Chapter 253: Twenty-seventh Episode: Chapter 3-2
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The Head of the Secret Service shook his head. "Your Majesty, the university students headed by the Imperial Military Academy have almost turned Sparjoxin upside down! The line of sight of the Secret Service, due to University Town's student movement…"

"Enough!" Alanis pointed outside the window. "I did not ask you the reason for the dereliction of duty. I am asking how you will handle what is happening outside!"

Federick shut his mouth. Outside, there were close to ten thousand soldiers. If, at that moment, someone went forward to arrest O'Neil Andrew Morisette… the consequences would surely be a sight to behold!

"Your Majesty!" The Cabinet Chancellor finally voiced out to give the Head of Secret Service a clearance. Old Duke Rashel Titus stood up from his seat unsteadily, looking like he would breathe his last breath at any time.

"Your Majesty, it's urgent to control the situation in the capital as soon as possible, and it's also imperative not to have conflicts with the soldiers who entered the capital to petition to the authorities! Besides... I wonder if you realized?"

"What?" Alanis frowned.

"They didn't carry any weapons!" the Cabinet Chancellor pointed to the Road of King outside the window. "They came to the capital present a petition. Up to this moment, there's still no evidence that they are going to join His Highness Prince O'Neil Andrew Morisette to force an abdication by force!"


"So, you shall let Prince O'Neil continue his performance!"

"And then?" Alanis looked like she could not care less about the old Duke's suggestion.

"His Highness will eventually rest, and later stay at the Kenshin Palace. Once we delivered to him the summons from the Supreme Court, then it's up to his own decision to accept the court hearing or not!"

"Actually, he doesn't have a choice!" Marquise Cameron Wesarcia whispered in the Empress's ear again, "The soldiers who worship him are watching! These people may think that the accusation itself is nonsense, that Prince O'Neil doesn't have to bother with it! But, your husband will not think so. He will be openly defying the empire's Imperial system if he declines to be on the trial. He will not do so if he's a real soldier, hence-"

"He will surely accept the subpoena and wait for the trial! Because he has no say in this matter!" Alanis suddenly became cheerful. It seemed that things were not as difficult as they appeared.

"Your Majesty! You're absolutely right!" the Head of Secret Service feigned compliment. "The whole world has their eyes on this trial. Even though the evidence we have at hand cannot convict His Highness Prince O'Neil, the military representatives gathered in Dulin are watching. Once His Highness the Prince is charged... he's finished! He has to spend the rest of his life in people's suspicions and reprimands! Let him perform as much as he can now, it doesn't conflict with our prior plans."

Alanis shook her head gently. She could not afford to be careless or be blindly optimistic, as this was a critical moment which concerned the survival of the Morisette dynasty.

"Based on my understanding of my husband... he will not fight a battle he's not sure of winning! After all, there are nearly 10,000 soldiers that respect him dearly gathered in the capital, and we're not sure what he will do next…"

"This is simple!" Exclaimed the palace chief Marquis Jevonah Wesarcia who rarely spoke up, "The Imperial family and the capital's military department cannot receive nearly 10,000 petitioners at the same time, and we cannot allow these military representatives to stay on the street either. They can camp in the eastern outskirts of Dulin, under the supervision of First Corps of First District currently station in Fort Hanodt. What do you think, Lieutenant General Bobbaston?"

The commanding officer of Imperial Guards First Region, Lieutenant General Bobbaston, nodded firmly at Her Majesty the Empress who looked his way. He was the commander of the Fifth Corps before he was promoted to Commander of the Military Command. The leading officers of the Fifth Corps were his close companion.

"Please be rest assured that the Fifth Corps will not make mistakes…" General Dallas hesitated for a moment as if he was unsure whether to say what was in his mind. After thinking for a long time, he finally raised his head in determination.

"Your Majesty! I have to declare something in advance!"

Alanis frowned in slight annoyance. The tone of Lieutenant General Bobbaston was rather unpleasant.

"The First Region is only cooperating with the Capital Security Division to maintain the public order of the capital Dulin. The orders I give to the officers and soldiers will be only for making sure Prince O'Neil and the military representatives are under control. The troop will never point their weapons at those dressed in the same robe."

The Head of Secret Service Federick Roxes Morisette gave a sudden burst of laughter.

"Oh well, Lieutenant Bobbaston! You should say this to Prince O'Neil Andrew Morisette! He will be very happy to hear that! If your soldiers will not take measures against the possible danger, what is the purpose of you being here? Why didn't you report to the Imperial Army Capital Department?"

General Dallas Bobbaston ignored the sarcastic remark from the Head of Secret Service. Indeed, he found himself being in a dilemma. On one hand was the present Her Majesty the Empress who had raised his status to where he was today; on the other hand, there were the comrades dressed in the same Imperial Army uniform! If he swayed toward O'Neil Andrew Morisette at this matter, he would have to take the blame for selling out the Titan Imperial family. The noblemen loyal to Her Majesty would never off the hook. If he acted as the executioner that slaughtered his own comrades, then he was to betray the entire Imperial Guards. The results of this were not any better…

"Anyway, I can only pray that there will be no bloody conflicts during the trial!" the Commander of the First Region raised his chest and looked at the Imperial Empress who has been rather moody.

"You can't be serious!" Federick yelled impatiently. "Will you just watch in the side if something really unpleasant happened then?"

General Bobbaston was anxious to defend himself, but old Duke Rashel Titus the Cabinet Chancellor had already blocked him with his thin body.

The Imperial Cabinet Chancellor grinned as he shifted his attention to Her Majesty who did not say anything throughout the argument, and explained affirmatively, "The words of General Dallas make sense! We must resist any bloody conflicts, because once something unpleasant happens with the military representatives or Prince O'Neil... there should be a massive change in Dulin! Anything could happen!"

Alanis finally nodded. She did not know what her husband would do during the trial. In fact, she had doubts as to whether her husband would receive a subpoena. However, the matter had already arrived at this point. If they digressed from the schedule now, they would risk a high chance of getting oneself resigned to death. There would only be one winner between herself and O'Neil Andrew Morisette. Someone must win!

"Alright..." Her Majesty the Empress I held her forehead tiredly, but immediately in the next second, she rejuvenated her spirit. "It all boils down to one point! No matter what my Oscar will do, can we really have the capital completely under out control and deal with all unexpected situations? This is the most crucial!"

"General Reynold! General Reynold!"

Reynold Hewitt Preston awakened suddenly from his contemplation.

"General Preston, it's your turn to speak!" the Head of Secret Service looked at only grandson of Marshal Alan.

The commander of the Capital Security Division cleared his throat. He spread out a copy of the defense plan for Her Majesty the Empress and all the officials present.

"The Imperial Palaces and the area where the major government agencies are located at are under the strict martial law; citizens can only move about freely in limited areas in the next few days! The Capital Security Division has increased the number of barricades and sentry posts. Soldiers and war horses are equipped with hand crossbows, spears, and thick leather! I can't think of anything else to add on!"

Her Majesty Empress Alanis I turned to several ministers from the Imperial Ministry of Justice. "What about the public order?"

Marquis Roment Huga Andeses, the Minister of Justice of Titan Empire, responded with his lips quivering. He was not as young as he was before. As the only minister from the last generation of the Imperial government, Marquis Andeses's living in the capital was always at risk. Everyone knew his leaving the political life was only a matter of time, depending on Her Majesty's choice.

"The capital patrols are reorganized according to the force configuration prepared by the Imperial Guards First Infantry. They are mainly responsible for the traffic in the capital--"

"Hold on!" Her Majesty raised her hand at the mention of the traffic condition.

"Has the troop consisting of 10,000 soldiers in the Road of King fallen from the sky? What is your patrol unit doing on the street? Isn't traffic in Dulin been completely blocked?"

At this time, the old Minister of Justice finally gave up his cautious attitude. He knew that his political career was long overdue and that it was a miracle to be able to survive in Dulin up until now. Roment only wished to retire in peace, how would it matter to him who became the emperor?

"Your Majesty! The lair! Nearly 10,000 military representatives came out of the slum this morning and somehow managed to get out of it. The patrol troops tried to stop them, but-"

"There's no but!" Alanis waved angrily. "Search the lair inside out and throw all the wrongdoers into jail. Don't let them cause any more troubles!"

"Yes, Your Majesty!" The Minister of Justice replied as he retreated from the court.

"So... it's my turn now!" A young man with a brigade rank on his shoulder stood up from his seat with a chuckle. He did not salute to the officials present, but he raised the hand of Her Majesty with all sincerity and planted a kiss on it.

"Let me introduce to you, the pride of the Titania House - Viscount Nasoff! The commander of the First Grenadier of Great Titania!" Her Majesty Empress Alanis I smiled and linked arms with the Infantry Brigadier. "Look at my young nephew who was only this tall the last time we met!" said the Empress as she demonstrated. The people pretended to laugh in delight, albeit they all knew that the Empress and Viscount Nasoff Brutnort Titania were about the same age.

"How is your mother?"

The Viscount bowed to the empress respectfully. "My mother is in good condition, and she also asked me to deliver to you her most sincere regards."

Alanis sighed regretfully. "This cousin of mine, she doesn't come to visit me even after living in Dulin for quite a while!"

"My father's health condition is not very good; hence, my mother is looking after him!"

"What happened to General Hank?" the Empress of the Empire asked eagerly.

"My father is suffering from ear disease, one of the common old age diseases. It's inevitable!"

Alanis nodded, feeling rather low. In her memory, General Hank Brutnort from the Titania House was rather at the prime of his life. How could he be infected with the old age disease?

"Your Majesty!" the commander of the First Grenadier of Great Titania suddenly pointed to the city defense plan spread out by the commander of the Capital Security Division. "My troops are stationed in the northeast of Dulin, that is, the outskirts of the University Town. Since Prince O'Neil is already here, I can deploy the grenadiers and three artillery companies into the capital by tonight."

"There's no need to hurry!" Alanis waved her hand subconsciously. Her cautious attitude made the young infantry brigadier raised his brows.

"Great Titania First Grenadier Division will be on standby..." Old Duke Rashel Titus, the Cabinet Chancellor, gently patted the young man's shoulder. "We have to wait until the Imperial Supreme Court launches a court order on Prince O'Neil Andrew Morisette before we mobilize your troops!"

Nasoff blinked his eyes that sparkled in a light blue hue to show his dismay.

"Your Majesty! If the imperial family doesn't trust the Great Titania, why request our family troops to enter the capital's garrison district?"

"Young man, your father wouldn't say that!" Alanis chuckled. However, she could not answer this question, because the Morisette Imperial family certainly had doubts concerning the position of the former Imperial family.

"You haven't already understood it?" Duke Rashel Titus stepped up again. "We shall not want to see any bloody conflicts happen in the City of Dulin. What will the military representatives gathered in the capital think if we let your soldiers armed with firearms enter the capital and set up cannons at the gate of the Hamilton Palace? This is neither conducive to unity nor to the current situation." Brigadier General Nasoff nodded, his shrewd mind was well camouflaged by the young innocence displayed on his face.

"I'm sorry, Your Majesty..." the young man bowed deeply to the Empress of the Empire, "By all means, I have no intention of challenging you. I just don't want the first army in the world armed with modern firearms to not have a chance to carry out their mission for the first time!"

"Not at all!" Alanis shook her head. "The task of Great Titania First Grenadier Division is to deter anyone who dares to invade the imperial family!"

"Yes, Your Majesty!" Brigadier Nasoff finally saluted to the Empress of Empire, before returning to his seat.

"Oh right!" Alanis suddenly recalled something. "How is Lady Vijdeline Van Sukhoi doing?"

Viscount Nasoff Brutnort Titania shrugged helplessly. "I'm sorry, Your Majesty! I'm not clear about this issue. Even though I'm the commander of First Grenadier Division, Lady Vijdeline Van Sukhoi never paid any attention to the affairs concerning army building. She always stays in her laboratory and lives a secluded life. I have only seen her three times in a year, and she's always surrounded by a few neurotic bodyguards around her... All in all, it is not easy trying to get along with her!"

Alanis subconsciously glanced over at the Head of the Secret Service, who then graciously nodded to Her Majesty, indicating that what Nasoff said was true.

Her Majesty the Empress I inadvertently slowed down a few steps and tapped on the diagram of the city defense.

"The Capital Security Division and the patrols preside over the daily defense in the City of Dulin. The military forces under the jurisdiction of the First Region control the eastern suburbs while the First Grenadier Division of Great Titania consolidates the northeastern part of the city! Now, only the west side is left, my husband will probably play some tricks in the slums. Hasn't there always been a saying in Dulin? That he is the head of those hooligans!"

No one other than the Empress of Empire could make any irresponsible remarks at O'Neil Andrew Morisette.

"Once there is a chaos in the lair or in the capital city, will the Imperial Holy Cavalry enter Dulin from the northwest?" Alanis tapped on the map as she turned to face the capital officials.

"You have to trust the Imperial Holy Cavalry!" said the Head of Secret Service affirmatively, "They should be--"

"Come on!" Alanis simply interrupted Federick, "Should be? Do you think my Oscar will just give a speech as he waits for you to pick troubles at him?"

The Empress of Empires said while pushing open the window of the room. A gush of cold wind immediately rushed in. The guards and soldiers gathered on the Road of King cheered loudly. The capital nobles sitting in the palace trembled with their empress.

Church's year 802, 21st day of the 2nd month. Colonel Ferri Movart returned to his residence in Dulin late at night.

The editor-in-chief of the "Youth Guards" magazine already knew he was being inspected and followed by the secret agents of the capital, but he did not care less. After changing out of the colonel uniform in his home, he specifically asked his wife to fetch him a good bottle of wine normally reserved for hospitality. He never drank alcohol, but he was determined to break his own rules today!

The editor-in-chief of the news piece entitled "March! Imperial Guards - the Capital Visit of His Highness Prince O'Neil Andrew Morisette in Church's year 802, 2nd month" once again examined his unfinished manuscript thoroughly. He was extremely proud of his own work! This was the pride of a soldier, the pride of a Titan, and the pride of a writer! He had thanked the God of Light more than once to bestow upon him a great chance to get in touch with such a great man! This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. He finally learned one thing after this, he finally figured out what kind of person O'Neil Andrew Morisette was!

"Today! All the soldiers I met and all the soldiers who met me talked about the '2.21 speech.' These soldiers were very excited, especially when they learned that I was the editor-in-chief of 'Youth Guards' magazine..." Colonel Ferri Movart bit on the end of his quill and his thought ran amok for a moment. Indeed, he was also in an excited mood.

Just thinking about the news on the Road of King this morning would make one's body buzzing with blood. It seemed that the entire world was left with only a group of great soldiers who were determined to serve the motherland with their flesh and blood! Those soldiers who had personally experienced being immersed in the words of O'Neil Andrew Morisette were great.

They forgot about the oppression of the capitulators and forgot about the grave situation in the capital's garrison district. They only remembered to cheer, for every word and action that O'Neil Andrew Morisette had said and done!

Colonel Ferri Movart flipped open his personal notebook. Although he knew that at this time tomorrow, major newspapers in the capital and news agencies in Westland countries would publish the "Knife Speech," Prince O'Neil's words and actions at the rally on the 21st day of the 2nd-month would be delivered to the rest of the world within half a month! However, he still felt that it was necessary to quote the full text of the speech in his report.

The editor-in-chief of 'Youth Guards' organized his ideas and wrote down more words following the previous paragraph.

"2.21 Speech... Instead of calling it an impassioned speech, it was more like His Highness Prince O'Neil Andrew Morisette has spoken on behalf of the Imperial Army! It pushes the Second Defending War deeper into the tusks of victory! Throughout the full text, Prince O'Neil did not mention anything about sacrifice or resistance to the aggressors. He only told people an ordinary love story - the speech is now transcript as follows, with the hope to deliver to the readers the passion, ideas and spirit gesticulated between the lines!"

The sky was high and the clouds were surging. The blue ocean formed by the Imperial guards and soldiers rippled on the Road of King. It was the light and shadow effect formed by thousands of people breathing at the same time.

The Marshal of Imperial Guards, the Chief of Imperial Military Intelligence Bureau, and the elected leader of the God-chosen warriors – His Highness Prince O'Neil Andrew Morisette stood on the rostrum under the Tower of Heroes. He seemed to feel a cold wind drifting through his body and mind. The wind rustled his hair, and the tip of his fingers brushed over it slightly, and then he jerked his arm aloft.

"Let your blood boil with passion... Imperial soldiers!"

The Imperial soldiers, whose sense of passion was already reaching the boiling point, immediately responded with an earth-shattering cheer. The violent waves drowned out everything between heaven and earth. After what seemed like forever, Prince O'Neil finally heard the crowd's breathing again.

His Highness the Prince folded his hands behind him and looked at the peaceful sea of ​​soldiers with a smile on his face. "What do you do when you're boiling with passion?"

No one answered his question. The soldiers gathered in this rally must have been clear themselves. What was bound to happen next was revenge! A savage revenge! A horrible revenge on those who surrender! A terrific revenge on the enemies who invaded Holy Titan!

Prince O'Neil revealed the answer, but this answer was contrary to everyone's expectations. Some soldiers who had no idea what it meant even made dissatisfied whistles.

"When you're boiling with passion - love! Love your lover, love your friends and relatives, love your motherland, love the wealth you have, and love the virtues you possess!"

"I often try to imagine what kind of person my wife, Her Majesty Empress Alanis I, was! I always think in terms of a mixed feeling, but I never grasped it, and I can never be sure of the personality of a character which held such importance in my life!"

"When I'm standing up here, I found out how much deep misunderstandings have separated myself from the Empress of Empire. I led you to the capital while she negotiated with the Westland kingdoms! I don't feel sad for her because I hardly know her; what I feel sad dearly is of the loss that was irreplaceable!"

"Because of this, my childhood became a blank space, my youth filled with dazzling weapons and cruel battlefield! To be honest! I don't want this!"

"Look at our motherland! How many families are living and working in peace? Aren't most of you from these families? But look at me again! Most of the brothers I know are in the grave, the majority of the elders I know are all dead! They were destroyed in the war. Who would like to be in war after looking at their tombstones?"

The people gathered in the Road of King quieted down. It seemed strange to everyone. What they heard was somewhat different from that disposition of Prince O'Neil Andrew Morisette.

His Highness the Prince continued, "I mourn, and I thought I realize that it was too late for our brothers and sisters to gather by the grave to pay tribute to the family. We met and parted in a hurry, just like me and my wife Alanis! My wife Alanis hates the war because the war will take me away along with all the people she loves so deeply! Of course, you will say that this must not be used as an excuse for not fighting, but I do not want to talk about this issue. I just want to tell everyone how much my wife, your Empress, loves me!"

"My wife loves me dearly, as much as the feelings contained in your wife's heart! Your wife, your mother, and your sisters don't wish to receive a letter of condolence sent by the ministry after such hurried moments together! The letter will read, 'Thank you for everything you have done for the Empire and for the Empress...' Her Majesty the Empress is my wife. One day... maybe... she may also receive such a letter, and then... how should the letter of condolence of O'Neil Andrew Morisette read? How will the people explain to my wife? Her husband has sacrificed for the empire, for her, then..."

His Highness the Prince spread his hands and shrugged. What he was trying to say was self-explanatory!

"The soldiers of the Empire! You who stand here represent the will of thousands of compatriots, but have you ever thought about it? That makes my wife devastated because you will take me away again! Or am I not the one who takes you away? You serve your responsibility to protect and defend the country, but have you thought about your wife at times like this? You must have thought about this because you're just like me. We love deeply the woman who stays behind alone, desperately waiting for yet another encounter with her dear husband. If you are not married, you will always love your parents, your brothers and sisters, and your motherland. It's the same reason!

"Boil your blood with passion!" Prince O'Neil once again attracted the military's attention with a loud cry.

"This is because your love is not enough. Your love is still insignificant in front of your lover! Love is not a request, but a devotion! It's a fearless devotion!"

"The last time I saw my wife Alanis was at the end of the First Defending War!" His Highness the Prince smiled, presumably reminiscing a happy experience. "Alanis greeted me happily. She turned into a flying butterfly in the hall of the Hamilton Palace. She was so beautiful that I was ecstatic the moment I saw her. In times like this, winning a war has suddenly seemed so trivial! She threw herself into my arms, with the special affection of a wife who deeply loved her husband. Her breath made me fascinated, therefore, I believe that I also love her!"

"Today..." O'Neil Andrew Morisette seemed to be concluding this unclear and baffling speech. "I return to Dulin to prove one thing - even if there is only one chance, I would like to tell everyone! I love my motherland, I love my wife, I love all the good things and the good sentiments in the world. For all this, I can give up my life, and use my life to verify my persistence!"

When the Prince of Empire finished speaking, the crowd opened a way for him to leave the podium. Some soldiers stepped forward and shook hands with him and he returned their respect with a salute. Some soldiers felt that His Highness's speech did not make much sense, and they whispered lowly to one another at the side. Soon, the people dismissed themselves. They were still somewhat confused, but it seemed that they had grasped some essence of the speech.

The young and beautiful wife placed a cotton gown over her husband who buried his head in the desk, working. Colonel Ferri Movart put down the pen and turned to embrace his petite woman.

"I love you!"

The Colonel's wife nodded shyly.

Indeed… the soldiers did not require much.



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