Chapter 246: Twenty-sixth Episode: Chapter 8-2
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"Good kids!" Oscar kept complimenting them until his temporary accommodation was once again filled with yells.

"Fire! One of the citizen's home is on fire!" Lieutenant Colonel Tike Simon, the group commander of the battle group said as he opened the window for his Marshal. He pointed to the direction of the city where it was painted in red by the fire.

"What are we waiting for then?" Oscar waved his hands at the soldiers nearest to his left. He did not even wear his outer coat, instead, he only wore a cotton shirt.

The soldiers rushed to the place and the fire had already engulfed the rooftop of the three-story building. The accumulated snow in the garden had already melted. People with water pails and all sort of things were running between the place and the nearby well frantically.

Oscar took a glance at the house. This was the house of a wealthy family. He then observed the weather. It was humid, and the snow had not yet stopped. The slight northeastern wind had sent away the dust from the fire.

"Build a firewall at that northwestern street!" the Marshal gave the first order.

The soldiers did not know where they could get the materials to build a stone wall to isolate the fire but they brought their shield. They soaked themselves and the shields in water, then stuck the shields on the snowy ground as if they were facing off with a heavy-armed infantry division. They approached the fire of fiery blaze slowly until the fire tongue hurt their skin that they paused.

O'Neil Andrew Morisette took a shovel from the local citizen and simply shoved the snow to the empty space in front of the house on fire. Without orders, the soldiers and the citizens followed suit. They poured barrels of snow into the house on fire, while the firewalls made from shields and humans kept approaching the house.

Just when the fire finally was under control, the southern wall of the house suddenly collapsed. The woods rolled and the debris on fire flew all over the place. The few people who were closest to the house had their cotton shirts ignited in a fire. The place became chaotic. The people rolled around on the ground and were lucky that there was not much danger.

"Listen!" someone shouted.

Cries could be heard from the house on fire. The crying was horrible, anxious and young. Everyone was terrified!

"Hey! Hey!" the lady of the house was taken care of by the people in the neighborhood, but she suddenly dashed forward in a frenzy! The master of the house with sooty face took the terrified wife in his hand. "Is little Monse with you? Is he with you?"

The man looked behind his wife hopelessly. There were four amongst his five children who were not even as tall as a chair chasing after their mother. "I...I thought you already have Monse!"

"No..." the woman let out a heart-breaking yell. She struggled from the people's grip and dashed into the fiery house like a stubborn lioness!

Just when the fire was about to engulf her, a muscly chest full of oil and sweat blocked her way. The woman fell into his embrace and cried hysterically!

"How old is he?" O'Neil Andrew Morisette had a dark expression on him but he could not scold this careless mother at this time.

"This big..." the woman reached out her hand in trembles. The size she indicated was no larger than forty centimeters.

The Prince groaned. That should be a kid not even half a year old. She pushed the woman to the master of the house, "Look after your wife!" Then, he turned to the soldier waiting for his orders.


Along with Prince's call, a team of knights with large shields rushed forward. They were soaked in water and their shield was full of snow. Under the stare of hundreds of people, this team of brave knights walked into the fiery house. They were cooperating well. One column of them shielded the left, one shielded the right, and the middle column shielded their comrades' head. The very first row faced the furious fire directly. Their Marshal, O'Neil Andrew Morisette was also in this team.

"The kid is here!" the knight exclaimed.

The shields that protected the members' heads immediately got an opening. Oscar saw that little guy.

The little guy was full of tears while his fearful eyes darted around. His small limbs were holding on to the second floor in which half of it had already crumbled. The room around kept spitting fire at this last region.

A knight tried to get on the stairs but the grey wooden floor was completely charred. The whole stairs crumbled to the ground as soon as the knight stepped on it. The sound made the little kid stopped his crying in terror.

"Use human stairs!" O'Neil Andrew Morisette ordered without hesitation. The knights immediately moved. The largest four knights were naturally the foundation. They kneeled on the burning floor without saying a word, then two lighter comrades stepped on their knees and elevated the stairs. The last one was Oscar. When he climbed up the stairs, he felt someone pulling at him. This unreasonable guy gave a punch to the person, then no one would stop him anymore!

Two knights below Oscar were holding to his thigh. His fingers were approaching the second floor.

"Higher..." the knights then went higher.

"To the left..." the knights moved to the left.

Oscar finally saw that little guy who was crying his eyes out. It only took one look for this Prince who was about to be a father to fell in love with little Monse with huge eyes. Monse also seemed to be curious about this head that appeared from the ground. He let out a few baby words as if he was greeting Oscar.

"Come here, baby...come to me..." Oscar finally placed his arms on the second floor. The heat of the floor almost burned his skin. He tried to hold his hands out as far as he could with all his might! The boiling air made his face red and the sharp smoke suffocated him.

Oscar kept trying to use all sorts of noise to attract this pretty little guy. However, the silly Monse was only watching in the room without caring what this weird uncle was doing.

Oscar looked around. The fire was spreading fast. A fire tongue had already approached the arm he reached out to the child. The Prince glared at Monse, frowned, " can't do this to me!"

Oscar then put forth all his strength. He moved his arms inch by inch forward. The fire finally came to him. His sleeve had already been dried by the air and immediately ignited in flames due to the fire! The stubborn man gritted his teeth. He did not look at the fire that was spreading on his arm. Instead, he stared into the child's eyes.

Monse's body suddenly shivered and a flow of water immediately surged from the floor he was sitting at. Oscar completely forgot the danger that he was in. He stared at this expanding flow of liquid until it exceeded his arm. The flames on his arm disappeared!

"You are a smart one!" the Prince was greatly motivated. He stepped hard on the knees of the knights, then jumped upwards! The human bodies could no longer support the force and crumbled, but Oscar had already taken a grip of a fat, little arms. He brought this smart kid with him as they fell into the knights' embrace.

Until they reached the ground, Oscar then held this confused little boy tightly. His knights and he laughed as they stared at this kid as if he was a precious thing in the world. This little guy who was saved by numerous soldiers at the expense of their lives was tickled by the Prince and let out silly giggles.

"Get out!" stern yell from the outside reminded the people inside!

The Commando members felt the floor trembled under their feet and breaking sounds came from the rooftop. It was too late to retreat! The rooftop engulfed in flames suddenly broke apart. Under the Prince's horrified gaze, it crumbled on top of them.

The people let out horrible screams. The knights surrounding the place had their eyes reddened! They wanted to dash into the house.

However, the intense fire had already covered the door.

Suddenly, a heavy sound came from the house.




"Andrew Haila!"

At the last moment the rooftop crumbled, the warriors who had their shields up put in their strength at once! Debris flew all over the place. The commando members were covered in flames when they dashed out from the fiery door just like a bunch of fearless red, fierce tigers.

O'Neil Andrew Morisette was protected by the members at the center. A large group of knights threw cold water onto their comrades who ran out from the place. Oscar then raised the baby in his embrace up high. The little guy was tickled again, and he laughed and twisted his body in midair.

"The burning house resembled the bonfire during the holy day of God. The people sing songs of praise around the fire as they dance gleefully. The soldiers and the people hugged each other. The Prince was also amongst them. The boy's mother was still crying, but she had already taken the safe little guy. This lady hugged Marshal O'Neil without much consideration. She kept kissing the Marshal's cheeks and lips while her husband only watched over her by the side with smiles..."

Ferri Movart kept his pen away and closed his notebook after writing this passage. He glanced at the celebratory house on fire with satisfaction. It seemed that he realized that this report would definitely make a name in history. What he saw was not a hero or the people who surrounded and relied on the hero. What he saw was a collective happiness owned by the people!

But of course, if Colonel Movart knew that O'Neil Andrew Morisette once sent a baby of similar age into the oven himself, he would probably discredit that thought a little.

In the afternoon the second day, the colonel woke up from his bed drowsily. He quickly washed up and prepared himself. After he walked into the room, the chief editor of "Youth Guards" was surprised by what he saw!

The living room was full of soldiers, wearing the Guards uniform of the same color and having all sorts of medals! There were generals, colonels, captains and also normal soldiers. However, Colonel Movart immediately realized what was different in the room. These soldiers did not seem to have any caste difference. They all talked to each other passionately and, sometimes, laughed together.

The arrival of a stranger naturally attracted the attention of these soldiers. All of them turned to Ferri Movart.

"My goodness!" the Colonel exclaimed. What had he seen? He saw a golden Empire Warrior Medal on every one of the soldiers!

"Where do you get that many war heroes at one place?" Colonel Movart scanned the crowd. He did not make a mistake. The soldiers in the room were all full of medals but the brightest of all was the Imperial Warrior Medal that was given by the Empress herself.

"Leigh McCaren of the Fourth Infantry Corps of Northern Army Group!" the soldier of the highest ranking in the room reached out his hands to Movart first.

"Ferri Movart. The chief editor of 'Youth Guards' magazine!"

General Leigh waved his hands at the fellow war heroes in the room, "Come here and meet him! Haven't you all seen 'Youth Guards'?"

"Nice to meet you!" a man with beautiful eyes came forward, "Pantigol Asgan! From Twelfth Region of Guards!"

"Nice to meet you..." Colonel Movart shook hands with the man stiffly. He could not believe the young man in front of him was the paladin of Reserve Unit that let a team of students into the enemy's base to save the Chief Commander of Twelfth Region during the first defending war! Oh, right! His medal showed that he was already a full-fledged paladin!

"Good day, me Toslak! I came with Panny today!" this was the infamous hunter in the first defending war!

"Good day...I'm Maime from Second Corps of Eighth Region in Vielonna..."

"Hi...I am the messenger James...Second Corps of Eighth Region in Vielonna..."

Ferri Movart shook hands with the war heroes. He was extremely excited and pumped up, so the strength he put in his hands was huge! As the chief editor of "Youth Guards", he did not need to think to connect the incredible war stories with the war heroes in front of him. He had never thought he would have the chance to know any one of them. Luck was with him this time! The soldiers who had received Imperial Warrior Medal in this recent ten years had all gathered at one place. Also, they were shaking hands with him. As far as he was excited, he was also confused...what was this? A tea party?

"Isn't this all for Dulin's surrender party?" a hoarse voice shouted angrily.

"They said it's peace talk!" General Leigh McCaren was still calm.

"What's the difference?" someone amongst them argued.

"That's why we are signing this petition together!" Panitigol Asgan handed a document to Colonel Ferri Movart. The young Paladin blinked his eyes, depressed, "We will convince Her Majesty with the power of the Imperial warriors--"

"That's right!" the impatient hunter Toslak interrupted his old friend and took an expensive-looking fabric out from his backpack. This was the present he received from the Empress during the medal-giving ceremony.

"Her Majesty can't always let us down!" the hunter gazed at the Empress' fabric, "Thinking about surrendering even before the war has begun. What will it be the next time? If she doesn't change her mind, I will return my medals and the fabric to her!"

Upon talking about surrendering before the war, the soldiers in the room finally could not hold it in. They spoke even louder, and the arms flung around. Everyone's face was filled with disappointment and anger. Even a few generals who had kept their cool were also furious.

"It's not enough with just us! We will wait for every war hero who has been praised by the Imperial family to gather together. Then, we will meet Her Majesty..."


"That's right..."

"The more we have, the more power we have..."

"Let's do it..."

Upon hearing the heroes' shouts and the petition in his hands, Colonel Ferri Movart who was extremely clear with the current political situation felt terrified. He knew things would not be as simple as the warriors had described! The group that supported the surrender in the Capital controlled the cabinet and the government's organization. Even the Army Division that had lost Marshal Alan had a few high-status generals that supported the idea! What effect would the war heroes' petition bring?

However, he thought about it carefully. The heroes who were in different army regions, different units, and so far away from each other…who was the first one to suggest the petition? Who would bring the elite soldiers together? Why didn't they meet with Her Majesty directly? Why did they visit Prince O'Neil Andrew Morisette first?

They even mentioned that all honored soldiers who had received praise from the Imperial family before would gather in the Capital. Then how many would that be? If these group of elite soldiers fought in Dulin, wouldn't that be the second special combat brigade? Was this O'Neil Andrew Morisette's plan? No wonder that he only brought a division of knights when he returned! If these group of war heroes with Imperial Warrior Medal were following him, then there would be no one in the Capital that would threaten the Prince's power and safety.

Colonel Ferri Movart saw the signature of Marshal Robin Sparse, the Chief of Staff on the petition. He nodded with smiles, "A good tactic by the principal..."

"But I don't understand..." Oscar shook the paper to his people, "Marshal Robin actually wanted me to remain silent about this matter. So, am I back in Dulin for a tour? Do I just go after visiting my wife?"

Marquis Glenn Alpre waved his hands, "Marshal Robin's way of doing things, in comparison to Silverfox Alan..."

"Don't talk about Alan!" Oscar's face darkened, "I don't want to talk about what is going on in the northern defending war! But I must warn you..."

The Prince scanned the people he trusted in the room, "Don't do anything that troubles me! Don't do anything that embarrasses me! Don't do anything that you will regret your whole life!"

The Head of Secret Operations Office, Head of International Operation Department, Head of National Internal Security Department, Head of Analysis Division of Imperial Intelligence Bureau and the Cabinet Chancellor of United Government of Southern Five Provinces all nodded. Only the Head of Southern Imperial Intelligence Bureau who was sorting the documents avoided his master's glare without knowing why.

"I am only stating the fact..." Marquis Alpre spread his hands.

"Then stop talking about nonsense!" Oscar still wore a dark expression.

"Alright, Your Highness!" Count Philip Goolean tried to calm the situation. He said as he added a fruits tart to his old friend's plate, "What Marquis Alpre meant is that Marshal Robin's way of doing things is extremely efficient. You don't need to do anything. Let whatever the nobles say what they want! Until the soldiers can no longer stand the government's helplessness and a soft spot, they will find another representative. And they will use the only things soldiers have to help this representative..."

"The only thing soldiers have?" Oscar frowned.

"Military force!" Marquis Alpre answered.

Oscar's gaze darted from the old man and the Southern Cabinet Chancellor. He suddenly laughed, "Well, I didn't expect to such synergy between you two. I thought you two don't like each other!"

Philip Goolean looked at the old Marquis awkwardly. Just like what his father had said, he was indeed too anxious. Also, Prince O'Neil's observation ability in such detail was terrifying.

Oscar suddenly waved his hands, "It's fine. Everyone, don't be nervous. We must also present ourselves as if we want to fight to our death. Being silent will only scare the mole-like nobles in the Capital."

They all nodded. The Prince then stood up from the sofa. He took care of his appearance, then check whether if yesterday's burn was still bad, but everything was alright. Oscar walked out of the room. He was about to meet with the war heroes!

In the corridor beside the warm heater, Paul, Black Devil, Kirk and all close followers of the Prince were surrounding an exhausted messenger. They were discussing something.

"Who will tell him?" the King of Assassin scanned the people. In the end, everyone avoided his gaze.

"You go!"

Kirk shook his head violently, "No! No! He will kill me!"

"Then you?" Paul turned to the depressed-looking confidential secretary.

Colonel Muktha Singh was full of distaste, "Leave it! Whoever that goes is in bad luck!"

"Then, let's go together!" Paul did not want to face O'Neil Andrew Morisette who was about to know something alone.

"Then, no one will be safe!" someone mumbled.

"Give it to me!" the sudden voice surprised everyone. They turned around and the Prince who had appeared behind them for some time had already taken the letter in Paul's hand.

Oscar opened the letter as he looked mockingly at the people, "Look at you guys being so secretive. Do you still plan to--"

The Head of Andrew set his gaze on the letter, then he fell silent. The letter fell lightly from his shivering hands. The corridor was silent. Oscar suddenly turned around and the people could not see his face. The Prince supported himself on the wall and trotted slowly away. The people could only see his back shrinking away with shivering shoulders. Oscar closed himself in a room and his followers stayed by the door like statues.

Colonel Ferri Movart who did not understand a thing picked up the letter on the floor. He was extremely curious about the things that would make O'Neil Andrew Morisette that way.

The letter wrote, "Lady of Andrew...had a miscarriage...probably due to medicinal poison..."

O'Neil Andrew Morisette let out all sorts of weird screams in the room. He was destroying everything in the room. Huge sounds had caused shivers to those outside the room.

After what seemed like a long time, the door opened! The people looked over subconsciously. As expected, the room seemed like a tornado had just swept through it!

That Prince sat on the Polar Bear Sofa that seemed to be the only thing safe from destruction. He seemed to merge with that cold, cruel and strong animal.

He said to the people outside the door, "From when Sasha E. departed from Italia until the incident. Everyone who has contact with her, including military members, members of the Military Personnel Bureau, guarding knights...everyone! I want them to die with my son..."

Ferri Movart's pen loyally recorded what had happened in front of him. He was thinking what sort of person O'Neil Andrew Morisette truly was?

The short but cruel-looking Baron Sandinand suddenly approached him. He snatched Colonel Movart's notebook and tear that page down without even looking at it. The little devil of the south said in a low voice to the editor furiously, "Only note down what should be noted and say what should be said. This is for everyone's benefits!"

Ferri Movart became even more confused.



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