Chapter 245: Twenty-sixth Episode: Chapter 8-1
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If you wanted to understand the heart of O'Neil Andrew Morisette, then you had to live with him for some time. It would usually take a few years but under certain conditions, a few days would be sufficient as well.

In these few days, Prince O'Neil seemed to have no plans to discuss anything with the person of high status. He simply walked around with his not-many followers, protected by a knight division. They began their journey from the end of the 12th month last year but strangely, they still had not reached Dulin in the 2nd month of this year.

In regards to the negotiation, the Prince was not worried at all. He spent most of his journey observing the towns and cities and meeting all sorts of people.

Today, they arrived in a small town called Sandenwola. This town sat at the border of Phishella Province and Damorga Province. It was only one hundred and fifty kilometers away from the Empire's Capital. Prince O'Neil could arrive in Dulin in another week, then the people would know what he was thinking.

What did O'Neil Andrew Morisette want to do? The intellectuals of the Titan Empire could not identify the answer to this question. Some said the Prince wanted to start a mutiny while some argued that there was only a division of knight with the Prince. Some said the Prince supported the peace talk while some retaliated that he must had been crazy. Some said that the Prince could not even protect himself and a judgment awaited him in Dulin while those who disagreed with this widened their eyes. Who would have the right to judge a national hero? Who could set up the leader of the God-chosen warriors with a valid wrongdoing? Those who truly did this were the ones who had gone mad!

The Queen had disseminated the news of the negotiation all over the world. She could not wait to tell everyone that the war was over, but most did not wish to believe this fact. Sandenwola was far away from the battlefield. Not even a hint of war could be seen in this town but if one walked into the town, the person would notice chandeliers with red ribbons were hung from every single citizens' home. The Prince who came visiting was told that this was a local practice. When the night arrived, the people would light up the red lamp to announce to the invader that everyone had made the preparation to fight! If they dared to invade this town, then the red light that burned the night sky would indicate a bloody fight.

The courage presented by the locals had even surprised O'Neil Andrew Morisette that he was stunned by it. He had known that Sandenwola was far from battle but the people here all owned weapons like knives and arrows. This had made the Prince felt as if he had returned to his hometown. The towns in Narcissus County were just the same.

Colonel Ferri Movart had arrived in Sandenwola ten days ago. He had a post in the Capital's Army Division with a nice position and well earning. Since he received the post because of his ancestors, Colonel Movart was naturally not willing to simply stay in this unchanging and safe present state. When he was studying in the Imperial Military Academy, he had joined the newly established Youth Guards Forum and had become one of the leaders of this organization thanks to his good spirits and exceptional performance during debates. After he graduated, he even established the first weekly magazine "Sword" of Youth Guards Forum by using his own money.

Or rather, the "Sword" was a milestone creation in terms of academic and history aspects! However, of course, these were only the neutral official opinion of the powerful people in Army Division. From the view of most nobles and traditional officials in the Capital, these youths who only knew to debate and speak of patriotism without actually doing anything were still rather unreliable.

The reason Colonel Ferri Movart ended "Sword" very soon was probably due to the lack of sales.

Or maybe the title "Sword" was too extravagant but true soldiers knew no giving up! He had published the magazine "Youth Guards" during the second month he stopped publishing "Sword"! After absorbing the successful experience and lesson from "Sword", the "Youth Guards" was a great success. This bi-monthly magazine had attracted a large group of student readers and young Guards officers who aimed to contribute their posts.

Ferri Movart was the chief editor of "Youth Guards". He rushed to Sandenwola quickly from the Capital just for one thing. The Titan soldiers now (especially the young who cared about the country) were facing a difficulty. Their minds had drowned in the never-before confusion and their actions were restricted by the Imperial order to avoid the enemy. These soldiers who wanted to commit to the defending war passionately desperately needed someone to cast their doubts away. Then, the youngest Marshal and the Marshal of Narcissus Knights was naturally the most suitable role for this.

Via his friend working in the Military Intelligence Bureau, Colonel Movart soon got into contact with Prince O'Neil Andrew Morisette's confidential secretary. He had originally thought that things would not go that smoothly since the Prince was extremely busy. However, Colonel Muktha Singh had returned Marshal O'Neil's reply to the "Youth Guards" magazine agency the first moment they had received the request.

"I agree to accept the interview..."

Ferri Movart was extremely excited so he came to Sandenwola ten days earlier. As soon as he arrived, he began the preparatory work for this report that was destined to make a name in history.

"'The Guards are Advancing – Interview with Prince O'Neil Andrew Morisette at Capital in the 2nd month of Year 802.' What do you think about this name?"

Colonel Movart glanced at the Marshal sitting on the Polar Bear Sofa carefully. He had always had a deep impression of this person. The Prince at that time was still extremely young, not even twenty years old. He was still studying at the Imperial Military Academy and had participated often in the Youth Guards Forum's gathering in Sparjoxin.

"Where have I seen you?" O'Neil Andrew Morisette did not answer Movart's question. He put off the cigarette he had in his hands and immediately took a larger cigar from a tall follower.

"Oh! It must be in Sparjoxin. When you are studying there, I once chaired the discussion there."

Prince O'Neil nodded, then lit the cigar. He took a deep breath then leaned against the Polar Bear Sofa, thinking silently. The Polar Bear Sofa was without a dust. According to sayings, the Prince would bring it anywhere with him, except when the war was getting intense.

"Tell me about your report. What do you want to write?"

Ferri Movart was immediately fired up, "Your Highness, I planned to divide this interview into three parts. The first part is about your journey and experience. The second part records your daily life and work, then the third part is your view on the current situation. But of course, when I put everything together, I will mix the order up for a bit to make the article look more interesting."

"Ola..." Oscar let out a groan. He looked at Paul and Black Devil, then at Sandinand who had been playing with his fingers all this while. The Prince was rather nervous in front of this reporter. Well, he had never faced the media upfront before.

The absent-mindedness of the Marshal did not anger Colonel Ferri Movart. Instead, he became more interested. It was naturally some terrifying huge events that would cause O'Neil Andrew Morisette to be absent-minded. He just didn't know if it was in any way related to the current situation of the Empire.

"I can see that you are troubled!"

"Troubled? Oh, no!" Oscar shook his head at the chief editor, "I am not at all troubled. I also know what you meant but I must repeat myself. I am not at all troubled! I only worried about my pregnant wife. Her stomach is getting larger, but so is her temper! Caro Arsia can't hold her down, so I can only send her back to our home in Narcissus County. I don't know if there will be any trouble during her journey!"

Colonel Movart scratched his head. The pen that had been flying all over the paper had paused as well. The Prince's reply was totally out of his expectation. He thought O'Neil Andrew Morisette would give words that indicated his worries about the country, war and army. However, the national hero and the Holy Disciple of the religion actually did not talk about the chaos in the Capital. Instead, he was wholeheartedly worried about his wife.

"Urgh...Sir! Haven't you meet any difficulties? For example, everything the current soldiers are worried about?"

Oscar spread his hands, "Then, please tell the soldiers of the Guards fighting bravely at every battlefield in the country on my behalf — there's no use in worrying!"

The chief editor of "Youth Guards" could only close his notebook. He did not expect O'Neil Andrew Morisette to be so uncooperative after accepting to do the interview.

"Your Highness! You should get out more!"

Ferri Movart looked to the door. There came two people. One of which was Lieutenant Colonel Tike Simon, a battle group commander of Red Tiger Front. He was a veteran who had followed the Prince since a long time ago. Another was Colonel Kirk Dexton, the orderly of the Prince. He was the orderly who always carried a wide-blade sword.

"Your Highness! You should go out more!" Colonel Kirk looked at his Head of Family with smiles. O'Neil Andrew Morisette stood up from his Polar Bear Sofa.

"Did anything happen?"

"You'll understand when you see it!"

O'Neil Andrew Morisette went out and looked. He was a Narcissus citizen. The season was well-defined in Narcissus County but the people there did not really understand the strength of snow. When Oscar was climbing the snow mountain, he was fortunate to witness the power of snow. However, in Sandenwola, he understood the heat and passion of snow.

The night was exceptionally quiet because of the arrival of snow. The thin shiny snowflakes flew from the night sky of Sandenwola without a sound just like the seductive light on a lady's eyelash in the winter night. It was suddenly left, suddenly right, suddenly up and suddenly down. All red lights in the town shone upon the snowflakes. They fell on the ground, on the rooftop and on the white branches. They tried their best to look elegant and mature.

The Titan Prince stepped on the snow. Behind him trailed a team of armed knights. The knights and their honorable master were soon covered in snow but they wore delighted expressions just like the light of happiness in an old man's eyes when he thought about his childhood snow war.

As they walked, Prince O'Neil's head suddenly slanted to one side. One of the little guy hiding under the rooftop ran away at once. The knights immediately became fierce. They rushed to their honorable master but could not hold their laughter in at all.

There was a large amount of snow on Oscar's face. It must the kid's doing.

The Prince wiped his face. In his eyes shone an inexplicable light. Colonel Ferri Movart broke out in cold sweat for the kid, still hiding and watching in the dark. He had not only once heard about the bad ending met by the people who invaded Andrew!

As expected, O'Neil Andrew Morisette suddenly yelled. He squatted to get a handful of snow! The kid hiding in the dark yelled as he scrambled away when he saw the situation was no longer favorable but the snowball thrown by the Prince was as accurate as the knives and daggers of the Prince. The kid only let out a yell when he was hit.

Things were far from being over! The snowy city under the red light was like a fairy tale. The kids in Sandenwola all came out from the rooftop, windows and alleys. The chaotic snowballs were thrown at the Prince and his knights.

Such an intense fight! The kids were yelling happily, and the knights were hiding clumsily! O'Neil Andrew Morisette slipped on the snowy ground and he was hit on many parts. The Red Tiger knights finally returned the "gifts" to the kids. The snowballs became much larger and denser. Kids were still kids after all. When they met a disciplined organization, they were defeated easily. The Red Tiger knights chased after them. They climbed onto rooftops, closed off the alleys and walkways until the kids ran all over the place to avoid them.

Everyone was laughing until the snowflakes danced around in the air and the red lights swayed without stopping.

"Ferri! Ferri..."

Colonel Movart was shocked by what he saw and finally regained his senses after hearing a few calls.

"Your Highness..."

O'Neil Andrew Morisette lied on the snowy ground in a weird posture. He reached out his hands to the soldier who was used to using a pen, then Ferri pulled him up.

"Did you see that? We don't need to worry about the messed-up things at all!" the Prince said as he laughed at the odd Colonel, "Look at the snow. Look at the light and those lively little monkeys! Don't you think it's rather simple to be a qualified soldier?"

Oscar pushed the thinking chief editor lightly, "Hey! Do you know what I'm saying? I am saying it's easy to be a qualified soldier. Protecting the country, not fearing sacrifices or whatsoever. All of those were just literal words! As a qualified soldier, his main responsibilities are only loving his country and ensuring the people live happily! That's all!"

Colonel Ferri Movart stared at the Marshal with the utmost respect. He took his notebook out, wanting to record this conversation, but O'Neil Andrew Morisette pushed his hands away.

"A true soldier understand this thinking well. I didn't know before, but I am becoming a father soon! So, it's not too late to know it--" Oscar's expression changed before he even finished his sentence. He pushed Ferri Movart away immediately as he yelled "Be careful". He even used his back to block the Colonel's body.

Ferri Movart saw the Marshal's head was directly hit by a large snowball in front of him.

Snow dispersed upon colliding with his army hate and Prince O'Neil slowly fell as if he was heavily injured.

"Your Highness..." The Colonel let out a scream! Who knew what he was thinking? Could it be this was a battlefield? Could it be his Marshal was hit by an arrow or a huge rock?

The Marshal supported himself on the ground with both hands. Then he gathered a terrifyingly large snowball, "Who is the kid that attacked me?"

Movart looked silly as the Prince dashed in a craze and stuffed that snowball into the clothes of a kid who was not quick enough to run away. That kid screamed for forgiveness while the Prince let out a victorious laugh.

"If this is truly battlefield...will he push me away without hesitation?"

Colonel Movart smiled happily. The answer was definite! He returned from his imagination, then picked up his notebook that had fallen to the ground. Then, he recorded what he had seen in Sandenwola truthfully until the Red Tiger knights send the exhausted kids home that he stopped his freezing hand.

Oscar changed out of his wet Marshal full of holes. His followers and knights were still discussing it happily. It appeared that this snowball sight was also an ancient tradition of Sandenwola area. If winter was a slow old man, then the kids would chase him away with happiness and liveliness.

"This is the last snow in this winter. It's worth celebrating!" the locals said it.

Oscar suddenly understood upon hearing these words. This was indeed a good tradition but the Prince heard that the kids' attack was taught by the parents as well. When their homes were invaded, they would face the incoming enemy just the way they did today. It was only that the snowball would be changed to weapons and happiness would turn into hate and disgust.

"Good kids!" Oscar kept complimenting them until his temporary accommodation was once again filled with yells.



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