They are fighting over each other, emptying the castles and fortresses, taking away the blood of the country. They--"

"Your Majesty!" The Head of the Secret Service Department interrupted the Empress bravely, "They should all be sent to the guillotine! This is without a doubt. But the key is...should we let them die according to your will or Prince O'Neil's will? Moreover, how many on this list are truly criminals? How many among these are involved because they HAVE to be involved?"

"One among ten will be innocent. Are you satisfied?" Alanis glared at him.

The Head of the Secret Service Department laughed as he shook his head, "No, Your Majesty! We have to come back to the issue of will! If according to the Prince's will, then these people...especially those involved in the Army Division, they have to die as quick as possible. The best time is before the war broke out. This way, when Prince O'Neil returns to Dulin, the resistance and rejection he may face will be reduced. If according to your will..."

"My will?" Alanis waved her hands, "At least Oscar is still my husband. He has never stolen anything from my pocket or anything of that sort. Meanwhile, these pests...I really hope the Secret Service Department can use your cruel torture up to a hundred times on them."

"You can't think that way!" Federick seemed to understand a little. It was not like Her Majesty did not know what her husband was going on about. She was only intentionally ignoring the meaning behind his actions.

"You can't eliminate all of these people with power at once. We can go by badges, by time, by age or by ranking. In short, we have numerous ways to make them die later! Until the Empire has attained victory in war and until Marshal Alan returns to Dulin. Until--"

"Enough!" Her Majesty suddenly yelled at him furiously.

"Victory? Can I still count on these lowly beings in the Army Division to attain victory? Dulin is already in this state. Who knows how outrageous the local army region will be? A few years back, I have heard about the scandal of building a camp worth 3000 golden Tis the in Northern Army Group. Can I count on these soldiers to win a massive war for me? I haven't lost my mind! All I can do now is to pray to the God of Light. I pray that the Anti-Titan Alliance won't put a price on my head. Or else I can't be sure no one will be attracted to this idea!"

The Head of the Secret Service Department rolled his eyes, "Your Majesty, I swear in the name of my religion, the thing you worried about will never happen. I won't allow it! Your subordinates in Secret Service Department--"

"Your subordinates won't be better in any way!" Alanis turned her head away in disgust when she talked about this, "You used your power to hold down the accusations of a few agents of yours. Don't think I don't know that!"

Federick was stunned. After searching for words for a long time, he decided to remain silent. Since Her Majesty chose to say it out, he truly had nothing to say.

"Drag it out..." Alanis suddenly mumbled.

The Head of Secret Service brightened up and kneeled as if he had just received something valuable.

"As you wish, Your Majesty!"

The ruler of Titan Empire held her forehead, "For as long as you can...just as you said, by badges, time and ranking. Keep the investigation going until that unattainable victory. Or until..." Or until the giant Empire had dissipated. However, Alanis could not say that out loud. She felt that her actions resembled a golden lion who was struggling on the verge of death. This lion was old and had fallen. It could not take on the fight with the hyenas. Nor could it take on the attack of the young ones of the herd.

Alanis shook her head furiously. She decided to throw all of these to the back of her mind now! She was managing an Empire, not a middle-class family.

She opened the war strategy map on the table. After spending months of effort, the Empress finally understood the meaning of dotted lines, curved lines, red lines and blue lines on the map. She could hardly identify the arrangement of the enemy and her army until the end she simply put the map aside. She knew she needed a rest...maybe an hour or two.

As the Empress, Alanis could be counted as hardworking. In a realistic sense, she was still having a hard time focusing. No one knew why this was the case. Just as no one knew why Prince O'Neil Andrew Morisette would arrange a wedding just before the Empire was about to be engaged in a war. The patriotic young men in Dulin city were discussing it. Head of Andrew was not doing his job seriously. He had spent all his energy on women.

What was wrong with a woman? A woman's body was beautiful! A woman was the masterpiece of God of Light. It was the manifestation of everything beautiful in this world. For example, how much imagination did the woman's breast hold for men? Without mentioning how beautiful these perfectly-designed breasts were or how much juice they could produce, just by holding them, men could feel the woman's life. The men could feel her evasion, her dignity, her voice or even her breath.

According to an explanation by psychologists, men who did not have a certain degree of liking breasts were most likely criminologists and psychologists. That was to say that, a normal man would like these small bunnies with red eyes. If some said they did not like it, that could only mean that he had not seen a woman's breast before. Or it might have been his knowledge was limited by his wife with malnutrition.

O'Neil Andrew Morisette poked his head out of his wife's breast. He had an evil smile on his face just like a werewolf in the fairy tale. As for Sasha E., she used her arms to cover her eyes. Only when the man caused her pain, she would glare at him or wave her nails at the man.

Oscar's lips moved downwards along his wife's curve. He could feel his woman's every fiber was releasing an unspeakable aura. This aura made Oscar feel refreshed. He kept searching downwards to the aroma. Not long after, he stopped at her lower abdomen.


"Yeah..." Sasha told the man in bliss, "A healthy little big as my thumb!"

Oscar put his thumb on his wife's stomach, "My god! I hope in the name of holy disciple that God of Light would let me see my child at my age."

Sasha laughed, "Well, he will be more handsome than you! More attractive!"

Oscar straightened his face, "I hope so! I take back my wish. I don't want him to break out of his mother's stomach!"

"You are jealous of your own child!" Sasha was still laughing.

"I am not!" Oscar quirked his mouth stubbornly.

"You are..."

"I am not..."

"I don't care if you are or not!" The blissful wife was tired of the language game. She pulled the blanket over and quickly buried herself into the blissful land with her husband.

So, we said that a human's heart was a terrifying mystery. To someone, it was a closed-off organ. You had to use a dagger to see how large it was, but you could not know its secret and emotion. The deepest void of a heart hid the darkness. That was the corner that even the holy light of God of Light would not be able to reach. It was the most secretive place this almighty creator had given to humans. To rid darkness from one's heart was difficult. To brighten up the area that not even the god could penetrate was even more difficult.

O'Neil Andrew Morisette's heart was expanding and roaming in rime. His body presented solid muscles and the terrible scars due to intensive activities. And his heart, this small organ filled with solidified blood slowly released the darkness accumulated outwards through the steaming emotions. At this moment, he was a holy disciple without a doubt.

He brought his pregnant wife and kneeled in front of the Pope sincerely. Even though the person only gave him monotonous sentences, he still waited patiently for the God's servant to bless his wife and his child. He left Saint Roman Lovran's Cathedral in satisfaction. Then, he went to the monastery nearest to the city and promised that surprised abbot that he would expand and refurbish the monastery. He would make it a world's wonder! In exchange, the monastery had to change to his child's name.

Oh right! His child's name! O'Neil Andrew Morisette had thought about it for a week. In the end, all that jumped into his mind were Johann, Rion, Cena, Rolan or such unworthy names. He had to visit the Pope once again, but obviously, the Pope was reluctant to suggest a name. With his status, he would have to be the child's godfather if he had suggested a name for him. The current Vatican was still not willing to be that close to Andrew.

This was Oscar's first time to not threaten a person who did not do as he said. He began to look around, but his closest companions or even the gardener were as if they were illiterate. The names he collected were ugly and sounded unfortunate.

At this time, the fiancé of Titan Prince who was hiding in Caeser Palace finally appeared. She first requested the permission of Madam Andrew, then found the anxious father-to-be.

"Sinelli Andrew Nedgabel…this is the boy's name!" Caro Arsia's blue eyes gleamed a pure light.


"This is how the local of Narcissus County used to call Andrew's land. It means 'never-ending'."

"Ola..." Oscar felt as if he had fallen into a dream. After a while, he came back to his sense, "What about a girl? A girl?"

"Romania! The local of Narcissus County are used to calling the spiritual girl who brings spring to Andrew's land with the name of Ancient Religion!"

"Sinelli and Romania!" Oscar rubbed his hands and scratched his nose, "It's great! These two names are great! I have to tell Sasha...I have to tell child has a child finally has a nice name..."

So, we said a person's greatness did not lie in what he was but in what he could possibly do instead!

Having said that, it was difficult to comment about O'Neil Andrew Morisette. However, at the end of this year and during the second defense war which lasted two years, terrible emotions like cruelty, depression and unreasonable actions kept bugging him. He had done many regretful actions and had also reached a height in his life that other heroes had never reached before.

We must ask what was wrong with O'Neil Andrew Morisette? He already had four wives.

He had a pregnant wife. This would be the second child between his wives and him. It wasn't with a lover or the tied-up Alanis. It was his child with Sasha! His great confidence had led him to believe that Sasha would raise a successor for Andrew and the future land named Sinelli! However, those who were familiar with history, especially of the early Andrew Empire, all knew that there was no Andrew Emperor who was named Sinelli in this world. Every record of this name had been eliminated intentionally.

No matter what, the news of the pregnant Madam Andrew was definitely a great motivation for the young Head of Family. It was a motivation for his heart like never before. The people who had talked to O'Neil Andrew Morisette during his short stay in Italia believed in this wholeheartedly.

From that time onwards, Oscar became extremely cheerful. From morning until night, he was always with a smile. He was polite with women and friendly to men. Towards his soldiers, he loved kicking their butts and joked with them as if he was lecturing his next generation. It was as if all the soldiers in the world were his sons. The most interesting thing of all was that his spirit to serve pregnant women even impressed the caretaker.

Oscar heard that smoke was detrimental to pregnant ladies, so he threw all boxes of cigar that he had kept and those which were smuggled or given by his friends into the well without any hesitation. He heard that he should start educating his child in early pregnancy. This was rather a test to the man's imagination, but he still invited infamous war strategists, musicians, authors and painters from Vielonna and Rome. These people and he tortured Sasha E.'s listening skills every day with different tricks. One day, Oscar heard that the color of stretch marks was related to the child being a boy or a girl! After comparing to the pregnant women whom he met on the street, things got pretty serious! Sasha's stretch marks were slightly lighter in color. Oscar then found paint and pen for her even if his wife scolded him as an idiot. It had only been a month. How dark could the stretch mark be?

Everyone could see that how much hope O'Neil Andrew Morisette had for his Sinelli! When he was lying on the stomach of his wife, even though it was still flat at the moment, he still talked softly to his son.

"Son! Sinelli! Tell me, do you like Deiss' snow or Italia's rain? Do you like West Percy's sea or Faran's Paris? As your father, I will recommend Paris! That is Faran's Capital. It is apparently the most romantic and most fashionable city in the world..."

"Shut up...let me sleep..."

Oscar did not care about the moaning of his sleepy wife. He changed a position to let the pregnant woman be in a more comfortable position. Then, he continued to talk to her stomach.

"O, son! O Sinelli! There are two combat rules to attack Paris. Even though this does not concern you because I will give Faran to you as a present from a father. However, you are O'Neil Andrew Morisette's son. You must know about this! There are two ways to attack Faran!"

Oscar said as he placed a wooden knight that he prepared for his son on his wife's stomach. This wooden knight was running on the woman's chest until it reached the top.

"First! Three most elite cavalry columns set out from the country of your Mother Caro Arsia. They will overcome the Alps and attack the northeast of Faran until they reach Colur Plains! Don't care about the Faran's attack. Just move forward until they reach Paris..."

"Second!" A whole bunch of wooden knights was put on the woman's stomach, "Play it safe. Bring a huge army that is enough to devour half of Faran Kingdom Army to Vielonna and set out from Burton Province. Engage in a few battles at Alsaxes and Rolin area. Then..."

Sasha E. turned around and O'Neil Andrew Morisette's all unit was "eliminated".

"Such a wet blanket!" The Prince complained loudly. In return, he received a huge pillow from his wife to block his mouth.

Then, Oscar changed his clothes and kissed his sleeping lover. It was not that he had enough of fun. Instead, he needed to realize the series of promises he gave to his son.

General Murat stood by the door with a stoic expression like a wooden toy. As soon as the Prince appeared, he could not wait to tell the Prince, "The Southern Army Group has begun the war."

It was the 23rd day of the 7th month in Year 801 in Church Calendar. The Southern Army Group had begun the "Forerunner War" to defend against the invaders according to tradition. We did not have the clear record in "The History of Titan's Defending War". We only knew that a Titan marshal hummed the ancient Narcissus lullaby when the war broke out.<script>chaptererror();</script>



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