Chapter 254: Twenty-seventh Episode: Chapter 4-1
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"Why did he say that?" Alanis Alfa Morisette had a copy of Dulin Evening Express with her. On it, the whole text of Prince O'Neil Andrew Morisette's speech on the 21st day of the 2nd month was printed.

It was already late now. The Hamilton Palace was brightly lit. The Capital nobles who lacked confidence and a sense of security were accompanying the Empress. These people were all having their own plans. Who would care about what Prince O'Neil, who made people nervous all day, said?

The Empress who didn't receive a reply was naturally extremely frustrated. She walked back and forth in the huge study room. Sometimes, she would touch this and look at that. She just could not sit still. As long as her brain remained awake, Alanis felt that she had done something wrong. However, the deeper she thought about it... the hint that appeared suddenly in her mind would be nowhere to be found. It was just as mysterious as the Dulin's haze at night.

The haze once again covered Dulin city. It was white all around the palace. Through the floor-to-ceiling window at the balcony, she could not distinguish the scenery in front of her at all. In a blink of an eye, Alanis left the balcony and turned to a corner where no one was. She spread the newspaper she crumpled in her hands out again.

"I don't understand... I don't understand!" The Empress shook her head violently, "What is Oscar saying? He should encourage his soldiers to oppose me! He shouldn't dismiss the army representative strangely like this!"

"Have those soldiers truly left?" Upon thinking about this, Alanis was terrified. She said it as she poked the sleeping Head of Secret Service Department.

To 'welcome' the arrival of Marshal O'Neil, Viscount Federick Roxes Morisette, who had continued his work relentlessly for half a month, woke up in a jerk. He rubbed his eyes and glanced at the Empress in shock.

"Your Majesty... What happened?"

Alanis felt funny. She threw the evening express in front of the Head of the Secret Service Department. "Nothing has happened! Don't you think this is strange?"

Federick tried to stay awake, but he was too familiar with Prince O'Neil's speech! Or rather, at the first moment O'Neil Andrew Morisette prepared his speech for that day, the Head of the Secret Service Department already had one copy of it.

"What should I say, Your Majesty?" Federick trailed off as he gazed at his aunt, "I think this is the cover your husband prepared before the true action! Your situation now has shown that his cover is greatly successful!"

"Who said that?" Alanis frowned stubbornly.

"Look at you!" The Head of the Secret Service Department spread his hands helplessly. "Aren't you? You are confused! You are mumbling to yourself! What is the difference between you and those women who prayed that their husband won't find another woman outside?"

The Empress turned her head away in embarrassment. Her face was heating up. This made her think of the times when she fell deeply in love with Oscar, fought with him, kissed him, left him...

'What is this?' Alanis suddenly realized that the things she was thinking now were not related at all to the current situation! She shook her head violently and drank another cup of espresso. The bitterness of the coffee was stimulating the young woman's taste buds. She still had no time to taste the remaining taste, a large fear had taken over her body and heart!

"You are right! You are right!" The Empress's finger pointed to the Head of the Secret Service Department.

Oscar won't let me go. If he compromises with me, then he is not the O'Neil Andrew Morisette that I know! Those soldiers are here to cause trouble! Or else, why didn't they gather openly? Instead, they gathered and entered the Capital in secret."

Federick shook his head. "I am afraid those soldiers are the cover! According to Prince O'Neil's way of doing things, he won't place the deciding factor at the front. He must have hidden it in some place that we have no way of knowing his true--"

"Let's assume that's the case!" The Empress believed it easily. She interrupted the Head of the Secret Service Department impatiently before sitting back in her imperial seat, "The key is we don't even know what or how he wants to do!"

"It's my lack of ability..." Federick knelt on the ground and begged and apologized to the Empress, seemingly with sincerity.

"The one lacking the ability is me..."Alanis groaned. She did not understand why her Empire had come to this state.

The Capital nobles who were observant began making noise again. They all shook their tails as their fur danced. They had all the ideas of complimenting the Empress, but Alanis was already tired of it. The Empress threw a random stuff on the table to the floor. The people immediately shut up. They drooped their heads and kept sniffing as if there was a dried-up poop that smelled nice.

Dogs loved to eat poop. This was not an unacceptable practice for dogs. Dogs' noses were very sensitive. When people thought it stank, dogs' nose could always distinguish the aroma in it. The Capital's nobles were like a bunch of dogs. Poodle, long-haired dog, hare and every type of dog that one could think off.

They chased after the stench and fought for it. Also, they were in a heat at all times! Even when the Hamilton Palace was in this state, there were still some male dogs that were chasing after the female in a heat.

Morisette Dynasty's highest Investigator, Count Breck Hoselangh, was the most famous male dog in Dulin city. The women who had a relationship with him could start lining up from Titan Gate of Light and they would reach Vielonna's Serevan Palace. The current Empress hated this sort of matter the most, but the highest investigator was still doing whatever that he wanted. He did not care at all when the Empress rolled her eyes at him. It was believed that this was because Count Breck Hoselangh had a protecting charm.

In the bedroom of the past Alfa III His Majesty, only a few knew that there was a covered-up secret door. It led to a secret room less than two square meters. When Alfa III was still the most famous male dog in Dulin city, this perverted Emperor always came to this secret room with his oldest son's Faran wife to do the unjustified things. This matter was indeed very exciting until the Emperor always disappeared into his bedroom... Everyone could not find him. Or rather, the people did not want to ruin the Emperor's mood.

It depended on the situation... The highest investigator Count, Breck Hoselangh, knew about this secret room.

So, people would ask, "How did you know that? On what basis did he know that?"

Count Hoselangh just depended on his muscular face and his instinct as a male dog. When Alfa III was still around, he had finally gotten involved with the head of servants. The Emperor's head of servants could be counted as a beauty. She had the culture, the title, and the status. Her full breasts and beautiful backside had always been the Emperor's plaything when he was bored! Logically... Such a woman would not give up a male dog of utmost power and get involved with another male dog that did not account much. However, Alfa III was about to step into his grave. His successor was a fake man that was not interested in them. What were the women in the bedroom to do? Were they to die with Alfa III?

There were many choices available to these women, there were even more for smart women. The details of how the head of servants and the handsome highest investigator got together would not be discussed in great lengths. There was only one matter, one extremely unfathomable yet exceptionally good matter, that we would talk about!

The incident happened at the dawn of the 24th day of the 12th month in Year 799 of the Church Calendar! To be specific, it was after Alfa III His Majesty had died. As the highest investigator, Count Breck Hoselangh would naturally need to watch the doctor to investigate the Emperor's body, then he needed to sign on the death certificate.

Things went on accordingly and exceptionally smoothly! Count Hoselangh was a little proud of himself when he faced the dead Emperor! Maybe it was this sort of feeling that had a catalytic effect. He suddenly thought of something. Why shouldn't he enjoy the Emperor's women by using his special room? Definitely, no one dared to do it when the Emperor was alive, but the point was that the Emperor had died! This meant that even if he was to share the Emperor's women, the Emperor could only watch!

When all officials had retreated out of the bedroom, the outrageous highest investigator pushed the head of servants who did not dare to utter a word into the secret room. After pulling the woman's skirt up, he simply started his work. When he was putting his strength down there, he kept mumbling, "Did the Emperor do you like this? Did he?"

There was nothing the Emperor could do! He was motionless to everything that happened! However, Princess Alanis came back after the crowd had retreated!

The highest investigator was shocked by the sudden sound. His passion and his need as a male dog immediately went away!

Surely, everyone understood what happened next. Breck Hoselangh heard the things he should not have heard and seen the things he should not have seen. He originally thought his life must be over! However, he actually lived until now! When the Capital's nobles planned to set up Prince O'Neil with a crime, the highest investigator thought that he had encountered a great chance in his life! As soon as he thought about defeating O'Neil Andrew Morisette, he felt so excited as if he was making love to Marquis Cameron Wesarcia.

Making love to Marquis Cameron Wesarcia... This was naturally the imagination of the investigator! He did not have the luck and also the ability to do so. Marquis Cameron Wesarcia was the closest person with the Empress. She did not have a post, but she was half a master of the Hamilton Palace.

If his imagination remained as imagination, then this proved that Count Breck Hoselangh could still be saved. However, he should not have drunk that strong liquor during dinner. He should not have pulled her skirt up when Marquis Wesarcia avoided him in disgust! The result of this was... Her Majesty Empress Alanis used her ink to wake him up from being drunk. She also punished him with a strong slap with her long nails!

The investigator who regained his senses only stood properly by the side, obediently. He knew there must be the marks of five fingers on his face and these marks were accompanied with fresh blood. From the smiling faces of these fake gentlemen around him, he could know how funny he seemed now, but he did not dare to move.

"You... You..." The furious Empress could not even say a word. At last, she turned to the Head of the Secret Service who kept rolling his eyes.

Federick understood her gaze and patted the investigator's shoulder. He spoke to Count Hoselangh with a sympathetic tone, "Marquise Wesarcia does not count as the pure type..."

Breck was still the investigator who managed the prison for the Empire. He was not as stupid as people imagined.

"You're saying..."

"Shh!" The Head of the Secret Service made a sign to the investigator. He took a look at the Empress who appeared to be doing nothing before speaking to Count Hoselangh in a low voice, "Get the things after this done! If everything goes well... you will have the permission from Her Majesty. How different, do you think, Marquise Wesarcia is from the usual female dogs?"

The investigator immediately got pumped up. He promisingly explained about all details regarding prosecution and trial. Then, he vilified O'Neil Andrew Morisette with all the cruel words he could think of! However, Breck Hoselangh still placed his bet on the wrong side. When he said 'Prince O'Neil is a liar in the relationship', the Empress dashed to him and slapped him once again. Then, she shouted at him.

"Get out!"

The whole world became quiet... Alanis was lonely! She was the Empress of Titan Empire. She naturally possessed the utmost loneliness. It felt like the maggots in a piece of dead meat. It made you disgusted and sick! You could see these maggots going in and out of your rotting heart. However, you just could not get rid of these filthy things because you were disgusted and sick!

Alanis wanted to throw up! She wanted to throw up as refreshing as the rain in early spring and as painful as her organs were crumbling apart! She was nervous and helpless! All of her cards were on this table of Dulin. She had given her all, but her husband still did not place his bet! What should she bet on now? How should she bet?

"Your Majesty..." Marquis Wesarcia wiped her friend's lips for her in sympathy, "I told you not to drink too many cups of espresso and not to eat those medicine that makes you stay awake!"

Alanis shook her head weakly. The doctor diagnosed her with neurogenic vomiting, but she did not think so... As long as she got over this important stage, the troubles and sickness would not exist!

"What is my husband doing?" The Empress straightened her back. She kept telling herself that she must not show any weakness when she asked this question.

"According to latest report!" The Head of the Secret Service Department waved the list on his hands proudly to his young aunt. "At midnight sharp tonight, that is nineteen minutes ago! Prince O'Neil had enjoyed midnight food in the Kenshin Palace. He invited his followers and the representative of the Army Division who planned to talk to him all night. The report shows that... the prince selected the beef cooked with celery, mashed potato, spicy shrimps and a cabbage salad. The starter is clam and mushroom soup, peach wine. During the meal, they had Wozelred white wine!"

"Hehe... He doesn't do this lightly, huh!" Alanis kept suppressing the uncomfortable feeling in her stomach as she said this in mockery.

The Head of Secret Service Department shrugged. "This is the report nineteen minutes ago. In half an hour time, another new one will arrive! So, there's no need for you to worry. Prince O'Neil's actions are all under surveillance. There will definitely not be any mistake."

"Who can make sure that it's absolutely correct?" The Empress glanced at the leader of the secret force whom she had doomed to be useless.

The Head of the Secret Service Department blinked and turned his gaze to the list again. "Hmm... The Prince also had some rum..."

To be specific, it was rum that had mixed with fresh lemon. O'Neil Andrew Morisette would ask if this thing was good for digestion out of habit now before he drank anything.

"The answer is absolute! Lemonade and rum are the best partners in meals!" Devil Sandinand poured a full glass for his master.

Oscar tasted it lightly. "Ola..." A nice drink nontheless! Titan Prince was relaxed. He gazed at his followers sitting on the table, seemingly nonchalantly but carefully. He seemed to plan to single out a few interesting guys.

The vice chief of Military Intelligence Bureau Lieutenant, General Tivoli Hadley, handed a form to the Marshal who seemed to be in a good mood. Oscar immediately took it and looked at it carefully. The form listed the Empress's words and actions from 12:00 to 1:00 in the morning. Oscar scanned through it slowly. His expressions changed along with the lines of the words.

"What is this neurogenic vomiting?" Oscar frowned in confusion.

"It's this way!" The vice chief opened the Empress's medical report that he had prepared beforehand. "Due to long-term emotional stress, it causes the digestion system and the nervous system to---"

"I don't mean that!" Oscar knocked the table furiously. "I am asking if this is serious."

"Not really!" Lieutenant General Tivoli Hadley said it confidently, "Save for dizziness, feeling disgusted and constant vomiting, there is no other symptom. She will recover if she rests well enough."

As if noticing the Prince's lack of attention, the quiet Head of Analysis Division came forward.

"Your Highness, you don't actually need to be worried about Her Majesty. Knowing the result only takes a few days. Until everything has finished, you can--"

Oscar suddenly glared at Lukas cruelly. Viscount Diyabaker immediately shut his mouth in panic. He felt odd. He did not seem to say anything wrong, but Oscar suddenly got into a fit of rage out of no reason at all.



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