Chapter 51 – Important Position

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Bai Shan received the blood-red orb and looked at it curiously. He had no idea what it was because the Grade Orbs were the Great Qin Village’s greatest secret. Zhao Fu had strictly ordered everyone who knew about them not to divulge any information, so most people did not know about them.

After Bai Shan took it, Zhao Fu explained to him what the Grade Orb did.

Bai Shan looked completely stunned, and after recovering, tears started to stream down his face. He ran over and hugged Zhao Fu’s legs as he emotionally cried out, “Your Majesty! Your grace towards me is something I can never repay in this lifetime or in the next!”

This was because Zhao Fu had given him an SS grade Orb. There were only 2 SS grade villagers in the entirety of the Great Qin Village: one was Li Si and the other was Zhang Dahu. Both were important subordinates to Zhao Fu – this was especially so for Li Si, who managed everything, great or small, in the Great Qin Village. It could be said that he was above 10,000 people and only below a single person.

Now that Zhao Fu had given Bai Shan an SS grade Orb, Zhao Fu had essentially elevated Bai Shan to the same level as the others. How could Bai Shan not feel shocked or emotional after being raised from a normal citizen to an important minister?

Zhao Fu helplessly looked at the old man hugging his legs, who had tears and snot all over his face, and said, “Alright, please get up!”

Zhao Fu gave Bai Shan the SS grade Orb after a lot of thinking. After all, anyone would want to be SS grade. People like Liu Mei, Old Logue, and Doke were all S grade, so Zhao Fu wanted to give them SSS grade Orbs in the future. As such, giving them an SS grade Orb right now was a bit of a waste, and S grade was not too bad. This was why Zhao Fu didn’t choose them.

Of course, Zhao Fu could have given the SS grade Orb to anyone and nurtured him or her into a great general, but Zhao Fu was not lacking subordinates and he still had the two S grade Orbs. As such, he put that thought aside.

Moreover, when Zhao Fu thought of research, no matter if it were the teleportation channels or the Taming skill, he realized that Scholars were incredibly important. After all, science could greatly increase their productivity.

Zhao Fu needed to develop both his military and villages. If he only focused on his military, he would only temporarily seem powerful, and he would soon start to lack resources. If he only focused on his villages, without a sufficient army, he would simply be fattening up his villages for someone else to take them.

There were also the Gnome Mechanics Scholars. Zhao Fu decided that he would also give them Grade Orbs in the future. The ballistae that they had created were the Great Qin Village’s most powerful weapons at the moment. However, ballistae were only effective against those who were at Stage 1 or below in their cultivation. They would not be as effective against those above Stage 1, so Zhao Fu ordered the Gnome Mechanics Scholars to research Stage 1 ballistae. These ballistae would be able to threaten those at Stage 1, and they would still be effective against those above Stage 1.

Raising one’s Grade meant that his or her comprehension and abilities would be enhanced. Through the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation, Zhao Fu’s people were able to steal other people’s fortune.

Right now, ordinary ballistae were good enough, so Zhao Fu held off from giving the Gnome Mechanics Scholars the Grade Orbs for now.

Zhao Fu told Bai Shan to go back and continue researching a skill that could let them see the grades of corpses – this was incredibly important to Great Qin.

Bai Shan wiped away his tears and snot and promised Zhao Fu that this would be done soon. Afterwards, he hopped and skipped away like a little child.

A few people who walked past him asked, “Old man Bai, what’s got you so happy”?

Bai Shan grinned and continuously praised Zhao Fu. Bai Shan said that Zhao Fu was an enlightened liege that was good at using talented people and that it was their blessing to be able to serve under such a lord.

Even Wang Ergou, who flattered Zhao Fu every day, felt awed. He had never seen such shameless flattering before.

Following this, Zhao Fu arranged the Great Qin Village’s first Martial Arts Competition. Anyone could participate, and the top two people would be given important positions. Everyone else who did well would receive monetary prizes.

The competition caused the Great Qin Village to become incredibly lively. All the races participated, including the Elves, Grey Dwarves, and Goblins. Zhao Fu had two main reasons for holding this competition. The first was to see if he had overlooked any talents. The second was to make the different races get along with each other better. After all, they were all living creatures and had their own emotions; they were not just numbers. As such, Zhao Fu took their feelings into consideration – after all, people could support a regime or completely overthrow it.

The first emperors who laid China’s foundations all understood this, but it was a pity that those who came after them only wanted to enjoy themselves. This was why there were so many dynasties in China.

The Martial Arts Competition lasted for an entire day, and out of the final two victors, one of them was a Strong Orc called Saar. He was incredibly strong and liked direct fights, meeting force with force. He had beaten many Goblin Warriors to the ground, and his body was covered with firm muscles. Whenever a challenger saw his fearsome Orc appearance, he or she couldn’t help but take a few steps back.

The other victor took everyone by surprise: it was Wang Ergou. With his tiny frame, even a Goblin Warrior should have been able to beat him to death, but in the end, he was one of the victors. This was because he used all kinds of shameless tactics; crotch shots and nostril hits were nothing to him. One time, he continuously provoked his opponent, causing the opponent to feel incredibly infuriated. Following this, he had even mooned his opponent and let loose a thundering fart. His opponent had been completely enraged and charged towards Wang Ergou to beat him to death. However, he had slipped on a banana peel prepared by Wang Ergou, causing him to fall off the stage and lose the fight.

Even though Wang Ergou was one of the final two victors, his reputation became terrible. However, many people still admired him because he would be greatly nurtured by Zhao Fu.

After the Martial Arts Competition concluded, Zhao Fu called Saar and Wang Ergou into the Village Hall. Zhao Fu was sitting in a chair with Bai Qi and his other main subordinates standing beside him. After walking in, Saar and Wang Ergou half-knelt on the ground and waited for Zhao Fu to speak.

Zhao Fu slightly smiled and said, “Both of you have surprised me – especially you, Wang Ergou.”

An awkward look appeared on Wang Ergou’s face, but he smiled and said, “This is because of Your Majesty’s blessings.”

After lightly laughing, Zhao Fu handed the two S grade Orbs to them. After using them and seeing their new Grades, they were completely stunned and quickly kowtowed to express their thanks towards Zhao Fu.

Seeing that matters here had been taken care of, Zhao Fu returned to the real world.



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