Chapter 33 – Evolving Through Killing

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The Orc Village with 5,000 Orcs was north to the Great Qin Village and was most likely an Advanced Village. After discussing with Bai Qi and the others, Zhao Fu decided that it would be best to avoid them for now. As such, he decided not to explore northwards temporarily to avoid encountering the Orcs. At the same time, he also ordered everyone in the village to strengthen defenses and to be careful.

The Dwarf race naturally knew how to forge and was gifted at forging. Even though they were Grey Dwarves, they had Forging skills, and their help greatly relieved the burden on Wang Dawu. Now, Zhao Fu would be able to mass-produce equipment.

Zhao Fu first arranged for the 10 Goblin Warriors’ shields to be repaired, after which he took out the command seal and released the 10 Skeleton Cavalrymen. This caused quite a few cries of shock and fear, but Zhao Fu quickly explained that the Skeleton Cavalry was part of the village. Zhao Fu planned to make a new set of armor for the Skeleton Cavalry to increase their defense. Skeleton Cavalry was already quite powerful, and if the Skeleton Cavalrymen Fu had a set of complete armor, even Zhao Fu would not be able to kill them easily.

At this moment, one of the villagers apart of the scouting team reported, “Your Majesty! We’ve discovered a Goblin Village 12 kilometers west from here!”

Zhao Fu wanted to test out the idea he had at the bottom of the crack. As such, he took 300 soldiers and headed west of the Great Qin Village. The Goblin Village was like Logue Village, and there were around 300 Goblins. Out of the 300 Goblins, 200 of them were able to fight. The defenses around the village were quite weak as well.

By now, the sun was starting to set, which was when the Goblins were returning from hunting. Zhao Fu immediately split his soldiers into 4 teams and set an ambush for the Goblins. They killed all 4 teams, causing the Goblin Village to lose 160 of its villagers.

The Goblin villagers hadn’t detected any danger yet. It was getting dark, and they were currently waiting for the hunting teams to bring back food.

However, they were disappointed – not only did no Goblins return, but fire arrows also started to shoot into the village, killing many Goblins and setting many of their buildings on fire.

After a while, the Goblins finally realized that it was an enemy attack, and they gathered their forces and rushed out of the village.

When Zhao Fu saw that there were less than 100 Goblins rushing at them, he summoned 10 Skeleton Cavalrymen and took the rest of his soldiers to meet the attack.

The Skeleton Cavalry spurred their Skeleton horses forth.

The Skeleton horses galloped towards the Goblins, and after the Goblins saw how terrifying the 10 Skeleton Cavalrymen looked, they became completely scared. However, they mustered up all of their courage and continued charging for their village.

Chi! Chi! Chi…

The Skeleton Soldiers stabbed the Goblins and pierced through their chests chests, causing blood to spray into the air.

The 10 Skeleton Cavalrymen were like a sharp blade that stabbed into the Goblin forces. They rushed through the entire group, completely unstoppable, and split the Goblins into two groups – this was the might of Cavalry.

Following this, Zhao Fu’s Shieldbearers and Infantry rushed up and started to fight at close quarters with the Goblins. The Goblins had no chance at all – they had been completely outnumbered from the beginning and been scared witless by the Skeleton Cavalry, greatly reducing their morale.

Zhao Fu decided that it was enough and told Old Logue to convince the Goblins to surrender. Unsurprisingly, the Goblin Village chose to surrender.

By now, there were only 80 or so Goblins remaining. Most of them were elderly, pregnant females, or children, and there were only 10 or so of them that could fight. They had no choice but to surrender.

Zhao Fu looked over at the 10 Skeleton Cavalrymen. After the battle had concluded, they stayed beside the Goblins’ corpses, and streams of grey aura flowed out from the corpses into the Skeleton Cavalrymen. Following this, the soul fire within the Skeleton Cavalrymen’s heads became stronger.

“They can evolve through killing?” Zhao Fu muttered to himself in surprise.

Zhao Fu didn’t mind this – after all, being able to evolve through killing was quite convenient for him. Afterwards, he went to the Village Hall to conquer the village and [Relocate] it. He received a system announcement that told him him that he had obtained 50 Achievement Points and that the Great Qin Village had obtained 201 EXP. Following this, he brought a few of the Goblin corpses back to the Great Qin Village.

Zhao Fu then took some people to the altar where the bones were to test out his idea. He put one of the Goblin corpses within the formation before activating it.

When the formation was activated, light shot out from it as a formless energy lifted the Goblin corpse into the air. The Goblin’s blood and flesh seemed to melt, but they did not fall onto the altar. Instead, they flew towards its head.

Following this, the Goblin corpse became a skeleton as a blood-red orb of light floated at the center of its forehead. The magic formation stopped, and the skeleton landed on the ground as the blood-colored orb of light floated in the air.

Zhao Fu walked up and looked at its information. Even with his personality, he could help but laugh out loud, “Let’s see who can stop the rise of the Great Qin Empire.”

[F Grade Orb]: Description: A soul’s source energy taken from a living or once-living being. After using the orb, one’s grade can be upgraded to F grade.

Even though he knew that the magic formation was for refining corpses, Zhao Fu had never thought that such an orb of light would be produced – it could actually change a person’s grade.

Of course, it didn’t matter that the orb was only F grade. If he could obtain high grade corpses of S, SS, or SSS grade beings, the orbs of light refined from them would be able to greatly improve his people’s grades.

Right now, Cultivation did not matter too much. However, the future would be decided by soldiers with high Cultivation Stages, and the higher the grade of his soldiers, the faster they would be able to cultivate.

“What is it, Your Majesty?” Bai Qi asked curiously. He almost never saw Zhao Fu act like this, and this was strange for him.

Zhao Fu handed him the Grade Orb, and after looking at it, Bai Qi said in shock, “There are such heaven-defying things in the world?”

Zhao Fu nodded. After thinking back to the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation’s description, which said that it was one of the Six Great Heaven-Defying Magic Formations, he couldn’t help but wonder what the other 5 were.

“Your Majesty, obtaining such a heaven-defying formation is Great Qin’s great fortune!” Thinking about Great Qin’s future, Bai Qi congratulated Zhao Fu as he cupped his hands.

“Alright,” Zhao Fu said, “right now, this place is our most important place, so we should take steps to protect it.”

Afterwards, Bai Qi took 400 people to block each of the other passages.

Zhao Fu did not know where those other passages led to or what could come out of them, so he could only block them for now before slowly exploring each one.

That was the main job for the next few days. After arranging all of this, Zhao Fu came out of the Heaven Awaken World and read on the forum that the whole world was starting to descend into chaos. Nations, beliefs, and races started to violently clash together.



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